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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Th OniiU Blaffs Offlo of tli
OwAk It at IS Boot street
Tavl, drum.
CORHIOAN3. fndertakers Thnnm 14R
Lewis Cutler, funeral director, 'Phone 37.
tVoodrlng rnderteklng company. Tel. 3.9
When you want tellable want ad adver- j
tlslng, use The Bee. I
Dr W. V. Mausrell, optometrist m.ivod
to 206-:'W City National bank building
Undertakers. Phone 1.'2. 14 N. Main St.
Th Knights and Ladle of Security wit,
meet in regular sfri,.ii tomorrow evening
Try a picture fur that next wedding pres
ent. Alexander'! Art Store. ?n Broad wuy.
I'etor Manias m,d ln;t Th.-ls. IkiIIi if
l.llirollc. .Ne!v, weir niHlti.'l III thin iil
)'rtrr1ay liy Justlie K Uatdln.r.
l 00 Chh'agn Cottage tng.ui. in elegant
condition, at IliuO-A. Ilospe Cu.. S.i.
MhIii and at lVail street. Council Bluffs.
Attorney Charles M. Marl of this city
wll1 deliver the Independence I'ay address
at t'larlndu at the puhlle exei rises 10 he
held there on Mcnday, July 5.
Mr. and Mm. R. L. Lntta have return-l
from Atlanta, O ., where Mr. I.hma ui
tended the natlr.nal convention of tin' ;ti'.
y Pjalal Clerk association.
Pottawattamie tribe, Improved '.id r
Itedmen will confer the first and -r.iy;
degrees at the regular meeting .if t .
tribe In Its wigwam in Ragle hnll Hit.
evenlng. '
Dev. Hwiry "2eLng performed the mar
riage ceremony yesterday for J. T Cun
ningham and Christine Johnson, both of
OniHha and for II J. Krutz and Lena Hull,
both i.f Kwlng. Neb.
Floyd Htcky and Daisy Hosier, both of
Vsshlngton. Kan ., were married In this
city yeaieiriay, the ceremony being per
formed ': y (lev J W. Jonus, rector of St.
l' jl Kplso-.ral church.
Frank lnvlr And J.ls Me re were ar
retted yesterday morning, charged with
breuklng Into cm '.f the work cars located
on the Hock Island track. Tbev were cap
tmed by Home mm:) Ion hands who held
them until )he arrival t,t th: police. Thev
will have a hearing h.foie Judge Suyd-r
this mvinlng
The funernl of Flank L. Weaner, who
roinmllied anlcldc Tuesday afternoon. wlli
be neld this afieriio'ui at 230 o'clock from
the residence, 1J Fourth aveinir and will
be private. Rev. F. A. Case, pastor of the
Fiist TiaptlHt church, will conduct t.ie
services and bui lal w ilt be. In Fad-view
cemetery. ,
l. W. Keller, proprietor of the low
Fur- 'ore company on Sovti Main trt
suffered a f'uetured elbow and oilier In
Jmles yesterday morning J the result of
fulling from a fourleefi foot ladder whllrt
assisting a (Inner In the repair of gut
teis on the roof of his home, Sl l.uwton
teriauc. Mr. Keller In railing; ntruck thj
atoiio walk. -
Mls Maruarwt Wlntrlnger, national aeo
reiMiy of Iho W'omiin'a Christian Temper
ance union will deliver an address at a pub
lic meelliiK tc bo neld Friday afternoon at
2 if) o clock In th llroadway Melh dist
church tinder ' the auspices of the local
union. Th" unions of Omaha, Soi.th Cm
olm and Ilcnsoii have been Invited to at
tend the meeilnif.
M. II Wild filed ault yeaterdav far'
divorce from Sophie K. Varfl ta whntn he
was married April I, iff?.. In Omaha. He
nays bis wife desorted him and hetr chil
dren on June 1! 130,1. Ward asks to be
decreed the cuatcdy of -heir two minor
cbOdicii and ho acenred a temporary in
junction restraining the mother from Inter
fering with the children, ending the de
termination cf the Hiilt.
Woid win received here yesterday of tlio
Men death at llawaiden, In., Tuesday
i: ioire II Cable, formerly a member
of Hie bar if this city. Gable's dead body
wus fonnl Tuesday morning- In the tfllet
ro.m , of the lOarle lodging; house. His
Ocalh was attributed to audden hemorrhaK
a a few weeks itn he fell and rupturnd
several blood vessels. At the time of his
death Cable wan serving as district de
puty of ih Wi,odincn . tf the Wor'd. He
was 42 y en i a cf uge and married, but
separated from his wife whi Is said to he
In Chicago with their young son He la
aliio survived bv two bi others living in
Wagner, S. D.
Wedding ftlnss,
rcre gold.' seamless, all slzea. thus no
alay or altering. to 112. Engraving
frte. Leffert.
lonra Postmnstera to Meet.
I,. Tj. Xleynolds of Utile Sioux, la., sec
retary, of the Iowa State League cf Pot
musters, has announced that the midsum
mer, meeting of the Council Bluffs Dis
trict League of Postmasters of the third
and fourth classes will te held in Council
Hluffs on Saturday, July 17. The ses
sions will be held In the federal build
ing. A large attendance of postmasters
of the district l looked for and neighbor
ing postmasters In Nebraska will be In
vited tc participate In the meeting.
Fperllng to Trlplett, 327 Broadway.
Marrlaore Llrenaea.
Licenses to- wed were Issued yesterday
t j the fellow Ing:
Name and Residence.
Fluyd Kicky, Washington, Kan...
Daisy Hosier,, Washington, Kan..
.1 T. Cunningham, Omaha
Christine Johnson, Omaha
... 21
... 15
... 30
... 30
Peter Manias, Lincoln, Neb.... 25
Ina Thels, Lincoln, Neb 18
11. J. Krult. lowing. Neb ?!
Lena Hall, Ewtrig. Neb..... 18
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 0. Night, F-17C0.
tmorsnQt ST0RS
We are open for Bids on Cement
We manufacture the best cement block
on tlte market, - the continual air-apace
temtnt block. The walla Inside never
et wet or dump Put up In cement will
Ukt a life time.
Office, oora 3, rinrt aTational Bank
Building. Vboae xnd. HO. riant 87tn
tract aad rtrst Avenne.
Lcflcrt'fi'Sff Lenses
CeaataM Csailan Kjwai Wetrere of QuM
WPaj i i li -rtKST'Sk nasi m(i
m l I If Vt-'.i mtt
Hlll .
a wutnt, m
I ' ...
"ia 1
The ordeal through which the expectant mother must pass is such that
she looks forward with dread to the hour when she shall feel the thrill
of motherhood. Every woman should know that the danger and pain
of child-birth can be avoided by the use of Mother'a Friend, which
renders pliable all the parts,
renders pnaDie an tne parts, yr TTTC ' T
assisting nature in its work. I 1 1 ill I Ilk
By its aid thousands of iV IVM M jfl
women have passed thisii.
crisis in safety
took of laforaistloB ta w
Atlaata, fii
He Says More Patrolmen and More
Boxes Are Imperatively Needed.
Nearly Two Thousand Arrrsta Were
Mede nnrlnar the l enr. Over "even
Hundred of Them for
In his nnnutl report for the year rnd
i. M-.irli .11 1W. which he has Just com
pleted nnd filed with the Poard of Hre
And Police commlsloners. Ma.ior C,orge
It. nirhnnnd. chief of police, has this to
'The jrfonth rt our cltv and the outly
ing districts, whleh are fnst belns built lip,
n. al.es nil Ineirnse f the police f.irce one
of vital Imporiance. f would, therefore,
recommend an addition of five patrolmen
to the present force. In order to give our
.-Miners ample and proper protection u
Is absolutely necessary that this number
of additional patrclmen be authorized as
hoiiii as possible.
I would recommend that this depart-in-iit
become a member of the National
!'.renu of Criminal Identification. Wash
Inclon. D. C. This would only coat V
i year and would enable ua to obtain
the photographs of noted criminals ar
rested elsewhere from time to time, and
who at some future time are liable to
visit this section."
The repeit shows that the police force
of Ccuiicll Pluffs on March 31 consisted
,-f the chief, one captain, two sergeants,
a Jailer, one emergency officer, a matron,
four detectives, one deputy city marshal,
and ten patrolmen, a total of twenty-two
peis.-ns. During the year four men re
nlKned nnd two were dismissed from the
rarly Two Tlionannd Arresta.
The total number of arrests made by the
police during the year was 1,992, divided
In months as follows:
April. I'tos
June, 1:K18
July, l'HM
August. 1!W
Hept ember. 190S.
October, 1!1S ...
21 s
November, IMS.
December, 1'0.
January. 19(M...
February. 1H09
March, 1909
Cf the 1.992 arrests, 722 were ror aruna
enness, 4.SS for disorderly conduct. 204 for
vagrancy. lOfi for violating city ordinances
and 114 for disturbing the peace.
Other Mtntlstlea.
During the year fifty-four burglaries
were reported and twenty-seven burglaries
wero frustrated. Disturbances to the num
ber of SIR w-ere suppressed without arrest.
One hundred and twenty-seven lost chil
dren were found and returned to parents
or Kuuidlans. At the city JaU 1.2"'
transients were provided with lodging and
during the year 3,949 meals were furnished
prisoners and lodgers.
Stolen property to the value of $19,669.06
was recovered by the department during
the year. The (mount of money collected
from fines and forfeitures for the year. was
$fi.442.49. The expense of maintaining the
department for the twelve months of the
fiscal year was $22,246.52 of which amount
$20,210.95 went for salaries.
Wedding Olfta.
ricturea make Ideal wedding gifts,
have them In all styles and prices,
S23 Broadway.
Aliened Danro Kteerep .Now In f'oon
rll Bluffs Jail.
Frank Scott, the former resident of Pen
der, Neb., arrested Tuesday In Sioux City,
who Is charged with being a member of
the' J. C. Maybray swindling syndicate,
wan brought to Council Bluffs yesterday
by Deputy Sheriff Woolman and lodged
In the county Jail. There are two Indict
ments against Scott, one on the charge of
larceny and the second on the charge of
conspiracy. His bond was placed at $5,000
under each Indictment. Scott said yester
day that he did not anticipate he would
be able to furnish a bond In these amounts.
Scott, who Is alleged to have acted as
"steerer". In the case of John Hermel
bracht, a farmer of Bancroft, Neb., who
on April 25 of last year was buncoed out
of $5,000 on a fake horse race In Council
Bluffs, told 'the officers after he had
been taken Into custody that he "dropped"
$1,000 of his own money on the same horse
Postofflce Inspector J. E. Swenson was
in Council Bluff j yesterday for a . short
while between trains. ' He came In from
St. Louis In the morning and left In the
afternoon, but declined to state where he
was going. "I am, however, still on the
truck of more of the members of the
Maybray gang," he said, "and 1 expect to
land more of the 'steerers' before long."
Ward Slater.
Presenting their laughing and entertain
ing Dutch dance, singing and dancing. The
way they handle the Dutch wooden shoes
Is a hit. At the Diamond, Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday.
Address to Cliuri Delivered Dr Rer.
P. A. McGovera.
The thirty-eighth annual commencement
exercises of St. Francis' academy, held
last evening before an audience which
filled the handsome auditorium of the In
stitution. The graduutea, four In number,
were Miss Kathryn Qullfoyle, Miss Clem
entina Uuanella, Miss Frances Gallagher
and Miss Anna McOuckin, all of this city.
The address to the students was deliv
ered by Rev. P. A. McCJovern. pastor of St.
Peter's church, Omaha, who spoke on 'he
subject, "Christian Education." The diplo
mas were presented by Very Rev. F. P.
McManus. The musical numbers of the
program were of a high character. The
exercises opened with the piano duet,
"Murche Trtumphalo." by the Misses Win
ifred Leahey and Lucile McAtee as the
students entered and took their seats upon
the stage. The playing of Raffs "Ca
price." by the Missos Anna McOuckin and
Frances Gallagher, was also a pleasing
Is the joy of the household, fof
.without it no happiness can be
'complete. Angels smile at
and commend the thoughts
and aspirations of the mother
bending over the cradle.
feature of the pruaram. The vocal class
rendered Wekerlln's "Gaily We Sing." ae
companled by Miss Mabel Van Brunt, and
the exercises were brought to a dose with
the singing of the chorus, "The Day Is
The theme for the orations by the four
graduates was "Pc'ent Forces of a Chris
tian t'ommonw ealtl '
Our paint Is paint, pure paint? not the
kind of paint that Is mixed with most
anything. Our paint Is the kind that the
government recommends. H. Borwick, 211
So Main street.
Coaat Attorner Ask lalanctlon
Attalnat Beech Proprietors.
W. R. Hourly, who but recently opened
up the an-.useuiei,: resort at Courtland
Beach, mi made defendant yesterday in
an Inj jnctlon stilt filed In the dlstrl-'. court
against him by Cc jnty Attorney Hess. The
John A. freighter Real Estate and Trust
company f Omaha, reputed owner of tne
property, Is mad party defendant. It Is
alleged that Hourly, who conducts a sa
loon In connection with the Courtland
Beach resort, hao made Illegal sales of
liquor during the present month.
The county attorney also filed Injunc
tion suits against. L. C. Wroth and George
W. Jackson. Wroth conducts a saloon Just
outside the Courtland Beach enclosure, and
Is alleged to have sold liquor last Sun
day. Wroth and two of his alleged em
ployes were arrested Tuesday under a
warrant Issued from the court of Justice
Cooper. Jackson Is the proprietor of thf
State hotel saloon, and Is also charged
with the Illegal sle of liquor. Mrs. Kaih
erlne Rltter, reputed owner of the State
hotel building, Is made party defendant.
Refrigerators that save ice. That's the
kind we sell. Economic and Tukon. Prices
from $13 to $35. white enameled or plain.
We show a fine line. p. C. De Vol Hard
ware Co.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The
Beo, Juno 16, by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
C. E. Price, trustee and wife to E. C.
Hutchinson, lots 6 and 7, In block
9. Beer's subd. In Council Bluffs.
wd $
George L. Wilkinson and wife to W.
H Butler, part lot 4, In block 24,
Neola, qcd
Kate Scott and husband to Edward
W. Gates, lot 9. In Aud subd. sei
sw'i 30, ind lot 15 Aud subd. of ne
nw, 31-75-43, wd
F. J. Day and wife to Peter Rlef,
lots 20, 21 and 22, In block 26,
Manawa Park Addition subd of neSi,
13-74 44, wd
Mary Sevilla Norton and husband to
James S. M It hen, south 47 feet of
lots 20 and 21, In block 4, Buyllss'
1st Adltlon to Council Bluffs, wd....
Henry B. Jennings and wife to state
of Iowa. nwVi nwi. 8-74-43 and part
ne'i ne'4. 7-74-43. wd
W. J. Way and wife to Musson Bros.
Co., west 14 feet of lot 15 and east
Inches of lot 16, In block 3, Car
son, wd
Shirley B. Prouty and wife to Robert
McKenzie und interest in land in
sees. 21. 22. 27-75-43. wd
Charles A. Bervp and wife to Thomas
O. Green, swVi ne4 and sev.
36-76-44. wd
Reuben B. Artllp and wife to H. L.
.lonnson, si nevi ana se'4 nwi,
25-74-38, wd 12.515
Total, ten transfers
FELD CO.. 519 SO. MAIN. 'PHONE 323.
Banquet of the Dorsesi.
The annual banquet ot the Baracaa of the
First Baptist church will be held this even
ing In the church parlors. There will be
a program of toasts, and O. J. McManup,
former county superintendent of schools,
will preside as toatsmaster. There will be
a vocal solo by Ralph Anderson and a
violin solo by Carlos Laustrup.
The program of toasts will be as fol
The Young Man and His Personal Am
bitionsClem F. Kimball.
The Young Man and His Duties to Ills
Fellow Men G. E. Wlnslade, president of
the Hanscom Park Methodist, Omaha,
Baraca clasa.
The Young Man and His Relation to Ood
Rev. George MacDougal, pastor of Olivet
Baptist church, Omaha.
Sperling ft Trlplett handle the well known
Deerlng mowers and binders. $27 Broad
way. Northwestern Gets Basy.
Assistant Division Engineer Merrick of
the Chicago ft Northwestern Railway com
pany arrived In Council Bluffs yesterday
for the purpose of making arrangements
for Btartlng work en the enlargement and
Improvement of the local terminals. Mr.
Merrick stated that the plans and profiles
have been ready for some time, and that
the company was only waiting to secure
the vacation of portion of certain streets,
which was done Tuesday night by the city
council, before starting a big force of men
at work. A steam shovel, to be used In
grading, Is expected here today. Several
hundred men, It Is expected, will be soon
at work In the yards, grading and laying
Plareon Hatches Two Chickens.
LAKE CITY. Ia., June 16 (Special.)
Two starting chickens, hatched only a few
days ago, were found by John Bliss of
near here, when he drove a mother pigeon
off the nest. She still takes care of the'
foster children, so far aa warmth goes.
but haa not acquired a hen's knack of
feeding them. Bliss Is a hen and pigeon
breeder on a small scale. Both species
are kept In the same house. A hen re
cently showed great love for flying and
Ita wings were clipped. It muat have been
this hen that flew to the nest higher up
and laid two eggs.
Hebrsuikai Maabjr'a InTlted.
LITTLE SIOUX la.. June 16 -(Speclal.)-Secretary
L. L. Reynolds has announced
that Nebraska postmasters will be made
welcome at the meeting of the third and
fourth class postmasters of southwestern
Iowa to be held In Council Bluffs Satur
day, July 17. The Nasby's from across the
river will be Invited to attend the session.
Died of Pnenmonla"
Is never written of those who cure coughs
and colds with Dr. Klng'a New Dlscoverv,
Guaranteed. 50c and $1.00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Sorlaltat Orator Fined.
HOT SPRINGS. S. D.. June 1. Special.)
Wllmot Ravensworth was arrested by the
city authorities while engaged In delivering
a socialistic talk upon the streets. In mak
ing the arrest the marshal eaya that Ra
vensworth resisted, or rather refused to
obey his demands. A number of sympathiz
ers of Ravensworth at first lent their
voK-es In objecting to the arrest, and for
a time it looked as though there might be
quite a disturbance, but quiet was restored
and the prisoner went to Jail peaceably.
He had a hearing before Justice Cook,
who fined him $10 add costs and $15 for
contempt cf court, amounting to $30 In all
in default of which the prisoner was taken
to the county Jail.
Dearre for Jolla W. Mow.
PROVIDENCE, K I . June 1 -Brown
university today conferred the honorary
degree of doctor of letters upon Julia Ward
Theodore H. Shontz Adds $90,000 to
the Endowment Fund.
Other Gifts Amounting; to SIT, BOO
Were Received Dnrlnar the Year
Dee Motor's Plumbers
Strike Ends.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINKS, June 10.-(8pcclal Tele
gram.) At the commencement exercises of
Drake university today. President' Bell an
nounced the gift of JTO.OOO from Theodors
H. Shonts. secretary of the board of trus
tees. The gift was nrttde without condi
tion and may be used "to,', Increase "the en
dowment, though there Is talk of using It
to found another college ,at the university,
the nature of which la not made public.
The president also announced gifts of $6, MX)
to complete the men's gymnasium, which
will be ready by next fall, and $1,000 to
complete the girls' gymnasium, and gifts
of $10,000, received from various persons
during the year. Theodore H. Shonts was
elected president of the board of trustees.
Plombers Strike Eadi.
The five weeks' strike of plumbers in
Des Moines ended today, with an agree
ment which leads to $4.75 a day for first
class plumbers and ' $4.50 for second class
plumbers, the former wage being $4.00 flat.
Coal Dealers Disband.
The Iowa-Nebraska coal dealers today
voted to disband and consolidate with the
Northwestern Retail Coal Dealers' associa
tion. The Northwestern assumes the $1,800
Indebtedness of the Iowa-Nebraska asso
ciation. Preacher for Woman Saffrasje.
Rev. Johnston Myers, the Chicago Bap
tist preacher who Is trying to oust some of
the faculty of the Chicago university on
charges of heresy, today. In addressing the
several girl graduates ot Des Moines col
lege, told them to support woman's suf
frage, urging them strongly that It was
a cure for the national Ills and the only
means of sweeping away the liquor traffic.
Cne boy was In the graduating class.
orwfglini Reject Offer.
The United Norwegian Lutheran conven
tion here today rejected the offer of Des
Moines of a $10,000 bonus and fifty lots at
$25,000 If the new seminary for girls ue
located In this city. The seminary will
not be built for several years at the
The liberal element today won a victory
when Evangelism was allowed to invade
the church despite the protests of the
conservatives. A general church evange
list will be appointed before the convention
adjourns tomorrow noon.
Dr. P. M. Glascoe, president of Spikane
college. Wash., was called to the chair of
science at St. Olaf'a college, St. Paul. A
college will bo established In Saskatche
wan, Canada.
Fewer Saloons In State.
The forthcoming volume of tho offlelu.
register shows that there are fewer coun
ties operating under the saloon mulct tax
and fewer saloons. Tho list figures on
the mulct tax were gathered two years
ago by the secretary of state and Incor
porated in the official register, showing
that there were forty-three counties, fifty
one townships and 242 cities eperating un
der the law, with 1.770 saloons. On Sep
tember 90, 1908, two years later, there were
forty counties, forty townships and --i
cities and towns operating under the law.
The three counties from' which saloons
were driven were Grundy, Monroe and
Muscatine. For the year ending Septem
ber SO. 1D06. there was collected $377.0tl2.63.
and for the year ending September 30, VMM,
The new official register will consist of
964 pages and will contain many feature
heretofore not Included in the book,
r'lre Hcport Iteady.
The annual fire Insurance report, issued
by the slate auditor's office, will be ready
for distribution tomorrow, when copies are
expected from the state binder. . Advance
sheets were given to the preis some days
Sanadera la Ity.
Senator Charles Saunders of Council
Bluffs Is In Ies Moines attending the com
mencement exercises ot Drake university,
of which he la an alumnus. The senator
would not talk politics for publication.
However, lie Intimated '.hut he considered
come and go, but Shredded Wheat goes
on forever. A perfect food for the complete
nourishment of the human body. Always
pure, always clean, always nutritious, always
the same. Two Shredded Wheat Biscuits
with hot milk for breakfast will supply all the energy
needed for a half day's work. Your grocer sells it
Shredded Wheat ia made of the choicest selected white
wheat, cleaned, steam-cooked and baked. Try it for breakfast
to-morrow with milk or cream. The Biscuit is also delicious
for any meal in combination with fresh or preserved fruits.
the state pretty much at peace politically,
with the exception of the Washington cor
respondents. He Is of the belief that Judge
Smith will have no opposition to his re
turn to congress at the close of his present
Mrs. Houah Given Divorce.
Mrs. Laura A. Hough was today given a
divorce from her husband, Louis U. Hough,
the bankrupt stockyards man of this city,
who Is now In bankruptcy proceedings for
the second time. The charge was infidel
ity, and cruelty.
Marries Omaha Girl.
It was announced here today that H. P.
Greenough of Des Moines, superintendent
of the Rock Island lines In Iowa, was mar
ried at noon today to Miss Helen M. Blose
of Omaha at the home of the bride's par
ents In Benson, Neb.
Changre Name of Department.
The Cosson law, enlarging the powers of
the attorney general's office, passed by
the last legislature. Is now In effect and
It changes the name from attorney gen
eral's office to department of Justice, by
which It will hereafter be known.
All Applicant Teachers.
Not an applicant for the position of su
perintendent of the Girls' Industrial school
at Mltchellvllle but Is a good school
teacher, and all dwell upon that qualifica
tion. Chairman John Cownle says what
they want Is business ability mainly, a.'
the superintendent will not be required to
teach, and a seamstress stands as good n
show If sh has the proper qualifications.
After C'ommntatlon for Holoda.
An effort is being made to Induce tin
State Board of Parole to recommend a
commutation of sentence for Charles Ho
lada, the self-confessed murderer of Jamen
Gallagher, a Johnson county farmer. The
murder was committed ten years ago, and
Holada Is serving life Imprisonment. The
board Is looking up the facts In the mat
Boone t'oople Accompanied On Trip
to Coast By Five Other
Pa Ira.
BOONE, la., June 16. (SpecraJ.) A pretty
romance culminated here last night In the
marriage of Miss Mable Rose, a graduate
nurse, and Thomas Heaps, a well-known
business man of Madrid. The bride urn
groom have taken the bridal party on n
honeymoon rlp with them, including the
Seattle exposition. An even dozen make
up the party, and the merrymakers are an
ticipating the time of their lives. The
wedding took place at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Rose, and
was extremely simple. The groom Is from
the prominent Heaps family, of coal fame
throughout the middle west. His bride is
a trained nurse, and has had at various
tlmea charge of the Eleanor Moore hospi
tal here. The wedding party Includes five
couples, and they nearly take up a coach
by themselves, with their numerous pieces
of baggage. The party will be gone six
weeks or two months.
City to 1st for Tract.
SHENANDOAH. Ia., June 10. (Special.)
Attorney E. R. Ferguson has been te
talned by the city council to take legal
cteps to recover the old H. & S. nhop site
here, a plat of ground of about fourtean
acres In the northwestern part of the city.
It is claimed that the railroad company
failed to comply with the terms of .he
agreement made with the city when the
railroad was built; also that the C, B. A
Q. railroad company, which has since ac
quired the land, has failed to observe the
terms of their agreement. Should the city
be successful In getting possession of the
land, it is proposed to make another park
there, making an artificial lake of sev
, , t
Two Million Dollars for a Bakery
that's a big price to pay for a bakery
you could build one for a few hun
dred but you couldn't bake eight
Shredded Wheat Biscuit
in It every week in the year, and if
you could, they wouldn't be so clean,
pure or wholesome as the Biscuit
that are baked in our two million
dollar sunlit bakery. Food Fp.ds may
eral acres and fixing the ground for use
by the Chautauqua and other similar oi -ganlzations;
also it would be used aa a
city playground.
Iowa Students
Given Diplomas
Three Hundred and Fifty are Gradu
ated From Eigrht Depart
ments of University.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. June 10. (Special.)
President Harry Pratt Judson of the Uni
versity of Iowa this morning gave the
commencement address before the
graduates of the University of Iowa In
the armory.
The commencement exercises began
promptly at 9 o'clock. Dr. Judson arriving
on the 8:03 train from Chicago. Following
the address diplomas were presented by
President George E. MacLean to the 350
graduates from the eight colleges of the
At 12:30 the alumni dinner started In the
Methodist Episcopal church. Following
the serving of the courses President James
B. Weaver, Jr., of Des Moines acting as
toastmaster Introduced the speaken.:
Charles J. Traxler, '82; Carroll Wright,
'76; D. D. Murphy, "87; Julia Rcgers. '82;
Governor B. F. Carroll, Realff Otteson,
'OS; President E. MacLean.
T.ils afternoon at 4 o'clock the presi
dent's reception was held and at 8 o'clock
the annual senior hop closed the com
mencement exercises.
J Girl Struck B Man t n tn.
LAKE CITY", Ia., June 16. (Special.)
Miss May Mallory,' of near this place,
while, sitting In a hammock on the ver
anda of her home watching the storm
clouds, was struck by a bolt of lightning
on her garter clasp. The lightning tore
off the garter, ripped off the hose and
tore a hole In her slipper. She screamed
and members of the household rushed to
her assistance. They found her badly
scared from fright and shock. One of her
legs was entirely bare from the knee down.
Miss Mallory, aside1 from the shock, was
uninjured. The only mark left by the
lightning was a blue streak on her knee
fe'here the garter had been.
Ions News Xotea.
LOGAN Yesterday the proposition to ex
tend the city of Iogan to embrace all of
the four sections on which the town was
located carried by a majority of 153. The
acquired territory gives Logan greater pop
ulation and greater wealth.
WATERLOO The state association of
local fire agents will meet in this city on
June 18. Great preparations are being made
for their receotlon and entertainment. W.
F. Grandy of Sioux City la president of
the association and Ueorge H. Henderson
of this city Is secretary and treasurer.
THOMPSON Fire completely destroyed
the Farmers' Co-Operative creamery of
this place, early this morning, together
with the icehouse adjoining and about 100
tubs of butter which were in the refrig
erator. The loss Is $4,500 and Insurance
$1,700. The origin of the fire Is not known.
WILLIAMSBURG Seventy-seven head
of Aberdeen-Angus cattle were sold yes
terday by Messrs. Donahue, Davis and
Leahy for nearly $20,000. Th animal bring
ing the highest price was a cow, which
Sold fur $l,0uJ to O. V. Battles of Maquo
keta. J. W. Murphy of Iowa City paid M15
for a cow and Kd Bishop of Wellman paid
$750 for a cow and $525 for a bull. Several
hlith priced animals went to Illinois buy
ers. The sale breaks all previous records
for similar sales of herds la Iowa.
OSKALOOSA The annual encampment
of the National Holiness association, which
has been In session here for ten days.
closed this afternoon. During Its aesston
llU.ouO was raised In cash and subscription
for the work. A. C. Cochran of Kansas
City aa re-elected president and M. M.
Snider of Des Moines was chosen chair
man of the executive council.
COLFAX The body of William Gordon.
aged 40 and a former fireman on the Rock
the Feet of
Regent Shoe Co.
205 South Fifteenth Street
Island, was found near the tracks of that
road close to the Kp worth league grounds
early this morning. Nothing Is known of
the caluse of his death, but It Is supposed
that he was struck by a train. He has a
mother and two sisters living at Velio
Junction, near Des Moines.
CRESTON Tho Elks best blue Moodee
goat was brought out at Shenandoah Mon-.
day night and a class of distinguished
Jurists and lawyers were escorted over the
thorny highway to Elkdom. Among the
victims were Judge Smith Mafherson cf
the federal court, Judg . jfeeiner of
the Iowa supreme court, Jrnlge A. U.
Thornell of the district court and Jud
W. P. Fergunon of the superior court
Following the Initiation ceremonies an
elaborate banquet was served. Hon. Em
met Tinley of Council Bluffs acted as
toastmaster of the evening. -
SHENANDOAH The threatened trcublt
which would have delayed the work of the
new paving being laid on Maple and Kim
streets twelve blocks In all of oroosoted
blocks haa been averted by the city coun
cil ordering changes made as asked for
by residents along thoue streets. As orig
inally planned the surface water on . these
streets was to have been diverted from Its
regular course north to Intersecting streets
running east and weal. Property; owners
threatened to secure an Injunction, if the
water was thus diverted. Work Is delayed
temporarily by the high water In the river,
which prevents the contractors from rot
ting sand to use In making, the concrete
foundation. K
SHENANDOAH A special election to
consider the proposition to vote bonds to
the amount of $14,000 for the erection of '
another ward school building here, west
of the Burlington tracks, has been called
by the school board for next Monday and
promises to create great interest. People .
In that part of the city are working hard
for the proposition setting forth the dan
ger, to children who have to croas the
tracks when going to other school build
ings and the citizens In other parts of
city are opposing the proposition cn the
grounds largely that It will bring the In
debtedness of the district clear up to the
limit prescribed by law and thus will not
permit of a new high school building belug
built for a good many years.
To Knjoy 1
the full confidence of the Well-Informed
of the World and the Commendation of
the most eminent physicians it was essen
tial that the component parts of Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna, should be
known to and approved by them; there
fore, tho California Fig Syrup Co. pub
lishes a full statement with every package.
The perfect purity and uniformity of pro
duct, which they demand in a laxative
remedy of an ethical character, are assured
by the Company's original method of man
ufacture known to the Company only.
The figs of California are used in the
production of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna to promote the pleasant taste, but
the medicinal principles are obtained from
plants known to act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects always buy
the genuine manufactured by the CaJj.
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for Mia
y all ladin? drugtfsts. ,

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