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Caning- ii Weak tad Propreii Gains
Little Strength.
Oietadl rteawrte f maa ta Cora aad
Wnl Rearlwa Raw Taelr Kt
fet I Kf.lii Iyer-era
tha Prteee.
. OMAHA. June I. 1909.
Lower cables from foreign markets end
rood repents from the corn and wheat
region gave tha market rather a weak tone
et the opening. and It wait anything but
firm throughout trie session.
The wheat In the weat and northwest Is
a little late, but look a premium crop.
The bear took advantage of thia and the
Selling waa quit brisk In the forenoon and
continued the same later In the day.
Corn waa In sympathy with wheat except
that the selling end waa stronger In thla
Train and It eold lower comparatively.
There la very little doing- In the cash
sheet market and prices are slightly lower.
Corn recelptst are small, but the oncom
ing crop looks favorable and prices con
tinue a little weak.
Oats am In sympathy with corn, receipts
mall end a little lower.
Primary wheat receipts were 200.000 bit.
and shipments 49 0(10 bu., agalnal receipts
lst year of 2itt,000 bu. and shipments of
1X1 W0 bu.
Corn receipts were 678.000 bu. and ship
ments 4OT.0G0 ba., against receipts Isst year
of 617,000 bit. and shipments of 484.UO0 bu.
Oats receipt were 34!), 000 bu. and ship
ments aw 000 ba.. against receipts la.tt year
of 643.000 bu. and shipments of 424,000 bu.
'learences were: Flour, 8.000 hbls.; corn,
7.000 bu : wheat and flour, M.000 bu.
Liverpool close: Wheat, Htlftd lower;
corn, U'l'ad lower.
I Loral taiige e( options:
Articles.) Open. Hlgh.i Low. Close. Tea'y.
Corn .
July... I
Cats ...
i Sopt...
1 O1 1 OSHI 1 0Th
1 0."4 1 (tf'v 1 0),
A 68 I 68 I
6XV ttVtl Vil
i I
4SV 4SV 47HI
T 4oi! 39l
1 o4
Oaisnaa Cask Prlcca.
WHKAT-No'.' t haul, $t.2((l 32; No. S
hard. 1.26al 2i( No. 4 hard, l.lil.iS: No.
t spin,, ii.io'aj Hi.
lOHN-No. 2, Mc; No. 3, 68c; No. 4, 6?4o;
no tirade. 6ti$i17c; No. t yellow, eS'tfifc'ac;
Io. a yellow, ByhGSWc; No. 1 white, 7014
OATS-No. ' mixed. 64V966o: No. S yel
low, 6.ti V.c, No. 8 white, 54fa5ric; No. 4
v. nue. mw, standard, Fwrgotto.
Kl'E-No. I, ubOc; No. 8, 78'(f79c.
lat tot ftecalats
Wheat. Corn. Data
Minneapolis .'J 90
UtU.ii 4 ... ...
C.w.,0 ft,.,..... 6 148 . . 84
On.i4.ia uMtit .1' '- v
Wheat I'rlers . ,aar fader Bearish
Crop Advises. .
CHICACM, June ltt Wheat prices con-
t'n.ta to. sag on the board of trade to
n;, under the weight of an avalanche of
bvHr.sii crop advices, the market cloning
' alr. uai at' lb bottom at nl declines of
-! tu lno;.. C'vriii oats and provisions alao
c.t.ata ftM. . .
.'Ob wheat market waa weak nearly all
3ay, and at- the low, point of the session
p.'.cea were. pearly to below the high point
voiicned in- the llrl halt hour a trading.
Vttaknes prevailed, at the opening, owing
to uie .heaviness u foreign markets, but
prices ulok)y advariioed about o on cov
eili.g b shurts, baaed on .rains In Okla
homa and southern Kansas, which, It was
ciaiined, w ould delay , harvesting. The up
tui.i, however, brought out renewed sell
ing and prloes again Started downward,
i Crop new from this country and Europe
,wae sgnrn of a decidedly bearish tenor.
,Ktimuies on the- Kansas Crop of wheat
are betns; raised dally and the total yield
' .was placed today as' high as 80,000,000 bush
elp. Reports from Tennessee claimed that
the largest crop 'ever produeed In the
'mate Is now being-' harvested tinder Ideal
conditions. As a result of the bright pros
pect for" the new epnp, demand for cash
,Vhest here and at ether leading-grain cen
ters was greatly diminished. The selling
Eresure, ihle.h for the last few days had
een confined to the July delivery, spread
today to the more distant months, particu
larly September. During the day July
sold between $1.14 and $1.157, and closed
at M 144. September ranged between I1.07H
ani? tl.ODMi&'l 094. and closed at the bottom.
K.Ktra slack shipping demand for the
ea.-h grain, ideal crop conditions and the
Blu tip In wheat caused a severe break In
corn prices, final Quotations showing net
losses for the day of 4c to To. Cash houses
reported a decided loosening up of offer
ings In the country, especially In Nebraska,
and the movement ' waa expected to show
a decided gain within a few days. Cash
corn declined 4 to lc. and this tended to
further weaken the options,
f Unulda Ion waa (he order of the day In
.the oats market, and as a result of this
Irnltlng prices at the close were 4o to IHc
t-low yesterday's final figures.
I FrovlKkyrts closed 7c to 17c below the pre
vious close. '
I The leading futures ranged as follows:
eases, 2:o at mark; western firsts, free
eases, 2?e at mark: current receipts, free
esses. j2lc at mark.
C H EES K Steady, fair demand. New
Tork full creama 14c; fair to loci
Partly Clnady Tharaday After
Mkt of Warmer.
OMAHA. June 11 190).
The pressure Is highest over the country
east of the Mississippi river. A depres
sion overlies the extreme upper Missouri
valley and western Canadian provinces,
and another over the southwest Generally
cloudy weather prevails east of the Mia
aourt river and throughout the aouthern
atates. Ha In Is falling this morning at
points in Kansas ana Oklahoma, and light
showers occurred in southwettt Nebraska
within the last twenty-four hours. The
weather is generslly clear In the upper
Aiisaonrt vauey ana throughout the west.
except light rains are falling In western
Montana and Idaho, Temperatures have
risen everywhere except along the Atlantle
coast and on the Pacific slope, where they
are sngntiy lower. itgni showers will
probably occur in this vicinity this after
noon, followed by partly cloudy tonight
and Thursday, with warmer tonight.
Kecord of temperature and precipitation
compared with the corresponding day of
the last three years:
Minimum temperature.... 64 f 72 to
Precipitation 00 .18 .00 .00
rxormai temperature lor today, 73 de
grees. Deficiency in precipitation alnce March
1, 3 X inches.
Excess corresponding period In 1908, 2.70
peflelnery corresponding; period In 1907,
8.30 Inches. I,. A. WRL8H.
, Local Forecaster.
Corn and Wheat Itrston Bulletin.
Corn arid wheat region bulletin for
Omaha,, Neb., for the twenty-four hours
ending at 8 a. m., 75th meridian time,
Wednesday, June 10. 1909:
Temp. Kaln-
Ktatlons. Max. Mln. fall.
Ashland, Neh 78 63
Auburn, Neb 78 48
Broken Bow, Neb. 81 so
Columbus. Neb... 78 64
Culbertson, Neb.. 80 fi5
Falrbury. Neb.... 77 ' 61
Fairmont, Neb... 7 BJ
Or.- Island. Neb.. 88
Hartlngton, Neb. so , E4
Hastings, iNeo.... 7S
Holdrege, Neb,... 79
Oakdale. Neb...,, 79
Omaha, Neb..
Tekamah, Neb.
Alta. Ia j
Carroll, la
Olartnda, la....,
Sibley, la
Sioux City, la.-,
Ft. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Minimum temperature for. twelve-hour
period eliding at 8 a. m.
... .... No. of Temp.- Rain.
Central. Stations. Max.- Jain. Inches.
Chicago, 111 W 11 60 .00
Columbus, 0 16 74 62 .00
Des Melnea,.Ia.... 14 7K.-, 'M , . .00
Indianapolis. Ind.. 13 74 62 .00
Kansas City. Mo., 21 78 62 - .10
Ixul8ville, Ky 19 80 58 T
Minneapolis. Minn. 27 80 68 .28
Omaha, Neb....... 19 78 68 .02
St. Louis. Mo 13 7ft 68 .00
Banking Interests and Others Take
Measures to Protect Prices.
Articles Open. Htgh. Low. Close. Yesy.
; July
I Sept.
I Dec.
I fiPt. .
' Deo.
o -its-July
July Sept.
, July
l lRflVt 1164
11 08V.t o44
jl 074HI1 07Si
mr,7Si 74
0H 84
OS 1 - 69
I ' 40
' 30 t
11 80
11 86
11 074
11 l
1 0741
1 084
MH 604
434 42';
4441 434
20 40
20 66
11 89
11 85
11 10
M 20
20 SO
i 1441
I 074
1 0641
43 U
20 224
20 4241
H 66 11 05 I 11 724
11 tv ! 11 11 M
10 95 ,10 74i It 06
1 1M
1 094
1 074
. 434
20 S74
20 674
U 074U0 824 10 924, U 024
I No. I. ' "
I Cash quotations were as follows:
I VLOl'It Easy; winter patents, 8.40S.76;
winter stralKhts, spring patents,
iJirnttW: spring straights. H wifK lj.
basers 3.4&i.40. ,
' iL'TTEii Steady; creameries, 3Q24c;
dairies, 2lfvZ44.
I PXJUS Receipts, 21,221 cases; market
steady; at " mark, Canes included, 194c;
Ifirsts, 20c; prime firsts. 14c.
CHEESE Strong; daisies, 14tfl44e; twins.
l'.trltc. young Americas. 144bMo; long
thorns. 14-S144C.
I POTATOES-FIMner; 6070o.
i POl'LTHY Steady : turkeys, . 14c; chick
,ens. 1310; springs, SOifi.'ic.
1 VEAL Steady ; 60 to 00-pound weights,
nJc; M to M-pound weights, 744c; 86 to
1 t-loiiud weights, .4j94c.
RYE N... 2. g7o.
BARLEY Feed or mixing, 7tr794e; fair
iu t-iiiuce msuing. BlStlWO.
1 bbEDS Flax. No. 1 southwestern, $1 664.
,No. 1 northwestern. 1.70. Timothy, S3.W.
1 Clover, 110 60. ,
I PHOVIKIOXS-Meas pork, per v bbl.,
.t.v.vM.w miu, per mo 10s., Bii.ao; snort
J ribs, sides (loose), Sl siyu.oa; -short clear
Ides (boxed), tlf 2o411.60. - '
Total clearancea of wheat and flour were
equal to 3S.0U0 bu. Primary receipts were
2C0.MM) bu., compared with ,0) bu. the
uorrrsponuing usy a year ago. Estimated
receipts for tomorsowi Wheat, 3 cars
corn, 17 oars; oata, 98 cara
Mlaaeaola Grata Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., June 14
WHKAT July, Sl.aO; epentber, $1 094
104; December. HC1.04; cash, Nol
hard. Sl S4441a64; Ne. 1 northern SI 334
144: No. S northern. Sl.Slf 1.S2U; N0 1
northern. S 8044.14
' UKAN-ln bulk, S 6fttf24 0(.
. FLOUR-1tst natenta, Sa.46JM.88: second
patents, 3!Kl first olears, SS.05fC6.-
second clears, St.C'l&
MllsMkN .Grata Market.
UTILWAeitlSB. .Jwne 18.-Wheat.-No 1
northern SVS9; NOs' a northern ll.Jwffi.j7
Baptember U.ft.
BARLKYigftmplea 800810.
rJadath Ocmlat Market,
DULtTTH.. Vlnn., June lft-WITEAT-July,
H tevi; fipr.rubr. SI 0M) No. 1
uortnern. H Fn: M- wriuera, nv
P1Ul414kts) rr-rtkea Market.
' Btaawdyj (air demand: extra Western cream
err and nearby prints tac.
J EOG8. Firm, good tfemaniS; Pennsylvania
isusd other arearby firsts, free cases. 2'4c ai
taj-fci etu-reol receiyu la returnable
Warmer weather Is general throughout
the corn and wheat region. Light showers
occurred hi the Kansas City, Omaha and
Minneapolis districts since the last report
and continue In Kansas and Oklahoma this
morning. L, A. WEIJJH,
1 . Local Forecaster, weather Bureau.
Qaotatlons of the Day oa Vartoaa
run mad i ties.
, NEW YORK, June K FLOUR Receipts
14,800 bbls.; exports, 6,000 bbls.; market
dull and quiet; unchanged; Minnesota pat
ents. 36.2646.60; winter straights. SD.6Mfti.86;
axinnesoia Dasers, n.Kno.oo; wimrr raima,
S4.8b4i6.70: winter patents, i 76-87.00: winter
low grades, e. I O'fs . w , nann niivisiiLa,
S6.85(!4.i0: choice to fancy, S4.80.00.
COHNMEAL Steady; fine white and yel
low. 11. 66 (fr 1.70: coarse. 81.66411.00: k In dried.
S3. 903.96.
- it x . iiuii ; xno. i western, nftK, nominal,
f. o. b.. afloat. New York.
BARLEY steady; feeding, 85Q87C, f. o.
b.. New York.
, UTUll.-lA'r, H.Mslnta Sfl.rMi hiiMhels. . Snnt
market easy; No. 2 red, old, 11.51, nominal
elevator) No. 2 red, old, 11. 61, nominal; new
SI. 184 end August f. o. b., afloat; No. 1
northern Duluth. old, SI. 37, nominal, f. o.
b., afloat; No. hard winter, old, 11.34, nom
inal, f. o. b., afloat. The excellent cnar
acter of crop news today promoted a break
In wheat tnat approacneo. Demoralisation
at times and forced prices off over a cent
per bushel. The weakness of cables and
better foreign crop news helped the break.
Final prices showed 414o net loss. July
81.224& 1.234, closed S1224; September
clof-ed S1.144; December closed fl.134.
rnKi ) r.i 7 tttio hushels. Knot mar
ket steady; No 2, old, 85c, nominal, eleva
tor and 83C, old, nominal, new, wc winirr
shipment, f. o. b.. afloat; No. 3 white,
nominal, and No. S yellow nomu.al. f. o. b.,
aflcat. Options without transaction, dos
ing 4 to 14c net lower. July closed SOc:
September Closed 775c; teceinoer oioseo
,-iia Dmaim 91 ' bushels. Snot
eat.)-; mixed, 2632 pounds, Uo, nominal;
natural white, arai pounas. viyu1-
Clirped while, 8442 pounds, 6ajJ4c.
FEED Steaay; spring oran, i.oo; nnu
dllngs, S27.85; city, S27.60.
HAY Steady; No. S, 8085os good to
Choice, 9OO&U.00. .
lllDElt-Steady; Bogota, 204214c! Cen
tral America, 214c
LEATHER Bieady; acid 2329
' T,i.i'iuirik.'fl Nf firm? fs.mllv. tls.50
fil4.00; mess. S10,60i U.00; beef hams. SW 80
11.26 00; paCKei, 1.WUU.UV, "'
mess, $20-60&.0t. Cut meats, steady;
pickled - bellies, iiz.iwi-; !""""'
I, -. 1.,. auv ,wHtern 111 904fU.lHl:
refined, easy; continent. S13 36; South
America, 113 w compound, io.inv k'
tVady; family. S2l.0unj2S.00i short -clear.
S20 5023. 00; mess. 021.60.
TALLOW Dull; city, 64o country, 64
6R1CB Firm; oomestlo fair to extra, SO
6'c: Japan, nominal.
b,..- Rr nts 18.808 Dsck-
te-ges; creamery . specials, 2649 J7c; of-
during the day, wim tjuiei prevBuma
weatern factory, firsts,
Imitation creamery, firsts. fc23c
CHEESE Steady; - receipts. 6.863 pack
ages; suite, full cream, good to prime,
12V 124c: state, full cream, common to
good, 10$irtic. ,-.
EOGS lrreaularj receipts, 21.135 cases;
state Pennsylvania and nearby brown and
mixed fancy, 234tf24"; western extra
firsTs. 32c! firsts. 2W021c;' seconds, 1941
2i)o; aoutberna, lif20c. t. . .
POULTRY Alive, weak; chlckena, broil
ers 31623c; fowls? 16.-ttU.4c; turkeys, lc;
dressed easy; western chickens, broilers,
3440; fowls. 144-8lc.
t. I.oala Geaeral Market.
RT LOUIS. June 16. WH EAT Lower ;
track No. 3 red, cash. 81491.60; No. 2
hard. 11.40; July. S1W4; September, 3104
CORN lwer; track, No. S cash, 724c;
No. 2 while 7676o; July, 7l1k0; September,
OAT--Lower: track. No. S cash. 54e;
No. I white, 6Sc; July,.44c; .September,
41'4e. M-.
RYE Nominal at IWc.
t .itt. t - u rA winter rjatents.
86 60b7 00; extra fancy and straight, 8.75SI
140; nar-3 winier ciei. .iw.v.
SEED Timothy. $1.60(u3.25. . .
BRA N Lower ; sacked, east track 3123.
HAY Firm; timothy. 110O17.60; prairie.
110 00u l3 SO.
-f inu.aai-- ntHtii at am t 1 Kxtf
114a- Vry aalt mea, ateady; boxed, extra
aborts, -an (. vir.rii, e ' ""
clears 12 00. Baeon. iK)r; boxeL extrk
short!' 613 874; clear' rlba, S1S.874? abort
C'r1?,'. S.xiv' W.V. rhlrktnl lie: IDrlUI
17C21o; turkeys. I2144c J'-. ci
BlTTTER tsteaay ; cmm-i j. v"
EGOS Steady at 184e. cases Included.
RMMtlnti. fitalomenta
FlA.ir Whls 8,t : 7.0U0
Wheat bu V...L.. S.CO0 II.4O1)
C,u.tM. bu 1 83.u4 fljt.9
LlTeraael Orala ti.trttet.
tures steady; July, 8 lid. September, Ss
64d; December, tm 3.d. .
CORN-Spot tey; , new American
mixed, via uaiveston. w so; iuiutm quiet,
July, 6a 64d; SepUmner, 6a 6id.
Perta -rals Market..
PEORI a!. JU.( June.,16,5-rOR' Lower;
Vo. 3 yellow, 744c; No. S yellow, 74 4c; No.
4, 744c, No. 4, 734C
Wall Street Skews More Slgas of
Seasltlveaess oa S abject of Coraor
atloa Coatral and Tax ef
t'oraerate Karolngs.
NEW YORK, N. Y., June 16 -The un
settlement of the stock market which
started vesterday proceeded to such a
length today as to bring out forcible meas
ures for the protection of prices from
great banking Interests and other Inter
ested In maintaining values. United State
Steel was the center of the disturbance,
and for the greater activity In dealings.
Reports from Paris over night seemed to
confirm the rumor current for several
dava that the effort to secure the ad
mission of United States steel to the Pri
bourse had failed through the refusal of
the government official, whose consent s
necessary. The disturbing effect of this
report and the acute weakness of I nlted
States steel was contested by powerful
buying orders for the stock desired to
support the price, and by renewed assur
ances of J. P. Morgan & Co. of their
confidence that the plan for Introducing
I'nlted Siatea steel to the Paris bourse,
was delayed, and encountering some op
position would be curried out.
The great stress which has been laid on
this project In connection with the specu
lation In United States steel left no room
for escape from an unfavorable effect
from the reported defeat of the plan,
whatever mav be the actual bearing on
the prospective value of the United States
steel shares.
The open pressure on those shares forced
them down to CiNc. which Is 14c lower
than yesterday's closing price, and four
points below the high level touched on
Monday. The effect was not confined to
that stock, the whole list showing sharp
declines during the morning, and belnn
subjected to pronounced pressure of liqui
dation. The professional bear organisa
tion, which came Into prominence yester
duv, was active again.
Large liquidation was forced upon the
market by the mere fall In prices, which
Induced speculative holders to throw over
stocks to save profits or to limit losses.
The bears continued to force the decline
so long as this condition continued.
The support which checked the decline
In Itself put a stop to much of the selling,
and the scramble of the bears to cover
aided materially In the purpose of thoee
seeking to protect prices. The effect of
the Paris news on steel was enhanced,
by the reports of a determination of tin
plate workers with the corporation to
The expected message of President Taft,
which proved to have been quite accurately
outlined In the news, was dwelt on by
some of the sellers of storks as a possi
ble opening for a renewed agitation In
oongress on the whole suhject of corpora
tion control. The proposed 2 per cent tax
on net earnings of corporations and the
recommendation lo submit a constitutional
amendment permitting a tax on Incomes
were not especially relished In themselves
In the prevailing stock market view.
Sensitiveness on the subject of corpora
tion pursuit has grown keener with the
widespread discussion given to the affairs
of the American Sugar Refining company
In connection with its settlement with the
Pennsylvania SuRar Refining company.
There Is some apprehension that this dis
cussion and agitation may prejudice the
final settlement or the tanrr schedules.
A decline In copper In London and at
the New York Metal exchange were In
cidents of the day that worked toward
depression of speculative sentiment. A
good errect was produced hy tne quirk
sale reported by the purchasing bankers
of the S25.0O0.0O0 Pt. Paul debenture bonds.
A spurt In Reading to above l.vi was a
stamfThg factor In the late dealings, but
It was not announced until after the mar
ket had closed that the dividend on the
stock had been left unchanged. The activ
ity of the market was much curtailed, the
partly restored prices of the latter part
of the day and the closing tone was ir
regular. Bonds were easy. Total sales, par value,
S4.S64.000. '
I'nlted States bonds were unchanged on
Number of sales and leading quotations
00 stocks were as follows:
SlM. Hlfh. IX1W. Clots.
resere shows: Oold coin snd bullion. 64s
194.ir.fi; gold certificates J6,.'o6.W available
cash balance, ll.tU-3,43.
New York Moary Mrrket.
NEW YORK, June IS. MONEY On rail,
easy; 14ti2 per cent; ruling rate, 14 per
cent; closing bid. 14 per cent; offered at
14 per cent. Time loans, firm and quiet;
sixty days, 24&24 per cent; ninety days,
2434 per rent; six months, 34 per cent.
tual business In bankers' bills at S4.8t'
4 "0S for sixty-day bills and at 34 87 for
demand Commercial hills, t4.t4tt4.864.
per cent
SILVER Bar. 6I4c; Mexican dollars, 44c.
HONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Closing quotations en bonds today were
js follows '
t. 9. ret. Is. rf... rivt j4Pti 4
4 coupon 11 so 4m '
V. 8. U rl I'M ds Sd serlFS
o coupon 1X L. 8 o.b 4 1M1... .14
l'. 8. 4a rut UlttL A N unl. U 10"
4o coupon Ul M . K. A T let 4a.. 4
Allta-thal. 1st 6s So 1m A rf. ... Ms
A p. A(. it loivt do S'n i
A.. T. A T. li .WSMo. Pacific 4a -
Ajn. Tobacco 4....... TlaN. V. a IHi..'... -'
do ta Ill so 4H, 4a M-i
Atrhlaon fn. ia l'4M. V. City 4V,s nee. Ill
do 8. L. lat to si V.. K. H a U.
do CT. 4a iU r. ...UMa
do cr 6a 1USN. W lt con. 41.. V
At. C. L. lat 4a St do c. 4a
Hal. a Ohio 4a It No, I'aclllc 4a l'UVi
do 3a M 4.) h 7
do 8. W. tl O. S. U.nTdg. 4a ... t
Prlin. Tr. cv 4a 7 I'ann. f. Jit 19.6... M;
Canada Po. lal a l'WUj ' do con. 4t l4t
Central ot Oa. 6a 110 Heading sen la li'J'a
Central Ualhnr 6s ... KHSI. L. S f. f. 4f.
i ot N. 1. t 6a... .117 St. L. 8. W. c. 4a....
Choa. A Ohio 'io 1st fold 4a. US
tlllcaso A A. ISta.... 7 Seaboard A. U 4t.... 8"S
'., B. A U. J, 4a ... 7o. Isolde oul. 4a.... Ii
0. M. as. r. g la oo it rar. 4a....,
C. R. I. P. c. 4a.. 84 8o. Ralleaji U
do cnl i: HI -4s sen 4s
: do rfrtf. 4a., .' ltf 1'IMoti Fai-tltc 4a...
CiV. St. 1 t- 4i. 7 do CT-. 4a
cnlo. Ind. Ba.. ........ 77 do lat A rat. 4a.,
Colo. Mid. 4a ttl'r8. Rnhher a...
t. 8. r. A a. 44i. mu.-s. steal sd la..
I). A H. e. 4 105 Va.-taro. Cham, aa
do lt rel. 4a l'u wabaaa lat 6a
R( O. 4a t74 do lat A x. 4a...
74!t "'arn Md. 4a
Kl Waal. Klec. cv. ia.
71 Wia. Central 4a
M4 Armow 4tya . I. .
C, D. a W- 41
. 5
Allla-Ctialmara pfd
Amllgamatad Coptier
Amarlcan Agrlcnltunil ....
Am. Beat Sugar
Am. Can pfd, ex-dlv
Am. C. F
Am. Cotton Oil
Am. II A L
Am. lea Securities
Amarlean Ltnaead
Amartcan Locomotive ....
Am. 8. A R
Am. 8. A R. pld
Am. Sugar Raflntng
Am. T. A T
Am. Tobacco pfd
Amarlean Woolan
Anaconda Mining Co
Atchlion, ex-right!
Atrhlaon pfd, ai-rlKhta
Atlantic Coaat Line
Baltlmopa A Ohio
Bal. A Ohio ptd
Bethlehem Steel
Brooklyn Rapid Tr.
Canadian Pacific
Central Laathar
Cantrat Leathar pfd
Cantral of New Janwy
Chaiapaaks A Ohio
Chicago a Alton ,
Chicago Ot. W
Chicago A N. W
C, M. A St. r
C, C , C. A St. L ,
Colorado P. A I
Colorado A So
Colo. A So. lat pfd
Colo. A So. td prd
Consolidated Oat
Corn Product!
Delaware A Hudson
panvar A Rio Orasds
D. A R. O. pfd
rilallllara' Sacurltlas
rla lat pfd
Ens Id prd
Oanaral IB I ant rla
Great Northers pfd
Oraat North am Or otfa. ..
Illlnot! Cantral ,
Inlarborougta Uat
Int. Mat. pfd
International Harvsater ...
International Marina pfd...
Intarnatlooal paper
International Pump
Iowa Cantral
Kanaaa City So.
K. C. So. ptd
LoulaTllla A N
Miaa. A St. L.
VI , St. P. A S. S. M
Mlaaourt Paclflo
M , R. A T
M . X. A T. pfd
National Blaeutt
N. R. R ot M. lat pfd...,
New Tori Central
N. ., 0. A W
Norfolk A W
North American
Northers Paclflo
Pacific. Mall
Plop la' a Oat ,
P.. C. O. A St. L
Praaaad Stall Car
Pullman Palaoa Car ,
Hallway Sum! Spring
Kepubllo Stall
Republic Still pfd
Rock liland Ca
Rock Ialand Co. ptd
St. L A S. P. M pfd
St. Loula 8. W
at. L. S. W. pfd
BloaagheflleM S. A I ,
Southern Paolflo
Fo. Paclflo prd
Southern Railway
8o. Railway pfd
Tmnaaaaa Copper
Teaaa A Pacini ,
T., St. U A W
T . St. U. A W. pfd
I nloo Pacini
VnloD Paelfto pfd
V. S. Raaltr
V. S. Ruhlaar
V 8. Si Ml
V. S. Steel ptd
Vtaa Coppir
Va. -Carolina ChaaicaJ .,,
Aabaah ptd ,
Waatare Maryland
WeatlnghouM Elaotrtc ....
Waaura Vnloa
w a u b
Wiaconaln Cantral
82.300 '
14. K)
41 '4j
41 S
. MMj
72 Vi
11 V,
600 110s no
t.SOO 126', 124 tli
4.G 141H 141 "H4
7il0 101 101 101
.. 101) tSUj SR4 Wi
1.700 47i 4914 49S
J5.70D 11414 113 114
4'W 106S V 106 ,
"0 1-1 Hi 1I14. 1711s
lo.toi) inv, ii; 117a.
600 Mil US 44
f0 S"H MS 90
1.100 79S 7S 7Vi
101) im, lS.Vl 1S2'4
2.S00 S0 2S SoH
4'I0 104 , K3 1034
t.900 -u4 75 7f,S
1--0 e-t ee
l,9'K) SS 2S i
' n) IMS 183 S 1S
11.500 164S. IMS 15S
- 7S
l. 44S 4S4 4
6U0 11 17 67 s
100 80S DOS 80S
1.400 HIS 141 S 141
8.800 tS 33 S
oiw laua ia ,
1,400 (1 6014
- 100
16 S
l,i0 K2S 18IS
11. 0 14S 14744 149S
14.100 74 75S 74S
1.400 14N4 147S 141il
12,0 17S 164k 14V
141S 141 s
ot as
49 S
. too 141
. too r.5
800 134 137 U. 11M
. 1800 7S 74 7a
. .1"0 4!H 414 42
800 78 S 73S 71
. 100 1U64 10i4 M6S
. T.SOO 1SS 130H HJ4
. 7.S00 64 S a.1'4 flu
100 S 80S 90
. 1.800 16 44 S 474
. 12,100 1614 160 IMS
o JS tS riu
. u.ioo 117 134 n-2
- K
VI WL 91
. 1.700 43 42 424
0 43 S 42 Mu
.1S7,I0 156S 1624, 1M',
too tl 1014
. 1.100 10S 10fi ions
. II 4U0 31 90S H
. . 1.8U 44
too M4
600 494
sue 81
49 S
48 s0 lao4 VrtS 191144
a. nv 131 a J3l s 17
11 i
48 S
t Hal aalaa for the day, tTl.soo shams.
T( Wit 190 191 J
too t rt MS
" ats ais IIS
. t o S 844 MS
.111. loO f?4 S 87 S
. 14.400 1-4S IMS 1234
O 61 '4 61 S US
. i.w ms MS 4S
. 4 rs J2 s i
. .. aS 'S
. 1.600 Its .19 '. 1S
. t.Vk) t?s MS ko
tOO US 74 S 74 s
8") l'i'i lfs los
too MS H
Now York Mlalag Stoekut,
NEW TORK. Juno W.-Closlna; quotations
n mining witayns win;
Alloa too LMdTtUs Can. ,,
Brunswick Coa. .. ..' 6 um Chlal
Con. Tun ml stock... ft Mailiaa
do wands 1114 Oatarla
Coa. Cal. A Va M Opa4r y
Hara Sllrw , 44 atantUr 171
Iron suaar lis) Y allow Jackal l
VfTina.. .. '
Raak Claarlagi,
Oaf AHA. Juns 18. Bank clearings for' to-
aay wens ii,4So,4U.ti and for tha corre
sponding data last year (8.035,814.8.
Troaaarp tatesaaat.
! WASHINGTON. June l.-Todav's atat..
tnent of tha treasury balanra In rt,. gn-
srai iuoa eitiusivs ci ma uu,uvu,uuo goij
. 19
. iiii
. 7SS
t. A Rl O. 41
IMntllrra 6a
Erl p. 1. 4a
do gin. 4a
do cv. 4l airloa A
do .erica H
Ocn. Elic. cr. 6l JITS'". A O. raf. 6s. VIS
III. Can. lat nf. 4S...10O D. R. (1. rf. 6a... 93s
Int. Mat 4S 7S K ol M. 4Sa.. i
Int. M. M. Sa 7SS8I. L. S P. 64 . . . ITS
K.. C. Bo. lit tl 748o. Tlclflo cr. ctfl..,102Ui
Boston Stork Qaotatlons.
BOSTON. June 16. Money, rail loans. J4
to 4 per rent; time loans, 3yo per cent.
Ciffliial Closing:
IS Atllntlc
Butti Coalition ..
113H Cal. A Arizona...
ln4"SCal A Hccla
22 , Cantannlal
148 Copper Rang! ....
t!' Daly Wait
UO Krinklln
192SQrMna CananiA .
4!S lair Royals .
Atrhlaon adj. 4a...
do 4a
Atrhlaon R. R
do pfd
Boston A Albiny..
Buatnn A Mllnl...
BiMtnn E1llted ..
Fltchburg pfd
N. V.. N. H. A H
t'nlon Paclflr
Am. Am. Cham..
do pfd 100 Man. Mining
Am. Fncu. Tube IS Michigan
Amar sugar
do pfd
Am. T. A T...
Amar. Woolm
do pfd
Dominion 1. A S.
..ms Mnhiwk
..Ul Msnt. C. A C
..I41S Nevada
.. 36s Old Dominion ....
..10s Oaccola
45S Parrm
Oanaral Rlartrlc KlSQulncy
Maai. Eleetrlo pfd.... 47S Shannon
Maaa. Gaa
Vnltnl Prult ..,
United S. M...
do pfd
V. 8. Steal
do pfd
Amalgamated .
Art ions Com. .
Ei-rights. ,
... 3Taminck
139S Trinity
6S t'nlted Copper ,
WH H. S. Mining..
7s r. s. 011
1234 Vtah
41 Vi'lnona
41 S North Butts .,
.. S
.. ns
.. s
.. 87S
.. 1S
.. 10a
.. ts
.. s
.. S
.. si
.. 64
.. 83
.. 80
.. 18
.. W
.. 114
.. 49S
.. f.-S
.. 43S
.. 4S
.. 6S
.. 67
London Stock Market.
LONDON. June 18. Aroerltan securities
opened flat at 4&4 decline under bear
pressure. United Btates Steel shares were
affected by a report that the French
miniver of finance has decided against
the listing of tha common stock on the
Paris bourse. Later the market reacted
and at noon was steady, with prices rang
ing from 4 below to 4 above yesterday s
New York closing.
London closing stocks:
Consols, momy 84 S M., K. A T ...
do account 64 1-18 IS. T Cantral...
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio.
Canadian Paclflo..
Chesapeake A O..
Chicago O. W....
10S Norfolk A W.
.11S Oo pld.
. 44
. 92S
. SO
..107s Onurio A W 65
.110S Penniylvanla
.188s Rand Mlnei... 10s
77 S Rwadlns
IS Buuthern Rv ...t
Chi., Mil. A 81. PV..168 4h (tfd
Di Been J6S RoaUiarn Pacific,
Danyir Rio O..... US tmion Pacific
do pld
do let ptd....
do 8d pfd
Orand Trunk...
Illlnoli Central.
Loulavllle N
.. 91 do sfd.
!S'tf.- S.i Steal.......
,,...64 do pfd
44 -VTabiah .........
1...1 134 do .pfd
152 SpanlBh 4a...
145S Amal. CoDBir
SILVER Par, firm at 144d per ounce.
fliu.Ntv laiv per cant.
The rate of discount In the open market
for shot, and three months' bills Is 14 per
.... 814
.... 70S
.... S
.... V4
.... 1S
Local Secarltlea Quotations,
Quotation! furnlahed by Simuil Bum a. Jr., 814
New Tork 1.1 la building, omasa.
Cudahy Packing Co. Ba 1914
Columbua, Neb., B. L. 61 1931
City of Omaha bond! 4Si 1928
City ot Omaha 6i Itll v.
Douglas County 4a 1934
P. A M. Bank stock, Lincoln....... ....
Gati City Milt Co. 4
Kanaaa City Ry. ia 1911
Nabraaka Telephone itock
Nebraeka Underwriter!, Omaha
Omaha Oaa 6a 1917
Omaha E. L. A P. la 1931
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. 6a 1114
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. 6a 1924
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. ptd 6 v.
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. com. i.
Omaha A 0. B. St. Ry. A B. pfd 4. ..
Omaha Water Co. 6a 1146
Omaha Water Co. 1st pfd
Omaha B. of T. Bldg. Co. pfd 4.
Omaha P. B. A T. Caw UI1 ..
Pacific T. A T. 69 1937 ,
Bhirldan Coal la 1921 ..I
South Omaha Sewir 4Sl 1924
Sloui City Stock Tarda pfd 4
Union Stock Yards Co., Omaha, 0
Bid. Asked
, MS
10S 164
, lol 101 S
. I02S 104
, ... 11V
, ... 1U0
, 9TS 9S
, a-'S
1 7H 9V4
,. ras iw
, MS lo
, MS 1W
M 4V4
, PI
. 18
. 104
a suv
100S Joi
86 M
94 S
Wool Market.
BOSTON, Maaa, June K. -WOOL A
slackening In the demand for nearly all
grades la noticed In tha local wool mar
tlet. Values, however, continue firm and
In many cases record prices have been
paid. The western clip has been cleaned
up and dealers are quite confident of their
position, consumers are beginning to ne
gotiate for the purchase of staple wools
and several large transactions are re
ported. The leading domestio quotations
range aa follows: Ohio and Pennsylvania
fleeoes: XX. 8f36c -X, 83(jf84o; No. 1
washed, 40g41c; No. 2, easy, 404i41c; fine
unwashed, ir72Sc; fine merchantable, 37i
3nc; 4 blood combing, 8542c; delaine un
washed, S4ft3&c. Michigan, Wisconsin, New
Tork fleeces: Finn unwashed, 2S(yMc; de
laine unwashed. 31(6 33c; half blood un
washed, oVwft3c; three-eighths blood un
washed, 3f'A"c; quarter blood, 3.1 f 34c.
Kentucky. Indiana and Missouri three
eighths blood, 86ft,1fic; quarter blood, 3'.ffi
37c. Solouied values: Texas fins 12
mnnths, iOcuTc; fine six to eight months.
California northern, 6&667e; Middle
county, isXtiflTjc.
Oregon, Valley, 67iitfi8c. Territory, fine
staple, 74fTr7So; fine medium staple, C8a72c;
fine clothing, tbifilOc; fine medium cloth
ing. 64'ptMc: half blood, 871163; three-eights
blood, 61fW7e; quarter blood, WilaslSc. Pulled
extra, uxa4c; fine extra, 63366c; A supers.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 16 WOOL Un
changed: territory and western mediums,
Untoc; fine mediums, Zlft&Sw, fine, 15323c,
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, June 18.-XTTON Tha cot
ton market opened steady at an advance of
8 to 6 points In response to higher cables,
reports of a better demand, covering and
commission house buying, with prices sell
ing 6 to 7 points net hlk'her shortly after
the opening; practically tha highest of tha
season on the winter months. Heallslng
waa very heavy at tha advance, being
prompted by good weather reports, but a
reaction of S or 4 points was followed by
renewed steadineaa, with spot houses buy
ing July and the market during tha mid
dle of the morning ruled about 8 to 6
points net higher.
Spot floaed quiet; middling uplands, U.io;
middling gulf, 11.66c; no sales.
Spot market steady, unchanged; middling,
10 l't-loc. Sales on tha spot, 326 bales; to
arrive, 625 bales.
ST. LOUIS. June 18.-COTTON. Higher
middling He; sales none; receipt 1.622
bales; shipments 1.J0J bales; stock 28,K0.
Dry Goods Market.
The dry goods rrarket as steady and firm
during the day with quiet prevailing on
apot transactions. Bprlng staple hosiery
Is offered at 24 eenta a doson advance
over last spring's opening prices. Under
wear prices are Irregular. Cottoa goods
are very firm and cotton yarns show some
improvement In tone. Silk piece goods of
a staple character art very quiet In tha
t rellmtnarv ruarkeU Novelties ara well
under urtler.
Beef Steers and Feeders Lower, Other
Cattle Steady.
l err Small Ron of Sheep and Lambs,
Mostly Oresron UrasaerePrlera
Show at Little atrencth, Br
Ins Aboot Test Illaher.
SOUTH OMAHA, Neb., June 18, 1!X.
rtAir,ie r.m 11,, ir Sheen
Official Monday S.lst9 1.01S S.tSS
Official Tursdny S.508 8.7 1.1-04
Estimate Wednesday ... 5.000 8.1WO !,"
Three days this week....lO.S''., 17.875 8.'a
Fame days last week.... 8.717 S.'2" !.
name days 2 weeks ago.. 11. 570 fM
Hame dava 8 weeks sgo.. 11. Si2 W n MM.
Samti davs 4 weeks ago. .1'i.fiVI 1W.827 7.1'H
Same days last year.... 8,978 40.718 13,3
Tha following table shows the receipts
of cattle, lings and sheeo at South Omaha
for the year to date, compared with laat
year. 1:10a. ihus. Inc. Vua.
Cattle 427.. 94:1 4W.6:.3 22,20
Hogs l.i'Vi.042 1,3X1. 4Sft 10t).44;l
Sheep 631.203 653. U3 21.930
The following table shows the average
pike of hogs at coutn Oniana for the last
several days, with comparisons.
1 1't IK ID t M 1S t 4
74 r4 m T 40 76 t. ... 7 4
14 Ill 7 79 144 40 7 14
77 IM l f to 11 i47 t 79
11 ) 7 at 44 -9 1 7 7
71 190 7 M :t tat ... t 70
41 ill I JO 7 90 IS lia ... t 7
1 1"3 1 Hi J W ... t TS
70 in a 1 m it in ... t ti
75 SIS 90 T M IS 71 ... 1 11
8.. 9-7 . t Kl 44 ... t tl
79 lt a tin 11 raft 4ft t 71
114 1 t Ml 44 ail 94 7 7
79 :i t t fc M 5 SO 7 71
74 tit 11) IH 1 91 ... In
74 11 . . 7 IS 1-4 41 in
?i 2'9 mi 1 ss ri ... 1 ft
S4 lei 190 T 49 tt -.41 ... t 90
74 JW 90 7 IS 1 mi ... 7 9ft
71 14ft 140 t H It IH IK) T 90
t 1.1 . . Ill 4 tat 40 t 90
11 t t I II J 914 90 7 9o
49 rst 9.1 t ! II lit 90 tan
Date. I
June 6....
June 7....
June 8....
Jum- ....
June 10...
June 11..
June itf..,
J una 14..,
June 14...
June 15...
June lb...
108 . 18J.ia07. 1WW . 1 1U05 . 1 1!J4 . J1D03.
I 6 261 5 8Sf 8 SU 5 23 4 M 6 78
7 324
7 374,1 6 27.
7 3,' 6 1!7
7 3Sr 5 iti
7 35 1 6 371
7 38 6 48
1 6 s2i
7 524 !
7 5ti4 b f0;
i 5 641
e mi
6 ai
6 031
6 81
5 Ij,
5 sr.,
5 84t
8 30 1 5 231 4 M t 78
8 36, 6 26, 4 53,
6 8V, 20, 4 i B 80
6 371 6 17
I S 20;
6 I
6 36 6 18
8 ::i 6 10,
6 2-, 5 13:
8 35, 5 !'.!
4 70, t 85
4 ln Ul
4 791 8 02
I 10
4 72, '.;
4 W
In OK'
6 SS, 5 2J I I 0;
The official number of cars of stoik
brought In today by ruch road was:
l-ntttA II,...- I,b,.r. 1 1 ' r'
'- ....... . , U . . , 1, A . .
C. M. A St. P 2 2 :.
atath 2 1 .. ..
Missouri Paclfo is 1
Lnmn fnoiric 35 2! 4 Z
V. &r N W ft
C. ft N. W west..!. 0 47 !! !!
-., M. ir M. & 0 2H 9
C, ii.' & Q., east it 1 .. .. 1
C, H. t 14., west.... 33 13 1
C. It. I. P coal 7 !
C R. 1. ft P.. west.. 1 1 !. .!
Illinois Central 1 1 .. ,.
C. U. W 1 1
Total receipts 219 114 6 3
The disposition of the day s receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber ot head Indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 41, 1.054 2f,0
Swift and company 7WJ 1,751 37-1
Cudahy Packing Co 623 1,923 41il
Armour & Co I,3ti8 2.100
Krey Packing Co bTJ .....
Cudahy Pack. Co., K. C. 236
Cudahy Pack. Co., S. C 672
Vantant ft Co 61
W. 1. Stephen 29
Hill & Son 110
V. P. Iewls 73
J. P.. Root ft Co 21
J. H. Uulla 84 ..
McCreary & Carey 9
H. F. Hamilton 1
K. O. Inghram 8
McClalr 28 630
.St. Louis is
Swartx-Holand 213
Hodden 229
Schafer m
Other Buyers 136
Totals 3.968 9,181 1,078
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were the
heaviest of the week to date, 2o0 cars being
reported in and the total for the three
days shows a gain of close to l,0u0 head
over last week.
The market on beef steers was extremely
slow and dull. Buyers seemed to feel that
cattle at this point have been Costing too
much money and that they ought to have
a further reduction in prices. As a result,
they started out bidding prices that were
considerably lower than yesterday and a
good many of the cattle sold right around
loo lower. This means that the market for
the week Is 16(26c lower. It took good
killers to bring lli.oO. . The market at no
time was active and tt was late before
anything like a clearance waa effected.
Tha supply of cows and heifers was
small again today and the market did not
show very mncli change. In fact, sales
men were generally quoting it steady with
yesterday. Pretty much everything
changed hands Jn good season.
The supply of snickers and feeders was
considerably larger this morning than any
previous day thia week. As the country
demand has been very light and as specu
lators still have on hand a good many
cattle purchased the first of the week. It
was not surprising that they laid down on
the market hard hls morning, with tha re
sult that prices looked lCKal&o lower. Light
stockers were worse, being almost unsal
able. Quotations on cattle: Oood to choice
cornfed seers, te.4KVrr-4l.75: fair to good corn
fed steers, $6 .0046.40; common to fair corn
fed steers, ISOocifiOO; good to choice corn
fed cows and heifers, 6.00(i86; fair to
good cows and helferu, $4.00-v6 00; common
to fair cows and heifers, 82.004.00; stock
hellers, S3.25&4 00; veal calves, $4.007.00;
bulls, stags, etc., 8J.3Efl6.40; good to choice
stockers and feeders, $4.40ftS 25; fair to good
stockers and feeders, 14. 00 a 4. 40; common to
fair stockers and feeders, $3.004.00.
Representative Sales:
8HKKP AND LAMBS There were hardly
enough muttons on sale this morning 1,1
make a market. The bulk of receipts con
sister! of Orairnn wethers as well, so that
any market "dope" would naturally be one
sided and misleading.
The grass-feds from the northwest, how
ever, met with a better demand than yes
terday and were welKhed up at 8610. a dime
bulge over yesterday s price for the same
class of s-or-U. There were about four cars
of wethers. The few odds and ends on sale
moved at steady to strong prices
The tone to the trade this morning was
much belter thap yesterday, with the gen
eral market quotable at strung to 10;
quotations on clipped sheep and lambs:
Oood to choice lambs. IT.VHjs 00; fair to
good lambs. $7 00ri7.50; good to choice light
yearlings, $8. Stuff" 00; good to choice heavy
yearlings. 85 7Mi50; good to choice weth
ers. 85.7Mr8 .25: fair to good wethers, 8.V17V9
R.75: good to choice ewes. So.401lM.00; fair to
Komi ewes, $5.00&j5.40; culls and bucks, $200
Representative sales:
876 Oregon wethers 106 8 10
5 western lambs 118 7 00
5 western ewes 13$ 6 tl
30 western wethers 97 6 OO
25 western lambs 67 7 26
S.1 western ewes 106 4 00
27 spring Iambs 60 8 00
15 spring lambs, culls 48 6 00
Condition of Growing Fields Im
proved by Bain and Sua.
Fewer Potato Baas Reported Than at ,
This Seams, far Pereral Yrare
berries Are l.nnklasi
All HlgHt.
Story of Hay's Trading In Cattle,
IIors and Sheep.
CHICAGO. June 16. -TATTLE Receipts,
estimated at 13. 0W head; market steady;
Meers, 8r.50"25; cows. t4.UVftiV2.r; heifers,
$3 .MVfitl.W; bulls. $3 7Rtfi5.2R; calves, $3.00aS.OO;
Btockers and feeders, $3.30f)-5.2i.
UOUS Receipts, estimated at 21.000 head;
market Strong to 10c higher: choice heavy,
$1.0018.16; butchers, $7.9tli8.10; light mixed,
$7.5ou7 70; choice light. $7.70fl7.S0; packing,
$7.W.,fi7.9',; pigs, $3.50(j7.25; bulk of Bales,
SHKKP AND LAMBS Receipts, esti
mated at 12.000 head; market steady to
strong; sheep, $V10r8.25; lambs, $rt.25fft!.00;
spring lambs, $7.509.40; yearlings, $tl.50i
Na. At., Pr. No, A. Pr.
19 440 I t.', M 1114 I 86
tt 168 8 U It 1427 I 10
10 1031 8 40 2S ifti a 10
90. 761 6 40 1114 HI
tO 71 8 40 41 l94 1 0
10 IN t 46 16 1440 I 90
It 496 8 16 71 1611 I II
t 1021 6 II 41 1181 I 86
11 1141 8 00 II 1971 16
tt) IK t 00 80 KM I 36
tO 1161 I 10 0 19l'l I 40
11 1624 I 10 II 11H1 I 46
41 1118 I 18 It 1294 I M
64 1324 6 16 17 1514 I 60
11 I'M 8 16 )8 1441 I 61
18 1167 20 18 1144 I 61
M 1143 I 20 16 lSi'l 66
41 918 8 10 16 .16t7 I 65
li 1180 I 90 10 1471 I 84
It 1170 I 10 10 1444 8 88
II 1018 I 21
8 940 t 60 11 112 4 68
6 1"14 I 60 t 1061 I 76
14 911 I 40 8 tU 4 71
8 7S7 4 00 f 10T1 4 90
4 lDli 4 00 1 1144 I II
8 1190 4 til 6 1090 I 84
4 844 4 M 8 tut ( ii
1 1067 4 JS 8 986 6 40
4 812 4 IS 4 1131 8 60
8 HI IK It 119 $ 00
11 449 t 46 8 UK) I 40
4 170 8 40 t .1024 6 40
8 441 4 10 4 loOO 8 76
1 1170 8 40 1 1640 4 80
1 1430 I 60 1 1970 I 00
t IH 8 66 1 1160 i 10
$ 1166 8 90
1 r?0 8 00 6 tl4 I 78
1 140 t 00 8 145 8 TS
4 ....', 171 I 28 8 176 1 00
4 l''T 6 16 8 132 T 00
i 115 8 60 L 170 7 00
10 168 8 78 ....: too ea
8 ,. 4:.J t 60 f en 4 10
13 M I 90 8 7u0 4 b0
16 420 4 10 19 9' I 4 40
14. 465 4 16 8 611 4 80
It .63 4 to 18 804 4 13
HOGS There was no very great
change In the hog market today, the mar
ket being about steady with yesterday's
average market. In other words. It was
not quite so good yesterday morning, but
waa better than yesterday a late market
Tha trade at no time was very active,
due In part to the efforts on the part of
salesmen to boost prices to a higher level,
bllll the hogs kept selling and the big end
of the receipts had changed handa oy 10
o'clock In the morning. Toward the close,
the trado alowed up, the aame aa It did
yesterday, closing weaker. A good ahare
of all the hoga sold at 87.647.65 and on up
as high as $7.80 for right good heavy hoga
Representative salea:
Ne. A Eb. Ft. No. At. 8b. Pr.
19 118 ... 1 M 7 (31 ISO 1 64
16 lW tuO 1 16 I! 161 ItO T 66
1 161 ... 1 40 44 Ill ... 1 64
II lit 40 t 40 II fcO 120 T 66
If 199 ... 1 40 42 114 M IkS
16 Ill ... 1 40 40 iM 80 1 66
K 1st 120 1 46 74 244 ... 7 66
1 176 140 1 tf TU 144 40 T 66
90 4.0 KM lit 81 1.1 lk) I 61
66 U l 7 46 It 4,4 80 1 66
67 211 1ft 1 46 41 IM ... 7 66
68 ..Jut 4 T 44 It 171 ... 166
Ill 60 t 46 64 r 40 1 66
te. 1K2 M 1 46 7: Lo T 64
44 til SO 7 46 47,' J64 940 7 9714
64 til 40 7 46 7t 124 180 T 10
19 2.-4 10 T 46 10 t'4 90 f m
11 1 W 1 46 71 114 40 f )
41 210 . . T 46 .11 294 Sue T
77 196 190 7 44 I. tJ7 ... T 40
74 2 40 1 46 tl Ill 4 1 40
94 r 90 T 46 70 144 120 T 40
86 190 ... T 64 44 131 M 7 40
44 1-4 lat 1 60 64 17 40 T 40
78 117 .. T 60 ' 49 lal 40 T 40
Jl 8,1 SO t 64 46 fc4 . . T 46
k r-5 a T 60 74 tf i an 71;,
90 lea 190 1 60 44 iu 1J0 1 41
lA.u-.itf SaU I io 4M..VU- -M 80 I 4
Kanaaa City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 9.000 head. Including 4,000 head of
southerns: market steady to 10c lower;
choice export and dressed beef steers, $ti.26
f(i7.00, fair to good, $7).2fWi!.25; western
steers, $0.00-67.00; stockers and feeders,
$.1.2576.60; southern steers, $4.WVg5.70; south
ern cows. $2Wij400; native cows, - $2.B0tf
5.50; native heifers. $4.00ftjf.75; bulls, $!.00jj
6.00; calves, $3.76'i7.00.
HOOS Receipts, 14,000 head; market
steady to 6c higher; top, $7.85; bulk of
pales, $7.3S7.75; heavy, $7.704i7.86; packers
and butchers, $7.50ji7.80; light, $7.16j,'7.65;
pigs, $r,.7fi"g-7.0O.
HHEKP AND LAMBS Receipts, 7,400
head; market'slow and steady; lambs, $8 00
tn-i.60; yearlings, $r,.26(f7.25; wethers, $4.50tj
8. SO; ewes, $4.rfp&.00; stockers and feeders,
$3.00(13 4.75; Texas muttons, 84.00tiu.15.
St. I.oala Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, June 18. CATTLE Receipts,
3.7O0 head, Including 1.600 Texans; native
market strong; Texans steady to 10c lower;
native shipping and export steers, $8.26
7.15; dressed beef and butcher steers. $5.76
6.B0; steers under 1,000 pounds, $4.50)6.86;
stockers snd feeders, 1.1. iH' 4 85; cows and
heifers, $.1.60-6.85; canners, $2.00ff2.60; bulls,
$4.00i(o.60; calves, $5.60,08.00; Texas and In
dian steers, $3.75(6.50; cows and heifers,
HOGS Receipts, 8,600 head; market 8c
higher; pigs and lights, $5.40,7.66; packers,
$7.507.80; butchers and best heavy, $7,900
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Receipts, 6.200
head; msrkot, sheep steady; lambs 10U 15c
lower: native muttons, $4 006.60; lambs,
$6.40tt.8.90; culls and bucki, $3.7&5.00;
Biocaers, j.wa.uu.
Sioux City Lira Stock Market.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., June 16. (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, 700 head; mar
ket slow and weak; beeves, $5.0O(&6.76; fat
cows and heifers, $4036.00; feeders, $4.0ttyi
t. ,0; yearungs, z. itU4.tu.
HOQS Receipts. 6.500 head; market
6c higher; range of prices, t7.3Oit7.80; bulk
of salea, $7,504) 7.6SV4.
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
PT. JOrEPHi Mo., June 16. CATTLE
Receipts. l.bOO head; market steady; steers,
$1.507.00; cows and heifers, $2.&06.2&;
calves. U60&7.26.
HOGS Receipts, 6.600 head; market
steady; lames, ii.uuax.i5.
SHEEP AND LAMBS -Receipts. 600
head; market steady; lambs, $7.00jj8.75.
Stack In Sight.
Receipts of live stock at the six prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 6,000 8,0)0 1,200
Sioux City . 700 6.500
Bt. Joseph 1.000 6,500 600
Kanaaa City 9,000 14,000 7,400
St. Louis 8,700 8.60,) 6,200
Chicago 13,000 21.000 12.200
Totals 33,000 66,600 28,600
Staple aad Fancy ProHace Prloes far
. staked by Bayers as Wkolraalera.
BUTTER Creamery. No. 1. delivered te
tha retail trade In l-lb. cartons, 26Hc; Ko. 1
In 60-lb. tubs, 880; No. t In l-lb. cartons,
24c; In 60-lb tubs, ZSftc; packing stock, 19o;
fancy dairy, tuba, luicioo; common roll,
fresh made, 17Vso. Market change every
EGGS Fresh selling stock, candled. Uo.
JSu storage stock In Omaha market.
CHEESE Finest Wisconsin full craaisv,
twine, lac: young Americas. 4 In hoop, 1690;
favorite, i In hoop, lac; delates, to la boon,
lic; cream brick, full case. Uo; blauk
fcwlaa, 16c: full cream llmburgar. laa.
POULTRY Broilers. J0c; alive, springs.
UStc; beos, llc; cocks. 60; ducks, liai
gees, i0c turkeys, lo; pigeons, per do..
toe; guinea fowls, per dos., $3.60; squabs,
Kr Jos., 12- Dressed bens, llv; springs.
j)19c; cocks. 6H0; duos, lie; (aaaa, lis:
tut keys. 21c.
FISH Freah caught; almost all ara
dreaaad: Halibut, 80; buffalo. So; trout,
12c; bullheads, 14c; catfish, 17c; crapplea,
sunflah, to to lc; black baas, 28c; white
fish, 13c; pike, Uo; salmon, ic; pickerel,
loc; frog legs, 16c. Fresh (rosea: Whlte
ftih. No. L 10c: round, 80; pickerel,
dreased and naadleea, to; round, tr; pike,
dreaaed. 0c; round. Do; red anapper, Uo;
epanlan mackerel, Uc; native mackerel, Stg
BEEF CUTS Ribs: No. X, ISHc; No. I
12Vc; No. 3. lOo. Loin: No. L 17c; No. $!
14c; No. 8, llo. Chuck: No. 1. 7c; No. 2,
7c; No. I, Va. Round: No. 1, 10c; No. 8,
o; No. 3, o. Plate: No. J, bo; No. 2,
6W; No. 8, 60.
FRESH FRUITS Strawbarrlaa, $J.T5fl3.a
per crate for Missouri and Arkansas stook;
Florida plneapplea, 18a to 48a, $171 per
crate; gtape fruits, 36 else per box, $5, 46
sise, $5.50; 64 alae, $6; tia.aa.naa, fancy Port
Llinon, per pound, to.
CITRUS FUUIT8 Lemons, $3.6034.M;
oranges, $2 764.00.
VEGETABLES Kansas sweet potatoes,
$176 per bbl. California celery, large. 80c;
smaller, (0a New York Holland aecd cab
bane. 7Mo per lb. Wisconsin Red Globe
onlona, Jo per U California cauliflower,
$300 per crate. Tcmatoaa. Florida, e-baakst
crate, $4.00. Lettuce, per dos., 40c par
snips, turnips, carrota. 7fro per doaen. Flwr
Ida new beets, tasrrota. paranlpa, turulpa.
tic. per dor, 75c
lUDibBV-No. 1 areen- 10c: No. t cured, lid.
Rasrar aad Melaases.
NEW YOKK, June 16. SUGAR Raw,
easy; fair refining. 8.3633.42; centrifugal, 96
teat, 3.Vcr3.u2; mulasses sugar, SlKa3.17; re
fined, quiet; No. '6, 4.46c; No. 7, 4.40c; No.
8. 4 35o; No. 9, 4 30c; No. 10, 4) 26c; No. 11.
4.20c; No. 12, 4 16c; No. 13, 4.10c; No. 14, 410c,
cut loaf, 6.7&c; crushed, 6.taoc; powdered
6.05c; granulated, 4.15c; cubea, 8 tuc.
MOLAriSES Quiet; New Orleans open
kettle good to choice, tojj42c.
Coffee Market.
tures cloned quiet and unchanged; sales
wr reported of 8,600 bags, Including July
at 46c; rleptainber, i.6c; October and De
cember, 6 ftJc. Spot market quiet; No. 7
Rio, 77!&e; Samoa, No. c; mild dull;
Cordova, tVsUfco. '
Trops are booming In Nebraska.
That is the gist of the weekly crop and
soli report of the Burlington load made to
G. W. Holdrege. general manager. Rain
fall baa been abundant and general. The
heaviest fall aa 4 63 Inches In the west.
The soil In all parts ot tha state Is In ex
cellent condition.
Condition of wheat has very materially
Improved during the seven days covered
by the report and estimates of tha agents
show present prospects as compared with
an average crop to be: Omaha division,
94 per cent; Lincoln division, 96 per Cent;
Wymore division, 82 per cent, and McCook
division, 73 per cent. Spring wheat and
oata give promise of an average yield.
While tha corn crop Is reported a tittle
late, tt Is everywhere In most excellent con
dition for this season of the year. Sugar
beets are In good condition without excep
tion. Meadows and pastures are In excellent
condition and the first crop of alfalfa la
being cut. Pastures had a late start, but
the last few weeks of rain have put them
In splendid condition.
There seem to be fewer potato bugs than
at this seaxon during previous years and
the potatoes are doing well.
Cherries are ripening and the prospects,
for all small fruit are very good. Peachns
undoubtedly will be a short crop.
Wheat around Sidney Is reported to be
26 per cent better than at this season last
year. Oats snd wheat are food all over
Wyoming and corn has made Rood
Sheep shearing Is on lo full capacity or
the Sheridan division.
Mysterious Boat
Not for Castro
Government Finds Vessels Belong to
. Venesnela and Calls Off
WASHINGTON. June 18 -State depart
ment official advices from Venesuela today
cleared up the mystery of the steamer
Nantlcoke and tug Dispatch, suspected of
filibustering, showing they were purchased
by Venesuela. The Department of Justl--haa
ordered Its agents to abandon their ob
servations of the vessels and to return to
The Department of Justice agents have
been in North Carolina Investigating the
status of the. Nantlcoke and tha Dispatch..
The state department advices, saying th
two vessels had been bought by Venesuela,.
came today from Caracas. The vessels ara
for duty on Lake Maracaibo, under the
government navigation service.
On receipt of these advices, - Assistant
Secretary McIIarg of tha Department of
Commerce and Labor telegraphed to the
collectors of ports on the middle Atlantic
coast to grant clearance papers to -the
Nantlcoke and Dispatch.
Reqnlrement of Year Before Re
auntrrylog; Stops Many Colorado
' CHEYENNE, Wyo., Juna l.-KSplal.
The number of marriages of Colorado
couples haa fallen off nearly SO par cent
since the new Wyoming law requiring that
divorcees shall be separated at least a
year before they can remarry In this state,
went Into effect. A year ago tha mar
riages of Colorado couples would average
from ten to twenty per month, but during
April and May of this year tha total will
not aggregate ten couples.
Teleslw ce4 Market.
TOLEDO, O., June 16 WEEDS Clover
oaah, $,1 20; October, $i.72H; December'
$.72V; March, . $6,824; No. 3, $S.i6; No. t,
85 0; rejected, 80. 40. 00 established grade.
$4 8. Prime tlmotny, tLke. Prime alsike.
8a.ul: Auauet. SaUta.
Cavalry On a Hike.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Juno l$.-(6pictt.
Troop M, Eighth United 8tates cavalry
(white), will leave In a few days for an
overland hike to Fort Robinson, Neb. Dur
ing; the summer other troops from Port
Russell will make marches to the Interior
of this state, and also to other atates.
The health of the command of Ninth
(colored) oavalry, that arrived at Stort
Russell from the Philippines laat night,,
Is excellent. Tha troopers will be boused
In tents for the present on tha eastern
quarter of tha military reservation.' It is
expected sufficient barracks will have been
oompleted by winter to house tha entire
brigade of troops at Ruasell.
Blsj aatkerlas; at Sloan.
SIOUX FALLS. S. D.. Juna ll-CSpe-clal.)
What Is expected to ba one of tha
most notable and moat novel gathering
ot Sioux Indians held In South Dakota for
some years, will be held Jnljr- 1-at-the
mouth of Medicine--creek; rent the ' Lower
Brule reservation. The. Sioux Indians of
several reservations are snaking elaborate
preparations for the big- gathering' of red-'
man. Rev, Luke Walker, an educated In-,
dlan of tha Lower Brule Stout tribe and
a clergyman of the Eplsoopal church of
South Dakota, has charge of tha arrange
menta. Tha gathering . will ba largely of
a religious character, ' but 1 ' nevertheless
sports will be Indulged In quite profusely.
Quick Action tor tour Jaoney Ton get'
that by using The Beo advertising column
Metal Market.
London tin market was lower today, with
spot quoted at (133 17a 6d, erd futures at
tUi 7a 6d. Locally tha market waa dull and
lower In sympathy; spot, $29 IWjaMS1. Cop
per declined to 15S for. spot and 460 17s id
for futures In London. Locally the market
was weak and lower, efforts to establish
higher prices having apparently failed for
the time being. Ijke, $JjUTWStf.U; elec
trolytic. $ia.W6ll 27ft; casting. $U(X1125,
Lead waa unchanged at 119 Is 8d In Lon
don and remained aulet. at SJ.654M 46 In
the local market... Spelter, waa unehasged
at 22 In London; locally the market waa
quiet and unchanged, at $5 18. 40. Iron was
a ahade lower, with Cleveland warrants
quoted at 4Ka 7Md In London. Looally the
market was unchanged.
T. LOUIS. Juna , 14. M ETTA LtWLatad;
firm t $4 87. Spelter, quiet at 86 8W0S.I6.
and otter Liva Stock Insured alng
accident and dlaeaai." .
Address The Live Stock Reciprocal
Underwriters, 410 United Bank bldg..
8loui City, la.
Derbert Good. Co.
Brokers and Dealer,
Oasaaa Offloei S10 ST. T. Zelfe Bl4g.
Stall Telephone, Seaglaa SaX.
aaaepoadeat, A-aiSl aad aV-SUa
Oldest and Laxseat liouaa la tut tat.

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