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Omaha Propertj.
as Charlsew Heights. It 1 west of Fort I
Omaha, blng bounded by Tort street.
Wehster avenue. Thirty-third and Thlrty-
alxth streets and connlnta of r.j lot, al-
Iniurance Company Sellj Last of Itilmost an on grade. The addition is three
bloms irons m riorenca car nn ino ix
blocks north of the Ames avenue oar
linns. The lota are to be Bold on the easy
payment plan.
"Bungalow City," the name given by
the rayne Investment company to a choice
collection of bungalows on West Dodge
atreet In runde, baa been accumulating
suburbs and now It constats of . several
blocks, almost all of which have bunga
lows. Queer and quaint houses. Tha lots
surrounding tha city are owned by George
A Co. and by Benson & Carmichael. Both
firms are selling a large number of the
lots on Capitol avenue, Davenport and Chi
cago streets and a score of homes are In
oourse of construction.
The fourth excursion of tha Payne Invest
ment Into the Irrigated country of the
North Platte returned Friday morning.
The amount of sales since tha last trip
mount to nearly $150,000. The edict having
gone forth that a, sugar factory would be
built In the Scott's Bluff valley In time to
take care of tha 1910 crop has aroused new
Interest. Also the recent Interview given
In The Bee with Henry Oxnard to the
effect that not less than ten factories
would be built there In the next ten years
is causing people to sit up and take no
tion. There has been an unusual rainfall
in the valley tn the past month and so far
no Irrigation water has been needed. The
river has been high, but has done no dam
age nor Is any aprpehended, all rumors to
the contrary notwithstanding.
yre-v Flaa of Belllnsj Lots , Makes
HmM roaalbl for Ilnndreas and
' mt Sasae Time flood Profits
for neuters.
Tn the sale of a south side residence for
by Thomas Prennan. financial event
of tbe National I Ife Insurance company of
Vermont, the last week, there Is a story
of how desirable Omaha property has be
eotr.e and how It has recovered values
which were actually only Imagined many
years ago when the olty was only a little
more than half Its present sir.. It has
bees the eustom of the National of Ver
mont to loan large amounts In the states
where It has large amounts of Insurance
In force- Accordingly a number of years
ago a large number of real estate mort
( gages on city property were accepted by
' the company. Hard times came on and
marry people could not meet them and the
property was turned over to the Insurance
company to meet the mortgages In due
course of time. Tour years ago when the
substantial growth of Omaha began In
earnest, the National Ufa of Montpeller,
Vt, was paying taxes on 120 pieces of
Omaha propetty, a large part of which was
In the residence district The real estate
busbies began to pick up with other lines,
and In the four years the financial agent
of the company has sold the 120 pieces of
prbperty. some of which were valuable, as
the total amount of the sales Is something
like ir-M.OOO. And yet most of those who
.nnra. a,-i!..n.Miuil seaiim...-n slTBKina RXKKFTEBraO RDESSffiaSSBSa fSBSXSBSSM W1"-" "
Hawkeye State Will Have Biff Educa-
tional Exhibit at Omaha Show.
Forme Manager of King-man Com
aay Wlme ta Lnwsnlt wit)
the Hoase.
A verdict of $5,020 In favor of Calvin S.
Blair and agalnbt the Kingman Implement
bought National Life property got genuine company was returned by the Jury In
bargains, as the company desired to get Its Judge Day's court A sealed verdict In
money out of city property. In securing the case was reached Friday evening at
this amount of money from the company's T:90 o'clock, after three hours' deliberation
Omaha holdings, the financial agent ha re- and returned In the morning.
eetved a sufficient sum to make up the
back Interest to his company, as well as I
the taxes, and In the opinion of officer of
the Company, who are delighted with th
wy Omaha property was liquidated for
them, the deal oould not be repeated In any
city In the west and has not been done by
other financial agents, who have had large
amounts of city property to handle under
similar conditions.
Already States Wanting Spare rw,e
Bnlldln Omanlttee Anxiety and
Plans Will Be Enlarge to
Meet Iteejolrements.
Iowa and Nebraska will again compete
for honors at the National Corn exposi
tion. This decision was reached at a conference
of officers of the Iowa State college ft.nd
the executive committee of the National
Corn exposition held Saturday.
rrof. P. O. Holden, Prof. M. I Bowman,
of the State college, and J. Wilkes Jones,
former general manager of the exposition
and at one time connected with the college.
were present and expressed themselves as
very much In favor of Iowa, making a
showing, which If possible, would win
honors from Nebraska.
In a conference with George II. Steven
son, assistant secretary of the National
Corn association, Dean Curtis, of the Iowa
State college, also assured the National
Corn exposition that the school would make
an exhibit at Omaha.
The Iowa situation has hung slightly In
the balance since the Western Grain Deal
ers association decided to pull off a state
show at Des Moines at about the same
time as the National Corn association se
lected for the National Corn exposition.
Now It appears that the Iowa state show
will be only a big drawing card for the
National Corn show at Omaha. The state
has appropriated 11,000 for an educational
exhibit at the State Fair to be held in
Des Moines. This exhibit greatly enlarged,
will be brought to the corn show.
Alt West is Signed I'p,
With Iowa In Una the last western state
has "signed up," and the prospect for the
corn show are said to be twice as good as
last year.
The corn show la to do some extensive
ailvortlelng the next few weeks. A rep
resentative will attend the National Edu
cational association meetings In Denver In
July where thousands of school teachers
will go. Another representative of the pub
licity department of the corn show wjll
visit during the next three weeks, the grain
exchanges at the ten principal primary
grain markets of the United states, which
include Kansas City, St.-Louis, Cincinnati,
Buffalo, Detroit. Toledo, Chicago, Milwau
kee, Minneapolis, Duluth and Sioux City.
Already plans for state exhibits are forc
ing the committee on buildings to plan for
larger quarters than was at first intended
for the Third annual corn show,
Omaha Banks Arc
at Top of the List
They Beat Every City Except Jfew
York and Kansas City in Bank
Clearing Gains.
Omaha continue to lead the country tn
elearlngs. For the week ending June 17
Omaha led every large city excerpt New
Tork and Kansas City in the per oent of
gain, passing suoh thriving villages as New
Orleans, Louisville, Milwaukee, Los An
geles, nt Paul and Seattle In the totals.
The calendar week shows a gain of nearly
$2,000,000 over the corresponding week of
last year.
Seventy-Five Pay Their Reaped fo
John Anderson, Who Onro
HU Life.
Seventy-five firemen, many of them od
friends and former fellow worker with
the deeeased, attended the funeral of John
Anderson, the former captain of an Omaha
fire company, who died In Hastings at the
Hospital for the Insane. The service was
held Saturday morning at St John'
church, with Interment In Holy Sepulcher
cemetery- Vhe home Is at U30 North
Twenty-sixth street
N.. P, Dodge started something In Stoux
CKy In selling a traot of 400 lots, the plan
of which is to be rapidly followed by at
least on Omaha, firm. The deal Is unique
even In Omaha, where all kinds of liberal
offers are made by firms opening new ad
ditions, and the Dodge deal wa the first
of the kind ever pulled off In Sioux City.
Value of Newspaper Advertising
Paper Delivered Before Western School Managers' Association at Des
Moines, June 5, 1909, by H. B. Boyles, President Boyles College, Omaha,
! Caruso, the-tenor, is inOmaka
that is, his marvelous voice U
and ho gives dally recitals to
mavny a proud owner of that most
superb entertainer the exquisite
Any Tlctor" talking machine will bring om Oemae'
nicety but If yon wonll tea this same freat tenor voice an thong
Issuing "from the flesh" thea hear It from a "Tlctroln."
The "Tletrola- ta a complete "Tlctor," with eenc.UM arntatl
horn, and albums for one headred and fifty reoorfl. The 1'f.
closing of ths "two small drawers at the front of the machine permit
the volume ef sound to be Inoreaaed or diminished.
A -Tlotrole" 1 t expensive enough to be r
It cheap enough to be common." Purchase one and you will have D
only tae mes? essniaite means ef reproducing song, J ' J&?Vl
voice, but you will have as well, a pieoe of cabinet work worthy of
being placed la A XT parler in the land.
We are the largest western agency for "flctrolas" a&d record,
and sell complete machine la several finish, at $800 each.
Tf i 11
Council Dl tiffs, 33 Broadway. PhoccDCta
I concluded a number of year ago that
newspaper advertising Is aa essential to
the business collego that hopes to meet
with the greatest financial Buccess as It
Is to the up-to-date mercantile concern.
Great enterprise today are built up by
. . . some form of advertising, but whatever
Dome time uo air. lwubh uumu ..... .... (Jj
In Morntnsslde. a beautiful suburb of
Bloux City, for $35,000. The Methodist ool
lege, of which Bishop W. 8. Iewis was
the , head for many year, ta located In
Momlngslde, and It Is high and sightly,
corresponding to Dundee In Omaha. This
traot Mr. Dodge offered for sale on terms
which made It possible for any one to -oure
a lot-tl down and M cent per week.
method are used, outside of newspaper
advertising, especially tn the building up
of a private school or business college, are
only approximate; and, I think, with pro
per newspaper advertising the results
could In almost every Instance be greatly
Increased. A business college may achieve
a measure of success without the news
paper, but It can double Its patronage by
constant and persistent newspaper ad-
Many of the buyers paid much more than vartlatng.
$1 down and will pay more than SO oent When I apeak of newspaper advertising,
per week. As a result, when the property I do not mean the spasmodlo sort, but
la all paid for, Mr. Dodge will realise a conatant ytmatlo effort day after
mall fortune for handling thl proposl- day, and week after week. The kind that
tlon-eomethlng like $40,000, It la said, and mke our school a household word; that
yet he ha mad a home In beautiful Morn- both the parent and the prospective
im. t ..v.ral hundred oeonle. etudent think of your school whenever an
. ,v,. ,k. ., who Institution of your
have been paying more for residences In
the Backing house district The Dodge
Institution of your class Is mentioned.
The kind of advertising that gets In
quiries, whenever school Information Is de-
tract puts them up on high ground, In the LuIarlli folori and follow-up letters are all
air and sunshine, above the packing town
Following this plan an Omaha firm I to
open a doslrable tract shortly where $1
dow-n and M cents per week will buy a
good lot The firm propose to furnish
mall bank, similar to those furnished by
avlng bank. The bank, may be taken
to the office of the company, where the
key will be kept and small savings. buy
lots which will be more valuable by the
time they are paid for.
of great value, but the most Important
point to consider is Inquiries and exper
ience demonstrates that such Inquiries can
be gotten through the newspapers. And,
If you have the proper follow-up system,
I speak advisedly when I say that you
can land 60 per cent or more of such
John Wojtnarnakor'a Advlco. "
While it is a fact that newspaper ad
vertising costs money, and many a
'quitter" has lost out Just at the time
he should have taken a new grip. John
Whera will the Woodmen of the World Wanamaker ay there are only three
bslld their $750,000 sky-scraperT While this way to make newspaper advertising pay:
question Is the talk of real estate dealers, "First keep at lt second, keep at It; and
all admit that wherever it 1 built It will third, keep at It" and I think We can
have an Influence on other property. Some afford to take the advice of John,
of the officers and friends of the order do The big department etores afford an In
net believe the building will be sold at uno of this kind of persistency. They
Fifteenth and Howard, but the new build-1,, RO persistent they never, allow an Issue
Inc erected en the lots east ana on tne
present site, the building now occupied
torn down. Offers have been made to the
order for the corner at Seventeenth and
Harney streets, opposite the court house
and Boyd theater. Another offer has been
submitted to sell the southwest oorner Of
Seventeenth and Dodge, now eecupted by
the .old Campbell home, mill another Is
Nineteenth and Douglaa, opposite the new
building of J. U Kennedy.
Some prominent corners are to be used
during the present year both In the retail
asd wholesale districts. That the Union
Paclflo Railroad company will erect the
building at Fifteenth and Dodge streets
and begin this year, there I eoaroely any
doubt Tbe directors of the organisation
to bo the City National bank say they will
build at Sixteenth and Harney streets with
out a doubt. Another building costing
$300,000 at least Is being planned for an
other vacant corner In the retail dlstriot.
Tbe Falrmont Creamery company will build
en the southeast corner of Twelfth and
Jones streets, and another warehouse is
promised near Twelfth and Davenport
near the Loose-Wiles cracker factory as
soon aa the city council seee fit V give
the business houses on the street the same
advantages for trackage and shipping plat
of a paper to pass without the name of the
store appearing therein. They spend con
siderable money to announce the closing
of the store on Christmas or some other
holiday. WhyT There is no direct return,
It Is the object to familiarize every reader
with the name of the store. I believe in
the same theory of publicity for the busi
ness college only not upon such a large
scale. The constant hammering from the
newspaper, dally or weekly, makes your
name as familiar in the home aa that of
any other well advertised product
I believe also In specific advertising. The
general stntemont that you are running a
business college is not sufficient. Change
your copy frequently and enlarge and
elaborate upon some particular feature
each time. Your faculty as a whole your
building the desirability of your location
the success of your employment depart
ment If you t.ava onethe advantages of
attending summer sohool and other term
announcements, etc In other words make
special features of your business Just as
the merchant makes special features of his
business. Of course an Institution may
be so dead ( In the shell as to have no
feature and never will have, but we are
talking to and about live people, not mum.
mles. This also applies to the public upon
whom we dupend. We are talking to live
Americana, not to the royal Kgyptians
asleep so long under the Pyramids.
Another Direct Benefit.
Aside from the direct result which one
obtains from newspaper edvertlslng It Is
a safety valve, which keeps a man atten
tive to his own business. By that I mean
that If ono give his best attention to news
paper advertising, to the inquiries arising
therefrom, to following up such Inquiries
and giving attention to the students he Is
bound to get he will be too busy to worry
over what his competitors are doing.
No man ever made a suocess ef hi own
business who spent too much time and
effort In worrying about his competitors.
No man ever built up a big business en
terprise who lost sleep In making plans
to' circumvent hi opponent. In our line
of work there is entirely too much atten
tion given by many school manager to
the plan and methods of competitors. Tbe
man who give careful attention to hi
advertising ha no time for such useless
care. ' What matter It to you If your
competitor by some chlncanery secures one
of your prospects when your advertising
Is bringing you inquiries every day from
people whom you land and who never
heard of the other fellow' school T
Why assume a burden of worry as to
condition elsewhere in some other school
and neglect the proper cultivation of your
own flold? Newspaper advertising saves
worry. You cannot carry, another's bur
dens If you keep busy with your own affairs.
Habit Grows os One.
The more newspaper advertising a man
does, the more he desires to do, but that
does not mean that the eloquent solicitor
should be permitted to prevail on you to
use . pages and half pages in ''special"
editions Just to be a "goad fellow," nor
to make the public believe you are doing
a big business, nor to "bluff a competi
tor. As mentioned above, I believe It Is
most unbusinesslike and positively fatal
In many Instance to fight a competitor,
partiaularly to carry your petty quarrels
into the papers and before the public. Some
solicitors will play upon Jealousy to secure
more advertising, but the public 1 not
concerned in your troubles. Advertising 1
expensive and Judgment must be exercised
in Its use. Having determined upon the
approximate amount to be expended, make
it go as far as possible. In many cases
the services of an advertising agency 'would
b valuable In planning an advertising
campaign, but you are footing the bills
and you want the agent to present your
claims for patronage, not his Idea. You
are the man behind the gun and know
what you want to say, although It Is some
times good business to have someone else
say It for you. It Is the agent's business
to put your advertising in the best posl
Summer Amusements at the Omaha Theaters
MA HA has settled down to the
summer period very gracefully,
and the amusement being af
forded are quite In keeping with
the season. And yet this Is not
exactly true, for the quality of
drama that Is bsing set forth at the Boyd
more properly belongs to the winter sea
son, when the managers make their most
ambitious effort. Manager Woodward ha
been doing some wonderful things with hi
stock company this summer, snd proposes
to keep it up Indefinitely, apparently. For
the current (week he has scheduled "Sun-
day," a fine comedy by Thomas Raceward,
seen here but once, when Ethel Barrymore
played In It It story is unique in a way
and Its action is quite sufficient for the
seaaon. Punday is a girl who Is born of
good English parents, but has been left an
orphan In a far western town. She U
reared by four men, friends of her father,
who are rough but kindly. At the opening
fqrm a is given wholesale houses In all of the play the question of Sunday's future
other earts of the city. An npnrimeni
bouse and several flats era to be erected
at Fourteenth and Cass streets ana Be
tween Capitol and Davenport on Sixteenth
n four-story brick Is In course of construc
tion. These with the new Brandeta build-
in et Seventeenth and Douglas streets
and the new ll.eoO.0CO court house make the
outlook for $0,000,000 worth of business prop
erty look exceptionally bright
In a week Hastings A Heyden have sold
eighty-three lot in the llncoin tteignis
addition opened the first of the month.
The company ha lota In the addition.
Thin 1 south of the Deaf and Dumb insti
tute, between West Maple and Wirt streets. ,
Binoa the first of the year the company
has sold thirty lots in the Sulphur 6prlngs
addition, north of Locust street and east
of Sherman avenue, with Pratt street for
thn northern boundary. The addition ha
boon sold U a year, leaving out two lots
which, bare not been sold by the company, j
n4 almost every lot has a new residence.
fb Best addltto) which Hasting Hey
1 under debate. A youns Englishman.
scapegrace, ton of a good family, is loaf
ing about the camp, and proposes dishonor
to Sunday, then undertakes to force him
self on her. One of her protectors finds
her in a struggle with the brute, and shoot
him dead. Then 6unday goea to England
to live with her relatives. Hare she Is
wooed and won by a gentleman, but she
discovers it was his brother who was shot
out west and flees back to her boys. He
follows and explanations clear up the sit
uatlon and all erms well. Miss Lang will
have the fine role of Sunday, while Mr.
Morris will play the dual part of
Arthur Brinthorpe, the young Eng
Hsh ne'er do well, and Colonel Brinthorpe,
his brother. Messrs. Llndholra, Davis,
Alderson and Dudley will have the roles
of the four western men, and the others
in the company will be suitably plaoed In
the cast The first and fourth acta take
place In the home of the four and Sunday
in Silver City, "Out West," and the second
and third are at Brinthorpe abbey, Eng
land. This give m fine chanoe for eon.
ha been chosen with such great car And
contain such a diversity of subjects that
there will be something to please every
fancy particularly and every one aa a
whole. A study ts made of program selec
tion for' the Burwood display and the
constant endeavor 1 mad to choose only
such subject as will command endorse
ment from educators and head of families,
rather than picture that reek of vlclous
ness, violence and vulgarity. Very little
of the melodramatlo la allowed to creep
Into the Burwood' superb displays, and
one may rest assured that what little there
la displayed la of so mild and harmless a
variety that tha wit netting of It would not
Influence children to emulate It Plenty
of comedy subjects, mythical and educa-
ttoral topics are the choice of the Bur
wood folks, they sincerely believing that
such a combination comprises the ideal
moving picture pre gram. The value of
the pictures and their enjoyment Is greatly
enhanced by the soft velvety melody from
the cathedral pipe organ, the like of which
does not exist In any mcvlng picture dis
play in the west. To hear it alone 1 well
worth the admission fee. Today the in
tertalnment will be continuous from 1 until
U p. ro., an hour and a hall being neces
sary for each performance.
As usual, tomorrow evening will be so
ciety night," this being the regular Mon
day evening feature. The picture program
ill cease at ( o'clock- and for half an
hour the organ recital and vocal concert
will hold one' mention. For his pipe
organ selections Herr Urbach will play
Handel' "Largo" and the intermessa
from "Cavalerla Rustlcana," by MaMagnl,
Tenor Chaunoey Jeasen will render dur
ing the half hour, "I'll Sing Thee Songs of
Araby," by Clay; "A Red. Red Rose," by
Hastings, and by special request "The
Holy City." The regular program will
then be resumed.
aea wilt tackle to known aa "Hooto Tor I trast in stag setting , and Is fully pro
lan' and Is on the South Central bonis- J vided for by Mr. Woodward. Tbe first por.
v4, overlooking Spring lake park, It la formaao will be on Sunday afternoon,
kw.iki m mm of th moat dealrablo parts a
-jv - mmsmmM ntno Juaa insfcBO ox mm oesisi uw w mm v m ourwwa munw
oivcraioa starts tnia afternoon with a pro-
t I gram which, la its eourety. will outcla
It Iksol Snftata Tttto-Trnat company tin I any previous offering. The moving picture
CA -a Xfr.9t AAn: t be known I section ot the twur and a half program
The Increased attendance at the Air
Dome theater, corner of Eighteenth and
Douglas streets the last two weeks has
been phenomenal Last Sunday evening It
I estimated that ever TM people w
turned away, and with, tbo axcnptloa ot
two night the large auditorium baa been
well filled during the last week. The of
faring mt the Ulloua Stock oompnny this
week wUl bo ''Cousin Ilolon." a four-act
comedy drama. Lewi Randall, an Amer
lean, la practically an exile la Central
America, fearing to return, because he has
committed a murder in the United States.
Tom Long, also an American, and who
bear a marked resemblance to Randall,
dies, and his papers and effects are given
to Randall by a native priest Randall dis
covers a letter and photograph of Helen.
Tom Long's cousin, and is very much Im
pressed by her picture. Randall returns
to the United States as Tom Long; he Is
met by the father, who accepts him a his
son, and by Helen, who believe him to
be her cousin, but aside from this, things
do not run very smoothly In the Long
family. Randall soon discovert In Tout
Long he Is Impersonating one of the worst
rascals ever residing In that community.
In Central America he bad formed a liking
for Helen from her photograph, and upon
meeting her falls madly In love, but is
treated by her in silent contempt as the
original Tom Long before he went to Cen
tral America robbed her of her small for
tune. Randall confesses to Helen that he
la not her cousin, but. the statement Is
treated by her as a Joke and a ruse to
keep from working to pay her back the
amount of money he has formerly stolen.
The complication are satisfactorily ex
plained in the last act and the play ends
happily. The story is interesting and
fascinating, the characters are true to life
and not overdrawn. The play 1 entirely
new and will have Hs first performance on
any stag at the Air Pom tonight
Miss Fitch has arranged for her annual
alfresco dramatlo exhibition at Haneoom
park. Thl time the play will be given
near the rose garden in the northwest
corner of the park. "Twelfth Night" will
be repeated at the evening performance.
and a matinee performance of "Much Ado
About Nothing" will be given. Colonol
Gardiner of Fort Crook will supply the
Sixteenth Infantry band to furnish the
muslo, and other plan are along line that
will make this the most enjoyable outdoor
entertainment ever undertaken hero. 1
Fitch baa been busy for aome time re
hearsing bar player in the two dramas
to be gtven, and expects to furnlah smooth
performances. Tuesday June td, bM boon
looted, a U flte
ble light-wake It attractive.
There ts little or no value to be attached
to a "free" reading notice In connection
with an advertisement The nice things
the ad man says, about your college he
will re-hash and use for some other to
morrow, and use it over again for a little
I by 4 concern In the next town and pos
sibly make it stronger for the weaker In
stitution. The public may be fooled occa
sionally on a free notice, but the discrimi
nating young person or the wise parent
know hot air, whether promulgated by an
auctioneer or In a "free notice," for which
you are charged along with your ad.
Steer clear of the reading notice, but if
you can make real new out of Incidents
of school life and your publisher will use
them In a special column or page that Is
devoted to sohool reading matter, by all
mean furnish the paper with suoh infor
mation. Every change made In the college
building the college faculty athletics,
school entertainments, receptions, positions
filled, term openings, etc., mentioned in
thl way, la good advertising.
How to Pick a Papeb.
Now a word to the newspaper. X num
ber of them have In recent year pre
sumed to establish school Information bu
reau In connection with school advertis
ing. I believe this is wrong In theory and
a serious error. A paper secure a large
list of schools for its columns and then
assume to advise young people where to
go. There Is no advice about it They se
cure catalogue from the several schools
and the - inquirer Is deluged with school
literature, and he is deeper In the mire
than if he had made no enquiry. The
paper reoommends every institution which
pay the prloe for an ad, whether It b
a half Inoh or a half page. The publisher
ha no personal knowledge of any school
beyond what the advertisement asserts
and he is not in a position to advise young
people, Wo advertise to get the direct
Inquiries. In response to newspaper ad
yerttslng wa do not expect students to
rush to our doors, but we do expect to
get inquiries, and we want to answer these
in our own way and make our own argu
ments. We do not care to do business by
proxy through any paper's "school bu-1
reau." A number of large papers recently
have been lndueed, or have concluded to
abandon this scheme. Included among
these are the Kansas City Star and all
of the Omaha papers; and probably otherB,
I believe we should assert ourselves In
regard to this matter and give the papers
that do this to understand that In our
opinion they are assuming a prerogative
that absolutely belongs to us.
Ita Help Is Needed.
Newspaper advertising Is most valuable
In placing your Institution In a right light
before business men those upon whom you
depend for positions for students. Busi
ness men take note of your constant and
persistent advertising; they admire persist
ent solicitation for business; they appre
ciate your efforts to bulldt up a good
school; they commend you as a business
man, because you are doing business in a
business-like way and they believe you
are teaching business. I believe from thl
point alone the newspapers advertising is
profitable, aside from the direct business
it brings. It is a point too often over
lookedthis matter of our standing with
business men. Whonever possible I be
lieve w should place ourselves before the
PU011O in a PBSineaa lignu e are (MCS'
ing business and that fact should be im'
pressed upon both the student who desires
the education and upon the business man
with whom wo associate and upon whom
we depend. Newspaper advertising more
than anything else will bring about these
mutual business relations.
..I N
PHONES- Bell, Doua. ISOO'Jnd. A-1506
10 llOCRE HOWoVER 200,000 Vo
There are that many souls in
the Omaha district and every
mother" son wui go once any
way ethere ewteO
om oftoner.
and to Omaha' only "worth while"
tartlsr Today Mr. Jeaaea W1U Slag "X Wonder Wio X Kissing Ker Mow."
BOYP,?"sixth slq WccK
CAPACITY Today 2:30 Tonight 8:15 All Week
NIGHT. Presenting BTXSTj VAmaTKO&yrS Snocess, II
jro oxra rsatss
t"cKTAi" Next Week "MERELY MARY ANN,"
. .1 1.. i. i.u. ''. wiiMf Hiii.'iUi.uTrj.rx
Moil Delightful A Sojcmer letorti
Big Program very
Afternoon and Evening
Here Are Justs Few of the Many
Features Tbat Will Please You
Concert Band
Bathing, Coating,
Fishing, Dancing,
Roller Coaster.
Vslniature Railroad,
Roller Skating,
Cowling, Shooting,
Penny Arcade
Japanese Dall Came. .
And Many Other Features
Chicago Film Exchange
America's Foremost Film Renters
Omaha Office
14th and Douglaa St
Our Exclusiv Film Service can be seen
at the KHUU Theater every afternoon and
evening, dally change of program, two
thousand feet of films each day.
Cousin Helen
Admission, lOo and BOO.
jTSXT "wTB ''To Burglar- WW."
The Borglum Studios
riAjro i.i!BtnTiamrr mztkod.
Aagnrt M. Borglum, Madam Borglum,
rupil of Wager Bwayne, arls,
Will Teach Soring the Summer.
1810 Capitol Avenue
Sunday June 20th.
u P
rifteen wig at-
ana BatUDgl
A complete park.
tractions I Boatlngr and
dancing every night. By far
most exhilarating air aad attxaotlT
pot ta the west.
Take So. Omaha car. free admis
sion to park.
. J v o-
ni il I in t '
"Tentind It"
fcy the toady br.k of om Icwely Inland 1V or eobl river, wll stocked with fUh -it a root
boaltby aud dlhUttl iperiaoc, par Ocularly il (with Judicious laroihoui ht) cat or two of
The beer that makes the world smile with you"
hasbeeo Included la the cjmmlssarUi. In the afternoon of a not, fatiguing day, a few foaming
glume of this famously rich and refreshing malt and hop Urew.aJd wonderfully to tha rest and
enjornwut of f !cntciQg. yachting . fishing or outing parties. The snappy thirst-quenching
aud ehilaral!..j qualities of Poorloas har mod it always "first choice" by msa who know.
mail order invited. Sold la cafbn, restaurant, hotel and first-class bar. Brewsd
by the aaclusivo Cuad Matwral Proooae Tha 014 Conba Method."
JOHN GUND BREWING CO. La Crowe. Wisconsin.
W. O. MJKYDEN. Maaa&er Omaha Braadi, Omaha, jiab,
Telephone IoagiAS UM4, Uidepemd, A-aadn.
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