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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Tfca Oouadl Sinffs Of flex of the
Omaha Bse U i 11 oet snrsst.
Both Vaoaee a.
Sudden Pise Leaves Train of Mud
and Slime on Broadway.
David, drugs. ' '
CORRIOANS. Undertakers. 'Phones lit.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 139
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 37.
When you unnt reliable want ad adver
tising, use The Ii-e.
Bluff City Mo-onle lodge will meet to
night for work In the third degree.
Dr. W. W. Magarell, optometrlfit movml
to :i'i-20S Cltv National bank building.
Undertake! s. I'lione U2. 14 N. Main St.
K r; lU'll A.N V.
1 i;lima :i l I : i- and Gertrude Reed, both
of tl.jH cf.. wire married yeHterday aft
ernoon by .Mint we Cooper.
A. J. Host df Valley Junction, la., and
Bit din Carlson of Kellogg, Ia., were mar
ried yesurday lyfj Justice Gardlnar.
Mrs. Aug.mla Langmack of Knepper
street, against whom an Information charg
hiK lier with bains mtal)y deranged had
.been filed, was sent to feK. Bernard a hos
pital yesterday for observation.
W. B. Hlllberg of Strornsburg. Neb., and
Jessie A. Simpson of Lincoln, Neb., were
married ve.terday In this city, the cere
mony being performed by Rev. James M.
Wlllisms at the Broadway Methodist
' ihuich parsonage.
L. C. Wroth, a saloon keeper at Cut-Oft
charged with selling liquor on Bond ay, waa
fined $T0 and cost In Juatlo Cooper's oourt
yenteiday. M. Bowlee and J. C. Hansford,
employen In Wroth'a saloon, war dis
charged The esse against Rert Larson of the
MnnhHttan saloon, charged with assault
and battery on V. A. Peterson, president
and general iiiiitinger of the Round Jew
elry cnmpnny of Omnha. waa dismissed In
Justice Cooper's court yesterday for want
of prosecution.
Debris atrhea Under Rrldare on
.North Rlabth Street anil Forma
Small Lake Dimk la
'' tllplnmn Framing.
Bring In that diploma for framing- Alex
andrr's Alt store, 833 Broadway.
Mnrrlnxe Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Nnme and residence. Age
Oliver I,. Marrls, Neola. Ia 2"
Maude M. Oray, Oakland, la 1
Drivld F. Dougherty. Lexington, III 3'
Francis M. Young, Reaver Crossing, Neb. ?i
Thomas Maher, Council Bluffs 2
Gertrude Reed, Council Bluffs IS
Joseph O. Zackem. Lincoln, Neb SO
Myra M. Claw-son, Lincoln, Neb 21
Jean K. Collins. Council Bluffs i
Grace Bell Leonard, Council Bluffs 22
William L. A. Eckhardt. Omaha 23
Jessie A. Farnswnrth, Avoca, Ia iA
James Charles Ollchrlst. Wahoo, Neb. ..27
Clara Elizabeth Marshall, Wahoo, Nob. .17
A. J. - Rout. Vallev Junction, Ia 31
Birdie Carlson, Kellogg, la IS
W. n. Hlllberg. Stromsberg, Neb M
Jessie A. Simpson, Lincoln, Neb 28
FELD CO.. 519 SO. MAIN. 'PHONE 323.
Wholesale Grocers Mft.
A called meeting of the Iowa and Ne
brnska Wholesale Grocers' association was
held yesterday at the Grand hotel, at which
over thirty firms having membership In
the organisation were represented. The
purpose of the meeting was not disclosed
beyond that It was for the purpose of dls
cubing matters of Interest to the members
of the association and to listen to a re
port by President Mahon of the proceed
ings of the national convention recently
held In Detroit. .
The price of sugar, which has at times
be n a fruitful source of discussion and
even worry for the wholesalers and Job
bers, was not one of the matters before
yenteiday's meeting, It Is said.
The meeting, as usual, waa held behind
clo!-ed doors,
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night. F-1702.
Summer Rash Became a Dreadfbl
Itching Humor Big Blister
Formed and Skin Grew as Hard
and Rough as Bark -Scratched
and Tore Flesh till Blood Ran.
Indian creek overflowed Its banks shortly
before 1 o'clock yesterday morning and left
a train of mud and slime on Broadway
and adjacent streets In Its wake, besides
flooding buildings and basements and caus
ing damage running Into the thousands of
Debris swept down by the flood In In
dian creek caught In the low hanging
girders of the bridge at North Eighth
street and In a short time formed a for
midable dam. It was at this point that
tha creek first overflowed Us banks and
the water poured like a milt raoe onto
Broadway. With this data at Eighth
street tha water In tha creek riaturwlly
backed up and It was not kong before it
wma pouring over tha ben Its at torenfh
street and half way along the) btoek be
tween Seventh and Sixth streets.
Foe two hour the water poured out of
the ereak tn many places, finding an out
let onto Broadway through buildings and
oellars. At tha corner of Broadway and
Seventh street the water ran through the
Httle grocery store of Dan Wright, leav'
Ing behind tt a coating of mud and slime
several inches thick. The Saloiman wood-
yard adjoining waa turned Into a veritable
lake and west of this, at Charles Lei
hold's saloon, the water filled the cellar
and rovered the floor of the saloon two
feet deep. Much of Mr. Lelbold's stock
of clears and case goods were practically
At the Council Bluffs Dye works the
water poured Into the building In a tor
rent and here considerable damage was
West of Eighth street the Metropolitan
Motel was flooded and when the waters
cceded there was a deposit of mud a foot
deep over the ground floor. The Tremont
hotel further west was also badly flooded
and at the Blue Front restaurant near
the Northwestern depot the inmates had to
abandon the first floor. Mud a foot deep
had to be dug out of this place.
Eighth street as far as Avenue O was
covered with mud deposited by the water
from the creek and many cellars of
houses on Avenues A, B and C In that
vicinity were flooded. South of Broadway
Eighth, Ninth and Tenth streets were
covered wlTh mud and debris several inches
deep as far south as First avenue.
The Northwestern railroad, the Street
Railway company and the city had large
forces of men at work early yesterday
morning clearing away the mud on Broad
way but It was a stupendous task and It
will be several days before It is all hauled
away. The streets and alleys fund Is al
ready badly depleted during the first two
months of the fiscal year and this will it
is suspected put a finishing touch to this
The force of the orent on Broadway
was so great during the height of the
flood that big whisky casks were carried
from the Stein Junk yard near . Seventh
street clear down to the Illinois Central
railroad tracks.
At the city hall yesterday It was esti
mated that the damage to streets, pave
ments, curbs, sidewalks and sewers by ths
flood Monday night would amount to at
least 15,000. The hill streets were badly
washed and It will take weeka to repair all
the damage. This damage cannot, of
course, be laid at the door of Indian creek,
but all of that along Broadway and the
adjoining thoroughfares, from 8eventh
street to the railroad tracks, can be.
At Crescent City considerable damage
was reported done by the overflow of Lit
tle Pigeon creek, which cuta through the
town. Some families had to abandon their
homes and made their escape In wagons.
A washout on the Milwaukee line near
Weston caused the first section of freight
train No. 6.1, which left Council Bluffs at
I o'clock yesterday morning, to go into
the ditch. Fifteen cara loaded with fruit
for eastern markets were piled up, but the
locomotive passed over the place without
leaving the rails.
necessary to revise the list of election officials.
The following new list of Judges, clerks
and reglstrara was announced by Secre
tary Hughes yesterday morning:
First Precinct Judges. William Green, C.
A. Morgan; clerk. Richard Trumbull.
Second Precinct Judges. Spencer Smith.
M. R. Rohrer: clerk. J. N. Cassady.
Third Precinct Judges. William Arnd. I
Fred Spetman; clerk, Oscar Baumelster.
Fourth Precinct Judges. F. P. Wright.
J. J Brown; clerk. Chsrles F. Paschel.
Fifth Precinct Judges, Peter Smith.
Mahlon Brown; clerk. Edward Welch.
Sixth Precinct Judges, C. S. Hubbard.
P. G. Mlkeeell; clerk. J. M. Shea.
Registrars First precinct. N. W. Wil
liams, George Dentler; second precinct. U.
H. Baker, W. D. Hansen; third precinct.
Frank Zurmuehlen. A. J. Jorgensen; fourth
precinct. George Wlckham, Clint Robinson;
fifth precinct. M. Callaghan, O. H. Ackev;
sixth precinct, John Epperson, Qus Watts.
Refrigerators that save ice. That's the
kind we sell. Economic and Yukon. Prices
from 113 to $35. white enameled or plain.
We show a fine line. P. C. De Vol Hard
ware Co.
JBr iy.-" s K-X- m E te STi 'lit -.l.la "W,
almost magic cure
by cuticura remedies
"Our son, two rears old, was vorjr
touch afflicted with a breaking out or
what looked to bo a summer rash. I
applied the usual remedies, suoh as
washing wiih soda water and powdering
with borlo acid. Finally, after he suf
fered with tha trouble several weeks I
took him to the doctor. He said It wu
merely a rash that was quit' prevalent,
and that I was giving the right treats
Bu nt and that I should just oontinue it
aul thn baby would soon be all right.
JJut Instead of retting better it was et
tine wcrsti. Tlio ra3n ran together and
mads large bli?tra. The little fellow
didn't want to do anything but ecrr.tch
and we had to wrcp hi? hands up to
keep him frcm It c.a he would tar the
f1rh open till the bkod would run. Thn
itching was Ir.twiv", causing loss of appe
tite, and fijh. Wh-.-n it seemed to hurt
him most tho skin r.n his !ack became
hard and ror;b. like the lark rf a tree so
that rubbing or brushing would not
brraU it. He was so feverish that I
thought it a bed rose of eerema. He
ceukl not wear any clothes but a little
nlRhtgowu ( h the sleeves just, fastened
lit the top of the sh: ulder. He suffered
intensely for alout three months. But
I found a r-nwdy In Cutlcura Soap for
bathing iinrt Cutlcura Ointment with
which I on'-mted the sore places. This
kept the uuh from eprcading and tn leas
than a wil; the result was almost magi
cal. That was moro than two years ago
and there has not been the slightest
symptom of it since ho was cured, i are
never vory Ion? without Cutiwra Soap
as my family knows the value of tt and
don't like a substitute, J. W. Lauck,
Yukon, OUa., Aug. 28 ar.dhopt.17,'06,''
Supervisors Will Consider Matter of
Saloon Licenses.
The announcement made In certain quar
ters yesterday morning that all of the sa
loons of the city would be closed Wednes
day and until after action on the new
general petttlen of consent had been taken
by the supervisors, was declared last night
by J. J. Klein of the firm of Bernhardt
tt Klein, and president of the Iowa State
Retail Liquor Dealers' association, to be
"I understand some of the saloonmen.
acting on the advice of their attorneys,
have decided to keep closed Wednesday,
or until after action on the new general
petition of consent Is taken by the board
of supervisors, but no general agreement
to this effect has been reached by the aa
loonkeepers," said Mr. Klein, "Our place
will be open, as I fall to see whereby anv
good can be accomplished by closing, or
any harm done by keeping open. If It was
legal to sell today It certainly will be Just
as legal to sell on Wednesday, while the
board Is considering the new petition of
The Board of Supervisors will canvass
the petition today and present Indications
are that the supervisors will decide that
the new statement of general consent Is
sufficient. It Is doubtful. If any contest
Is made before the board by ths anti-saloon
forces. The petition bears about 3
more signatures than absolutely required.
According to the filings made with the
county auditor yesterday the anti-saloon
forces have not been successful in securing
the withdrawal of persons who had signed
the petition of consent. B. C. F. Chambers,
the district superintendent of the Iowa
Anti-Saloon league, had a force of assist
ants copying off the names of those who
signed the petition and then prepared for
circulation a number of withdrawal state
ments. For some reason or another the
antis did not carry on the canvass very
strenuously and the result has been that
only two withdrawals were secured. At
least only two were filed yesterday.
"It la very evident that those opposed
to the saloons did not make any effort to
secure withdrawals," declared Mr. Cham
bers yesterday afternoon In the office of
County Auditor Innea. "If they had, I
feel sure they could have secured more
withdrawals. As It is. It looks aa if they
were aatisfted to let things go as they are.
If the board finds the statement of con
sent Is sufficient, the finding will probably
hve to be accepted. It will be the busi
ness, however, of the Anti-saloon league to
see that those who are aecurlng the state
ment observe the letter of the law and
that subsequently they live up to it."
Hot Pay
I -. .. . . v. set" a
s s
You can feel strength and energy oozing out
of your pores with every drop of perspiration.
Work because you have to. And thirsty!! Can't
quench it. You'll enjoy a delicious, sparkling glass
'You'll feel the difference-cool, comfortable, refreshed.
Thirst delightfully quenched. Now, isn't it worth
Delicious Refreshing Wholesome
5c Everywhere
vou see an
Arrow think
of Coca-Cola.
Weddlnv Rlnare,
Pure gold, seamless, all slses, thus r.o
delsy or altering, M to )12. Engraving
free. Leffert.
General Ma(rr Reed Receives Many
Letters of Inquiry.
That the fruit show to be held this year
In Council Bluffs under the aifsplcea of
the National Horticultural congress Is at
tracting widespread Interest Is Indicated
by the many letters of Inquiry and other
wise received at headquarters by General
Manager Freeman L. Reed. Among the
letters received yesterday was one from E.
E. Faville, editor of Successful Farming,
with offices In New York, Chicago and Des
Moines, who writes:
1 am heartily In favor of the National
Horticultural congress and predict for It
continued success aa the years go by.
Such sn exposition as yours represents the
acme of our great industry agriculture.
No better Dlace could he aelecieH rr h.
national congress than Council Bluffs, slt-
it is midway between the east
Tou certainly want the house to look
nice whn you greet your guests, so they , uated as
can bear awav a pleasant Impression f!"na: he west, with splendid railway facllt
the quiet elegance of your home. If. won- j !cItlnl5t",0bf,tr conSattohb.
aeriui wnai a worn 01 iriiBiuriimiuii ii- , i noBiiicu uiey snoila De at each ex
accomplished by paint for doors and trim'
mtngs, varnish, stain or wax for floors,
oil for banisters, etc. Just come and look
at our list of house Improvers and give
yourself a treat II. Borwlck. Ill South
Main street.
New 1. 1st of Election Officials.
As some of the men appointed as Judges
and clerks for the special election to be
held July 8. when the proposition to levy
an additional $7,500 to complete the erection
of the school building at Oak street and
Broadway will be submitted to the voters
of the school district, would be unable to
serve, Secretary Hughes has found It
. MTllloM of women throughout the
world U3e Cutlcura Soap and Ointmeut
forecvem&s, ranlies, itohiugs, irritations,
inflammations, chaungs, rumples, black
heads, dandruff, dry, thin and falling j
hair, sanative, antiseptic cleansing, and '
for all the purposes of the toilet, bate
and Dursery.
Cuttri-n Rrmedks srv said Ihroaftoit th wnrle,
P tier brut cumi. Ourv . kow ftups lit Coma
1 .tt v , boalou. Mafl.
ct M.Jiro t rue, uuuciua Book se akia Dismiss
We are open for Bids on Cement
We manufacture the best cement block
on tho market, the continual air-apace
cement block. The walls Inside nevsr
del wet or damp rut up in cement will
lust a life time.
Office, Boom 9, first Vatloaal Bank
Building, reene Ind. HO, riaat STta
gttrset and Ilrat Avenue.
Lef lert's Lenses
Crenel Cinsiri fan, s is Wearwt el Own
W-faj mm, gC M mt,
I s,l la
dt a sen urn zf
s a - a
I Twcsity lesura of istot sfal
N - oennertlon with the Ilnak calllna tliei lvee The Clerk Uorhru Cs.
BOTH rilU.MiS X17. MO. T. TlTllibl.
position. Your signal success last year
should result in a greater exposition In
The greatest value of the National Hor-
m uii in m cuusresH lies m the educational
work it will do in bringing together rep
resentatives of the fruit districts of the
entire country. Every exchange of Ideas
win oe neiprui, not only to the Individual
but to the country at large, and the dis
tricts and interests they represent. Con-
ii.n.TO uii me same practical lines of last
year, your exposition Is .nr. k. ..- ZYZ
annual fruit show of the world.
Real Estate Transfers.
These tra.inrers were reported to The
Bee June 21 by the Pottswaitamle County
Abstract company of Council Bluffa:
Heirs of Jamea Craney, deceased to
Anna Callen, seVi of 8-77' 38
q c d '. j
George F. Butler and wife to Ol'd'eon
'""""i 'oi . in oiock is, Macedonia,
w d
Total, two transfers.
Reanlte of Bandar Revival.
MARSHALLTOWN, Ia.. June n.-(3pe-clal.)-Four
hundred and sixteen persons
were tsken into seven of the leading
churchea of the city yesterday who wore
converted during the recent revival held
here by Rev. W. A. Sunday. This does
not Include half aa many more who were
probably taken Into membership In the
other scattered and smaller churches of ths
city on the aame day. The Methodist
Episcopal churoh led the list with 125 ad
ditions for tha or.e day. The Central
Church of Christ waa second, with 106. The
Congregational church took In alxty-four,
which la more than haa been added to that
church during tha last two years.
Tfcree Workmen Hart,
IOWA CITT, Ia.. June tt.-Speclal.)-
Weakened by the heavy windstorm, a
scaffolding used In ths construction work
on the new Ayers block, collapsed yester
day afternoon and aeverely, If not danger
ously Injured three of the workmen en
gaged In laying brick. Those injured were:
William Borts, tender: William Fatter-
son, bricklayer and George Alchlne, brick
Foley's Tonty and Tar m especially rec
ommended for chronic threat and lung
troubles and many suffsrers from bron
chitis, asthma a.nd consumption have found
comfort and relief, by using Foley's Honey
and Tar. Sold by all druggists.
cBwafc Back from Keren.
NHW YORK. Jure R Charles M
r-chaab. president of the Bethlehem .! -I
company, returned today from a triy to
Jesse B. Hammond Asks Attorney
General for Interpretation of Law.
Appropriation for This Department
Will B Exhausted by September
Crockery Men Protest
Tariff CkanaTe.
DES MOTNKS, la., June 12. (Special
Telegram.) Jease B. Hammond, who has
announced an Intention to stop the sale
of cigarettes In Iowa, called on
Attorney General Byers today and will
write a letter asking him for the Interpre
tation of the law. There la little question
but that the handling or selling of cigar
ettes is Illegal and as soon as hs gets
the opinion of General Byers he will start
a state-wide prosecution of cigarette sell
ers. Dealers all over ths state have taken
It for granted that the paying of the mulct
tax exempted them from punishment for
tha sale. Section 6007 of the code statea
specifically that this Is not ths case.
though nine-tenths of the people of the
state have probably supposed tha law to
operate the same as the liquor mulct tax.
it is believed that General Byers can in
terpret the law but one way and that Is
that cigarettes selling Is illegal and sub
ject to a fine whether the cigarette mulct
tax Is paid or not.
Will Close Archives.
The executive council today decided to
close up the archives department after
September 1. The money available from
the state appropriation will by that time
be exhausted and the department must re
main closed till another legislature meets.
Some of the employes have thought the
council would merely cut down the force
and that they could thua hold on.
Improvements at Fair Grounds.
The state fair board today let contracts
for the erection of a S6.000 cattle barn, for
the erection of the ateel balcony In the
agricultural building, for the permanent
bandstand and vaudeville stags In front
of the amphitheater and for the addition
to tJe swine pavilion.
Preposrd Iaterarnen Railroad.
Articles of Incorporation of the Iowa
& Omaha Railroad company, with a cap
ital stock of 11,000,000, were left with the
secretary of state today and will be filed
when the balance of the filing fee la paid.
The company haa been Incorporated In
South Dakota and Ita object la to build a
railroad from Dea Moines through Dallas,
Guthrie. Audubon, Shelby and Pottawat
tamie counties to Omaha. It is to be an
interurban, with privilege to use steam,
electricity, gasoline or any other power.
George W. Adams of Walnut, la., Is un
derstood to be the moving spirit In the
matter and haa been working on ths prop
osition for some years. He claims the
road will be built with local capital. The
directors ars business men of Treynor,
Adair and Walnut, Ia.
Crockery Men In Convention.
Big crockery merchants of the Mississippi
valley are in session here to frame a pro
test against changing the tariff on crook
ery from an advalorem to a specific duty.
Klceota Nearly nateca.ted.
While F-.ank Nichols, deputy United
States mars'ial, was In the vault of the
office a friend, as a Joke, swung ths door
to and walked away, thinking that Nichols
could easily push the door open. An hour
later Harry Hammond, another deputy, en
tered and was attraoted by Nichols faint
knocks on tho door and traced it to tha
v.iilc The bolts had -Bar una and MtcbnU
waa gasping for air, and nearly exhausted.
In a short time he would have been suffo
cated. Parmer I'nder Arrest.
R. H.' Haskell, a wealthy farmer of Mar
shalltown, la under arrest by government
officials, charged with sending obscene let
ters through the mall to Mrs. O. O. Glre,
to whom he sent love letters before her
Claimants for Jnnkln Reward.
Two more claimants to the reward for
the capture of Junkln, the murderer of
Ruby Rosen of Ottumwa, were filed with
Governor B. F. Carroll today. One Is ex
Chlef of Police John W. Gray of Ottumwa
and the other Is Patrolman Joseph Bee-
man of Ottumwa. It Is more thsn likely
that the reward will be divided, all 'of the
claimants hsvlng more or less right to
the money.
Bank at Rockwell City.
Articles of incorporation of the Security
State bank of , Rockwell City were filed
with the secretary of state today. The
bank has a capital stock of 116,000, and M.
W. Frits of Manson, Ia., is president, and
Ed W. Burch of Rockwell City, cashier.
Farmers' Co-operative Company.
A farmers' co-operative company has
been organised at Sheffield, Ia., It will
be known aa the Farmers' Incorporated
Co-operative soolety, and in addition to
handling the grain and produce of the
members of the company, will handle all
sorts of merchandise. Including hardware,
lumber, dry goods, groceries and the like.
Body Xet Fonnd.
Up to a late hour this afternoon the aody
of Donald H. Ray, the 17-year-old boy
drowned In the Raccoon river last night,
had not been recovered. The river is high
and Ray, with other boys of his age, was
In swimming when he got beyond his
depth. The accident occurred near the
water works plant.
Works, Tlioofh Broken Back.
Miss Delia Lane is confined to the Meth
odist hospital In this city, where, though
her back is broken, she works steadily at
writing short stories for the magazines,
and thua has been able to pay her way in
the hospital. Some months ago she stum
bled over some brick in the street, In the
dark, resulting In the broken back. Physi
cians say that tt will take years to affeot
a recovery. She has sued the city for 94,000
Lincoln for Brlgradler.
Colonel Jamea Rush Lincoln of Ames,
commander of the Fifty-first Iowa, is the
only candidate for the position of brigadier
general of the Iowa National Guard, a po
sition created bv the legislature and soon
to be filled by Adjutant General Logan. It
Is believed that Lincoln will be appointed.
Jnda-e Refneea to Allow Chengre of
Venae from Marshall
town. MARSHALLTOWN. Ia June JS.-(Spe-clal.)
Judge Jj M. Parker In the district
court, late this afternoon, overruled the
motion for a change of venue outside of
the Seventeenth district, which was sought
by the attorneys representing ths saloon
lata whom County Attorney J. H. Eger
mayer la seeking to put out of business
through Injunction proceedings. The sa
loonlsts are P. E. Clifford, Schuls eV
Wetzsteln and A. G. Frederich. It was al
leged In the motion for a change of venue
that Judge Parker and Judge Bradshaw,
the latter of Toledo, were prejudiced and
biased In the opinions regarding the saloon
business and that a fair trial In the dis
trict waa Impossible. In making hla ruling
Judge Darker emphatically denied the
charge and gave the saloonlsts' attorneys
a sound verbal drubbing for making the
Imputation In his court that he could not
Impartially try any cause be it saloon or
Immediately following the ruling on the
motion the taking of evldenoe in support
of the contention for a temporary Injunc
tion was begun. The three saloonlsts own
six saloons, which will be closed If the
Injunction is Issued.
the demands of the strikers. The car
schedule was resumed at S o'otock.
Boone Strike la Settled.
BOONE, la., June 22. (Special Tele
gram.) The strike of the car men, which
tied up the Boone and suburban lines for
three daya, was settled this afternoon,
when the Boons Electric company granted
Iowa News Notes.
CRESTON The Commercial hotel at
Afton changed hands Saturday, J. XV.
Parmer buying oat the interest of W. H.
Sutton, who has managed the house for a
number of years.
CRESTON Tent services sre being held
by the Iowa Holiness association. Rev.
A. S. Cochran, president of the State as
sociation, is in charge and Is asalated by
Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Edgerton. Meetings
are being held twice a day and their big
tent is well filled on each occasion.
CLINTON The body of Mary Rugglea.
aged 20, who was drowned in the Missis
sippi river yesterday, was recovered by
clammers today. The girl waa drowned
while boat riding at a picnic. The boat,
which contained four young people, was
capslsed and the girl sank in seven feet of
CRESTON Signal honors have been won
by a Creston boy at Iowa City In the
medical school of the State university,
Isaiah Waterman of this city, who gradu
ated this year, ranking first In recent
oompotltlve examinations and thus win
ning the position of resident physician for
Iowa City.
CLEAR LACB The following officers of
the Northern Iowa Retail Coal Dealers' as
sociation were elected at the annual con
vention and picnic of the association, which
has Just closed here: President, S. J.
Clausen of Clear Lake; vice president,
George M. Prince of Maaon City; secre
tary and treasurer, H. B. Watts of Clear
MARSHALLTOWN F. H. Haskell, form
erly a farmer of near this city, was ar
rested late last night by United States
Deputv Marshal H. H. Bldwell of Des
Moines on a charge of mailing obacene
matter. It Is alleged that Haskell mailed
an Indecent letter to Mrs. O. O. Otre of
this city. The husband of the woman
filed the complaint. Haskell was taken to
Des Moines for arraignment la the federal
BURLINGTON The annual meeting of
the Mississippi Valley Power Boat associ
ation will be held In this city on July I
and 6. It Is said that 300 boats owned
along the river from as far south as St.
Louis to as far north as Minneapolis, will
be entered In the program of events, which
Is being scheduled for ths two daya Val
uable prizes are being hung up far the
various events.
An American Klngr
Is the great king of cures, Dr. King's New
Discovery, the quick, safe, sure cough and
oold remedy. 60c and $100. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
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