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e' ve taken time bv the f'orelock-these
Transfer Men Fail to Get Away with
Small Valuations.
Fi 0 M9HR
Irrtens6 Itching Eczema Drove Him
' Nearly to Despair Chief Surgeon
of a London Hospital Called It
' Worst Case He Had Ever Seen
Got Little or No Relief Until
! "About four years a;o. In London, I
troubled by a severe tuning ana
dry. scurfy skin
on ray ankle and
feet. The seme,
in a few dars,
u the case with
my a r m and
scalp. I c o u 1 d
hardly keep from
I need hardly
ay, made It
w o r a e. Then
large red patches
appeared, with
i n f 1 a m ro ation
and soreness.
After ten dars.
thotiaa&d of small red pimples formed.
Tin Wmmine dry. tliese caused intense
' itching. I was advised to go to the
'hospital for diseases of the skin. I did
' so and was an out-patient for a month
' or more, the chief surgeon saying: 'I
nerer saw such a bad case of eczema.
But I got Uttle or no relief. Then I
. triad many so-called remedies, but I be
came so bad that I almost gave up in
'. despair. On coming to this country I
beard so many accounts of cures by Cuti
cura Remedies that I resolved, as a
last resource, to give them a trial. This
" was after suffering agonies for twelve
months, and right glad am I that I did
for I was relieved 01 inn almost, un-
American Transfer Company Kara
lias Mine lloraea and lne Ve
Idea, Inspector Cnonta
T.1 anil 40.
: bearable Itching after two or three
abdications of Cuticura Ointment. I
continued its use. combined with a
liberal use of Cuticura Soap and Cuti
cura Resolvent Pills and am more than
- thankful to say that after using three
" sets of the Remedies. I was completely
cured. I can only arid that, should any
' - one be suffering as I did, I hope that
they will do as I did, and I am sure ol
the results. Henry Bearle, 2022 Cross
Bt.. Little Rock. Ark.,Oct. 8 and 1007."
OrnipWW Srtemat and Internal Trtmrat roi
Ktmt Humor ol lol.nu, Cnllcnin n Adulu oon
slats ol Cutlvur Snap (S5e.) to ClranM tba Skin
Cutlrnra Otattnant (60.) to Meal tt 8kin ar.d Cutl
eun Raolaot (SOe.l. (or In th form ol Chorolatt
- Cnatae nil. 2M. par Tiai oi oui w r uiuj mj
.tout thmuriiout the wort. Potter Drus Caen
CMMurm Book on Bkla DIsaasM
All horses owned by transfer companies
will be taxwl st a valuation of $100 a horse.
This has been determined by the Board of
Equalization on the proposition advsnced
by one mpmber that "nowadays you cannot
get a home which can crawl for less tbsn
The transfer companies did not, when
they made returns plane so hlRh a value
on their horses, the returns being made
at from $25 to $40 or $S0.
The American Transfer company's offi
cial accountant has a little difference with
the board. This company returned nine ve
hicles and nine horses. Deeming It strange
that thej-e should be an average of one
horse to one vehlrle, the board sent an
Inspector to take an observation. The In
spector says ihat without straining himself,
he counted seventy-three horses and forty
vehicles. This little divergence will be
resolved In favor of Douglas county.
"You clothing men come In every year
nd tell us your stork Is smaller," said
Chairman Tralnor to representatives of the
leading houses. "Now Omaha Is growing,
your stocks seem larger to the naked eye
and I for one cannot understand it
The board fixed assessments on several
large clothing stores as follows:
Nebraska Clothing company $120,000
Klng-Swanson 50,025
Herg Clothing company 41,075
lirownlng, King & Co b2,0U0
The Hartman Furniture company was
raised from $.9,000 to $G0.000.
A. J. Miller and Ir. Philip Sher were be
fore the board In another unsuccessful at
tempt to get a reduction on the Shelton,
a property at Twenty-fifth and Dodge.
.CoT. Hols rrnot.
-Mailed Frao,
Cool Summer
llicoll's Special Offer!
. Full Blue, Black or Gray
Girl Grapples
With Burglar
Misses Aurora Kortlang and Emma
Duse Frustrate, but Do Not
Capture Negro.
An unidentified negro made a bold at
tempt to enter the home of Mrs. J. Kort
lang, 702 South Seventeenth street, about
noon Friday, apparently intent upon theft,
but he was scared away before securing
anything of value. ,
Miss Aurora Kortlang, IS years of age,
heard some one walking in the parlor and
upon opening the door discovered the negro.
He grabbed the girl, ehe screamed; her
cousin. Miss Emma Duce, also a young
girl, rushed to the rescue of Miss Kort
lang, but was thrown to the floor by the
Intruder. The negro then Jumped through
a window and made his escape.
With an extra pair of
Trousers of. same or
striped material
' Tailored to your measure in the
Nlcoll way with guaranteed satiaf action.
800.11 South 1Mb sit.
CloKDM and baaattAM th hair.
ProtnMM a uuurianl growth.
Tails to Beatora Orv
Hair to lta Youthful Color.
Carat aal dlMM a hah- iaUla.
Match Starts Blase In Closet and Now
Household la Shy on Ap
A clothes famine Is being experienced at
the home of Abraham Davidson, 1826 Nortii
Twenty-third street. A fire there accounts
for it.
A member of the household went to a
clothes closet where garments belonging to
different members of the family were
kept anfl struck a match to light the
closet. A spark set fire to a dress and $150
worth of clothing was destroyed or ruined
so It cannot be worn a.'faln. The building
was also damaged to the extent of (1C0.
Adequate Insurance was carried by David
son, who owns the place.
clothes prices "cot" NO W-bef or e the "4th"
The self-same clothing buying inducements that are usually withheld from you until AFTER the "4th of
July," nre in force HKRK now. Why wait; why look commonplace UNTIL the "4th"; why appear slouehy
ON the "4th," the day of all dayst Surely, you've only to read on to see that we nre in enrnest.
At Only
Many of our men's suits worth up to
$8.50. Snappy grays, tans, dark mix
tures and invisible plaids. Italian lined
garments. Coats to some have cuff
sleeves all are well made up, and a tri
umph in clothing merchandising at
merely $5 a suit.
At Only
$7 OiQ
This price for most fetching men's suits
marked $10 and even $12.50. Newest
grays, tans, olives, stripes and over
plaids. Mostly in worsteds, but some
choice blue serges included, too. All
masterpieces of making, trimming and
perfect fitting.
2U Hose Sale
Another on of those "temptera." Beautiful ru
lisle snmmer hoaa, in tan, blue and psarl, In plain
or silk embroidered stylos at 12 Uo pair. Tour
ordinary furnishings shop cannot think of soiling
thorn under SBo a pair and STon np to 36o. Bat ws
ntske a "leader" or 'em.
d'pearlf rp1" T ' T 7
Zjc-jjc V allies
cores upon scores of nif
ty new models at
75c to $2
correctly styled panam&s
are . .
A Slump in Neckwear Prices
775 doz. sacrificed by maker
This lot just "so happens" we couldn't get another like it if we
tried. A New York maker had the ties we had the ready money he
wanted money and there you are.
for fine 50c
21 c for up to 35c
1 "W kKW
m a taisw ataaav a
The cleanest lot of "washable" 4-ln-hand tlea ever
offered an admiring; pnbllo will ha bar tomorrow
400 dozen of 'em In open or closed ends. Za laven
ders, pinks, hellos, tans, white and all the delicate
summer shades. They look Ilka sllki wear batter
than sllki they're oreaseless, and would aall regu
larly at np to 35c And mind yon, they're fresh,
crisp and new from the faotory.
silk Ties
A prominent eastern maker mads these np for na
in bulk ha didn't fo to the expanse of fancy bozea
couldn't afford to. baoausa ha made np a line of
BJBATj "Hair dollar BELK tlsa so that we are able
to sell them at SSo. Una includes striped and fancy
figured 4-4n-hands ia Habntai silks, Xumohundas,
Oelahaa, Oroa Grains and others, all in proper
ahapea for the low Bummer eoUara.
How does this strike you on regular 50c Bal
briggan Gauze Underwear
A big local jobber's season's surplus at 29c garment. Light,
cool, delightfully comfortable gauze balbriggan, 2-piece underwear
for men, in blues and pinks. Silk stitched; silk finished; immacu
late fitting. But buy them QUICK!
Hanly Banner
is Taken Down
John Lewis Rleeted to Snrceed Rev.
J. A. Spjker aa President of
Omaha Dlstrlet.
With the election of John Lewis of
Omaha as president, tlie annual convention
of the Omaha district Epworth league ad
journed session.
ReV. J. A. Spyker was renominated for
the office, but withdrew his name. The
convention was called to order Tuesday
at the First Methodist church and ran
three days. Addresses were made by Rev.
John Baptist, former court photoKrapher
to Sultan Hamid, and by Dr. E. T. Hager
man and J. J. Davidson. The latter U
chance)lor of Wesleyan university.
Sifjn Announcing Big Temperance
Meeting at Auditorium Objected
To by Bar -Patrons.
Thursday there floated In the breege a
huge banner announcing the temperance
address to be given 8unday evening In the
Auditorium by former Governor J. Frank
Hanly of Indiana, "but Friday the banner
was not there. The banner was attached
to the roof of the Paxton hotel, but, ac
cording to Harry A. Stone, secretary of
the Anti-Saloon league, patrons of the
Paxton bar objected so strenuously that
he was compelled to take It down.
"We 'have no -fault to find with Mr,
Kitchen, for he gave us permission to put
up the banner," said Mr. Stone, "but we
do think he has some very 'touchy bar
Former Governor Hanly will reach the
city Saturday. The churches will dismiss
their services Sunday evening for his ad
dress, to which no. admission fee will be
charged. y
l'rosneets in Nebraska Kxcel Those
of Any Other State in
the West.
A. R. Morris of Papilllon, who Is stop
ping at the Murray, says Nebraska has
the best prospects for a great wheat crop
of any state In the west or southwest.
"I have Jurt returned from a trip to
the Panhandle country In Texas," he said,
"and I have seen all the crops between
here and there. Nebraska especially here
in Douglas and Sarpy has all of them
beat In the outlook for a banner wheat
crop. v
'Kansas, . however, has the best corn I
have seen any place. It Is far ahead of
the crop In this state and, I believe, will
be one of the best the Jayhawker state
has ever raised."
Special Train
to Catch Regular
You Can't Head Off a Man with Money
When He's Determined
to Go.
C. L. Brinsmade, a capitalist of Now
York City, made an expensive sightseeing
tour of Creston, la., Wednesday. As the
Burlington fast train was changing engines
he strolled up the street aways and then
missed his train. As he was with a party
of friends enroute to Sheridan, Wyo., he
wanted to catch the train. He took up the
matter with Burlington officials and se
cured a special train to try to overhaul
No. 9. A fast run was made from Creston
to Lincoln, where the train was caught
and Mr. Brinsmade Joined his party.
The train cost him $3.16.
Orders Are lasned br Department of
the Missouri far the An
nual Teat.
Orders have been issued by Department
of the Missouri for the annual Inspection
of the militia of the several states of the
department. The Inspections ana inspect
ing officers will be: South Dakota, at
Watertown, S. D., July 6 to 16; Major F.
M. M. Beall, Twenty-eighth United States
Infantry, Inspector.
'Missouri, at Nevada, Mo., July M to 24;
Major James H. McRae, Thirteenth United
States infantry. Inspector.
Nebraska, at ABhland, Neb., July 19 to
30; Captain William K. Jones, Srxth United
States Infantry, inspector.
Iowa, Fifty-third Infantry, at Indepen
dence, la., July 21 to 30; Fifty-fourth In
fantry, at Iowa .City, August 23 to Septem
ber 1; Fifty-fifth infantry, at Chariton,
August 6 to 14; Fifty-sixth infantry, nt
West Okobojl, August 18 to 27; Captain
Charles S. Lincoln, Second United States
Infantry, Inspector.
Kansas, at Fort Riley, August 12 to 2B.
First Lieutenant W. J. Kennnrd, Seventn
United States cavalry-, Inspector.
Tour choice of over 500 hlBh-clasa tailored
suits that sold from $5 to (40 on 11.
Bee Want Ads stimulate business moves.
y"-? n fi. 1 1 iwn m i i n B, m ..." i .i n W -
V1. ,1, M, Ill llll II1' fl. ,111,11! , JW..r.ir,,ii
I Ui. .. - ZJt if,. nL. &2. it a I s i r-jf a
- h . i: .fv t, mmh -tt"" '?;. ir-care
I 4 'fi '!' 'it' ST If '3ps-i- tt -mit
I ' " j 'i IT -" -v rr If j-1 w - X
iu - - -- - I'-'--ii-h i j' f- -in Ty
i.at 5 I.S c -i 4 m
i li 1 1 jr i 'I t
1 ' '41" r'" ; i" li-
f i
I h
The humorist who said that "a night
J in a sleeping car made him feel like an invited guest in a
can of sardines" never enjoyed the luxury of a berth on
the Rock Island's de luxe train to Colorad
1 The hesf train to the hest snnf in the hest Innd
The best train to the best spot in the best land of the
universe. You get a full-grown bed when you take the
Rock Island a sweet, clean, roomy berth, electric lighted,
well ventilated and well made. It's just one of the luxuries on this
most luxurious train, wliich carries a barber, a valet and a stenographer
and which sets a table the perfection of which keeps you hungry for another meal the
moment you arise from the first. Your vacation starts the moment the train starts and
the train starts every day. One night on the way.
Vary ww eacujaloa, fr t.T. wthw. T'.T from Omaht. ( $21.75 from D MolnM
27.40 from St. Paul aod MinaMolu 1 126.76 from Paoria. Limit October 3 IU.
"Under the Turquoise Sky" and "Through Scenic Colorado
, and Yellowstone Park to the Alatka-Yukon-Pacific Exposi-
' tioo." with uo end of helpful deuili. free for the asking.
14tk mmi Faraaai St, Omaha. Mab.
Little Fellows l.rnd Animal Oat
Barn Just to Get a Nice
Two 8-year-old boys were arrested for
taking a horse by the poltce at 2 o'clock
Friday morning; and kept In Jail until Pro
bation Officer Carver took charge of them
shortly before noon. The horse in the case
was found In their possession and the
authorities are trying to find Its owner.
The lads are Frank Hodek of S07 North
Ninth street and Robert Rule of 315 North
Tenth street. Their fathers are Nick
Hodek, a smelter worker, and William
Rule, a freighter for the Illinois Central.
"A man at Thirty-first and Gold streets
gave us the horse to ride last night," the
boys told Officer Carver when he stopped
them at Sixteenth and Dodge streets. "But
wa fell off and had to lead the horse
"Frank told me there was a horse In a
bam and we went over to see It," Robert
said. In telling what he declared was the
real true story later In the morning. "He
untied It and led It out of the barn for
us to ride on."
"Aw, you haj a part," spoke up Frank,
ahootlng daggers at young Rule, who
though slightly larger. Is not the leader.
As the Detention home Is quarantined,
the lads could not be placed there, so Of
ficer Carver took them to "Mogy" Bern
stein's sanctum to undergo an inquisition
f lii t y r "?S rJfSl tion, wIth uo cn ' helpful details, free for the asking. I i
r i w v w. . s w m am
( . " ""' " ' u m iiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iIIiiii.iI.....i.iIii..ii ij JRn un," .,!," I,''...,.,.B. JJi JliL;. mMiMk-j
. , . . , r-ll
Off od iFO W
II miiiiiMi mn aaaawawasaiii iiais a aaaxt.a.miini n n mmmvm' WiW-y V
fn-iTii sari.al'taiiii j impiv hi ji m Tinr-Trn " ' - " " ' ' S
K ;y.", . -.. ' --' " '" 11 "lLT.?!";?
V in.M.ia m in i u. i mm i i i.i i.apiii. pai. ii i..i..L.i.nmmiuu
t .. - . im'ifti -p'
Staad Br John Grant rKB and You
Will Get It, So He
John Grant Pegg, city Inspector of
weigms ana measures, bhjb people would
get a full quart of ice cream when they
buy that amount if he could get someone
to stand by him In prosecution. According
to the Inspector a number of dealers are
selling short measure, but he can get none
of those who file complaint to go into
court and testify against the dealer. He
experiences the same trouble with some
grocers who sell fourteen ounces ot pota
toes for a pound.
klnned from Head to Heel
was Ben Pool, Threet, Ala., when dragged
over a gravel roadway, but Bucklen's Ar
nica Falve cured him. 25c. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
... Lft Lnrratn.
... (Irnftser Kurfural.
... I.r.l V alderM.
...Hmlna !) liUa
... Ol.T.
BOSTON lrnla
LIVERPOOL Saionls Itwrlan.
WANi'HETER dean ale
GENOA Antrlrt
HAMHl RO RhMii Roma.
HATUM Canopla
Free Government Land Opened
To Homestead Settlement
All who desire to obtain land must register, between July 15 and August 5 at Kalispell, Mont.,
or Missoula, Mont., for Flathead Reservation; Coeur d'AJene, Idaho, for Coeur d'Alene Reserva
tion; Spokane, Washington, for Spokane Reservation.
If you travel via the Burlington, you travel in a through coach or chair car, tourist or stand
ard sleeper.
Homeseekers' Excursion Rates July 6th, 20th and August 3d, to all of the points named abovo; final limit,
twenty-five days.
Dally Round Trip Seattle Excursion Rates can be used to Spokane. You can stop at Spokane and register,
and ro on to Seattle, or register at Spokane, have your ticket validated there and return home without going to
Seattle. There is also in effect a dally excursion rate to Missoula.
Call or write for folders and details.
D. CLEM DEAVER, Canaral Aant,
Room 4, "Q" Building, Omaha.
a-.,., ,., rs mmm " -
fcn II-ii .- i ii I ' ' - -
. I . .-.HI HI ! I II. I I' !
Ha)SlBjl' ttlMilllMMt, rnm ' .. "'-laWIM'"'8''''''""1

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