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a IF, BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, JUNE 28. 1900.
909 JUNF! 1909
I 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 II 12
13 14 15 16 17 IS 19
20 2122 23 242526
2728 2930
AM The lor sTame A license
to wed wia Issued Katurrlsy lo Jdvo
Maatellca.and Boja Cvlsanovlr. The given
name of hl father u Trlfun and hem
waa railed DJtilkan.
9alf Tonrth Blbl Gift Bay Patriotic
gift for the endowment fund of tne
American Blbl society are aaked by th
society from all ehurct-.a on Sunday,
July 4. The detailed report of the society
will be issued before the end of the sum
mer. Io Cream for Widow tad Orphans
For the benefit of a widow and her four
children, who namea are not given, a
number, of Jewish women wll) give an
Ire cream social this evening. It will
be held on the luwn at the home of M
Kulakofsky, ill - Bouth Twenty-first
Will Watoh Mrs. B. Marly Dr. W. M
Davis of Bouth Omaha lias consented to
keep watch and ward over Mra. Bridget
Hurly and report to the Board of Insane
commissioner If Mrs. Hurly breaka her
parol and drinks to excess. An order
appointing Vr. pa vis has been formally
Two Sunday Schools Xiti Monies
The Sunday school of the Seward Street
Methodist church held a picnic at River
view, and the Sunday school of the Lo'
Avenue Presbyterian church held a picnic
at Maxiawa Saturday. Special cars were
chartered for both picnics, the Methodists
leaving at 9 o'clock and the Presbyterians
at 1 o'clock.
Mom from Borne for Taoatlon Lewis
B. Reed and Philip S. Reed, sons of
Lewis S. Reed, are In the city visiting
at the letter's home, Twenty-second and
Davenport streets. Lewis B. Reed Is 1
from Rome, Italy, where he Is the repre
sentative of th American Radiator com
pany. Philip B. Reed Is connected with
the Chicago office of the American Radi
ator company.
Street Stands Knot Move All owners
of ' fruit and lunch stands on sidewalk
spucn In the business district of th city
have been ordered by the police to close
up shop and remove their goods and
stands before Monday morning. five of
these stands have been built within the
last few weeks, contrary to city ordi
nance. Two are located at the corner
of Fourteenth and Douglas streets, two
St tlie corner of Sixteenth and Cass
strcetM, and one at the corner of Four
teenth anil l)inlne KtreetH.
Junk Sealers Discharged R. Flnkel
mine and Max FuiHt, the two North Six
teenth treet Junk dealers and second
hit ml men, have been dlHcharged In police
court on the charge of receiving and
(unfallng stolen property. They were
arretted several days ago on complaint
of Missouri pacific special officers, who
sttld that a quantity of railroad Iron,
btas and tools In the possession of the
two Oualern had been stolen from the
railway company and aold to the junk
U nler " The cane was discharged for
lack of sufficient evidence.
Cat Eater acta rive Days Five days
In Jail for Tom McDermott, the colored
man who figured prominently In the tale
of Hie boiled black cat. That was what
Police Judge Crawford thought when
Tom was huuled before him for vagrancy,
general ciipsednes and 'being a suspicious,
character. Tout Is said to have started
to prepare some atewed cat bones for
the' purpose of making himself Immune
from uric st when he tried to steal and
rob. Hut the complaint did not specify
cruelty to animals, the main charge
against Tom being that he had jumped
his beard bill.
Round Trip
Atlantic City, N. J.. . .$40.70
Asbury Park, N. J.. . .$40.35
Boston, Masa $40.60
Concord, N. II $40.35
Detroit, Mich $25.00
These are only a few of the attractive thirty day sum
mer tourist i'nres on sale daily to many resorts in tlie east
via the
Long limit summer tourist fares to "Wisconsin, Mich
, igan, Ntw York State, New England and Canadian resorts.
. Let 03 pjan your trip and franco all the details. Informa
' tion and folders free.
General Western Ages
I " I JL . I 1
Never Mind! Plenty of fish left in
Minnesota's Lakes
Go after them via
$12.00 for th round trip to St. Paul or Minneapolis
Equally low rate to other points.
TuM taformatloa as oeoklat frea
Mars ball Oraig, City Pas, as Tit. Art,
111 raraaj w, Omaha.
Aftermath of tbe Closing Year in
Various Institution!.
Oppmlaf CoNclwslons Deri red from
College Malletles I seles Stagles
la I m m o arknola
KFARNET. Neb.. June 17. (Special.)
E. n. Men I Hon of Omaha spent Thursday
vlliln with rrrsldent Thomas at the
normal. Mr. McGOton was lieutenant gov
ernor at the time the first appropriation
for the establishment of the school was
mode. The old senate flog, which wan
given to the school at the close of that
session, floated over the school building
today In honor of Mr. McGllton.
Messrs. Beorge Ross, Norval Pierce and
Rov Stryker have just returned frirn Cas
cade. Colo., where they attended th con
ference of the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation. They report an excellent time.
Mlos Alma lloslc of the department of
German, together with Mioses Tieulsh
Dunn. Fearl Savage and Elsie Murphy,
started today for Cascade, Colo., to attend
the conference of the Young Women's
Christian association.
A large number of the delegates attend
ing the state Sunday school convention
visited the schol last week. Many Interest
ln;r chapel talks were made. Among the
visitors were Prof. Jackson of Weslcyan
university, Dr. Mcllfresh. International
Sunday school worker, from Chicago; Rev.
Mr. Hussong of Peru, and Superintendent
Harris of Jefferson county.
Archdeacon Cope of the Episcopal church
Elder Johnson of the Christian church, Pr.
Abbott of the Methodist church, Dr. Fsrker
of th Congregational church and Rev. L..
C. McEwen of the Presbyterian church
were chapel visitors recently.
A fine tennis court has been constructed
on the normal grounds for the arcommoda
tlon of the large number of tennis players
who are attending the summer session.
The grounds contain three double tennis
MIhh Marlon Williams of Manhattan
Kan., who recently graduated from the
domestic sclnnc department of the Man
hattan college, visited the normal Thurs
President Homer II. Seerley of the State
Teachers' college at Cedar Falls, la., and
Dean Henry G. Williams of Athens, O.,
president of the department of normal
schools of the N. E. A., Are expected to
visit th Kearney Normal school on their
way to Denver. Kearney, being on the
main line of the Union Pacific to Denver,
is expected to receive visits from a large
number of prominent educators from the
President Thomas will deliver two ad
dresses before the National Educational
auHoclatlon at Denver, which begins July'5.
His subject are: "Who Should Determine
the Standards and Courses for the Train
Ing of Teacher and How Should They Be
Determined?" and "The Proper Balance
Between Mental and Muscular Training In
th School Curriculum." Quit a number
from Kearney are expected to attend.
Wayne Chapman, who graduated from the
higher course of th normal two years
ago. mad the school a pleasant call on
Wednesday. H gave a very interesting
talk at chapel. Mr. Chapman Is attending
the I'n.verslty of Michigan at Ann Arbor,
and says that Institution very readily ac
cepts th credits earned In the normal
Practically all of the great universities ac
cept th credits from the normal without
question. '
Miss Jeannett Gottschalk of Hanover,
Germany, spent several days Vlsftlng "Mlsa
Alma Hostc of the department of German.
She gave a very interesting talk at cnapel
Wednesday morning, mentioning some of
the differences between this country and
her own. In her honor the school sang
"The Watch on the Rhine."
Miss Anna V. Jennings, who Is In charge
from Omaha to
Montreal, Que., . . $35.00
New York City ......$40.50
Quebec, Que. ....... .$39.00
Portland, Me ...$42.35
Toronto, Ont ..,..$30.60
Tickets: 1524 Farnam St.,
Omaha, Neb.
UaslMJOJUllJiii mi. iii i I laistauJUi wwn
V Jl
of th normal library, leave today to at
tend th meeting of th American Library
association at Pretton Woods, N. H. She
will be gone about ten day. During her
absence Miss Elisabeth Mallalleu Is assist
ing In the library.
Prof. Porter "took the band over to th
reunion at Fort Kearney Thursday and
furnished music afternoon and evening.
Prof. Anderson of the department of his
tory took the occasion to attend th en
campment Thursday In order to hear some
thing of the early history of this section
of Nebraska from th old soldiers who were
stationed her during the time of th fort.
E. O. Garrett of Fremont visited th
normal Friday.
Remark on the Abolition f loelewa
Th report of the management commit
tee of the public schools of Chicago reeom
mending that teaching of I-atln and alge
bra be stopped In th elementary schools,
and the adoption of th recommendation
by the school board, meets the approval of
th press of th city. "Every thinking per
son," says the Inter-Ocean, "concerned,
that the schooling that most chll
ren get shall be such as to fit them for
useful living and sound citizenship, will
applaud this decision.
"Studies that belong In th high school
or college have been crowded down Into
th elementary schools, on the assumption
that they are necesnary and that the Stat
owes It to the child whose schooling end
there that some Idea of these subject be
given. Both assumptions arc Incorrect. On
Is an error of fact, th other a delusion of
"There is no special need to pity the boy
who stops with grammar schooling. In
seven cases out of ten at leant he follows
his own choice. He wants to get out into
life and be a man among man. At least
half the boys who go beyond the grammar
grades do so for busines reasons. Their
eyes are on some pursuit for which more
formal schooling technical training of
some kind is required. Th student undei
-u ior pure love or knowledge is a rare
bird Indeed. That is a bent normally' de
veloped later In life.
"Latin Is a useful mental discipline and
basic study to those who wish to acquire
foreign languages. But Americans have
lesa use for foreign languages than any
other people. This Is not a small country
with near neighbors of alien speech. Edu
catlonal precedents drawn from such coun
tries do not fit. As for the higher math
ematics, their chief utility Is to supply
short cuts,
"Such studies should be removed from
the common schools, but not that their pu
plls may 'study something else of more
use to them afterwards.' They should be
removed that there may be time and thor
oughness in studies really essential."
Rotable Features of the Commence
went Exercises.
At the sixty-fifth annual commencement
of the University of Notre Dame th Hon
Hannts Taylor, former minister to Spain
delivered the address to the graduates. He
gave a scholarly exposition of the real, his
torlcal facts regarding the authorship of
our federal constitution. It wa one of the
most ornate and valuable addresses ever
delivered at Notre Dame. The baccalaure
ate sermon was preached by th Rev.
Thomas C. O'Reilly, D. D., of Cleveland
O. Both speakers received the degree of
doctor of laws. The class poem was read
by Henry Ledwldge of Pennsylvania, th
valedictory delivered by John McOill Pox
of Wlsconson. Degrees were conferred
upon flfty-slx members of the senior class.
Special class honors and prizes wer given
to- Ignatius Edward McName, Portland,
Ore.; Otto AloysLus Schmltt, Kansas City,
Mo.; Leo Dominic Hamerskl, Winona,
Minn.; Richard Joseph Collentlne, Monroe,
Wis.; John Bernard Kanaley, Weeds-
port,, N. Y.; Jahn Burke McMahon,
Toledo, O.; Francis Comerford Walket
Butte, Mon. Nearly every state In the
union and South America and Cuba were
Butt, Mont. Nearly every state In th
In his closing address President Cav
anaugh spoke of the growth of the uni
versity during th last year. Th registra
tion has passed the 1,000th mark, th fac
ulty has been notably Increased, special at
tentlon Is being given to graduate work
new courses In chemical and mining engl
neerlng have, been added and equipment
and activity have been Increased In all
the departments. Walsh hall, th new
dormitory for upper clasa men, which Is
now building, will be ready for occupancy
In September. It has been built to accom
modate the large Increase In attendance,
and when completed, with Its suites of
apartments containing study, bedroom and
bath, will be the finest residence hall on
the university ground.
Six new professors will b added to the
faculty In September. They ar members
of the Order of Holy Cross, who conduct
the university. They have Just completed
their course In Washington, D. C, wher
they received the dootor' degree. Th de
partments physics, chemistry, Latin and
history will be strengthened by thes ac
At the annual meeting of the Alumni
association, which took place at commence
ment, the Hon. Warren A. Cartler of the
class of 'S7. of Ludlngton, Mich., was
Verted nreslrtent. The. Hon. William P.
Breen, class of '77, of Fort Wayne, Ind
treasurer, and the Rev. William A. Mol
oney, class of '90, secretary. Plans for the
building of an alumni hall were discussed
and the formation of scholarship were
decided on. A strong movement to In
crease !fie numhfr of Notr Dame clubs In
large centers of population was Inaugu
Observed at Wisconsin
A writer In Harper'a Weekly, discuss
ing co-education at close range, as ob
served In the University of Wisconsin,
note these conditions.
What ar called "practical" subject oc
cupy th young men, whll the maidens
seem mor and mor to monopolism th
"humanities." On the broad step of th
englieerlng building, for example, on
never sees a mingling of the rexes; al
ways a crowd of youths waiting for their
classes to begin, and now and then re
lieving their feelings by chanting col
leg anthem, on of which, th hymn
to Alma Mater, ha a good deal of mu
sical charm. Over against them, across
th campus on the step of th law
building. Is another crowd of boys, who
now and then yell deflanc at th future
ngluers. On th other hand, literature,
poetry, art, th culture languages, th
mor human and refining clement of
learning, draw a great preponderance of
girls; so that they often outnumber th
boy In these classes by tor or four
to one, and some of the clasaaa tend
to tecom exclusively femlnloa. Than
there ar debatable subjects, suoh a
European and AmerUan history, when
th numbers ar more nearly equal. And
n this neutral territory, I teller, a fierce
and memorabl storm raged about a year
ago. It waa suggested that, wher th
classes wer so large as to b unwieldy,
and wher th number of th young mon
and maiden wer fairly equal. It might b
at one practicable and desirable if the
classes wer divided Into two section ao-
oordlng to sex, each m having a class to
Itself. This, It wa thought, might make
for more concentration, and better result
might b obtained. 1 believe that this
seemingly harmless and perhaps really
useful Idea aroused a storm of opposition,
not so much from the youth and maidens,
at from their parents, who denounced th
practice as un-American and undemocratic.
All of which shows that much depends on
th point of view. Rut. as th parent rep
resent the people t th state of Wiscon
sin, and as th university belongs to th
people of the state, this view naturally pre
vailed, and no further efforts at segrega
tion were mad.
ease CkaBsre I. th Faealty n4
Degree Coaferr4.
A large number of new appointment and
of promotion In th faculty of th Uni
versity of Wisconsin wer made by th
board of regents St their annual meeting
now In eslon.
Dr. Orant Showerman was promoted
from associate professor to professor of
Latin. Dr. Richard Flschr wa raised
from assistant professor of pharmacy to
professor of analytical chemistry. Dr. (3.
C. Beltery was promoted from associate
professor to professor of European history.
Dr. H. C. Taylor was made professor of
agricultural economic In the college of ag
riculture, being promoted from an associ
ate professorship of olltlcal economy. D.
H. Otis, associate professor of animal nu
trition, was made professor of farm man
agement. The tltl of Prof. F. C. Burgess
ws chsnged from professor of applied
electro-chemistry to professor of chemical
engineering. In the extension division, W.
H. Llghty was promoted from assistant
professor to professor. Beven assistant
professors were advanced to associate pro
fessors, and twelve Instructor were made
assistant professor.
Over ST0 degree were conferred upon
seniors and gradual students at the fifty
sixth commencement of the university, the
largest number in the history of the In
stitution. Of these 19 received the degree
of bachelor of arts, twenty-five the de
gree of bschelor of arts In the commerce
course, thirty the degree of bachelor of
philosophy In the course for normal school
graduates. Th degree of bachelor of sci
ence In the medical course wa corfterred
upon ten, In the course In chemistry upon
two, In the course In pharmacy upon four,
and four finished the course In pharmacy
with the degree of graduate In pharmacy.
A fellowship In Journalism of the value
of M00 a year was established by the
Alumni association for the ensuing year
at the annual meeting of the organisation.
The fellow In Journalism, who Is to be
nominated by the executive committee of
the association, la to be a college graduate
and will assist In editing the Alumnd Mag
azine. Ed seat tonal Note.
Twelv thousand five hundred pupil"
graduated from the public school of Chi
cago last week.
A master stroke In economy was a nota
ble exhibit along with graduates of two
private schools for girls In Chicago last
week. The graduation gowns in each case
were uniform in color, quality and make,
one et costing $275 each ,the other V
each. The managers of the latter class
worked heroically to cut the cost to 1.98,
but failed.
The University of Michigan conferred
diplomas on 901 graduate at th aixty-flfth
commencement last week.
Charles J. Capen, said to b th oldest
school teacher in the United States and
connected with th Boston Latin school
for mor than sixty years, has been retired
from active service by th school board.
Miss Nannie Hlmes, who resigned the
prlnclpalship of a school at Evanston, 111.,
last week, had been a public school teacher
for thirty-six yeaflT The people of Evans
ton gave a reception In her honor and she
received manv valuable gifts, Including a
purse of 2.RO0.
Frlghtfal Spasm
of the stomach, liver topor, lame back and
weak kidneys are overcome by Electric
Bitters. Guaranteed. 50c. fr sal by
Beaton Drug Co.
How Osc of Collector I.oeb'a Sle.tfc
Captared a Very Shady
An Interesting story apropos of th thor
ough and complete house cleaning Collector
Loeb Is engaged In at the New York custom
house and Its branches was told the other
night In a certain select coterie In Broad
way. For month th most exuberant, best
dressed and most liberal spender among
th rather bias and cosmopolitan crowd
that gathers about the latest of the most
popular resorts on the Thoroughfare ha
been a tall, well built man, with a gray
mustache and a coat of ancient tan that
tells either of tropical experience or many
day at sea. Who he Is or where he came
from po one Inquired. Large wad of
yellow-backed bills and a general "loosen
ing up" disposition quieted all disposition
toward Investigation.
Modest references to military affair led
to th bestowal of th designation "cap
tain," and by that he was known. He
gained the respect of manager and cashlor,
the good will of bartender and tho .id
miration and affection of waiter.
One evening last week, a the captain
was the renter of an admiring crowd to
whom he wa easily but with evident fa
miliarity discoursing on th tariff and It
intricacies, a man clad In the dungarees
and cap of Iqngshoreman, evidently In a
Jovial mood, but aot Intoxicated, strolled
past the group, passed to th further end
of th bar and asked for a glass of beer.
This class of custom 1 unusual in this
resort, and th bartender raised hi eye
brows at th manager, who stood nearby.
There was about the newcomer also a
peculiar odor of th dock that Is associated
with the sickening truplcal smell of raw
The man was so orderly In manner, how
ever, that tlie manager nodded and the
queer customer was served. He stood for
some time contemplatively gaxlng at th
group, where the Captain wa holding
forth In low, gentlemanly tone, and he
closed his argument and the group turned
toward th bar with murmur of comment;
th 'longshoreman strolled down the bar
and, turning, grasped the wrist of the
"Captain" In a grip of ateel. The latter
turned, twisted end raised his arm a If
to strike th Intruder, then turned while
and crimson as his name and th on word
"Sugar" a spoken lowly to him.
In th meantime th "Captain's" com
panion had crowded around with hostile
remark and still mor liostll gestures,
when th 'longshoreman, drawing his man
back, threw open th front of hi Jumper
and upon a silken suspender flashed forth
th golden badge of th Central office to
th gas of th men, some of whom bad
een It before.
There were no more word. With a non
chalant, "Se you latr. boy," th "Cap
tain" passed out with hi companion. They
are wondering yet what his name and po
sition were.
It will probably enlighten them to know
that he waa a United State walgher whom
Loeb' broom had swept Into the discard,
and who Is yt to answer before th fed
eral court for certain alleged dereliction.
By day, In th am das of dungar
worn by hi captor, h stood on th dock
A place where manly boys are made into
manly men. Our system of training com
bines the refinement of home life with
Our academic standards are high, but we aim (specially to de
velop and build up character and create habits of order,' neat
ness, promptness, industry and apreciation of responsibility.
We also aim to build up a sound body and a love of fairness in sport. Our
athletic facilities are extensive, and all athletics are carefully supervised.
Gymnasium Instruction for all.1
Our Classical and Scientific courses prepare for all colleges, and our Com
mercial course for business life.
The location of the school is healthful and beautiful, and the building Is
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The SWr.tmry, jP A, I-.1ytoT Mo.
In the broiling sun watching th Interests
of Unci Bam In th great sugar Importa
tion. By night he fluttered a a gentleman
In th white light of Broadway, and cer
tainly mad a hit. On whose money t That
1 to be ascertained.
Th Central office often take cases off
th hand of th deputy marshal In fed
eral cases, and In this oas th Central
offlc man had been compelled to trail Us
gam through the day without an oppor
tunity to chang hi costume New York
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Union raelfloi Position Unar-.
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teachers oi musicu
u 9 about
a icnool
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fenutlca at aar klwd wU.h ren untl
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M aay uw aaa.
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If you believe that the women
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re erenCtfS nulred.
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Teachers' examination held at clone uf the
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In the state.
Tabor College, Tabor, la.
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