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(tony Await $10
M Sale of Palace
Clothing Go.
Coming Saturday's Sale Prom
ises to Overturn Previous
Selling Records.
The simple announcement that Saturday
next will see ANT of Tha Palace
Clothing Cos. aulte offered at $10 each,
ha aroused an expectant atlr among
thousands of waarera.
It lan't often that auch prestige makes
aa "Strouaa A Bros.," "Miller Make,"
"Franklin Byatem" and -Sophomore"
clothe are offered at auch an unaeem
Inn figure aa S10 the ault.
"But we are willing to cloae out EVERT
ault at thla price," aald the Palace aJ fa
manager, "for, w(h lightened tablea we
will feel dlspoaed to put In the grandeat
fall atock we have ever carried."
So on Saturday morning there will be
no need to aak a price at the Palace one
may walk right In amongst tha $15, $20,
$26 and even $30 tablea and chooae any
ault that atrlkea onea' fancy, at a price
bordering upon tha rldleuloua.
Blues, blacks, fanclea, extremes, conser
vative cuta, extra, atxea, allma, atouta and
men's aulta will go nothing la reserved.
It has been planned to make thla $10
vent one that will be quoted for season's
to coma-
Watch Friday's papers all of them
for extended details of tha aale. And
don't lose sight of tha firm name and
location. "Palace Clothing Co., 14th and
Douglas atraeta.
Board Deducts $31.05 from Clurpe
for Printing Labor Eeport
Protest from ConsilHary "ergroaat
Rrarerdina; Delivery of Bavaltes
Shew All la Plot Yet
run trim
awsaawilaf a'Ti 'fe'l
When the King Harness
Co. quit .business we bought
thelr'entLre stock of Harness
at about one half actual
value and we are groins: to
sell this entire stock, con
sisting of J4I sets of single
breast collar harness at less
price than it will' cost some
manufacturers to make
$10.00 will buy a buggy
harness fpr' which your retail
dealer would charge you
$18.00. ; ,
12.00 Vlll buy a regular
$25.00 buggy harness.
Mall orders will be ac
rente'l as long as the stock
Remember our guarantee;
if you are not fully satisfied
when you see the harness
you may return lt and your
money , will be iflunded.V ..
S." V. Comer !Oth and Jones St.
There's No Better
When you eat anything aa good
as toasted cornflakes, you may at
well eat the best. "Yello" is the
richest and finest in flavor.
V' I t U V ' MP W7
There's nothing that will help "sick"
yes more than glasaea. and there's
nothing that will harm them more
than glasses that don't ault. Eye
glasaea are Intended to remedy defects
In vision. Any glass that falls to do
this la harmful and should not be
worn. All our - lenses are espe
cially around to suit your area. Let
ua make a aclentlflo examination of
your eyes.
Uiiteson Optical Co.,
Ill 8. 16TH ST., OMAHA.
Factory on the premises.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. July 1. (Special.) Sev
eral printers appeared before the State
Printing board this afternoon to protest
against tha payment of the claim of Tim
othy Sedgwick of Tork for printing tha
biennial report of tha State Labor bureau,
They contended Mr. Sedgwick had stuffed
tha report and made a total of 11 S un
necessary pages, for which ha aakeld the
state to pay SIX a page. They desired
also to have the board stick Mr. Sedgwick
for tha penalty for not delivering the re
ports on time. The board deducted $31.06
for tha total bill of IO6.40. In answer to
their charges Mr. Sedgwick produced a
former report which he had been Instructed
to follow in the make-up of the new re
port, and in addition ha produced page
proofs liberally marked which he said had
been pasaed on by tha department. In
thla proof was at least one of the,- pagea
which oontalned a black type title to which
the printers objected. His contention waa
that he had followed the pattern aent him,
had submitted page proofs, and that If
tha bureau objected, the objections anouia
have been marked In the proof.
Labor Commissioner Maupln and his
clerk. Miss Cora Schleslnger, both gave
evidence that no page proof had ever been
sent to their office. Maupln volunteered
the Information that former Commissioner
Ryder, who complied the report and passed
on moat of tha proof, would bear out their
statement, while Mr. Sedgwick was Just
aa sure Mr. Ryder would bear out hla
statement and In addition would say the
Job was eminently satisfactory.
The Tork printer then put some ginger
Into the proceedings by showing: a postal
card signed by Miss Schleslnger, calling
hla attention to a correction to be made
In one of the "title", pages In the "signa
ture." Misa Schleslnger and Mr. Maupln
contended thla card had been written after
the printer had aent down a few pagea of
the report stapled together for the bene
fit of the legislature.
Sedgwick received tha contract for print
ing the report of the labor bureau be
cause he was tha loweetvbldder, K26.40, for
the Job. With 120 pagea taken out of the
report at 11.26 the other bidders would
have received the following prices for the
work: State Journal, 11,204; ' North Co.,
81.186.R0; Woodruff-Collins. $674.48; Gillisple
& Phiiltpa, $S42.80; J. L. Claflin, 1804.9S;
Hammond Printing Co., 1787.12.
Grand Ielaad Row SIU1 Oa.
Governor Shallenbergsr may have aettled
the row between the adjutant and the
commandant at the Soldiers' ' Home at
Grand Island when he made his recent trip
there, but It doesn't look Ilka It. The
Board of Purchase and Supplies which met
tcday to buy quarterly supplies for the
various state Institutions, received a letter
from C. H. Jones, commissary sergeant of
the home, aaklng for several changes In
the contracts. He Insists that the con
tractors should be compelled to deliver not
mere than a wagon kad of gooda at one
time, for theVa la no place for the atuft
to be stored at the home. In his letter ha
told the'Jpoard that frequently, supplies of
canned goods and oatmeal to last three
montha waa delivered and stored In a little
hot room. He took the matter up with the
commandant, ha aald, but got no satisfac
tion, and ha asked the board to help him
out. "It will aave money to the state," ha
argued If hla recommendations were fol
lowed. He also wanted It to be under
stood by the contractors that no goods
should be delivered unleas ordered. One
merchant told him, ha aald. that ha made
more money delivering gooda to the Hast
ings asylum than to tha home. Tf that
Is true," the letter aald to tha board,
"watoh Hastings." Another letter was re
ceived along the same Unas from some of
the members of the borne.
Letter from Scalp tor Freaca.
Daniel Chester French, the sculptor se-
I lected by the Abraham Lincoln Monument
i association to construct tha monument to
Lincoln on the state house grounds, has
aocepted the commission. F. M. Hall has
aent to the secretary of the commission,
Addison Wait, the following letter from
Mr. French, together with the statement
that Mr. Hall will meet Mr. French in New
Tcrk early In July to go over tha matter:
GLENDALE. Maaa. Frank M. Hall. Lin
coln, Neb.: Dear Sir Your letter of June
24. In which you Inform me of the decision
of tha Abraham Lincoln statue oomroluee
to award me the commission for the Lin
coin statue to me la moat gratifying. I
can hardly tell you how muoh pleasure the
announcement haa given me, not only be
cause of the Interest that attaches to the
subject. It la a great opportunity and I
pray that I may rise to the occasion.
I wish you would express to the com
mittee my keen appreciation and the sreat
compliment they have paid me la entrust
ing to me tha execution of thla statue. The
confidence that they have In thla manner
manifested In my ability will be another
Incentive to me to make this statue worty
or me subject ana or the prominent posi
tion which It will occupy In the capltol
grounds at Lincoln. It is a very great
I ahall at once begin the serious study of
the subject and shall, hope before long to
have at least a sketch to show you. Yours
very truly. DANIEL O. FRENCH
Job for Dtia Wee4ard.
The transfer of Mrs. Margaret Farrell
from the position of postmistress at the
Lincoln Insane hospital to be the super
liuendent of the Home for tha Friendless,
tes a placet for Dean Woodard. aon
of Dr. Woodard. superintendent of the
asylum. Mrs. Farrell takes charge of her
new place tomorrow and at tha aama time
young Woodard beglna hla duties.
Olrl Heme from Patteir lastltate.
A. M. Englea. city treasurer of Auburn.
while at the auditor's office getting some
bonds registered, said the little girl who
had been bitten by a squirrel In that city
had returned yesterday from the Pasteur
Institute at Chicago In perfect health and
out of danger.
'The squirrel question waa very serious
In Auburn." aald Mr. Engla, "but at this
time everything la quiet. Those people
who have squirrels now keep them under
lock and key. One party, whoae squirrels
were killed upon orders of the mayor, haa
brought suit against the city."
New Freight Rates.
Among the orders Issued by the railway
commission today were the following; Per
mission to the Burlington to put In a rate
of $S a car on gravel from Cedar Creek to
Cedar station, p rmlsslon to the Burlington
to put In a rate from Sioux City to Omaha
on alcohol, spirits and whisky of 20.89 cents
per 100 pounds. This is a reduction of 10
cents per 100 pounds.
Express Rate Cases Moaday.
The legal department of the state has
been served with notice to appear In tha
federal court at Omaha July 6 and arguo
the express rate cases. The cases to be
argued In the federal court ara praotically
the aame cases that have been presented to
the supreme court of the state.
Colonel Majora Goes to Crawford.
Colonel Thomas Majora waa at the state
houee this afternoon on hla way to Craw
ford to take In the big celebration out
there. Colonel Majors will apeak there
tomorrow afternoon upon the occasion of
the reunion of the' veterans of the civil
war and he will remain over to hear Mayor
Dahlman, the Rev. I. F. Roach and Gov
ernor Shallenberger who apeak Saturday,
Sunday and Monday respectively.
Riant to Refaae to Bar Hogs.
Has a firm or corporation or Individual
the right to go Into a community and buy
hogs from one farmer and refuse to buy
bogs belonging to another farmer T la such
a practice discrimination and against pub
Ho policy? These are the questions which
a farmer out near Alnsley has asked the
state railway commission. He wrote to
the commission that a firm bought his
neighbor's hogs, but refused to buy his
and he desires the commission to issue an
order prohibiting the firm from discrimi
nating. In answer to the quertea the com'
mission said it had no Jurisdiction in the
matter, but suggested that the aggrieved
person might consult a lawyer.
Says Assessment la Too Low.
Attached to the history of a bond Issue
of the village of Cambridge is a certified
statement from the village Clerk W. J
Holley to the effect that for bond issue
purposes and tor taxation purposes the
property of the village haa a different
valuation. The part of the certified state
ment bearing on that aubject la aa fol
The assessed value of real estate and
personal and other property, equalised
1908, la 1169,125. The assessed valuation Is
tha same as returned by the assessor for
ltd. v
Property In Nebraska Is supposed to be
assessed at 20 per cent of Its real value,
which would make the total value of said
property In aaid village $46,626, but In fact
the aame la assessed at a great deal less
then 20 per cent, and the conservative eat)
mate of the value of the property in said
village la not less than 11,000,000.
Bishop Bonacnm Gets Injunction
Against Seward Priest.
Traveling Goods
Largest , atock of Trunks, Suit Casea
and Traveling Bags la the city, at the
lowest price.
Wo have the best Suit Case for $8.00
In tbV country.
Harness, Saddle and Trunk Store.
uu riartM itbut.
Call Us
iby 'Phone
Whenever roM want some
thing, call 'Pbone Douglas
SM and snake It know
tarousTa a Bee Want Ad.
The beat all Vound beer
the market-bar none
- 1 V y w mWT 1 k f
I 1 I i I I I 1 1 I I !
Webster 1160,
iaU. snail.
- . a, - ,.
teaoarrapber Left State's Employ of
Her Owa Accord.
BEATRICE, Neb., July L-To the Editor
of The Bee: I desire to call your attention
to an Item published In this morning's Issue
of your paper concerning asyium employes.
Tou make the statement that I, "Kathryn
O'Connor, a nurse, has been discharged
from the Institution, though no reason la
aaalgned for tha action of the auperln
Undent." This Is a mistake.
In tha flrat place, I am not a nurse, but
have been employed at tha hospital aa
stenographer for the last four years, and
I left tha aervloe of my own accord, after
giving Dr. Woodard six weeks' notice.
have letters of recommendation from tha
three superintendents, including Dr,
Wodard, whom I have worked under, and
ahall send them to you If necessary to
rectify thla mistake. Of ewurse It means
a great deal to me and you will oblige me
very much If you will kindly correct the
error In the same column of the paper
tomorrow morning. It has already been a
source of much embarrassment to me.
I 'phoned Dr. Woodard a few minutes
ago concerning this matte and ha In
formed me that the statement did not
coma from tha institution.
Madlaoa His Coavleted of Haa
slaaa-ater to Make Another Appeal.
MADISON, Neb.. July 1 (Special Tele
gram.) W. A. Field, clerk of the district
court, in obedlenoa to Instructions re
ceived today from Judge Welch, district
judge, issued aa order of commitment to
Sheriff Clements commanding blm to take
Herman Boohe forthwith to tha state pen!
tentlary at Lincoln. Sheriff Clements will
leave for Lincoln tomorrow 'on tha 11
o'clock train.
On May L 107, Boche shot and killed
Frank Jarmer, a saloonkeeper at Norfolk,
Neb., and at the March session of the dis
trict court a year ago was convicted of
manslaughter and sentenced to serve ten
years In tha penitentiary at Lincoln. Pend
Ing an action asking for a new trial Boche
was released from Jail on $10,000 bond.
Several days ago the supreme court at
firmed the sentence of the district court
William V. Allen, attorney for Boche, in
a few days will make another effort in be
half of Boche. Judge Root handed down
a diaenting opinion.
Rev. S. 1. Bartle Hsaerti,
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., July 1. (Special
Rev. 8. D. Bartle, pastor of the First
Methodist church of thla city, baa received
a oommiaalon from Oov. Bhallen
berger to represent Nebraska at the
National Prison congress to bo held at
Seattle on August 14 to Is. Rev. Mr Bar
tie came to Grand Island last October
Before coming her he waa the associate
pastor of the Flrat Methodist church of
Omaha. Mr. Bartle has notified the gov
arnor of hla acceptance of the commlaaion.
Mr. and Mra. Bartle and aon expect to
leave the later part of thla month.
Two Aoeldeats at Ball Gaaae.
CENTRAL CITT, Neb., July L (Special.)
A heavily laden auto, owned by Ed
Broers, upset Tueeday, while returning
from a ball game at Osceola, One of tbe
wheels waa broken, aa a reault of too
aharn a turn and the occupant of tha
machine were thrown out. Jim Fauble
had one of his arms dislocated and Dr.
Jarmla suffered a severe shaking up. An
other bad aooident occurred during the
gama itself. Maddoa, he Central City
third baseman had Ms lag broken. Central
City won by a score of 11 to 0.
of Mens, Young Mens and Children's Spring and Sum
mer Suits ever held in Omaha will commence at this store
Read our "ad" in Friday evening papers. See windows
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 now. Greatest variety of genuine
bargains ypu ever saw. Every suit new for year of 1909.
Tire Home ol Quality Clotlrcs
Prelate Visits Seward la Company
with Lawyer, bat No Demon
stration Made Hearing; at
Hastlatrs Joly 19.
Fires on the
Fourth of July
Newly Installed State Official Issues
Formal Proclamation on
LINCOLN. Neb.. July 1. -(Special. )-A.
V. Johnson, state fire commiaioner, today
as a first official act. Issued the follow
ing: First In the effort to preserve life and
nrotert nronertv the nler for the eilthorl-
July 1. (Special Tele- ties to begin Is with the sellers of fire
gram.) A temporary restraining order to- works. Ordinances and laws prohibiting
ni.ht inhikix n.w William Mumhv from ' tne Bale of the niore dangerouB variety of
night Inhibits Rev. William Murphy from f,re work(l may be enforcej more readily
officiating aa a priest wthln the confines than orders seeking to regulate or prohibit
of the diocese presided over by Bishop their use after they have been sold. Strict
Bonacum. The order was granted today
by Judge Corcoran of the district court.
Bishop Bonacum came here thla after
noon with hla attorney. Judge Holland of
Lincoln, and remained until service had
been obtained by the sheriff. He then left
town by train. There was no demonstra
tion against the prelate, and not many
even knew he was here.
Judge Corcoran was not seen here and
It la aaaerted by some that he algned the
decree at his home In Tork. Judge Cor
coran ordered that the hearing for a per
manent order should be held before Judge
Dungan at Hastings July It.
Father Murphy was taken by surprise.
and following the refusal of Judge Wilbur
at David City to issue a restraining order
had believed himself safe from one. He
declared that he would scrupulously obey
the order of the court.
Addresses by Dr. E. A. Schell Are
Featareo of Meeting- at Teoomsek.
TECUMSEH, Neb., July t (Special.)
The seventeenth annual oonventlon .of tha
Nebraska City District Epworth league was
held at the Methodist Eplacbpal cnuroh in
Teaumseh Tuesday and Wednesday. There
were over seventy delegates from the five
or alz counties in attendance and a splen
did meeting waa held. Following a sea-
alon of song Tuesday afternoon, Mayor W.
Robb gave an addreaa of welcome, whlon
waa responded to by Mra. Alice Johnson of
Nebraska City. E. H. Wescott of Platta
mouth gave the convention keynote and
Rev. Mr. Randall of Plattemouth gave a
Bible meeting. An address by Dr. E. A.
Schell, president of the Iowa Wealeyan unl
veralty, waa a feature of the Tueeday even
ing meeting.
Wednesday Miss Katharine Maddoz of
Falls City gave a paper on "The King's
Business," and, she was followed by Mlsa
Grace Dalton of Plattsmouth on "The Idaal
League," and ' Mra. Lydla K. Andrews of
Table Rock on "Tha Qoepel Armor." Mias
Myrtle Williams of Louisville spoke of
Soul Carpenters." and A. C. Ferguson of
Elmwood of "Joiners." A paper on "The
Other Fellow," prepared by E. O. BlacK-
atone of Peru, was read by Mr. Burkey of
that town. Mlaa Mildred Woodcock of
Elmwood gave a paper on "As the Twig la
Bent the Tree'a Inclined." and matters of
general Interest to the league were dis
cussed. Mr. Son ell conducted a story and
aong session, and two league lacks were
given, via: "Fun," by Louis Spencer of
Falls City, and "Friendliness," by Mlsa
Lora McDonald of Weeping Water.
E. H. Wescott of Plattsmouth waa named
as president, and Harold Way of Tecum-
seh aa corresponding secretary, it was
decided to hold the next convention In
supervision by authorities over places
where fireworks are being disposed of and
notice to dealers that the law will bn
enforced to the letter, will reduce the fire
loss to the minimum.
htond omail children should not be per
mitted by their parents or guardians to
handle fireworks or matches.
Third All persons using matches or punk
or lighted firecrackers should be careful to
see that these do not contain fire when they
leave their hands and when tbey are thrown
away they should not be thrown in the
vicinity of Inflammable material.
Fourth Where fireworks are exploded In
the evening particular rare should be taken
that the place from which they are die
charged is clear of any debris or Inflam
mable material and that the locality In
which the sparks or lights are likely to
fall Is free from buildings that might be
destroyed. ,
Fifth The "toy balloon" Is most danger
ous so far as property Is concerned. If
this cannot be abolished altogether, it
should not be permitted to be sent up
after the general publlo haa retired for
the night.
Sixth All cellarways, fence corners and
places where waste paper or old rubbish
accumulates should be given a cleaning up
before July 4. Where It Is impossible to
clean up entirely, the premises should be
given a thorough drenohlng, so there will
be no danger or any lighted articles care
lessly thrown starting a blase.
Broken Bow Odd Fellows Baaoet.
BROKEN BOW, Neb.. July 1. (Special.)
-Broken Bow Lodge No. 118. I. O. O. F..
celebrated Its silver annlveraary on Mon
day atght of thla week. Grand Master It
H. Miller, of Aurora, being preaent foi
tha occasion. A fine program was rrn
dared at tha hall, the principal feature he
ing addresses by W. H. Purcell and M. K
Hagadorn. At the conclusion of tbe pro
gram, the members, Daughtera of Re
bekah and Invited guests, marched In a
body to the Temple theater where an elab
orate banquet awaited them. The follow
ing toasta were responded to, Judge H. J.
Shlnn acting aa toaatmaster: "Friendship,
Love and Truth," C. W. Beal; "Twenty-one
Tears In the Harneea." Emerson R. Pur
cell; "Remembrances." R. E. Brega; "Sixty-one
yaara an Odd Fellow," W. T.
Scherr; "Relation of Odd Fellowahlp to
tha Church." Joaeph Plgman; "My ex
perience in Odd Fellowahlp," N. M. Mor
gan; "The Order In Nebraska," Grand Mas
ter R. H. Miller.
Ed Johnson la Daagreronaly Woanded
by Clarence Cain.
BEATRICE. Neb., July 1. (Special Tele
gram.) Ed Johnson was stabbed tonight
by Clarence Cain at the home of Mrs.
Cain on Market street. Johnson had gone
to the horns of Mra. Cain, who la quite
aick. she being the grandmother ol Mra.
Johnson. Clarence Cain aoon entered and
began abusing Johnnson, who tried to
quiet him. Aa Johnson came toward Cain
he whipped out a pocket knife and stabbed
him In the right breast. Inflicting a dan
gerous wounds Cain waa ledged In jail.
It Is thought Johnson will recover. Cain
la well known In police circles. He ar
rived In town thla evening from Kansas,
where he haa been living for some time.
Is to be purchased and a dally newspaper
FKATHICE William A. Simmerman and
Miss Mae Reevee. both of Rlverton, la..
were married last evening at tha parson
age of La Sella Street Methodist Epis
copal church, Rev. J, V. Lewis officiating.
GRAND ISLAND Grand Island will have
no formal celebration of the Fourth. There
will be nurse races on July t and 6 and a
game of ball on the Fourth, but aa to a
special program all effort haa been aban
doned. The general celebration will be on
July 6 and the merchants will close their
stores at noon and Indulge In a plcnla at
Midway, a resort on Wood river. The
Llednrkrans will celebrate In Its garden
on the afternoon and evening of the
Foley'a Honey and Tar not only atops
chronic cougha that weaken tha constitu
tion and develop Into consumption, but
heals and strengthens the lunga. It af
fords comfort and relief In the worst eases
of chronic bronchitis, asthma, hay fever
and lung trouble. Sold by all druggist.
The Weather.
land, although this farm has god Im- tomorrow. It Is understood that a linotype
provements and plenty or trull Dealing
PI.ATTKMOrTH The Plattsmouth sa
loonkeepers have decided to commence
cloning their places of business at 8 o'clock
Friday evening.
REPUBLICAN CITY The prospect for
wheat and oats In this section is unusually
good. Harvesting will begin next week.
The first crop of alfalfa was fairly good
and corn Is looking well. ,
KEARNEY Dr. A. O. Thomas enter
tained the faculty of the State Normal at
his residence Tuesday evening. A short
program was rounded out by a brief re
trospect by lr. Thomas of the work being
done at the school.
PLATTSMOl'TH Homer A. Sanders of
this city and Mlsa Klla Julia Rasmussen
were united In marriage at the home of
the bride In Columbus. Neb., yesterday,
Rev. S. I. Harkness. pastor of the Pres
byterian church, officiating.
GRAND ISLAND Chairman Wllllama
has called a meeting of the Hall county
republican central committee for Saturday.
July 10, for the purpose of selecting a dele
gate to the state convention and the trans
action of any other business that may
properly come before the committee.
KEARNEY J. N. Parks, an employe of
the brick yards here, waa aeverely In
jured by falling from a wagon on which
he was standing when his team became
frightened and started, suddenly. He re
ceived Injuries to his legs that will per
haps lay hlmup permanently.
K EA RN KY Frederick Williams of Kear
ney and Miss Anna Licking of Sumner
were granted licenses to marry Tueeday
afternoon. George C. Kreitle and Miss
Ethel C. Ball also procured licenses and
the ceremony took plaee at the home of
the bride s parents Wednesday evening.
REPUBLICAN CITY-The annual school
meeting of district No. 1 waa held here
yeaterday. with a good attendance. J. E
Gosnell. George Woolman and Brown "Olf-
ford were elected members of the school
board and $4,200 was recommended for the
expenses of running tha school the coming
CAMBRIDGE Cambridge will celebrate
the Fourth of July on Saturday In Mc
Klnley park. An excellent program appro
priate for the occasion awaits the throngs
of people who will be present at the event
of the season. Hon. C. A. Phillips ap
pears upon the program as the orator of
the day.
CAMBRIDGE At the annual school
meeting held at the high achol building
Monday afternoon C. M. Brown and A. E.
Thorndlke were re-elected for three-year
terms as trustees on tha school board.
The contract for the erection of the new
126,000 achool building will soon be ready
lor mas.
KEARNEY State Treasurer Brian. Sec
retary of State Junkln, members of the
Board of Public Landa and Buildings, and
Charles Guenzel of Lincoln were In thla
city Tuesday evening looking over the
work at the Industrial school. The speci
fications for the new barn have been ap
proved by the board and the work will
start soon.
MADISON N. H. Field, clerk of the dis
trict court, received a mandate from the
supreme court today which atated that
WASHINGTON, July L-Forecast
Friday and Saturday:
For Nebraaka, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas
and South Dakota Generally fair and con
tinued warm.
For Wyoming Fair Friday, slightly
cooler In north and west portions Friday;
fair and cooler Saturday.
For Colorado Generally fair.
Broken Bow Store Damaged.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., July l.-(Special.)
The department store of Ryerson Broth
era, yesterday, suffered a severe loss by
fire and water. It Is not known positively
how the fire started aa It Is supposed to
have been caused by spontaneous combus
tion. The flames broke through to the
main floor, gutting the shirt department
and ruining valuable dry gooda by amoke.
Ryeraon Brothers, however, estimate their
loss to be about 5,000.
Nebraaka News Notea.
BEATRICE The business men'a ball
team defeated a nine from the poatofflco
last evening by the score of S to S.
SUTTON The original Mrs. Ban ck man
farm, one mile east of town, waa aold
thia week for 1125 per acre. Clay county
farmers are getting the top prices for
Temperature at Omaha yeaterday:
5 a. m....
6 a. m...
T a. m
S a. m....,
I a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m....
12 m
1 p. m
1 p. m
t p. m
4 p. m
I p. m.
tae sentence of the district court had
been affirmed in the Boche caae. Up to
a late hour Sheriff Clements had received
no Instructions from the supreme court
further than a telegram commanding him
to take Boche Into custody.
PLATTSMOUTH Thomas B. BateV of
Plattsmouth and Miss Kittle May Smith
of Omaha were united In marriage in
Council Bluffs, Justice Cooper of that city
officiating. Immediately following the
same official united in marriage Robert A.
Bates and Miss Martha Rupeiey, both of
this city. Tha Bates Bros, publish the
Plattsmouth Daily and Serai-Weekly Jour
nal. GRAND ISLAND The S o'clock closing
law will go Into effect beginning tomorrow
morning. There la no disposition In this
city on the part of any of the aaloonmen
to challenge the law, and notice haa re
cently been served by the president of the
local organisation of retail liquor dealera
to obHerve the law faithfully, beginning
tomorrow morning, when saloons will not
open before ? o'clock.
PLATTSMOUTH Ex-Congressman Ern
est M. Pollard of Nehawka has been In
the city a few days looking sfter the In
terests of hla newspaper plant, the Newt
Herald. Articles of Incorporation In the
sum of 17.000, with E. M. Pollard, W. L.
Picket and A. L. Tldd aa Incorporators,
will be filed In the county clerk'a office
... 72
... 73
... 74
... 77
.... 78
... 81
.... M
... 83
.... M
ieo M
.... 87
' 8 p. m.'..V.,te..i 87
7 o. m. M
8 p. m..
I p. ai.
Local Record.
OMAHA, July 1. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation, comparoa wun
the corresponding period of the laet three
veara: 1M8. 1908. 1MTT. 1806.
Maximum temperature .. 88 71 84 w
Minimum temperature ... n wi o jo
Mean temperature M St T4 7
Preolpltatlon 00 T .80 .80
Temperature and precipitation aeusriurca
from the normal at Omaha einee March 1.
and compared with the laat two years:,
Normal temperature f
Excesa for the day
Total deficiency since March 1 280
Normal precipitation li Inch
Deficiency for the day II Inch
Total rainfall alnce March 1. 19DS.lJ.iil Indies
Deficiency alnce March 1.. 7 Inch
Excess for cor. period. 1808 i.K Inches
Deficiency for cor. period. 1907.. M Inchee
Reports from Staaloaa at T P. M.
Station and State
of Weather.
Bismarck, clear
Cheyenne, clear .......
Chicago, clear
Davenport, clear .......
Denver, clear
Havre, part cloudy ..
Helena, cloudy
Huron, clear
Kansas City, clear ...
North Platte, clear ...
Omaha, clear
Rapid City, clear
St. Louis, clear
St. Paul, clear
Salt Lake City, clear
Valentine, dear
Wllllston, clear
Tern. Max. Rain-
7 p.m. . Tern. -, fall.
.... 78
.... 78
.... 78
.... 8
.... 84
.... 88
.... 82
"" 90
88., .00
81 .00
76 .00
M .00
M . .00
90 .00
n .oo
90 -.00
88 . .00
88 .00
88 .00
9 .00
90 . .00
88 .00
108 .00
86 , .60
8 .00
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster,
li to I
e Soli
(Cost Mot ComsSdl(2iiosdl
Kilpatrick's Rliist Have Room For Workmon
Heat Prostratloa at Seward.
SEWARD. Neb.. July 1. (Special Tele
gram.) The first heat prostration of the
season occurred here today, when William
Welleman, a youth of SO years,' pitched j
headlong oft a haymow on top of which
be had been working In tha sun. His con- j
dltion Is not now regarded aa extremely j
Boy Skat with Toy Pistol.
HASTINGS. Neb.. July l. Special Tele
gram.) Robert Reed, tha S-rear-old aon of
J. D. Reed, received a two-Inch wound
In tha leg from a blank cartridge fired by
a companion during a prematura Fourth
of July celebration laat night. Although
painful, tha wound la not serious.
Haatlaca salooae Close.
HASTINGS. Neb., July I (Special Tele
gram.) All saloons In Hastings tonight be
gan observlug tha early closing law, al
though advised by numnvui attorneys
that tha law does not boooma effective un
til tomorrow.
Every yard every piece every weave every color
offered for sale without any reservation. -
Never such excitement on Wool Dress Goods during
summer weather Blacks, Creams, Whites, all colors
Voiles, Broadcloths, Wool Satins, Challis, Serges, Batistes
and etc., priced lower than ever known; walls to come
down; must have room Come in the mornings if you can
more comfort, better service.
Thomas Mpat5ik x ,

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