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Correct -Dress for IVlen and Boys
1517 STAR
Waist Sale
Saturday we offer the
X most tempting Waist Bar
gains, not job lots, or
manufacturer's mistakes,
but waists .taken from our
carefully .selected stock.
We say they are the best
Waist Values offered in
Omaha" If you don't find
them so when you get
them home just send them
back and we'll cheerfully
refund your money.
Up to $2.50 Values at..
Up to $3.50 Values at $1.45
Up to $4.50 Values at 551.1
I Nebraska
Burlington Fut Freight CtmIici Into
Switch Engine-.
Beta Ks7la. Art DMlUh U
Several CuloUi of Fralt ana
M.rcfcamdUe lttrt4
. OTtf Track.
PLATT8MOUTH, Neb., July 1 (Special.)
A bad wreck occurred in th yard hr
laat night about midnight when tha Bur
lington fast freight No. 74. from Omaha,
cam around a sharp ourve aa It approached
the north yard, and going In on the west
aldetrack crashed Into the awltoh engine
and demolished both enginea and wrecked
four freight car loaded with fruit and
. ganeral merchandlae, which were acat-
tired over the tracks. The englnemen saw
the coming collision and all Jumped and
aaved their Uvea azcept Fireman Bliss,
' who was working his second night aa fire
man on the switch engine, and hla left foot
was caught between the two engines and
so badly crushed that Drs. Cook and Liv
ingston found It necessary to amputate the
limb between the ankle and knee. Tha en
gines kept tha track,, but tha cars were
badly smashed and scattered over the
tracks. The switching crew bad gone In on
the aiding behind a long atring of cars to
do soma work and had left the switch open
and the engineer on the Incoming train did
not see It In time to stop his train before
the crash came. The east through track
was cleared in time for the morning pas
senger trains to pass nearly on time.
Jadare Hostetler to Alaska.
. TW T . . 1 . & ...I 1
V Judge B. O. Howtetler and family left
Thursday morning for Omaha and from
'V -that point tha Judge will leava via the
I Northwestern and Canadian Paclflo for
. .ikarwav. Alaska. Hla family will not
K accompany him, but will spend the summer
at Waverly. la. Judge Hostetler will
spend several weeks In the Alaskan coun
try and will return' via Seattle.
Girl of Six Months had Fearful
Attack of Eczema Spread All
Over Her Face and Eyes Began to
Swell Scratched Till Blood
Came Relieved In a Night and
v Whwn nr little girl was si month
14 I noticed small red spot on her
ngni cneeg. i aia not
f ay any attention to
hem but finally tha
spots grew to largo
that I sent for the doc
tor who said it waa
ringworm. R pre
scribed an ointment
which I used for two
weeks, but Instead of
helping the eruption,
tha ointment teemed
to make It worse. Then I went to a
second doctor who after examining the
baby said it was acaema. He also cat
. mo aa ointment which did not help
1 etcher. Tha disease In the meantime
spread all over the face and the eyes
began to swell. I became very an sioua.
The Itching grow intolerable. 1 had to
- tie the Dby e bands to tha cradle to
prevent her scratcmng. ino c nee is
wore covered with blood and it weA a
I terrible aisht to see. I consulted
f tors from September to Deoembet t
they were unable to euro the baby. I
paid out from twenty to thirty dollar
without relief.
'One of my friends told ma of the
Cuticura Roinediea and I tent at no
fur a set which 1 began to use that even
lug. The nest morning the baby's faoa
waa all white instead of red and you can
lraagine how aurpriaed I waa. Irannot
Cad words enough to praise Cuticura
and 1 do not know what would have
become of my baby only for it. 1 used
the Cuticura Remedies until the enema
entirely disappeared- Tha child M now
three years old and quite well. 1 used
three oakes of Cuticura Soap, twe boxes
f Cuticura Ointment and one bottle of
I u'utioura Resolvent and 1 never use any
a other soap. I always recommend them
F (hunMH thM-e is a chance for dcina an.
! I will sond you one cf her picture
which she had takeo lust after she was
t healed. Mrs. P. K. GumbtO, Sheldon,
I la.. July 13. lu."
" " CuUrurm Sate Ufa ), OBSMM tnt , BmuIik
7 ) f
"y ili lea votmiia amm vaaua
Order Served on
Fatncr Murphy
He ii Enjoined from Acting as
Catholio Frieit Anywhere in
Lincoln Dioceie.
SEWARD, Neb., July 1 Father William
Murphy of Reward was today served with
a blanket Injunction order Issued yester
day by Judge Oeorge Corcoran at York,
In which he is not only restrained from
aetlng aa rector of the church at Ulysses,
but from acting or attempting to act as
a Catholic priest In any of the churches
comprised In tha Lincoln diocese.
Tha court order Is an after-effeot of the
demonstration against Bishop Bonacum
and two priests who accompanied him at
Ulysses two weeks ago tonight. Tha or
der la a sweeping one. and friends of
Father Murphy are Inclined to regard it
as a . distinct Interference with religious
liberty, but they say that It will be obeyed
until the courts have had an opportunity
to act The suit Is brought In the name
of the corporation of the Church of the
Immaoulate Conception, the name of the
Ulysses church. .
The hearing on the Injunction will be (n
the district court at Seward, July 19.
' Takes Polaoa by Mistake.
BROKEN BOW. Neb, July !-Speclel.)
Mrs. J. E. Caldwell, formerly of Lin
coln, who now manages the Keneau hotel
on the north side, came near making a
fatal mistake late last night when she
unconsciously substituted a bottle of car
bolic acid for one containing medicine.
(She had been working hard all day. and
upon going to her room did not atrike a
IlKht, but went to a shelf where the medi
cine was kept and took down a bottle,
supposing It to be the right one. She
filled a tablespoon with the liquid and
swallowed it before she reallsedTTwas car
bolic acid. Mrs. Caldwell, who Is
trained nurse by profession, attempted at
first to administer self-treatment, but
rapidly becoming worse, medical aid was
summoned and when Drs. Pennington and
Talbot arrived on the scene fifty minutes
later, they found the patient In spasms.
After being worked over all night, Mrs
Caldwell was pronounced out of danger,
aimougn ami in a serious condition.
Grand Island Commercial dab.
GRAND ISLAND. July 1 (Speclal.)-The
present corn weather la mot sufficient to
shrivel the ardor of the Commercial club
and at a well attended meeting last even
Ing It was decided to appoint a committee
on arrangements and a committee on
securing train facilities for the purpose of
taking a series of trips to the patrona of!
Grand Island wholesale and retail busi
ness Interests In the surrounding towns,
the first trip probably to be taken In motor
cars to Ord. The action of the executive
committee in assuring the support of the
club to the Chautauqua undertaking, with
the view of making a permanent local
organisation out of it next year, waa also
lajarea In J a at a frosa Train.
KEARNKT, Neb., July t (Special.)
R. K- Parker, a young man from Brady
Island, waa severely hurt by Jumping
from train No. 4 Thursday morning. Par
ker thought the train' waa going on
through Kearney without stopping and
wishing to get off In Kearney, he Jumped.
The train was Just crossing Second ave
nue, near the Transmlsslsslppl elevator,
and Parker alighted on his face and
skidded along on It and his knees. The
flash was badly torn from his face and
his knee caps were laid bare", making hi
unable to move his limbs. He waa taken
to the city hospital.
Girl Aeeasea Her Father.
TECUMSEH. Neb.. Julv lSn..l
Lr. J. u. Kerr, a dentist of RrHin ..
brought into the county court here today
on a statutory chants, his it..,.m
daughter. ira Neff. slinlns- tha .n.
plaint The rase was heard befnra T,...
James Livingston. J. c. Moore appearln
for the state and E. R. Hitrhi-rww k
defendant. Ir. Neff refused to plead
lie was placed under bond In tha ..m
11,000 to appear for trial at the district
court. Bond waa furnished. Dr. Nrr .
Joyed a good reputation here.
ekool Teacher Ia.tared.
lIDNEf, la., July . (Special.) Mis
Grace Hawley, teacher of physics In the
Sidney High school, waa severely injured
at her honie while making a demonstra
tion In her line of work. A small cl
vial waa placed In a larger one to make
an experiment. Owing to some defect In
tne glass the larger bottle burst and ae
verely lacerated Mia Hawley's left hand,
cutting it to the bone.
Th Glad llama1
removes liver Inaction and bowel stoppage
wun ur. King s New Life Pille, tha paln
lea regulator. Ko, Sold by Lteaton
U iM
Monday! J
The Declaration of Independence
celebrate is, some Beautiful Mid
Summer Suits we are offering you
Saturday at
We have a
weather at $10 and
only the best clothes made in the world clothes made by such makers
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tatives here, gives us a prestige that no other Omaha house enjoys for
with the assortment from these ereat manufacturers we can show dozens
of handsome styles that other stores can't get. We are not confined
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Look around and compare our suits on display and you won't find any dificulty about who has the best clothes.
We Do Not Boast
When we nay we can fit you bet
ter In a pair of outing trousers
and with more style .than any
other store in town a'nd there is no
slxe missing from our excellent
assortments. And then again,
we've the patterns to select from,
and we can sell you these trous
ers at a saving to your finances
that will surprise you. A nice,
fresh, snappy pair ot trousers and
a cool, soft shirt on a hot day look
the part and perhaps they don't
feel it Beauties at
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00,
$3.50, $4.00 and $5
Get them now.
- (Continued from First Pace.)
and Cumrhlns. The result waa an exact
counterpart of the prevloua rollcall.
Next in order came the vote upon the
corporation tax provision upon its own
merit, but before thl . ballot could be
reached Mr. Bacon sought to obtain action
on two amendments presented by himself,
both of which Mr. Aldrlch moved to lay
upon the table, with auoceasful result.
Bsros Loaes Temper.
The first of these amendments provided
for an exemption of educal lal, charitable
and rellaiou institutions, lagatnat which Mr.
Aldrlch made his first point of order. Be
cause he did so, he fell Into a sharp clash
with It author. The effect of the point
of order was to cut off debate, but Mr.
Aldrlch chanced to drop the remark that
he would "allow" Mr. Bacon to proceed.
The form of the expression seemed to In
cense the Georgia senator, and he retorted
sharply to the effect that he "Was not
surprised that Mr. Aldrlch ahould assume
such a manner because he had been
dictating- to the senate so long- that he waa
accustomed to use language of that kind."
When the amendment waa laid on the table.
41 to 32, the Oeorgta aenator Immediately
presented another amendment requlrlm the
taxation of bonds, which - --'
to 84. The climax was then reached, and
without any piciimii.ur.L ....
was tken. It was upon agreeing to the
corporation tax amendment aa a part of
the tariff bill. This amendment was
adopted by the vote of 60 to 1L
Aldrlch Bark la lite Seat.
From the way the achool got down to
business this morning, it waa evident that
the schoolmaster had returned. In other
words, Senator Aldrlch, chairman of Vie
finance committee, was in hi seat, and a
quorum waa ready to proceed with the busi
ness. While Mr. Aldrlch did not reveal the
secret of his whereabouta during his two
days' absence, his complexion waa so much
ruddier that it was evident hed had put
In most of hla time in the open air.
Senator Heyburn of Idaho lost no time In
taking the floor to preesnt a technical ob
jection to the corporation tax bill. Ur.
Heyburn' objection waa that the amend
ment waa too indefinite to make it opera
tive. The first provision of the bill fixes
a tax of t per cent on the net Income of
Intu.-voratlons "with respect to carrying on
or oing of business of such corporation"
Tha Idaho senator contended that under
this language it would be quite Impossible
to determine the object of the bill or to
enforce Its provisions, because of vague
ness. He also claimed the tax bt'lng levied
on all corporations "organized for profit,"
Included corporations that do no business
except to collect rent, which, he said,
would bring It nearly within th scope of
the Pollock case, In which' the Income tax
was declared to be Invalid.
These objection provoked comment by
Senators Aldrlch, Root, Brandegee, Nelson
and others. Mr. Aldrlch suggested that
the language called into question had been
parsed upon by many distinguished law
yers. Benator Root gave assurances
that these objections would receive care
ful consideration by the flnanee commit
tee, although, he said, he believed the
amendment as framed waa such a to in
sure It constitutionality.
Heybara Gets Ilela.
Senator Brandegee came to the support
of Mr. Heyburn. He suggested that there
had been no definite understanding In the
senate as to what I meant by the words
"with respect to the carrying on of busi
ness," and aald he did not think It "be
came the dignity of congress to us phrasea
of that kind and have it appear In the
record that congress had no definite Idea
a to what It meant." H declared It
would hardly be contended that congress
could tax th right of a corporation char
tered by a sUt to carry on Its business.
Senator Carter. Borah. Cummin, Me
That's the day
onor to the
. i
names to tnat
great collection of
$15 that we would
Cumber, Sutherland, Raynor and others
Joined In tha discussion of the constitution
ality of the language objected to, Senator
Root and Rayner declaring that to atrike
out the word under discussion would
greatly weaken the measure.
Democrat for Meaaare.
Saying he preferred voting for an In
come rather than a corporation tax. Sena
tor Raynor declared he would vot for
the pending corporation tax if ae could
not have hi first choice.
"I believe," he added, "that thla Is an
absolutely constitutional measure. Thl
bill I unjust and Inequitable, but when
I cannot obtain an income tax I will be
forced to vote for thl amendment or
leave the government bankrupt."
Senator Cummin replied briefly to the
speech made yesterday by Senator Root
in favor of the corporation tax. Mr. Cum
mins said there waa no pnejudlc against
wealth in Iowa, but that his constituents
Insisted on the taxation of wealth In all
Its forms, and not merely In some of It
In the course of a colloquy with Senator
McCumber as to the distinction between
taxing a business and the right to conduct
a business, Mr. Rayner said:
"I am not In any wise responsible- for
the obiter dictum of the supreme court;
I am not responsible for Its calamitous
decision and Illogical conclusions In the
Pollock case. I have alwav thought th
Income tax question ahould be resubmitted
o the court and that th court ahould
, have another opportunity to say whether
its decision In that case, in which It over
ruled the precedent of a hundred years,
should be allowed to stand."
Eat I mat of Revenae.
Senator Elkln asked if 1 per cent would
not be a sufficient corporation tax.
Mr. Aldrlch replied that ha had esti
mated that th revenue from the corpora
tion tax provisions would be at least twioe
the amount estimated by the president, or
tfi0.000.000. He said there was no way of
telling what the revenue from this aource
would be. If there would be "enlarged ex
travagance" there would not be enough
revenue, but if an era of economy was
to be entered upon, he declared that the
bill "as It now stands will be sufficient to
meet all expenses of the government."
Voicing his opposition to the corporation
bill. Senator Hughe of Colorado declared
that the measure contained a- class of mu
tual Institutions which were placed there
for the purpose of Insuring It repeal.
Opposes Taft'a Attltade.
"We have reached a point when the
president can direct his attorney gefferal
to draft a law and then can point to us
as committing sacrilege If senators of thl
body endeavor to correct error that we
may detect In it phrseology," declared
the Colorado senator.
"Thl Is not a tax on th business of
corporations," declared Mr. Hughe. "It
la a tax on income. That 1 what the
president said In hla speech of acceptance.
That ia what he teld hi attorney general
to draw an Income tax law that will meet
the construction of the constitution that
has been upheld by the supreme court."
He claimed that the pending measure
waa on an equality with th income tax
law that had been set asld. by th. "su
preme court, and said that unless th.
court should reverse Itself, it would b
obliged to declare the measure unconsti
tutional. Call thla a substitute or subter
fuge for the Income tax amendment, said
the Colorado aenator In conclusion, "I am
against It."
Senator Newlands spoke In opposition to
the corporation tax, taking tha position
that it would not meet the requirement
of th supreme court. Subsequently, how
ever, he voted for It.
Aatl-Treatlac Law Krlectlre.
TANKTON. 8. I)., July 2 (.Special.)
Thursday a new order of things was
ushered in here, as all over the state. In
saloon circles, where, under the new law,
It la unlawful to "treat" to Intoxicating
llquora. Sign to tbla effect are in every
we celebrate The
patriots who dared to
vv r
uocument or Laoerty.
and another event
JLWJ and
cool, breezv suits for
be pleased to show you selling
Cool Underwear
Now sir, you are brought face to face with your need of cool under
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man's want along these lines, and you are sure of getting Here- exactly
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Garment, 75 $1.00 91.50 $2.00 $2.50 $3
Soft Hhirts, with and without collars 75 up to S3. 50
Low shoe Hosiery at 15t 25? 35 na 50
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will buy a choice full size building lot on grade, THREE BLOCKS
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Charlsew Heights fL&KLr
Take Florence car to 30th and Fort 'streets, walk three short blocks west on concrete walkt
through Ft. Omaha.
There are only 247 lota in this addition and many inquiries indicate that they will go rapidly.
Real Estate Title Trust Co.
Chas. E. WILLIAMSON, Pres.
Have a few lots in Ellistone Park Place and Newport Heights that we can sell on the no in
terest, no taxes plan. Ask about them.
saloon and th treater is liable, not the
barkeeper. Various little expedient have
already auggefited themselves by which a
little treating may be done, but atlll It
I not the same old open handed generous
way, which maintained so long that many
cltlsen ar feeling lost.
Vom Wrsr-Marinet.
HUMBOLDT, July l-(Speclal.) Mr.
William Vom Weg of Omaha and Miss
Louise Marmet wer united In marriage
t the home of the latter' parenta, Mr.
and Mr. John Marmet, south of th city.
In the presence of a company of about
thirty Invited guest. Th ceremony was
performed by Rev. Julius Vollpracht,
pastor of the Four-Mile church, pair
left at once after the ceremony and a
wedding dinner for Denver and the
mountains, where they will visit two
weeks, returning thence to Omaha, where
they will make their future home, and
where tha groom 1 engaged in business.
CHARLES CITY. I.. July 1 (Speclal.r-
Prof. E. H. Scott and Mis Grace Knowl
ton, both teacher In Stelnway hall, wer.
married here Thursday at the bride's horn
in Floyd, a suburb of this city. Th wed
ding 1 th culmination of a achool ro
mance. Miss Knowlton waa a pupil of the
professor while a student of that conserv
atory, and later became one of the Instruc
tors. The bridal couple went to SL Louis
at midnight to visit the groom' mother,
and will return to Chicago later.
Leon Curtis and Misa Mabl H.nry were
wedded at the bride' horn by Rev. Hesa.
TECUMSEH. Neb., July t-Speclel.-Charl
F.- Wahl of Tecumseh of Miss
Lenna Vanbooser of Rushville. Mo., were
married at the home of the bride at I
o'clock Tuesday, June . A good slsed
company of relative and friend of th
principal witnessed th ceremony, which
wa performed by Re'v. Mr. Jessl. paator
of th Christian church of Rushville.
STROMSBVRO, Neb.. July I. (Special.)
L. A. Erlckson and Mis Jennl. Rydberg
were married at the home of the bride's
parent, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Rydberg, at
day we do
sign their
we want to
this torrid
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t o'clock Wednesday. Rev. O. D. Hall of
the Mission church performed the cere
mony. The groom I on of th leading
Jeweler in thl city, and th bride ha
been a teacher for several year in th
Lincoln High school at Lincoln, Neb. They
left the same day for a wedding trip, ex
pecting to visit Denver and Salt Lake City
and the Seattle exposition. They will b
at home to their friend after August 6.
TECUMSEH. Neb.. July 1 (Special.) A
very pretty wedding occurred at th horn,
of Mr. and Mra. Dani.l Casey, In Johnson,
at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, when th
daughter of the host and hostess, Misa It
Caaey, wa married to Prof. Walter Klech.l
of Tecumseh. Th Caaey home waa elabo
rately decoratod for the event In pink and
white, and tha coupi stood beneath a large
canopy of smllai and pink rose. A com
pany of fully 100 guest wltnassed the cere
mony, which waa performed by Rev. Eu
gene Maxey, paator of th. Palmyra Metho
dist Episcopal church.
TECUMSEH, Neb., July t-(Spclal.)-A
very pretty wedding occurred at the home
of Mr. and Mr. J. W. Dennis, In Maple
Orove precinct, Wednesday, whan their
daughter. Ml Bessie Elmay Dennla, waa
united In marriage to Luther Alva Orubb
of Pawnee City. The ceremony wa per
formed at 10 a. m. by Rev. A. E. Chadwlck
of Vesta, in the presence of a small com
pany of relatives and friends of th Inter
ested parties.
Power- MrKctkia,
TECUMSEH. Neb.. July t (Special.)
Clarence Power of Tecumseh and Miss La
vlna McKeehan of Cincinnati, la., war
married at Centervllle. I a., Wednesday,
June M, at 11 o'clock. The ceremony was
performed at the Christian parsonage .n
that lty by the paator. Rev. Mr. Booth,
In the presence of but a few witnesses,
Mr. and Mra. Power departed for Tecumseh
at noon and arrived her that evening.
rTROMSBURO. Neb., July 1 (Special.)
Bert Hunsacker wa married to Jessie But
ton at th horn of th bride's parent In
thla city Wedneaday evening, and left on
Thursday morning for a wedding trip, visit
Ing In Kanaaa. Th groom I manager of
th Moor at Hunaacker lumber yard at
Polk, Neb., wh.re Mr. and Mr. Hunsacker
? k ' X I
mi u f
.: X
A few a Little
ONLY FROM CAE, adjoining
1201 Farnam St
will make their horn after returning from
th trip.
Mis it at Madsen. daughter of Hans
Madsen, and Gustav Boonstra wer mar
ried by Rev. Charle W. Savldg at ht
rasldenoe. They were accompanied by Mr.
Oscar and Ml Helen Boonstra, brother
and sister of th groom.
T. L. MeWhtaaey.
MeWhlnney, a well known writer, speaker
and minister of the Christian church, .lied
here last night. He wa chancellor of De
fiance colleg.
Heavy Bayla Order Caase Mark
Exrltesaeat aa New Vertt -
' Bmekaace.
NEW TORK, July 1 -Heavy buying
order flooded th New York cotton mar
ket when the government crop report wa
mad. publlo today. Price advanced
aharply about 40 point over laat night'
closing until the October option Bold at 12
cent, December at 11 to centa and January
at 11. W cents. This waa equivalent to an
advanc of about fl per bale.
The market wa feverish and excited for
om time, wtih price varying I point or
more on a sale. Heavy realising sales fol
lowed th advance, but price wer wall
NEW ORLEANS, July 1 With th re
ceipt of th government cotton report th
most sanguln expectation of th Nw
Orleans bull waa auatained and advanoe
of M, W and W point wer scored by th
otlv month on th N.w Orlan x
Orauaa Jmwy Adjearaa Vatll Jaly $,
Waea Vartae laveetlaatlaa
Will Be Made.
NEW TORK, July t-Th federal grand
Jury adjourned today untn July I, when It
la said a further Investigation will b
mad Into th American Sugar Refining
company' affairs.

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