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Liberals Will Meet to Arrange Order
of Sweeping Campaign.
lord Peatland Drrlarea rnaat Itatloa
of I.nrda Mill
I,ONIOV, Nov. 24 At a prolonged merl
in of the cabinet today, held to disci"
the crisis arising from txrd Uirnlnwno'i
trotlon to withhold from the budget hill
the consent of the House of Lords, It was
d'HuVd to mil an Immediate meeting o!
the liberal party for the purpose of out
lining n plan of campaign.
In Parliamentary circle. It la relieved
the House of Commons will be prorogued
as early aa next Tuesday, following
Frem!er Anjulth't announcement of the
government's decision. This means proo
ahly an appeal to the country earlier than
has been expected, quite likely during the
first week of the new year.
Interest la) Bad set Debate.
Interest In the budget drbate In
the House of Lords yesterday was
we 1 sustained. The house and galleries
were again crowded and many peeressea
were present The duke of Connaught sat
beside Ixrd Rosebory. The debate, which
was not concluded untllmldnlKht, did not
teach any great oratorlal heights and
was principally remarkable aa showing the
likelihood of a number of peers. In the
free trade Interest, following Ixird Cromer
and declining to support Lord Lansdowne's
motion, although opposing the budget on
general llnea. These peers will abstain
from voting. Among them Is Lord Lytton,
who announced his Intention of taking
this course, rpoause there waa proof that
the country opposed the budget. The de
bate generally followed party llnea, being
a reiteration of the arguments for and
against the bill.
No Temporary Dodg-et.
Lord Pentland. secretary for Scotland,
gave another Indication of the govern
ment's policy. He warned the peers that
the Houh of Common)-, could not be ex
pected to find a way but of the difficulty,
which created the greatest Interest In the
lobbies of the House of Commons, where
. It had been supposed that the government
might give way to the lords In the matter
of adopting temporary financial measures
to meet the situation arising out of the
rejection of the bill.
Many liberal members of Parliament
had. In fact, expressed their determina
tion to oppose any bill authorlxlng the
continuance ' of existing taxation until
after the dissolution of Parliament.
Time for Chance.
Lord Pentland further declared that the
government had done forever with the old
state of things and that the constitution
and character of She House of Lords must
be modified. He a'so reminded the house
that a long constitutional struggle might
handicap the country In case of war, and
askrd the lords to consider whether the
penalty might not be disproportionate to
the offense. .
Earl Russell predicted that the adoption
of the Lanadowne resolution would start
a revolution that woujd, sooner or later
bring a readjustment .that would leave
the House of Lords power'ess.
Lord Avubury strongly criticised the
budget. He declared that It would frighten
capital out of the-country, cripple enter-
pvlse and creato a feeling of Insecurity.
. , Land Hill In Common.
The House' of Commons occupied' the
, evening , with -the discusdldn of the com
I promise reached with the House of Lords
'.over thu Irish land bill. John E. Red
mond, John V)lllon and other nationalists
hotly denounced the lords, and Mr. Blr
relV chief aooretary for Ireland, for con
senting to a compromise, and threatened
the government with reprisals. In spite
of the opposition of . the Irish members
the amendments were carried In a division
(Continued, from First Page.)
ta galwa.ya . under perfect control.
"We could havo remained n the air for
an Indefinite period of time had we be-n
so Inclined. However, we were not out
for a distance record, but were merely
demonstrating our control over the dirigi
ble. At our next flight we shall probably
remain lit, the air for longer periods at a
time. I am very much pleased with our
kucoesa ao far, but hope to do much better."
The astonishing results at Fort Omaha
yesterday causes considerable interest and
(-peculation, aa to the results of further
trials. Ltoutenant Ha.keli showed such
perfect control', over the big balloon and
the engine worked so well that great things
are expected-from the signal corps trials
at Fort Omaha. The dirigible was brought
to Omaha from Ds Jdolnee. It Is equipped
with the regulation gas bag and has a four
cylinder Curtisa engine.
"We shall keep up our trials at the fort
undr favoruble weather condltlona," con
tinued Lieutenant Haskell. "If the weather
la good this afternoon we shall make un
other flight."
Sirs. Alice C'hauln Sent u
for - lujnrlne; lollla
LONDON, Nov. 24.Mrs. Alice Chapln.
tbe militant sutragerta who Injured a poll
ing elerk - at the Hermondsy bye-election,
when she'snikslied a bottle containing cor.
roslve acid a ballot box, was sentenced
to seven i?,6nths' Imprisonment. Three
months of, rr punishment was given for
the offeime .f Interfering with a ballot box
and four nionths fur at as u It upon a polling
Miss Alison NeHlaua. who made a sim
ilar attempt toexpiess suffragette senti
ment at the "bye-election, but with lens seri
ous conseDQtunoee. also was convicted and
sentenced to three months' Imprisonment.
Hobert I'vldnrell Marries Mrs. Mary
M after 4 of Waodblae,
LOGAN, la , Nov. U (Special.) Select
ing the luoky number for the date of their
marriage Miry Mefford of Woodbine,
aged 77, and Robert Caldwell of Land City,
Wyo., aged fct, accompanied by a number
of relatives and friends, were married
here at noon today. Elder W. R. Adams
performing Ihe marriage ceremony. De
cember 1 the bride and groom mill be at
home to their many friends at Land City,
where the groom Is In the live stock busi
iTfdrj Bellinger Will Permit
mm April at Nest
WAPHVNOTON. Iov. 1. Of great Intea-fs-
to niir a&era . from goverrur.ekt r
sUmattou projects waa the announcement
today by Secretary Palllnger of the In
terior department of the privilege of de
ferring until April 1 nest the making f
payments on that account, which In mnfl
rases fall due December 1. Today's ruling
applies to the forthcoming Irrigation season
only and does not commit the department
to any permanent policy In that direction.
Board May Locate
Normal School Site
Attorney General Thompson Decide!
Failure of Towm to File Bids
is Not Fatal.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 24. (Special Telrgram.)
Attorney General Thompson this after
noon will give the state normal school
board an opinion that It has a
right to locate the proposed new
normal school. The law passed by
the last legislature provided that propo
sitions from towns desiring the school be
filed with the board by September 10. Aa
the two boards were then engaged In a
fight as to which was the legal body.
Alliance Is the only town to file a propo
sition within the time limit. As the tLme
limit has now passed the board was In
doubt as to Its right to act.
Under Attorney General Thompson's opin
ion the board probably will Issue a call
for bids within a few days.
(Continued from First Page.)
portatlon line engaged In Interstate or
foreign commerce.
Postmaster General Hitchcock partici
pated In the conferences during the after
noon. District Attorney Sims has himself
been recommended for appointment to the
federal bench to succeed Judge Hethea. No
decision as to this vacancy was reached,
so far as could be learned.
Interstate Commerce Coart.
President Taft's views aa to amendments
to the interstate commerce law have been
pretty generally known ever since his Ues
Moines speech on September 20. The con
ference at the White House this afternoon,
It was stated, was for the purpose of work
ing out the details of the amendments
needed to carry Mr. Taft's views Into ef
fect. Attorney General Wlckersham has
been devoting much time to a study of the
It is proposed, among other things, to es
tablish an Interstate commerce court of
five members to consider appeals from
rates fixed by the Interstate Commerce
commission. The president also will rec
ommend legislation to prevent one Inter
state railroad from owning stock In a com
peting line, and compelling roads thus own
ing stock to dispose of their holdlngn within
a given time. Legislation to prevent the
over-Issue of stocks and bonds and the
watering of stocks will bo one of the
strongest recommendations Mr. Taft will
make, the president's position being that
no stocks or bonds shall be Issued except
by permission of the Interstate Commerce
commission, after an inquiry has been
made Into the necessity for the Issue.
Choice of Routes for Shippers.
Giving to shippers the choice of routes
over various connecting lines ti another
Important amendment. President Taft be
lieves that one of the great detriments of
the interstate commerce law la the delay
by litigation in the courts over an order
of the commission.
The president believes that another
change In the Interstate commerce law
should give to1 the commission the power
to hear and entertain complaints against
unjust classification of merchandise for
transportation. It Is perfectly clear, he
declares, that by Including articles In the
same class, which ought to pay different
rates, a railroad can commit exactly the
same kind of Injustice as It would by Im
posing an exorbitant rate aa to any one
class. The president will recommend that
the power of the commission be extended
to Include not only the fixing of rates,
after complaint, but also the readjustment
of classification If It proves on complaint
to be unjust.
To Institute Complaint.
To give the commission power to Institute
complaints of Its own and not to limit It
to the consideration of complalntB made
from the outside. Is another of the- Im
portant changes In the law to which the
president and his advisers are devoting a
considerable share of their attention.
President Taft believes that this author
ity must be given to the commission 1n
order to make Ita work truly effective.
Mr. Taft Is not In favor of letting down
tho bare entirely, however, and giving the
commission absolute power to fix rates
in advance and on their own Initiative,
and without complaint filed and Investiga
tion made.
It la the desire of the administration to
proceed cautiously along this line in a way
which eventually will accomplish lta pur
pose without too drastic or radical action.
Power to Suspend Hates.
It la proposed that the Interstate Com
merce commission shall be given authority
to suspend for thirty days the carrying
Into effoct of a new rate classification pro
viding complaint is mudo that the new
rates are unjust. It is argued that In this
way the shipper Is given equal rights with
the railroads, which are permitted to take
appeals from orders of the commission.
The subject which has given the presi
dent and his advisers much concern la the
proposal to permit railroads to pool rates.
The president takes the position that rail
roads bhould be permitted to agree upon
traffic rates that shall not exactly be pool
ing contracts, but shall constitute agree
ments as to rates, providing always such
agreements shall have the approval of the
Intei state Commerce commission. In this
way the operation of the anil-trust law
against traffic agreements between rail
roads will be abolished and against their
absolute prohibition will be substituted a
requirement that such agreements shall
meet the approval of a properly consti
tuted tribunal.
A delegation of coal operators and a rep
resentative of the miners' union called
upon President Taft today to urge that the
railroads be permitted to pool rates a a
means of providing against car shortage
In the future and to enable the quicker
transportation of coal.
Diamonds r Kfc..Z..u ijiti ud Dodge,
Beatrice City Council Take Steps to
lloaor Memory of Lata Gigs
C'oaaty Cttlsea.
' BEATRICE. Neb.. Nov. M. (Special.) A
resolution urging congress to establish a
national park on the homestead of the late
Daniel Freeman, located six miles west of
this eliy, has been unanimously adopted by
the city council. A special council commit
tee of three wtll be named to present the
council's action to Congressman. E. H. Hln
shaw and urge upon him the advisability
of pushing bis bill to secure the desired
recognition. The council also considered
the question of buying the local Chautau
qua grounds for a publle park, the Idea
being favorably acted npun.
Bterling are-r Ht.SZ.Ktt. Lm ft podge
Plans to Establish System of Instruc
tion at Dei Moines.
President I rick Retnrna from
Toronto, Rrlnalnat -Mewa Big
Factory Leaves Capital
City for Waterloo.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LES MOINES, la., Nov. 24. (Special Te!
cgiam.) If the plans of a number of local
reformers succeed there will be established
In the Des Moines schools within the next
year a department of Instruction In social
hygiene, with a prominent physician to
dliect the Instruction of the boys and a
woman physician for the girls. The super
intendent of the schools and others are
favorably disposed toward the movement,
and will do all they can to establish tt as
a new feature. There la a demand for
the same, but It has never been tried In
any of the western cities.
Iowa In Ooori Standing.
President Crick of the Iowa federation
of Labor, who has JuKt returned from the
Toronto meeting of the American federa
tion, says that the Iowa federation will be
restored to full fellowship and standing
whenever application Is made. The Iowa
delegates were debarred because of trou
ble over the electrical workers, and this
has been referred to a committee of three,
of which Mr. Crick Is one, he having been
named to represent President Gompeis on
the committee.
Removal of a, Hlg Factory.
The removal of the Maaon automobile
factory from Des Moines to Waterloo Is
recognized here as one of the moat seri
ous defeats Des Moines has suffered in a
long time In the matter of attaining su
premacy In commercial matters. The com
pany had built up the business here with
no local aid and very little capital. When
Senator Maytag bought the factory It was
given out that ho desired a location where
the business could expand, but he could
not get It In Des Moines. The local factory
will not be abandoned, but moBt of tho
business and the office will go to Waterloo,
thief Justice Reversed.
Tho supreme court reversed its own chief
Justice during the work of the last week.
In a case from Hardin county, where
Judge Evans sat as district judze, he laid
down the law as to the liability of an
abstracter for his work in a case where
it was shown that the acreage was not as
supposed to be. The supreme court holds
that the law Judge Evans gave was not
good at all and directly contrary to the
best custom.
o Interest In Drown Case.
The fact that the Brown case, involving
the civil rights of the negro, is to get be
fore tho court again does not mean tho
court will reopen the case. There Is gen
eral acquiescence In the correctness of the
position taken by the court oa to the right
of anyone to do about as he pleases In a
strictly private matter. But it will prac
tically cost nothing to reopen the case and
get a new argument on record. The negroes
of Des Moines have manifested no concern
over the case from the start.
. Fraternal Insurance Case,
A fraternal Insurance case involving the
duty of a policyholder In the Iowa Legion
of Honor, as decided by the supreme court,
makes a suggestion which will be an eye
opener to many who arc In the fraternals.
The case arose from the fact that a mem
ber refused to continue paying a greatly
Increased assessment and sued to recover
what ho had paid. The court sustains hlii
and goes further In declaring that If he
had continued paying the Increased rate to
the time of his death tt Is a question
whether his heirs would have had any right
to the benefits. The company had not only
raised tho rate very much, but had scaled
down the policy without his consent.
Drainage and Waterways.
The Iowa Conservation commission Is In
scslon here. E. G. Elliott, a United States
engineer engaged In making special in
vestigations In relation to drainage matters,
appeared before the commission today to
explain the relation between drainage prob
lems and river Improvement. S. A. Thomp
son, conncted with the National Conserva
tion commission. Is also In the city and
spoke at a banquet last night on river
Improvement, making prediction of the Im
mense value of the Des Moines river aa a
highway of commerce.
Krror of Mine Officials.
"The error and poor Judgment of the
mine officials in storting the huge fans in
the mines after the fire had started Is
responsible for the loss of the lives of tho
300 men In the mine disaster at Cherry,
111.," stated R. T. Rhys, who Is one of the
Iowa mine Inspectors mid has Just returned
from Cherry, where he went to give as
sistance and Investigate the cause of the
disaster. He says thu people are not a
excited as the press reports would Indicate.
Rehearing: In Discrimination Case.
The attorneys have given notice of Intent
to ask rehearing in the case of Brown
against J. If. Bell company, involving the
refusal of the coffee company to serve a
cup of coffee free to a colored Avomun at
a pure food show. The court lield, that aa
the transaction waa strictly private the law
against discrimination on account of color
did not apply. The husband of the plaintiff,
being a lawyer, will argue the matter be
fore the court again.
Slow Train to Mouth Omaha.
The railroad commission today received
complaint from S. Shoemaker of Bridge-
water, Wayne county, about the slowness uf
train service on the Burlington to South
Omaha. He declared that he lost 8100 a
carload on stock shipped because the rail
road took nearly twenty-four hours to haul
the shipment to market, and that made
him miss one day on the market. He wants
the company to get a hustle with Its stock
Strict Compliance with the l.awa.
The supreme court once more decided
that druggists must comply strictly with
the law as to filling In the liquor permit
blanks. In a case from Hamilton countv
a druggist had permitted the filling In of a
brank slewing for what purpose lntoxlcat-
Ing liquors were bought with the word i
"chemical." or In some cases merely
"chem." The court holds this is not com
pliance with the law. The plea was also
made on behalf of the druggist that the
clerks had no authority to sell for any
illegal purpose, but the court holds the
proprietor cannot shield himself by this
plea of Ignorance of what bis employes
are doing.
In a case Involving a large amount of
paving In Des Moines the court held that
the fact that the contractor did not strictly
comply with the specifications and, In fact,
used rotten stone when hard stone was
needed, relieved property owners from pay
ing. In another case the court held that a
Des Moines Justice of tbe peace had vio
lated tTie law by postponing a suit a longer
time than allowed by law, hence bis Judg
ment was of no avail.
Iirrrmt Court Decisions.
Decisions of the court are aa follows:
C. Tlllotson against M. C. Seal, appellant,
Story county, modified and affirmed.
II. B. Sic inert against F. A Johnson,
appellant. Hamilton county, affirmed.
P. Ixyman, appellant against Ioa City
Electric Light company, Johnson county,
revered In part.
t. II. Lundv against W. 8. Sraris, appel
lant, Hardin countv. reversed.
( P. Johnson, appellant acalnst Charles
Ruth, Sti ry county, affirmed.
Msrla A. Heatimichatl, appellant, aaralnst
Chic ago. Milwaukee 8t. Paul railway,
Scott county, affirmed.
John Hlossl. appellant against Chicago,
and Northwestern railway, Hardin county,
Richard Ottoway against Peter Mllroy,
appellant, Delaware county, reversed.
l.ydia A. Chamberlain arpollant. scslnst
Wlillam L. Rrown. Polk countv, affirmed.
Mrs. H. E. Worrsll against H. f. Chase
& Co.. appellant. Polk county, affirmed.
Orpha L. Iammey. appellant auxins Cen
ter Coal Mining company, Polk county,
C. U. Carlson agnlnst Albert Adlx, appel
lant, Boone county, affirmed.
Robert Snorigrafs against Psrah A, Mc
Danlel. appellant. Louisa countv, affirmed.
J. W. Tyrrell, appellant, asnlnst William
Shannon Polk county? affirmed.
Osrnr Shaynn appellant, ugatnst J. E. Tll
lotson. Polk countv. sfflrmed.
John Cotton against Center Coal Mining
company, appellant. Polk county, artirm-d.
Joseph B. Davis, appellant against M.
C. Davis. Clinton county, affirmed.
Iowa National bank, appellsnt, against
W. f. Carter, Polk county affirmed.
Llbbln Aiken against J. K. Clark, appel
ant. Hamilton countv. affirmed.
Miracle Pressed Stone company, appel
lunt. acainst Samuel Roth, Polk county,
J. J. Moore, appellant, against De
Moines City Railway company. Polk
county, affirmed.
People's Savings bank against Retail
Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany of Iowa, appellant. Polk county, af
firmed. Leah J. Prowell against City of Waterloo,
appellant. Rlackhawk county affirmed.
A. J. Wells ngalnst Western Union Ttl
graph company, appellant, Webster county,
H. K. Crllev, appellant, aealnst Anna Paa
sel. Wapello county, affirmed.
C. A. Murphy, appellant, against T. 3.
Cochran. Johnson countv, reversed.
Lily Magers agnlnst Ella Magers, appel
lant, Henry county, reversed.
H. C. Chappell, appellant, acainst O. il.
Glllett. Buchanan county, reversed.
Homestake Mine
Will Close Down,
Heads Off Strike
Operation of Property Will Close To
night and Union Will Meet
to Take Action.
LEAD, 8. D., Nov. 24. (Special Tele
gram.) The following notice was posted
this morning In the different workings of
the Homestake Mining company: '
"Notice Is hereby given that the Home
stake Mining company will cease operating
Its property this evening. T. J. Grlor, Su
perintendent." This action Is taken by the company to
forestall a probable strike on the part of
Its employes and is In the nature of a
lockout. The Miners' union will meet thla
evening for final action.
LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine, the world
wide Cold and !iip remedy removes cause.
Call for full name. Look for signature E.
W. Grove. 20c.
New York Driver Stopa Lonnr Knough
to Jolt Machine Freo and Runs
Away at High Speed.
NEW YORK, Nov. li. Aroused by a
peculiarly atrocious Instance of disregard
of human life by a chauffeur, the pollco
commissioner today" Issued a call for a
mass meeting to urge legislative action.
Alice Mohen waa struck down by a
tcuring car last night and When the driver
found nor body clogged the wheels he
stopped to Jolt the machine free and then
made off at hlgiV'Speed. -" 1
In his statement Commissioner Baket
"It Is time for a radical . change In the
laws regarding speeding. It Is time foi
the citleensyof New York to hold a maBs
meeting a'nd protest to the legislature
against this slaughter."
ew Iowa Postofflce Appointee
Linton Bank of North Dakota
Becomes National.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Nov. It (Special Tele
gram.) Miss Mable M. Lettare ot Burling
ton, la., has been appointed stenographer
in the postofflce at Waterloo, la.
A civil service examination will be held
December 18 for rural carriers at Friend,
O'Neill, Steel City and Winslde, Neb.
The comptroller of the currency today
Issued a certificate authorising the First
National bank of Linton, N. D., to begin
buslnecs, with a capital of 125,000. Frank
Chesrown is president, C. Vorlander and A.
A. Ludwtgs, vice presidents, and Fred J.
Pletz, cashier. This Is the conversion of
the Linton State bank.
Governor gtubba Will Demand Writ
ten Agreement aa to Cen
tral Branch.
TOPEKA, Kan., Nov. tt. C. 8. Clark,
vice-president of the Missouri Paclflo Rail
way company, arrived here today for a
conference with Governor Stubbs, to discuss
the needs of the company's property In
Commenting on the demand he Intended
to make at the conference, Governor Stubbs
said: "What Is expected of Vice-President
Clark and the attorneys of the Missouri
Pacific that they shall put in writing at'
agreement as to the weight of steel, the
number of ties to the mile, the class of
roadbeds and the grades and service they
will give the central branch. It must also
be stipulated when the Improvement work
shall begin and the rapidity with which It
Is to be carried on."
thieaao Lawyer Will Be Appointed
Assistant Secretary of Com
merce and Labor.
WASHINGTON, Nov. !4 -After sn Inter
view with President Taft this morning 8 n
ator Cullom of Illinois announced that Ben
jamin S. Cable, an attorney of Chicago,
would be appointed assistant secretary ot
commerce and labor to succeed Ormsby
Mcllarg. whose resignation has been p til
ing for more than two montha. Senator
Cullom filed a number of formal endorse
ments of Mr. Cable with the president.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., Nov. . The game be
tween Mornlngside and the University of
South Dakota foot ball teams, scheduled
for tomorrow, has been called off on ac
count of the death of John Peters, a Morn
lngside player, who died this morning, as
the result of Injuries received In a practice
game two weeks ago.
Poultry show Next Week.
IOWA FALLS. Ia., Nov. .-( Special. )
The big poultry and pet stock show held
In this city annually under the auspices ot
the Northwestern Poultry association will
open November 29 and continue to Decem
ber t The officers of the association are
confident that the meeting will be the
biggest ever held by the association and
will bring here one of the finest collec
tions ot poultry and pet stork ever sho-vn
In central Iowa. On the opening day Judge
S. n. Mills of Ames will lecture and on the
second daj- Judge D. T. Helufllck will leo-
f'.Mjun , wJlJLH.lJut.w
I V 11
of Women's Apparel
Suits at $25
Worth $29.50, $33.00, and $40
We place on sile a big collection of tailored
suits Friday at $25. Representing exeellen
values. These are suits taken from onr regular
stock and reduced for our after
Thanksgiving sales. Suits
worth $29.50, $35.00 and ij40.00-s
on sale Friday, at
Suits at
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Over 200 suits of broadcloths
good length coat Liiits, lined with CSO p5$
guaranteed satins and are worth 2
up to $30.00 on sale Friday, N ; 1
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Fine Coats at $25
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We show hundreds of different styles in fine
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Beautiful Rich Fur Sets
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Russian Black Lynx, a rich black fur, very popu
lar, stylish and warm. Large shawl collars and
beautiful large rug muffs worth
25.00 antl 35.00 a set. Friday
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Heatherbloom Petticoats, worth $2.50 to Q.i.tiO on
gale Fritlay at $1.93.
Beautiful Waists to match tailored suits at $4.03,
$0.00, $7.fiO and up to $15. OO.
Mam Housekeeper
Was Thanksgiving day to you a treat or a burden? Did the tur
key taste fine, or did It seem covered with coal dust and soot from a
hot coal burning stove, and could you feel the heat from a fire that
took an hour to get hot enough to
IW . II' I
' "N If
See It rtenionst rated at 10206
Phone Douglas 4828.
.ir 'k',w-.ivi
tea--, n' i
The Success Crude Burner Go.
ture. The third day the state rmetluB of
the S. C. R. I. Ited club will ba held. TIMl
evening- an illustrated lecture will he given
by Prof. H. C. Pierce of Iowa coltog-e. A
lecture will be given the laBt day. but-the
speaker and Bubject has not been an
nounced. Fourteen silver cups and large
cash prises are offered by the association
for all varieties of poultry and pet stock.
Tbls la Plan of Editor Threatened
with Imprisonment fur
MOUNT VERNON. 111., Nov. 24. Ora F.
Havlll, editor of a dally paper at Mount
Carmel, 111., will move his sanctum to the
county Jail for sixty days uiiIofs the ap
pellate court sooner Intervenes with the
sentence pass;J upon hlra today In the
circuit court 'by Judge W. H. Green of
this city. 11a. 'ill, who was found guilty
of criminal libel, announced that he wtll
edit his paper from his cell unices the ap
peal to the higher court proves effective
for his release.
Snes Husband's Mother.
BEDFORD, Ia., Nov. 21. (Special.) One
f the most sensational civil suits ever
filed In the Taylor county district court
has been begun by Mrs. Emma E. Hall of
this place, who has brought suit against
hrr mother-ln-:aw, Mrs. K. It. Hall, for
-. R 9 I ST 1 nl,y cou" tomorrow! Fetter rve pre-
X V KJ Vam vJLl Cf Par" 'o' it when It comet. Ask your
J doctor about keeping Ayer'e Cherry Pee
Veur Joehr't mpprooat Au't Cherry toral In ' ie hcute. Then when tbe hard
Pectoral will etrtamlu ml ail douki at ttu. cold or cough first appears you have a
Da a If ay: H Inouw. f m ffl,,- doctor's medicine right a: hind.
t&l7 rARNAM ST
and worsteds.
- ff
,. 0w - -
tuffs worth Cfl P2
!t. Friday & j U-v
cook with, and another hour after
you were through to cool off so
that the kitchen was bearable, to
work In?
Was the dining room Just warm
enough or was u too hot from n
lire in the heater which juhi
would not regulate right?
Why not remedy ail tni trou
ble? Wrhy not have a tire for coolt
atove or heater which boats up in
a hurry and coals off Just as
quickly and which regulates Juit
as you want it'.'
Here is the article which does
it. A crude oil burner that Is a
success arid guaranteed to give
perfect batistaction. That saves
time, worry, dirt and overheating.
8aves money, as it can be turned
on and off quickly.
No coal to carry, no ashes to
clean out. no kindling.
Attaches to any stove, cook or
heater In 15 minutes.
Fainam SUeet, Kooms 18-19.
10,CO for alleged alienating the affections
of Mrs. Emilia Hall's husband, ami the
son af Mrs. K. R. Hall. She charged the
elder . Mrs. Hall wlt.1i being the cause of
the divorce cas-e which Mr. Hall filed
against his wife for alleged cruel and In
human treatment. Holh the divorce caje
and the suit fur affection gone astray are
attracting wide attention In this part
of the state because of the prominence of
the Halls.
Clocks Kit EN ZEK lit h and Dod,?e.
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: S
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