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M Iscfllaaeee
NATIONAL mn register almost new.
Address M 821. Bee.
CALENDAR pads. Burkley Printing Co.
NEW LOCATION. 417 8. 12th HL
r5 00 COAL it',..,0di u Harmon
fJ.W VVAAJ Weeth. Both phone.
ID-HAND oak counter, hand-carved mikr
bl cashier plate; wire wicket about 40 ft
odd shape; will fit a room SO feet wide
Can be seen at storage bourn. Tor further
fmrtlculara 'phono Douglas 231, Baa Build
tig Co.
STORM SASH Cnmpi took fur-
C. SUNDELL A CO., Contractors and
Builders, Koom U, New Tork Life Bldg.
FOR PALE Pure, well assorted Early
Ohio seed potatoea. Write for particulars,
W. H. Blakemaa, Norfolk, Neb.
FOR BALE Fine quality well assorted
potatoea; car, bushel or 100-lb. lota. Wrlta
or inquire of Norfolk Transfer and Stor
, Norfolk. Neb.
JOHNSON INST., 41S N. X. L. Tel. D. 144.
Dr. Kathryn Nicholas. IM N. T. L. Bldg
D. O. BARN ELL. Fax ton Blk. Tel. Red 711i.
HUFFMAN. Sit Neville Bid. Book frea
cure for grip. Consult Dr. Marguerite
Halloran, 22i Neville Blk. Doug. T76L
Under supervision of IS. D.
STRICTLY private home for conflne
menta; trained nurse babies for adoption.
tOls Davenport
Arlene de Voy. Manicuring and m&saaga
620 a 16th tit. Flat S, 'Phona D. 7884.
OMAHA Stammerers' Ins.. liamge Bids.
PRIVATE HOMO during confinement;
bablea lor adoption. Good Samaritan Baut
toriuin, 740 1st Ave., Council Bluffa.Ia.
1 VTfSS11" toupea for men. GRIFFITH.
MAGNETIC treatments. Emmerlln Brott.
i. Win. upstairs. Doug, tlaa.
' taut and repair all kinds of sawing
.liiuiK. Ind. A lots, Doug, lt3,
lulu and Harney ts.'
THE SALVATION ARMY aollolta cast-ofi
clothins. in faot anything you do not need
We collect, repair and sell at iae ti. lun
St, for oost of collection, to the worthy
poor. Call 'phone Douglas 4135 and wagoa
will call.
JOH1B WASHBURN'S new book, "The
Underworld Sewer," void at all book stores;
price. 81.60.
'lAONFTTfi treatment. Mm. Smith.
$ aim 8. lath fit, third floor
DR. EOGERS' private confinement home
1514 Martha tit. Phone Douglas m
A HOME for women during confinement.
Wo find homes for bablea where mothers
cannot eare for them. Bablea boarded
For terma addreaa Mrs. Martha A. Lea
B1 Bancroft St., Omaha, Neb. '. 'Phone
iwuglas 12)21.
MISS LA ORANE, baths, massage. KIT
Dodge St, basement flat Hours, 10 a. m
to t p. m.
MUSIO furnished. Independent orchestra.
Dancing a specialty. Tel. Web. 126.
R. SOS Old Boston Store Bldg., 4th floor,
120 S. 16th St Stairway on Douglas St
. MAGNETIC and massage treatment 311
' 9So. 16th St
MASQUE suits to rent Theo. Lteben. i
SWEDISH massage. Over SOB fi. 17th St.
EXPERIENCED nurse, 86 years; ladies
in confinement a specialty; prices reason
able. 8109 8. 13th St
Your renewal to the Ladles' Home Jour
nal and the, Saturday Evening Poet Is
worth 40c to the Chllds Saving Institute,
i00 already earned. Urgent must have
100 more subscriptions In January. Rush
them in. This is no ordinary appeal, but
fn invalid's bid for a llvllhood in hope of
business on other publications. Subscrlp
" i 2?" to Everybody's and McClure's mean
l00 to me. 1 duplicate any offer. Write
for complete magaalne catalogue and story.
A Broken Back." Do it now. Just Gor
don, the Magaslne Man, Omaha. 'Phone
Douglas 7163.
1 .M18k CARRIE. eMlTH. marvelous mag-4-
. i, be'r- Hments treated success-
r fully. One visit convinces. 814 N. ISth
las'sEa" Bl" Pno"e8' lnd- B-2788 vo-
MME. ALLEN of Chicago, salt glow, mag
N. 17tb8t mfa,e "imenu. Over 205
lJhn?n tn?Ubl;'Ml lnl-comb White
?. . n cockereis for Kale; can t be beat
ill,1 ,lIs,n' ,1W whil they
last Chapln & Williams. Box S. Rout
8. Benson. Neb. Tel. Benson 206.
Screenings, 81.60 100 lbs. Wagner. 01 N. 14tk
A few morfc R c. B. Leghorn and Houdan
.n0l.R-,B0N Jed ?y. Embden Geo..'
and Indian Runner Ducks. Mrs iV r
Roblnett. R. l, Charle.town. Ind!" C
.tWUech Wyr?i!e cock'-l. "he birds.
,A tnlt ' ord'r rsot from ad. Mrs F
1 Johnson, Crofton, Neb.
A SP PHONE IND. A-KM for good printlna.
f Vksiad Prlnung Co.. ICth A cSpuS Av
WATERS PRINTING CO.. 622-B2t 8.!lSl'h!
.ntliV"-'," 1. ""lu suw, quick di
t-uumn at xei. Doug. 423; Indf., A-428.
Persistent Advertising la the Road to Big
, The
Bee's gains
in paid Want Ads;
for the month closed,
is more than
seven times as
great as its
nearest .
IlKi:n ARSTRACT CO., Est HOT; prompi
service; get out priors. 1710 Farnam 8t
PAYNE INV. CO.. first floor N. T. Life
BENJAMIN tt. E. CO.. 477 Brandels Bldg.
CHAS. E. WILL4AMHON. president
310y Corby St.
Practically new five-room cottage, nicely
papered throughout, an attractive up-to-date
homa, good slaed rooms, modern except
furnace, full M-foot. lot, desirable neigh
borhood, handy to atreet car, reasonable
City, Suburban and Farm Property.
Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance.
Surwty Bonds.
Factory Sites and Business Opportunities
in Ralston.
309 R. 17th St Both Phones.
4 cottages within walking distance of
U. P. shops. Always rented. Yearly In
come $774. Houses In good repair.
4 apartment brick flat. 6 rooms enoh.
paved street, hot water heat, hew. Weal
Farnam. Yearly Inoomn $1.40. See ua.
416 Bee Bldg
M ft., Case St., corner, 41st Ave.. $1,800.
M ft, 8Mb. Ave., near I'aas. east front
high view, all specials paid, 12,500.
0 ft., 28th St.. highest ground in city,
east front, $100 per ft.
KXW-S-4 N. Y. Llfw. Doug, or A-2152.
Gas, sewer and city water; near two car
lines; on grade and in one of the .noit
progressive neighborhoods In Omaha.
Nowata Land and Lot Co.. Suite 624 Now
York Life Bide. 'Phone Red im.
Winter Bargains
'CLOBE-IN Full two-story, 4-room house,
nearly new, corner lot; easy walking dis
tance; close to Crelwhton college and
High school. Price $8,000,
NORTH SIDE On S7th and Manderson,
six rooms, all modern,- 60-foot lot, new,
$3,000. Good buy.
WEST FARNAM Nine rooms, hot water
heat; tiled vestibule and bath room;
quarter-sawed white oak finish; double
floors; two years old; very attractive
price. Ask us for particulars.
HANSCOM PARK Best $6,500 house on
market; two stories and finished attic;
bungalow style: foor bed rooms; lot 50x
UW, east front; new and a dandy. Inquire
Of us.
M per cent net to you for new brick flats,
well looated, . four apartments, oak flnlnh;
hot water heating: paving paid; $12,000;
half cash, balance tj per cent Best propo
sition now on market.
It per cent net for two new St. Louis
flats, in good residence district, renting for
$104 a month; half cash, balance per cent.
Price $9,300.
Glover Realty
Ground Floor, N. Y. Life, Both 'Phones.
Coiner on N. 18th St., near Lake. Con
venient to car. Well rented. Snap at $4,600.
624 New York Life Bldg. Red-1999.
6- r., S-story, strictly mod. home on t4th,
near Laird; paving paid; good lot Cosy
home and cheap at $3.SS0.
8-r., strictly mod., sou in front homo on
Emmet near 30th; paving paid; good con
dition; barn, shade, lawn and cement
walks. See this.
8206 NO.' TH AVE. ' '
7- r., 2-stdry, new, east front mod. home;
birch door an. -wspto. floors; cherry, fin
ish downstairs; large attic; extra nice fix
tures; full basement; lt 88x120. A- dandy
and cheap at $3. MX).
Red 4404. 416 Bee Bldg. A-4203.
5 ROOM MODERN $1,800
On Ohio St., near two car lines. Surely
a bai-Raln at the price. '
624 New York Life Bldg. Red-19.
Five acres, corner, northwest $1,600.
Two and one-half acres, 8 rooms, paved
road. $2,860. -
Ten acres, 4-room house, fruit, $4,000.
Forty acres near Irvlngton, Improved,
820 acres nine (9) miles west of South
Omaha stock yards, $126 per acre.
83x116 ft, west. 2610 IHtvenport St., $1,600.
Two brick houses, rental $360, for $2,500.
1618 8. 2Sth St., fine modern 7-room house,
bargain at $3,600.
18U Cuming St., 66x132 ft., $4,000.
SO, 40 or 60 ft. west front on 14th St., be
tween Dodge St and Capitol Ave. Submit
West Farnam district 10-room house,
modern, 100 ft. east front $7,500.
Eight-room brick, rental $4M), for $4,000. "
Three frame houses, rental $1.080 $8,000.
Three-story brick, rental $1,300 $12,000.
Full lot. shade and fruit trees, paved
street concrete walks; 2119 Maple St. Look
at It; part of the payments most easy. And
then, we have others. Nowata Land nrd
Lot Co.. Suite 624 New YorK Life B'.da.
Phone Red 1399.
OtTR home for sale. Northeast corner
86th and Burt Sts. Eight-room modern
house finest condition; the best piece
of property in the city for the money.
Inquire on premises.
8 rooms strictly modern, large lot laun
dry in basement, fruit and shade trees,
cistern. A choice home. Cheap at $4,600.
624 New York Life Bldg. Red-1999.
Fronts on three streets, short distance
south of Farnam. Ons of the choicest
locations In Omaha for apartment houses.
Owner wants offer.
Suite 624 New York Life Bldg. Red 193S.
FOR SALE A t-room house, bath, Wty
water, electric lle;ht, over half acre of
ground on ear .line, ttth St. and Avenue
A. Hullt three years, will sell cheap.
Address W, Omaha Bee, 16 Soott St, Coun
cil Bluffs.
70.000 ACRES of fertile. Irrigable land on
the Costilla estate In the San Luis Valley
of Colorado. The cream of Colorado land,
with perpetual water right $,000 acree to
'II at $M. SO.0O0 acres sold since March,
W0B. Write for advertising literature.
812 Railway Exchange Bldg., Denver Colo.
171 acres at $100 an acre, half cash, bal
ance S years, 6 per cent. Improvements
conrist or -room nousn, barn, well and
other outbuildings; 12.', acres In snnle trees.
balance pasture and meadow; only 80 miles
rrom umana. inis price good only until
February 1. If you know about Glenwood
you can appreciate this proposition. If you
oo not care tor orcnara it will make a
fine farm.
10O2-2-4 N. Y. Life Bldg. Omaha. Neb.
560 ACRES farm and stock land,, well
watered, two miles to deDot. 86.500.
Nino a,-res, Improvements worth price
aaKen. at oepoi, t2,wu.
Eighty acres; some fruit, flno SDrinsra.
one mile to dopt, $1 ,200; will take part pay
in crops; laeai ior neaith.
West Florida Fruit Farm. CoUagehlll, Flu.
FOR SALE-,000 to 50,000 acres rich lands
In Cameron parish. La., on Gulf coast, New
Mermentau river and Intercostal canal, to
close an estate; 86c per acre net cash.
Reclaimed land In same vicinity In small
farms $35 per acre. B. A. Ulrlch, It Dear
born St., Room 707, Chicago.
FARM BARGAIN Must be sold on ac
count of owner's health; well Improved
320-acre farm, seven and a quarter miles
from town; price, $3e per acre; easy terms,
J. T. Campbell. Litchfield. Neb.
DODGE county farm 100 acres, three
miler from Fremont, all. level land, highly
improved. If taken at once can fca had at
a less price than any surrounding farm.
Improvement cost $12,000 Prioe $110 per
1002-3-4 N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
Five miles from Gretna; 160 sores, all
under plow, except about 30 acres; good im
provements; high roiling, not range, land;
price, $100 per aore.
1003-4-6 N. y. Life.
Omaha, Neb.
MINNESOTA farma for bargains. Sea
F. M. Young, Plattsmoutb. Neb.
REAL ESTATE 13V4 acres, with im
provements, overlooking Lake Amelia and
park. 5000 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis. '
' Mtsaowrl.
FOR SALE or Trade 90-acre farm, well
Improved, 63 miles east of Kansas City;
$70 acre. Address owner. A. ft Griggs,
Altamont, Mo.
I have for sale 7,680 acres of fine farm
ing land, all within 8 miles of a small town
on, the extension of the C, M., P. 8. R. R.,
In Custer county, Montana, which I will
sell as a body or cut .it up to please the
purchaser, and on liberal terms. For par
ticulars addrens E. E. Jordan, Wibaux.
Oklahoma. '
We have 100,000 acres of choice land to
select from, ranging in price from $5 to
$40 per acre. This land is in the oil and
gas district and you might get an oil well
with your land.
Suite 6i4 New York Life Bldg.
all the time; water when you want it
Land at $6 to $40 per acre for well im
proved farms; go see it February L Very
low round trip rates. Write ua.
Suite 624 New York Life Bldg.. Red 1999.
V v "v viwies, 'B , corn,
oats and cotton lands, well located at the
Auiiuwuig priceB, on gooa terras:
$15 per A. for 120. 2 miles from Ry. station.
$30 per A. for 280, 1 miles from Ry. Sta.
!30 per A. for 408, 2H miles from Ry. Sta.
20 per Ar for 640, mile from Ry. Sta.
8 per A. for 600, well Improved farm, V
mile from Ry. station.
$25 per A. for ?20. Improved farm, i
miles from Ry. station.
$37 per A. for 100. with good Improve
ments, for home, located right at the town
of Missouri City.
These are only a few of our bargains;
write for list and description. It will pay
you to take the first train and call at the
office. We pay the traveling expense of
the buyers for these lands.
BOTScanlan Bldg. Houston Tex.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Invstment Co.
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co.
tinn in 110.000 made nrnmnt ! v V r Ar- .,
Wead Bldg.. 18th and Farnam. '
$500 to $5,000 on homes In -fekmaha. O'Keefe
Real Estate Co.. 10U1 N. Y. Life. Tinmr
Good 6
Farm Mortgages
Always oa hand and fur Bale
amounts from $300 to $3,000.
412 N. Y. Life Bldg.
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Mniilb &. Co.. 1341 Farnaln St.
LOWEST RATES Bemla. braudela bldg.
era, with privilege of making partial pay
ments semi-annually. No commission.
rv. n. tnuMAH,
(OS First NaUouai Laos; Bldg.
SECOND MORTGAGE loans negotiated
Apply Rooms 417-18 First Nstlonal Bunk
Bldg. Bell phone Douglas 2314.
to loan on
Omaha Bualnevs Property.
Room L New York Life Bldg:
Private money. $000 to $5,000; low rate.
FAfiTPRV W.hM.b. - -
loans on hlgb-grade Omaha resldeuce prop
erty at tw BiiKsrvsu vpuooai payments,
no delay. L feibberusen. Old Boslon Utore
GARVIN BR08., $11 N. Y. Life. 50 to
$200,000 on Improved property. No delay.
t. and 7- room bouses. If prices ar right
can -i. your property fur you.
bull 4 N. Y. Ufa Bldg.
A 60-barrel flouring mill, with a two-story
brick dwelling and 130 acres of land, located
In western Iowa, vslued at ti8 0. with In
come of $A,M), at $ per cent optional; will
trade for land or tticome propertv; what
have you to offer? George M. Clark, Smlta
land, la.
S ROOMS, modern; corner lot $0x100;
rired street. In West Farnam dltrlt.
rice, $7,000. Want land or Omaha va
cant lots.
$JO,Ono stork general merchandise.
$17,000 stock hardware and implements.
Want land. Don't booat prlcee. We have
no time to whittle.
624 New York Life Bldg. Red-1999.
will now pay for a real tailor
made suit at my shop. I cut the
price, not the quality.
TAILOR BECK. Ill South ISth.
O. A. LINQUE8T CO., 236 Paxton Block.
A. THEODORE, ,t00" Block Tailor.
SEE (SISTER. young man's fashionable
tailor, 412-13-14-16 Faxton Block.
A cheap tai'or is always dangerous. Sea
J. A- Kervan, 608-10 Brandels Bldg.
A TTr.YAr Merchant Tailor,
1. IVUU1.U MU Harney St.. Doug. Vast.
JOHN RADMAN, The Tailor, 70. N. 10th St
T I"! TAf!TvRON boston tailor.
A FEW $36 and $30 suits, while they last,
only $26. MAX MORRIS, The Tailor, 301
Bruwn block.
NORDIN, The Tailor 1622 Douglas St.
T?vlon Xr T.inaon 406 So. 16th St.
'""' Quality Clothes.
A T?TTBTN Cleaning, dyeing, suits
J.nxjj.i.'i prfti lsos st Mary's.
GOOD price paid for 2d-hand clothes,
shoes an(f furniture. JSKLNKR, D. 6041.
HIGHEST price paid for broken watches,
o!4 gold, etc M. Nathan, 2U ,6. Uth.
BALTIMORE 2d-hand store, pays best
price 2d-hand furniture, clothes, etc. n. 42.
BEST price paid for aecond-band furnl
tuie. carpets, clothing and shoes 1 l. Doag
BEST prices for 2dhand furniture. D 4469.
YOUNG man, experienced in real estate,
wants position with a good real estate
firm on salary and commission. U 832,
care of Bee.
BY an Al acountant and rate matt. 20
years experience, at present employed by
U. P. R. R. Co. Use neither liquor nor
tobacco. Very best references. Address H
867, Bea.
WANTED By young roan, place to work
for board while . attending Boy.ea college.
FIRST CLASS butler and housework;
many years' experience at this class of
work. Korean, young boy. , , Address, . L
853, Bee. '
HOTEL night cook or chop souy cook.
If you want me call me right away; have
had many years' experience. s Address, M
864. Bee. . .
PIANO teacher will take limited number
ber of pupils; very reasonable., 201 South
26th Ave. .
MAN AND WIFE desire situation. Man
as all around cook; wife as helper or
chamberwork. City or country.. Good ref
erences. Address L-888 Bee. n . - .
WANTED By mlddel-aged lady, position
as mother's helper or -nursery governess.
Good seamstress. Address . 898, Bes.
cial meeting of the Stockholders of The
Missouri Pactflo Railway Company will be
held at the principal office of said Com
pany. In the Missouri Pacific Building, No.
706 Market Street, in the City of St Louis,
Missouri, on Tuesday, the Uth day of
January, 1910, at nine o'clock In the fore
noon of that day, to consider and act uopn
the following piopositlons: .'. .
(a) To adopt code pf by-laws for the
Company. , . .-
(b) To ratify, absent to and arprovs A
certain Indenture of lease bearing date the
Uth day , of July, 1909, by and between
Boonvllle, St Louis & Southern Railway
Company, s. corporation of the State tf
Missouri, and tills Company and authorised
on behalf of this Company at, a meeting of
th. Board of Dlrectora, held on the ICth
duv of August 190B.
(c) To ratify, assent to an approvs tfes
purchase by this Company of the whole or
any part of the railroads and other prop
erty and franchises of all or any of thS
following named railroad companies!
Carthage and Western Railway Company,
Joplln and Western Railway Company, St
Louis. Oak Hill and Carondelet Railway
Company, Sedalla. Warsaw and South
western Railway Compau,' The Kansas
City Northwestern Railroad Company, The
Nebiaska Southern Railway Company,
Omaha Belt Railway Company. Omaha
Southern Railway Company, paolflo Rail
way Company in Neeraska, The Puublo
and State Lint Railroad Company, and
Kansas and Arkansaa Valtey Hallway,
(d) For the puipose of refunding under
lying mortgage bonds and equipment obli
gations of the Company and for other cor
porate purposes, to constat to, concur in
and auihoiU n increase ot the bonded
indebtedness of The Missouri Pacific Hall
way Company, by the amount ot $lTi,0uu,out
by the issue of Gold Bonds of the Com
pany, limited in ine aggregate to the
principal amount of $17u,0uu.imu at any out
time outstanding, to bear inierest at a rate
or rates not to exceed five per cent per
annum, payable semi-annually, and all or
any part of such bonds, as the Board of
Directors may determine, to be convertible
at the option of the f.olders and registered
owners theiei I into slock ot the Hauway
Company upon such terms and otherwise
as the Boaid of Directors may duUrmine;
and to consent to concur in and Authorise
the execution and dellve.-y ol a mortgage
and deed ot trust un and of the wiioi or
part ot the railroads and otiier property
and franchisee of tu's eomiwii whether
now owned or hertatlMi acquueu, to secure
such issue of bunas by this Co.npany, and
to consider am. act upon the form and
terms of such mortgage.
te) To consent to and authorize the pur
chase by tills Company from time lo time
of not to exceed 46,000,000 par value of the
bunds of the tt Louis, Iron Mountain and
bouthern Kail way Company.
(f) To l nut the proceedings of th
Board of Directors tneretufore taken la
and ubout tne miners atore.aid, including
the auti.orli.aUur of said bonds aim inui i
gage and deed of lri.nl and the use to k
made of aaiil bonds, and to uonaiuer and
act upon such other business as may
property be transacted at the meeting.
The stock transfer boons of ii.i Company
will be closed at $ P. M. on the Hh da)
of January, Hi 10, and will remain eiotmu
until 10 A. M. ou the 191b day ot jauuaiy.
Dated, New Tors:, November 17th, 190$,
By Older of the Board of Directors.
GEORGE J. GOULD. Pies(dent
A. 11. CALli;F, becretury.
"The Missouri Psclfto Railway Company,
196 Urumliy, New York. Nov. SOth, 11109
To the Stockholders of The Missouri Pacific
Railway Company Referring to the notioe
cent to you November 17th, 1900, calling
special meeting of the Stockholders of this
Company to be held on the lain day of Jan
uary, 1910, you are notified that the slock
tianrfor books oi this Company will be
closed at $ o'clock p. m. December 8th,
19U3, instead of January 7th, 1910, and re
main closed until 10 o'clock a. in. January
19th, 1310. This change in date Is made to
avoid any possibility of confusion In deal
ings In thi stock and rights to subscribe
to bonds, prior to the dale of said spsoia)
meeting. If unable lo attend the meeting
pleas stun and rtiurn the proxy which we
Lave already sent you. A. li. CALEF,
Nov. 1$ to Jan. la. Secretary."
Nov. U to Jan, la.
Notice la hereby given that the annual
meeting of the etockhO'.dera of The Bee
Building company will be held at 4 o'clock
p. m.. Tuesday. January 18. lWo. at the
office of said company in The Bee building,
Omaha, for tbe election of a board of di
rectors for the ersulng year ana the trans,
action of auoh other buslneea aa may prop
erly come before such mewtlng.
h. A HASKELL, Secretary.
Dec 27 Sit DAE.
yuartermaster, Fort Omaha, Nebraska,
tereinber 1, 1. Sealed proposals. In trip
licate, subject to the usual conditions, will
be received at this office until 11 o'clock
A M , central standard time, January II,
l10, and then opened In public for con
structing one Oil house, one combined hay
Shed and granary, and for constructing.
J limiting and electrle wiring of one stable,
"ull Information furnished on appl les
ion. U. S. reserves the right to re)ect any
br all bids. Envelopes, eantalnlng propo-
!a la to be marked "Proposals for construct
ng, etc., building at Fort Omaha, Ne
iraska" end addressed to Captain
GEORGE 8. GIBUS, Constructing Quarter
master, Fort Omaha, Nebraska.
D 20-21-22-2S J-17-1
I'.MOX STATION Trstk and Maeon.
talon Pacific
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a 7:30 am all:fc pra
China end Japan Mall.. a 4:00 pm a 6:60 pra
Atlantic Express a 9:30 am
Oregon and Washington
Limited a 12 01 am a 4 45 am
Los Angeles Limited. ...al2:66 pm a 8:60 pm
Portland Special n 12:65 pm a I M pin
Colorado Special a 1:46 am a 7:90 am
North Platte Local ....a 1:15 am a 4:45 pm
Colorado Express. ..... .a 3:60 pm a 6:00 pm
Grand Islsnd Local a 6:29 pm al0:90 am
Lincoln-Beatrice Local b 12:45 pm b 1:20 pm
Valparaiso and Central
City bl2:40 pm b 1:20 pm
Chicago A Northwestern
. Leave. Arrive.
Omaha Express a 7:u am al36 am
Chicago Local al2:U3 pm a 8:2 pm
Colorado-Chicago a 6:20 pm a 8:28 pm
Chicago Special a 6:00 pm a 7:6$ am
Pactflo Coast-Chicago.. .a 6:06 pm a 8:28 pm
Los Angoles Limited. ...a 9:10 pm aJ2:20 pm
Overland Limited all:46 pm a 7:46 am
Denver Special al2:40 am a 6:82 am
Carroll Local a 4:30 pm a 9:65 am
Fast Mail a a 8:86 pm
Twin City Express a 7:60 am al0:20 pm
Sioux City Ixcai a 8:46 pm a 8:28 pm
Minn. A Dakota Exp... a 7:00 pm a :16 am
Twin City Limited a 9:00 pm a 7:90 am
Llr.coln-Chadron a 7:60 am all :00 am
Norfolk-Bonstell a 7:60 am alO 46 pm
Long Pine-So. Platte. ..b 2:15 pm b 6:20 pm
Hastings-Superior b 2:16 pm b 6:20 pm
Deadwood-Hot Spgs a 8:66 pm a 6:90 pm
Casper-Lander a 8:56 pm all:00 am
Fremont-Albion b 6:30 pm b 1:36 pm
Missouri Pacific
K. C. and St. L. Ex. ...a 9:40 am a 6:35 am
, Sat 12 p. m all:16 pm a 6.80 pm
Illinois Central
Chicago Exprtss a 7:15 am a 8:46 pm
Chicago Limited.. a 6:00 pm a 7:16 pm
Mlnn.-St. Paul Exp b 7:10 am
Minn. -St. Paul Ltd a 6:00 pm a 7:15 am
Omahu-Ft. Dodge Loc'l.b 4:15 pm bll:.T0 am
thtcaaro, Rook Island St Pacific
Rocky Mountain Ltd. ...a 2:40 am al0:80 pm
Iowa Local a 6:40 pm a 4:80 pm
Chicago Day Express. .a 7:42 am all :u5 pill
Pes Moines Local a 4:00 pm al2:S) pin
Iowa Local b!0:35 am b 9:56 pm
Chicago-Eastern Exp. .'.a 4:40 pm a 1:15 pm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd. a 6:08 pm a 8:02 pm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd.
for Lincoln a 8:23 am a 6:47 pm
Colo, and Cal. Exp a 1:25 pm a 4:3J pra
Okla and Texas Exp. ...a 2:90 pm a 1:60 pm
Rocky Mountain Ltd...al0:40 pm a 2-.20 am
Cblcnsjo, Milwaukee A St. Paul
vLeave. Arrive.
Overland Limited all:48 pm a 8:00 am
Omnlm-Chtcairn Kid a 7:16 am a 9:30 am
'Colorado Special a 7 .67 am all :33 pm
Colo.-Callfornla Exp.. ...a :0U pm a 6:a pin
Perry-Omaha Local b 6:16 pm bll:06 pm
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Overland Limited al2:10 am a 7:06 am
Omaha-Chicago Exp.... a 7:00 am a 9:90 am
Colorado Special a 7:40 am a 1:80 am
Colo. -California Exp....a 6:00 pm a 8:25 pm
Perry-Omaha Local. ....b 6:15 pm all:06 pm
Chicago Great Western
Chicago Limited a 6:00 pm
Twin City Limited a 8:80 pm a 8:00 am
Chicago Kxpress a 8:46 pm
Twin City Express a 9:00 am a 9:00 pm
Wabash '.
Omaba-St. Louis Exp.. a 6:30 pm a 9:25 am
Mall and Express a 7:30 am all:U pm
Stanberry Local (from . .. .
. K.' C. & St. L. Ex."' t ;: '
Lv. Council Bluffs). ...b 5:00 pm blO:I6 am
Leave. - Arrive.
Denver and California. .a 4:10 pm a 8:46 pm
Puget Sound Express. ..a 4:10 pm a 6:10 pm
Nebraska points a 8:20 am a 6:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pra a 6:10 pm
Northwest Express. .... .all 30 pm a 7:10 am
Nebraska points a 8.20 am a 6:10 pm
Lincoln Mail b 1.20 pm a 12 :15 pm
Nebraska Express a 9:15 am aH:10pm
Linooln lxcal b 9:08 am
Lincoln Local a 7:26 pm a 7:50 pm
Schuyler-Platlsmouth ..b 3.05 pm bl0:20am
Platismouth-Iowa a 9:18 am a 8:60 pm
Bellevue-Plattsmouth ...al:30nm a 2:40 pm
Colorado Limited all :30 am a 7:10 am
Chicago Special a 7:20am all :10 pm
Chicago Express a 4:20 pm a 3:V pm
Chicago Fast Express ..a 8:80 pm a 8:00 am
Iowa 'Local , a 9:15am aU:4oni
St. Louis Express a 4:66 pm s 11:4 '.am
It. C. and St. Joseph. .. ,al0:45 pm a 6:45 am
K. C. and St. Joseph.. ..a 9:15 am a 4:10 pm
K. C. and St. Joseph.. a 4:66 pm
1 Webster.
Missouri Pacific
Leave.' " Arrive
Auburn Local b 8:50 pm bt7:10pm
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis St
Leave. Arrive.
SlnUX Cltv TCxnrAJlfl h MU nnl hll'am
Omaha Local c6:20um
Stoux City Passenger b 9:20 pm
Twin City. Passenger. ...b 4:30 am
Sioux City Local c 8:36 am
r.meraon Liocai b 6:66 pm b 9:10 am
queuac and uvjckpool.
fcothiLg MM oa tfes Auantls loan sar rianrtane.
Wirslass ca all luamin
IU la. Clark St., C'SImso. In.
Discoverer of
Comiskey is an
Omaha Man
Father J. E. Enp-lish of Hubbard
Makes the Assertion, Which Chi
cago Magnate Admits.
The discoverer of Comiskey has been
Father J. E. English of Hubbard, Neb., a
priest ot the Omaha diocese and brother of
County Attorney English, who is now at
Excelsior Springs, Mo., for the benefit of
his health, claims the honor of discovering
the great base ball player and magnate.
"Columbus discovered America, but I
discovered Comiskey."
This was the greeting of the OmahTt
priest, extended to Charles A. Comiskey
himself, owner of the Chicago American
base ball club, and Ban Johnson, president
of the American league, on their recent ar
rival at the Missouri health resort
Pressed for an explanation. It transpired
tha Father English and Mr.' Comiskey, In
1874, were students at tho Christian Broth
ers' college at Prairie du Chlen, Wis. Eng
lish was a senior and manager of tho base
ball team. ,
Comiskey, the son of a Chicago alder
man, was an underclaas man. Ths college
team was contemplating a trip and was
short on pitchers. One day Manager Eng
lish was attracted by ths pitching of the
Chicago lad, who delivered a slow curved
ball, a pussier In those days. It was tbe
first curve ball ever seen on the college
grounds. Ths manager decided to take
Comiskey on the trip, much to the delight
ot the young pitcher.
Ths key to ths situation Bee Want Ada
Nebraska Athletio Board is Divided
and Livelj Session is Expected.
i i i
Isaac with Kaaaas Over Basket Rail
Game and Faot Bull Game
Schedule Neat Fall Will
t orn I p.
LINCOLN, Jan. 16. (Sppclal.)-A caloric
session of the Nebraska Athletio board Is
In prospect for tomorrow night when the
mentors meet for their January meptlng.
Three matters of much Importance will be
taken up, and over each of th83 there Is
likely to be a division between the student
and faculty members of the board. The
election of a foot ball coach, the question
of a basket ball player's eligibility and the
ratification of next fall's foot ball schedule
compose the trio of things that will cause
heated debate and possibly strife.
Since Friday the movement to place
"Bummy" Booth In as foot ball coach has
assumed huge proportions, and the backers
of "King" Cole, who wish his re-election as
coach, will face a strong opposition In the
attempt to return the Michigan man here
next fall. The five student members or
the board have pledged to stand by their
constituents, the undergraduate body, and
they expect to command enough strength
to at least get the election postponed un
less Booth can be chosen.
Pressure was brought to bear on two of
the faculty members of the board yester
day, and It is possible that one of those
men will switch to the students' side and
vote for Booth. In that case the Princeton
man will have six votes, the necessary
number to elect. Three former players
called upon these two faculty members to
urge them to vote for Booth. These Corn
huskers were rx-Captalns Weller and
Harvey and Fred M. Hunter, the former
guard, who was elected president of the
Principals' and Superintendents' associa
tion of Nebraska last Thursday.
Over the sending of an apology to Kan
sas because Nebraska played an alleged
Ineligible athlete In the recent basket ball
games with tha Jayhawkers, a second di
vision Is likely to arise between the fac
ulty anl student members, with the latter
faction opposing the apology.
The students are not certain In their own
minds that the Cornhusker Is any more In
eligible than some of the men on the Kan
sas team,- and they will make a big fight
In the meet In? tomorrow night to make the
faculty members ask Kansas to apologise
for some of Its players if Nebraska has to
bare Its pride because of a mistake made
by one of the Cornhusker professors in per
mitting; an Ineligible to compete In basket
ball. It Is not decided yet that the Corn
husker In question Is an Ineligible, and this
matter will have to be threshed out before
the board tomorrow night.
A fight over the adoption of Manager
Eager's foot ball schedule for next full
probably will be another bit of the Inter
esting" proceedings of the board. The Ne
braska manager, has drafted a schedule
that Is one of the best this school has had
In several seasons, but one of the neighbor
ing universities has no place on it. The
fact that this school, which Is one that
has placed the Cornhuskers forthe last
two years. Is not dated for next fall Is
likely to cause a protest from some of the
faculty members of the board. That school,
though, assumed a sort of dictatorial atti
tude in the attempts to arrange a game,
and Manager' Eager decided to drop It.
Another tfood, Missouri valley school was
taken on in Its place, and because of this
good substitute the Nebraska board may
not raise any loud protest.
By making changes In his schedule Man
ager Eager has definitely booked Ames for
November 12 and Kansas for, November fc.
The Thanksgiving day game will probably
be played away from Lincoln. The namo
of the team that will be met on that day
will be announced at the meeting tomorrow
South Omaha
Wins Oyer Bluffs
Better Team Work and Snappy Flay
Brings Victory to Tune of
31 to 13.
The South Omaha High school basket
ball team defeated the Council Bluffs
High school team last night by a score ot
SI to 13. . The game was played before a
fair crowd at the South Omaha Young
Men's Chrlstianvssoclatlon gymnasium.
The playing was a scramble from the
start on account of 'the limited floor space
and tbe eagerness of tbe teams to win,
Rather than allow , u free throw at the
goals either side did not hesitate to foul
the other. This fouling was simply In the
way of . interfoi ence and could not be
classed as rough play. The South Omaha
boys excelled in team work and at times
did Bome remarkably swift passing. Stryker
at ocnter had the advantage of rtach and
experience in the game. Collins did good
work as 6ns of the forwards.
Ths Council Bluffs forwards did good
work also, but seldom got a change at the
goal on account of the fast work of the
South Omaha team in carrying the ball to
Its own goal, ai the end of the first half
ths score stood 19 ,to 6 In favor of South
Omaha and the last half showed about as
wide a difference. The' Council Bluffs
team won more ot Its free throws after a
foul was called.
The line up was;
Collin .-..H.r.lR.r Uo'yn
ttakisu L.r.iur Oi.mi
k - .-T. Hum
Insurant RO.lH.C Orow
' ,....,.L.O.L.u Attn
ptiiiip L a I
Msiieiee BuDiSub Rubloton
Basket Ball at Antes.
AMES, Is,, Jan. . 16. 8pclal.) Though
the opening of school Is ten days away,
the Ames basket ball candidates are be
ginning to return to school, and daily work
outs are being taken umier the direction
of Coach Clyde Williams. Among those
who hase returned are: Captain Herbert,
the star forward of last year's five; Vel
trup, the gigantic tackle of the reserves;
Mosher, Weltta, Walker, "Jumbo" Brown
and Joe Brown of Sioux City. Voltrup will
probably make center,- as he is six feet
four lut-hts in height, fast and aggressive
and understands the game. The local sguad
Is handicapped by the lack of quartos. A
room In the top of the engineering annex
has been set aside for the basket tossers.
but It has a cement floor And the track
men who would try out for the basket ball
team are discouraged by the pros pacts and,
being fearful ot "stovlng up" their feet,
will probably remain off of the squad.
Grlnnell Mar Win Championship.
IOWA CITT, la., Jan. lfl. (Special. )
Orlnnell's feat of defeating Coe Saturday
afternoon on the Cedar Rapids floor by a
score of 71 to 10 haa greatly Increased the
chances for the scarlet and black again
winning the state basket hall champion
ship. On the local floor last week the Unl
verslty of Iowa basket ball team only suc
ceeded la defeating Coe by a score of 22 to
15. Tbe playing of the Orinnell basket tos
sers surprised tha Iowa players who went
to Cedar Rsplda to see the game. They
predicted that Iowa would give the Con
gregmtlonallats a better game than the
comparative score indicates, but they were
almost willing to state that Grlnnell has
the beat prospects of any team In the Slate
at the present time. The strength of this
college in basket bait will help Its plea to
Join" the Missouri Valley ootiferenoa.
Rickard and
Glcason Arc
Unable toAgrcc
Former Says Fijht Will Be in Salt.
Lake City and Other in San
Francisco. '
SALT LAKE CITY. Jan. 15. -Tex, Riclf
srd tonight positively announced that the
Jeffries-Johnson forty-five-round boxing
contest would be held In Salt Lake City on
the Fourth of July. In event of Interfer
ence, by the state authorities he offers to
surrender the entire purse to the repre
sentativesof the principals.'
Ulckard rave out a statement tonight,
saying: '.
"In naming Salt Lake City I am not over
stepping myself. M.' agreement With'' my
partner, Jack Oleason. gives me the prlv-'
liege of naming the place Of holding the
event. v - '
"Representative bankers. ' business" and
professional men today assure me posi
tively that the fight can be held In 'Utah.
Their word Is good enough for me." ','
It was announced the event would be a
boxing contest of forty-five rounds. Tho
laws of Utah do not prohibit boxing con
tests. Governor Spry Is now In the east
and no statement la available from him
tonight. He has previously annonnoed his
opposition to holding the fight here.
BAN FRANCISCO, Jan.. 16.-"Jefferles
and Johnson will fight In this city on ths
afternoon ot July 4, at S o'clock, the state
ment of Tex Rickard to .the contrary not
withstanding," declared Jack Oleason to
night. "The agreement was that I should
name the place of meeting and decide tha
date. I have done this." ' '
NEW YORK. Jan. 15.-Jlm Jeffries and
Jack Johnson are said to be planning the
formation of a corporation to- be known
aa the Jeffries-Johnson , Moving Picture
corporation, under which their fight will
be held on July 4, next. ," '' i
A clause said to have, been- omitted from
the articles of agreement between tha
figbteti given out to tb publio will be
published today by ths New York World.
The clause as printed Is No. 7, said to be a
substitute for the original article No. 7,
and reads in part: . ' , . .
And the parties hereto esree ' that the
principals, James J. Jeffries and John
Johnson shall receive the full one-hundred
per cent of the picture Income and they
shall pay to Gleason and Rickard tX per
cent of the profits from such, picture dis
Playa, .., .. .'
O'NEIL picks
Names of Men to Lead South Omaha
Country Cluh. 1 , ''
At a meeting of the board ot directors
of the South Omaha club held Friday,
President T. J. O'Noll announced his com
mittee for the coming season. The finance
committee consists of himself, C. M. Schln
dcl.and Charles Mann.' The chairman only
of the other committees were appointed;
House committee, Otto Radzuwelt; enter
talnment committee, W. B. Cheek; golf
committee, R. M. La vert y; grounds com
mittee, S. L. Winters; base ball commit
tee. C. A. Melcher. ' . . . -
Drake Cnptnln Ineligible. '
DES MOINES. Ia... Jan. n.-ltfpeclal.)-Ernest
Cave, the captain-elect of the Drake
university basket ball team, has handed
his resignation to the athletic board, to
take effect Immediately. , He was declared
Inellgable at the beginning of tho foot ball
season for Innocently dropping a remark In
President H. M. Bell's office to the effect
that he had been playing summer base ball.
Cave was star forward on the basket ball
team last year and tie Is also a crank bass
hall pitcher. Witter, tho tall center, v ho
has Just been declared, to be eligible, will
probably be selected as Cave's successor.
Creston Defeats Lenox:. .
CRESTON. la.'. Jan. 16.-(Speclal.)-In a
basket ball game between the high schools
of this place and Lenox. Saturday night,
the local team defeated the Lenox boys by
a score of 42 to 17. This Is tho second
game taken from Lenox this season, and
now the local team will start out to play
return ramp with the teams which have
been here this fall, several of which they
have defeated The Crestun boys were new
i J if 5ame thls yMlr' not one f thorn hav
ing had any previous experience whatever.
Labor Leaders ,
Will Ask for "
Uniform Laws
Federation Council Will Present
Resolutions to Convention of
Governors Next Week,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 The executive
council of the American Ferinratinn
Labor has decided to present resolution
10 me conrerence of governore here next
week, proposing uniform laws to regu
late child labor, laws for compulsory edu.
cation, free text books snd a considera
tion also of the employers' liability, law.
The cocuncll voted to' renew .Its ef
forts before congress for the enaotment of
laws to regulate and limit injunctions and
to have labor organisations eliminated
from the Jurisdiction of the Sherman
anti-trust law. The full support of the
federation to the fight against ths United
States Steel corporation was pledged.
The council declined to grant ths de
mand of the Newspaper Publishers as
sociation of San Frnnclscp to annul tho
charter of the News Carriers' union of that
city. The publishers alleged a boycott by
tha News Carriers' union. ..
G. II. Stevenson Visits Ohio City oa
Tour of Investtiratlvu No '
Decision on Location. ,.
TOLEDO. O., Jan. 16. (Special Telegram.)
Toledo Is after the meeting of the next
National Corn association, which will be
held In January or February, 1911. O. 11.
Stevenson, secretary and special commis
sioner of the association, Is In ths city on
a visit of Investigation. He says he likes
Toledo and believes the location Ideal for
a meeting of the corn men of the country
because of Its location In the' center ot tlie
grain belt, but will not make his decision
public until early next week, '
K. and J. Woodynrd Sua for Decrees
'Against Women Married at West
Point and Wheeler, D.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Jan. IS. (Special
Telegram.) The filing In the ' office of
the county clerk today of ths divorce pe
tition of F.ugene Woodyard against Anna
F. Woodyard discloses an unusual condi
tion In ths family. Three days ago Jason
Woodyard brought action against Annie.
Woodyard for a divorce In the same court.
Eugene and Jason are twin brothers and
their wives twin sisters. Bugene married
Anna at West Point Neb., In October, JS.,
Jason espoused An nice at Wheeler, 8. I).,
In April, 1HW. Ths causs In each case Is ,
.The key to tha situation-Bea Want Ao

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