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f i
JWeak Cables Bring Oat Renewed
y Liquidation Ketarding Wheat.
All Inclined te Mold Off Their I
rknn 4 Walt in Farther
Break ta Cam anal Help
Thorn 0i. .
. '.' '; OMAHA,' Jan. 19 ISM.
iy weak cables- brought Out renewed
liquidation and gave the wnent market an
otnor eetbtck on the start, today. Millars
and all cash buyers were Inclined to hold
off their purchases and wait fur further
break. Farmer are -mark tint a world
of wheat and tue, cash situation la con
gested. . . '
Tha corn market la feeling tha heavy run
of receipts and little or no tvpposition la
I noticeable aa valuua gradually rase oft to
' a lower level.
, Bearish s'ntlmcnt continues to rule the
nlieat market. UtmJdatlon la still on and
Ifich selling- order caused low re prlcea. Tho
rash market whs Blow and prices were ;
Qj,o lower' than yesterday. There waa a
sign of buying at the clou which caused
a firmer feeling.
Corn waa wcuiaf and lower on very heavy
marketing from country hands. Receipts
have been heavy for aeveral day and give
no sign of decreasing. These receipts have
weakened the cauih demand and vAlues are
working lower. , .
lTimury wheat receipts were 128,000 bush
els and shipment ' were 27,000 bushels,
against receipts last )u cf 371,000 .bushels
and shipments of 2b4,O00 bushels.
1'rlmary corn receipts were 512.000 bushels
and ahlpments were 663,00 buehula, against
receipts last year of bushels and
shipments of (14,000 bushels. (
Clearances were S.OOO bushels of corn,
81,00 bushel of oats and wheat and flour
equal to 1:16,000 bushels.
Liverpool closed 1:M14 lower on wheat
and Sw1 lower on corn.
I Local range of options: .
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close. Yesy.
What-I till
May... 1 OS 1 1 02 1027,1 102 103
.July... Mtt H 4 94
JfMa7... H 4V1 M
July... 644l M'AI MVfcl 64V.I 4V
May... 4r. ,46!. 45H1 4I 4&H
July... 42 j 42 417A 41T) 42
f , Oaaesha, lata lricee, ' ,
WHEAT No. t hard, $l.05Sfl.06Vi; No. i
' hard, $l.wzv'g'i.04; No. 4 ImiJ, 8vCSJl.92;
rejected hard, K90o; No. 2 spring, 11.06
1.06H; No. 8 spring, Sl.0CKjrl.04; No. 2
durum, 924fc94o; No. 2 durum, 91ViJ'a'93c.-
CORN No. 2 white, 63HV64c;. No. 3 white,
62Hfc33e; so. 4 white, Slfltii'c; No. 1 yel
low, 61g2c; No. 1 yellow. 604i'ffrc; No. 4
yellow, 66tt'&6oc; No. i l2o; No. 3,
WH'Soc; No. 4, EoV366ttc; no grade, 60(0
Me. '
OATS No. I white. '4ff46Uo; No. 4 white,
4&34tc: No. I yellow, 46V46o; No. 4 yel
a low, 44Wi-5c.
BARLEY No. 4, 61nyic: No. 1 feed,
' RYE No. 2. 74H75Wo; No. J. T374o.
Car lot Rcettsn,
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago . M 12 275 110
Minneapolis iW
Omaha 25 67 T
fruluth 64
, Feat a res of the Trading and .Closing
Prices on Board of Trade.
1 CHICAGO, Jan. W.-draln prices fell off
I sharply In the first half of the session here
1 today and later rallied on covering trades,
I corn and wheat' closing near yesterday's
( final figures. Provisions exhibited the
same general tendenoy. Liquidation based
. Mm Increased arrivals 'of grain, together
Vlth weak foreign cables caused a slump
In wheat, the deellne at the lowest point
ranging from ,o to liic. May traveled
from $1.0 down to 11.07. and rallied to a
close at ILOSifrLOS, a shade lower than
yesterday's final . figures. The other., fu
tures showed a vltullar fluctuation, July
closing HfrWo lower than yesterday at
1.0041.0tl4 and September closing a shade
higher than yesterday at Wtt'W!1-aa v '
Almost normal transportation 'ekudttionat
trecipltated a rush of selling : In , corn,
iquldatton forced the prices down - ovef
a range of from T4o to IWa, Ma7 declining
from 7T4o .to 660. At the dose May
stood unchanged at 67VidtS7No. The other
Sf"tures closed a shade to Ho higher. ,
In oats prtoes dropped through part of
a session, but rallied toward tha close.
The rantte for the day was from o to Vio.
At tha finish May was V40 lower than yoa
' terday's finals at HIq479; July closed
Vko lower than yesterday, at 43c and
Heptember cloaedw Ho higher than the pre
vious final figures at 4Hc. ' -
In provisions closing prices for May
froducts were as follows: fork, 121.80;
ard. 112.101 riba, Jll.tWrflLKiW
Tha leading futures ranged as follows: 1
Articles. I Open. I Hlgltj Low. ' Close. Bat'y,
109 1 07
i 1 00:
1 09
- w
July... 1 0o4 I 0OHI 99S
1 00
May... July...
Jan... May,,,
si. July...
'- 40
21 20 1
21 55
21 6;-
' 41
21 5 '
21 75
21 80
12 50
12 05
11 W
11 65
11 50
11 60
21 42Vi 21 55
21 75 I 21 H0
SI 75 I 21 0
21 55
21 90
21 U0
12 45
11 80
11 00
12 47( 12 47M,
12 00 12 12
li S7!
11 87:
U 77
11 &2Val 12 02Vt
11 TC 11 Mi
11 li
11 40
U 40
11 K2
11 47l 11 rt2i
11 2!
11 47H U 00
It bU
No. L
Cnh quotations were as follows:
t'LOl'K Weak; winter patents, I5.26S?
J5; winter straights, IS.OOtt'i.M; spring
!.rolghts, .M.SOliS 00; bakers. S3.llitii6.4w.
RYK No. 7c. '
I BARLEY Feed or mixing, 567c; fair to
f hotce malting, esruTSc.
x KKO Flax, No. 1 southwestern, 11.92;
CVo. 1 northwestern, J2.02. Timothy, S4.0UB
4.06. Clover, S14.70.
fHOVIMlONti Mess pork, per bbl., S21.75
ti217V. Lard, per 100 lbs., U.4r12.47.
Short ribs, sides (loose), SU 87i U.8;
short clear sides (boxed), 112.12 y 12.26. .
Total clearances of wheat and Hour were
equal to 136,000 bu. 1'rlmary receipts , were
72,IW- bu., compared V. IU1 2X7,00 bu. the
corresponding day a year sko.
Kstlmated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
13 cars; corn, 246 caia; oats, D4 cars; hotis,
8O,0O head.
4aatatln of tho Day en Varloaa
4 Coasaaodltlea. '
NEW YORK. Jan. ltf.-FLOUR-Steady.
with slow trudei sprlns; patents, $6 50
30.1a; winter, patents.- J0.4u.tt6.90; winter
extras. No. 1, S4.ftM.0! Kaunas straights,
S4.s0wu.15; winter slralKhts. .36(u.46; spring
rlears, $t.4ti4. w inter extras. No. 2, S4 40
64.45; receipts, 22.300 bbl.; shipments, IJ.HiM)
bbta. llya Hour, steady; fair to good, t:eW
4 40; choice to fancy, H.4oii4.o0 lm kwheat
fhur, quiet; bulk p-r luO lha, S2.00, nominal.
I 'fill V U 1 I J . n . - . n- . . 1 . . ,
v vi-i hi in u u.rniij . iiiiit wi:l aim rj-
.low, SlUxtfil.tO; cuar.ie, $l.wyl.6o; kila dried,
U 2t.
HYP! Steady; No. S western, fSSic, nom-
ai, f. o. b. New lora.
RARLKY Nominal;, feeding, nominal, c.
f. New York.
WHKAT .Snot. Irn gular; No. S red. S1.S8.
elevator, domestic, and ll.-S, f. o. h , afloat,
nomhial; No. 1 northern, Duluth, Sl.22;
No. S bard winter, Sl-23. nominal, f. o. b.,
afloat. , The option market waa nervous,
and after declining over a cent a bushel,
under liquidation on the weak cables and
layer receipts regained mont of the loss
on covering by shorts, closing c net lower.
May closed at l.lti and Jul at 41.06.
- Receipts, 27,uO bu. ; shipments. 11,000 bu.
CORN pot, steady; No. S, 73c, elevator,
domestic; 73e. delivered, and 72c, f. o. b.,
V afloat, nominal. Options . wph without
transactions, closing unchanged to o net
loaer..- May closed at Kc, July at 7jc,
1 tieptember at 7bc Receipts, 20,360 bu.;
Xiifpments, H.13S bu.
OATft Spot eaiiy; mixed,. 26 to S3 lbs.,
nominal; natural white, H to 32 lbs ,
txic; cupped wnita, 94 o 41 lbs., MV"io.
l . Receipts, bu. - .
f X HAY-Ktjm; prime, 1.16; No.,1. L10L15;
1 No. t, SI C"); No. I. SOc .
I i I HotS Steady; state, trmmon to rholoe.
t f9tK'X!3rK-; liwH, li-aiSc. I'arino coast. 19o:i,
J H.:s elteady,
F Bogota. 2tir22c.
' LKATH Kit Stei
Central America. 22c;
teady: hemlock firsts. i4t
7-; seconds. I.tul.c: tlilr1s, 2.'di3i-; rejerts,
Jihitlc. . . . t
VklO YlSlONii-Pol k, ti) weirf, Ki 00
l";M27: family, S'M (OfiKis; ?r.rrt clear. S.K.VO
u2;..'.0. Reef.' firm; iiiea. . Si 1 r.'" 1 1 2 Th); fam
ily, Sm.'JNi IC.-4); liff hams. J24.0d2.il. Cut
musts, quiet; pickled hellf-s. 10 to 14 lbs.,
HHm-dlS Mi; pickled hum.. 1 12 Vi 14 00 lrd.
eay; middle weM. prime. 1J Ji'.ii 12 re
fined. tirty; continent,- IU 6; S.JUih
America, 114 6; ciniicomid, Ti !!tt 10 .60.
Hl.'TTKR I 'nsettlen; cresmery. sp-lls,
ic; extras, ; tlitvd to fiist. 1 i4c;
cresmery, held, second to special, Vi-'ir;
state, dairy, common to finest, S-f 3c;
process, firn 10 special. 27rf'c; wete'n,
factory, 24'4i25c; western. Imitation cream
ery, 2l'&2e. '
CHF.KSB Firm; !. new. full cream,
special, 17i&18c; same, flcpteinher, fancy,
17'c; same, October, beat, Uc( same,
winter made, beat. l.'c; same, common to
good, 13lTic; sklma. full to special, I if
KOO.M Firmer; western, extra first. 42c;
first, 40-i41e; lower tirades, jO-.rJSc; refrig
erator. 25V2fic.
IDL'I.TKV-Alive, e-acier; western chlck
en, lc; fowls. 17o; turkeys, 121tl7o;
dicsHed, firm; western chickens, 16'yltfc;
fuwlp, 14'(U7c; turkeya, 23'u24c. ,
For Xebraaka Fair tod Cooler on
Tharsday la tho Oatlook.
OMAHA,' Jan. 19, 10.
The rlns and snows In the lower lake
region and Ohio valley and the rains in
the southern states, ' reported In the pre
ceding report, have discontinued and fair
weather is general throughout those sec
tions this morning. Clear weather pre
vails from tho ' Allegheny -to the Rockv
mountains, and fair weather Is general
throughout the west, . except light rains
and snows are falling on the northern
Rocky mountain plateau. Temperatures
are lower everywhere east of the MIksIo
slppl river and along tha southwest border.
They are much higher over' the Missouri
valley. No Important change id tempera
ture haa occurred In the west since the last
report, and ho important change Is ex
pected In this vicinity within tho next
thirty-six hours, except Uiat it will be
slightly colder Thursday. Fair weather
will continue tonight and Thursday.
Record of temperature and precipitation
compared with the corresponding day of
the last three years:
1910. 1909. lfiOM. 1907.
Minimum temperature.... 30 25 30 10
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 .06
Normal temperature for today. 20 de
gree. ,
Kxcess In precipitation sinoo March L
6. t Inches.
leflclency corresponding period In 1908,
S.6H Inches. '
leficlency corresponding, period In 1907,
7.88 Inches. . L. A. WELSH,
Local Forecaster.
tit. Louis Geaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19. WHEAT Lower;
track. No. 2 red, cash, S1.24tfl.2S; No. 3
hard, ll.OoVal.15; May, 1.09'ttl.00! July,
MVSu 9Mc. '
' RN T.ower: track. No. S cash. 65c; NO.
2 white, 68c; May, 6767c; July, 67W
OATS Lower; track. No. 2 cash, 48c; No.
2 white, 49c; May, 47c; July, 43c ,
RYE Unchanged at IKi(81c.
FLOUR Unchanged; red winter patents,
S5.65tu4.10; extra fancy and straight, So.OOi
B.ttO; hard winter clears, Sil.90a4.20.
SEED-Tlmothy, S2.5O(g.0O.
CORNMEAL-S3.10. . -
BRAN Weak ; Backed eaat track, S121
HAY Firm; timothy, lt.6018.00; prairie,
$13. 0 14.60.
PROVISIONS Lard, lower; prlmo ateam,
S12.20al2.40; dry salt meats, unchanged;
boxed extra shorts, S13.00; clear ribs, $13.00;
short clears, $13.25. Bacon, unchanged;
boxed, extra short, $14,261 clear rlba, $14.25;
ahort clears, $14.50.
POULTRY Firm; chickens, lSc; aprlngs,
16c; turkeys, 21c; ducks, 14c; geese, 8(&'10a.
BUTTER Steady; creamery, S0J36c.
EQG8 Lower, 80c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbla. 8,700 10,300
Wheat, bu 44,400 43.700
Corn, bu 78,100 9S.090
Oats, bu 75.200 106,000
Kssnu City Grata and Provisions.
ket lo lower; No. 2 hard, $1.07&1.12; No. S,
$1.061.11; No. I red, $1.211.2S; No. t, $1.17
if 1.24, May, $1.041.04. sellers; July, 94o,
CORN--tTncnanged to 1 He lower) Ko. S
mixed, 66c; No. 3, 65c; No. I white, 66c;
No. 3, 66o; May,' 68&66c, sellers; July,
66c sellers. ' J ' '
OATS Unchanged to o lower; No. 2
white. 48iU60o; No. 2 mixed, 46&48c.
HAYUnaTiangrchotce timothy 1S.759
14 .00; choice prairie, $U.7612. 00 choice al
falfa. $18.0018.60. ' "v
B UTTER Creamery extras, S4cf firsts,
S2c; seconds, 20o; packing stock, 23o.
EOOS Extras, 33o; firsts, 32o; current
receipts, 29c; seconds and dirtied 17o.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu ,.76,000 63,on
Corn, bu. 29,000 , 38,000
Oats, bu.. 6,000 9,000
Options at Kansas City:
Articles. Open. Hlgh. Low. Close.
Wheat ''.' I '
May 1 04 1 04 1 03 1 04A
July 94 , 94 '98 4B
May 66 66 65 A
July 65 6 j 65 66A
- ''' I
Minneapolis Grata Market.
$1.09; July, $1.10. Cash, No. 1 hard,
$l.ll(&1.12; No. 1 northern, $1.10S1.U;
No. 2 northern, $1.081.09; No. S north
ern. $1.0631.0S, -. , ...
FLAX-42.02. ' -
CORN No. 3 yellow, 6981fl04o. 1 -
OATS-No. 8 white. 44(S46e.
RYE No. 2. 76&'77c.
BRAN In 100-11). sacks, S28.OW23.50.
FLOUR In wood. f. o. b., Minneapolis;
First patents, S5.4otJ.eO; second patents,
$5.205.40; first clears, . H.XtfiM; second
clears, $3.104(1. 40.
Philadelphia Produce Market.
Weak and lower; western , creamery,' 36c;
nearby prints, J7c.
EGOS Steady; Pennsylvania and nearby
firsts f. c, 42o at mark; current receipts
In returnable cases, 40c at mark; current
receipts f. c, 8&40c at mark.
CHEESE Firm; New York full creams,
17i17c; fair to good, 10417c.
Peorta Grata Market.
PEORIA, 111.. Jan. 19. CORN Lower;
No. 3 white, Kc; No. 4 white, 62hK2c;
No. S yellow, 63fi4c; No. S, 63c; No. 4,
6Jc; no grade, 67rn'6Sc. .
OATS Lower; No. 8 white, 4747c; No.
4 white, 46c; standard, 47c.
Mllvraakee Grata Market.
northern, $l.lfraU7; No. 2 northern, SL 149
1.15; May. $1.09.
OATS 4tiil48c.
BARLEY Samples, 68371c. -
Duluth Grain Market.
rULUTH, Jan. 19. WHEAT May, $1.10;
July. $1.10; No. 1 northern, $1.10; No. 2
northern, $1.04.
OATS 45c.
Cottoa Market.
market opened firm at 'an advance of lirf
37 points and while there was a renewal of
liquidation by western and southern house
which caused a slight reaction during the
first few minute ths undertone was de
cidedly better and prices during the middle
of the morulng ruled about a&CT points
net higher on tha active month or prac
tically $3.25 per bale above the low point
of yesterday. Better cable than expected
and reports of an Increased demand from
spinners In connection with the strong
character of the buying which developed
on the break of yesterday seemed reassur
ing to the remaining long Interest.
Future opciied firm; January, 14c;
March, 12otc; May. 14.15c: July, 14Uc;
Autiuht, 13.twc; September, 13 (Tic; October,
Futures eloaed very steady; January,
14.11c; February, 14.0,'c; March, 14 12c; April,
14. li; M., 14.21c; June, 14.2Uc; July, 14.21c;
August, 13. 9&c; September, 13.170; October,
U.tUc; December, n.6oc.
Spot closod quiet, 56 point higher; mid
dling upland, 14.40c; middling gulf, 146uc;
uiea, none.
Spot were nominal. Low ordinary, 11 5-lSc;
ordinary, 12e, nominal; good ordinary,
13 -lftc; strictly goml ordinary, 14c; low
middling. 14 7-le; strictly low nildiTllng.
14c; middling, 15c; strictly middling, 15 c;
good middling. 15c; strictly g.vod middling,
16 7-16c; middling fair, 15 -ltc; middling
ralr to fair, li l-16e; fair, 16 6-lc, nominal.
Iteceipts. 8.2a bales; stock, xll.JOB balee.
UALVF.STON. Jan. I8.-COTT0N-steady,
( of fee Market. '
NEW YORK, Jan. lS.-COKFEK-Ftitures
cloKrd steady at a net decline of S-jlO points.
Sale were reported of 13 tM bag. Includ
ing January at $470: March, ti.7tji 76;
May. it Ou.; July, $6.85; September. $6.85
nil 90; 1 eieml."r. $6 90. Spot, quiet; No. J
lUn. 8 li-lt.(r vi:; No 4 Samoa, 4tl)i;
mild, vjuiki; Cordova, 11', - .
Collapse in Hockinj Valley Affects
the Entire List
Drop of Over lty Polat Caasea
' Two Failure aad OrnisrsllaM -Market-
alight Rally
- . Near Llnse, . . ..
NEW YORK. Jan. 19. Those ennorned
In the stock market had their attention
diverted today from general causes affett
lnr values to those having to do w.th
purely speculative rauses. The oollapte 11)
Columbus and Hocking Valley Coal and
Iron affected the market in much tho same
way as the Rook Inland episode In the
maikel of December 27 and gave rUe 10
the question whether Inveatlgatlort and dis
cipline by tii slock exchange officers were
to follow as In the Rock Island case. The
activities of a market pool In' the Hocking
stock have been notorious for months. In
the course of . which venturesome bear
traders attempted to profit by the evidence
of inflation In the, price of the stock by
short sales, How Utile genuine demand ex
isted for the stock was the striking demon
stration of Its action today when bankers
called loans from the holders. The col
lapse to 25, compared with l7 for the last
price yesterday and 92 last week, repre
sents a suddenness of deflation rare In the
history of the New York Stock exchange.
The sympathetic effect was particularly se
vere on stocks open to any suspicion of
having been treated In similar way in
the course of rapid advances in their mar
ket -quotations. There ware some of the
stocks with a wider market that did not
escape the unfavorable inference to be
drawn from the day' principal episode.
There was a' noticeable tendency. In fact,
to point to the Incident as sympathetic of
methods pursued In a wide f.eld of spec
ulative endeavor through the campaign
which waa waged last year in the stock
The violence of the fall in price In Itself
gave rise to many rumors. The announce
ment of two stock exchange failures, di
rectly due to the collapse lu Hocking Val
ley naturally stimulated the spread of
such rumors. Another crop of rumor had
to do with the supposed revenues of power
ful capitalists being wreaked upon one an
other by fostering the fall In values of
stocks. The course of events encouraged
the, bears to extend their operations. The
final selling movement in tho last hour
gave special evidence of professional bear
origin and the very active demand to cover
shorts and the vigor of the closing rally
were convincing of the fact.
The opening market gave good promise
of advancing, helped by foreign buying of
stocks Induced by the better feeling cre
ated in English financial circles by the
day's news from the elections in progress.
Prices closed considerably above the low
est and with an active rally In progress.
The total sales 1,643.400 Shares made the
largest day's business since the panlo pe
riod In 1907.
Bonds were weak. Total sales, par value,
$4,735,000. United States bonds unchanged
on call.
Number of sales and leading quotation
on stock were aa follows:
Biles. High. Low. Clou.
Allti-Cbalmsni ptd 1.100 60 4 47
Amalismatwl Copper 67,M R44 81 HI "4
Aaiarican ARTtoultuiml .... 8( 46 46 46
Am. tloat Buga 1.100 44 414 41
Am. Can ptd I,6o0 1 77 77
Am. C. A P 4,S4 6., 44H
Am. Ortton Oil t.ino 64 62 (14
Am. H. ft L pM 1,(100 43 42 4I
Am. lee R wulea 1,4) 4 KM M4
American Unaed :. 4to 1C.14 164, liiYfc
Amerloui Locomotive ..... 4,000 54 U 63
Am. g. t R S4.9H0 6 81 " V
Am. B. 4t R. prd 1,000 110 - In in
Am. Sugar Rerinlng.. 4.0OO 1X4 UO 121
Am. T. T 1O.70D U4, Wt mtt
Am. Tobacco pfd aoo MU M
American Woolen iliO jUt4 M KM
Anaconda Mining Oo 10. 100 bu, ' 4H 4
Atchtaon 40. DuO 11H4 US' -ll7 .
Atchbon pfd 6o0 ls.v lo lut
Atlamto Coast Use l.poO. 13114 Vi .. 129.
Baltimore at Ohio 11,100 lit 11414 114
Bal. Ohio ptd 100 N 3 &)
Bethlehem Steel 100 m ' Ml' !WH
Brooklyn Rapid Tr 16,700 . 75 71 H W4
Canadian Paclflo 1700 '380 ' 17r! .179
Central leather ............ 6,404. 43 41 ; 41
OentljU LeatiMT ptd. A.m.' 0 107 1W 1W(
Central of New Jenwy U0 Si) ' J00 310 '
Oheaapeaka ft Ohio........ 61, 2. W 87 . 3 ,' U
Chicaje A Alton..,..,,...: 400 44
Chlaigo Ot. W.. new 4,700 1241 30 HI
Oh lotto N. W l.tOO 16H 1M 1AK
C. M..;. Bt. r 40,700 148 146 nt.-
O.,' C.; -St. i,., H0 7 78 78
Colorado F. A I - 5.90 46 42 4V)t
Colorado A .Southern...... , ..SO 68 64 M
Colo. & So. 1st ptd..A.,.. TOO 81 61 til
Colo. A So. M ptd tOO 10 80,. 80
Conaolldated Oaa U.SoO 1M 143 'ltt
Cora Product 4,800 10 lit '.' 1
Delaware 4k Huaaon 1, 0 17S it no
DenTer Rio Urande 4.700 4 41 ' 43
D. R. O. pfd 1,100 to 79 .
Dlatlllera' Securities 400 14 83 83
Erie (.400 81 10 ar
Erie lit pfd l.toi) . 4 47
Brte Id ptd L0O0 88 88 87
General Electric 1,000 164 168 161
Oreat Northern pfd 17.800 lift ISO 181
Great Northern Ore otrs.... 1,100 13 T u
Illlnele Central 600 142 141 143
Interborouih Mat. 47,100 23 10 to
Int. Met., pfd 800 6 6e
International Harveater .... I.tuO 111 11 11
Int. Marine pfd I,4u0 . 21 1 1H
International Paper .' 14 13 IS
International Pump ........ 600 60 48 ' 4e
Iowa Central " ' 60S 2 '& M
Kanaa Cltjr So......,...,o. 1.SO0 40 t.
K. O. So. pfd........' -400- t 87 47
Loulavllle A N ... 4,900 161 Us H
Minn. eV Bt. lL 200 48 43 48
M.. Bt. P. A 8. S. M. ..... 1.100 133 ISO )1
Mo. Pacific, ex-rlght'.'." 18.40U 70 7 es
M.. K. A T V....H,800 '4IH4 43 48
M., k. a T. pro
National Blacult - lie
National Lead 4,100 86 83 83
N. R. R. of M. Ut ptd 63
New- York Central ,aw lit in in
N. Y O. A W 6,400 . 46 , 43 44
Norfolk A Western 4,000 87 96 Wi
North American l.H T '. 1
PacKle Mall , 1.100 36 88 VI
Penneylvanla XM00 133 131 131
People's Oaa S.,800 113 112 1U
P., C, a St. L 600 88 87 W
Preaeed Steel Oar I,6o0 46 44 44
Pullman Palace Car 6J0 ISO 168 18
Rallwar Steel Spring l.WW 4 46 46
Reeding 303.600 IK 16H 1!
Republic Steel t.400 40 38 3H
Republic Steel pfd 1.400 101 100 100
Rouk laland Co 8S,to0 44 4o 40
Rock Uland Oo. ptd i.m 84 84 83
St. L. A B. F. 3d pfd 1,000 6i 63 62
Bt. L. 8. W. ptd too 74 73 72
Rloae-Sheffleld S. A 1 300 80 80 1
Southern Pacltlo SI.mk) 1S3 Hi liiV
Southern Railway 7. loo 31 - 80 Do
So. Rallwar ptd 4,4.0 9 M 06
Tenneaeee Copper I.') 37 88 8
Teiaa Pacific 3i0 33 30 80
T.. St. U A W 1,400 60 48 4
T., Bt. L. A W. pfd 1.000 68 06 6
Union Pacific 178.000 IN inn lwi
Union Paclflo pfd., 4,0o0 loo
U. S. Realty 6.W A T 7(
It S. Rubber I.o0 48 44 44
U 8. Sle.1 S1.4") 84 81 81
C. 8. Steel pfd a. 1U 121 I43
I'Uh Copper a .tuO U 61 61
Va.-Caroltn Chemloat .... ."0 66 62
Wabaeh 4,500 22 21 31
Webaata Pfd .)" 41 48
Weetern Maryland tfa .... W.twO 62 t 4
WetliiahouM Hlectrlo 4.100 74 71 71
Weatera Union
Wheellog A L. B
Wbioonaln Central ...
Pittsburg Coal
Am. Steel Foundry....
United Ury Ooods....,
... I,0o0 73 72 73
600 6 I .
3o0 47 47 4.
. t.sio a ii 18
. I,3o0 64 62 2
. 4.300 107 104 104
Laclede Oa
Total sale (or the day, 3.41,4O0 share.
Lead Stock Market.
tONDON, Jan. 18. American securities
opened firm and above parity on overnight
New York buying orders. Uuring the .first
hour of trading local covering carried pi Ice
nil higher and at noon the market was
firm and from VlTl above yesterday's
New York closing.
Ixindon closing stocks:
Console, money Si loulavllle A N. lj
do account U K, tt T 46
Amal. Copper N. Y. central 121
Anaeoota ) Norfolk W loo.
Atchieon uu da ptd....... 83
do pld lue Ontario W... 444
Beltlnture A Ohio. .. .liPenuylanla
Canadian Pacirio l6kand Mlnea '
l.heuLpeek 4k O ev Heading 83
Chicago U. W 34 Southe.n Hj I
t ill.. Mil. A St. P. ..161 do ptd 71
D. Beara 18Seuthern Pacllte 115
Denver at kl O. .. . . 4 talt Pacllle ,.1
da ptd 33 do pfd ..lot
Erie 331). g. Steel .....tt
do let pfd 60 do ptd 124
do 3d Pld vYabaaa 33
Graud Trunk 3i du ptd 62
limtula Central 141 Specie 4a 8
B1L.VKR Bar, steady at 34 S-lGd per os.
Mt)NKY 3 per cent.
The rat of discount In the open market
for short and three months bills Is 3 I0-I04
$ (tr cent.
See fork Satalag; ttoeka.
NEW YORK. Jan. 1 Cloaing quotations
on mining tock were:
Alloa .' ITS Loadrllle Con t
Brunswick Coa 4 'Luile chief
Com. Tun net Mack... 34 Meiu-aa 170
do bonds 18 Ontario 837
Oca. Cal. A V 17 Ophlr je
Horn silver 73 Standard to
Irou Silver I Yellow Jacket Ua
O tared.
Treaaary Htateateat.
WASHINGTON, Jan. ID The condition
of the treasury at the beginning ot bual
uiks tod:y wu as follows:
Trust l'uud-lold coin, $173,11,m19; silver
dollars, $44. WB 000; Oliver dollars of lWO,
-l:il. vt0. silver certificates ouUtanding,
licncial Fund Standard aftver dollar to
general fund. $&. tail). Sot ; current llablljtlee,
vi.!Ni.3M; working balance In treasury ot
fli.en, tJl.lTb.GVn; In bank to credit of treas
urer of the L lilted ftitee., $Md,3T4.6S; sub
sidiary silver coin, $18.3X3.467; minor coin,
$l,0K2.r; total balanoo In general fund,
New York Stoaey Market.
NEW TORK, Jan. l.-MONKT-On 011,
steady. $Vy4 per cent, ruling rate, i per
cent; closing bid, 3 per oenf; offered at
33 per cent. Time loans, easier; alxty
days and ninety daya, 4 per cent; six
months. 4 per cent.
per cent.
actual business In banker' bills at S4S&0
for sixty-day bill, and at $4 (0 for de
mand. Commercial bill $4 R3VJ4 3r4.
KIIVER Bar, f'2'v. Mexican dollar. 44o.
HuNIiH Government, steady; railroad
bonds weak.
Closing luotntlon on bonds wera as fol
lows: P. S rW ta, rg....100.tnt. Met. 4 St
do coupon 1olnt. M. M. 4
U. S. (a. reg 101 Japan 4 88
do coupon loi do 4s t
U. 8. 4, reg 114 K. C. Bo. let la t8
do coupon )14U S. deb. 4S 1801.... 34
Allla-nhal. let ta..... 83 L AN ant. 4s 8
Am. Aa ta 103 K. A T. let 4a.. tw
Am. T. A T. cv. 4s..V2 do gen. 4a fv
Am. Tobacco 4 77 Mo. Pacific 4e l
do Sn , loN. R. R, of M. 4.. 84
Armour A Co. 4s. .. MN. T. C. g. 3a 1
Atihlaofl gen. 4a 100 do deb 4a to
d0 CT. 4e. 116N. Y., N H. A H.
o cv. 6a 117 ov. a 134
At. C. L 1st 4 84 N. A W. 1.L.O. 4... t
Hat. A Ohio 4 du cv.4,.7: Vn
o S3 No. Paclflo 4 UK
do S. V.'. 3 do 8 73
Br. Tr. cv. 4e 830. 8. U rMg. 4e-. . , 4
c. of Oa. 6s i..inaPenn. c. Ie 1816., ft
Cfn. Leether 6 80 do eon. to 104
of N. 1. g. to. ...ill Reading gen. 4a
Chea. Ohio 4s....k28t S. F. fg. 4s. S4
do ref. im 104 do gen. 6s 83
Chicago A A. 3a.... 748t. L. S. W. . 4... 78
C. 'U. A Q. J 4s ' du let gold 4e...... S3
do cm. 4e Seaboard A. L. 4... 84
C. M. A BP. g 3s 8t8o. Pat I Oo col. 4s.... M
C, R. I. 4V.P. a 4a.. o do cv. 4. los
dn col. 6.. loj do let ret. to H
do rfg. to 81 So. Railway to... .108
Colo, lnd. 6a 81 do gen. 4a 80
Colo. Mid. 4 n Union Paclflo ta lot
C. S. r. A e. 4 e do ev. to no
D. A H. ef 4 ino do 1st A ref. to.... 7
D. A It O. 4 it!!. B. Rubber ta 108
" rf. 6a 4 t. s. Sleet id t lot
pintlllera- sa 73 V a -Clare, diem. 6s.. to
Erie p. I. to 86awabah let 6 Ill
lo gen. 4a 7 do let A . 4.... 1M4
"do cv. to, ser. A. It Western Md. 4 86
do eerie B TJ'e4. Bleo. ev. Bs... 8S
fn. Elec. v. i 144 Wl. Central to. 84
ill. Gen. 1st ref. 4s.. r
Bla. OHemii,
Treaaary Statement.
Boston Storks aad Boada.
BOSTON, Jan. 19. Money, call loans, 4H
per oent; time loans, 4HS per cent.
Closing-quotations: ...
Atchison ad). 4a 88 Amalcamated 11
4 -. ArlsM cm. 46
Men. Central to 1)3 Atlantio ...T.i 11
Atchison R.' R........lliButte Coalition Is
Oo P'"l 103Cal. at Artsnna...,,.. 81
Boston A Albany ISO Cel. Heola too
Ronton Maine 147 Centennial . at
Boston Klevated 133Copper Rang ,. 80
Fltohburg pld ISO Daly West Is
N. Y., N. H. A H....1M Franklin It
Union Paclflo 1l Orsnby ... ....10o
Am. Arge. Cham.... 4t Oreene Cknanea Mi
do ptd 1011 Isle Rovale 16
Am. Pneu. Tube.(... 7 Mass. Mining i-a,
Amer. Sugar 190 Michigan t
do pfd 131 Mohawk M
Am. T. A T 136Nevada 39
Amer. Woolen 33 Old Dominion 47
do pfd 101 Osceola 168
F-dlson Elec. I11U....34 Parrot M
General Klectrlo 163 Qulncy 87
". Electric )88hannon . n
do pfd 80 Tamarack ; 84
Mass. Uaa 78Trlnlty j. .
United Krult 17 U. B. Mining 48
United 8. M V. S. OIL..- 83
io pfd 3Utah . 40
U. 8. Steel 81 Victoria 4
da pfd ,....12lWlnooa 11
Adventure ' Wolverine 148
Ailoues 63 North Butt ...,.... to
Aaked. Bid. v.
1 '- '0
aLaeat , peeantles. , .
Quotations furnished by Samuel Burns,
jr., 614 New Tork Life building, Omaha:
' BIO. Assea.
Beatrlo Creamery pfd, t per oent..., 80 tt
City of Omaha 4a ret., ;34 106 loti
City Of Omaha 4s. 1Z 104 1W
City of New York to, into KM. 101
California O. A B. 6s, 13T 86 84
Columbus, Neb., Klectrlo Light 6s, lUt 86 86
City uaa - A If leans, Water,oo....4M 7 M
Cuuahy Packing Co. ta, 1M4 . 100 100
Deovar Stock Yards Slock. .i..;l.' 87 "' 88
Independent Tel. as, 1833...,, mr 31
international Coa. Co tl at
Kennedy Bldg. Co. ':?.!'' lot
Long Bell Lumber Co. ta, l13si.'.l...;yf w . tot"
Ulcnlgan Stale Tel. 6a, 1834 ..i 100
Nebraska Tel, Stock, 4 per cent.. 100 ' loo
Omaha Water Co. as. ltto i...'-84'" ae
Oruba Osa 6a, 1317 i 83 , 8
Omaha K. L. A P. Co. ia. 1841 st s
Omaha K. U A P. Co. as pld tl 4
Omaha A C. B. St. Rf. ta.' lal. ........ to 100
Omaha A O. B. St, Ry. ptd. t per cent 84 si
Omaha A C. s). St. Ry. com ...:' 76 -It
Omaha A C. B. Ry A B. Oo. pfd.....: to , to
umaoa maker wi. , in pru , 14 fa
gloui City Stock Yard ptd, t Bar sent 80 ,81
South Omaha ref. 4s. 1811 ....1100 loo
Seattle Lighting Oo. M, 1830...., , 17 8
L'nloa S. Y., Bo. Omaha to 88
Staal and Fancy Prodnc Prices Fare
nlaked by Bayer and Whaleaalera.
BUTTER Creamery, No. 1, delivered lo
me retail traue in 1-10. eartona, 27c; No. L
In 60-lb. tuba. 80 Wc. No. 1 In 1-lh. cartons
36c; In 60-lb. tubs, 84Vc; packing stock, solid
pack, 33c; fresh rolls, 33i4o; fanoy dairy,
roll, 25c; common butter, 23o. Market
changes every Tuesday.
fOULiTRY Dressed: Broilers; $5 dos.;
springs, 15c; bens, 16c; cooks, lc; ducks,
loc; geese, 14c; turkeys, 30c; pigeons, per
dos., $1.36; Horner squabs, $4 per dos.; fancy
sou aba. $3.60 Pr dox.: No. 1. 33.00 iter dost
Alive: Broiler, under 2 lbs., l&o; over 2
ids, no; nens, lie; cocas, vc; duoks, full
feathered, 12o; geese, full feathered, Sc;
turkeys, 13c; guinea fowls, S3 per dos.; pig
eons, ouv per qui i .
F18H (all frozen) Herring, to; salmon,
11c; pickerel, c; whlteflsh, 11c; pike, 13c;
trout, 10c; cattish, lie; crappies, c to sc;
large orappiea, loc; black pass, 36c) red
snapper, 13c; ameita, 14c;. frog legs, bOo a
aoaen; Spanish mackerel, l&o; eel, 18c;
haddook, lac: tlounders, 13o.
OYaTKRS Selects, small cans, 36c; large,
40c; gallon, $1.86; New York oounis, small,
33c; large, 4oc; gallon, $1.36; standard,
small, iic, large, toe; gallon, $1.36.
b'RL'l'l'ii Orangas; Kxira onolce, S6s, 112a,
libs, box, $3.60; 160. box, 3.b6; 17u, sMM
and lUOa, box, $2.36; extra fancy RediandaT,
m, lUa and lis, box, $3.76; 160a, btx.
$3.36; 17ba, ZOOs, and 210. box, $3.00. Lemons:
t-xtra tancy, 3oo and 3eoa, per box, 6.00;
extra choice, 3ou, Sous, per box, $4.76. Grape
truit: i'lorida Indian River, box, $4 00.
'langerlns: Florida, ' 144 and Iom,
box, $3.60. Pineapples: Florida Indian
River, 34s and oa, crate, 3 do. t) Uumu
Florida, 100 to 1M, box, So.oo. , Appiec
Choice White Peai nuiin, ?L.M; lien Lavia,
Colorado, $1.36; W Ine bap, Colorado, $3.oi);
Joriaihana, Colorado, $3.uu; Greening, Colo
rado, par box, $1.60; Mmaouii Pippiua, Colo
rado, per box, $L76; Genltons. Colorado,
per box, $1.60; Iowa Jonathan, bbl., $6.u0;
Iowa Wine Saps, bbl., $6.00; Iowa Missouri
flpplD, bbl., 4o.0w, iowa Ben L-avia, ulu.,
$4. i'u; Beu Uavis, strictly No. i Missouri,
bbl,, $3.76; Missouri Pippins, strictly No. i
bbl., $.76; osiios, strictly No 1 Missouri,
bbl.,-$4.ou; Ureenuigf, jNew ork, io. 1
Parmer' pack, bbl., $3.60; ext. 'a fancy New
York Greenings, bbl., tl.uO. Grapes: Mala
gas, extra choic iiupurted, bbl., $.6V; Ma
lagaa, fancy imuorud. bbl.. to. 00: Maiaaa.
cj.ua fancy, exua ueavy, uupurteu, oul.,
$ti.io; Malagas, extra tancy, tinted, highly
colored, imported, Phi., $6 Oo. Bananas:
kxtra fancy, Port L,imun or Changumoia,
1 1 nost and largest, bunch, $3.60; extra fancy,
apecial 7D-1U. Ouncuaa, bunch, $3.00; extra
fancy, bunch, 33.UOI3.75. Cranberries,
luxira fancy, long ktivping, bbl., $7 60; Jer
key, ripe, bol., 40. 60. Pears: Cuiilorma,
extra lancy fcaaitr Beurre, box, $i.50. r'iga;
New imporieo, e-ciowu, ib., lie; new
in.ported, 4-cruwn, ib.. 13c: new. 1m-
poiied, 12 13-os. paclfages, dox, bOu; new
iinpoi tea, ov o-oi. uucaagea, box, $3.00; tm
poiied, 1-lb. backet) loc
VtuiiTAiiL.il.! c'auafiower: . California,
per crate,. t3.ou. ilo.iey: ..Colyrado, per
crate, $o.3o, bweet Putaioea: Kitnaaa, S-bu.
out., 3.tAi. celery: Jumbo California. Der
dox., 4C Head Lettuce: Per hamper, $.60.
.wavw vaiipiii,ii yvt su., ' iao. v M o-
bake: w lecoiisin genuine Holland aeeri
lb., ic. Tomatoes: Florida, tv-baaxct crate,
per crate, $6.60. Old Turnip, tteets, Car-
loia or rarsnipa: for bbl., Z.3o. Onion:
Red Globe, extra large, per lb.. l'o-
cipanlsh, large crates, crate, 31. Oo: Muaniah
mall New York crate, crate, $1.6o.
t.l.r tuio-fto. i rios, lor.; r,o. j ribs
13c,' JSo.-S ribs, ko ; No. 1 loin,' Ilk;' No. i
loin, 13e ; No. 3 loin, c; No. 1 chuck
7c; No. 2 chuck, tic; mo. 3 chuck. 6u,
4o. a rouuu, w, vtw. m gouuu, flsu; ri o.
round, 7c; No. 1' piate. b.e: No. a mate
6c; No. S plate, 4Vc . . ,
NUT B Aimonds: Drake seedlings, nar
lb., lac; Hraxila, large, per lb., 13o,- til-
cert, lavrav, iicr is., ua-c; pecan, jumbo
Texas, per lb., loo; pecan, medium Texas,
per 10., 13vic; black walnuts, per lb., 2)0;
hickory, small, per lb., to; hickory, large,
per lb.. 4c; California walnut. No. 1, auft
hell, per lb., 16c; California walnuts, No.
3. soft shell, per lb., lie; peanuts, raw, per
lb., be; peanut. Jumbo, raw, per lb., SVeo;
pranuaa, roaated, per lb., Sc; ' peanuia,
sailed, per box, $1.26.
DATES Thirty 1-lb. package, per box.
M'J.,: nw Hallawe'en, per lb., SVo; sugar
ivaJuut, i.f L..S, V6t; f aid, par lb., loo.
Bectipta of Cattle Continue Quite
Liberal for the Season.
Sheea anal Uiaks Sell ta Fairly Osod
Adraataare at Trlees Wt . Materia
ally Dlffereat from Those)
PrvvalllaK Taesday.
' SOUTH OMAHA, Jan. 19. 1M0.
Receipt war: Cattle. Hog. Eheep.
Official Monday 4.K10 R.7 7.10S
Official Tuesday 8.7M lO.Oi g f.14
Estimate Wednesday S.S00 9.000 t.600
Three day this week.. 13.751 21.777 23.130
Same day last week.... 30.OI6 K.ASft 2M0X
Same daya 2 weeks ego.. 11 34 10.R74 14 2S
Same days S week ago.. 9.50 .m 18 $47
Hame daya 4 weeks ago.. S.731 17.377 15.477
pam days last year 14.802 83.321 20,823
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
tho year to date, compared with last year:
1910. 10. Ino. Dee
Cattle .' 66 97S M.S9 81
Hogs lOP.Jon i,7,fif9 41.260
Sheep S3, 00 81.1M 3,74
The following table shows the a vera;'
prlca of hogs at South Omaha for the laat
several daya, with comparisons.
Data. 1910. 109.1S08. 1907. 19OS.l06. 1904.
Jan. S 81 4 $0 S SI S 221 4 Ml 4 1
Jan. 10... S22H 4 2? $ 30 S 20 4 S3
Jan. 11... $18 S 74 4 1 t 2! t 33 4 Wt 4 63
Jan. 12... S 'i S S3 6 80 6 28 4 3 61
Jan. 13... S47S86 4 08 S4347l
Jan. 14... SIX 6 37 4 20 2 460472
Jan. 16... S 42; 6 87 4 29 ST. 6 29 4 69
Jan. Iff... 5 93 4 S3 S 42 6 29 4 f2 4 74
Jan. 17... 8 4H 4 26 6 42 5 24 4 61
Jan. 13... 8 43 808423660(27456469
Jan. 1 603 6 49 6 29 4 65 4 74
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the Union Hlock yards, Houth Omaha, for
twenty-tour hours ending at S o clock yes
terday afternoon:
Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.Hrs.
C, M. & St. P 4 2 S
Wabash R. R 11 ..
Missouri Paclflo .w.. 4 - 1
Union 1'aclflc 44 46 15 S
C. A N. W. (east).. 1 18
C. A N. W. (west).., 24 36 , ..
0., St. P. M. A O.. 6 11 1
C. B. A, Q. (eaat) 7 4 4 8
C. U. A Q. (west) 25 27 2
C, R I. A P. (eaat).. 10 .. S
Illinois Central 2 ..
C, Ot. W 2 8 2
Total receipt ....125
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Pkg. Co...,
Swift and Company
Cudahy Pkg. Co...
Armour & Co
Schwarts-Bolen Co
. 641 1.221 1267
. 4M
. tOM
,. 30
Krey Pkg. Co
St, L. Ind. Pkg. Co..
W. B. Vansant Co 1
Stephens Bros 79
HUI At Son fc 116
F. B. Lewi 41
J. B. Root A Co 61
J. H. Bulla 17
L. Wolf 22
Mccreary & Carey 43
S. Werthelmer t2
H. F. Hamilton 65
Sullivan Bro. 60
T. J. Inghram 1
Leo Rothschild 33
Mo. A Kans. Calf Co.... 18
Christy & Cllne 99
Other buyers 839
Total 4.084 ,1U 7,070
' CATTLE! Receipts were aults fair again
today and In fact most all points wore
quite uoerauy supplied with cattle of all
kinds. grains, however, were generally
late, as usual, - and -ths trade was de
layed so that tha forenoon was very well
advanced before the market had really
opened and before enough business had
been transacted to really establish values
This thing, however, has come to be the
regular order ovary day sines train ser
vice all over the western country haa been
so Daaiy aemoranxed.
It appeared- that there waa a good . de
mand for beef steers and when trade was
one under, way desirable killers sold quite
ireeiy at price mat, war luny sieaay with
yesterday. There- wa nothing choice to
make a top, but there wars soma cattle
good enough to bring m.
Cow and heifers were also free sellers
at good steady price, and pretty muoh
everytning in signt changed hands In good
The supply of stockers and feeders waa
small and as there appeared to be a ivery
fair demand desirable kinds sold very read
ily at prices that ware a. little stronger
than yesterday.- Oood Wyoming oattla sold
up to $6.30. -Quotations
on cattle: Oood to choio beef
steais, tt.W04i7.26; fair to good beet steers,
$6.0034.00: common to lair beef steera I4.AO81
$.00; good to oholc cows and heifers, $4.2)
6.00, fair to good cows and heifer. $itf.5
4.26; common to fair cows and heltnrs, tx.40
a so; good to choice slocaers and feeder,
$4,001(46.00; fair to good stockers and feeders,
$3.6oi4v4.26; common to fair stockers and
feeders, $2.7frl3.60; stock heifers, $2. 70 3. SO;
veal calves, $3.607.60; bulla, stags, etc..
$2.76434.60. '
, Representative sales:'
Av. rr.
Av. Pr.
..Ml 4 80
.. 748 4 10
.. 34 IK
.. t8 4 80
. . 7 t 00
..1001 I 10
...1074 i 1
' 14....
....1011 I 10
....Uu t tO
....1116 t 46
....11,4 $44
....1311 t lo
....1341 I 80
....1384 $00
..1146 I 24
... to 3 10
... 780 t tt
...SMI I to
...101 t b
...1OJ0 IH
...loai 3 70
... U t It
... tit t 74
... 887 t 7e
...1030 4 00
...lo8 4 00
... 8al 4 10
.... 171 4 36
.... T7 4 41
....1011 4 60
....1011 4 66
....103 4 80
,...1006 4 40
,...1006 4 10
....1011 4 80
.... 8t 4 to
....1117 4 80
....Iks 00
....lwi 6 ut
...1080 4 U
41 $ 00 li
Ml 4 40
. 333 4 40
. tot I 00
8u 3d 10
4 tt
..180 S tt
. .120 3 4e
..1400 I U
, .l.SiJ 4 16
..1400 4 tt
..llbO 4 16
..1700 4 60
..1431 4 SO
..14O0 t 43
..lieO 4 10
..loOO 4 70
..1330 4 tt
1770 4 30
., no l oo
.. l.o 4 00
.. 411 4 OO
. . 3S1 4 uu
.. lit 4 76
tot t 00
, 130 4 00
133 7 10
10 7 30
, M0 7 71
loo i 00
108 t 00
7.. 117 I IM 11
464 4 00
K4 4 10
,876 4 10 1
Mo 4 30
111 4 4.
10 kJl t 30 11
30 1017 8 76 14
13 tu III I
3. tot t V I
1 7ee I 00 4
' A. P. Btrouse S. D.
16 feeders.. 834 4 30 calves... 260
4 23
7 heifer... 744 3 40 ,'
Bear River Development Co. Wyo.
17 cows 918 8 M 2 bull 1420 8 75
4 mixed.. .1006 4 20 calve... 146 7 76
Charles Moslanoer Wyo.
28 feeders. .11 6 10 93 feeder.. 935 4 95
44 cows 906 4 20 3 bulls 1440 8 66
2 iags.,..1110 1 60
J. Deler Wyo.
36 feeders.. 1021 C 30 11 cows 836 4 SO
HOG s A tew odd sales that were made
early this morning looked lo be no worse
than weak to a nickel lower than yester
day's beat time, but the Volume of busi
ness don on tni baai waa too small to
affect the general market to any noticeable
extent.) Packera alaned out bidding a dime
and' even loo lower than yesterday for
drove after the yarding of several early
truinloads, but seller were . not disposed
to make sucn liberal concession and move
ment waa anything but actlv. Lower ad
vices from eastern market points later In
the morning served to alrengtntm bearlsn
sentiment and buying and selling Interests
linaiiy compromised upon loo lower fig
ure as compared with yesterday's general
The big bulk ' of the morning's receipt
changed hand on this baela and movement
became fairly actlv at the decline. About
sixty or seventy loads had been weighed up
at midday, or,- in otner words, Just auoul
half of lue estimated receipts. A conald
erabl portion of offering old from $6.36
Hfti.it) and on up to $ 66, with the big
siring at tb.S0nis.36. Common and mixed
light suffered perhaps more than good
butcher weights, the former classes of
stock selling tvrount $8.23S.27v
Av. sa. Pi. '
...lb ,.. IW '
i..lW ... I M
...lit ... I -,...174
40 87
... 14 ... 3 1
...183'... 13
... t to
...m ... t to
. .iu
Sh. t.
S3 ,
...81 '
10 t 31
eo 3 36
... I a
si a.
34 ..
3. ..
.816 lu I 3b
. I 31
I "a.
. I 4
. .33
87 tnt 8i Tl 94 ... t 4
11 ... 18 ' as 1 ... I 40
14 I4 IS I 80 88 11 ... 40
7 m ... I 8 8 3-3 ... I 4
tt .811 ... I 8 ; Mt ... I 4
40 341 ... 3 II .a. ...10 ... 141
II XI ... I II II til IN I
14 Is) ... It n 31 ... t 46
I m SO I St M t'l .... 4 8 .
137 807 ... I 83 67 330 ... I Ml
m Ill Ut 111 tl K8 ... I u
II til ... I 31 Wl ... I 3
SHEEP Today's trad In the sheep barn
waa In most reaped a repetition of yes
terday' market. Packers wanted good ma
terial for their or d era, but the common
and medium grade of sheep and lamb met
with a, feeble demand and moved slowly
from the opening. Prices, however, ruled
just about steady on all kinds of stock.
The outlet for good lamb with a reason
able amount of flesh and finish appear
to be especially broad at prsent and
strictly prime string would probably tell
up as nigh as $8.86. One bun h of ftd lamb
waa good enough to command $8.60 thla
' The supply of today, or of any other day
lately, has try no means been above nor
mal, but packers ar still complaining of
a scarcity of refrigerator car and are not
dlspoaed to stock up heavily at current
lofty prices. The medium uuallty of tha
bulk of offering on most day haa also
operated against a brisk demand and freer
Quotations on rat stock: Oood to' choice
lambs, Sat.&M?8.66; fair to good lambs, $7.8rt9
$.16; good light yearlings, $7.10.Ui 36; good
heavy yearling. o. 00-67. 10; good to choice
wethers, $3.60ii1.0; fair to good Wethers,
$5 10.1. 00; good to choice ewes, S6.3is6.76;
fair to good ewes, $6 OOitfu.SS.
Representative sales:
No. At.' Pr.
66 western ewes, culls..'. 70 2 25
26 western lambs 90 8 SO
132 western ewes 107 S 76
2.18 western lambs 76 8 40
72 western lambs 71 8 40
81 western goals 93 4 86
38 native lambs 87 8 40
634 western ewes : 77 8 25
161 western yearling 67 6 00
62 western ewee,, culls C8 . 1 3S
418 western ewes 85 4 90
65 western lambs 84 8 60
193 western lambs 72 8 50
76 western ewes 104 6 60
190 western lambs 72 T 60
Cattle, Sheep aad Lambs Steady
Hoes Lower.
CHICAGO, Jan. U.-CATTLE-Recelpts.
20,000 head; market, steady; steers. S6.00
&8.10; cowe, $3.60ra6.60; heifer, $3.40.iJ0;
bulls, $4.0tr.j6; calves, $3.00(9.76; stockers
and feeders, $3.75ifr6.50.
HOGS Receipts. 86.000 head; market.. 10c
lower; choice heavy, $8.T0ttf8 80; butchers
$8.6658.76; light mixed, $8 40-0 8 60; choice
light, $H.60jj'8.HO; packing, $6.6648.70; pigs,
$7.708.36: bulk, $8.60ra8.7O. ,
SHEEP AND LA M B9 Receipts, 20.000
head; market, steady; sheep, ts OOjW;
lambs, $7.O0va.76; yearlings, $4 26412$.
St. -I.oals Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, Jan: iw. CATTLE Receipt:,
8.200 head, including 800 Texans; market
steady; native shipping and export steers,
$6.8(ij8.00; dressed beef and butoher steers,
$0.lft.70; steer under 1.000 lbs., $4 .006.20;
stockers and feeders, $3.406.25; cows and
heifers, S3.26(3.76;i oannars, $2.50100; bulls,
$3.26tfj6.00; calves. 6.79.O0; Texas and In
dian steers, 84.003e.96; cows and heifers,
HOGS Receipt, 8,700 head; market 1MI
16c lower; pig and lights, $t.40i&8.86; pack
ers, $S 40-38. 65; butchers and best heavy,
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 2.000
head; native muttons, $4 .7&fff6.00; lamha,
$7.268.70; culls and bucks, $3.7E6.25; stock
ers, $3.36(75.00.
HOGS Reeelpta,"4,76 'heed; market 10tf
15o lower; pigs and lights, $6.40.38; pack
ers, $8.40(88.60; butefcera and bent, heavy,
SHEEP AND IAMRj-Receipts, 8.000
heed; market steady; native muttons, S4.7R
4x6.00: lames, S7.26(tf.70; culls and buoks,
$3.766.36; stockers, S3.3figo.00.
, Kansa C'tty Live Stock Market.
cetpte, 8,000 head, Inoludlng 400 coutherna:
market strong; choice exports and dressed
beef steers, $8.007.26; fair to good. $4.0i9
5.90; weetern steers, S4.6Cigp6.30; stockers arid
feeders, $3.6005.35; southern steers, $4.2fy
ou.thrn cows. S2.6047H.76; native cows,
12.60(36. ft; native heifers, $$.6O&4,10; bulla.
$3.60tli?6.15; calves, S4.00JiP8.76.
HOOS Receipts, 42.000 head; market 10c
lower; top, $8.63; bulk of sales, $8.26.56;
heavy. $3.55S8.62H; packers and butchers,
$8,367(800: light. S8.20(9.45: Dirs. MBOfflfK.
SHEEP AND . LAMBS Receipts, 7.000
"siii marK, ioc nigoer; lamDs, fl.V(SLm;
yearllnfirs. til T..rnl 7K ,i h.r. . eje s.-. oa.
ewes, $6.005.7B; stockers and feeders, $3.60
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
T. J08EPH, Jan., 19, -CATTLE Re
ceipts, 1,800 head; ' market strong to loo
higher; steers, $4.60(37.00; cows and heifers.
$2.60$.00; calves. $8.0Oft,00.
HOGS Receipts. 4.600 head; market lOo
lower. Top, $8.60; mulk of sales, $8.2&9
SHEEP AND LAMBS Reoelpts, " 6,000
head. Market, active and strong. Lambs,
Slows City LIT Stoek Market.
BIOUX CITT. Ia.. Jan, 19. (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, L600 head;
market, steady to easy, .
HOGS Receipts. 6,000 head; market 80
lOo lower; range of . prices, S8.26ig8.46; bulk
of sales, $8.3088.35.
Stock la Sight. .
Receipt of live stock st the sis princi
pal western maraeia yesterday?
Cattle. Hogs,
South Omaha $.200 9.000
Sioux City. .(j,. ......... 1,600. 6,000
St. Joseph 1 800 4 600
Kansas City.......'. 8.000 13.000
St. Louis S.200 8,700
Chicago....... 20,KI0 86.000
Total receipts. ..:.. .,87,700 74,200
3 000
Wool Market.
BOSTON. Jan 18. WOOL With stocks
well cleaned out and prices holding firm,
dullnesa continues to be the feature of the
local wool markut. There Is some move
ment In quarter-blood I Ohio and territory
wools, both staple and clothing, are selling
from day to day In limited quantities. Lo
cal dealers regard quotations from the
west on the new clip as exoesslve. The
leading domestic quotations rang a fol
lows: Missouri three-eighth blood. 34rrj34c;
blood, 33i33u: Scoured values Texas fin
1 to 2 months, 733'&7&c; fine 6 to 8 months.
HUTO.' fin. fall 1 .
w ww, veuiuiiiui Iiortll-
ern, oti&okc; middle county, U3aic; fall free,
60&62e; Uregon eastern No. 1 staple, 73jl'78c;
eamern ciotning, iodize; valley Mo. 1, 67
(&67c; territory- fine staple, 77SI80c; fine
medium atanle. HynJ2n. ' in ilmhln ta
(hi2e; fine medium clofhitu, 00s8c; naif
blood. 75'oT6c; three-eighth blood, 68i7f7c;
. . u ... . . . I nA 11.. 1 . r... ' -
vuai uiimj, wieu, (iininu extra, iaiuioq;
tine, (u70c; A. supers, oo"fl5e.
IAJNDON. Jan. It). WOOL-A larger and
finer selection amounting to 13,889 bale
was offered at the wool sales today. All
grades were In. good demand at the open
ing rates. Merinos, Including a good as
sortment of greasy, sold at hardening
rates. Americans bought merinos as well
as crossbrfds. The sales follow: New
South Wales, 2,000 bales; scoured, 1
la lOHd; greasy, 7'4dU'lu24d. gueensland,
1,000 bales; scoured, Is Sd'ols lid; greasy,
8d'(4ls 3d. Victoria, 1.4O0 bale;' scoured, Is
ld ulslltyd; greasy, '7V4d'ffls 2d. South Aus
tralia, 2,so0 bales; scoured, 1 6Vl4il 9d;
greasy, 8d('l 14d. West Australia, 8,400
bales; greasy, 6VilslHd. Tasmania, 100
bales; yreaay, Sd'ttls Jd. New Zealand,
1,800 bales; scoured, Is Vidfyls lid; greasy,
Sdijtls 3d. Cape of Oood Hope and Natal,
800 bales; greasy, g'-tduis lvd.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19. WOOL Unchanged;
territory and western mediums, 26j38c;
fine mediums, 20g34c; fine, 10,210.
Metal Market.
"NEW YORK, Jan. 19.-METAIJ4 Stan.
dard copper wa firm today. Local dealer
quote iaaa copper,, at 13.76ivl4.00; electro
lytic, $13.60413.76; casting, $13.313.34;
English market, higher spot, too 11 id;
future, 01 11 3d. Tin wa firm; apot
cloned, $32. 60 32. 75. London market closed
steady; spot, 1147 15s; futures, U43 S. lad
maraei nigner at tin IM d. bpelter, dull:
spot, to lUgC 36; London market unchanged
at 33 6s. English Iron market was higher
at 6a for Cleveland warrants. Local mar
kt unchanged.
oT. LObid, Jan. 19. M ETALH Lead,
lower, $4.60; speller, lower $0.00.
Sugar and Molasses.
NEW YORK, Jan. 19. SUGAR Raw,
easier; Muscovado, 89 test, 3.63c; centrlfuxal
96 test. 4 0ec; niolaate sugar, 89 teat, S.ttc.
Refined, steady; crushed, 6.66c; granulated,
6.16c; powdered, 8. 20c. ' ',
Oaak t'learlags.
OMAHA,' Jan. 19. Bank clearings for to
day were $2,633,171.11, and for the corre
sponding date last year. $2,633,911.36.
Cowboy Game Fatal.
NEW , YORK, Jan, . U.-Fourtean-yaar-old
Morris Elsenberg, was shot and killed
today, a victim of cowboy" play. A play
mate Is believed to have accidentally fired
the fatal shot. Young Eiaenbarg was
found dead In the hallway of his home on
Alien street, a bullet through his heart.
Court Allows Bail to Be Arranjcd for
Armour Policeman. v
. t
Second Degree, Say Twelve Men, Who
Recommend rtmoet IT em
racy" la Impoalnc ! " ' ' '
Sentence. "
Stephan Egan, convicted last night of the
murder In the second degree of Knoe J.
Daly at the Armour packing plant, will t
admitted to ball this afternoon. '
Ths bond will be allowed by Judge Sutton
In district court pending filing and hearing
of a motion for a- hew trial. Judge Sutton
said that ball In the sum of $6,000 'must be
secured. Egan following the shooting and'
up to the time of conviction waa out on
$2,600 ball. The county attorney's office
Interposed no objection to ball being ar
ranged. The verdict against Egan was returned
at 10 p. m. last evening. It read thua:
"We, the Jury, find the defendant guilty
as charged of murder In the second de
gree. W commend to the court that yottr
honor exercise the utmost mercy that Is
consistent with Justice."
For the first time slnoe he waa arrested
Egan last night went to Jail. Egan's wife
was unable to be by his side when
he heard the verdict. Mrs. Egari haa
been loyal to the prisoner' and would have
sat by his side through the trial but for
an accident. The day the trial began she
and her husband were on their way to the
court room when Mrs. Egan slipped oh
an icy sidewalk and broke hor leg.
Egan, assuming that the supreme court
does not grant a new trial,' must go to
the penitentiary for At least ten years, this
being ths minimum penalty for murder In
the second degree. The maximum Is life,
tut that he will surely ' hot get, ' Judge
Sutton In discharging the ' Jury skying;
"Your recommendation will bo followed."
This ends what has been, the most hotly
contested criminal trial In the district court
since Mrs. Atta Banner was tried for shoot
ing her brother-in-law. The case was more
than ordinarily Interesting because of ths
ability with which counsel on obth sides
conducted It and the addresses yesterday
to the Jury were heard by large audiences.
J. A. C. Kennedy and T. J. Mahoney spoke
In the morning for Egan and A. O. Klllck
olosed for the state In the afternoon, the
Jury getting the case at 6:45' and going. to
dinner before beginning deliberation,
Deputy County Attorney I J. Plattl ad-,
dressed the Jury the afternoon previous.
Klltek Sams , Vp .....
Mr. Elllck made the longest address heard
In district court for at least a year, speak
ing three and one-quarter hours. Besides
reviewing the evidence In detail he took
oocaslon to return aarcaatlo compliments
extended by the other side In Ua address.
The case has boon one calling for extended
argument because there was disagreement
among witnesses on many points. Borne of
these differences were not material In
themselves, but viewed In relation to each
other and to the theory of prosecution or
Of defense, became of ths utmost weight.
There waa one hot brush during the aft
ernoon ' between Messrs. Elllck ud Ma
honey. The former was commenting upon
the "offlclousnesa of the police In guarding
young Hogan when he appeared In tha
court room." . ... .
Mr. Elllck thought' and said freely that
the police displayed an extraordinary seal
In this matter. As the prosecutor, warmed
to this theme he Intimated that the'- at
torneys for the other side had known
something about thlst.
"Never," cried Elllok, "has there been a
like scene In this oourt room! Never Such
an ostentatious display of brass and blue
cloth 1 And all to try to discredit the state's
witness I Why, you saw, this big policemen
even come up and take my chair.
"They had this big, burly polloemaa eome
In and-" . ' ' '
Up Jumped T. J. Mahoney: "I objeot,
your honor' be shoutsd, "to the county
attorney saying they had this big, burly
polloeman " -
withdraw the remark,". Interposed.
Elllck quickly.
"Don't make remarks you have to with
draw," suggested Mahoney acidly as he
took his seat. . ,
Mr. Elllck had aroused ;oonsIderable In
terest during his address' by asserting that
Mr. Mahoney. had made a fatal mistake In
stating In detail In bis . opening address
what the defense would be. .. Fatal, Record
ing to Elllck, becauee according - to him
the attorneys . for thd defense" had ; boen
forced to deviate UereXrorrL,7 .'" ' CV'
Another Sharp , r
Break in G o t to n J
Futures X Market
i ; i i iw ,
Total Decline ; Since Beginning1 nof
llrTnv.wniaT. Wavarlir V4fft. i .
V v vaiva a . 9 a eS . v anV
Dollars a Bate.'
NEW YORK, Jan. U.-.TW New ' York '
cotton market following - the downward
movement which began shortly- after the
new year( touched new levef , again today,,
with estimated liquidation, 'of J0&,l0 bale. .
The recurrences of extreme- wakaes
eemed to create mer appreh.cnl()ftiriaa
other recent breaks in prices and "at "times
tha market' was .utterly demoralised.''' Ar
the low point of the day March ofitracts
showed a decline of 7S point 'fron'tlia.
closing figures of last night, .while Mar,
registered a toss of 8 points. Iu th lat- '
ter case as compared With the hig point
of the season this is a drop of $14.80 a balen. '
When these low levels were reached, how
ever, an enormous , dmaol.rom.jt,t'ng
trade Interests, whose purchases checked
the decline on Friday, brought about, a
rally and a firm close. .- -
Purchases by spinners who realised 'that
future .markets have had a' decline of
nearly "8 cents a pound fronv the top, while
out markets have lost little mora than u
per bale, and who are buying as a hedge
against forward. requirements, also bad a
strong Influence V toward
sustaining . ths
With the day's liquidation It Is estimated
that sinus this tremendous selling move
ment began about two weeks ago. spaou-.
Istlve holdings amounting to pearly
000 bales have been disposed 'of.; These
contracts sirs supposed . to ,have. gona
largely Into the hands of trade interests. v
i ii i .4 V-."" 'V '. I
Father or Tweaty-sis Dead.
MADISON, 111.. Jan. 1$-Wllllam fi, Mo
llvoy, 74 years old, died here today, leaving
twenty-six children and lit grandchildren.
He was a civil war veteran and boasted
tl at he never wore a while h!rt or collar
never used an umbrella and never had
picture Mkcn. H waa married three times.-
Herbert E. Gooch Co,
brokers 2nd Dealers
. aavanf, rsonsioiB, itooxil
Oniatia Offloei 810 ST. T. late BldaT.
BU telephone Douglas S21J
i Xnnependaat, A-tfl81 and A-tltX
Oldist a&4 Largest stooee la t atat

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