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tttt: r.FE: o.r.T.. . att; at. .rrur, m. nn.
Pri::: Cat Far EVaa tbi Caii ef f"!jiafa:iurin
Th entire stok of high irrade ru.mos purrhasod by us
from the Western Storage and Reduction Co.. at :'' on the
.-II.r tnrthr with .-ill the latest stvles received from the east
IS 1 O
15 lO
I t - ' - ''.
Remarkable Purchase and Sale
Actually worth $7.50, $10.00 and $120
- On the second floor of our Douglas street store we will open tomorrow,
Saturday, the most remarkable sale ot a manufacturer's entire surplus stock
of over 500 new wash jacket suits that was ever held in Omaha.
This sale is another demonstration of our resourcefulness buying for cash
and such tremendous quanities has two noteworthy advantages Variety
and value you derive the benefit. The quantity is so large that eveiy
new style, every new color and every size is
represented. The suits are made of various
materials in plain tailored and beautifully trim
med styles, all actually worth $7.50 to
$1250, on sale at our Douglas street store
las bwm
Great Sale Tailored Sails and Dresses Saturday
The Dresses Aclually Worlh lo $35
Consist of over 3D0 new 1910 styles for street and evening
wear made of taffeta, foulard, pongee and all wool cloth,
materials, in all sizes and shades. There are scores upon
scores of beautiful new styles and C
actually worth from $19.50 to $35.00; vp
on sale Saturday at our Douglas
street store
The Soils Aclually Worlh up lo 40
Consists of over 500 strictly plain tailored and beautifully
tricuned dress suits in the very latest new spring model.-?,'
made of all wool cloth materials of serge, worsted, basket
weave and diagonal weave materials.
ern factories, specially selected for our spring tra!c, are cot in readiness for your carefuJ
Remember that seeing costs nothing and is essential to a wise decision. If you want
the best piano made, remember you must come here for it. for we are sole Nebraska agents
for the incomparable STEINWAY, the Standard pia-;o of the world.
If you want the best piano value at moderate cost we are able to please you, for we have
pianos "in the most modern styles ami beautiful cases at $'.! . $U5.', $l5.t'0 an. I so on
up, each one chosen by expert piano knowledge from the whole field as being the best
worth its price.
Our 25-vear guarantee stands back of ea'h instrument sold. Here you find safe piano
buying, the lowest price and the most accomodating terms. Your money back if you want it.
We have for your critical inspection such celel rated makes as Steiuway & Sons, Weber,
Steger, Emerson, Hardman, McPhail and our Hand Made Sehmoller & Mueller Piano, sold
from factory to home at just one small profit.
Any piano in our stock may be secured from, us ea very easy payments.' No advance in
price when paid for by installments. $t.0i a week brings a beautiful piano, including A
Handsome Scarf and Free Stool, to your home.
Following is a partial list of Saturday's Special Bargains:
Royal. Upright, mahogany cw. only S3.0)
KrU. Cabinet Graml. ffbony ca-H. only . . . . $Ii.O)
Rnabe Jk l o., ro-wv. h1 :;.. only $11 5.00
Gay lord, nuihngany i-um. only $125. CO
Kimball, ebony ra, only Sl-M.OO
Umkrr Bros., vabiiift ran.l. only 8140.0O
KHW, walnut a.-.c. only $152.00
Hac-kley. waliuU ms, only SlttO.OO
Chase, cabinet itraii.L only S 173.00
Packard. French niottleil w.-ilnat, only . . . -SlS--OO
KaaJ)e A Co., gulden oak, uprtht, only . . . $200.00
Vooe & Sons, almost new, only S215.0O
iTert Ionl- fancy walnut rase, only . . $228.00
.vurtxiiiuu, cabinet upright, only $1.32.00
Four Baby Granil Futno. iiu-lmlihij sri'in.iy, li.irtl
nuut, steger anil Knierson. -liifhr'y u.-mmI vac!), ni
from S2G3.0O S2)0.00 ' SSIO.OO
$t.-nMM. Chirk.eri.i; & Sons, upright, only S313.00
S..OO.0O KniUlp, ni;Uioi;any case, upright, only earh.
-t SCSI. 00
Pianola ami Tluyer Pianon of all make each, up
from S45.0O $5.".00 and SS3.0O
Ten rolls of music free witli cacli, pnrchu
Every instrument fully guaranteed.
III fj Amongst them are white and cream serge v j .
J suits and ponge suits, la various colors, ac- 1 j V j
JL tually worti 125 to 41, on ! Saturday at J3 J
.................. . ....... . I our Douglaa street store I
I'v - : : J
ss WOMEN PSlppl
AVW 'AvTK-' . IN THE liln
mm m y i Tyi pH
L . . . -- J
i -------- ----
We have heen selling Pianos to your neighbors in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,
Colorado. Wyoming and the Dakotas for fifty-one years and all the advantages of our exper
ience and position in the trade are yours if you buy from us. We ship Pianos everywhere
and pay freight charges both ways if the instrument, after careful examination, is not
entirely satisfactory.
Write today for catalogues, prices and terms. Do not overlook this opportunity, as it
is positively the greatest money saving piano sale ever inaugurated in recent years.
We will present a copy of the Sehmoller & Mueller Triumphal March E'REE to all partici
pants in our recent Name Contest calling at our salesrooms.
Sehmoller Gl rJliielier Piano Co.
Brunch, Stores: Lincoln, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, South Omaha and Atlantic, Iowa;
also 156 DistriDuting Agencies "Throughout the West.
0 maha, Was .Represented
: atlExcIusive Dedication
Omaha, waa rtsprsMnted at th formal
dadluaoa.of th Paia-a ffwc at Vfu4
lnnojn. D Co. Una wae. Mr. and Mr.
Huxia CSar blng among tha prtvlleirl
fw wh.aitanad th correuM and lh
vacapOtfOt waiuJa. foilownd. Tluy wr
(uvata itttia Barrtt, tlnor of th
bureau ai Amertcan republics,, whj waa In
.Uiarga. . Only 300 fiesta attenrltd ths rs
ceptliin. and lmiluilnd. biil tha Prmtl
dsnt and Mrs, Taft, mnbr of lix diplo
matic curfa.
Paiacs of Paaca waa armtnd at Waah-
tncton as a donation by Andrew Carn"iri, '
who haa-' bwn cm of the great promoter j
of lntoraatlona amity amonc air t0 wjtlj
powwr. TW palaoa arands aa a teat!- I
monial to tha aar wramt of twnry-ona
Amaricaa rpubllits- that they will not en
ar In war wltn each othnr. It so hap
pens that Peru aud Ecuador hava bean on
tha rs of war for mama tiraa, and Haytt
la on- strained roiadona with Peru, . whlla
Nicaragua haa a covarmnent formed a
tha result of a civil war, which la not rc.
oKTiixed by even tha United States. So
there is plenty of work for Mr. Carnegna
and bh' peace palaca to do.
Pleasures Past
oalal aTswala at Iota at -vr&lall
Concnlal Taopla Kaat and Xa
Joy TnaauMlTaa to Jia Vtaoat.
What Bridegrooms- Wear
, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fairfield entertained
at dinner last evenlna; for Mrs. William I I
I ICamea of Kanaaa City. Covers were Diaued !
I for Mr. and Mrs. ffi. M. Fairfleid, Mrs.
, WllJlam L. Karnaa, Mrs. Charlaa T. drew
. art. Miss Lynn Curtis. Messrs. Frank Ham.
i ilton. Major Erwm. Earl Gannett. SL W
Tha P. JT. G. club met Thursday aftor-
noon at t!ia home of Mrs. Edward Maacit.
, Five hundred waa played and prises wera
; won by Mjm Mlnda Pruetta. Mrs. Earnest
Stuht. Mrs. Edward Maaca and Mrs. Rich
ard Ti.bot. Mlas Kramar. Mrs. Richard
i Talbot and Mr. Maacit were the jueata of
i the afternoon.
M.-s. P. JeHHen entertained the H. G. I
TIQtrETTfi decrees the cor
rect garb for men, quite as
much, aa for women, and
latterly there haa come a
chan ire of fashion In maacu-
une array. For example, the time
honored frock coat haa been supplanted
by a cutaway ind it Is in tha latter
stiape that a man munt appear for his
weddins; If tha ceremony taites place
In tha daytime.
Precisely the points that distinguish
a fa-mal cutaway, aa one might sail
It. from a lounging coat, are to be
tnld by a competent tailor, and care
must be taken that the difference is
pronounced. Tha waistcoat usually is
made of tha same material as tha
coat, although fancy cloth may be
used. It should be single breasted.
Trousers should be gray mixture or
stripe. Boots should ba patent leather,
button, with calf topa, and the tie
light gray or pearl. This same drea
la suitable tor the men of tha wedding
party, as tha only difference In tha at
tire ts In the color of tha trousers and
ties. These must ba darker In color
than the bridegroom's. Frock coats
are relegated to' tJle Be of elder !y
Fur traveling, a sa-que coat, either
double breasted or single. Is correct.
Tha color and cloth may be any choice
the wearer pleases.
For air formal- o"a1nns In- the day
time patent leather Burton boots, with
calf tops are corrert. and it Is safe
to say that on all day occasions of
"dreea" pearl gray tie are tha color
to be chosen. Foiir-in-handa are. tha
knots tied.
For an evening wedding a man wears
a full dress Coat, which means on
with tails. Dinner coats. Improperly
called "Tuxedos." are merely evening
lounge coats and are not dressy. With
a tail coat a white tie muat be worn,
and a white waistcoat, single breastod,
according to the latest fashion. Wh.ta
gloves are Imperative. Shirts must
have plain white bosoms, pleated
ones being suitable only with dinner
With a tail coat or a formal cutaway
a high silk hat must be worn. If
flowers are put In the buttonhole they
should be white.
red and whita flowers, while in the dining
room pink and whita ware the prevailing
colors. Following the ceremony there was
a reception, when Mrs. Haney. waa as
sisted by Mrs. 8uiter and Mrs. A. Roesch
ot Oscaloosa, la., and Misa Starling. The
out-of-town anests were Mr. and. Mrs.
i George Williams and Mr. E. W. Williams
of Fremont;. Mr. and Mrs. William Dutton
of Hastings and Mrs. suiter anu -nx.
Roesch of OscalooHS, Ta.
Mr. and Mrs. Haney left for a western
weddina Journey and will be at home after
June lt W0 Norh Twnty-f!ftli -t.
Personal Gos. p
Where taa rewpla axa.
They Are Cclag rad
Tkar Xxyeet ta BrtDt
Davis. Frank Kennedy, John L. Kennedy,
Ben jtton. W. T. Burns. Eva Wallace
and Mm Ella Maa Brown.
The Comia club waa entertained yester
day by Mrs. B. F. Marti. Mrs. J. F. Dim
mick made tha high score and tha guest
was Mrs. Austin Corn well of Cedar Rapids,
la. The next entertainment will be a mau
nee party May H it tha Orpheum given by
Mrs. Harry Pilgrim.
Weddincr Bells
Chimes Xing' fas Xanvy
Coapiaa Knewn la Omaha ana
aonasemsnta ef Others Are Xaaa.
Mrs. A. V. Smith entertained tha Alter-
club W ! nnl . r aftem.mn .t oi&rrid Th . . . . i
i .. - nate t-ara viuu ymm ini Miermivii i u
prises wera won by Mrs. L Pascal, M;-a.
i Mrs. G. N. Douglas of Kansas City, for
merly of Omaha Is the guest of relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Lewis of Portland. Ore., will arrive
Friday to be the guest of her sister. Mrs.
' Milton Barlow, for a few days,
j Miss Ella Maa Brown, who has been
I visiting Mrs. Samuel Burns, Jr., la now
; the guent of Mrs. Arthur Keelina.
Miss Susan Holdrege has gone to Madrid,
j Neb., where she will spend a week on tha
i ranch of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Holynke.
I Lieutenant Nueison and Captain Bundel,
I who have been spending the last two weeks
j tn tho east, returned Wednesday to Fort
! Crook.
Rev. and Mrs. Albert Miller and Mrs.
1 Hammond of China, who are spending a
year visiting relatives In America and who
' have been the guests of Dr. and Mrs. S.
K. Spaulding and Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Hunter for a fortnight, will leave today for
i Evanston, 111., their former home.
a diamond contest will take place at the j
opera house.
The Woman' a club lias closed Its work
far the summer and with the exception uf j
possible called committee meetlng.i there
will be no more club gatherings until next ;
October. Tha literature deparunant waa i
last to elect its officers and adjourn. It 1
mat Wednesday afternoon and re-elected !
Mrs. Millard, leader; Mrs. Joseph Poicar, !
secretary, and Mrs. H. S. McDonald, treaa- :
urer. 31a assistant leaders wUL be oiioHflii j
tor the year, the leader to make these i
selections. I
The eharmtng little play, "The Mairlo ;
Sword," glvisa by the children at the borne j
of Mrs. L. F. Crofoot two weeks ago, will
ba repeated Saturday afternoon of tills !
week at the bema of Mrs. E. W. Nash for
tha benefit of the Crecue and tha Social
Settlement ansoclauon. Because it is to '
be given in a private home some misunder- '
standing haa srlsen regarding the admis
sion. It is not Invitational and ail wishing
tickets may secure them by telephoning to
Mrs. Crofut or Mrs. Nash.
It is probable that "Sunbonnats." given
so successfully recently by the Altar g-illd
of Trinity cathedral, will be repeated later
for some of the several cliar-.tlea of tha
Dundee Woman's club held its last meeting-
af the spring and elected officers
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Arthur Crossman. The following officers
wera chosen for next year: President, Mrs.
This Warm Weather
Before Breakfast
A L A M I T 0
Douglas) 411
3. R. Elson; vice president. Mrs. J vv
Marshell; secretary. Mrs. J. F. Furgeson;
treasurer, Mrs. J. C. Edgerly.
The Woman's aux.llary of the Eplscopn.
churrh of Omaha and South Omaha hold
tha last monthly meeting of the season
today. All Saints' auxiliary is hostess.
Persistent Advertising la ma road to Bli
Wa nlaa a aa aauas, aa eyaiata, ao
etnaga, aa heavy ataaiav
We lave Exd-slve Sale la Cmahi
We will be pleased to. show them.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Weinlander & Smith
Tirt1aa Xxolaslva Ynralshitiaa.
XL 7 gwasla lata atraa.
Totr wims'9 crxryrxAar
aa-rt Taciaw V ac Tiewaonaj
IMS WaBTOOaT. KaT 3, M 9 JQ I a faw friends Informally at lunchoon toda
at tha ' Omaha club tat Mra, Karnaa of
P. Jesaen and Mrs. A. Lockner. The naxt
maerna; will ba la two weeks with Mrs. R.
L. Rows. Those present wera Meudaraea
R. I Rowe. W. W. Watt, W. A. MotIn
tock.. WlnchaU. T. R. Mullen. A. M. Jeo
kins. L. C. Giles. A Lockner. L. Pascal.
W. C. Fenwlck, P. Jeasen.
Mrs. Law-renca B. Simonda of Fort Crook
entertained at luncheon today at her home
for Misa Stona of New York, guest of Mrs.
B.Mjiter. Covers wera placed for Miss
Stone, Mrs. Franklin Bouitur.
; Daisy Doane, Mrs. A. L. Read. Mra. W Li our
and Mrs. almonds.
Among the larger affairs of today was
tha luncheon given by Mrs. Leonard Kv
eratt erf Council Bluffs In honor of Mies
Podia of New Tark City, who la visiting
relatives. Fifty guests wera present.
M as Kayaa of Council Bluffs entartaiuad
ubiects: P!ain Paacry;
TWii ufssona on Saiada.
Fa: for tour laeaana.
Puff Paatry.
lf1 Smith Nineteenth str.-et. opvn daily
f from U a m to 7 o. tu.; Stimiays. from
I p. ra.. ta 9 p. m. Chaf;ng-din suppers on
blauuaa City, gueat of Miaa Lynn Curtla
Mrs. Eva Wallace waa hostess today at
tha meeting of the Original Brtd club,
a lien all tha members ware preen t. In
cluding Meedamaa Saoiuei Burns, jr.; T. L.
home. Mrs. G. N Douglas of Kansas City
was tha gt-.eat ef tha club and Mrs. L
Jonnson snd Mrs. E. L. Brace made tha
high scores. The- next meeting will be tn
two weeks at the home of Mrs. E. L.
Tha Friendship elub was entertained last
evening by Miaa Mabel Casey. Prises were
won by Miss Luede and tha huatess. Miss
Ella Crosby will be the hostess at tha next
meeting Thursday of next week.
Mr. and Mra. Leo Crotte entertained at
( dinner laat evening ra compliment ta Mii.s
Vesta Victoria and her chaperon. Mis
Jean La wry, of Landon. England.
Miaa Ola Bella Kerrey and Miaa Eva
Paany left this morning for Lincoln ta at
tain tha Phi Gamma Delta, dancing party
which, will be beid this evening.
Mr. and Mrs. B J. Dinning will mova to
tha home of Mr. and Mra Warren Black
well and Madam Blackwall about June 10.
when Mr. BlackweU and Madam Black
Weil will sail tor Europe. Ms and Mra
Dinning are havtng a new homa built en
Thlrty-eaveuth street near Famam.
wUl rant Cia4 vacant ho-oo, fur
thoaa vacant rooms, ar aatauw
boardara aa abort auCca, at a vary
small euat ta yea. Ba aaavtaced.
(j Question Vlt
Dsldns Povder.
trnm-i Sistesl k-mmi
WocU'l Psra 'ead Exas
Ckssaao. U9V
Otcil WIvea Oajawt ta CleJkat
A great many foiaa think that aftar mar
riaga a maa should not go to bis club m
tha evening. The sensible girl who wan '3
to ba happily married will never seek to
curtail her husband's liberty. It stands ta
reason, that a man ila.es men's society oc
casionally, even though ha la devoted to
ha wife.
Ha needs change of scene, change of Ideas
and a different outlook aa Ufa to mane him
doubly plea lad with b a homa surroundings.
Aa evening at the duo la tha best thing
la tha world to aaep things bright at homa,
and wdea a wife tntortereo with her hus
band's liberty aha shows aha doea out trust
htm. Lose af eruot smns ail aorta of
trouble, and la often the prerursur of the
ominous "rift within the lute."
Tha wadding of ll.ss Jean Chardc.
daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Cliarde, to Mr.
John 3. Mrrer of Morrill. Nb., took
place Wednesday evening at the home of
the briite's mother. The ceremony was
performed at 8:30 o'clock by th Rev.
Frank L. Loveland. The bride wore a
white mulle gown with trimming of lace
and carried a showr of bride's roans.
M.-s. Payton played the Lohengrin wedding
march as the prnty entered the living
room, where the ceremony waa performed.
Miss Joeelyn Charde, sister of the bride.
Miss Emily Bridges, M.as Pearl Roberta.
Mi I Clauda Rogers. 11. as 11. mile M'rcer
and Miaa Mary Car y'.e. gowned in white
lingerie gowns, stretched tlie ribbons. Little
Miss Ruth Rigdon. niece of the br-.de, car
wera decuraud with p.uk and winta blos
soms. Following the -eremony there was a
bona, Following tha ceremony there was a
recaption when about fifty guests wort
present. Assisting Mrs. Ciiarde wera Mra
Alfred Charde and Mra Paul Rigdon. Mr.
aud Mrs. Mercer will ba at home aftr
May L at Morrill. Neb
Tho- wedding of Miss Blanche Haney,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Haaey, to
Mr. John D. Williams took place Wednes
day evening at the home of tha bride's
parents. Tha ceremony waa performed by
the Rev. Frederick Rouse of tha First
Congregational church at I o'clock.
Tha br-.de wore a beautiful pink meaaa
Una gown with trimming of pearl and ear
ned a shower bouquet of bride's roses.
M.SS Mabel Haney, sister of tha bride.
waa Dnaaaina-d a ad wora a paio
meaaa.lna gown aud carriad pink rosea.
Mr. Charles Brown was taa beat maa.
Lutie Mots aaraa Smeaion waa ring bearer
and carried tha ring In a lily. Tha wed
ding party entered tha parlor where the
ceremony waa performed to tha strains of
Woman's Work
Aota-raea f tha Organised
Bodloa Alamo; tha Uut at Ua
dartaxtair a Concern ta Women.
Whetnur the Omuiia W!n' club con
tinues to meet in tha First Congrega:ianal
cnurah in future. It has placed there a
memento in keeping with the things for
which it stands. Tha BoHton Ivy, the
women bad expected to plant at the public
library, has been planted at the church,
wh.uh haa served as aiub house for the
women for twelve years. In ocnsultatlon
with the library authorities Tuesday It was
learned that ma little grass plot In which
It had been intended to do the planting Is
soon to ba paved over, because it cannot
be kept green. By tha time tha officers
of the club got this information it wu
too lata to reach the membership and In
conaeuuenc-e a few went to the library at
noun Wednesday for tha Planting. The
club officers took their slips to tna First
Congregational church and set them out.
tha members of tha literature department
Just adjourning, being the only other mem
bers present.
Tha annual convention of the Women's
Chriat.an Tempertnce union of the Fourth
district of South Dakota convened at
White Lake Thursilay for sessions extend-
green j lng over until rriaay evening, rreceuing
tha formal opening of the convention a re
ception was held for the delegates from
towns throughout the district who are at
tending the convention. A feature of one
of the sessions was the annual addr-exa of
tha president. Three speakers, Mra Adelaide
the Mendeisatonn wedding march played by I Zeliner of Texas, MUs Margaret Wlntrtnger
Madame Baetena Curing the ceremony of Evanston. III., and Miss Bower wars
the parry stoud under a canopy of green present and rema.ned unt-.l the final ad
farna and palms w'jlua waa studded wiut ' Jnurnmeut of tha convention, making ad
Bina rcara. Tha library waa decorated with, dresses at different timet This evening
e- v "fell
ir7f in Tin
)rce mark tiie Belle-
mont blocka. la your
hatter's wirtdo'w or on yoor
head, their sijriificant styla
fwitares imprs you in
stantly. Thera is no "jnst-as-ijood'
hat made to sell
for threis dollar.
Best ir S
or s

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