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. , . .
TltE BEE: OMAHA', FRIDAY, '.MAY 27. 1910.
Good Day for t he Sioux, Antelopes, Copleys;; and Aggies; Cubs Shut Out Phillies, Sox Lose
Sioux Have Luck Alio, JThey Play
Bate Ball fn Opener.
- f i 1 1
Two Trra-IIase lilts Donnd Ovrr
. i
' Feaee and Become llnmr Hans .
Loral Sine Fall to C onnect
al Vital Moments.
ioux City took the first game from
Omaha by a score of 10 to. 3. It wai a
case of Omaha a step behind In the luck.
Th Sioux started the game with a fine
pleee of luck, and hnd the horseshoe In
the 4ilp pocket all the way through. That
doesnot mean that the Sioux did not play
ball, for they did. Hut when there was a
chance for the Omahaa to get away with
anything. It was the Indian sign for them.
It started at the beginning of the first.
Qulllln, a former big leaguer, was the first
man up. He sllppod a hot one over third
which would save been a two-bagger but
the ball tok a foolish notion about the time
It struck a spot where Shotton could not
grab It, and bounded- over the fence.- Quil
lln. of course, got a home run.
This was tough -But listen" to tliia! In
the fifth with two men down, Fenlon
grasped his but and ahacked out a peaoh
to center field. .It was a two-bagger which
might havo been worked over Into a three.
But the ball scmed to have the jinx on
It and bounded over the center field fence
after it had hit the ground. Home run
No. 2 for. Sioux Cltyl These two freak
hits did not win the ganie"by any means,
but "they -flld nlake thU'ilOurkes feel as'
if luok was agalnBt them.
Mailm Has Off Day.
Mullen did not help any. Almost every
decision lie gave yesterday was against
the Omaha team. He seemed to have on
off 'day and could not see anything favor
able for the Rourkes. ti .
Omaha did not seemtibie to hit the ball
at an opportune time, and but one score
was due to the, hitting of Omaha players.
This was JO. ttie fourth.' Ablierman passed
King,' whole stole. He hit Kane after
Miller threw1 wide. toseooml, In attempting
to catch Kjtlg. IIa, thn kit. -Corridon and
filled the -bases. ' Welch went out and
Schlpke got a. single la , the, seventh. . Fox
went to first on Quillln's error and went
to second on Fenlon's muff of King's fly.
Kane got a base on balls, 'which moved
two runners up a peg, and was thrown
out at second on Corrldon's grounder to
second, while Fox brought In a run on
the play. Welch went to first on an error
of Alderman's Schlpke fouled out to Miller
and Welch was caught at second when
he attempted to steal. "'
Sanders started pitching for the Kourkes
and lasted six Innings, during which time
the Sioux made nine hits. Hanson was
sent In to see. what he coud do, but he was
not "right." He. gave four bases on balls,
after a two-bagger had been knocked off
his delivery, and forced, three runs. He
was Immediately yanked after this fatal
spasm and Hollenbeck was sent in., Duke
got away well,, but did npt have any chance
to save, the game, -
.The, score:; .....
....... .OMAHjI
... AU
Shotton, If V... 6
Fox, ib.... 8
King,, of 3 s
Kline, lb 3
Corridon, ss 4
Welch, rf ...u. ;,..,.. I
tlraliam .............. 1 ,
Bchlpkei 3b.............. 5 ,
Cadman, c... .... 8 '
Sanders, p.............. 3
Hanson,, p.............. 0
Agnew 0
Hollenbeck, p 2
- i : i.-m . f
''k fir; o. a. e.
o o ioo
11 4 1 o
.1 0 3 0 0
118 0 0
0 0 1 8 1
0 0 10 0
0.0 0 - 0 0
0 2 1 3 0
0 1 7 2 0
0 0 0 3 0
0 0-0 0 0
0 0 0 00
0 0 0 0 0
8 5 27 12 1
AB. H, .11
. A. E.
Qulllln, 2b
Andreas, 2b
Neighbors, ct...
Hart man. ss, ....
Fenlon, rf
Stem, lb....,,,..
Welch. If........
Miller, c. ...,..
Alderman, p....
5 2 2
3 1.
.... 3
.... 5
.... 5
.... 3
.... 3
.... 4
.... 8
0 2 12 1
0 1 3 1 0
3 1 1 1 0
2 3 1 0 2
1 1 11 1 0
0 0 2 0 0
2 2 7 0 1
0 0 1 2 1
10 12 Zl 10 ' 6
Totals ,.36
Batted for Welch In the ninth.
Batted for Sanders In the sixth.
Omaha '
Huns 1...-.....0 0- 0 2 0 0 1 0 0-3
Hits 1 101 0 0 0 1 1-6
Bloux City.
Huns ...... .1 0 1 0 3 1 4 0 0-10
Hits .2 1 2 0 4 2 1 0 0-12
Home runs: Qulllln, Fenlon. Three-base
hits: Andreas. Two-base hits: Hartman,
Fenlon (21, Miller. Fox, Cadman. Sacrifice
hits: Andreas and Aldeiman. 'stolen bases:
King, Corridon,: Cadman, Fenlon, Stem (2.
Double plays: .Neighbors to Stem. Struck
ut: By Sanders, 3; by Hollenbeck. 3; by
Alderman. 6. Bases on balls if Off Sanders, 2;
oft Hanson, 8; off Alderman, 4. Hit by
pitched ball: Alderman. 6; by Hollenbeck,
1. Left on bases: Omaha. 14; Sioux City,
' t. Umpire: Mullen. Time: 2:15. Attendance:
600. ...
Chantas pefee hv Antelopes on
Dim Errors.
LINCOLN, May 2.-Llncnlh won a hard
fought game from les Moines today by a
score of 6 to H. , llotli Hagei-rnan and Cutes
pitched weir, but the locals toiik advantage
of the four errors of the visitor, which
were really the deciding factor In the vic
tory, a wild throw by Hawkins In an if fort
to complete a- double play letting In two
runs. Hagerman was In several tight holes,
but good support prevented serious danutgo,
txcept in one Inning. Score:
. . - v v Lincoln. - -
AH.. R. II. O. A. E.
Jude, If 3 0 'l 3 0 0
Oagnler, ss 4 f ' t "I" 0
Cobb, cf 2 0 1 3 0 0
Cockman, Stv rt ...1 1 1 t 1 0
Waldron, rt,. :i ., 8 ..0 1 2 0 . ;
Thomas, lb) ... .1 -4 ;l 1 12 0 0
Wledensaul,Lfb?:. r..A 3 1 1 0 4 0
Olai k, c 4 0 0 4 2 1
ltagerman, p 4 0 1 0 4 0
li Totals , 30 5 8 27 15 1.
V All..' K'sl. O. A. E.
Dhlton. rf..... "i... 4 0 0 2 0 0
Colltgan, 2b.,
Matilck, rf..
Rattls, ss...,
Nlerotf, 3b. .
Otirlls. If.....
Dwyer, lb
Hawkins, c.
ctetes, p.-...:.
:- Totals... . 35 3 8 24 11 4
Lincoln 10000310-5
Des Moines 0001020003
1 hree-base hit: Thomas. Two-base hits:
Cobb, CocHntan, Curtisi Double play:
Kaftla to Cinllgan to Dwyer. Stolen busis:
Jude. Thomtts,, ColllKan, Mattick, Dwver.
Sacrifice hlrr Oobb. Struck out. l.y lluir. r
laan, 3; by -Cales, 2. First base on IihIU:
Off Hagernvan. 1; off Cates, 5. Wild p.leh:
Itagerman,' L'alea. Time: 2 00. Umpire:
Spenoer. "-
r '; -
Coolers Beat Draraaiera Throsth
Jarksuu'a Uood Plleblaa.
TOPEKA. Kaa., May . 2t-Topeka de.
feu ted St. Joseph In an exciting eleven
Inning game today. 1 to 0. Jarkson struck
out fifteen men and allowed but two hits.
hfnr :
Thomsson If 4 0 0 1 0
Thomsson. If 4 U 0 1 0
itetnv as 5 " t - 1 i 10 Indications point to a big entry list n
Kndr'eth lb """I"' 6 T 0 0" hot opens," a Columbus i,
lnnn rf S 0 1 0 0 0 centrally locat. d In the state and most
Kai'.l. 2b 4 0 0 7 1 0 representations.
Kunkel, Sb 0 0 0 2 0 .1 ...... x7ZrZT, T
aiuikS, 2b ,. S 0 10 8 0 Ba ""t Ads Are Buslnes Boosters.
Standing of tfce Teama
W.l..l't. W.L Pet.
St. Joseph... Hi U .5i St. l'aul lb 13
Denver Hi 1 .o.U Minneapolis .2 11 .70a
Wlrhlta Hi 14 .f..S.I Toledo 22 1
Lincoln 15 U ,M Imllunapolls .Hi 1 ,4S4
Omaha 13 Hi .44s, Mllwnukee ...Vi 21 .4"5
il.iux City. ..14 14 Mil Columbus W 22 MX
Ues Moines. .1.1 17 .4 Cj Ijoiilnvtlle J....15 24,.6.
lopeka 11 15 .423 Kansas City.. 12 22 .3tt
W I. I'ct.i W.L.I'ct.
I'itlHlmrg ....1 12 .5711 Philadelphia 2i 7 .7.0
('lurniro 19 11 New York. ...20 8.714
Clnrinnntl ..17 13 .Vi: Host on ........17 13
New York. ..is 14.IWII I)etro4t ..... .IS 1 .v
St. Iiuls Hi 18 .4711 Cleveland ,...U 1 .418
Ililladelphln, IS I .UKi Washington .14 1 .4'J4
Boston 13 v.' .a iiicago ...... !...
Ilrooklyn ....12 21 .3U4j HI. Louis. 9 2 3 . 2M
N 151. LK.M.I1 it. W1.NK. L.ti.ilci.
W.L, Pet. I W.L. Pc.
rand I -land.; 8 3 .727! Falls City.,... 4 3 ,il
r remont .... t .Tvn i inrinna n i .-vji
Columbus ...7 3 .7ii Maryvllle .... 4 .pw
Seward ...... 4 4 . .rfHISlienandoan . 4
Kearney ....2 7 .2221 NebraxkaCity 2 i.iVi
buptilor 3 7 .30 Auburn ......... 2 V .an
Ked Cloud... 4 .4001
Hastings .... 3 7'.3M
I ratrrdar iicimii,
Omaha, 3; Sioux City, 10.
les Moines, 3; Lincoln, 5.
St. Joseph, 0; Topeka, I,
lH-nver, ; Wichita, 8
Boston, 4; Pittsburg, t
St. Louis, 6; Cincinnati, 7.
Philadelphia, 0; Chlcugo, 2.
Chicago, 3; New York, 4.
St.-Louis, 8: rhlladelphta, 'J. .
letrolt. 6; Washington, 1.
Cleveland, 8; Hoston. 7.
IndianaDolis. ' 7: Columbus. 2. Second
game: lmlianapollB, 4; Columbus, 3.
Louisville, 0; Toledo, 6. .
Kansas City, 3; St. raui, I. rtctraa
game: Kansas City, 7: St. Paul, V.
Milwaukee, u; Minneapolis, i.
Grand Island, 2; Hastings, 2; called In
the sixth.
Columbus-Kearney postponed.
Fremont-Red Cloud postponed,
Seward-Superlor postponed.
Clarlnda. 8; Auburn, 1.
Maryvllle, 0; Nebraska City, 1.
Shenandoah, 6; Falls City, ft.
(iuniea Todny.
Western League Sioux City at Omaha,
Des Muines at Lincoln, St. Joseph at To-
peka, Denver at WJchtta.
American. League ctilcago. at .en Tors,.
St. Louis at Philadelphia, Detroit at Wash
ington, Cleveland at Huston.
American Association Indianapolis at Co
lumbus. Louisville at Toledo. Kansas City
at St. Paul, Milwaukee at Minneapolis.
Mink League Clarlnda at Auburn, Mary
vllle at Nebraska City, Shenandoah at Fails
1 National League-Neir York at Brooklyn,
Boston at Pittsburg.
Nebraska League Grand Island at lied
Cloud, Columbus at Superior, Seward at
Hastings, Fremont Ttt Kearney.
Jarkson, p.
Totals ..
.. 4
87 1
AB. K. H.
McLear, . If
McChesney, cf
Bauer, rf
Jones, 2b
Clark, lb
Corhan, ss
McNeil, 3b
0 '
, 1
Shea, o
Johnson, p 4
Tnlnla .... 33 O t 38 '"16
38 '
Tonokn. O 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 0 0 11
BL Joseph 0 00000000 0 0-0
TWi.hni. hits: I.andreth.' Boles. ' Sacri
flee hits: Thc.rr.ason, Pennetl, Bauer. Base
on balls: Off Jackson, 6. Struck ouU -By
Jackson. 15; by Johnson, .8. Passed balls:
Kern, Shea (2.) Hit by pitched ball; By
Johnson, Kunkel. Umpire: Chirk ;
TiWu.ii'i, wi?8 pon. DEy.pjv,
W leblta . I'nable , to Retrieve iirou
Lost Karlr la vsne.
WICHITA, Kan., May 2. Timely hitting
early in today's game gave Denver a lead
that a home run by Isbell,' with two men
on bases and heavy hitting ' late in me
game, failed- to overcome. .Score: ,.
AB. It. H. O. A. E
2 :
Beldon, rf....,
3 1 0 10 0
Mlddleton, ir.
Claire, ss.,.,,
Hughes, 2b...
Isbell, lb
Westerzll, 3b
Petligrew, cf
Shaw, c ,.
Shackleford, J
Shaner, p....
Totals 39 8 11 27 16
AB. R. H.
O. A.
1 4
Lloyd, 2b........ 5 0
BeaU. If 5 1 ;
McAleese, cf 4 .2
Lindsay, lb , 2 1
Cassldy. rf......' 2 0
Dnlan, 3b 3 3
Croston, ss 8 1 .
Weaver, o 4 0
Sohreiber. p .6' 1
S .
Itagerman, p 0 0
Olmstead. P 0 .. 0
Denver 0 2
WlehltM. : 0 0
8 0 10 0
3 0-9
0 5-8
0 0 0 0 3
Left on bases: Wichita. 7; Denver, 8,
Sacrifice hK: Llovd, Lindsay. Cassidv .(2),
Dnlan. Weaver. Two-baje bits: Hughes,
Cranston. McAleese. Weaver. Home runs:
Isbell. Pettirrew. Stolen lses: McAleese
T.inxav Dolan. Hits: Off Shackleford. '
in three Inninirs: off Shaner. 7 in six In
nings; off Schreiher. 8 in eicht Innings: off
HnriK-rmttn . 1: orr oimsteao. z. cirues.
out- Tv Rhnckleford. 1: by Shaner 2
hv Schreiher. 2: by Harerman. 1. Wild
r'tch: Shaner. Hit bv pitched ball: Me
AWse. Do'an. Umpire: Haskell., .Time
?;5'. ,.i- :
Grind Island Has :
Tie with Hastings
Fast Game Runs Two. to Two at Xnrl
of First Half of Sixth
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. May 2B.-OpUal
Telegram.) The game scheduled for Hast
lnj;s was transferred to this city today ori
account of a Modern oodmen district con'
vention here. It was railed at the end of
the-first half of the -sixth on account of
rain. Score-.. , , . I... RILE,
llastlnns . 1 0 6 0 12 4
Urand Island 0 1 0 0 12 4 3
Batteries: Waldron and Wally; Paul ana
- At the league meeting at Superior the
nrotest of Ked Cloud agaiast a game Sew
rd won from. It was gustalned and the
game declared no game, because a player
participating in it was not under contract.
WICHITA DI V9 111 11.1 1 HOEUNElt
Isbell Plana to Maae from Beackv If
Ula Man Makes Good.
DK3 MOINES, la.. May 2 (Special Tele
uram.l les Moines has sold PhiliD Koernei
to the Wichita team. Isbell has been aftet;
the big fellow for some time.' It Is probable
that Isbell will manage Irom me nencn
if Koeriier makes good at. the first corner.
lloetors tio to lllalr. '
The Hoctor base ball team of South'
Omaha will oien Its regular season at
Blair Sunday. Three new Inflelders haw
been added to the team during the last
week, tientlemnn will b on the mound
for the Hoctors Sunday, with "Cub" Mlllett
behind the bat. The Hoctors have games
S'-heduWd with Chaloo June 5. Herman June
12, and would like to hear from some out-of-town
teams for June and 24. Address
L. C. Marli. "' North Eighteenth street,
feouth ouiaiia. Telephone Suuth 2210.
Mebraaka Siato Shoot. '
A numlver of Omaha shooters are- makli a
arrangements to attend the Nebraska statu
shoot that wilt be held at tMlumtius June T
r,.. ih.l mill h l. .1,1 at ,tln..,V.,.. I...,, i
0 a,ld S- Afla"1 nney for ths three dal;
0 vnta amount to . .
Tighten Their Hold by Beating Phila
delphia Again
Cinrliinatl Wlilps Rt. Loals Seven to
, SixBoston Takes Pirates Into'
tamp. Poor to One, at
. . nttsbarc
CHICAGO, May 26.-Chlcego, May 2.
Chicago tightened its hold on first place
today by defeating Philadelphia, 2 to 0, In
light hitting game. Overall held the;
Visitors to one hit, while Chicago made
only three safe ones. The Chicago club to
day sold Pitcher Stack to Philadelphia and
unconditionally released Pitcher Mitchell,
who signed recently. Score:
Immer-n. lb 4 1 2 I 0Bts. cf ... 4 0 1 0 0
Shwjkrd, It.. I 0 I 0 OKnibe, tb.... 4 0 4 I 1
hult. rf.... 110 0 OOrant. lb.... 4 0 0 I 0
Chase, lb... I 0 8 CMum ,l( 110 0 0
(elnfclcrl. lb 1 0 1 1 OHraniflcId Ib I 111 1 I
Hoffman, ct.. 1 0 t 9 0 Walsh, rt.... 10 110
Tinker, as... I III 1 Doolan. aa... t 0811
Archer, c I 0 6 1 ODooln, o I 0 t 1
Ovarall. p.... 8 0 0 i OMoora. p..... 1 0 0 0 0
Touts 13 I 37 11 1 , Total 2 1 14 14 I
Chicago 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2
Philadelphia 00000000 00
Sacrifice hits: Stelnfeldt (2). Sacrifice
fly: Hofman. Stolen base: Zimmerman.
Left on bases: Chicago, 8; Philadelphia, 3.
Bases on balls: Off Overall, 3; off Moore, 2.
Struck out: By Overall, 6; by Moore, 4.
Wild pitch: Moore; Time: 1:35. Umpires:
Rlgler and Emslie.
Doves Light on Pirates.
PITTSBURO. May 26. Boston defeated
Mttsburg. 4 to 1. today, errors siiDoorMna-
the steady work of opposing pitchers and
being In part responsible for all. Score:
- AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.K
Collins, lf-e.. 4 0 4 0 0 Byrne, tb.... 4 1111
Heriof. 2b -8b till OCampball, cf.4 1 t 0 1
Sharps, lb... t 0 10 tlClarka, if.... 4 0 10 0
Miller, rf 4 1 4 0 0 Warner, aa... 4 0 4 1s
Beck, cf 4 0 1 0 0J. Miller, lb 4 1110
Sweeney, aa..l ft I 0 OFlynn, lb.... 4 0 10 0 1
Urmliam, o..
Gets, 3b....
brown, p...
,4111 OWIIson, rf.... 1 0 8 0 0
4 111 loibaon, o.... 10 10 0
.1111 lAdama, p.... I 0 0 t 0
' 'Hyatt ; 1 0 0 0 0
80 I 17 10 4Maddoi, p... 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 12 4 n 11 4
Batted for Adams In the eighth.
Boston 00013000 01
Pittsburg 00001 0 00 01
Two-base hits: Brhe ' Herioir - Ha.nriflnei
files: Collins. Hersoif. Stolen huj.- HrerU
Double plays: Wagner to Flynn; Adams to
Wagner to Flynn; Byrne- to Wagner to
Flynn. Bases on balls: Off Adn,m i: off
Brown, 1. Struck out: By Adams, 1; by
nrowu. i. iass on errors: .flttsburir 2:
Boston. 4. Left on bases: PHtsburar. 4: Hos
ton 4. Hits: Off Adams. 6 In el lit lnnlnna-
on lunuuux, v in one inning, 'lime: 1:25.
umpires: u Day and Brennan,
Varsity Crews Are
Thrown in Water
Leland Stanford and Washington
Rowers Capsize Early in
Collegiate Race. ,
SEATTLE, May -26. When the Leland
Stanford-Washington eight-oared crews
started from Lead park In the threo-mile
race for- the championship of the -Pacific
9r? Mil" Afternoon, tha norths Wind -was
klckl.upJ,Wave two feet bixb. Before
they , had , gone three-quarters of a -mile
all.tMi Ben of both crews were in the
water. The Washington shell split In two
and Coxswain J. W. Roberts of Stanford
university- narrowly escaped drowning.
i ne releree, A. J. " Balllnger, awarded
the race to Washington, as both crews had
rowed more than half a mile and Washing
ton had a lead when the catastrophe ended
the race.
The crews will race again over the three-
mile course ori Lake Washington tomorrow
morning, as the Washington crew declined
to accept the decision given them by the
The Washington crew will leave tomor
row night for Madison, WIb., where it will
meet the University of Wisconsin crew.
Phlladelphlan Completely Tires Oat
i&nsjiisn inamplon.
PHILADELPHIA. Mav 28. Pat Mrinr f
tliis city had the better of the six-round
bout with Jem DHscoll, the English light
weight champion, at the National Athletic
dub tonight.
1 he result was somewhat of a aumriu
and Moore was cheered for his
showing. He made Drlacoll miss many of
uiu yuuunes ana ni me same time landed
two blows to Drlscoll's one.
The Englishman seemed to have lost his
former noeed and was verir tired ut h
finish. Drlscoll had the better of the first
round, but after that Moore Improved. The
fight was fast and both mixed things up
o V .
In the third round Drlscoll complained
of rough work and Moore was warned.
ftioore iook tne warning, -but-did not let
up in nis aggressiveness, righting the Eng.
lisl'iiian all around the ring.
Calif orniam Has Mot Lost Set in
Bronx Championship Singles.
JMtiW May 26. Car nlun T
Gardner of California reached th finoi
round In the Bronx championship tenuis
singles today. So far Gardner has not
ion i a aev. no ueaeaiea cugar 1' . L,ee, 6-8,
o-, nuu in Kiiivins in mo semi-iinala dls
pupeu ul ueorse crinKeruoii, s-Sv f-1. ?
a new aspuant lor tne cup held by
Gustave F. Touohard loomed up In T. F.
waisn oi iii4 university ol Michigan. He
eliminated his opponents successfully and
will play E. A. Ulumenschein, the winner
to meet T. It. Pell for the semi-finals In
wiw lower ntiir.
In doubles Wylle C. Grant and Dr. Wll
nam ituttenoaum aereaiea J. Oaklnson and
Walter Toussalnt, -l, 6-1. Pell and Henry
J:' Mollenhauer won, 6-2, 6-2, over Frederick
i-. oaggs anu iv. ti. uaggs.
Capitol Pool Toarner.
Wednesday afternoon's game between
uwrm ana i-rinz ai uia i. apuoi pool tour
nament was won by the former, 100 to 86
In the evenings game Prima evened uo
matters by defeating Frsllck, 100 to 64
Krallek playing in hard luck throughout
the game. Thursday evening Downs and
fiinxe piay., euora;
Afternoon game
Owens u. o, , 1, s, g, f, i, g, 9, 3 4
a, v, , r, 4, v, aa, u 1 oiai, 1UU.
1'ilnse 0. 10, 7. 1.1, 3. 6. 1, 4. 7, 6. 3,
U. S. ,4 1, 0, 4. 2, 0, 4, 6, 0-8. Total, W.
Scratches: Owens, 1; Prinze, I. High
runs: uwfHa, id, iia v; a-rinze, 11, iu,
r.venuiK same
1 1 lute 0, 4. 8, 3, 8, 9, 11, 6, 0. 2, 4. 0. 25
1. . 2. 6. 4. 0. 1 4104. Total. 100.
Frallck-6, 0, 0, 7, 6, 3, 1. 0, 1, 0, . J, 0.
v, , m. o, v, uo. luiHi, 09,
Scratches: Prince, 4; Frallck, 1. Referee
. P.
W. L. Pet.
8 0 l.Oia)
8 0 1.000
8 0 l.uuo
8 0 l.tfiO
8 8 .401)
'1 8 v .33J
1 8 ' .2i0
0 4 .UU)
Shepard .....
Bunnell .....T
'eeleyan Defeats Bellevue.
The base ball team from Nebrsska Wes-
Jryan university defeated the Bellevue cul
ae nine at- Bellevue yesterday afternoon,
to 1. Score: ll.H.E.
' Wesleyai) ......0 0 110
Bellevue .".......O 000
0 0 0 0 I 4 1
0 0 0 1-1 8 8
Batteries: Wesleyan. Crane, Miller,
'.Campbell and strlngfellow; Bellevue,
e-euana anu Diovaey.
' Foley Kidney pills contain In concen
trated form Ingredients of etsabllshed ther.
apeutia valv for the relief and cure of all
kidney and bladdsf aila "
Missourian1 Wins .
Preliminary Cup
.1. Thompson Geti First in Shooting
Matches, with' C. C. Tappan of
Gandy, Neb., Second.
PES MOINES. Ja., j'May 26.-8hootlng
ninety-four out of .100 birds. M. Thompson
of Gainesville, Mo., today won the pre
liminary cup of the Western handicap
tournament which Is new on here. To win
first place In the event, however, it was
necessary for him, after making his run
of ninety-four out of 100, to shoot off the
tie with C. C. Tappan of Qandy. Neb.
Among the professionals, Fred Bills of
Chicago, who has shot the high gun every
day of the match, was forced to shar the
honors of second place with Walter Iuft
of Macon, Oa., both men finishing .with
score of ninety-three out of 100.
A world's record was broken today, when
Bills made a score of ninety-nine out pf 100
birds In the morning event, including
lghty singles and ten double's.
Thompson, who woo the preliminary
handicap today, won the.Bame event, shoot
ing against a Nebraskan In the meet held
in Des Moines In 1908. In the present
event he Will receive tire trophy as win
ner, while money for first and second
guns will be divided between him and Tap-
Collins Wins Hearts
at Nebraska City
1 ' T"',.,'. "1
New Pitcher Succeeds . in Stopping
Losing Streak of , Minks and .
Wins Praise.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., May 2C.-(Spe-
clal Telegram.) Nebraska City shut ' out
Maryvllle today , In one of the prettiest
games ever witnessed here. Collins held the
visitors down-on the shut out route and
won the hearts of the fans on his first ap
pearance here hls season'.', Badure, a South'
Omaha boy, brought in Chapman for the
winning run In the seventh inning. Bat
teries: Mafyville, Thorpe and Pollock; Ne
braska City, Collins and Walter. Umpire:
Sage. Score: R.H.E.
Maryvllle 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 8 1
Nebraska City 0 0 0 0 0 0 10! 2 2
At Auburn-rClarlnda defeated Auburn
here today, 8 to 1. Score:
Clarlnda 20000032 18
Auburn 00000001 01
At Falls City Shenanioah defeated Falls
City, 6 to 5. Score:
Faljs City 10120000 l-
Shenandoah 00040200 06
Gun Club. Shoot
- at Des' Moines
Crosby and Taylor Tie for First Hon
ors in Western-Handicap in
Horning. Sound.
DES MOINES. ' tL.i Mav 2fi. W. n.
Crosby and 'J. R. :Twy,16r,,were tlerf at 96
for first nOnors'ofUhlB,''fhoTring'1s program
of th western haridfehr) ' shoot, which Is
being held at the local- gun club grounds.
K. Ae King and J4 Peterson Were tied for
hurors among the amateurs, each having
a score of 87 This afternoon the western
handicap, - which Is the biggest event of
the tourney, ;waa held. .-The interstate
trophy goes to the winner and 8200 la added
to the purse for tha event.
Tollver and Love Will Wrestle, i
.. Will Also John, llolden, and
' Arthar Pavelka.
Jack Tollver and Bert Love hava W,n
signed to complete the preliminary bout
before the westHng match between Hokuf
ana paveiaa at tne t Auditorium Friday
night. With these two added to the bia
event, itiiu ui uiabun vatween Jonnnle
Holden and Arthur Pavelka, brother of the
big fellow, a program will be given that
Win lunimn wio mni , Bume gooa sport.
paveiaa arnvea in the city Tuesday and
has been working but with local grapplers,
getting In shape for the bout. Hokuf hii
been training hard aver aince his defeat
by Pavelka in the preliminary before the
ihhi inttiun ueiween wesiergaard and
i&DyszKO ana is in line 'Shape lor a ft
lUESie. . 5 .
The sale of seats opened WntnuH,.
morning and the call for reservations was
uriBji. "'
Ataietes from . Uoase Will Contest
with Presbyterians latsrdar.
BELLEVUE. Neh.. Xfav 2 an.n.i
Bellevue and Doann Will hniH ih.i.
dual track meet at Bellevue Saturday. The
rivalry between the two schools, although
good natured and friendly, has always been
iiiobi intense, inia vear. so mr ntarnn .
leglate contests between the two are at a
Biauaori. x.ast rail s root ball game was a
tie. Bellevue has won in debate and lost
In base ball. For this reason the students
are snowing more than ordinary Interest in
the coming meet
coach Willis has nothing whatever to say
aoout ueuevue's proppecta for winning,
nowever, nope among tne students lor I
decisive victory rons high, and this opt!
mlstlo spirit has good basis in the faot
that Bellevue won the state meet last Sat
urday and also defeated Tarklo by such an
overwhelming score as 87 to 28 two weeks
ago. Taking into account also that the
team is in the very best of condition gives
ueuevue supporters warrant for their high
hopes. Primrose, the captain of the team.
who won five ribbons at the state meet, is
counted upon to take at least aa many
points next Baturaay.
Slnsel runs the hurdles in beautiful form
never wasting an Inch; and rarely knocking
over a hurdle. .The other members of the
tesm, especially the long-distance runners,
are working and training hard and can be
counted -upon to take their share of the
points. In every track meet this spring the
men have had tp battle against a strong
wind and on a muddy track. It the weather
will only permit, next Saturday is sure to
see many of the present school records
broken. . , .
Bank of Kngland Statement.
LONDON, May 26. The weekly statement
of the Bank or. lngiana snows me roiiow
ing ohanges: Total .reserve, increased.
t7.000: circulation. Increased, iifo.Out); bul
Hon, Increased, 827,712; other securities,
Increased, t6,228,UUO- other deposits, In.
creased, il.911.0u0; public deposit. Increased
(4 io&.U0ik notes reserve, increased, IT3t.0u0
nvtrninrnl securities, increased, 100,000.
i h nrnoortlon of the bank's reserve to
liability this week is 49 W per cent. Last
week It was &X80 per cent. ,
Stanton Wins from Wayne.
STANTON. Neb.. May 2!. (Special Tele.
arram.l In tha ooenlna game of the season
Stanton this afternoon won a good game
from Wayne, 6 to 2. The features were
the all-around playing of Burner, a hlg
school lad and the pitching of Phillips, th
new pitcher for Stanton. He allowed th
vtsitois only a hit while Stanton got seve
from Sass. Batteries: Stanton, Phillips and
Hopper; Superior, Wayne, bass and Uepew
Oakland' Challenges Pender.
niKUN'D. Keb. Msv 20 (Special Tel
egram.) The Oakland High school base
ball team challenged the Pender High
school base ball team to a game at Oak
land May 27 under the condition that the
present a statement signed by their super
Intendent or school Doara presiueni ins
they are strictly high school players. Oak
land will furnish a similar statement and
furnish an outside umpire.
Hard Hitting, Helped by Errors,
Fatal to Cleveland.
New York Beat Chlcaao Foar to
Three- Philadelphia Whips St.
Lonls Detroit Conquers
BOSTON, May 26.-Numerous errors,
mingled with Boston's hard hits, gave the
home team today's game over Cleveland,
to 8. Clcotte was batted hard, but was
accorded phenomenal support. Mitchell re
tired the locals on strikes In the eighth
Inning. Score:
AB. H.O.A.B. An 11 nan
Oranay, ef.... 4 111 0 Hooper, rf... 4 t 4
Kruir, It.., I 1 8,0 lUird, Ib 4 0 1 1 0
Tnmar, as... 8 0 1 OstaJil, lb 4 I 11 0 1
LJol, 8b.... 4 8 4 I OSpaaaer, ct.. 4 1 1 0 0
Flick, rf I0I Owattiar. as.. 3 1410
Morall, lb... 4 0 4 1 Otjarrt.rw, tb. 4 i 1 10
Eaaierlr, c. I 1 T 1 t Levis, it 4 110 0
Parrtnt, Ib... 4 1 0 1 OCarrlfan, .. 4 I 1 I 0
Una, p 10 11 OCIcwta, p.... 16 0 8 0
MlUtaall, p.. 10000
-V Totals M II 27 II 1
Totals m I 4
Wagner out for Interference.
Cleveland 0001020008
Hoston 00006800 7
Two-base hits: Kruger, Lewis. Home
run: Lajole. Hits: Off Linke. 11 In five
Innings (taken out In sixth with norm out);
off Mitchell, 1 In thtee Innings. Sacrtflca
hit: Turnor, Cicntte. Stolen bases: Fliok,
Easterly, Stahl, Speaker, Wagner. Double
play: Gardner to Wagner. Left oh bases:
'lrveland, 6; Hoston, 6. First base on balls:
iff Ciootte. 6: off Linke. 1: off Mltnhell. 1
First base on errors: Boston, 1; Cleveland,
1. Struck out: By Links, 1; by Mitchell, 4.
Time: 2:00. Umpires: Perrine and O'Lough
lin. Taft Greets Tlarer Victors.
WASHINGTON. Mav 26 Detroit drove,
Relating from the box In tha sixth Innlnir
and eaally defeated Washington, 6 to 1. to-
uay. jiiinnn was effective with men on
bases. President Taft, who was an In
terested spectator at the game, shook hands
with all tha lie rolt nlavera nfler tha lima
from his private box, Manager Jennings In
troducing his men as they passed In line.
AB.H.O.A H. . An h n A B
Milan, ct ... a 1 1 0D. Jonas If., 4 18 0 0
Lcllr.lt, If... 4 3 0 0 ouuali. as 4 1 8 4 0
Elberlefd, Ib 4 1 1 2 OCobb, cf $8101
Uaaaler, rf... (Ill OOawford, rf. 4 1 4 0 1
inglaub, lb., i 1 14 0 SDalanaJltr, Vb I 0 1 1 0
Kllllfar. 2b.. 10 12 lMorlarlty, Ib 8 0 2 8 0
McUrlde, aa.. I 1 1 4 0T. Jonaa. Ib. 4 1 1 1 0
8traat. o.... 4 0 11 OSchmldt. c. 4 14 11
naiBims. p.. a o o I OKI Hail. B.
4 1110
naiaar. D... .luuao
Schaefer ... 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 15 1127 10 I
Total 16 82 II 1
Batted for Walker In the nlrth.
Jones out; hit with batted ball.
Washington 0 ft n n n n n A 1 i
Detroit 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 06
Two-base hit- KAhmMi lln.. ftt ti id
ling, 10 In five and two-thirds InnJngs.
Stolen bases: Kllllfer, McBrlde, T. Joiles
Left on bases: Washington, 11; Detroit, 4.
r insi owe on dsiib: uri Keisiing, l; orr
Walker. 8; off Kllllan. 7. First hB n
errors: Washington, 1; Detroit, 1. Hit with
pucnea Dan: ay Kllllan, L Struck out:
By Uelsling, 2; by Kllllan, 3. Time; 1:6a.
Umpires: Dineen and Connolly.
Athletics Drab Browns.
PHILADELPHIA. Mav 26. Phlladelnhla
defeated St. Louis today In a poorly played
same, o to s. score:
Sttona, If.... 114 0 OHaltnW. If.. I 1 I 0 0
Haruall. aa. 4 0 0 t onirfrin f. a a a a a
Wallace, tb.. 10 8 1 OColllna, Ib... 4 14 10
Orln, Ib... 4 8 4 0 lDarla, lb.... 110 11
Hoffman, ef. I 11 0 Oiufear. Ik.... 4 s a -1 i
Bchwaitasr, rf, 1 14 1 OMarpfcr, rt.. I 0 I 1 1
Abataln, "lb.? 4 Oil OBafrr. as.. i 102 0
Killifar, ... 4 0 8 2 1 Urlncat.n, 1 A I 1 0
Ballajr, p 4 0 0 4 (Thomas, c,. PI 0 1 0
Monan, p... 8 0 0 I 0
Totals .....80 684 II 8
Totala 16 I tt 11 I
Philadelphia 0 0 0 1 4 0 0 1
St. Louis 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 08
Two-base hits: Hoffman. Collins. Barrv.
Three-base hits: Griggs, Baker. Sacrifice
rues: Bcnweltzer, Murphy. Sacrifice hits:
Oldrlng. Hartzell. Moriran. Stolen bime:
Collins. Double plays: Schweltser to Kllll-
ier; Hansen to Absteln; Kllllfer to Wal
lace. Left on bases: St Louis. 8: Philadel
phia, 6. Base on balls: Off Morgan, 6.
Base on errors: St. Louis. 2. Struck out:
By Bailey, 2; by Morgan, 8. Passed ball:
Kllllfer. Time: 2:00. Umpires: Kerln and
Sax Lose to Highlanders.
NEW YORK. May' 26. The New York
Americans took Chicago Into camD today.
4 to--8. Cree's hitting was responsible for
new lorKs nintn straight victory. He
made a home run in the fourth Inning with
two men on bases and a triple in the sev
enth when Roach was on first. Score:
AB.H.O.A.K AB.H.O.A. 11.
Franrh. rf... 4 110 OHemDhlll. cf. 4 0 1 0 0
Oandll, lb... 4 0 II 1 OWoltar. rt... I 0 10 0
Zeldar, lb... 4 I I 4 OChaaa. lb...
Douthcrtr, If 4 8 1 0 OLaporta, Ib.
Cola, cf 4 1 1 0 OHoach, ss, .
Purtell. Ib... 4 0 0 1 OCraa, If
Blackburn, as I 1 I 4 OAuatln, lb..
Whlta 1 0 0 0 OCrlser, e...
Block, e 4 1 4 I 0 Gardner ...
4 0 14 1 0
14 6 0
8 114 1
18 110
I 1 1 8 0
I 0 I I 0
1 0 0 0 0
Scott p I I 0 I OSwaanar, e..
Collins .... 1 0 0 0 OQulnn, p....
0 0 110
10 14 0
Total 14 14 IS 0 Totala U I IT II 1
Batted for Blackburn In ninth.
Batted for Scotty In ninth.
Batted for Crlger In ninth.
Chicago 002000100-3
New York 0 0 0 8 0 0 1 0
Three-base hits: Cole. LaPorte. Cree.
Home run: Cree. Stolen bases: Zelder,
iwun, iiouinarty, i.en on Dases: i;mcaao.
6; New York, 2. Double plays: Koat-h: La-
Porte ana Chase (2). struck out: By
Scott, 4; by Qulnn, 3. Base on balls: Off
Scott, 2. Time: 1:W. Umpires: Bran and
Jeanette Ponlshea Norrls.
BOSTON. May 24. Andrew Morris of this
city was no match for Joe Jeanette In
their DOUl ai me Armory Ainiena associ
ation tonight. The sponge was tossed Into
tha ring by one oi Morris' seconds and
saved him from a knockout In the third
Fast Aato Ran.
v. r. Huffsmlth of Creighton bought an
Interstate car from the Huffman Automo
bile company and made the drive home
of 198 miles in ten nours.
I' mo. Clark Is Back.
TTmnlre George Clark arrived from Lln
nnln Wednesday night, where he has been
handling the Indicator. He will umpire the
Sioux Clty-omana series.
English Officer and Daaghter
W'. J. Bryan Leave Vera Cros
for Jamaica.
MEXICO CITY, May 28 Mrs. Ruth Bryan
Leavitt Owen, daughter of W. J. Bryan
end her husband. Lieutenant R. A. Owen,
of the English army, concluded their two
days' ' visit In this city and left tonight
for Vera Crus, where they will take
steamer for Havana tomorrow, hey are
on their wedding journey, which will end
in Jamaica, where Lieutenant Owen is
Two Deaths at Huron.
HURON. S. D., May 26. (Special Tele
gram.) Miss Ermel Reed, aged 22, daughter
of George C. Reed and wife, died Tuesday
afternoon, following a long Illness.
John P. Kane, nephew of Father Hogan
of Desmet, died here yesterday, aged 35
He came from New York some months
since, hoping to regain health. The re
mains were taken to Dtosmet for burial.
Babies ftlraaaled
by croup, coughs or colds are " Instantly
relieved and quickly cured with Pr. King's
New Discovery. 60c and f 1 00. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
Persistent advertising In The Omaha Bee
Is the road to Big Returns.
Big Racing Cars
Try New Track
Crack Drivers Are Testing the New
Speedway Preparatory to
Tomorrow's Races.
INDIANAPOLIS, l.d., May 26. In bril
liant sunshine and cooled air the drivers
of a hundred racing cars entered In the
three-day meet that opens at the Indian
spoils speedway tomorrow, swarmed on
the broad course today and swung the
circuit, Umbering their engines. A throng
of motor fans, men and women, animated
the grandstands and parking space.
Oldfleld, Bragg, Klrscher, Harroun,
Chevrolet, Altken, Endlcott, Burman.
Schwitxer and many more contestants,
after spinning all day over the new two-and-a-half-mile
brick track, clean as a
floor, said It offered less resistance than
any track they ever had driven over.
Weather Delays
Glen Curtiss
Aviator May Abandon the Proposed
Flight from New York to
ALBA NT, N. Y., May 26. -After a leis
urely breakfast today Glenn II. Curtiss
took a taxlcab to Van Rensselaer Island,
where his mechanics were assembling his
biplane. There he superintended the tuning
up and came back for luncheon to his hotel.
The weather does not please Curtiss. He
feels that it would be foolish to attempt
flight of any distance, even should indi-
cStions here seem favorable, until there is
assuranoe from the weather bureau that
there Is a widespread area of settled con
ditions. Otherwise he feels ho
might ruin a splendid start -by running Into
a local thundor storm. .
An Englishman familiar, with the country
over which Paulhan recently made his
record flight from London to Manchester
told Mr. Curtiss today that the route to
New York from here Is Infinitely mora
Searched Schooner
Not American Boat
If the Esfuerzo Flew the Stars and
Stripes it Was Without Au-.
thority to Do So.
WASHINGTON, May 26. If the schooner
Esfuerzo, which ,was searched by tho Nlc
araguan gunboat Venus, was flying the
United States flag at . the time she was
overhauled, as has been reported, she was
carrying the Stars and Stripes without
authority, according to official advices re
ceived here.
The Navy department has authentlo in
formation that the Esfuerso is not an
American schooner.
She is said to have a Nlcaraguan register
and la entitled, to fly the .Nlcaraguan flag.
It is-thought probable that' she "may be
partly owned by Americans, but that In
no sense entitles her to the protection of
the United tSates as an American vessel.
Under these circumstances the American
government would not be justified in tak
ing any action whaUver In her case.
Olcot C. Colt of New York Is Ponnd
Gollty of I'slnjr the Malls
to Defraud.
KANSAS CIT1, Mo., May !6. Olcot C.
Colt, a loan broker of New York, was con
victed In the federal court here today on
the charge of using the malls to defraud.
The conviction provides for a penalty of
eighteen months' Imprisonment and a fine
of $600. The Jury petitioned tho court not
to Impose the prison sentence.
Sunday Shows Prohibited.
HURON. S. D., May 26.-. (Special Tele
gram.) At a meeting of the city commis
sioners a ' resolution waa adopted . forbid
ding Sunday theaters and kindred amuse
ments in Huron. Hereafter no license or
other permit will be granted to owners.
managers or Others In charge of placea oi
public amusement for Sunday shows. Vio
lations of the resolution will result In a
recall of lloenses already In force and the
refusal to grant further license to the
party In violation.
When you want what you-want when
you want it, and want It In a hurry, ad
vertise It In The Bee.
finlly Trade Supplied by
I has, Slrz. Phones, Webster
1210. Independent B 1201.
Entries Coming- Fast for Interschol
astio at Omaha Saturday. '
Leading Athletes of the West to Lead
llrlplnw Hand to Make Meet
Suecena Kl ve Hundred
Arrangements for the big Interscholastte
state High school meet have been progress
ing finely during this week, h-ntrles aure
coming fast and it looks as If the meet
In Omaha would be the most successful
ever held in the west.
Those who know of the prowess at the
athletes expect to see more records brokea
this year than In any previous years. It Is
almost certain that Wyley of York Will
break the state high Jump record of i feet (
Inches, as he has been doing 6 feet 8 laches
without the least trouble all the year, and
made a height of S feet lOft Inches in tha
Missouri valley meet held at Vt Muines
two weeks ago.
The relay team of Omaha is determined
to smash tha record set by tbe Humboldt
four last year for the half-mile, a time of
1 mlnuto 3i seconds, and may do It, aa it
made the same distance In 1 minute 38 sec
onds last Monday In the ttl-clty meet. ..The
rivalry between Mann and Wood . .may
possibly lower the 100-yard time to an even
10 seconds Instead of 10Vi seconds now. , The
time made at the Missouri valley meet lu
the 220-yard dash was better titan the state
time, and Mann Is sure he can .set tho
Nebraska slate record under ba name lu
that race. , .
Present State Records. ..
The Hat of state records as it stands at
the present date Is as follows: '
100-Yard Dash-Time:' 0:10ft. Made May
27, 1U04. by R. H. Uurres of Lincoln and
Wlldman of York. ' .
22Yard Dash-Time: 0:22, Made May
27, 1W04, by R. H. Uurres of Lincoln.
Quarter-Mile Run Time: 0:b4fc. Made
May IB, 1H0S, by G. Vreeland Of Huntings.
Half-Mile Run Time: 2:07'). Made May
17, HHI7, by V. llurnham of Pawnee City.
Mile Run Time: 4; 45. Made May 16, 1908,
by H. Wright of Kearney.
120-Yard Hurdles Time: 0:17V. Mado Majr
15, 1908, by W. Collier of Falls City.
220-Yard Hurdles Time: 0:27H- Mado May
15, 1SW8, by W. Collier of Falls City.
Pole Vault Height: 10 feet 8 Inches. Made
May 19, 1908, by H. Schults of Beatrice.
High Jump Height: 6 feet 8 Inches. Made
May 11, 190ti, by H. Dlera of York.
liroad Jump Distance: 20 feet tti Inches.
Made May 16, 1908, by W. Collier of Falls
Twelve-Pound Shot Put-Distance: 45 feet
3i Indies. Made May 17, 1907, by W. Duval
of Fairbury.
Twelve-Pound Hammer Throw Distance I
132 feet U Inches. Made May 17, 1908, by I
Kodewald of Falls City.
Discus Throw Distance: 107 feet. 'Made
May 17. 1907, by R. Dundy and Sliubert.
Half-Mlle Relay-Time: 1:39. Made May
16, 1908, by the Humboldt team.
Although It Is not sure that all the Omaha
boys will be allowed to enter, Coach Cains
stated Wednesday that he would enter, at
least those men who showed up the best
In the meet held Monday The nine boys
on the team so far are Fraser, Wood,
Kennedy, Burdlck, Hansen,- Kttlakef sky,
Rowley, Millard and Rouse. This Includes
the relay team and the boys who made so
good on the weight events lately. ,
Omaha men are coming to the front
pobly In regard "to "the officials1 -needed
and Mr. Cams has been able to obtain men
Who have been prominent In track work In
Nebraska and the west roi- tne last ten
years. A number of the high school cadets
will be on hand to place hurdles and the
meet will undoubtedly go off without a
Mlchaells Will Referee.
The chief referee of the meet wiU be
O. E. Mlchaelis. D. C. McDonald will act
as starter, R. Thompson as announcer and
A. W. Miller as official scorer.
The Judges of the finish will be Captain
C. E. Babcock, Captain H. F. Dalton, Lieu
tenant R. W. Drury and . Carey. The
list of timers la composed of Lieutenant
Blase Colo, Hugh Wallace, P. M. Wheeler,
Inspectors will be E. Anderson, E. H. Or
chard, It. Doddsnd R. Wilson. Tho clerk
of the' course will be Painter Knox and
his assistants will be D. Payne and O.
The chief field Judge will be T. A. Pent
land, and the pole vault will be in charge
of Lieutenant F. C. , Rogers, Merle How
ard and R. Newell. High and broad Jumps
are In the hands of F. Ruffncr, a. T.
Whltmore and B. Lynn. Tho dlssus throw
will be managed by E. E. McMillan and
C. T. Techa, and the hammer throw by D.
Ringer, A. N. Carstensen and W, Kewl(.
' Braver City Loses to UUlaon.
BEAVER CITY. Neb., May 26. (Special.)
The Edison base ball team defeated the
Beaver City team here Tuesday, 6 to 4,
Edison 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 16
Beaver City 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1-4
Batteries: Edison.-Simmons and. French;
Beaver City, Keagor and Sharkey,.
Fielders' Gloves and
First Basemen's Mitts
used by such diamond stars as Wagntr,
Cobb, Lajoim, Cottini, Crawford, Magem,
Davit, ' Chanct, Twmuy, Brantfield and
numerous others. The gloves and mitts
that are used by the World's Champion,
Tha Rmach Trad Mark Guarant$
Satitfaction and Ptrftct Good.
The Rtarh OWlciM Base Ball Guide-10c t
your dealer's. Baseball Catalogue FNEE.
1778 Tulip Street, FhllatUlphU, Pa
'm :-W r.,f i
.. mi, i .!.. wai.sJs
"sr '

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