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Ask Ahnat
IJIoomrr IrMs
for Girls.
Now's the time and here's
fill all mail orders on any items enumerated.
I j II
SUITS $1.00
Made of solid tan drill,
with red fringe on Jack
et and trousers, fancy
war bonnets to match, 4
to 12 years. . . $1.00
Girls' Indian Suits, made
with skirt...... $1.25
Barefoot Sandals of
brown willow calf; also
black Russia calf; very
soft and durable; genuine
Jack Tar Suits, con
sisting of blouse
and long middy
pants, made of ex
tra white drill 4
to 12 yrs..$1.00
report of the fight between Conley and At
tell, which took pla.ee near Los Angeles, on
February 23. I quote from It:
After wearing his opponent down until he
practically h-vd no strenKth left with which
to make an adequate defense much less to
put up an offensive style of battle.
Frankle Conley ruHlied In and gave Monte
Atteil suh a terrific drubbing In the
forty-second round of their scheduled forty-five-round
fight at Vernon this afternoon
that the San Francisco boy was unable to
arise when knocked to the floor with a
ful right awing that caught him on the
back of his head. Attel was lying un
conscious upon nil back sprawled at full
length and did not move when his seconds
lifted him into their arms and carried him
to hi corner. -
Should Be Made Felony.' -
"If these contests were not prize fights,
. then the. bistorlo battle between Heenan
and Bayers was not one. I have no doubt
that the coming contest between Jeffries
and Johnson will be a repetition of the
brutality mentioned In the foregoing fights,
only on larger scale.
"If 'sparring exhibitions;' as permitted by
our laws, makes fights where men are
beaten Into insensibility and their faces 'cut
to ribbons' are lawful, acts then It Is time
that the legislature should Interfere and
make such exhibitions a felony. (Such con
tests are prize fights not permitted by the
law and should be punished as such. Those
who engage in them are prize fighters and
make their living by fighting eaob other for
prises or rewards.
"The whole business is demoralizing to
the youth of our state, corrupts our morals,
is offensive to the senses of a great ma
jority of our citizens and should be abated
as a public nuisance and the offenders sun-
Froaecntlon Is Alternatire.
"If the court upon your petition refuses
to grant the relief prayed for therein and
fermlts the parties Interested to proceed as
advertised by them, then I desire you on be
half of the people of the state to gather all
' evidence possible and if the contest is car
ried out as advertised and the parties fight
' for a purse or for a reward and inflict upon
- each other bodily injury then you are to
cause the arrest of the principals and those
-' Interested with them In the promotion of
the fight and try them on a felony
charge for violating section 412 of the penal
code. Yours truly, .i. N. aiLLETT."
Rlrkard Plainly Nettled.
After attending a conference rate today
with Attorney General Webb, Rlekard said
'that no action for the removal of the ftgtit
would be taken until Webb hands down a
decUtcm as to the legality of holding the
match here. Webb, Itickard said, promised
the opinion In two days. It will give
Webb's opinion as to the practicability of
opposing the fight under the statutes
quoted by the governor In his letter of in
struction. "
Rlekard was plainly nettled at the unex
pected turn of events and the "eleventh
hour" pronouncement of the governor as
tie termed it, waa a most unpalatable morsel.
'"I am sick and tired of all this fooling," be
-added, "and I am willing to throw up the
sponge so far as bringing off the match In
the state of California is concerned. I have
already expended $3,000 all of which will be
a dead loss.
' "Why Governor GUlett should wait until
this late day In deciding that he would stop
the fight, particularly in view of his ac-.
'credited statements in the. past that under
no circumstances would he Interfere, is in
conceivable. Already excursion parties have
left different parts of the world end are en
route hither. It was only yesterday that I
received an order from Canada requesting
that 1,000 seats be reserved. I do not know
what caused the governor's sudden change
of mind, but presume the pressure brought
upon him by the many church federations
baa had Its effect. -
"A tnaas meeting of 100 prominent busi
ness men of this city will be called to
morrow for the purpose of having the gov
ernor rescind his order, but 1 doubt if any
good will come Of it
"One thing Is. certain, San Francisco and
the state of California will lose the
greatest opportunity of a lifetime.
. "I am prepared to shift the scene of bat
tle at a moment's notice and my plans
in this respect will be made publlo as soon
as a conference between all directly In
terested is had. I prefer to see Salt Lake
get the match, but Reno and Ely, Nev.,
Stand an excellent show."
Jeffries la Creetlallea.
BEN LOMOND. Cel., June 15.-J. J. Jef
fries, when spprised of the action of Oov
ernor Gillett stld:
"I can't believe it. I do not think that
the governor would do that after he has
repeatedly said that he would not inter
fere. I shall continue my training until
officially Informed that the fight is oft.'
Jeffries appeared crestfallen when told
v that there waa no ooubt about the gov
ernor s intention to stop ise iigni.
Vacation Togs
the place to outfit the boys and
1 ' I
Made of gra yflannel or
tan flannel, with trim
ming of contrasting col
ors. 8ulU Include shirts,
bloomers, cap and belt,
sizes for 6 to 16 years,
at 81.00
Md 75c
Like Illustration, made of
fine blue Jersey cloth,
trimmed red or white, 3 to
15 years. -50 1 75
Girls' Bathing Suits, made
with skirts $2.50-$3.50
Bathing Caps,
25S 35. 50
welt soles of best oak
leather. Smooth inside;
can be worn without
SUes 6 to 8
Sizes 814 to 11..
Sizes 11 to 2..
Sizes 2 ft to C...
151S-1520 Farnam Street
Flood Waters in Valley of Biver Are
Also Subsiding.
People Who Took Refuse la Branches
Are Drowned Heavy Floods Are
Reported In' Belgium and
' ' '' Serrla. " '' '
COLOGNE,' Germany, June 15. Stories of
death and the suffering of jthe survtvora
are brought by refugees from the flood val-,
ley of the Ahr. The waters are rapidly
subsiding, but while' at their height ' they
wrought great damage.
Several Villages on . the banks of the
river Ahr were literally washed , away.
Houses collapsing buried their ocoupants
beneath the flood. So strong was the cur
rent, that it swept away locomotives and
steam rollers as a child might scatter its
Many Trees Uprooted.
In some Instances where the villagers
were driven from their homes by the wa
ters, lacked time to reach the hill tops,
they climbed Into the branches of trees
only to be drowned as the rising waters
tdre the trees up by their roots and bore
them away.
Near the mouth of the Ahr river a rescu
ing party recovered the bodies of a woman
and an Infant The little one was tightly
clasped In the mother's arms.
BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 15. Heavy
rains throughout Belgium have been fol
lowed in the lower lying districts by flood
conditions creating heavy losses. Bridges
have been carried away and stock drowned.
The village of Moos has been devastated
by the vagrant waters.
Thirty-Fir Drown la Serrla.
BELGRADE, Servia, June 15. Floods fol
lowing torrential rains have caused havoc
in the valley of the Moravia river. Thirty
five lives have been lost. The towns of
Cbuprla, Jagodlna and Bvllainata have been
inundated. Water to a depth of front
seven to ten feet has filled the streets.
Many houses, undermined, have collapsed.
King Peter and the minister of publlo
works It ft for the scene today.
BERNE, Switzerland, June 15. Inunda
tions in the eastern and central districts of
Switzerland have caused Immense damage,
A landslide at Altorf burled a factory
building, killing a woman and ten children
Two Thousand Dollars Damage Dona
to Emeraon-Braattaarhain
Fire which Is supposed to have had its
origin in a spark from an engine did about
2,000 damage to the property and stock
of the Emerson-Brantlngham tnanufactur-
I ing company at Twelfth and Leavenworth
streets yesterday evening. The outbreak
occurred in the one-story frame and
corrugated Iron structure which stands
east of the main building and .which Is
used for the storage of implements and
other materials. The root of about one-
halt of the annex was burned while the
machinery was badly scorched and the
paint burned off. In the building was
stored several hundred coils of rope by
Wagner Bros., for the McOowan A Fan
clgan company of St. Louis and this
material was the most serious sufferer.
A. flat railroad car on which waa -a
gaaollne traction engine was got out of
the danger sou Just as the car had be
come Ignited by sparks from the burning
Dundee Decides to Carry Oat
teaelva Street Improve
Ths election In Dundee yesterday re
sulted In favor of the bond Issue by V7
votes to 18. There were 136 votes cast.
and there was one blank. The bond Issue
la S1D.600 tor Intersection purposes and a
similar sum to provide for the construo
tlon of a storm sewer.
Internal Hevoanej Collector (talts,
ABERDEEN, & D.. June U. (Speclal.).
Herman Ellcrman, internal revenue col
lector for North and South Dakota, with
headquarter at Aberdeen, has resigned his
position and W. C. Cook of Sioux Falls,
chairman of the republican stats central
r-w in r i i n i
Sec our line of Boys'
and 1H'b I'nlon
girls for vacation time. We
Boys' and girl's
rompers, made of
fine Chambray
ginghams In plain
blue or tan; also
neat checks and
plaids, 2 to 6 yrs.,
at ..50
8 years ......75
10 years. . . . .85
Rough Rider Suits,
at $1.00
Made of tan drilling
with red military
trimming, 4 to 12
years $1.00
Vacation blouses
made of tan or
black sateen, also
dark colors of
chambray - extra
well mode, 3 to IS
years 50
committee, has been appointed to fill the
racancy. Mr. EUerhian will return to his
home at Yankton, S. D., where he ex
pects to engage in ' business, . Vernon C.
Batle, postofflce inspector for this district,
has also resigned his position and wll
engage In tho real estate business (n
(he reservation country. His successor
has not been announced
Labor Leaders
and Masons Meet
at Waterloo, la.
City is Entertaining: Two State and
: One County Convention
This Week. .
WATERLOO, la.; June. 15.Speolal.)-
Waterloo Is crowded to its capacity and
taxed to find sleeping accommodations for
the hundreds of visitors In the city this
week. The masonic . grand lodge of Iowa,
the state federation of . labor's convention
the county . teachers' Institute and the big
carnival all at. one time , has brought
great many strangers here.. The hotels are
filling, every available space and private
residence are being put In requisition for
the needs.
The officers of the state .federation are:
President, A. L. Urlck, Des Moines; vice-
president, E. Echretnpf, Dubuque; secretary
and treasurer, J. H. Strlef. Sioux City;
executive committee, includes the above
named and David J. Hera my. ICaokuk, S.
C. Turner, OttUmwa; R. G. Stewart, Cedar
Rapids, and Theodore Carstensen, Clinton.
I O. Pouchot of Des Moines, is a guest
of honor at the convention, a delegate from
the American Federation of. Labor. The
first regular program was held Wednesday
morning. Thursday the officers will be
elected for the coming year and the next
place of meeting; will be appointed. Other
prominent men who are in the city are J.
W. Murphy of Springfield, 111., Interna
tional secretary of Electrical- Workers;
John Trumbull of Moline, 111., organiser
of the Moulder's union) Edwin R. Wright,
president of the Illinois State Federation
of Labor; C. E. James of St. Paul, Minn.,
organizer of the Boot and Shoe Workers'
union and many others. .....
The Masons are here in large numbers.
Over eight hundred were in the parade on
Tuesday morning.' An impressive sight was
made by the Knights Templars in full re
galia. A formal breakfast was served the
sixteen, past grand 'masters of the Iowa
grand . lodge at - the Ellis', Tuesday, and
Waterloo is gaining many compliments on
her generous hospitality. -
Over one hundred teachers are attending
the Black Hawk County Institute.
Sacceeds W, R. MeKeea aa Presldeat
of Omaha Aatomoblle
At the annual meeting of the Omaha
Automobile club last night the following
were elected officers for ths ensuing year:
President, .E. H..Sprague; first, vice pres
ident, W. R. McKeen, Jr.; second vice pres
ident, F. 8. Farmelee; secretary, A. H.
Fetters; treasurer, L C. Nash; directors.
John W. Farrlsh, A. P. Oulou, Dr. J. P.
Lord and Gould Diets. Mr. McKeen held
the position of president for two years
During tin meeting a number of new
members were admitted and the member
ship of the club now stands at W0. The
supervision by motorcycle ' police officers
was discussed and it was decided to ap
proach Chief Donahue with a view to hav
ing . the officers deputed for this duty
wear uniforms ao that automoblllst may
know by whom they are being held up.
Action was also taken .in regard to the
theft by boys of the equipment of elec
trical machines snd a commute waa ap
pointed to interview the officers of the
Juvenile court to see If something cannot
be done to ut a stop to this practice.
Later in the season the club Intends to
make a trip to Sioux City where a carni
val is scheduled and every owner of i
machine In the city will be asked to
Join the party.
Alamal Vast Athletics.
IOWA CITY. Ia., June 18.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Alumni KssemuieOi (or commence
ment at the University df Iowa today.
paed a resolution aaklng the Board of
Education of Iowa to elect a director of
athletics at the State university, who
should have full power over each athletic
department. This ta thought to be the
beginning of the end of the protracted
athletlo controversy at tne univ
Iowan Will Oppose Central Bank at
Railroads Will Auk r rnilimlon to
Restore Old llatre and Thn
Avoid Salt Br
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE3 MOINE3. Ia., June 15.-(Speclal
Ttlegram.) Leslie M. Shaw of Philadel
phia, former secretary of the treasury,
will be here tomorrow, to attend the Iowa
8Ute Bankers' convention, and It is ex
pected he will make a strong protest be
fore the convention against the central
bank plan, proposed In the east. He is on
the program for a discussion of this sub
ject, and while many of the Iowa bankers
are favorable to the central bank, a ma
jority are said to b very much against it,
and it is possible resolutions will be passed
to put the Iowa association on record.
As the Iowa association Is one of the,
strongest In the country It is believed this
will be influential.
Others matters that will be discussed are
postal savings systems, the bulk sales bill,
bankruptcy reform and taaxtlon questions.
An active contest for president Is on be
tween John Mcilugh of Sioux City, and
8. M. Leach of Adtil. It Is planned also
to make the offlco of secretary a paying
one, and to hire an active young man for
secretary. v
' Fire Insurance Aaeats.
The annual convention of Fire Insurance
Agents opened today with an address by
H. W. Binder of Council Bluffs, president.
Only Insurance matters were discussed.
Roads to Avoid Salt,
Information was received here today to
the effect that the western railroads are
to ask permission of the Interstate Com
n erce commission for restoration of tho
rates in force prior to the first of tho
month, and that the shippers will be paid
back the additional charges paid under
the Increased rates. If this is done there
will be no suit commenced in the federal
court on behalf of Iowa shippers.
Swine Judaea Meet.
At the annual meeting of the National As
sociation of expert swine Judges, held here
today, H. F. Hoffman of Washta, Iowa was
elected president; S. MoKelvie of Fairfield,
Nebraska, vice-president; and W. D. Mc
Tavlsh of Coggcm, Iowa, secretary.
Delegates Are Apportioned.
The republican state committee yesterday
completed the preliminaries for the repub
lican state convention in Des iMoines Augst
3 next. The convention will have 1383 dele
gates. A committee consisting of Messrs
Franks, Adler and Lyon will have charge
of the convention. Senator A. B. Cummins
will be temporary chairman; W. F. Hunter
Of Webster City, secretary; and 8. S.
Trainer, of Ackley, assistant secretary. A
resolution was adopted with reference to
tho death of H. D. Oopeland of Charlton,
the Eighth district member, who died since
the last meeting of the committee. Ar
rangements made are entirely satisfactory
to the republicans and especially to the
candidates for State office who were named
at the primary.
Aid la Dalrrwork.
The federal agricultural department has
Just assigned two men experts In dairying
to work in Iowa in conjunction with the
state dairy and pure, food department in
encouraging mbre interest in farm dairying
and butter making. These agents will work
among the farmers Who are not patrons of
creameries and will endeavor to indues
more farmers to engage In butter making
on a small scale, will assist in lectures and
demonstrations, etc The state has small
appropriation now being used for the same
purpose and K Is believed that between the
two agendas a great work can be ac
complished. Iowa Mews Motes.
LOOAN A new hotel, increased water
flow of the city well, a larger gasoline
DUmn ni ensine at tne city weu. a iw iooi
etamlptpe to be erected on the hill in the
west part ot-the town, and the new court
house, are among the improvements of
Logan in the near future.
MARSH ALLTOWN One dead, four sick
and one recovered, is the ravages that
measles has made in tne nome oi sir. ana
Mrs. John SteDD of this city. A sixteen
montn-oid Doy aiea mm morning ana ine
four other children . are dangerously 111.
The father has Just recovered from the
MARSHALLTOWN The city council at
a meeting held this afternoon declared war
against the Marshall Telephone company
tor raising 'pnor.e rates, amove wnai me
council alleges is the maximum as fixed
by the 'phone ordinance. Legal steps are
to be taken by the city to force the tele
phone company Into line, it it docs not
accede to Dersuaslon. The local telephone
company is controlled by the Bell Interests
under tne name oi me xowa xeiepnone
BIra. Robert Payne.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., June 16.-
(Speclal.) Mrs. Robert Payne, died at her
home In this city yesterday, aged , after
Men's Smite sit &Q.5
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Being manufacturers, we eliminate the middleman's profit in selling our suits
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VACATION SUITS Just think of it, three months of rough-and-tumble, out-of-door
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fun. i - M
a lingering i!lriei of two years. The de
ceased was born In Howard County. Mo.,
In sr.d was married to Robert Payne,
November 10. 1S63. and moved to this city,
where they have since made their home
She was one of the best known women of
this section and is survived hy her hus
band, one eon, William Payne of this city;
two daughters, Mrs. Lot Brown of Chicago,
and Mrs. Carl Morton of this city. The
funeral Will be held tomorrow from the
BaptlBt church.
Youthful Aviator
Dangles in Trees
Aeronaut Has Thrilling Trip Over
New York and Barely Misses
NEW YORK, June 15. Fred L. Owens.
s youthful aeronaut of Belleville, N. J.,
gave Manhattan a new thrill today by
suddenly appearing In a sausage-shnped
dirigible balloon in the lower port of the
city. He had flown nine miles from Hello-
vlile and crossed the Hudson without mis
hap, but on reaching the city hall dis
trict, his troubles begnn.
Over-senlous volunteers, standing on the
roof of the court houso seized his drsa
rope, causing the craft to veer and strike
the building, twisting the framework and
putting the propeller out of commission.
Thus helpless, the wind caught the balloon
and bore It erratically over the East river.
where it landed among a group of trees
and trolley wires. Firemen rescued Owens
22 "Going Away" Fellows
With their "Going Away
bmileB, Pack Plenty of
ONIMODS. For Plenty
of Miles.
Tho knowing man, when
about to travel, would as
soon forget his railroad
ticket, aa to leave out his
On i mod
$250 $350
Shoe Co
203 South
15th Street
1911 Peerless Deliveries
Begin WextNWeek
My First shipment arrives in Omaha on Monday,"
June 20th.
I have one car open for delivery on the above date,
two for July and two for August.
This is an extraordinary car with all the refinements,
luxury and elegance to be found in any American or
European automobile.
It represents the highest attainment in silence and
If ari immediate delivery will interest you, make an
appointment today for a demonstration.
Farnam Street
ZL S. WILCOX, Manager,
The Store Of The Town.
One More Jail
Held Erdman
Steve Maloney Discovert Alleged
Dynamiter Did Time in
The past record of Frank Erdman who
Is now detained in Jail In default of $5,000
bond, is growing thicker every day. De
tective Steve Maloney stated yesterday
that In addition to the already printed
list of penitentiaries where Erdmnn has
owned meal tickets, is the prison In Salem,
Ore., where ho served a" sentence for
robbery, some years ago.
Bee want ads for business boosters.
The Weather.
For Nehrarka Continued warm.
For low.-v Kit jr and warmer.
Tfirnerauire nt Omaha yesterday:
... W
... j
... 67
... 70
... 75
... 79
.... N9
... W)
... M
... M
... M
... M
... Kf
a. m.
6 a. m.
7 a. m.
Sa. m.
a. m.
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It a. m.
13 m....
1 p. m.
I p. m.
I p. m.
4 p. m.
E p. m.
1 p. m.
7 p. m.
8 p. m.
& Cq
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- on. . TAimv
224 Bee Bid it, OMAHA. NCR.
Bays tarlnr Saaday KlgHt. Beats toda
"sn ( l' "if f p L- 1
HAY RQB50.. m
At T jna,ajuww UH M. LUIfl UD AllT BtSLCf A.
jtbaaow. thb kicm aaa. ukr-xom
ana sa - D1I.T. rrm
&J i U O DOWOtAS 1119.1
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