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Gifts That Will Be Most Appreciated
l -v.-
... 71
I You. will save time
See the many free at-
Please make every effort to
shop in the morning; when crowds
are lighter. Of course we will
give you the very best service
and attention in our power no
matter when you come, but the
earlier hours are pleasanter for
Mothers will find their Christ
mas shopping much easier if they
will leave their children in Our
Free Play Room in Nursery, in
charge of two competent nurses.
All the newest toys to amuse
them while you shop.
and annoyance by shop-
See the Doll's Coun.
r' L
on our transfer
frir Chih Tlanr t.h
system. Ask for one at j
the first counter you t
Miniature Iloly City. I
See Santa Claus Him-
self in Toyland.
visit. It is simple and
' safe. t
: $
I! fiX-
faff I
C)( 113
The best day of all the Holiday season to buy Christmas presents at Drandeis Stores is Saturday. Many
extra special sales for this one day niy. You can buy the finest and most practical gifts at prices much lver than you could possibly buy them
at any other time. Take advantage of the Greatest Special One Day Bargains in Holiday Merchandise ever offered inOmaha. Don't
delay your Christmas buying another day. Come Saturday. Store open 8 a. m. till 10 p. m Sec other Rrandcis Store ads mn pages 4 and 24.
feaMc ik I 1S1 O
We Bought at an Astonishing Reduction a New York Furrier's Entire Sample Line
Hundreds of the Richest Fur Pieces (No Two Alike) Just in Time for Christmas.
These are nil show room samples from one of New York's lending furriers and every one was made with extreme care from
the best selected pelts tlie world's market contained.
You can buy the finest of all gifts for "her" nt much less than you figured on. Every fur in this sale guaranteed exactly as
tit ts r t f
Matched rur sets
$85.00 Pointed Fox Set, at $59.00
$75.00 Red Fox Set, at .$55.00
$65.00 Iceland Fox and Near Seal Sets $42.50
$55.00 Natural Opossum Set at $39.00
$95.00 Cross Fox Set, at .$G900
$95.00 Cinnamon Bear Set at. ..... . .$69.00
$100.00 Black Fox and Near Seal Set $05.00
$65.00 Fischer Raccoon Set at. . . . .". . $19.00
$40.00 African Black Monkey' Set. .. .$25.00
$150.00 Tersinn Lamb Set, at $98.00
$95.00 Australian Opossum Set at $69.00
$37.50 Black "Wolf Sets at $25.00
$35.00 Sable Canadian Marten Sets. . .$20.00
$30.00 Sable Fox Sets, at .$17.50
$25.00 Canadian Marten Sets at 15.00
$25.00 Northwestern Mink Sets at. . . .$15.00
$22.50 Brook Mink Sets at .$12.50
One Lot of Assorted Fur Sets In Canadian
Marten, Northwestern Mink, French Lynx,
Brook Mink, etc . many worth up to $20.00 a
set, at $10.00
Extra Large Sets of French and Belgian Lynx
worth up to $10.00 black or sable color
at $5.00
Black Lynx Furs
At One-Half
One Set of fine quality Russian
Lynx; large Russian shawl with
large fancy muff; actually worth
$135; a half price. .. $t.r.50
Two Fancy Black Lynx Shawls;
were $39.00, at $19.50
One Pretty Fancy Shawl of Wack
Lynx; was $42.50, now $21.25
One Large Silky Fancy Scarf; the
price was $49.00, now $24.50
Extra Scarfs
Separate Pieces
All the different shapes Belgian
Lynx, In brown and black; Cana
dian Marten, Fox, Wolf, North
western Mink, etc., at 98
$1.98 $5 $7.50 "P to $50
Muffs to Match, from $1.50 UP
to $35,00.
Beautiful Fur Coats
One Genuine Hudson Seal Coat; worth $220, at $135
One Genuine Hudson St-al Coat; worth $800, at $198
One Near Seal Coat with Persian Lamb, worth $175,
at $125
Ooe fine Austra Ian Seal Coat with Marten; worth $300,
at $198
One Caracul, Silky and Fine Coat; worth $125, at $75
One Sable Blended Siberian Squirrel Coat; worth $200.
at $98
One 3X Genuine Seal Skin Coat; worth $750, at $498
One Genuine Leopard Skin Coat with Marten Collar;
worth $350, at $198
One very fine Moire Russian Pony worth $2.00 . .,$135
One extra fine Moire Russian Pony Coat; worth $185,
at $125
One fine Moire.RussIan Pony Coat; worth $175, at $119
An Assortment of Different Pony Coats, in
various markings and qualities a range of
prices from.... $59, $75, $89 and $98
Children's Fur Coats
There were several sample coats for chil
dren in this lot of samples. They were made
for children of 10 or 12 years of age. They are
ideal gifts for Christmas. "We will sell them
for exactly one-half price.
One $40.00 Near Seal Coat at. $20.00
One $45.00 Brook Mink Coat at $22.50
One $60.00 Krimmer Coat at $30.00
One $65.00 Sable Squirrel Coat at. . . .$32.50
k Firs
M - - --
nu a a r
u) r . n lis -
Brandeis Stores
Great Sale of
U. S. Customs House Authorities
Never have we heard of such a bargain in high class
Oriental Hugs as this one. Ilundreds of the most beautiful
highest grade, genuine Oriental rugs in those rich color
blendings found only in rugs of the finest class. All on
special sale Saturday.
fa IvTO-r
Special One Lot of Kaiak Rugs
Special Sale of
Women's Cloaks
Hundreds of Women's
high grade Cloaks, worth
up to $20.00;
Hundreds of Women's ji M
Fine Winter
worth up
iter Cloaks Jt ';
: .us m
Hundreds of Women's
Finest Winter Cloaks
worth up to
Choice of 20
Imported Model
At Just One-Half
Their Original
Bath Robes and Kj.
monos of Bilk, challles
and eiderdown; they
make fine gifts; worth up
to $10.00. at
$15.00 Wool Serge Dresses $6.98
Hundreds of pretty plain or Trimmed
make fine gifts; worth up L fQ
to $10.00. at pUVO
Silk Petti
coats A. woman always ap
preciates a gift of a
fine Silk Petticoat.
Silk Petticoats, worth
up to $7.60, at $3.98
Silk Petticoats, worth
up to $12.50 at $0.08
Silk Petticoats, worth
up to $16. at $8.1)8
Special Your choice
of any Woman's Opera
or Kvenlng Coat In our
entire atork at Junt H
regular prices. This ln
eludes broadcloths,
silks, black satin, etc.
Different -varieties of fine Orientals In
rich patterns and different
sizes; many worth $25 each;
one lot, at, each
Ona Lot of 50 Rugs
Different varieties of fine Ori
ental rugs in. rich patterns and
desirable sizes. Thev are worth
uP to $40- $10 00
Each, at $1J.UU
One Lot of 40 Rugs
These are beautiful, rich color
ings and various sizes; actually
worth as high as $50 each; in
one great lot- 'tfOr A A
At, each d.UU
1 p L. V I in the Basement K 4
Elegant Princess Hokhara Oriental Itugs
Would be readily sold at $65 In a regu
lar way. specially priced at $35
lteautiful Prim en lloktuira Itugs In rk'h
patterns, worth regularly up to $75. go
at $30
The I(ol Bokhara Oriental Hugs In di
H'rable sizes, easily worth $100, at.$GO
tifYcial Senna Persian Hug Were greatly
admired In our show windows, worth up
to $60, at $39
Kaxak Hugs These genuine Orientals are
In the 6x8 size and are worth up to $100
-ach. at : $69
One Karouk Rug 6-8x10-3 size, an ex
quisite Oriental, worth $225 at'. . .$135
One Klegant Mahal Hug 12-4xS-9, a pat
Urn of rare beauty, worth $200.. $125
One Kermannhah Kug Size ll-7xX-10--U
Is a superb Oriental, worth $500, special
at $325
SATURDAY Drandeis, Third Floor
f 'J 7l,i "it ipiiwm-'WM
randeis Stores
la rU of Remarkable Bargains for Saturday
Imported German China Tea Sets Over L'OO different
designs and over 50 different size sets. These are
sample sets at one-half the regular prices
at 10t 25c, 49c, 98c up to $3.98
Every sample train set, large sets with lots of track,
bridges, crossovers, station houses, tunnels, etc., with
strong locomotives special table, per set
at 25c, 49c, 98c and $1.50
Grocery stores, stocked with real eatables, also meat
shops, at 49c and 9Sc
Buy the wonderful hill climbing, self running, double
friction toys here. Guaranteed for one year. Automo
biles, street cars, locomotives, etc., at 49c, 75c, 98c
At the mechanical toy
counter, tumbling bears
. and tumbling clowns
at 49c
Halky Mule at 25c
Ijarge size Teddy Bears,
at 49c, 75c, 98c
On Special Table by Game De
partment. Double-Nine Domi
no Sets, at 10
Standard Basa Ball Game;
worth 60c, at 19?
Toy Town Post Office and Toy
Town Conductor Games,
at 25" 49 anl 98
Silverware and Jewelry for Gifts
Derby Silver Plate, made by the International Silver Co.,
best in the world; all priced with blue ticket, which means
a great reduction. Berry Bowls, Sandwich Plates, Cas
seroles, Coffee Sets, Tea Seta, fancy Bakers, Castors, etc.,
over 100 designs.
Landers, Frary ft Clark Pearl Handle Carving Sets,
Dinner Knives and Forks; all at blue ticket special prices.
Rogers & Hamilton Finest Silver Triple Plate
Escb Piece Guaranteed Isr Tea Yesrt at Hall Jeweler's Prices
Hollow Handled Knives and
Furks. worth 110, at S7.8
Table Spoon, worth 3.&0,
at aa.7s
resert Bpoona, worth f 3 00,
at a.S5
Ta Spoon, worth 11.60. on
aale at tioo
Coffea Spoona, worth 9 1.75.
at ....T !
Berry Spoona, worth $1.60. on
sal at 91.00
Orange Spoona, worth 2 50. on
a alt, at
Cream Ladle, worth fl, at 490
Gravy Ladles, worth $1.25,
at 75o
Medium Ladlea. worth $300,
at 93.83
Cold Meat Forks, worth $1.26.
at 760
Salad Forks, worth $3, at 92.80
Butter Knife and Eugar Sliell,
worth $1.60, at 7So
Plain Knives and Forka. worth
$4.60. at 93.79
1847 Derby designs In
quadruple plate comb,
brush and mirror snts,
20 designs, worth $10
at SM.-19
Mother of Pearl Manicure
Sets In the latest IdeaB.
Party Barette aad Combs Inlaid With Gold and Fancy
Sets All at Popular Ericas
Finest quality white stone hat
pins, at $1
S. O. Blgney Ladlea' Chains,
warranted gold filled, C2
Inches long, warranted for 10
yeara at $3.60 and $5
Women's genuine
seal leather Bags.
In gun metal and
bright frame, reg
ular price, 17.60,
t $5.00
12-in. genuine goat
seal bags, lu red,
tan and black
leather linings, 6
fittings at. $2.98
200 Oerman silver Purses, In
French gray, worth up to $3
each, at gl
Misses' Solid Gold Heart and
Lockets, over 60 styles, at $1
to 92.50
John Mehl hand
sewed leather baKR
In brown, tan, blue
and Mack, worth
to $ 1.76. .$1.00
randeis Stores g

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