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ere s
Main Factory:
Detroit, Hick
wherein" of the reason
lere are more than
ars in actual service
FORD Model T Curs me standard, in that they are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Tried
under the hardest experience; successful under the most exacting demands of all-around service;
simplest in operation, safest in control; lightest in weight (size,, capacity and power considered);
most economical in maintenance.
Because of these demonstrated facts, FORD Model T Cars are popular in every part of the civilized
world, and in no one place more popular than in your own vicinity.
The FORD Model T Car is essentially the car for all the people, because with its lowest price comes
its everlasting high quality. ' J
The FORD Model T Cars are of Vanadium steel construction throughout, and they are the only
motor cars in which Vanadium steel is exclupively used (Vanadium steel is the most expensive steel.-10
Vanadium is a mineral alloy. Six per cent of Vanadium merged with the molten steel adds to the
stress of the best carbon steel 83 tons to the square inch; besides it gives to the molecule of the steel
a fiber which prevents crystallization under vibration.) Vanadium steel accounts for the lightnesH
in weight, the smallness in size and yet of the e-oeeding strength of all parts in the mechanism of
FORD Model T Cars. j
The light weight of FORD Model T Cars means reliability and safety with long continued service,
liy reason of their light weight (about 1,200 pounds), FORD Model T Cars have no trouble with
the roughest kind of roads-mud or sand, or snow, or slush, or ruts, or hills, do not interfere with
the running of these famous cars I
But visit our large show rooms at Harney and Twentieth Sts. and examine the FORD Model T Cars.
Let the salesman point out to you the many tested features, the many practical advantages embod
ied in the FORD Model T. Note the graceful lines, liberal road clearance, three point suspension,
and the magneto built-in, an integral part of the motor. No ignition trouble with the FORI) Model T.
Compare FORD Model T with any other cars, regardless of price, enjoy a demonstration and we will
leave the rest to you.
FORD Model T
A CyliaJerj 2 Passtcfer
With Full Equipment
Extension Tou. Automatic
a & v ft g ft '
VLi U frrAKUJ v Windshield, (freed
Lamps, Generator; Ford Macrneto, built in the motor:
Three Oil Lamps, Horn and Tools, for $7"J3. F. O. II.
Thli game car with three oil lamps, horn and tools, f 645,
. u. a. ueirou.
- m -
- ...... . ; . .
s'" . - H ' , 1 X
-.. . - . nv
. . n rX- 2 s$x
Along Auto Row
Main Offices:
Detroit, Mich.
We are anxloua for the nrxt Oranhi
how; we want 10 come to your city Rain."
This vii the tone of the ttments iMiiod
by the factory representative who were
here during the week.
More cam were Bold this year than rvcr.
Probably the number exceeds that of, lait
year by a thousand.
Clarke Towell was fully as busy yester
day a on any of the previous days. His
telephone bell was singling all the time.
"It certainly has been a wonderful af
fair, this VM show," was the way H. H.
Van Brunt put It.
"Well. I am perfectly satisfied with the
way things have gone," from the genlnl
Guy Li. Smith, who sells the IcxlnSton
cars, this (statement came. "We are all
pleased wtlh the show."
II. E. Sidles and Iee Huff were two of
the busy men In town during the week.
Those Bulck cars made some big hits with
dealers and farmers.
Jack Sharp and R. K. Kitchens were
two of the most jovial fellows at the show.
They sell the Alco car. Some call Hitch-
ens (not Kitchens), "Alco." When he was
In Ch'caao he was called "Alco" so much
that he signed "Alco" Instead of his name
to a check. Gness that la not some press
story. The Alco Is a good car, too.
J. T. Stewart of the Colt Automobile
company beamed Joy upon all who entered
his booth. The Mitchell cars wers among
the wonders of the show.
That Cole 30 attracted lota of attention
You would be surprised to know how many
were actually sold. Thev were sold, ton
Go look at the sinned orders. E. J. Kane
Is the kind of a representative the Cole
company sends west. He la a live wire
E. L. Deaby is getting many sales for the
Cutting -car. He did a big business at the
H. B. Frederickson, pioneer of Omah
auto business, surely has lots of praise for
the 1011 show. He did a big business.
"B. R. Wilson and the Lexington cars
re anions: the best In the west." said
dealer who stood near the booth of E. R.
Wilson yesterday. "That boy man Wilson
is a hustler and he did a wonderful bust
nets this week."
Alfred E. Blhler is agent for the Regal
car, which is one of the best makes in the
cnanes t. Uorkiuil, manager of the
Apperson Auto company, was pleased with
the sales he made during the week. He
looks for the best season in the auto his
tory this year.
The Baura Iron company drew a large
crcwd each day. That red pump was one
of the features of the show.
J. J. Derltsht declared there never has
been a better show anywhere than the
1911 Omaha auto exhibit.
R. W. Calg, manager for the E-M-P com
pany, is one of the men who thinks Omaha
is equal to many cities of greater slsa. He
Is from the east and knows a few things
about the New York auto shows. "None
can beat Omaha" is his verdict. -
The JaoKson car, sold by the Pioneer Im
plement eompaay of Council Bluffs, en
Joyed good sales.
T. Q. Northwall did a rushing business
with the Brush and Hampson cars.
A. W. Johnson of the Johnson-Danforth
company, declared the trucks, especially
the Avery trucks, were the hits of the
The Ramblers were among the prettiest
and most rellublo cars at the show. Many
of thfm were sold. too.
Lewis E. Ioly wore a smile all week.
Denlse Barkalow and his Baker Electiio
were schutillatlng stars all week. That
Baker la a winner with the women folks.
John P. Davis had his share of work dur
ing the week and did a lot of business. He
Is one of the real hustlers of the auto in
dustry In Omaha.
J. A. Mclntyre carried off several honors
by getting lots of orders. The week was
a h'rhly successful one fur him.
W. . Wallace told many autos. lie
agrees with an others lhax ihe lail show
was the best.
The International Harvester company did
the best business of any auto week. Hun
dreds of people visited their booth and
sales rooms.
Henry Nygaard, manager of the Omaha
Tire Repair company, kept an Interested
crowd around his booth In the accessory
department. Nygaard gave practical dem
onstrations on the best ways to repair a
puncture when out touting and when In
the shop. Part of his talk told motorists
about the important parts of tire construction.
Automobile and accessory manufacturers
exper the ir-rket fur cars and tires In
the 1 hlllpplnt inlands and the far east to
reach considerable proportions. Latest re
ports show 400 cars In the city of Manila
The past few months have seen an In
crease in the number of gentlemen's road
sters until it appears that there must be a
rapid increase in th number of single
me a.
President H. A. Mathews of the Jackson
Automobile company, authority for the
statment that a great percentage of auto
builders fall to distribute the weight of
their cars properly and that as a result th
owner's tire bills are often enormous.
At tli Omaha Show mor pneumatic tirotl cars were oqulpjwd
with Jo(Jycrs than any other nmke. led otir nearest compeU
Itor by 140 per cent.
The Millions Saved
on Tires
Goodyear No-Rim-Cut tire actually cut tiro
bills in two. They trebled our tire sales last
year. They are saving millions of dollars to
motor car owners who ascertain the facts.
The No-Kim -Cut Tire
This is the Goodyear No-Rim-Cut
tire as it fits any standard rim. Koto
that the rim flan(?es which are remov
able curvo outward when you use
these tires.
The tire comes against the rounded
edge. One can ruu it deflated tor 20
miles without cutting the tire in the
No-Rlm-Cut tires have no hooks on
the base, as have all common tires.
They don't Deed to be hooked to the
The tire base is made unitretchablc,
so nothing can force the tire over the
flange. Into the base we vulcanize
126braided piano wires. These braided
wires contract tinder air pressure, so
the inflated tire is held to the rlrn by
a pressure of 134 pounds to the inch.
We control this feature by patent.
It gives us the only practical tire with
an unstretchable base the only safe
tire which isn't hooked to the rim
the only desirable tire which get a rid
of rim-cutting.
This saving aloft cuts tlr bills 25 per
cent. As a
result, 64
motor car
bar can
tract ed for
No. Rim
Cut tires on
their 1911
Ordinary Clinch? Til
Here Is n clincher tire the ordinary
tire fitted on the same rim. The re
movable rim flanges must be turned t
curve inward to grasp hold of the
hook to diglntothetire when deflated.
Thi9 tire can be ruined in a single block
if you run It flat. '
10 Oversize
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With or Without Non-Skid Trtad
Goodyear No-Rim-Cut tires are mad
10 per cent oversize. The bookies
construction allows this.
That means 10 per cent more air
10 per cent more carrying capacity.
It means, with the average car, 25 per
cent additional mileage per tire.
This extra size takes care of th
extra weight th top, glass front, gaa
tank, extra tires, etc. It avoids over
loading the cause of most blow-outs.
Yet this extra size costs nothing extra
cow. .
two fea
tures to
gether cut
tir bills in
half for
man who
get Good,
year No.
' M IMS 1 hm-
It is now well worth while to study the tir
question. Conditions are changing. Write for
our latest book.
Braacae anJ A.acU la All the Principal Cities
W. Make AO Sorts of Robber Tires
Kof Automobiles and Accessories
National Motor Gar Go.
1115 Farnsm Strtel
Tel. O. 91X3.
National "40"
Clcctrio Garago
1EN1SE BARKALOW, Proprietor
2218 Firus Strest.
VELIE AUTG"SSSLE C3., IS32 Fcrnsatt.
Jcbn Caen Plow Co.,. Distributers.
'r:yg2 Wtsllaca Auisncbita Co.
viu ruu cak Farnam Street
ji nil Pit niifiAnniiTAKKtLor mmm
VI 4WUM il.
H.E.FrcdrlcHsonAutoniobilG Co.
Thomas, Hudson
Eulck end C24).
moblla Can...,
Nebraska Guick Auto Company
Us Mia Sxaas. ink aaa F ta, n. X. K1BZ.IIS, O.nl Mr.
OMMita raoa. iut-i-ia ?uua av. x.aa wrrrr, mcs,
"UC2PHY DID IT" Aub flg
SO rasaaxa tir..!.
The Lexington
l r.. wiLxci AUTcr:c:iLi ca.
DlstrlbuUrs 2010 Harnay at
Cuius rst
Overland ft Pcai
OoanoU Silarfs Xsk
Juabak ksaat

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