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Omaha Young Women Who Shine With the Racquet
Expression of Sentiment
Every birthday, every holiday, every wedding gift and
every anniversary renvembrnnc is an expression of senti
ment. After all, it is thj things beautiful in this life, the
things uplifting different out of the common rut that
makes life worth living. And, there is nothing which adda
to the beautiful to the expression of one's sentiment so
much as a diamond. All humanity covets this precious stone
and holds it as treasure in a wealth of romance that has
been woven by the world's greatest masters of fiction.
The diamond wearer looka Im
TT7?C -T 1
A . yr- .... , ,rv I I r?
in rr- it:..,, t i . . : iV, Hrvc -H - . A I
Itv; .-:Ju,Win''W , 1 H A M 41". i - JB
II "i u- '. i V'"' . .v8 IS Arc Your E
" - 4.': JOfttW - ' ;, " - ' y f':?i.ll 1
' ' ' ;;i 7iy,5c--r- fi n h'l : .71 -i, ' I
At the. Clubs and Private Homes Par
ties Will Be Given.
Safety and Baallr Seem to Be tke
Tendency and the ronrtk Will
Be Celebrated Wltkot the
Dtn of Banloalvea.
Social Calendar.
MONDAT-Mlee Margruerlte. Fallon, dance
at Field elub'; Mlns Qretchen Williamson,
brldce at home; children's matinee dance
at the riem ojuo.
TUESDAY Mlas lilsa Harman, dance for
Miss May O'Connor and Miss Marjory
Beckett; Mrs. Martin Reum, Fourth of
July party at ber home, Fapio View, on
Veit Dodge street; Mm. A. O. Beeson,
dinner at the Country club for Mrs. Frank
Mead; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hatfield, din
ner at Happy Hollow; Mr. and Mrs. A. V.
Klnsler, a large dinner at the Country
club; also Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mc
Bhane; the Kappa Alpha Theta conven
tion entertained In the afternoon; chil
dren's mallnee dance at Happy Hollow;
Miss Fitch's play, "The Romancer," on
the lawn at 6. dinner-dance at Country
club and fireworks; dinner-dance at
Happy Hollow; dinner-dance at Field
elub; dinner dance at Manawa Boat club;,
iadirs' day at Happy Hollow; ladles' day
at Field club; children's matinee dance at
the Country club.
THURSDAY Ladles' day at Happy Hol
low; lad es' day at Field club.
FRIDAY Social settlement play at Happy
SATURDAY Dinner-dance at Country
club; dinner-dance at Happy Hpllow;
dinner-dance at Field club; dinner-dance
at Hod and Oun club.
The aiorlous Fourth will be the red letter
day on this week's social calendar. Though
there will not be q"U o many sky
rockets and roman candles as usual, owing
to the grewlng favor of a safe and sane
Fourth. Omaha will celebrate the 135th an
niversary of American Independence with
a gay round ot dinners, dances, picnics
and other pleasures.
The cluba will be centers of social gath
erings. At the Country club the festivities
are to be for the enjoyment of the small
sons and daughters of the members. In
the afternoon there will be a matinee
dance and in the evening fireworks will
be displayed In front of the broad veran
das. The grown people will have their
regular dinner and dance, the largest ot
the dinners being given bv Mr. and Mrs.
A. V. Klnsler and Mr. and Mrs. John A.
At Happy Hollow elub. In addition to the
regular dinner and dance, there will be a
dainty out-door play, Rostand's "The. Ro
mancer." A number of large dinners and
the reaular danoe will be held at the Field
Many Omahans are planning to betake
themselves to Manawa. across the river,
to enjoy the festivities at the Council
Bluffs Boat elub. where boat races will
be the feature of the day. A dinner and
dance wlil be given. At the Rod and Oun
elub there will be many picnic, beat races
and a pyrotechnlcal display In the evening
on the water.
Milady of the tennis racquet Is resting
today from last week's contests on the
Field elub courts In the fourth annual
women's tenuis tournament. Whether or no
he a taking measure to get rid of the
sunburn, tan and freckles which are always
on ef the result Of these outdoor meets.
1 a ejueetton, because the feminine players,
wbea Interviewed on the subject seem to
be proud rather tnaa discouraged ever the
ruin of their erstwhile fair complexions.
The tournament was a decided success,
bringing to the front not only the cream of
Omaha' feminine athletes, but also Intra-
ip .'II i - . x -MMps
Meurs. Jol McLattartr. Calvin Davli, I luncheon Tuesday and In the evening a H
f 4 i Russell Lockwood, Earl Fisher, Edmund table d'hote dinner and daace. . Already H
f ' x , . " I j Besblre, Robert Flnley and Stuart Gould. many reservation! have been made for the i
i . -. f; r,,.,. wiu,.. T Rev. and Mrs. F. N. Lynch entertained dinner. Mr. David Baum, Dr. W. H. Sher- H
Iymmx- ..'ZZ,.' l Masters Roland Strehlow, Robert Slefken.
t"- . . - , , , J Richard Elster, Howard Ctlst.
V7 1 .
ducing some brand new player among the
younger girl ot the high school and
Brownell Hall and out-of-town schools. The
men players of the club admit willingly
that their sister player have Improved
greatly over last year's play and that they
have put up some skillful game on the
The tourney came to a crisis Saturday
afternoon In the championship match be
tween Miss Carmellta Cbase and Mrs. J. T.
Stewart, 2d, and the gallery and lawn
about the courts were crowded with
daintily gowned women and girl and also
with men spectator. Next week the tour
nament will come to a successful close,
with the doubles match between Miss
Chase and Mis Susan Holdreg and Mlas
Clara Daugberty and Mis rna Reed.
Pleasures Past
Master Harknes KounUe, eon of Mr.
and Mr. Chart T. Kountse, gave a
camping party near Waterloo. Neb., last
week. Hi guest were Dick Stewart,
Denmaa Kountse. Bobble Downs, Edward
Daugherty, Thomas Klnlr. Allison Via
sonbaler. Mrs. Leo Orott entertained t bridge
Friday afternoon at her home In honor of
Mis. . Harvey and Miss Adela Saunders
cf Bloorofield. la., who ai lb guest ef
Mrs. Louis Lioeser. The guests were
Metdames Walter L. Clement, Louis
Locser, A. X. Root. J. J. Sullivan, Henry
Wludhelm. J. Henry Rohrs, John W. Bat
tin, Frank Crawford. D. J. O'Brien. Wal
ter Molae, John Shary, E. Harvey, Mis
Adela Saunders.
Mis Myrtle Johnson entertained at din
ner at her home Friday evening In honor
of Mis B.Uy Bond of Ban Btrnordo. Ttx.,
and Miss Bessie Whitney of Cuur.o.l Bluff J.
A large .bouquet of pink and white roies
deioraled the center of the table. The)
present were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mullen, Misses Billy
Bond, Bessie Whitney, Mildred Scott, Lu
etic Scott, lone Scott, Myrtle Johnson.
For MU Beulah Belr who leave to
make her home in Chicago and who is
now the guet ot Mi' Helen Hart of Pun
dee, many things were given last week,
Mlas Irene Shepard entertained at cards
for her Wednesday evening. Miss Ruth
Fisher gave a small lunohevn at Happy
Hollow Thursday and Mia Helen Hart
gav a train shower Friday afternoon.
Mr, a. A. Roberts gave a blrUday party
for her little daughter Lldta's third birth
day at her apartment In the Roland. P.ns
and whit was used throughout th room
and In the refreshment. A large birthday
cake with pink candle graced th center
of the table, while email Individual cakes
were covertd with pink frosting. Those
present were little Miseta Marjory Faiklnr,
Mllta Falklns. Margaret Strehlow. Ger
trude Slefken, Dutethy Heoper, Annette
Wedding Bells
Telegram at th place of each guest
announced th engagement, at a dinner
Thursday evening, of Miss Rolls Rumohr,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. C. Rumhor,
to Mr. Chart Zelglar of Somerset, Penn.
Invitation have been issued for the
wedding of Miss Elizabeth William, niece
of Mr. and Mr. E. O. McGllton, and tit.
Walter William of Hugo, Colo., the wed
ding to take place July It.
Mr. and Mr. O. P. Burnett announce th
engagement of their daughter. Miss Ollle,
to Mr. Paul J. Anthes. Both have been of
prominence In musical circle In th city
and have a wide circle ot friend to whom
this announcement will be of great Interest
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sherwood announced
the engagement of their daughter. Miss
Ruth, to Mr. A. J. Kettler of Omaha at a
luncheon at her home Friday. The wedding
will take place In September.
At the Country Club
Mr. and Mr. Arthur Remington gave
on of the largest dinner parties at the club
laat evening. Place ware laid tor seven
teen. Mr. and Mr. F. H. Da via entertained at
dinner Saturday evening for a party of
bom guest for over th Fourth. Th
guests are:
Mis Viola Burden of Dubuque, la.
Mr. Hamilton Bell of Dubuque. Ia.
Mr. Lloyd Lomax of San Francisco, Cal.
Mr. Albert Hartlett of bu Joaeph, Mo.
Place were laid for twenty-four.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. U aloes had a guest
at dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Conner.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Mahoney.
Judge and Mrs. W. D Mctiugh
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Uurley. ,
Among those who have reserved table
for th Fourth of July at th Country club
are Mr. and Mr. John McShane, Mr. and
Mrs. A.' V. Klnsler, Mr. and Mrs. Beeson,
Mr. and Mr. Sprague and Mis Beeson,
Mis Butler and Miss Elisabeth Bruce, th
last three to be Joint boeteese.
Wednesday evening Miss Alice Carey
MoOrew had a ruesta at dinner Mia
Marl McShane, Messrs. Wilson Austin,
Ouy Furay and Ralph Peter.
Mr. and Mrs. EX M. Fairfield entertained
at dinner Saturday evening. Place war
laid for:
Mr. and Mr. E. H. Spragu.
Mis Lynn Curtis.
Major DeVore.
Other who had reservations for dinner
were George Prtns, who had four guests;
Mia Catherine Butler, four; Harley
Morehead. four; Harry Tukey, four.
At Happy Hollow
Mia Elisabeth Flnley gave a small dance
Saturday evening for Mis Beulah Beaalre,
guest of Mia Helen Hart. Those present
were Misses Naney Haoe, Elisabeth Flnley,
Ruth Fisher, Irene Shepard. Beulah Bes
elre, Helen - Uarte, Helga Raamusaen,
Messrs. Joel McLafferty, Calvin Davis,
Russell Lockwood, Earl Fisher, Edmund
Beeslre, Robert Flnley and Stuart Gould.
Rev. and Mrs. F. N. Lynch entertained
at dinner Saturday evening. Places were
laid 'for Misses Josephine Lynch, Esther
Lynch, Luclle Lynch, Jane Taylor Lynch,
Messrs. Chaunoey Jessen, Tom Dunston of
Tachua, Mexico; Master Paul Lynch and
Rev. and Mr. F. N. Lynch.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Somer had as guest
at dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Chickering.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaao Carpenter.
Mr. .and Mrs. D. C. Edgerly.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Norman.
Miss Somer.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. McCulley had as
guests at dinner:
Miss Ernestine Eastman of Chicago.
Miss Eva Johnson.
Mr. Elmer Clark.
Mr. Louis Hart.
Mr. and Mr. E. G. McOtlton entertained
at dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. O. Williams.
Miss Marlen Williams of Kearney.
Mis Eleanor McGllton.
Other- who had reservations are E. M.
Burnett, who had four guests; H, Dunham,
four; I. L. Robinson, six; E. H. Jenlc,
At the Field Club
Mr. and Mrs. H. & Weller had as guests
at dinner Saturday evening:
Mr. and Mr. William Hill Clarke,
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Peckenpaugh.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Head entertained at
dinner Saturday evening. Th guest were:
Mr. and Mr. F. B. Aldous.
Mr, and Mrs. W. G. Brandt. ,
Dr. and Mrs. J,
at dinner:
T. Klnsler bad aa guests
Mr. and Mr. 3. C. Klnsler,
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Klnsler,
Mis Blanch Klnsler.
Th Field club will have
a golfer'
Announce another week during which the women of Omaha may
have the advice and experience of Miss A. M. Day, an expert New
York Corsetiere, to aid them in getting the corset suitable to their in
dividual requirements. Miss Day recommends
American Lady and
Lyra Corsets
Knowing they represent the foremost ideas of the leading corset de
signers. For your health and summer comfort be sure and make
your corset purchase this week.
luncheon Tuesday and in the evening a
table d'hote dinner and daace. . Already
many reservation have been made for th
dinner. Mr. David Baum, Dr. W. H. Sher
raden, Mr. H. 8. Busman, Mrs. Gus Epen
eter, Mr. A. W. Gordon, Mr. J. A. Kuhn,
Mr. J. B. Porter, Mr. L. Kemper, Mr. A. G.
Ingversen, Mr. Fetters, Mr. Lester Drls
hau and Mr. Fred Kern are among those
who have reserved for that evening.
Mr. and Mr. W. H. Squler entertained
at dinner tor Mlas Madeline Darrough of
Houston, Tex. Place were laid for twelve.
Mr .and Mrs. C. C. Rosewater had four
teen guest tor dinner Saturday evening.
Other who had reservations were Mr.
Guy L. Axtell, who had two guests; H.
Conant, five; J. T. Cook, four; W. E.
Maloney. four; S. S. Miller, four; W. A.
Youston, five; R. L Huntley, four; John
Lavell, four.
Personal Gossip
Mis Irene K. Harris I visiting friends
In Lincoln.
Mrs. M. C. Peter left Friday night for
Lake Okobojl.
Mls Ruth Polskey haa gone to Lincoln
to visit relatives.
Mia Edith Locke .leave Sunday tor a
month' trip in th east.
Mrs. L J. Copenharv and Mis Effle
hav gone to South Dakota on a vacation.
Mis Lillian Parson and Mr. Harry Par
son leave Sunday evening tor Lake Mlnne
tonka, Minn.
Mrs. Paul W. Kuhn and son are at Wat
kin' Glen, N. Y., wher Mr. Kuhn will
Join them later.
Mr. and Mr. W. J. Hyne went by auto
mobile to Fort Dodge, wher they will
spend the Fourth.
Miss Miriam Patterson returned Tuesday
(Continued on Page Three.)
YOSX remodels Sofs
Special summer prices expert work.
Corner 20th and Faxnam. Telephone Dong-. 3040.
to your ofrienda, due to their being discolored
and giving forth the odor of stale tobacco
smoke f
One application of Eddy's Hand Lotion
will leave your hands clean and sweet.
t Applied in a simple manner.
25o per Bottle.
The I'legeath Stationery Co.
1421 Faxnam Street
t ' .'' ' '" , ...
You Can Save Tour Hair
Madame Frayer is successfully demonstrating to all
callers that her Adelight Hair Food will grow hair on bald
heads. ' ' ,
If your hair is falling out; if you have dandruff, or
scalp trouble, you are invited to call for a free conanltation.
Balcony Pallors i Megeath Stationery
1421 Far nam Street
Phone for Appointments
Corset Facts
Because I make a specialty of
corsets la a good reason why I eta.
offer my patrons many decided
advantages. My store on the first
floor next to the entrance of the
Brandele Theatre Bldg., la spe
cially equipped for women, priv
ate fitting rooms, all supplied
with every convenience.
I give personal service to each
customer and guarantee complete sat
isfaction In fit and finish. My
charge are moderate. Appointment
can be mad by telephone.
Ida C. Stockwell
rxoxra sotjto. 4749
Artist Model Corset Shop
randaia Theater Blag.
pressive, progresalva. A rood front
la Just about half the battle of life.
Socially and commercially there is no
one atone that haa a more command
Ing Influence than a modest display
ot diamonds.
The Edbolm store has an assort
ment of diamonds of high character
at prlcea as moderate a any In the
country. They are in smart settings
some In gold and some In exquisite
platinum, the metal which shows off
diamonds to the best advantage.
Before you buy you should Inspect
this line nnd reflect on the reason
ableness of the charges.
Don't Merely Buy Invest.
Albert Edbolm,
16th and Harney Sis.
ands Offensive
La Book Merely
Another Name
lor "True Style'
Much Talk Among Omaha Wotnea
Over Lev-Book' fSO Offer On
A woman may truly say ah haa em
countered a "bargain" when an expert,
renowned tailor, take up needle and
hears, and cuts to order for her, a
uperb tailored suit for only f is, la the
meantime using th Identical fabric naed
formerly by him In hi 1 10 ault.
"La-Book," the locally famous Ladles'
Tailor in th Webster-Sunderland Build
ing at llth and Howard Si., U th tailor
Who 1 giving positive 180 values for f B0.
but he make th offer for a short tarta
only, aa a piece of advertising.
"La-Book" baa th fashion far in ad
vance of th ordinary Ladlea Tailor, and
he would be pleased to Inform you sow.
In regard to tbs styles that promt to be
in favor during th aaaaoa that ia t
come. ' ,
And if yvu are In th field for a tailored
suit hav "La-Book" make up hi tso
grade for you at 1(0.
When You Take
Your Vacation
Leave your silverware and other
valuable Jn our burglar and tire
proof storn; vault.
Th charge 1 nominal cheaper
than insuraitu and then, txne thing
can't be naplaced with insurance
Phone for rate. Douglas ISO. '
Omaha Safe Deposit
& Trust Co.
Oaaba Vettoaal Sank SaUaimg.
tree xatuaaoe, 114 raraaas.
The Bee aims to print a paper
that appeals to intelligence;
not to an appetite for scandal
and ftens&tions.

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