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Jeff Merely Wanted to Be Wised Up on a Point of Law, That's
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NOW that the Innlde facts of the
class A A deal at San Antonio
have been thoroughly digested
and we have had tlmo for careful
consideration, it strikes us that
th only advantage In this higher class
ification to the three organizations com
prising It la nominal that It elves them
the right to say they are above the regu
lar class A leagues. We think the East
ern and Paolflo Coast leagues and the
American association fully appreciate that
and went into this proposition only be
cause they had made promises of ad
vancement to their patrons, which they
folt had to be redeemed, if only in name.
But we can't see how they are going to
break even on that. The deal Is not com
plete aa yet and will not be until it passes
muster with the National commission. If
that high court of base ball ratifies the
"action at San Antonio, the three leagues
comprising this class AA organisation
will, so far as we can Bee, have the lone
advantage of being considered a faster
league and of being In a higher clnslf (ca
tion nominally. To offset this It will havu
the disadvantage of higher salary rolls,
higher draft prices to pay and higher de
.manda of the public to satisfy. Will its
bigger name draw enough more spectators
through the turnstiles to-pmpensate for
this? We doubt it. Oh, you say the clasB
AA teams get the privilege of drafting '
the same as the majors enjoy. But you
are wrong, they don't. What they get Is
the right to draft from these class A
leagues after the majors get through
drafting. How much desirable maeerlal
do you Suppose there will be to draft
then? And another thing right along thlj
line suppose Western league of class A
team had a choice player It wanted to
keep and whom none of the majors cared I
for, the class A team could, protect Itself
by getting a major to make a phoney
draft, covering up the player away from
the class AA team. That, you say, would
not be on the square. Oh, well, aa long as
something Ilka that always has been done
Jt would at least be no Innovation. .Can
you find a class A team today that Is not
n good enough terms with some one
major league team to put through this
ort of a deal? We are here expressing
view that Is commonly shared by Western
league and be believe all other class A
magnates. Otherwise, why did they not
try to defeat this proposition at San An
tonio? We are assured that they had the
necessary votes pledged. If they cared to
uee them, but that after looking into the
matter, they deemed It harmless and pre
ferred saving these votes for another
proposition. If the cpmmlaslon endorses
this deal, It will mean that hereafter
Western and other class A league teams
muest receive $1,600 Instead of 11,000 for a
drafted man and the rates will be ad
vanced all along the line, so that that.
In addition to the higher salaries which
the three Class AA leagues will be obliged
to pay. will militate as disadvantages to
them and the draft price will be a very
considerable advantage to the minors. It
looks like a sop to vanity and that is
about all. which shrewd Messrs. Tebeau
et al.. have produced for themselves and
a gold brick for their fans.
One of the surest benefits to ensue from
the rule of restricting the number of re
cruits major league team may hold
will be better training for the young
Player In. the minors. Many a young
player has been harmed or ruined by pre
mature promotion. He is only one of
many medlocrea In a major league team
and will get little or no special atten
tion, whereas he may be the star on the
minor clubs, or whether he is or not. he
will receive all he special training his
manager and elders can give him. and
It will make him a much better player
than had he gone up too soon. Take the
case of Jim Kane. When he came from
Pittsburgh, where he had played about a
third of a season, he knew not-one-fourth
the base ball he knows now. or knew
even at the end of his first seaaon with
Omaha. Rourke and Buck Frank and
other older heads laid themselves out to
help Jim. who was only a big kid. and
Kans is there with any cf them today.
It has been the same with players un
numbered. The result or im. n,i. i ..
is observed as It should be, will help both
minors and majors.
President Rourke says ho will depend
more than ever next seaaon on the bunt
ing game. He and Manager Arbogast
are agreed on the efficacy of this siyle
cf play. Rourke believes in It because
It has brought results for hira. Well, this
can bo said: He has In Arbogast. hlra
iclf; Jim Kane, Nlehoff. Thomason. a
nucleus of the best little bunting team
on the circuit. Kane, without a doubt,
has the bunt more nearly perfected than
any man in the league and better than
all. he uts it, like Hannibal of old, at
t!io most unexpected times.
Many an admirer of Hugh Jennings
breathed relief at the news that his acci
dent was not necessarily fatal. His re
covery will be the object of soHcltude.
After all. Hodges probably Is right In
ayliig he will not sell the Browns, still,
there is nothing to prevent hltn giving
them away.
The report that Colonel Hedges will sell
the Browns la denied. Then he ought to
snake a ball team of them.
All that Pa Ilourka is saying just now
in that he Is satisfied the way things are
(fcKKlbye, fvot bail, take keer ' your
sUf, it you caa.
Shamrocks and Excelsiors Meet at
Port Omaha.
Assortment of Odds and KniU
Picked is front Fields After
Sunday and Tbarsday
At Fort Omaha this afternoon the flrt
game will be between the Sherman Ave
nue Mercliasjs and the Athletics, and
the second game will be between the
Shamrocks of (South Omaha and the Ex
celsior s
Following Is the lineup for the second
Fitch r,
Kennally R.T.
C Paul..
R.T A. BhiilKkr
I. T Mann
R.K Forna
UK Brown
I..H.D Moor
n H B OnlntM
K-U Dtneen
LH M. S.'hulnky
Q B Klmaivl
KB tteudin
''oniptou IT.
hui Mb .'.
Tuttle ..
R Until
Witejr ..
Cruhan .
.L it. U.
...R O.
...Q D.
Crohan, Hanley.
r . u l
The Shamrocks claim the championship
of the Htate, and they are Justified in
their claim because they have trimmed
every team they have bucked up against,
with one exception.
Valley, Neb., wants to play the Su
periors for the state championship. They
ought to beat the Shamrocks and Mon
mouth Park first.
Those South Omaha Ramblers have
been making all their opponents ramble
to hand them a package.
The Excelsiors tip the beam at about
160 pounds. v
That crack Iowa team located at Mis
souri Valley had a hard tussle slipping
one over on the Excelsiors.
Last Sunday the Swift combination of
Southtown dlnbanded after the Monmouth
Park Reserves trimmed them.
Last Thursday . morning the. Dodge
Light Guards reorganised and In the aft.
ernoon they battled with the crack squad
at Fort Omaha,
Down at Papillion last Sunday one of
the Columblas had a couple of ribs broken
and another got his collar bone cracked.
Rough boys, those PapIlHon dudes.
Last Sunday Dally of the Monmouth
Parks had a couple of his ribs cracked.
Nevertheless he played on turkey day.
The average weight of the Shamrock
team of South Omaha Is pounds.
The Monmouth Parks are crying for a
game with the Superiors.
All season the Monmouth Parks have
eluded the Shamrocks and the Irishmen
have been 'hot on their trail. The South
Omaha lads will play them any time, any
place and for money if they so desire.
Next year the Diets will blossom out
strong and again endeavor to stow away
the championship.
Christmas is the day when those "all
star" gangs will collide. v One team will
be under the direction of Frank Qulgley
and the other under the skillful guldanoe
of Harry Callahan.
That town team at Papljlion, Neb.,
hasn't dropped a game this season. They
have a heavy, fast combination.
Squash Tennis Dates
Have Been Scheduled
VeW YORK. Deo. 8.-Champlonshlp
quash dates have been announced by the
National Squash Tennis association.
The national championship tournament is
scheduled to be played early In March
and probably on the Harvard club courts.
The annual metropolitan interclub cham
pionship series will begin on January t
and continue to February 14. In the
series four clubs will be represented,
namely, the Harvard and Columbia uni
versity clubs. Heights Casino of Brook
lyn and the Princeton club. The schedule
of the interolub series Is aa follows.
January Columbia vs. Heights Casino
at Columbia; Harvard vs. Princeton at
January M Princton vs Columbia at
Princeton: Heights Casino vs. Harvard at
I f elKh la Casino.
Januury 73 Columbia vn. Harvard at
Columbia; Princeton vs. Heights Casino
ai rrinonott.
January :m Columbia vs. Princeton at
Columbia; Harvard vs. Heights Casino at
February Harvard vs. Columbia at
Harvard: Heights Casino vs. Princeton at
Heights Casino.
February 14 Heights Casino vs. Colum
bia at HelKhts Caelno; Princeton vs. Har
vard at Princeton.
John W. Prentiss of the Harvard club
says that the prospects for four months
of good sport are excellent. Each team
entering the metropolitan championship
will be allowed to enter seven men unless
by mutual agreement a five-man team is
The Gentle Cynic.
The people who never stop to think
probably wouldn't think If they should
Whatever else you may say of the ego
tist, he has the happy faculty of pleas
ing himself.
Tell a girl she has a musical laugh and
he will think you are the fuiiHl fellow
in the world.
Ever notice that the rrian who boasts
he can take one drink arid stop generally
lets some other fellow buy It for him?
Even though they are all cast In the
same mold, the size cf a dollar depends
on how many of them you nave.
We are apt to speak of a man as being
lucky when he has succeeded where ws
save failed.
The fellow who gom around looking for
truuble generally meets somebody who
I iik mi UUu at hia woitl.New i'urk Tuuca.
V .-
V ' t
r- " '
Creighton Plays in Hard Lack, bat
Improves Daring; Season.
Nina Games of Foot Ball Are Played
and of Tola Number Creighton
Wins Three, Loses Fonr
and Ties Two.
It seems certain that Coach Miller will
coach the Creighton team next season.
The team has just gone through a season
fraught with reverses. It has at times
shown flashes of great foot ball, but has
gone throught the entire season In rather
irregular fashion. Of nine games played,
Creighton won three, lost four and tied
two. The difference In points amounts
to 12 for the opponents against 123 points
for Creighton.
The season had a disastrous opening
when Creighton went down to defeat be
fore Western Union college by the score
of 27 to 0. The next game occurred against
Yankton, at Yankton, 8. D., and resulted
In a tie. in the following game Creighton
overwhelmed the University of Omaha by
the score of 06 to 0. Omaha university
was outweighed and outplayed and little
Importance is attached to this victory.
The beat game of the season took place
on the local campus against Morning
side In which Creighton proved victor by
the close score of 8 to 6. These two teams
seemed equal In all departments, but Jap
Tamasee's superior boot gave Creighton
the advantage.
In- South Dakotif university Creighton
met Its superior and the one-sided score
of Si to 3 Is a Just estimate of the teams'
relative strength. The team then Jour
neyed to Manhattan, Kan., and met de
feat at the hands of the Kansas Aggies
by the score of U to 0. There was little
to choose In the superior merits of these
two team and Creighton was by no
means outplayed. Hut an exceptionally
ktrong wind that blew throughout the
game gavo play to the fates, who figured
largely In this victory of iho Agxles.
The strong MarquHte cleen was the next
opponent tu administer defeat by the
score of 44 to 17. The game took place at
Milwaukee and was played on a field
rovered with ice and the heavier Mar
quette buuch proved superior under these
conditions. The fast unbeaten eft. Thomas
team followed thlb with a 0 to 0 tie.
KlaUh with letury.
The wlmlup of iho season was a 32 to 0
victory fur 'iclliton over the Des
Moines aggrr gallon. in this game
t-relgnton worked all their foot ball and
gave an In.slght Into their real capabilities.
Whatever tlie failure of the team, U
cannot be attributed to inferior coaching.
Coach Miller has worked hard and has
made the beat of the material at hand.
He has Introduced a number of plays that
have never been equalled on the local
campus and has completely mystified
very opponent He has developed a few
players that give promise of a brilliant
A ru.no. Inrratlv.
The Judge You admit that you struck
the man?
The Culprit Yes, ypur honor. But h
gsve me ampin provocation.
The Jude What was It?
The culprit Why, 1 had Just met the
man nevfrr taw him beforo in mv lite
and we hadn't been talking more than a
minute or two when he addressed urn as
Tua Judga Uncharged. . Cleveland
High School Lads Who Play Fa& Foot Ball
'.' 'A . -
vvv ;
i V
fc - - i .
f ;
Joe Jeanette Wants
to Become Champion
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.-Slnce the wily
Jock Johnson announced his retirement
from the ring, In all probability with the
hope that some ono would bo Induced
thereby to challenge him. talk of a new
champion Is beginning to be heard. John
son Is taken at his word and Is being
left out of the discussion, Joe Jeannett
and Sam Langford have all along been
looked upon as the next In line for the
title and Jeannette has not been slow to
admit his ability to fill the position. At
the present time he Is out with a chal
lenge to any man In the world to flKht
for the title. Sam Langford Is preferred,
but as he is now on his way to Australia
In search of some 'easy money, Jeannette
wll have to look elsewhere for action.
Jeannette Is claiming that it was fear
of the power concealed in his copper
colored arms that drove Langford out
of the country.
Harold White, the biggest school boy
athlete In the United Statej, tha glKantlc
youngster who played tackle on the In
Witt Clinton High school team of New
York, is six f--t six inches tall and
weighs I; pounilH. White, In addition to
being a stellar foot hull player, Is a mem
ber of the rchoM l.ano ball, swlinrnlng,
boxing, bank it ball an dirck teams, and
one of the best men In the school In each
of thcKv aPurU.
f -
.,J )
. t,
1 . 4
. 's, '
Best in Nebraska and Iowa Foot
Ball Flayers,
jlowa Gets llx of the Mrs F.leven ,
Itrctor Nsuned as Fallback ami
Ualdrlire as the Star '
C enter.
Left end Mann IJncoln
Left tackle McKlnley Fort Dodge
Left guard Tonnemaker lieatilce
Center Italdrlge Omaha
HlKlit guard.... Keeney.Dea Molnos K. il.
itiMht tuukln.... Weidenfnlicr LeMars
Right end Khulklu, Pioux City
Quarter Hi Inill.-f .Ie M'nes W. 11.
rt half lonnelly Clinton
Right half Luse Beatrice
l'ullbatk Rector XI mall a
Left end l'tlcrson Clinton
Left tockln Raclunan Omaha
1-eft guard Tonnemaker lieatrlce
ntor Hewitt. Des Moines W. H.
Kisht guard.... hhull Sioux City
Riht tackle.... U. Wet I over Lincoln
RUnt end Hellers. Des Moines 10. H.
Quarter Marsh Ida Drove
lieft bair Hyn..lVi Moines 10. Ii.
Hixht half Rutherford Beatrice
Fullback J. awmo:e.. Nebraska City
lieaaous for Helectloaa.
The abovo selections for two All Iowa
Nebraska, high school elevens have beei.
mado with considerable care and as man
teams as p'wHlhle have been represented
On the flikt tram Iowa gets six position!,
and Ncbratika five.
There will probably be Some disagree
meiit as to the choice of Rrindley of Pi,
Moines West High for the quarter posi
tion. This Is only his first year on the
team, yet he has showed up like a vet
eran and has the knack of running of.
his plays taster than most high schou.
elevens. UHndley is also a star open-
ilc-lil runner.
There are two good centers in the tw
utiles, liuldrlte of Omaha and lSi(vt' t o.
I) i-s MoinoH West lUfa-h. lialiKllo has .h
edge on the Iowan, as he Is a hfa4tfi
player and much better on de.f :v
work, li.iii.ei of l'uhuque Is aluo a i.uoi.
man for the poltlon.
Toiinemakf r of iieatilco and Rsoney of
lcs Moines Kast lilgti are the best men
tor tho KUarda. Tonne-maker has the eiigc
on Hixney, as he Is ona of the faatesi
sprinters In the middle weft.
McKlnley of Fort Hodge and Weiden
feller- of LeMarS can be counted upon ti.
hold down the taekle positions to tht
bust advantage. WeldenfcHer has show.,
up Mroiig all eeason for IeMars.
Chailes Mann of Lincoln and Shulklr
'uf Hloux City are about the fastest pair
uf liixh sclmol ends In the tnlddlu west
dliuikln uh Injured In the gan.e wit).
I'orreetionvllle by a flying tackio am.
.vas out of the laxt three games that hi.
it-am played.
Itonm-lly of Clinton and Iaibs ol
iiealiiee are picked as the two halve
becHUhe they are the best all routiu
.ilaypiH in tlie two taten.
Jl woulit bti a hard tusk to find a bette
I'ldjer for lie fullback poHitlon tha.
Vergil Rector, Omaha illgh'u lanky full
back. Rector has starred In every gam
(bis muanii and oncu started lie la k
tenor to stop.
in tie Taken Srrloaaly.
Tuke aUvautiiKo 'f your opportunities
bi t ilull't " tllii: nd Si atitage" of Ihelll.
it Ilium iKiiilreK u very atrong leve
to wltlivtiili't u flood of generosity.
Mul of us fel that could hav
dyne Kic.it tliins If it hadn't baett to,
the litUu thiiiKK. losloit 'I'laiiscllpt.
a,. V V
7 ' '
. , 'v
Chess Champ Exacts
Unusual Conditions
NEW YORK, Pec. 1-Dr. Emanuel
Lasker, chess champion, sent his accept
ance to the challenge Issued by J, R.
Capablanca to the latter'a manager, F.
D. Rosebault, at the same time giving
hi a conditions, which he put down in sev
enteen paragraphs. There are a number
of conditions never heard of before. For
Instance, the match is to be one of six
Wof AuomobiIe
Nebraska Buick Auto. Company
r i.i a..ub lath and T ats. X. S.
Uaoola Branca, ma h
Prices $1,150
to $1,700.
HUDSON 2205-2207 Farnam Street
fl, E. Fredrickson Automobile Co. Chalmers
Apperson "Jack
Baker Electric
"Bud" Fisher
games up, drawn games not to connfi
whereas In former championship matches
played by Leaker the number of games
was eight up, while with Bchlechter he
played ten games In all, drawn games
counting half a point to each In that
While In former matches 6f that nature
$."40 was asked for forfeit, the champion
stipulates that Capablanca would have to
put up 12.000 for forfeit, but the most re
markahle rule of all Is that to govern
the time limit. Lacker says that the
time limit would nave to be twelve
moves an hour, a time limit never be
fore arranged In any previous matoh.
There are also soma regulations, espe
cially those anent th notice to begin the
match, which are rather objectionable;
In fact. It may become a physical Impos
sibility to reach the place of combat
within the short notice to be given.
The conditions fall to state how many
games should be played weekly, neither
do they state how often a player might
excuse himself from playing In case he
should be 111 or indisposed.
Of course twelve moves an hour would
be too slow a time limit for Capablanca,
and ' Mnnager llosebatilt thinks that fif
teen moves an hour should be substituted;
for twelve,
"We shall also want ; to know," said
Manager Rosenault, "how many games
will be scheduled a week and how often
a player might absent himself from play
for good cause. These things ought to
be clearly stated in the conditions of the
matoh. However. Capablanca Is due her
In a few days and we shall then send out;
(.answer to the champion."
VJrcstling T.latch
Cliamplon of the United Stat,
Cliamploa of Europe,
Friday (light, Dec. 0
Reserved Beats 25c to $1.50.
Hostt Hale Opens Tuesday,
December 6th.
and Accessories
AOTO CO., 1122-24 Farnam Street
Welsh Cars...
BIDT.IB. Oea'l Mgr.
iin.i.Va ruui r.ts sttrf. Kn.
2002-34 Farnam St, Omaha.
Wallace Automobile C3.
A A.
Marlon Auto Company.
o. w. Mcdonald, Mgr,
S101-2103 Farnam K.
Salesroom Cor. Tenth and Howard Sts.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Overland and Pope
Council Bluffs to.
Omaba. Msbr.
1102 Farnam tt
Electrio Garago
2211 Farnam Street
A Marvel cf Workmanship,
T. 0. Korthwa!l Co
814 Jones St.

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