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1HVi lllW: OMAHA, SATlHtDAY. DKCEMBEU 16. 1911.
Liverpool Csblei Change Sentiment
in Local Wheat Trade.
Market, Hae Better I adertnae and
we Better Feeling; la F.vtdrat
a Darin Side Wheat Id.
vaare at Dpralni.
OMAHA. Dec is. inn.
TocaJ wheat traders wera hearlh at
the opening, tut Liverpool cables
were higher and changed the market sen
tlment. '1 ha strnnser cable were backed
ry reports of more general rain In Ar
gentlna that are Interfering with har
vesting. While the bear pressure la much
iiKriier than tor otii time tha market
III need constant bull news to hold
the advance In face of the large stocks
on hand.
OviiiiK- to the strength In wheat traders
inenuiy to the Innis aide o. corn for a
Inn pull were fairly Kod buyers. Large
receipt might easily be offset bjr bad
weather or an urgent eastern demand.
Wheat advanced sharply shortly After
tne opening on higher cable and bullish
Argentina news. Cash wheat waa He
Higher wheat and better demand for
liKht crrenng helped corn. Tha mnrhet
liad a better undertone and soma better
leenng m evident on the buying aide.
-"n corn waa 'c higher.
Tha following cash aalea were reDorted:
WHKAT-No. 2 hard: 2 earn, 9c. No. 2
hard: I car, Sfi'ic No. 4 bard: 1 car Mo.
Rejected: 1 car, K2c No. 3 spring: 1 car,
tdc. No. 2 mixed: 1 car, Dfic.
CORN No. a whlta: I car, 6714P. No. 4
white: 2 ears, M'jc. No. 3 color: 1 car.
67c. No. 1 yellow: 8 car. C7c. No. 4 yel
low: 1 car. diV:; 1 cat, 66o; cars, Mr;
2 eara. Uc. No. 2 mixed: 1 car (part
old), SX'c. No. 2 mixed: 1 car tpart oldi,
f."c; 4 cart, 6Tc; 6 rara. 660. No. 4 mixed:
6 ear. 6G!c; 4 cars. Mc. No tirade: 1 car,
OATS Standard, 1 car, tKVfrr; No. 2
white: 7 eara. ic. No. 4. white: 6 rare,
46c. No. 4 yellow: 1 car, 4&c. No grads:
2 eara. 4"4c.
Primary wheat receipts were 764.0fW hu.
end shipments were 234.OH0 bu., BKalnat
recelpta Inst year of 84t.0uo bu. and ship
ments of 182,000 bu.
Primary corn .recelnta wera 723.000 hn.
and ahlpment were BM.owi bu. against re.
ceipis mat year of 8S6.0UO bu. and ahlp
ment of 6l9,(w bu.
Clearance were 145.800 bu. of corn. I. MO
on. or oata and wheat and Tour equal to
2W.70D bu.
IJverpool closed f&xi higher on wheat,
and unchanged on uorn.
Oanaha Caaft Pnm,'
WTIKAT-No. t hard. Wimwtc; No. I
hard. 8f-j,07Vc; No. 4 hard. irua
CORN No. 2 white, 67i7,c: No 4
white, MWcMHo: No. 2 yellow, WtftMc:
No. 4 yellow, Mir,mifr-; No. 2, StiW'To;
No. 4, HV'(ife; no grade. filttfNtetc; No.
2 white. 4i'u;-4c; etandard, 4tiWSi4iS4c:
whJ'"- : No. 4 white, 454,
HSJZS: 1 B,low. SW. No. 4 yellow?
H5f4Me. '
feARa,Un,f 'LUmXi N- 1
Carlot neeelpt.
Wheat. Corn, Oata.
Chicago tt B4 m
Minneapolis 4l,H
oman a 22 ar
Duluta 50
Keataree of the Trading aad Closing
Irlee Board of Trade.
CHICAfJO, reo. 15.-Sbeculatlve buvlng
of futures here for' both European and
Argentine account made wheat today
advance with accelerating apeed. The
-t'lose waa firm. 11414,0 to m-wiVs higher
J" JS"1 "'"-Ii1' ",er '"ng .taplea'
522 scf" Tmd galn-oorn. o to
V?t".o; oat. t,0 to Htftto and ho
products. 3Vo to mic. "
. lor" han uaual attention centered on
reports from Argentina, tha reason being
J-k!L fop"lf,n -dra to buy wheat In
Chicago followed newa of extensive dam
age from .storms covering a wide area
of Oie South American belt. Shorts were
made more nervous because of an ad
vance of VAc at Antwerp, a market that
la In close touch with Uuenos Ayrea, but
Phlegmatic as a rule In responding to
speculative flurrlea. For a while the
V liberal receipts at cltlc northwest of
J hlcago had a restraining effect on bul
llah sentiment. This Influence vanished
however when statements came tht the
big movement of the spring crop was
over and that the percentage back on tho
larma would prove surprialnBly small.
ranged from Uifmr. with laat sales
showing a gain of ljlo net
With country roKl. in bad condition and
lth lncreaiie In offerings from the In
terior alow, the corn market had a atrontr
tone moat of the day. May fluctuated
from (SiWmc, closing firm. o up at
. Hfcrf4o. Caalt grades werA ln rather
l?i"?"",,Pp'y- No- ' ycllow quoted
at ivuTio for rarlota.
In outs the chief aid to the market was
the corn strength. Way ranged from
filKhar at 4H4fe4e!40.
Firmness at the yards In the face of
a hog run nearly double that of a year
ago, put backbone Into provlniona. As
a result pork and ribs ended the duy
IglOo. nCt " f an, '" UP
Quotation ranged as follows:
Artlc lj Open. High. Low. Close-ITes
Corn. .
M B!Us
47 1 M-J.
U 70
1 16
U 3i
t 15
t 40
15 65
16 80
1 o;h
15 55
1 00
15 7H
It ff.'Vi
1( 12V.!
t 46
8 U
1 hh
18 17H20
8 bi0 g b2
8 t3V, 8 b0
KljUll Wieady; winter patent, It.Ooa
t.OO; winter straights, (2.7oi4.76; spring
patents, I3.7(o m; siuing straights, 4.!Ki
4. f: bakers, 3.70i4 76.
KYM-No. 2, 2V(ul3c.
HAHii; V or mixing. 7&c21 00:
fair to choice malting, 81. lorn 1.2.
lCKr-Tuaoth-, l2.6uvi ifcou. Clover.
l3.tcy iu.25 '
PRO VISIONS Pork. mess, per bbl..
8l6tWylu.2U lard. per lOo b., to.10. Short
ribs, aides (loose), V.77V.
Tulai clearance of wheat and flour
were equal to i.ooo bu. Kxporta for the
week, aa shown by Hrsil.treet s, were
equal to 8,1.",W bu. Primary receipts
Wero 14,000 bu.. coinpsred with MS.WjO bu.
the correNHndlng day a year ago.
tjittmated receipts "for tomorrow
Wheat, 4o car; corn. 2J4 cars; oats. Ii7
cr; hoga, la.oiO bead.
Chicago ash rrtces Wheat, C'us;c; No
8 red. Sif No. 2 harl, 7cii 21.01; No.
8 hard, Wu8c; No. 1 northern, gl 0t.ru
JLOS; No. 2 northern, 1.j44i1.07; No 8
northern, L0ul OJ; No. 2 spring. VtvJ
ina. No. 2 spring. .ctil.o ; No. 4
prlog, S6ci81.0u, velvet chaff. 0c4l 04
durum. SUKiJl.tu. Corn. No. 8, u-u uuVc '
No. 1 white. tkstMWtc; No. I yellow, toil
'01o; No. 2 yellow, old, 70c; No. 4, 67Vw
tou; No. 4 white. tUo4e; No. 4 yellow u
lT ,No- i wh,l- V.B4:; No. 2
white. 4.yatnc; No. 4. 4So; No. 4 whlta
f-aiw; standard. 4741o.
liilTTtli Cresmerlos. JiVs33c; dairies,
tij Hteady; receipt. I.soo eases- at
Iiuu-k. cases Included. iacj firsts. '26ii
5. c; prim firsts. tt((3'.ic.
Cltttriri Mteady; dairies, 16.frlc
twins. U-MdiLc; Hunt Americas. liVa
ilk:; lutig hums. l&i(ilM?.
POTATOr.-Ktaily; choice to lanoy sO
4soc; fair o good, .iT.'o.
POUlfltY-Kasy; turkeys. ltijuio
thicker. Kxullc; springs. vv. '
VKAU-8tesdy, itillc.
ruil iteciptsV heat. 14 car, with t
ot contract srade; corj), A car with
i.one of contract giade; oeta, lij aia
Total receipt ct wheat at Cnu-ago, ilin.
I.o.l.olls and Uulutb t'dy were kjj car
compared with HA cars last week and boil
cajs the corrssponding day a year ago.
Mlaaeastella .rala Market.
rn.br, tl l.'; kir, l.w; July, 11 ut;
ta.ju, Nm, I Uard, l.t'H; No. 1 uwrtUciui
, .'5
ll.tM'4tii.fl: No. i northern, II.OH.'
:vo. x, leiH(W,c,
K1AX-J 12
RARI.KT 7rfill 14.
niHWNn, 3 vellow, SRo.
(lATH-No. S white. 4Vcjt.Vtc.
11VB N. ?. ftiH'"''.
KIirn-HlKher: first patent. H
o jf; seoono patent, 14 WrMii; first clears,
23.403.70; seoond clears, ti ilO'di.iO.
Qaotatlnns of Ike Day oa Varloo
( omtnodltle.
NEW YORK. Dec. U..-FI.OUR-Flrm:
spring Patent, .'. WrjK,.i. winter straight,
4.1u4.2i; winter patent, 24 3iya4.70;
spring clenr. 14 .lu4.3ii; winter extras No.
I.i 83. ir;3 hO; w inter extras No. t, .l.f,h1
Sin. Kansas straight. 24.&O&4.70. Rye
flour, steady; fair to good, 8.7Mi I.m;
choice to fancy, 8fi.0"4i.. Buckwheat
Hour, quiet. ILob per 100 lbs.
CORNMKAl Kteady; fine white and
yellow, coarse. L6iwl.iW; klm
dried, 83.01X0 3 76
RYK-teady; No. J, 27c. c. I. t. Buffalo
to arrive.
BARLKY Steady; V malllns:. 81.1il.25
c. I. f. Ruffalo.
WllKAT Hunt market, strong; No. 2
ipu, eut, eievaior, exiKirt basis, and vxw,
f. . b. afloat; No. 1 northern Diilulh,
81.13H, f. o. b. afloat. Futures market ad
vanced Sharply nil the cables fn.ll.r
under favor We reports from Argentina
ou sirevistn m the northwest, cloning
nei msner. I'ncemoer closed at Wi'j.c;
May, 11.0 l-ltil.034, closed at 81
Reel)ts, 75.0(10 bu.: ehlnments. K2 AM bu.
t:)RN Hpot market, firm; export, new,
n. n. aiioat. r inure market nonv
Inal. Kxport sales. t I, .nils I.srf lata vu.
terdny. Receipts. 103.5IO bu.: ahl omenta.
01.111 on.
OATH Spot market, firm. Futuregnar.
. nominal, iteceiuta. M.bbB. bu tmhia-
iiir-ritr, U
HAY Firm: nrlme nominate lJn 1
J1.2ul.30; No. 2. tl.HKol.Ui; No. 2, 9oc 11.00.
iiui'M 1 irm; state common to choice
It'll. (sMr.; i!iio nominal. Paclflo coat
ii, I'luioc; r.iiu, nominal,
HIDKH Klrm; Central America, 22c
liokota. 2211 JHc.
l.tATHKK Firm hrmlnok firsts 1'JR
n, arconu, iioai,c; tnirtis, ,i(.'jc; re
jects, V,:
PROV1HIONH Pork, steady; mess,
$17.26'al7.7f.; family, 8l.rv(120.(iO; short
clears, 817 .IVh 175. Reef, firm; mess
212 lsK13.0it; family, 8l4.Wt14.nO; beef
ham. 8W&31.0i. cut meat, easy;
pickled belBe. ten to tnurteen no u rids
HVoloc; pickled bain". llWll'c. Lard,
nini; miitaie west prime, OT.((i.16; re
fined, steady . th in; continent, 8.tO;
8011th America, 210.60; compound, $7.26.
TAL1W Wuiet; steady; prime city
hhils., ti'c, country, 6VSi0.
MUTi Klt-nrm; creamery specials. 36c:
extras, 3fic.
CH K KM B Firm; sklma, 3fril3c.
KtKlb Firmer; fresh tatiiercd extras.
31j41c; extrji first, 361:uic; held fresh,
poor to fair, 21&27c; western gathered,
white StfitOc.
PoCIVrKT Alive, weak: wetern chick-
ens, 12c; fowls, i:W14c; turkeys, 13'il4!.
lressed, quiet, but firm; western chick
en, 61c; fowls, ai6c; turkeys, 12030c, ,
" ' ' -. . . . . .-aw., V.I lull, o. no,
1, In tsVlb. tubs, 84'c; No. 2, Sic; pack
ing, lite.'
CllhiFSlS Imported Hwlsn. 32c: Amerl.
can Hwl, 24c; block Hwtss, lite: twins
lite; duialrs, llc; trtplets. 19c; young Amer
ica, 2oo; blue label brick, 1'lc; llmberger.
2-lb., lao.
POULTRY rtroilers, 10: springs, 24c;
hens, 12o; cock, Ho; ducks, 10:; geese,
Utc; turkeys, 2c; pigeons, per dm., i 20
Alive, broilers, 12',ic; hens, 7'c; old
roosters and stags, 4c; old ducks, full
feathered, HHc; geese, full feathered.
IVfeo: turkeys, Iiki; guinea fowls, ;-o each;
Ciaiv.ip., vr .., w, iivilinr, per OOSw
$150; squabs, No. 1, 81.60; No. 2. (Wo.
FISH-Plckerel, 11c; white. 22c; pike,
15c; trout, 15c; large crapplea. 16iiiic
Spanish mackerel, lHo; eel. Utc; haddocks,
1.1c; flounders, 12c; green catfish, I fx-;
ros ghad, 21.00 each; shad roe per pair.
Hoc; salmon, lc; halibut, lie; yellow
perch. He; buffalo. Be; bullhead. Ho.
BKKK CU'l's-No. rib. We; No. 8
ribs, UUo; No. I ribs. 84c; No. 1 loins.
Wc: No. 2 loins, 14Vc; No. 8 loins, oo;
No, 1 chucks, 8c; No. 1 chucks, "So; No.
8 chucks, so: No. 1 rounds, 11a; No, 2
rouuds, 9c; No. 8 rounds, io No. 1
plates, trvc xmo. 1 piatea, av; No, 2
plates, 6o.
FKUITtt, ETC. Apples,, anooklng varie
ties, per bbl., 22.75; Jonatnan and Qrlmss
Uolden. ber. bbl.. 84.60: Ren lavls. tier
bbl., 82.75; California Uelleflower, per box,
11.26; Colorado Jonathan, extra fancy; 1 per
box, 22.60; Washington Hpitsenberg, per
b.-x. 82.60: Washington It. Beauty, nee
box, 22.60; Washington Staman Wineaas,
box, 82.60. Rananas: Fancy ssleut, per
bunch, 83.2ii'2.60l Jumbo, par bunch, 8176
1)1.76. Cranborries: Wisconsin fancy, per
bbl., Iu.60; ler box, 83.2u; extra large
Jumbo, per bbl., 810.50 - Dates: Anchor
brand, new, 30 1-lb. psgs. in boxes, psr
box, 2.60; Dromedary brand, new, so 1-lb.
pkgs. In boxes, per box, 3.uu; bulk 10
70-lb. boxes, per lb. 80. Figs: California,
par case of 12 13-os. pkgs., Juo: per case
of 80 12-oa, pkgs. ViJt; per case of 60
4-os. pkgs., 2tuo; New Turkish. 6-crowu
in 20-Ib. boxes, per lb., luc; e-orown In
2o-lb. boxes, per lb.. lo; 7-crown ln 30-lb.
boxes, per lb.. 17c. Or ape Fruit: Florida,
tO-iO sises. per crate, K7tv.i; bo-M-m
sixes, per crate, 8.26. Urapes: Califor
nia Kuiperoi, per 4-baaket orate, 81.76tf
1.00; Malaga grapes, in bbla..-6.60id.w.
Lemons; Llmotiutra brand, extra tancy,
lot) else, per box, 8t.2i; 8M sixe, per box,
86.26; Lonia Limonelra, fancy, ISJ0-hi0 slsat.
per box, 86.60; 240 and 420 sixes, 600 per
box less. Granges: Axutoita navels. M
1M aisos. per bog, 86.36; Iso-17tii0i.ale-lai0
sises, per boa, 6.u0; California nawa. ail
sises, per boa, 14.6V. Pears: California ii.
Clarlgtau. per 60-1 b. box, 13.06.
ViOUKTAsiUCb Beaiui, slrUm and wax,
per market baakel, l.wml.l. Cabbage,
Wlscoustn, per lb., lVilSto. Celery, MtubU
San. lKr dosen, 40c; Calltornla Jumbo, per
oacu, 80c, Cucumbers, hot house, per
doseu, 8i.oa Kggplant, fancy Florida,
per dosen, 82.00. Uarlld, extra fancy,
white, per lb., 15c. Lettuce, extra fancy
Uaf, per duaen, 40o. onions, California,
white, per lb., 2c; Wisconsin, yellow and
red, In sacks, per la., ihsu; Spanish psr
crate, 11. WJ. 1'arsley, fancy southern, per
dosen bunches, 60tg76o. Potatoes, Min
nesota Keriy Ohio, per bu., 8116; Wiscon
sin while stock, per bu., 81-10; In lo-saok
lota, 60 less. Sweet Potatoes. Kai.saa.
per bbl., 83.76; per bu. basket, 11.60.
Rutabagas ln sacks, per lb., 1W0.
Toniaioes. California, per crate, 11 60.
M 1MCKLLAN K.O U Almond. Tarra
gona, per lb., lkVsc; in sacks lots, lo less,
brexli nuts, pur lb., lssc; In sack lots, la
less. Cooosnuis. per sack. 86.60. Filberts,
per lb.. 14c; ln sack lota, lo less. Peanuts,
roasted, per lb., 'c; raw, per lb., Ifec.
Pecans, large, per lb., 17o; In sack lots, la
leas. Walnuui, new crop, MU. California,
per lb., l."o; In sack lots, lo less. Cider,
New Nehawka, per 16-gal. oue-nalf bbL,
13.00; per Cu-ga). tibL. 8660; New York
Mutts per 16-gaL one-half bbl. 83.60. per
sj-gal. bbl.. 80.60. Honey, new, traiusa,
1176. Kraut, per 16-gal. keg, 82.71; per 6-
tal. keg, 81. 10; Wlsconoua. per ue-haif
ItL. 83.n0,
Bt. I.oals Geaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 16. WHKAT-Cash,
firm; track, No. 2 red. OftuYiVtc; No. 2
hard. stxuli.Oi; December, ic; MVy.
CtliN Lower; track. No. 2, 69c; No. t
white, 61c; lcember, tie; May, b&c.
OAT Lower; track. No. 2. 47',c; No.
t wlilte, 4c; December, 4S40.
RY K Unchanged, Mo.
FlAd'R eiteady; red winter patents,
M o4 7o, extra fancy and Hlralglua, 14. ;j
41-4 i.. hard winter clears. 83.3uU3.70, 1
MKKIWI ."molhy. 8l4.Oowli.iO.
( 1 K K M r-.t Lr- 3. 30.
bitAN FLrat; sacked, east track, $1.13
1 20. f
UAY-8teady; timothy, 212.00G14 00; prai
rie, til num. o
PROV'l.-10.H-PDrk. urn handed; Job
bing. 815 . IjntiX, higher; pilme stsani,
ti-hi Wjn-Wti. Iny salt meats, unchanged;
boxed, extra shorts, 13.26; clear libs,
v20; short clears, lS.37s. Bacon, un
tliangeit: boxed, extra shorts, la. 26; clear
lib. short clears, 8.1.37.
PtJlLTRY Firm; chickens. Tc;
springs. iV; turkeys, 14c; ducks, ll',c;
geese, sc.
KUCSS Weak. Sic.
Receipts. tJhipnienls.
Flour, bbls S.loo MOO
Wheat, bu 31,000 41.O1M
Corn, bu pie w TiM.Ouo
Oats, bu.., 73.000 27.SUO
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. Iec. 16. (XtRN-Hlgher; No.
2 white, etc; No. 8 yellow, 0Vniio; No. 4
yellow, ss'tc; No. 1 mixed. Svu; No. 4
mixed, iiSWc; sainyla, 6uUo6o.
DATK-L'nehanged; No. 2 white, 48o;
staudard, 47 o.
Mtlnaakee Grata Market.
MlLWACKKll Deo. 16 -WMKAT-No.
I northern, ll.uivJi I.W7; No. 8 northern,
SIC4.I00; No. 2 liaid winter, tRs-OlLul.
Msy, '.'"'.c; July, ilc.
BRLli-Mallljig. ll.ll.U.
Irreg-ularity Dominant Feature of
Day'i Trading.
Peak Eichsna-es for Week Agala
.Make Favorable Comparison with
Preiloas Year Cot toa K.
oris Mhrlnk.
NLW YORK, De.-. IS-TrreguIarlty was
the dominant feature of today's stock
market. Trading tell off heavily. The
undertone wa heavy. thmiKh net losses
were email. Change at the close were
The market's tendency to heaviness was
accentuated by a few traders, who aold
the list la Its soft siots. This wa true of
the Uould Issue. Reading and the copper
snares were prominent for their strength
the movement In Reading Importing In
creased firmness to lhiih Vaiiev
I'nlted Btate Hteel was less rnnnplcunua
than on recent day and the trailing fell
off sharply In volume. It wa under
considerable pressure at times, and fell
two points under the top price of the day
before. 1-eler It rose brisk I v. AIiIh-
Chalmers preferred fell 1 to tV and the
u per rem bonus l'k to 4:, both new low
The selling apparently represented
realising and operation for the short ac
count. Trading Is restricted rrv the re
quirements of the year-end money mar
ket. A heavy gain In cash by the hanks wa
Indicated by movements of currency, esti
mates of the amount running as high aa
ii.ipsj.vw. luinK exchangee lor the week
again made a favorable comparison with
last year a riKure. showing a gRin or 6
per cent, although compared with 11W0
mere is a decrease or 13 per cent.
Foreign trade figures for November
showed a alight recession, both exports
and imports falling somewhat below those
of last year. The shrinkage In value of
all exports was only 2."'."",M, so that ther
wa an actual gain of lf,MMM In the
value of exports other than cotton.
The bond market whs Irreaular. with
general movements unusually narrow.
Total sale, par value, 8.:.4r7.0U0. I'nlted
States lioiid were unchanged on call.
Number of sales and leadinc Quotations
of stocks were aa follows;
sj'h Hmh. Low. Clo.
Allls-Chalmsrs pfs l.nofl 114 ll'4 1114
Anislsamalerl Copper ... 1,1, two M t
Amsrlran Aaiirultural ., S, list fin Mi 19
Am. HH Sugar 1.4H0' V. iit .t
Amerlran Caa HU It II M
Amarlcan a- F Iixt H", II M1
Am. i'ottoa till HH) 44't 41 '4 44
Amarlran H. U pfd 21'
Am. lea Hseurltles ISO II 19
Ameiiran lnaefMl Da,
American Locomrtflr ... 10 17 17 3;
Amerlraa S. A K 4.W0 II 'i T:iU 7:i4
Am. H. A R. pM 1U0 102' l"l' W
Am. Steal PnandrtiMi 33
Am. Susar Helming MX) liiu, lir,', lift
Amarliail T nr. T l.tOO 144 UlUi UT4
Amarlcan Wnelan 3F
Anaconda Mining C MO ji,
Aiirhisnn 2,90 jnat im, lima,
Atrhlann pM inn m n' 1ih
Allanlltf Coast Una 4"0 1J4 1:110 IXA
Baltlmurs V Ohio (no xn: iia
IIHIilrham steel ino s ? 2
Rrnoklrn Rapid Tr 1. llS 71 1 7'4 77
Canadian Parlflo 1.1l ii !lfl 241)14
Ontral liathar inn 20 2S 2"
('antral Leathar pftl Inn SH, H14
('antral of New Jsraay... ' M0 117 114 3V0
Cheaapoaka A Ohio 1,MI0 Tt 73S4 7.1',
rhlrsso A Alton 24
Chlcaie (1. W., new 1944
Chlraso 0. W. prd . S7al
(titcaio N. W jno i4a 141U, I4.ij
Cklraio. M A St. P.... 2,400 1114 1104, 1114,
... u. , v. t ex. u fl
'nlorado P. A I :n
Colorado At Snuthara 100 4)1 (Hit it
CnnaolWatad Uaa 4no i:m m uiu
Corn rroducta 200 HV 10' 10
llalawar A Kudann IMI 1(7 He, 1M
iHnmer A Rio Oranda... 700 2114 tuw 21
Panrar A R. O. ptd tnt) 44 44 44
Dlatlllor' Becuritlaa .... ?no 3144 MMi 31s,
en 1 1 ono sjs, ut, i;n
Kri 1st pfd l.&oe 6.HS tvt, 1314
Kris 14 ptd 100 41U 42U 42 'i
Oenaral Klaetrla H) lr ir,'., 11,1 1,
Ureal Northarn pr4. ...... Lino xn yt
Ureal Mnrtharn Or etfs, 1,7m Jtvt u
uinaia .'antral tuo 14! 241 V 14IK
Intartioroufb Mat 1 1.400 li . It is
Int. Mat. ptd 4,oi ' 4 47V, 4V,
lntaroatbital HarTaster.. . 3(H) 101 i 107V, 107
Inlen-Marina pre ,J , n
lutarnatloaal Papas v.. , .. S
ih.i,.ii.u.i wuip a.... BX,
lows ( antral , it
Kansas City Soathara t
K. C. go. Ptd . 7
Leeleda Uaa H 10S IMV loau.
LoulaYlll NaahTllle.. 1,000 1&4 U44 1UV,
Minn. A Bl. 1U .14
M . St. r. A S. S. If... I.Wl l.H 1.14 US'
Mlaaourh K. A T too 2KV 2DU, n
M , K. A T. pfg. tin
snaaouri rwiim list 39 nt nai
National blarult laflV
National Load 4.00 IJ Bl, U'l
N. R. R. of M. 24 ptd.. l,mw 3,v ill Ki'i
Now Vork Ontral , y7 r iixa,
N. T.. O. A W 4(i i u It inu
Norfolk A Waatarn too ion wu loi'i,
North American 7, '
Nnrthsr Paolfls .1 i,toa 1114 1U4 lli
Paolflo stall oo it 3(n, jii
Ptnnarlvanl 2,400 11 121V4 U2S
Psoplsa Uaa 400 103 '4 102V ltiu
P.. C. O. St. L a
Plttaburih lal 174,
Prea4 Htaol Car 1,000 13 IS l:lu
Pullman Palace Car 117
lUllwar eteal Spring.... loo ii IH, 304
Itoadtns llt.WW H4 1.1 lMAl
RspuMlo llaal too 25 SIS 16
Kapupllo Steal pfd 700 1,1 '4 t3 LIU
R(Hk Island ("J l.too itv, ll 26
Rork laland Co. pfd 700 4v 4S 4t14
Ml. 1 A . f. 14 pfd . t0 41U i 41
Bt. Louis R W jti4
at. L. s. w. pid it
Sloa-Sefflald 8. 1 45
Mouthers Paclflo 1. 400 m jm, mv
Souther Railway toe (444 t tP4
Southers Hallway ptd 7114
Tsnnaasae (Mpper 10 l;4 I7 171,
Texas A Psolflo 2u
T, St. L. A W 4A4 U4 US 144
T., St. U A W. pfd ' 17
Union Paclflo H.TO 174 H 17344 I74H
I'nloa Paclflo ptd ..... ju
Unite Htataa Haalty ..... M
Unltad Htatoa Hulibsr.... TOO 4714 47U 47k
Inllad Stata Steal 111.404 flit 44 1
V. g. Rtaol ptd l.MJ in nn4 i,,,
I'Uh roppoe ,oo UH 12 u f,ju
Va -Ckroilna Cbeuileal : t44
Wabaah 1.4O0 TV4 44 714
Vt'atsisk pfd 4.000 17S 111 1"4
Weaisra Maryla4 $114
WMttnskouM Klectrl .. 1,10(1 14 ti4 7V
Waatora talon 4.000 10 V, 7W o
Wheallng A U 414
Irakis Vallsr M.oon 17144 17IS4 17tu
Total salsa for the du, 411.10 iharaa.
New York Msser Market.
NEW YORK. ' Dec. 16. MONEY On
call, steady at trfi1 Per cent: ruling
rate, 4 per cent; closing bid, 1'4 per cent;
offered at 84 Per cent; time loane, firm;
sixty and ninety days, 44 per cent; sis
niontns, wipt-a per ceni.
4W par cent.
actual business ln bankers' bills at taxa
fori sixty-day bills and at 84.3036 for di
nisnd: commercial bills, 84 83,
B1L.VKR Bar, 6,c;. Mexican dollars.
BONDS Oorernment, steady; railroad.
Closing quotations on bonds today were
as follows-
V. 8. rat. is. rg..-l Int. 1L if. 44a U
to coupon t Mapaa 4a ,4
V. g. la, r oi)4 Ms 4e ui,
da eoupea loistK.. O. So. 1st la ... Tju
V. g. 4. ras 11 '-H U ab. 4 nil.. ,
4o eaupon ......1UVU N. snl. 4a vsu
Alll-l"bal. ll la... i M. K. A T. lat 4 M
Amar. Af. 191 do so. i sV
A. T. A T. ct. 4..1 ealo. Paclflo 4a..... Jw
Am. ToneiMi 4a S. It R. of M. 4t,t 3,
do la ilJaN. V. t H,.... 7
Anuaur A ('. 4S. do dak 4a gjv
Alohlao 4. HN. Y. N. H. H.
do . 4a bat cv. 4a m
do e. U loveN. W. lat e. 4 kU
A. IV U lat a de . 4 p,
Bal. A Uto 4 4Na. Pkolfl 4 a4i
do IS, "' ! Z
do A W. I't ... "o. s. u rfilg. 4a ... 4S
Brook. Tr T. 4a.... lPs. . i,a lU.. I44
'. ttt (Va. la I"1 do to. 4, loj
cn. Iathar ta I Reading sa 4a isu
r ,rf N J s. t..Ul',S L- a M V I. i. iJ
4-kaa A Okie 4't. .WHi 4 . ta t,w
do ret ta 1. tt. U .'w, e. 4.. t,
Cklrasa a A. IS. do, let gold 4a.... IW
C B. or U 1. a ... g. A b. 4 )
o . 4a K4,eo. p. 0. 4.
'. M. A P. 4 WS4 So rr. 4a , Uu
t" H. I. A P. 4 T: do let rf. 4a
da rff 4 Ho. Hallwar ta KU
Oil Ud. a 73 So (on. 4 Jtu.
.,l. Mid 4a 4 tlnle Parlflo a....iiu
c. A t. r A 4V rl do o. 4a imiu
P. H. tf. 4 74 do it 4k rof. 4. . :
p. A It. O 4s !. g. Rubber 4a mu
do sat. ta StVtP.. g. stoat Id 4... 101 C
DibiIImW to Va .cr. o,.in t..KoI
gri p. I. Wabash 1st ta HHs4
So lot x. 4... It
d a. 4. A. MS Waatora 114. 4 7i
da aortos 14(4 Wast. riao. . .. :C
(laa . ee. t....UI wia Cootral 4a M
III. Co at rat. 4a (,Ms. Pu. tf. aa II
Int. Met. 4W .. lvf,namt j, j,,
Bisk rtearlaa.
OMAHA. Ve. 18. Bank clearings for
today were 82.4ST.0k3.21 and for the cor
responding day laat year 82.e7.XH.tla.
l.eagea Sleek Market.
1"ININ, I leu. lfv Amerkan eecuiitles
were tiuiet soul steady duru44 Uag ivire
noon. Prices ranged from above to t
below yesterdiiy's New York tloslng.
London stock uotatlonn:
Coiitola. fnonsf .... 77 ly.ulirllls A N'nh.lM
do a-roa 77lMo, Kan. Tex.. MS
Amal oppor HSNta York Ontral. 101,
Anaronda I Norfolk m Waatara.lll
Atahleon !"', da pfd kl
do pfd 1'7 Ontario A Westers. H'
Baltlmor A Ohio. .l'V4Pwonrlnnle tl
CanaOlan Pa-tfle ...47ilund Mlnaa
hssaprak A Ohio. 7i, It.adln 7S
'bl. Ursat Westora. mSouthern Rf Ml
Chi , Mil. St. P 114 dn ptd 74
1st BeaQi 11 Southern Parlflo ...11414
lienier A Mo O ... I'tUnlon Pacific ITI14
do pfd 4 do pfd MUj
Krla Mu. g. Stool 44
do lat pfd MS do pfd 114
do Id pfd 41 Wahaah I
(Irsnd Trunk 2 do pfd llvt
Illinois (wntrsl ....144
MI,VF.rl-Kar, steady si 25 8-1M per OS.
MoNF.Y ViA per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market
for short bills is 4 per cent: for three
months' bills, 2V(j'l 15-16 per cent- -
Transaettons of Aaaoelated - Itank
for the -Week.
NFW YORK. rev l.V Rrritreet's
lanleclearlngs report for the week end
ing Decmnber 14, shows ai aggregate of
l..ZW.M.. as against 1.1,71 i.SDO.ODO last
week and H.ora.aiOis In the corresponding
week last year. Following Is a list of tbs
Amount. Inc. Deo.
Ne York
( I1I1 ago
ItoMton ,
tt. 1OUlS
Kansas City
Pittsburgh ,
Kan Francisco
lialtlmore ,
New Orleans
6.21 .
1. .
2. B .
13.D .
5.S .
20,701,01 i
11. M0, 0001
l.o Angeles ,
. Paul
'ortland. Ore
VYaxhlnuinn. 1 1 C
, H.lSW.fKIO 1.7
H, 376,Ono 6.2
K.MO.tKltlj 1H.8
8,2W,UH0 6.
S,9!I1.(KK) 1.0
8,2iH 8.9
11.0o4,000 8.4
9.543.000 31.8
6,67H,000 8.7
B.lflO.OOO 17.2
4.549,0(10 2
7,S6,0o0 6 8
4.51,000 6.4
4.418,0)0 9.
4,241,000 J.
4,618,000 14.2
4,090,000 8.1
B.748.000 34.2
8,3WJ.O0O 4.8
2,419,000 2.8
4.0,.!8,000 6.8
2.796.000 14.7
3,47i,0oi 4.7
2.S79.O00 6.1
2,tfls),C00 1.8 18.
2,748,000 6.7
2.852.00O 1.1
8.8i,00l) 14.8
I. Ki3,000 JJ.7
2.1S&.000 4.5......
2.314.000 4.2
2,408,0(101 9.2
2.678,000 7.1
2.4S8.000 13.0
1,14,000 40. (
J,030.000 1.3
1.9M.000 4.1
2.M8.O00 7.8
2,22l,0uoj 21.5
2,325,000 15.8
1,8174300 8.0....;.
1.417.0J4) 14.7
1,353,0001 19.8
. 1,SS)8,I0 1.0
759,000 13.9
1,751,0110 13.6
l,57,Ouol 4.6,
1.103,000 - f.
' 6,OhJ,O0() 10.4
1,341,000 9.2
1,812.000 49.6
1.17L0OO 1
1,041,0001 10.3
1.166,0(10 9.6
1,069,000 fi. 7
633.000 6.6
1,3M,000 28.1
1,137,000 26.6 1
l,lis5,00t 6.3
876,000 25 6
453,000 2.6
1.071,000 23.3
965.000 9.8
619.000 9
786,000 9. 9
690,00 12.7
65 2,000 1.2
612.000 2.9
687,000 7.6
637,000 30.9
681,ono 6.8
672,000 12.9
3X8,000 S
872.000 26.6
433.000 12.3
27S.OOO in
1,068.000 6.8
1,119,000 12.7
20,640.000 Ji 0
40.745,000 123.6
954,000 37.6
Ht. Joseph
l-ort Worth
Halt J.ake City
Albany ,
1 acotna
Hnokane. ' Wash
lies Moines
Norfolk 1,
Oakland. Cal
Moll I Cltv
New llnvnn
(Irand Rapids
Hcranton .
.lilckunnvlllu lri
Oklahoma Clty.s...
cyracune t...
Augusta, Qa
Worcester ,
Htirlns-fleld Moss"
Hayton .'.
Portland, Me
Whenllnir V Va
IJttle Rack
Charleston, S. C...
K nnvt'HU r
Wllmlnaton. rial...
Kaiumaxoo, Mich..
Hacrnmnnrri fat
Tupeka i
ledar Rapids, la-.
Fall River
New Bedford
Spring-field. Ill
Fort Wa vnst
Canton. O
Sioux Falls. 8. n
Columbia, 8. C
Fargo, N. I
Krle, Pa
Rockfnrd. Til
liloomlngton. 111....
Chester, Pa
Springfield, O
South Hmil. Ind
Jackaon. Miss
KlnT hamton
Inscatur, lit
Manafie d. O
Fremont. Neb
Vlcksburg. Miss....
Jacksonville, III...,
York. Pa
Waterloo, la
Stockton, Cal
Not Includp-d In t s 1 Iimuiim .u. . .. . n
Ing other Items than clearings.
Beaton Stocks auad Bond.
BOSTON. Dee. 15. Cloatnar mint all,.
on aiucaa were aa lOllowa
.. II Mohawk ....A.
.. a4Nrada Con. .
.. SbkNlnlaaln lHim
.. It
. It
. 44
. 47
. 11.
. 4
. 1
, ta
Amal. Okppor ,
B. A C C. A 8.
Butt Cbelltloa .
at. 7 North Butt ...
11 North Lake ...
4'aL A Art 10 oa..
.., 49 Old Doaxisloa .
Oal. A Hocla....,',4l0 Oaooola
ConUnalal ........4. II parrotl g. A C.
Cop. Hun) a C. MQulncy
Ust Hull 0. at . ... ItSKhaanoa
Ulroux Co
(Iranbr Coo.
Oroone Onaaa
lal Royal Coppsr.,
Karr lak
Lake tippor
La gall Coppar
kilamt Ooppar
44,8uprlor A B. If,
II Tamarack
tb. S S R. a at
11 do pfd
Mit'tah Coa
Il(,t'tak Coppor ce...
lWlnana u
tlWolTrla 11
New Vork Mlalag gteeka.
NEW VORK. Dec. 15. Cloalnr ennfa.
tlona on mining stocks wsre:
Alios t"e idttl Cblaf 1
t'osv, Tunnsl ock. tl Wailca ,...414
do hoods II Ontario ,h
Con. Cal. A Vs.... tT Ophlr ia
Iron Stlr 110 standard its)
boadTlll Con. - .... 4 Yellow Jseket 44
(effee Market.
NKW YORK, Deo. 16. COFFEE-Futures
opened steady at a decline of Still
points ln response to lower liXiropean ca
ble, scattering liquidation and foreign
selling ordrra. Offerings were not -very
heavy at first and the market held well
up to the Initial figure until late In the
day, when the foreign selling seemed to
become heavier and there were rumors
that a large amount of valorisation oof
fee would be placed on the market next
year. The valorisation oumiulttee meets
early In January, but there Is unlikely
to be any official answer until after that
meeting and the rumors of this meeting,
while they seemed to contribute to the
rasiur tone of the market, were but ac
companied by details. The close was
steady at a net decline of 13417 points.
Sales were M.OJO bags. December, 1147c;
January, H.4U-; February, 11. We: March,
13.IOo: April, 1304c; May, June, Julv and
August, lo.Slc; September, 13.00c; October
and November. 13.Mr. Havre was 401 f.
lower. Hamburg was tS pfg. lower.
lUo was 126 re is higher, at 88375. Santos
4a unchanged, at MJ-; 7a, 60 re-a lower,
at 71iVii Receipt at the two Hraaillan
ports were 24,0u0 bags, against 28,000 bag
last year. Jundlahy receipts were l.uu
bags, against 11.0O bags laat year. Fine
weather was reported In all districts of
Sao Paulo. Today's special fientoa cables
quoted 4e unchanged, txao Paulo receipts
were 2&,0u0 bag, agalnat 21.0u0 base the
previous dsy. Spot oof fee, unsettled; Rio
No. 7. 14V; Santos No. 4. 14!c; mild,
quiet; Cordova, ltVif'8o.
I.lveraool Grata Market,
TJrERPOOU Dec 16.-WH EAT-Spot.
f ii 111 ; No. 2 Manitoba, 7a lid; No. 2 klanl
totva, 7s 7Vkd; futures firm; Wambtr, 7s
6H1; March, 7s 4 d; May. 7s Id.
CORN Hpot firm; American mixed, (s
7d- futures dull; January, 6s td; ITebruary,
as 7S1.
HOPS-Ia Urnioa (Paclflo coast), 11 lb.
lis; 12 lbs., hs.
Cuttle Extremely Slow and Dull
Eren for Friday.
heea aal "Loasba of Good Qaallty
la assail Saoply, Whllo tke De.
saaad t'oaflaaea Fair ssl
Trices Steaely.
SOUTH OMAHA, Dec 15, 1911.
Receipt were: Cattle. Hogs. Snaep.
Official Monday S.176 6.760 11.146
urriclal Tuesday 916S
Official Wednesday.... 4.950
Olficlal Thursday 4,44
Kstlmate Friday 600
Five days this week27.23 49.441 87.7S7
Same days last week. 20,07 49.4C0 32.999
fame days 2 Weeks ano.l.'i.l47 77.826 2t..U
Same day 3 week sgo.23,22i 3f..iH.3 4K.770
name days 4 weeks ago.27,748 34. W 00.763
bsme days last year.. 23,321 80,ol2 28,743
The following table ehows the receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at 8011th Omaha
for the year to date, as compared with
last yes;: mil. into. Iu9. 1-.
Cattle 1.142,098 1, 183,2114 40,64
Hogs 2.71,331 1.822 448,433
bheep 2,930,806 2,974,437 43,&32
'lhe following taoie bnows the a vera j
prices paid lor hogs at eiouth Omaha tor
the last few days, with comparisons:
Date. I mil. ;WW.iUmi.ijo.,iio..i30o.iltfu
Deo. 6
6 US 7
6 W I 7
6 94 I 7
241 I 6 est 4
4oj 9 U I 4
h7 8 lii
4 84
4 83
4 r.
4 87
4 84
Dec, u..
7i Hi
' I 6 10
241 6 211
Dec. 7..
Dec. 8..
Deo. 9..
Dec. 10.
ore. Ii.
Dec. 12.
Dec 13,
Dec. 14.
Dec. 16.
411 ini 411 4
Ui 8 U 6 42
4sj 9 tt 6 48
6t 8 83 6 &3
6 .';i
6 .4
6 ruSl
4)! 14; 7
7i oil 4 84
4 06 4 8S
Sol 8 Ml 4 80
' 6 II 4 HI
68 6 Wl
41, 8 2 I
88 8 23 6 28
66 8 0 b 37 1
Receipts and disposition of live slock
at the Union 8 lock Yards, South Omaha,
for the twenly-tour hours ending at t
o'clock Friday;
Cattle. Hogs, bheep.ll
O. M. Bt. P. Ry.. .. S
Missouri pacific ... t 4 ..
Union Psclfic R. R. 4 43 8.
C. tk N. W., east... 14 1'
C. A N. W., west... U 3 ' ..
C, ft. P., M, A O... 1 fl 5
C, R. 0 Q., east.... 2
C. H. & Q., west.... 3 30 8
C, R. I. ft P., east.. 2 8
C, R. I. ft P., west. .. 5
Chicago O. W 3
Total receipts ... 25
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co...
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour ft Co
Hchwartx ft Co
J. 'VA Murphy
W. R. Vansant Co
Hill ft Bon
V. B. Uewls
J. B. Root ft Co
I j F. Husx
McCreary & Kellogg ....
Mo. ft Kansas Calf Co..
Cline ft Christie
Other buyers
2.775 ,
Totals r 906 11,432 1.S44
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were very
liberal for Friday twenty-four cars be
ing reported In, Which was Just about
that many more than were wanted. The
receipts for the week have been very
heavy, footing up 27,:tj3 bead, a gain of
about 4,000 head over the same days last
year. In addition to this Chicago and all
eastern points have been glutted with
rattle and with meats so that the local
buying demand has been greatly reduced.
Packers have all been heavy buyers of
beef steers this week with the Result
that this mor.-.lng they had orders for
very few additional cattle. As a result
the market on beef steers waa practically
dead, or the next thing to that. It was
not so much a matter of price as It wag
to get a buyer out Into the yards to look
at the cattle. This means that the trade
was extremely slow and weak. It will be
remembered that the market on Friday
of last week eased off from the. high
point on Thursday, Taking Into account
the weakness of today, It Is safe to say
that the market la closing 400500 lower
than at the close of last week.
Cows and heifers were equally alow
sellers with beef steers and they too are
safely etng&Oo lower than last week a fin
ish. There were no stock er or feeders of
any consequence In the yards, the supply
being unmeet 10 a tew scattering bunches.
For the week the best feeders are not
very much lower, but the common and
medium kinds are sharply lower.
Quotations on native cattle: Oood ta
choice beef steers, 9?.OOJft.l0; fair to good
Deex steers, fo.aigi.ur; common to fair
beef steers, 86.OOtfC.26t god to choice
heifers. 24.80G5.76: good to choloe cowa
$4 6006.60' fair to good cows. 83.760)4.30:
common to fair cows, 12.7fxglfc: veal
calves, 28.2&j7.6v, .v
(Quotations on range cattle: Oood ta
choice beef steers, !o.75e.eO; fair to good
beef steers, 8ft O0'j'6.7&; common to fair
beef steers. 84.404)6.00'. good to choloe cow
and heifers. H6oiri.26; (air to good cows
and bsiters, l".Wj4.o: common to fair
cows and heifers. 82.753.s0; good to
cnoice Blockers ana- feeders, lo.vdrijXi.OO;
fair to good stockers and feeders. Ul&at
a. 26: common to fair stockers and feed
ers, fB.soiipt.ro; biock neiiers, X3.snD4.60:
bulls. Stags, etc.. 33.000600.
24s. At. rr. No. Ay. r.
4 - 404 8 14 4 1074 6 48
1 NO 8 10 ...... ,ul 6 44
I.... Ill 1 10 lutl ia -
II 4-1 8 4 It 1)74 4 lo
8.. MS 8M 14.... 1401 8 14
l..- 1444 1 00 T. 10TI 1 is
I.. 04 l.,M 1044 8 11
1 10M I 1 6 IM 1 to
1 Ml 1 10 6 mo I 40
DO IH 8 1170 oa
1... Ml I 4 ltll do
!.. 171 I 10 T. 171 4 14
1 1'4 I 44 lilt It
T MM I 44 14.... 1004 4 IS
8 10M I 40 u4 4 40
14 ....'-a4 I 74 . 2 144 4 44
4e I 14 1041 4 at
t IW 71 I US 4 II
II HI I 71
X nt-ir Kria.
I 431 8 It tt 40 4 It .
tt 4m I at ' M 4 44
I 14 K 41 Ts 4 ai
1 700 I 40 7. Sl I U
104 4 (4 I... 121 I e
N 471 4 24
11.211 lO.EiS
10,161 7.071
lu,3J( 6.712
10.N00 3,000
1 4ho I n t i4e 4 11
1 1IM 140 1 140 H
1 W I 1 14?e 4 4
1 44 4 04 138 71
4 1M 4 44 . l.. IS IS
1 144 I 1 1... :it I
1 14 4 IH 1 HI T 04
4 4 4 44 t . 140 1 40 .
4 114 4 71 1 170 T 14
1 40 4 44 1 IS) t rt
J..... 0 4 00 I Ill 1 t
1. ........... 4S4 4 M 11 a-,4 4 Tl
I lol 4 04 4 Set 4 M
14..., 444 4 II 14 4M 4 0
15.... . 74 4 It 7oi It
I M M ID I Hi I to
4..r... IU 4 4 11 1041 I 70
I ! 4 44
HOGS Sellers had hog trade well under
control, despite a heavy supply, and it
required only a little selling effort to
place bulk of offerings at stesdy prices.
In the market for heavy Bluff soms
strong spots were shown, sales of 27S and
23i-tb. averages frequently claiming fig.
urea strong to poeelbly a nickel higher,
haoon varieties sold ln the usual uneven
fashion, ranging from 86.96 down to 84 and)
6.80 for the Inferior and high mixed
The demand from all local quarters had
a fairly active tone during most of the
session, and at 10:30 o'clock practically all
of the run bad changed hands. Entire
receipts amounted to something like 10,600
head, an estimate that Included almost
everything, running from choice heavy to
little pig stuff.
Kbtppera and speculators bought spar
ingly, furnishing an outlet for leas than
10 per cent of the total. Oood butcher
hogs were favored on outside orders, ths
same as recently, and averages under 2l0
pounds were left eeverely alone by buyers
not associated with local packers.
Oood to choice lard animals landed at
e UX04.15 In moat Instances, the latter
price being too. Butcher classes sold
around ttuu. and lights moving within the
low spread, gave the market a range of
more than 60c. There ware only a few
av altered bunches of pigs on sale.
Representative sales:
n. a, a, rr. n. it. at. re.
14 US M 1 44 71 lit WIS
I cr
4 70
4 711
I 71
4 71
I li
74 ...
II ...
It ... .
Ki ... I 44
. I M I 0
.III 40 4 00
.)! 44 4 Of)
.141 144 4 00
.314 ... 4 00
.244 144 4 CI
.1.(1 ... 4 01
I I .-.
I Ifi
24 1:0 ID I OS
41 Ml 104 4 b
r ... (
Tl 241 244 4 04
4t II ... (IS
71 231 140 I 04
40 tl ... 4 44
4 ill ... 4 04
71 171 44 4 04
10 217 ... 4 04
ji.....:?4 ... toi
it tit ... 401
l IT! ... 4 44
47 .7 44 '4 41
C4 5 SO I 04
44 IM 124 4 0
71 in ... 4 01
71 Ill 40 4 4
74 244 ... 4 01
7 211 ... 4 04
W 40 I M
.1M ... IK
.im wire
l'a ... I H
m ... i
.!"4 K) Ii
104. .....Ill 10 I It
12 tit 300 i M
41 X4 ... I M
77 Ml ... I IK)
10 11 ... I 40
II I'l ... 140
77 -II ... I P0
14 101 ... 1 0
IH It") ... I 40
1: in 140 4 10
71 191 ... I 40
13 Id ... I 40
10 117 ... 14
u mo lo. 1 n
14 lot ... I l?i,
7 H4 ... 1 li
la I I ... I 4S
1 17 ... I M
17 147 ... 4 44
II Ill 44 4 44
41 2 ... I H
74 211 .... IN
II 1M ... 1 II
77 Ill 44 4 Oi
41 214
It) 101
i;i ... 4 41
...142 ... 4 43
...271 124 4 10
...24 100 4 10
...344 ... 4 10
.. .2M ... 4 10
...114 ... 4 10
...301 ... 4 16
It 19 200 4 14
1 202 4.. I It
71 274 40 4 14
41 3(lt DO 4 14
74 2B4 720 4 It
17 lit ... 4 10
41 274 I0 4 14
14 Ir 44 4 14
44 271 40 14
II Ill N 4 14 .
44 fi ... 4 10
13 174 ... 4 14
41 441 12 4 14
40 407 144 I 14
41 IM 14 4 10
41 Ill t0 4 II
14 26 It I II
II 141 140 4 II
14 151 ... 4 II
1 tftl u I II
77 514.... IH
47. 230 120 I 41
71 !" ... I 41
71 237 40 4 00
34 231 ... 4 04
74 211 ... Ill
74 241 U'4 4 00
71 221 ... 4 00
IS Hi 40 I 00
'it 4 ... 4 00
14 211 . 44 4 04
14 224 M I 00
0 120 ... 4 04
Tt 214 ... 4 00
14 HI 44 4 00
41 til ... 4 0
77 221 ... 4 00
tHEfc,P A fair sized run of sheep and
lambs arrived, but from A pseker's view
point the eetlmate was deceptive, as lai
strings were conspicuously scarce. For
the first time In two or three weeks of
ferings consisted largely of feeders,
mostly common ewes at thst. The pres
ence of ao much range stock In receipts
was explained by the fact that various
western sheepmen are here attending the
National Sheen show this week, a cir
cumstance thnt encourages the billing of
belated shipments from sections where
reed prospects for the winter are rather
Arrivals of cornfeds made ud lees than
20 per cent of the 3,SH0-lieKd estimate and
sold readily, bringing price Just about
steady. The best lambs available reached
tfi.fco, identical with yesterday's top, and
some good ewes landed at 83.45. There
were no very good wethers or yearlings
of consequence on sale and values re
mained nominal.
Country call for feeders seemed rather
perverse. Ruyers wanted lambs, but
avoided sheep on a trade In which feeder
lambs were the exception. Movement
proved slow and there was very little
business transacted until well along to
ward midday. Steady prices prevailed,
however, and nothing happened ln any
branch of the market to materially change
the general situstlon. Only 6,200 head of
slock have been purchased on county ac
count during the four days this week, ac
cording to (ackers' tab.
compared with a week ago. most classes
of fat stock are closing steady, the main
feature of the trade being a more severe
discrimination between good to choice and
common to medium offerings.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Oood
to choice lambs. 8T.6dil5.8o: fair to rood
lambs, 2S.tHC5.60; feeder lambs, 23.7504.75;
fair to choice yearlings, 84.254j:4.90; feeder
yearling. !3.c.JjH.10; good to choice weth
ers, 23.7btc4.ou; rair to good wethers. 83.50
ti3.76; feeder wethers, 13.00i2l.86; good to
choice ewes, 83.863.80; fair to good ewes,
13. 10ii3.3S; feeder ewes, $2.4008.00.
Representative sales; v
No. Av. Pr.
490 fed lambs 9 5 SO
16 fed lambs, culls 68 4 50
2X5 fed lambs A 4 85
IH fed lambs , 78 6 85
218 Idaho lambs 85 6 S5
16 fed ewes -....14 8 60
1U9 fed ewes 95 8 10
227 fed ewes IM 8 45
15 fed ewea, culls B8 2 60
78 western ewea, feeders (2 2 10
Desiaaa for Cattle ud Hoge Bluia
8kf Dell.
receipts, estimated at 2,609 head; market
slow, steady; beeves, 31. 564(8. PO; Texas
steers, 84.lDf55.7o; western steers. 84.604)
4.60; stockers and feeders, 13.2E.(g.S0; cows
and heifers. 84.90&.75; calves, 86.&Og:8.0O.
HCKJ8 Receipts, estimated at 27.009
head; market slow, stesdy to shads up;
light, 1S.6ut66.1B; mixed. 8-.854t4.90: heavy.
26.86ig6.35; rough. 85. 9606.10; good to choice
heavy, 86-10t6.35; pigs, 84.2&9 5 70; bulk of
sales. 6.00&.2&.
SHEEP AND LAMB Receipts, esti
mated at 11 .400 head; market dull, weak;
native, SlKkirt.lO; western. 82.754.10; yaar
Ungs, 84.266. 50; lambs, native, H2"-8.10;
wsstsrn, 14.2itt.10.
St. Loots Live Stoelc Market.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. It BATTLE Receipts,
1.300 head. Including 600 Texan. Market
eteady. Native ahlpplng and export steers,
!S.00fj&35; dressed beef and butcher steers,
83.2o8.00; steers under 1.000 lbs., $4.00j
8.25; stockers and feeders, !3.00i3(S00; cows
and heifers, 83.0UO7.00; canners, 31-00fc.00;
bulls, 83.7&&S.25; calves, 84 2f.ir8.25. Texas
and Indian steers, 84.00W7.OO; cows and
heifers, H.HKil.d).
HOQ8 Receipts, 10,000 head. Market
steady to 10c higher. Pigs and lights, 84.60
t!6.20; mixed and butchers, 2&-8Oj.40; good
heavy. 88.20t3 40.
8HEJJP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,000
head. . Market steady. Native muttons,
83.004jiS.90; lambs, 84.26S.00; culls .and
bucks, 8153.00; stockers. 11.6043a. 76.
. Kssmi Cltr Lie Stock Market.
ceipt, 700 hsad. Including 100 southerns.
Market steady. Dressed beef and export
steers. &60i.7e; fair to good, 25.0OQ4.60:
western steers, 84.6tKgifi.60; stockers and
feeders. 13.7Mi6.90; southern steers. 84.604
60; southern cows, 84.00ij4.60; native cows.
12.6o4i6.a6; native heifer. I4.owa'.oo; bulls,
3.4Ut(.00; calves, 64.2w0S.OO.
HOOS Receipts, 11.000 head. Market
eteady; bulk of sales, 85.75u.37. Heavy,
H1Mj-0; packers and butohers, 8.06
4.27V lights. 8500J.16; nigs. 94.00016.2.
. SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 2,000
head. Market steady to walk, Muttons,
84.60rd.00; yearling, 14.0OfaW.O0; wethers,
83.4otiii.00; ru. fO.OOi3l.6O; stockers and
feeders, 112&&4 C.
St. Josesik LI ro Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Dec. U.-OATtTLB-Recelpts,
2u0 head; market, steady: steers,
li.7Uja.ii); cows an J heifers. .'.7$6-86;
calve. 84 00(07 60.
HOGS Receipts, 8,040 head: market,
steady to strong; top, t6.'JB; bulk of sales,
t5.K"UlV J
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 400
head; market, steady; Lambs, 2.0OtfS.75.
J Stoek la Sigkt.
PM.lnta nf llva. sru.r m ahsi flva nn
clpal western markets yesterday:
vattie, xius". Dneep.
South Omaha.. w-... 0i0. 10.too ,(i0
St. Joseph VTTT 2J0 8,000 4.0
Kansas City 700 11,000 9,000
1. IIUIS.., i.-r IW.WW l.tsai
Chicago ..X 2.5m 27.4jO ll.OuO
.6.300 .900 19.0U0
44 15
41 If. I
41 Ill
SI 147
M 171
J 177
4 H
It 144
10 Ill
41 in
Ktb para teg Applea sai Dried Frail
APPLES Inactive, but steady In absence
of pressure; spot, fancy, IkoVSc; prima,
IiRIliD FRC ITS Prunes, firm With a
food Interior demand. Quotations ranga
rom i'-jijllo for Caltfornias up to 4O-50s
and from lG't4i12o for Oreguns. Apricots,
dull, but steady; choloe, l.WtfVkc; extra
choice, l&41t1c; fancy, 17ilic. Peaches,
steady' but Inactive; choloe, llV,tiimc;
extra choice. llrl!c; fancy, 12wil2c.
Raislna. steady, lut In poor demand;
loose Muscatels, 6ta7e: choice to fancy
needed, 74'f'K1c; seedless, ist'ic; Loudun
layers, fl.40itrl.4u.
Kaaaas City Grata aad PreTklo.
Cash, unchanged; No. 2 hard, 7i4)1l.03;
No. 2, oclf.u3; No. I red. 94c; No. 1
nnio; Derwmber, 94c; May, ttvo.
CORN ilh-l'ig her; No. 2 mixed, (3
4)44c: No. 8, ilWc; No. 2 white, 46c; No.
3, CJVic: December. 4Sc: May, 4Hni4-(o.
OATS Unchanged; No. 2 white, 49$
4V: No. 3 mixed, 48&4Sc.
HAY Steady: choice timothy, $19&0
2000; choice prairie. 213-iol3.W.
MUTTER Creamery, 3ic; firsts, 84c;
seconds. 31c: packing stock, 200.
axiOA Extras, 3oic; firsts, )'jc; sec
ond, 170.
Receipts. Shipment -i.
Wheat, btt 310u SI. 0)
Corn, bu .il.Ots) 65. (so
Oata. bu 12.000 t.tM
Betterment of Trade Conditions Be
come Visible to All.
Rack Week Serves to Kmpbaslze
FreBonsie4Mf Betterment la Iron
ava A Steel .Several Plasits
' 1 to nesnnie Operations.
NEW TORK. Dec. 15.-R. O. Dun
company's Weekly' Review of Trade to
morrow will say: . , ,
The betterment ln Industrial and trails
conditions, signs of which have 1 ' I
visible to close observers for two monXi,
has now become plain to all, and la re
flected by the expansion In bank clear
ings and railroad earning, the big tip
lift In the Iron and steel trade, the ad
vance ln copper, the Increased activity
In dry goods, the brisker demand fur
money, and In the confidence lnsirfied
by the record breaking cotton crop of
upwards of 15,000,000 bales. Business men
are disposed to move ahead and the sit
uation as the year draws to a close is
so much more encouraging aa to be tliu
year's most conspicuous development.
The holiday trade in notably active in
all the large cities. This retail activity,
coupled with the unusually warm weather
and the end of the year accounting, op
erates to make wholesale operations
slower, but there has . been no check lo
expansion In business. The outlook for
the new year is exceedingly promising.
In the dry goods trade the raot notice
able development is the betterment In
woolens and worsteds. Silks are also
stronger. Leather Is dull, but prices are
firm. Hides are weak.
Each week serves to emphasize the
pronounced betterment ln Iron and steel.
Operations of mills and furnaces are on
an enlarged scale and several plants, now
Inactive will start again before th close
of this month. The November statement
of the United States steel corporation was
particularly favorable. Prices ata
strengthening slightly. Wire goods huvra
advanced 21 per ton, wire nails being
now quoted at 21.66 for carload loin.
Sheets are firmer. Bessemer and open
hearth billets are stronger. Pig Iron is
mure active and some good slued sales
are reported. Spot furnace coke is in
better demand and has advanced &c a
ton. Following the heavy decrease In
copper stocks last month quotations have
advanced within a fraction of 14a. '
Active Holiday Trade and Better
Conditions la Iron Industry.
NEW TORK. Dec. 15,-Bradstreet g to
morrow will say:
Two features stand out prominently ln
the week's trade news the admittedly
active holiday trade at most leading;
points and the undeniably better under
tone in Iron and steel, price advances
being significant In connection with fin
ished steel. Trade ln other lines has re
ceded a little.
A general survey Indicates that the
weather has been too mild for a free dis
tribution of seasonable goods at retail,
while lobbing trade has been confined
mainly to filling-lii orders for fancy arti
cles suitable to holiday requirements and
wholesale business reflects the Influences
of the Inventory season.
Clearance sales of staple goods at re
tall are being pressed at an earner data
than usual
Business failures ln the United States
for the week- ending December 14 were
809. against 267 last week, 2K0 In the like
week of 1910, 273 ln 1909, 311 In .1906 and 300
in 1907.
Business failures In Canada for the
week numbered 29, which contrasts with
36 last week and S3 ln the corresponding;
week of last year.
Wheat, including flour, exports from
the United States and Canada for the
week ending December 14 aggregate 8,157.
732 bushels, against S.391.&K2 bushels last
week and 2,893,697 bushels this week last
year. For the twenty-four weeks ending
December 14 exports are 77,283,766 bushels,
against 66.120,187 bushels In the cor
responding period last year.
Corn exports for the week are 390,657
bushels, against 76.006 bushels last week
and 482.936 busjie In 1910. For the
twenty-four weeks ending December 14
corn exports are 11.604,070 bushels, against
8Jbo6,I buahela laat year.
Metal MarVet.
Standard copper, market steady:, snot.
3U.464j01.6S; futures. 2i3.60rl2.76. London
market easy; spot market, S1 lis 3d:
futures. 162 8s 9d. Lake copper. 13T41V
14'; electrolytic. 13V&14o and casting.
13HU"c Ti,i, steady; spot, 843.75(g44.25;
futures, e4l-6oa44.Zb. London, firm: spot.
190 lfls; futures, 191 15s. Tad. quiet;
14.4084.00 New York; 14.304.S74 East St.
Lifluls; London, fib 10s. Spelter, quiet:
86.26i3s3.15 New York; M.00.20 East St.
ixiuia. ixmaon. us us so. Annmony, dull.
Iron. Cleveland warrants. 49s 9d ln Lon
don. Locally steady; No. 1 foundry
northern. 8i4.7a0ii6.oo: no. z. Sl4.60ion4.75i
No. X southern soft, llt.2F14.75.
BT. LOUIS. Deo. 16. METALS Lead
quiet at 24.2isjM.37ft: spelter, firm at 86.20.
Cotton Market.
dosed quiet; middling uplands, 9.46c;
middling gulf, 9.70cN Sales. 2.900 bales.
Futures closed steady; December, 9.17el
January, 8.79c; February, 8.83c; March,
8.92o; April, 8.95e; May, 9.05c; June, fcODo;
July. 9. lie; August. 9.18c; September. 9.IK01
October, 9.34c; November, 9. Mo. .
Dry Gaaods Market.
NEW TORK. Deo. 15. DRY t100ES-i
Cotton goods were steadier daring tha
oar ana tns inquiry (or lines of staple
domestic were better. Trading is still
generally quiet with Jobbers. The local
wool market was more animated durina
the week. The silk trade reports a slow
Inrtesarta susd Birla,
NEW TORK. Deo. 16. Imports of mer
ohandlsa and dry goods at tho port of
New York for the week ending December
9, were valued at 821.740,317. Imports of
specie tor this port for the week ending:
today, were 8132.869 silver and 881.686 gold.
Exports of specie for the week were,
$3zCsl silver and 87S.200 gold.
Oeaaka Har Market.
OMAHA. Dec I6.-HAY-N0. 1. lU.OOr
No. 8, 810.09; coarse. 89.00; packing stock,
17.00; allfa, 314.00. Straw: Wheat, 14.00,-
rye ana osus,
Snirar Market.
quiet; muscovado, 89 test, 4 17o; centrif
ugal, te test, 4.iic; moiasses, tsst, 4.1-c,
Refined quiet. '
Wool Market.
BT. LOUIS, Deo. 16. WOOL Steady J
territory and western medluma, 17'tfitic;
tin indiums, letfllso; tins. 1 110 lie.
RAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Dee. 16. -Call-
fomla's Stat Board of Pharmacy Is
bringing to a successful conclusion one
of tha most tar-reaohlng anti-vice cru
sades aver attempted la tha state the
stamping out of tha sale of opium, mor
phine and cocaine. With pleas of guilty
entered In polios court today by three
physicians, one druggist and two drug
clerks, a total af 160 persons have been
convicted In Saa Francisco alone to date.
A large percentage of these are physi
cians many of them prominent in their
profession. Bevarai leading iwniaatun
of tha city have beea caught ln the snore
laid by tha stats board. Tha tight on
tha drug traXrio was begun with a raid
on Chinatown November 1, Seventy
Chinese pleaded guilty and wera subjected
to fines. Since then alxty-flve whites
physicians, druggists and drug peddlers-"
have been arrested aad all have been con
Statistics prepared In the state show
that about 64) per cent of -the habitual
criminals and 40 per cent of the insane a:
addicted to drugs.
Tha key ta suocsss la business Is ti
Judicious and persistant uaa at newspaper

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