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The Omaha daily Bel
lCK bl lUnNli. FaR.NAM ASU 17TH.
Entered at iMoana puaiotfio a second
elaa irnner
Another Breakdown.
When the democrats assumed con
trol of the lover house of congress,
largely on the Issue of Canaonism,
their first undertaking was to re
form the rules with particular refer
ence to committee assignments, and
the appointing power of the speaker
gave war to selection by committee.
subject to caucus approval. This
Faaday Be, on year pJ
t-aturesv Bw, one year
Jjaily Betwlihoul Sunday), on r KO)
Ijeliy Br and Sunday, one er .
TT-ening Bh with uniay f. p-r mo. ..5c
t li ..-.i.ii... ' r 111.1 'k
Daily be (wiuiout Sunday'i. ir mo 4. change, we mere assured, was going
,'1, i' restore self-government to the
Kern,, by dK.Postai order. ou membership, and end .11 In-
payable to The Bee Puoiisr.ine company. ; terftrenrc or dictation by the In-
SniifticoutTr FSSSS M i" i terosts." The committee.
cept on Omaha and eastern exc.aan..-. . ,
X W.
Omaha Tr ' lie liuiic.nj.
South Omafa- N. t
Council Blurfs S Scott St.
Liocoln-K l.lttle Suiklins..
Cbirajio ' Mnriutt BuMing-
N York-S4 VveM Thlrty-ih.ro.
Commnr.lcailnns relai ns to """"
editorial matter should be addressed
nana Or. r-dliorlai lVunm.l
FtaJe of Nebraska. County of roui:!as ss:
liwtght Wlmsn.s. clriuluilon manaaer
of the Tin l'ubli'i!i. company. l--lne:
lory sworn, aara that Ihe aver ae.ly
circulation, lea spoiled, unuarcl and rr
uroH cop:, tor lb month of IMcem
ter. Ml. wa. wLI,TAMc
Circulation Manaser.
Subscribed tn env prtimw and sworn to
before ma thla tth dv of Jsmmrv "11.
(Seal) ROBETtT Hl'NTEl
Notary Public.
leaeias; tk 'r
skaeld bat Tk
Be salted asa. Adrs
will a ckaaarea aa " e-jeevted.
Tou hare to admit that Cuba
quick to subside, though.
Still, ileiico ha to do something
to get back into the limelight.
Bishop Fallows says . man should
live 10 Tears. Why not Kit
It seems to be Colonel rVatterson
who has been knocked Into a cocked
Colonel W'attereon t. saved from
to. odious appellation In history of
Our UlgU-up railway officials evi
dently have no right-of-way over the
death special.
After the winter we have endured
Mr. Groundhog ought to be more con
siderate of us.
Tho poKUekera had better stick
while they mar. tor the base ball
season draws near.
Burns gets mad at being called
"the great detective." Anything re
prehensible In that?
"This L a white man', country,"
exclaim, a patriot Tea and with
out a alngle hope, too.
Sine, the Steel trust did not me.ii
to become a monopoly, K must b.ve
just happened that way.
. Colonel Krygn 1 the Wflgtimss
ter for ths democratic race track
and he has his own standards.
Purely from . literary stnndpolnt.
Colonel Yclser fend Congressman
Norris seem to be tied for first
were supposed to represent
l and reflect accurately the rank and
1 file of the party elements In fart.
not only to be the best selections
that could be made, but also to be
entitled to the fullest confidence of
the public.
liut If the new rule, governing
bouse committees constitute an Im
provement, they evidently by no
means approach perfection, for here
is the chief champion of this reform
maklug vicious attack upon It. We
refer to none other than William J.
Bryan, whose telegraphic command
to his followers In Washington to
insist upon a speci.l committee to
conduct the so-called money trust In
vestigation is sn Indictment of the
committee on banking to which such
an investigation would naturally go.
He charges the "money power" with
trying to send this investigation to
the banking committee because of
its ability to handle that couurtttee,
the inference being that the commit
tee In question waa named and dicta
ted by the "money power" through
the caucus with Just aa much. If not
more, facility and certainty than it
would bavo had through the speaker.
Presumably, a special committee
would be chosen, If that course
should be decided on. In the very
same manner, and by the very same
men, who chose the regular commit
tee In banking, and If the money
trust was able to pack the one, It
might be expected to have a say
about the other aa well.
All this nisy be by the aide except
Insofar as It goes to show that no
set of bouse rules, and no patent
method of making up legislative
committee, can be Insured against
a breakdown. In otner words, the
stream will never rise .above its
and wsa "a studied sarcasm on the
Irish race." In this connection it
might be stated Incidentally that
Alderman Mclaerey introduced the
resolution. Other more eminent eon.
of Erin, however, who have read
and aeen the play, say up with the
curtain, let 'er go.
Booking Backward
llib Day In Omaha
EH. S.
Blocking- the Peace Treaties.
It strikes us that Senator lleyburn.
is "unnecessarily alarmed over the
danger of "railroading" the peace
treaties through the aenate. So long
aa the opponents of the treaties suc
ceed In their carefully laid plans of
obstruction, there will be no rail
reading. . The unfortunate fact is
these peace treaties relating to the
large and Important subject of the
comity, of nations are being sub
jected to cheap filibuster. Since the
senate has been in session for two
months and has done nothing with
the peace pacta, It will be difficult to
Impresa the people by talk of "rail
roading" them through. '
If those who are blocking action
were lit closer touch with the peo
ple, they would certainly realise that
they are not carrying out the popu-
i lar will. Undoubtedly the majority
of Americana dealre to have these
treaties enacted and are out of sym
pathy with the methods of the sen
ators who are staving off the final
vote in the upper house of congress.
The character of the opposition Is
proved In Its objection to fixing a
day for consideration of the meas
ures, for no such objection would be
raised If the merits of the case were
on that side,.
A Well-Advertised Flay.
The Ttecord-ilerald offer, to bet .
big red apple against a ginger snap
that none of the aldermen who voted
for the "order" calling on Mayor Har
rison to bar the "Play Boy of the
Western World" from Chicago the
aters ever saw or read tbe play. But
! what difference does that make ' The
'With Dr. Sun president of China Jv"l"" " valuable. Tbe
and Dr. Solar president of Paraguay, I bMt '' ,0 W"1"1" thler
it . inn. .. if .. wr. i,.i.,nn. : ITductlon I to prohibit It. present.-
The late Edwin Hawley.
The death of Edwin Hawley re
moves a commanding figure from the
railroad world. His power was al
ready felt In transportation affairs,
and it is safe to say that he had by
no means reached his senith. Mr.
Hawley was named by the late E.
H. Harriman as the coming genius
of American railroad men and it is
quite evident that his ambition to
achieve played a vital part in un
dermining his strength and precipi
tating his end. Widespread reor
ganisations and realignments cf di
rectorship will now set In as a con
sequence of this death.
Mr. Hawley and Mr. Harriman
bad much In common, aside from
their friendly business associations.
They worked along similar line, in
their genlu. of organisation, they
were temperamentally alike, they
both enjoyed somewhat meteoric
careers in the ra'lroad world, rising
within a comparatively brief period
to position, of commanding influ
ence. Mr. Hawley, though steadily
gaining In power, was hardly the
force In finances and transportation
that Mr. Harriman waa and might
never have been had be lived year,
longer, although Mr. Harriman him
self predicted that Hawley Would
reach the top! 1 ' '
The Harriman distinction will, no
doubt, stand out to Itself for many
years to come, and It la possible. If
tbe management of our railroad, un
dergoes tbe change which the ten
dency of the times Indicates for that
and other great industries, that no
man will ever again enjoy quite the
pre-eminent position held by Mr.
Harriman at his death, near aa Mr.
Hawley seems to have come to It.
The author of tbe law Inaugurat
ing police court jury trials for liquor
law violators Insists that it waa not
a "Joker." Letting It go at fh. It
certainly la bo improvement on the
law and practice that previously pro
vailed when the police judge was the
examining magistrate, and tbe Jury
trial came in the district court
where, safeguards are provided for
drawing, Impaneling and compul
sory service. '
la all this controversy sbout T.
Fortune Ryaa putting op the cush,
be baa aot been asked to tell what
be knows about it. "
A St Leula lad of 11 kills a plat
tnete with ' an. empty" revolver,
which he bought at a shopkeeper'.
Get the shopkeeper.
, "Secretary stlmson Proposes to
Abolish Army Posts," says a head
line. Secretary Stlmson proposes,
bat congress disposes.
Madero see ma to have some reelj
trouble again on bla hands. It Is'
going to take some time to make a
republic out of Mexico.
to find heaven on earth.
And now Anna Held Is going to
sue for a divorce. , Tbe publla will
In due time be surprised to lcuni
the name of Anna's husbaud.
t'on. The Record-Herald observes
that the council's order ws "fool
ish," since It gives the mayor so
power he did not already pojsess
and that the play cannot be pre
vented under the Illinois constitu
tion unless it Is subversive of order
Abou Beu Tillman got In and out and morals. The Tribune takes a
of the Harvey-Watterson-Wllson de-1 almllar view and sees la the foolish
bete Just in time to keep from beta; action of the council an attack on
rua over by the peace special. ! tko wcred right of free sneecb, sug-
j . gejtlns that "If we are going to
I kill freedom of speech, let us be
systematic about It."
, NoV Chicago may look for the
"Day Boy" alons.moft any time and
when It comes. It I robably will re
quire five theaters to accommodate
the trade tbe city council has
drummed tip, and the chan arc
Complaint Is made .that the peti
tion, filing Kebr.ska'a quadrilateral
candidate for president on all party
ballots are . defective. The primary
law, however, seta' a time limit for
protesting defective petitions, which
after five day. .re to be Incontesta
ble oo that core, t'nder this l.w
Jt 1. conceivable that' a petition eon'
talnlng nothing but fictitious name.
Wight easily pass muster- by default
" The thief 'tftti of : the city engf-
neer'. office admits having taken
money from - paving contractors.
but aets ap the statute of limltatlona
as a defense by Itialstlng that it bad
not occurred during the past three
years. There are other city officials
or employes, however, who have
taken money from contractors, and
have taken It within the last jear.
The Yeiser Idea of a presidential
preference primary Is . at least
unique If the returns .bow thst
La Follette, Roosevelt or Cummins
bavo the highest vote, delegates are
to bo bound by It, but if they .how
that Tatt la In the lead. If Is not to
count unless bo has a complete ma
jority over all. Heads, I win, and
tall., you lose.'
If Mr. Bryan waa unable to force
a Folk-Clark compromise In Mis
souri, how doe. be expect to clarify
the situation In Nebraska by per
suading either of these patriot, to
eliminate bimnelf In tbia state?
Thirty Yearn Ago.
Jf this weather continues look out for
Hiss ltna. Rosa entertained at a pleas
ant little commerce party.
Doors Li ride, (the man who waa run
down and kllltd by an automobile last
montb.l advertises he la a practical sau
nas manufacturer, ready to fill orders
of all kinds for all varieties of sausage,
and Inviting calls at his place of business,
SO South Tenth street.
All the smallpox signals have at last
beta removed from the Slaven house and
the city pronounced free from this disease.
According to Signal Officer Pollock, the
mean temperature, during the month of
January waa tTt decree The highest
reach of the thermometer waa 60 degrees
and the lowest even sero.
"Fun on the Bristol'- made a great hit
at Boyd's opera house. The most famlllar
uame la the cast la that of Jennie Yea-
Mrs. Florkee announces that the has re
turned from Indiana and again la pre
pared to art in tbe capacity of nurse
wherever her services may be desired.
8h is located at MM Chicago afreet.
"Jim" Whitney has gone Into training
to pitch for the Boston nine this aeason.
Internal revenue collections at the ofOe
In thla city for January were I107.KTI. an
Increase of about 13.000 over last year.
One dosen silver knives and forks will
b given away at Frits WMb'g sample
room. Everybody entitled to a chance.
' Instructions givaa on violin, slther and
guitar at .,WV C, Chambers, 1(4 Burt
street, ,
Usorge, A, Custer post is preparing for
s grand old fashioned camp fire to be held
as a public entertainment.
Elgin new fears of the platform style.
twelve feet ' To ut., hare been purchased
tor ins uanscom pars car line.
! Will H. Riley and Oustav be neck a have
been appointed notaries public by Uov
ernor Nance. '
Twenty Years Ago-.
Miss Mary Poopleloe. entertained beau
tifully, a pink luncheon being the magnet
which attracted a number of the younger
sea" Those wka entered the afternoon
were Mlsa Smlly Wake.lt'. Miss Wallace,
Mlsa Tost. Mlsa Hargla, Mlsa llambleton.
Mlsa Chandler, alius ' Stella Hamilton,
Mlsa Brown. Mlsa LemisL
Mr. and Mm. J. N. II. Patrick enter
tained at dinner In honor of Mrs. McCor
mack of Salt Lake City. These were the
guests: Mr. and Mrs Ben Uallagher, Oen
tral and Mrs. J. C. Cowln, General and
Mrs. Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. Nash, Mr. and
Mrs MrCathell. Miss Mci'ormtck. Miss
Wallace. Miss Nash. . Mr, Arthur C.
Smith, Mr. Charles Qtfutu Mr. Berlin. .
John- M. Tanner of Blair, known as
"fw," manager of the Bedal Institute.
waa in mnana, whore a had keen a
newspaper worker for some years.
Mrs. II. M. Clanahaa and daughter and
Misa Marie Holloway went to Man Ulego
for a vlsjt
While P. If. Green, bla wife and child
were soundly aalesp In their couags upon
th high embankment at Fifteenth and
Jonsa atteets. tbe bank suddenly decided
l move and the house came down with a
crash, throwing (be sleepers out upon the
street, but not dangerously injuring them.
Mr. Oreen admitted, however, that It was
somewhat of a surprise to be, suddenly
awakened that way,
Tea Year. Ago
Mayor Frank K. Moores presented his
annual message te the city council, show.
Ing the, financial balance on the right
side, CUy Engineer Andrew Resewaur
also made his annual report. .
Old Mr. Cold Weather returned to town
for another engagenicnt and ran tho mer
cury down below sero.
Mr. John M. Newell and Miss Glare M.
Cleveland, both of Omaha, were married
at the renldence of the official Ing min
uter, Uev. t:. N. Dswson.
Mrs, A. J. Thompson died at her resi
dence. 911 I.orut street.
Matters of domestic infelicity engaged
the Mention of Judge Ouy R. c. lUad
during his first, day on th district
bench, ' ' ,,
Mauradoulah, ths Terrible Turk, for
feited KS to Frank Oetch. whom he failed
to throw at the Trocadero. Th big Tur
did not discover until later that the young
amateur was a student of old Farmer
Burns In the wrestling game. Moura
ventured to predict that the youngster
might make a grappler some day.
The Board of Education decided upon
free test books for the high school pupils
after th close of the ensuing school
yesr. I
Th employes of the Nebraska ators
presented a handsome desk to O. N.
SwseUand. th manager, who retired to
take charge of the stor at Kansas City. I
ma successor, p. Schwartz, made the
presentation, I
If former Senator William V. (
Allen persists In f.voring Governor:
Harmon for tho democratic nomina
tion, that Is where be and Colonel
Bryan will bare come to a parting of
tbe ways.
Never mind, tbe food, which tho
county Jail . prisoners complain is
unfit to eat, will go down easier
when the walla are whitewashed.
Deewrallaw star Seeaery.
Houston fuel.
Mr. Bryan is coming t Texas. W feel
authorised to announce be will wear his
eu-tomary slouch hat, the cocked bat sty I
not being In vogue III the land of blos
soms al this tint.
Aa the headquarters of the Union
Pacific, Omaha la glad whenever
that road and . the Burlington do
something for Denver and other out
tying points. ' "
Mr. Tsft told the editors tbe brunt
of the burden rested on them. But
wbeo tbe victory is won the politi
cian will be on hand to claim the
credit as usual.
Wit Is (ietllaa tk M.aeyt
Walt Street Journal.
Heats all what a tian-lalous lot those
Wall street hankers are! Representatives
of three presidential aspirants are aald
te have been working the district for
some of Its tainted money. ..."
People Talked About
In Other Lands
Side Llsfcts a What is Traaa.
plrlaa- Asaaas the Sear aaa
Far Kattaaa tk fcarta.
time in French history, save during the! had the stagebox and we roudn't hear
, , , . . ' . . " T a word w www trying to say to One
ionmonn: penou. wnen me. another."-Baltimore American.
were greatly extenaeo. as me surplus
of births over deaths In this census period
was but U?,m, It la clear that Franc
makes considerable gains through immi
gration, which largely exceeds the slight
emigration of native Frenchmen.
Alfred M .. head of th British
Educational rommiaton. alio is now In
this country, says that "A merit an teach
ers are grossly underpaid, and unlw 1 ...i.. i.n r u.i nd bome-eet-
Tkreateaesl Row la Belfast.
Advance notices of what the Vlstermea
threaten to do to the borne ruiera at th
meeting scheduled at Belfast en the
eighth Inst., would Justify expectations
of a first clasa -'shindy' if the kickers
were as formidable in acts as In words.
John Redmond and Winston Churchill are
to address the meeting, giving reasons
why the united kingdom should Join the
progressive nations of the world in ad
vancing local self-government. Disturb
ances of the kind threatened usually are
reserved for the twelfth of July, but th
coming of Mr. Churchill, first lord of the
admiralty, to refute the epigram coined by
his father In Belfast during Gladstone's
day: Tlster will fight and Vlster will be
right." is an unpardonable offense against
standpatlsm which every loyal Orange
man la bound to resent. A sharp distinc
tion should be drawn between the organ
ised opposition uf Orange lodges, the
main factors In the strife, and Ulster aa
a 'unit. Dispatches in referring to the
"Ulster uprising." are misleading. Ulster
is far from being a unit against home
nil. Of the nine counties constituting the
province, three counties are overwhelm
ingly for home rule, two are nearly equal
ly divided In sentiment. The relative
strength of the opposing forces la indi
cated by th fact that fifteen of the
thirty-two members of Parliament from
the province are 'Irish nationalists. Even
In Belfast, the hotbed of Orangelsm, one
of Its four members of Parliament la a
home ruler. Nor is the home rule senti
ment confined to Catholics. A strong,
vigorous and growing minority of mem
bers of other denominations support the
principle of e-'f-rule. and, though leas
noisy than the opposition, are fully aa
determined to uphold twentieth century
progress against the assaults of eight
eenth oentury reactionaries.
OpimmIms; Leader.
Mr. Churchill la a liberal son of a tory
father. In going to Belfast to uphold free
speech In the discussion of vital public
questions h will represent the ministry
and his party. "It is an audacloua politi
cal adventure," write th London i-or-srsvondent
of the New York Tribune.
"HI cleverness may b Inferred from his j
preface to Mr. MacVeagh's penny pamph
let en home rule, In which he conlenda
that the Houee of Commons, blocked
with unsifted business, is not sufficiently
representative uf provincial arid local
life, and that the United Kingdom, Ilka
America and liermany, must have sep
arate and subordinate Parliaments lie
fore Its whole strength can be applltil to
government and progress. When he
rnealw at Belfast be will be the prime
minister's most trusted lieutenant, and
the fortunes of the government will hang
upon his dexterity in demonstrating that
the Irish Parliament will open the way
for th unity of th British empire." Th
chief of the l ister Orange opposition Is
Sir Kdaard Carson, "a martyr to dys
pepsia, the must sombre and saturnine
looking man In British politics." as he
Is described by an Amerliau writer. He
Is a tialway lrlahman. very tall and
Trinity college. Dublin, very tall and
lean, "th embodiment of the popular Idea
uf Sherlock Holmes, having a thin.
laah het fact, an extremely dura, sallow
complexion, Imperturbable calm, and the
ability of making the tone or tne voir
and th facial expression Intensify the
bitterness of the spokcu word.
(ieraaaa Elections.
The sweeping victory of the soclalltts
and their near allies, tit liberate and
radicals, in the recent polling In Oermany,
puts the emperor and the ministry In a
precarious position as regards tmi-erisl
legislation. Liiy on oiiv wn
a working agiement-i!ie policy or naval .
expansion. Various causes are advanced j
In explanation of the --overturn. Opposi
tion to mllltlalsin and the consequent
dlrtuiblng war alarm. Is claimed to I
the chief cause. To this must be
linked diM-ontent due to Increased taxa- j
tion. Incrcaned cost of living, . and tne j
opposition aroueed by the refusal of the
ministry to reform and broaden tne elec
tive franchise. In th new Reichstag the
social democrats . will bave no votes
against forty-Hire In th former body.
Combined with tli liberals and rs dies Is
art seven "progressives." the old "left
controls 30 of the Kfl seats. All the
conservative factions hitherto In control
have lost heavily, so that "the right."
comprising all other party factions, can
count on only lW votes. In torn rrspetcs
the sting of defeat waa driven Into the
imperial palace. A social uM was elected
in th Potsdam district, where the kais
er's summer palace and bis crack military
establishment are located. Koenlsberg,
where the kaiser msde his last "dlvtn
right" speech, was also swept by the so
cialists, and many other districts re
garded aa surely Imperial. One notable
apot escaped the socialistic . boom the
kaiser's district In Berlin, in which th
palace Is located, remained loyal to tbe
tlnaae Ownlaa la Vraare.
Kvery method of productive of thrift
bearing the seal of experience Is in vogue
In France and contributes to the distinc
tion which tbe nation enjoys of bring the
savings bank of the world. The co-
"I ain't losin' my faith in human na
ture," said Uncle Ebea. "but I kain't he p
notlcln' dat dere'a alius a heap mo
ahtirle advertised lt' dan dar is
"Found.' "Washington Star.
"Bixby Is a good mixer, isn't he"
"You r right he is. I saw aim parsing
his Individual sanitary cup around in
the crowd yesterday." Cleveland Plain
Farmer Soboss Well, there's another
lit'ry guy bought a farm back here, and
gone to raising chickens. He's got over
l.flw of 'em!
Farmer Hardscrabble Gosh! He must
be a good writer to support so many hens
as that! Puck.
"That singer has an unusually powerful
"I should say so! The other night we
-I observe that you never contradict
any theory that Mr. Heftrybraaa ad
vances. " ...
Tea." replied Mia Cayenne; -hs
likelv to get through talking much sooner
if you don t break In and auggeat new
topics." Washington Star.
Copy Reader-Here's a story from th
southwest about a man who says he took
a canoe ride down a river that ran at th
rat of sixty miles an hour. How 11 1
head It? .
Kdltur-Current Fiction- Chicago Tribune.
"Why didn't vou give those men before
whom you testified more Information?'
"My dear sir." replied Mr. Dustin Stax,
"I waa addressing an investigating com
mittee, not lecturing to a class in a busi
ness college." Washington Star.
"Send for th business manager." said
the editor of a great magaxlne.
"What's the trouble?" Inquired the con
tributing editor.
"1 want to tell him that hereafter
when we support a presidential candidate
we'll avoid possible confusion and do it
In display type at regular advertising
rates. "-Chicago Tribune.
Made from pure, grape cream of tartar
Makes home baking easy. Nothing:
can equal it for making, quickly and
perfectly, delicate hot biscuit, hot
breads, muffins, cake and pastry.
Protects the food from alum.
salaries are raised your system will fall
short. If America falls the world will
go back to autorracy and th ord '
Tli Xatlonal Institute of Art and Let
ters has awarded a rold medal to James
Whitcomb Riley, the Hcxister poet, for
"d!tl;igulhed work." Every tourh of
recognition from a grateful public light
ens the burden of physical Impairment
I'aekaasea Vterllaa llaara,
gt. loul Republic.
Th Ohio law limiting the labor
ting represented by savings ami loan
associations In the United states has Its
counterpart in a general way In th
Creilit Fonder or monsrage bank of
France, chartered In 1V.S. Thla bank has
loaned over H.eji.M.em to home getters,
and now hat outstanding mortgages
amounting to HCO. . Loans are made
on homes only at per cent Interest,
but the borrower must pay not less than
t per cent per annum, which sum Is
applied on the prlnciiial. The additional
payment varies according to th earning
which marks the closing dtys of the
gentl melodist.
Tn "grand old man" of Wayne county.
Pennsylvania, aged KS years, paid a hasty
visit to the editor of a local paper and
by ahaklng hie fist under said
nose assured mm mat tne published re-. wt . wrn,r m th Review of Reviews,
port of kls death was slightly exag- j ..,, nxughl the little people that the
gerated. Respect for the Indiscretions of ! .m, annual saving toward the Brlneipal
youth alone prevented the grand old man J wlu in , ,nd i-ay the entire debt and
that kome ownership In France la safe.
er and ; cttpa(.jty of the borrower and may be In
edltofs 1 oaafd at will. "This Credit Koucler."
Worth up tT$3.00
Your Unrestricted Choice Saturday
Silk Knit Ties, tbe moat popular neckwear creation of
the season, go on special sale at a most ridiculously low
price, (Sc. Not a tie In the Immense lot that sold tor
leas than $1 00 .ud a goodly number sold si high a.
tli.iO and $3.00. See window display.
One Big Lot 50c Neckwear "Very Special
20c, three for 50c
Browning, King & Co.
R. S. Wict. Mgr.
15th and Douglas St.
IEP0SITS made on or before
February 10th in the SAVINGS
will draw interest from Feb
ruary 1st. ; . 3 ..... ..,
' THREE PER CENT Interest is paid on
tarings deposits and COMPOUNDED
SEMI-ANNUALLY. ' Funds may be withe
drawn at any time without notice. ' ' , '. ;
i . -
t i .
The combined capital and surplus I. l,4000.a,
It is the oldest bank la Nebraska.
Ettabllahed la 1S6.
United States National Bank
of Omaha. Nebraska
T. Barlow, maldsit.
W. Wattles, Wlea-S-raa.
B. Caldwell. Vlot-rise,
B. aaoadta. Cash.
ft. . aTavaretlek. Asst. Cask.
V. g. Morssaaa, Asst. Cash.
& atoOlara, asst. Cask,
O. aL Tataa. Asst. Caaa,
Open en Saturdays I'ntil B:00 p. JO.
from mopping th floor with the offend
ing scribe.
F.daard Monroe, who Is VI years old
t snaantain ueienuon uK y for the play ot iU orderly
riria atouuis u win oc , Rrtinct la .uppresslng riots and
. tard to ansae people understand why
two Uttla boys, aged
should be confined for month.
thirrj-fiTe or Xortj, crazy men la an
Uaaaa waid ai ths Conner hospital.
1 women la factories to f iftr-four hours a
thst tbe councilman will he found up week has been upheld by the tupretn
in the bald-head rnw a The rniu ' conrt. but the natural law rondemnlne-
. - j - ru.wu Mwirw, wno is r - yea
meat might well afford to pay each!"1 t-ioXh' , of '""' and who claim, to be the oldest v
. Z " smenuq t-ivil ar. Is living m ' ,h rile lu-a the aame rale,
to alwit b p. m. remains exactly whsre , i-n,.,- ,, ,h. ,-- h. ,,, r" M,nt of ,h rl" 1 mr
U was. unnaon on the pens,on he receives, lie ttn M d lt tempts thrift. In that
"" " " ,nr tlm. payment, may be made In
tan. I rattlaa tpf , r' ' "n i antldnatlon of future dues, (hereby insnr-
, ,r. .,. r.r- aJWlnst sickness, and on the other
.7-1. r"U " ""iK ".-. thrift I. that annua! payment,
i is writing hi. inemotr, rf pj)i
councilman a sang commission for
this eiccllent advertising If lt were
not for the looks of the thing. In
the meantime, the council having In-
i continent ly filled the theater, it will
j-have created Mother better oppor-
Kaltlinor American.
Who Is paylnc Wood row Wilson's cam
paign tllis? Money Is being eot like
water. ITHH-eu-a alumni? Nothing. Moat
of tbatn don't like htm and would not vote
It ha also made th rate of Interest en
mortgagx in every part of France uni
form, in that th little farmer and
for hun lt thsv bad a cbanca. Where la
e real public service.
. Tbe cotmcirs ..resojutiog staled
that the play "taught so morals,"
rasawtaa la tke Ulster.
Chlragw Remrd-IIerakt.
Colonel Henry Wattersca Intimates that
liar, and he uoee aot hsi-
that be may "nam aioit"
waa turned awa. Where does n get ttrk . .v., .v '
"" W"--b . sluggua cnpalg. it be ca.
and way demonstration, such as greeted thejtn money eonlng from? Not from the1' V,
and 13. "Play Boy" la New Tort. That wouW irwi'! tescker' perron fund, for wa- , My thl
th. with -be real nobllc service. , ' rit lor help frvm that r ; wfor. ... ....
Fnare't ;al la raanlatia.
Tbe figure f.te th 1911 census in France j
furnish further evidenc-s of the Inaccuracy '
of the familiar statement that the pops- j
liUlm of th repobile is declining. Be-
iweea !? and 1111 tbe gain was nearly ;
at. to, and tn piasaut population is .'
S.afteta, which la larger Uuu at any ;
Assets, January 1. 1913
Reserve taad January 1, 1012
Securities with state lrpartme-t Jaaaary , 1912 ,
IT attata Owr xasnxaac Contracts.
Rate per thouaaad, age D (other ages ia proportion). $1.73.
Mortality Coat per $l,00O Insurance Mesa Amount. Year llt, $3.10
Depository Banks Appointed, OKO.
Ueeaasd Is Calif !, Indiana. Iowa, Kansas, afcataaa, aTekraska. aTortt
Oakotss Oragaa. aoatk Uaksta, Man, Waaalngtoa. Taa sad
Wyoming, aad pnpanag t eater Dluula and "-"yia
Xga capaai at proa am g ana Mat ciaas wz as
and Solicitors.
avoox tra ova aacoms
.... 513.01S.P0
.... 13,So0.00
Home Office: Brandeis BuOdin. Omaha. Neb.
aTasJLsaawluiaBaA t a Amv.
TeJepbone Doeglaa 7021,

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