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The Omaha Daily Bee
Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Thirty TwentyTea Tears .g
-In editorial Pag ef each lasae
VOL. XI J NO. 19?.
from Lonely Home;
May Have Perished
Seventeen Found fori List and Six
teen to Bs Selected.
wMIm as ta Whether the Altar
rjr Ceaeral of the State Will
Asaist Mr. English U
Still Mooted.
Sixteen men c-it of the following sev
enteen will c-mpose the Doujrias coun
grand Jury, uiiicb will go to work next
Monday. irlt-sc more than one are dls-
OUslifi.-.l. i Mch fL. rh ahWfr n-lll
.w.v iv ce:wi nuN jury iMmmm Id
make up th total of sixteen:
J. 1 Alvaaon, Fowler avenua.
Leonard Burt man. Valley, Neb., farmer.
Harvey Challla, MO South Twenty-first
avenue bartender.
John Daugherty, Benson. R. F. D.,
Cheater Fry, Elk City, Xeb.
John W. Geiger, Jl North Fortieth
O. D. Gordon. lt Xorth Twenty-first
street, waiter.
Edward Oroth. IDS South Eleventh
street, frocer.
A. A. Heatb, Kl North Twenty-eighth
avenua, crocer.
Horace L. H elf rich, Florence, Neb.
A. V. Klein, 7J6 South Thirty-seventh
street, department manager for Sunder
land Bros.
Larry Cleary, Tblrty-nintli and L
streets. South Omaha. .
B. M. Latshaw. MS South Twenty-fifth
street, clerk for Wabash railroad.
Martin O'Connor. Forty-first and P
streets. South Omaha. Inspector for Cud
ahy Packing company.
A. V. 8ietr, the finish, salesman.
W. W. Thomas, 1315 Davenport street,
John A. Bruce, SOI! Cass street, engineer
in city engineer's office.
aeveafca Retaras Made.
Summonses to the twenty-three men
whose names were drawn for the grand
jury panel were sent out by registered
mall two weeks so. Receipts from the
seventeen named above have been re
ceived by Harry Pearce, Jury and witness
clerk In the office of the clerk of the
district court.
Regarding the other six, Mr. Pearce
reports as follows:
A. Chapman, real estate dealer, formerly
of t71 Parker street, vas excused for
non-residence. He has moved from the
city and county and therefore Is not
qualified to serto on the grand Jury.
The poetofftcs department returned the
notice addressed to O- Holmes. 1S13
Ursoe street, with tbe report that he had
moved from the address and left no new
Tbe postofflce was unable to find H.
Sokoup, addressed at ISM South Eleventh
Loeklaa; tor Others.
The postofflce department atlll la look
ing for Charles Kohwer, Uenson; Harry
O. 8waln, the ttterlinj, and J. P. Oou
shey, Wli North" rSSfitrcotli street, "oath
Omaha. The parties are supposed to have
moved srid since the deportment has been
unable to find thcin'ln two weeks. It Is
unlikely It will locals them between now
and Monday.
With tbe orgatrlxatlon of the grand
Jury and the beginning of Its delibera
tions less than three days away, no one
seems to know who will be Its legal ad
visor or advisors. Because of several
matters of Importance that In the public
belief should be investigated by the In
quisitorial body public Interest Is intense.
Inquiries bs to who will have charge of
the grand Jury, whether or not It will
be given competent aslstane, and
whether or not effective efforts to aid It
In securing evidence will be made arc
heard on every side. As yet there Is no
satisfactory answer.
Matters for ( oasldrratlea.
"I'gly rumors ' of a 'shake down" In
connection with the granting of llquur
licenses by the board of fire and police
commissioners, charges of questionable
actions of officials and others In connec
tion with paving and other public work,
alleged Jury tempering In connection with
law suits In whicb the Orr.a.ia snd Coun
cil -Bluffs Street Railway coi.i;any ha9
been Interested, charges oi Oct.cn tied
registration frauds, charges of vice pro
tection by law enfotccment autiiorltks.
matters in connection with the condui t
of county affairs and with bullul.ng o(
tbe new county buildtnc ther.j In the
main are the matters that the public be
lieves should be looked into by I lie giand
Some time Governor Atdrk-ii was aske'i
to Interest himself to the extent of hav
ing the attorney general's office aid In
laying evidence liefgore the grand Jury
and advising It. The Governor talked with
Attorney General Giant Martin. Martin
talked with County Attorney Englkh last
Saturday. Mr. Kng.Wi said he was willing
to have bis attorney general d:rcct the
work of the grand Jury and wcuH C
snythlng In reason In the way of maV::r:
that possible. Martin has f t Indicated
what he will do or Iry to 1 '.
Martin Msy It. r. Itrpntr.
if Martin withe - ! . .v . i; , .t,;t!y will
be necessary for u::u to ai-r'pud de
puty county attom.-y I., Mr, i.nj?!Uh.
Under the law itny one county attorney
or one of his (ieii'itie;; may act a-; prose
cuting and adv:s:n;,' officer with the
grand Jury. One sectl"n of the statute pro
v.dea that the att-jrxey rrurn! tray
prosecute all cases before a or.ir'. or of
ficer, but It Is doubtful If ' -.if , ' curii
be construed si inviti'ilng 'V iM ju.-,-.
Should the attorney genera v.i:-H ill'
the grand Jury within. fiiL . i.p
polnted deputy county att-je. ,i.l the
grand Jury'a work t:.:gr.i V l.tid Ir
regular by tbe courts and all itm!- traents
returned would have to be t:uarr,'.-i.
Hugo Henry, aged 72 yeara. who lived
in a little hut at J3S South Seventeenth
street, has been missing from bis -home
for over three weeks. An investigation
revealed that the house was nailed on
the outride. The door v.-as broken down,
but the old man was not found Inside.
Three weeks ago he applied to the As-
( soeiated Charities for coal. A ton was
. ordered to the place, but no Indications
of coal were either In or near the house,
j The aged man lived in recluse for several
i years In the little hut and during the
j !a?t few months had kept to the house
very closely. No one saw him leave In
the last three, weeks and are of the be
lief that he hsu wandered off and has
been froxen to death.
Prisoner Feeding
Contract Argued
Sheriff Felix J. McShane's fight to pre
vent the Board of County Commissioners
from letting a contract for feeding; pris
oners at SH cents or some similar amount
per meal and to get the Job for himself
st 3s cents a day. Utyj cents a meal, was
completed before Judge Troup In the
equity division of ths district court yester
day. Arthur Mullen, attorney for MoShane,
finished his argument that the low bid
contract feeding law is unconstitutional
and of no effect, and that the old law,
under which the sheriff has the Job at a
fat price, must stand. Deputy County
Attorney George A. Magney argued for
the constitutionality of the law.
Judge Troup took the matter under ad
visement. If he sustains McShane's con
tention the prisoner feeding case will be
ended so far as the diatrlct court Is con
cerned, though the county will appeal.
If Judge Troup holds the low bid con
tract law constitutional, then the court
wlil hear arguments on the first ques
tion raised In the case, whether or not
the old Board of County Commissioners
had the legal right to let the contract to
Mrs. B. a King, a relative of McShane,
at Vii cents a meal when Ira Flanagan
and Ed Gardlpe bid for the contract al
84 cents.
Railroad Passes
Divided by Three
Railroad men who under the provisions
of the Hepburn bill are entitled to free
transportation on other lines have re
ceived their annual allotment of passes
for the year and they are somewhat
fewer than In years gone by.
The Union Pacific Is the only road
Issuing passes from the Omaha office and
Its list has been materially cut down.
Some years ago this road Issued about
3.00 to 30.000 ann tal asses, but this
year- the number has been . cut to less
than lo.MloSind of these all go to railroad
men. Of them a large number have been
left off the list.
In the past the officers of trolley, In
ternrban and small steam lines received
annuals, there being an Interchange of
courtesies. Now all of the officials of
the trolley and Interurbans have been cut
oft and in most Instances few favors
have been ahown to the men who operate
small lines throughout the country.
It Is said at all of the office that pol
iticians everywhere have been denied
passes, even Inside the state, and that
this year, If they ride, they will have to
i pay Tare the fame as other people.
Midway Joint Juror
is Absent from City;
Charles H Black, one of the Jurors
chosen to serve on the Jury which will
try Hilly Crutchfleld and Jack Broom
field In police court this morning,
mil not appear when his name Is called.
Mr. Black has gone to New York and
ar.ott-er Juror will have to be substi
tuted. The esse should have come up for
liearinit yesterday for the third time, !
bn A. S. Ritchie, attorney for the de
lenuam. took a continuance, he having
an Itnrortant ense In the district court.
Tuofcc who have been summoned to serve
m tho Jury are Mr. Black. John Lund,
Samuel Grace. George Pray, N. C. Leary
ard V. J. Norton.
This Store Closes at Nine O'Clock Every Saturday Evening. Shop During the Day if Possible
Drugs and Toilet Goods
Sale of Flat Silver Ware
This Is a clearance) of high grade tea spoons,
dessert and table spoons, knives, fcrks and fancy
pieces. Prices are about half of tbe usual fair mark
ings. Space limits na to the wiling prices only.
Tea Spoons, S9c to 08c
the set.
Itaaaert Spoons, 89r to
$1.2.1 the set.
Table Spoons, $1.29 to
il.OH the set.
Fancy Pieces, 85c and
Knives and Forks,
$1.98 to $5.P8 the set.
Oak Hirst with 2d
Piece. $4.98 to 910.00.
25 Per Cent Discount On All Hollow Ware.
Next Monday There Will Be a Sale
of the New White Coodt
Pond" Cfc' Van i thine
crm at I to
?$r H4 0. rtr powdr, WOc
Hind's StV Honay an1
Almond rwm at.... 37a
J.o Hex lean Rosa cream
at So
fcV Mm. Isabel.' a fme
powder at S5
,r.'c Pouoni's rowJeiv 880
50o Java rice powder. i7o
JV PaNs-e tooti pAte, 3e
liK rake WllUns' or Col-
mtte'n nhavlnir soap. So
10c I'almoliv soap ai To
l'c 4711 glycerin soap
at 13c
15c bottle Antichsp at lSo
$i.5 Oriental cream, Ma
2&c box soap at.... ..900
Coljrate'a and Mennen's-c
talcum powders at..l6e
Plnaud s 7 ac LI lac d
Prance toilet water, 59
?5c nail polish at ft
$1 boty LMiffy a Malt. .8c
15c lb. of borax 10a
2-qt, KeJ Oroes guarantee
, fountain syrinxes at Mo
U-lb. bottle peroxide at to
For Men and Boys
A great clearing sale of
men 's and young men 's high
grade overcoats & suits
is the principal attrao
tion in the men 's sec-
It u
tion for Saturday. ,
All of Mlchaels-Storn, G arson &
Meyer and Hrandeve-Kincaiil
sulfa that have been selltngxip to
$25.00 are specially priced tor Sat
urday only at $14.75.
All men's and young men's
gm'fg and overcoat! of the
tame make a thote stated
in the preceding offer and
regularly selling up to $18,
will be closed out
Saturday at .
aleal oea troaeera of all wool snd worsted inateiials-a big lot of them
worth up to 14 ", Namrday at (Ija.
Also there will be a as per cent rednertloa ea all sasa's for Bad fax
liaed eoats Including Northern coon, galloway and Itusslan calf.
150 Boys' Knickerbocker Suits at $1.95
All wool mater in Is and food patterns In all sixes from three to sixteen
fsrs. They are sins' I lots fronv lines that have been selltnr up to 16.00.
SS Fsr Oeat Siaoovat oa all of tbe rsmslnlnf hoys' snlta la ths store
xs vsli aa ths onttra stock of hoys' orerooeta.
on big: tlt of tvya o44 troosers, worth up to "Se, to close out Patur
0t v at Wo.
Men's Furnishings Bargains for Saturday
Men g lac black or tan rottou
I lose. In all sizes, on sale Sat
urday at three pairs for ii-V,
or, the single pair at 9o
Men's 11.50 perfect-fitting coat
shirts, In a variety of good pat
terna and colon .thoroughly
well made of finest materials,
Saturday at 89c
10 doien men's $2.50 and $3.00
soft hats, in good, down-to-date
shapes, on sale Saturday, $1.29
Men's muslin night robes that
are of a good length and cut
full and roomy, nicely trimmed
V neck styles, worth 75c, spe
cially priced for Saturday only
at 49o
Men's $2.00 Jersey sweaters. In
grey, maroon and navy color
ings, Saturday at $1.49
Men s high grade 25c hone with
double soles, three pairs for
50c, or, a single pair at. . . . 19c
There is Only
One Reason for
This Shoe Sale
ant) that Is all of these shoes come
In sample sizes. So, only women
with small feet ran be fitted.
Made of patent colt, dull leathers,
viol kid with patent colt tips, etc.,
In button and luce styles with
plain toes and either low or higb
Value up to frl
$3.50 at. ...
Misses' and children's $.1.00
shoes at $I.A.V-All the new button
and lace styles, with wide toes, of
patent colts with velvet or cloth
tops, and higb top shoes with
pstent leather cuffs. Sices 8 H to
11 and 11 4 to !.
A few small sixes of men '$
work shoes from the lot we
placed on sale last Satur
day to go this Saturday at
$1. By all means be here
early if you want these.
Men's high rut tare boots Willi
water-proofed soles, suitable for
all1 klnda of out-side wear-$7.00
values at $4.25; $5.00 and $5.50
values at $3.7ft.
G roceries, Meats, Fruits for Sunday Dinner
Clearing Coats & Suits
About 100 good-looking,
good-quality, tailor
ed suits for women will
be $10.00 Saturday in
slelidof$19.50Jo$35'.06 as you knew the prices
earlier in the season.
You wlil find handsome suits of plain
grey or brown materials, or fancy mix
tures of attractive texture and coloring.
In styles that will both become and
please tbe misses and women who ccn
well afford to profit by such an extra
ordinary bargain as this.
The linings and trimmings were se
lected with the same care aa tbe prin
cipal material of the suit and there Is no
fault In the workmanship.
Tlenty of cold weather ahead In
which to enjoy them and then when
lit A i w in tm niiun stouiiu lues wm asTwsjge
prove quite the thing for rough-and- ii
ready wear. '
One lot of coats of fine wool mixtures, in a
variety of good styles and colorings, that formerly
sold at $12.50 to $15; sixes from a misses' 14 to rf
a woman's 36; Saturday, or white they last pO
Girls and young women, who need long coats
for general wear will find these most
excellent values at $5.00
Hvcn though this does liapju to be a cleanuu'c mid hnl
nncing up of tho girla and misHos' roat stock it affords
some rare opportunities in the way of choosing as well aa
saving. There is a good variety of styles nnd colorings in
the assortment and regular $10.00 and $12.00 values.
Children's Sweaters, worth $1, Saturdayc
Girls' Sweaters, worth 51.50 ..Saturdayv 98c-,m-
fl I 1 1 1 rs cl
Creamery Butter Special.
Wi jiave ordered 1,600 potinda
of Kearney creamery butter io
reach un Friday evening and which
we will place on sals Saturday. In
pound cartons of guaranteed
wslght, at
35c the Pound.
Meat Specials
Pork SaooMsr Rtxut
Pig Park Chop
Pig Pork Built
CAoice leeii Legt
Country Saiuag: 2
poundl for
10-lb package Si
Lari for . . . . ...
Chkkont, Saturday
No. I Skinnta" Harm
.... 7ic
Hennetrs bent coffee
and 20 stamps, lb,, 3 60
3 los. Jiennett's best cof
fee and 0 stamps 91
Assorted teas and it
stamps, lb 99c
Tea alftitifs and. 10
stamps, lb. Ifto
Bennett's Capitol flour
special price, per
sack at 91-99
Mb. can B C. baking
powder and 100 ata'ps
for 91.00
Full cream chene snd
10 a tamps pound. Ma
I ten a Tourist and Gra
ham crackers with 10
stamps, pke. 10
I-lb, can Anvber Irip
ayrup for OOa
Virginia Hwlss rheea
and 10 a 1 am pa. lb., too
Btsmark Jams. anorted,
and 10 stamps. Jar. S6
1 largo rana Cottaxa
condensed milk and 10
atampa ....00e
Fancy Red Kiver potatoea-t he bushel, $1.85
Per pe V tlAc
Fancy black walnuts, the peck li-V
ft large heads plain lettuce... IOc
Fancy Cauliflower, the lb BHc
Fancy yellow onions, the peck 40c
Fancy Holland seed cabbages, the lb..... '.8c
Fancy dates, 3 pounds for .....2Ac
Fancy cooking apples, th peck. ., SOo
Fancy sweet potatoes, the lb Se
Redlanda oranges, first quality '
the doxen 15c, aor, 2Ar, S4c and Jtftc
Medium sour pickles snd
lu stamps usrt.,.iao
Dill pickles and IV
alamos, dosen IBe
Halliard's olive oil and
60 ata'ps. medium bot
tla for eos
Snlder's pork and beans
snd 11 stamps, medium
ran for Iss
-lb. pkg. Bterllng Uloaa
starch and 10 st'pe B3e
Hlsmark apple butter
and 10 stamps, jar see
Ml. pkg. Bennett's I'aii
Itol oats and wheat and
in slumps at 10s
Mb. sack yellow or
white corn n.eal...lSe
Illsiuark mince meat and
10 stamps, large lr
for t&o
One dosen boxes safety
matches for so
bars witt'a Pride
soap for sso
II. J. Ilelns spple butter
end 10 atampa, jar S8e
IT lbs. granulated soger
for S1.00
Macaroni Batra trsslsl
pkgs Houweota eat
uwaroal aaa 10 st'Pfl
for las
I-lb. roll Premium buf
Cut Flowers
American Beauty Roses,
Violets, Carnations and
all Kinds of Cut Flowers a t
Special Prices Saturday.
Specials in Candy
IU fresh aalcetl pVanula at
IOc the box. 40c fresh chore,
htte dipped caramels, Saturday,
SCVi the lb. 50c Fluff eta choc,
t.lates with soft, creamy cen
ters. Saturday, S9c tbe lb.
75c Inverted Gas Lights, Complete, 39c
Tbla light la put up especially for ua by the Welsbach company and
is atrlrtly high grade In every respect. For 39c, Saturday, you get a '
fine brass burner, a guaranteed mantle and a half frosted (lobe that
regularly sells at 75c for the complete outfit. -
Women s Gloves
Hllk lined cashmere glovea In alien
els to Xt. Inclusive: an excellent
wearing glove for this rough weather,
made by one of the foremost makers
and considered extra value at t'Oc,
gray, brown and navy colora; OCj.
Saturday "'
Women's Underwear
Women's blgh neck vesta with long
sleeves snd ankle length pants In
leeler color only: valuea up to O f
lie, to close Saturday JC
Women's Hosiery
Won en's reKUlr made fast blnck
hoe with either ptntn black or njilft
sol e ; Mo t h med I tim u nd I: ta v y
weights that regularly nlt up ti 60d
the palr--wilao a few light colors In th
assortment--extra special , 9
price for Saturday only
Wemen'a fine awlsa liandkerchlefa
embroidered Id heat, dainty -designs,
slightly soiled or mussed from Ti
handling, 16c valuea Saturday . . ' 1 c
Incorrigible Girl
Escapes in Night
Somewhera the-i t a Utile calored
girl In hldlns with nothing more to wear
than a night gown. She 13 Joiie Hen
derson who was rcccr.ilv sent to. th.
-d'-ttnt'.oi h'iiif for i:icorrlr'.bl':y. 8om.
time "Ju,.n-; the nlhht Joslc r.pred up
ithe l" l c'.. h:-.:; an-1 made a rope by
I ': tl ?-:cn.lP-i from tnc econ! :
' slot .: lie itoas-. Her parent live;
'at I'll tfaa:-i I-lnth str't.
List of Delefatei for Soosevelt-La
Pollette Ticket.
If Wlereasla Maa'e Fellewera Wilt
te Plar. All Hlgbl, bat If .
nowsevrlt Men Will
F. W. Heron has returned frcoi lfli
waukee, where Tuesday evening he de
livered hia noted lecture on saienui
shtp before a packed bouse In lle Yiv:Qg
Men'a Christian Association bui-dlis.
Wednesdays Milwaukee Sentinel says:
"Every seat was occupied Tuesday
night at tbe assembly hall oa the .--nd
floor of tbe Young Men's CiirUtin
association, wheo F. . . i:rr.'n of Ocuoa
spoke on "Ks-Polnt laje, mac.. u.rlcr
tbe auspices of the educatic.tl on
ment. Prenrletors were there, ds-sart-ment
xoaaagers. derka, salejmoi an-1 of
fice axes. His theme was very instruct
ing, sad be was eloquent and witty, as
be penctured his remarks wish anecdotes
as Onstrate many poiaia.'
I The month of Jan i.'..' B'as the coldest
In Omaha since l c.hen the mean
; tempersturo was desree. above xero.
j Tnc r!can tr."erat ire fcr the month
, J-:st iast v. x-i 1' efoea ahove xero. The
.-oUi-t i'ay f ir twtntyH'giit years as
:'vrif'. !:t's mont: of Jsmiary.
U'2. Ji fie morn'.r- of Jan-itry 12 It
was iT dr-Trer l -:o rn. Tie only
; cr,:.-r dav li the hlj'-rr n' the r.i'Ji-.T
b'irca': .a In lt. w'-.'-n ii vas S3 de
' grees be'iW. Tr.c total prec.:.ltation for
the month waa .S and the snowfall
amounted to iS Inches. The prevalllne:
direction of the wind was north and the
lavcrajre bouriy velocity was M miles.
Tae maximum velocity occurred on the
I last day oi tbe month, when it traveled
at the rate of tbirty-aSx miles an hour.
McCmtsq & Ja- ,tur;: bave ben
awardel the c;rira;t f 'f i4nf I. a-. 11
(.Vs. r..:w ctej.iury . ..:".-; 3.:
'i.t.r-'i. C...1..- o." l'.;ici-.:-. 2-t
2'iU . T; "s:;l 1" t"' r.--s I'r'a. : :
fet s;;" c. nd til o of trlcfc arid
steel, with concr-te Coo rs. It ia to be
completed by May L Aa artesian well
is to be rank.
D eialef-at-Ijirge Governor Chester
H. Aklrirh. Nebraska; K. U King. Os
ceola: J. J. McCarthy. Ponca: John O.
T'-'.ser. I'unoee.
J'-esidrntiul iCi-ctors-at-Iarge Harry
-!:!. PcstHce; r. O. Whedon, IJncoln.
Nori'-tia: '-minltieeinan Jxuls V.
;oy lahtr commissioner.
Fir IMiIrtct Iielerates-W. C. Harp
ham. Lincoln; William Krnest, TecJmseh.
lernstcs--Jcsse Brown. Lincoln; X.
l'.tuise;n.sn. Fall. City. Presidential elec
tor i"". t'. Flansburgh. t'nlverslty Place.
iieond rtistrlct teleaatee-ron C. Van
Inen. Blair; John W. Towle, Omaha,
rreridential elector Charles I'nltt of
?h!r4 Dls'Hct I)eleeate-U F. Holts.
Karrtoiph; I'avld Tlionia.i, t'oturabut.
Alternafeelleecri Illrman. 1'r monu C.
E. Farler, V.althlll. Preslder.tial e.ector
A. W. Ladd. Albion.
Fourth Wstrlct Delegates George Vt".
Xelll. Tnrk: H. O. Tay:or. Ceneral City.
A 11 emate Joseph Sbaheta. Wilbur. Pres
idential elector-A. B. Headbloom. Stroma
borr. rifth Dbitrlet IleBalea-C. A. Lice.
Alma: A. C. Kjperson. Clay Onter. Ai
ternales A. E. Ally. Hastings; B. K.
Sehaeffer. fcrtir. Presidential e'ecior
V." A. Sherwood. Pl Tud.
Sih IlS'f.ct yeleMlc-H. 1. Mead.
i ha.:.ii ; JoTa C'ot'Ot-. Ainsworth.
J ::: O. T-!sr gives ont the forcg-Ji.-.
ri the rccseT-:!-! Follette ticket w
.r-.:i:d i al; v tti-onch i:n'";s -x K. -.
-tie I. 'to w' ' : t'c-u-ed,! u.s ;
tlTn 'iee'.lne to snbscrl to the com
promise agreement. In case they dec,in
te do this, sturdy Roosevelt men will take
their places and the ticket will be filed
at ones.
It was divided about equal, the First
and Fifth district delegates of La Fol
lette being taken also. J. J. McCarthy,
president of ths La Folkstte State league,
aaa accepted aa a detegate-at-bxrga
Such men as Whedon and Flansburgb
are well known La Pellet te men
Mr. Talaer declared the time was getting
very short, and that none could be lost
la learning whether these men will accept
our agreement to prevent scattering the
antl-Taft strength.
"As soon ss there details are arranged,"
says Mr. Telser, "the petitions will be
sent out to correspondents snd others
who have volunteered to assist In obtain
ing signatures. This will be a tremendous
f job, as It will require 600 nannes from each
, district or 2,00 for eacb candidate at
jlaige and sft for each diatrlct candidate.
. We expect to accomplish It on time, but
! we cannot delay a day longer than la
absolutely necessary."
Mr. 0. D. Johnson, lilt North Seven
teenth street, has asked the police to lo- '
cate her hu'band, a switchman employed
by the t'nlon Pacific Railway company,
who jisapoeared from bis home Tues
day morning. Mrs. Johnson said she re
-elved a letter from blm on January
postmarked Council llluffs. In whch h.
, Mated be was going to Chicago. Mm.
; Johnson does not believe that he tixt
; left Omaha.
I Meat eg le Paleea
ito the dyspeptic Electric Hitters soon
ielieve dyspepsia, liver and kidney torn
ip amta and deMHty. Price SOc. For saJe
by Beaton Drug Co.
Just to keep our Union Tailors Busy
One extra pair of $7.00 Pants FREE with every $15.00
made-to-measure Suit!
Look for the Dundee
Gentlemen on the
streets and get an all
wool Suit or Overcoat
"Every Stitch a Stitch of Style." Satisfaction Guaranteed
1,000 Patterns to Choose From.
I Largest
. . li I,..,.
, tvteTTrtJ I
I HMm.; j
15th and
The Bee for All the iws 1

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