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Trial of labor Leaders Will Begin a
'rL Indianapolis Monday. .
Charge 1 Violating Federal Stalate
tr: Forbidding Tranaportatloa of
Explosives on Paaaea
ger Trains.
Charged with complicity in the so-called
"dynamiting conspiracy." fifty-one men,
bresent or former officials of labor
unions, are to appear for trial before
Judge Albert B. Anderson and a Jury In
the federal court of this district on Oc
tober t
Indicted under a federal statute 'for
bidding the transportation of explosives
on - passenger trains the defendants are
alleged to have been concerned In nation'
wide plot to destroy the property of con
tractors employing nonunion Ironworkers,
culmiin-t.ni' in the explosion in the Los
.Angeles Times building, which cost
twenty-one lives.
Fifty-four were indicted by the grand
jury in its report of February 8 last, but
of this number John J. and James B.
McXamara are In San Quentln prison,
and J. & McCray, a former member of
the executive board of the International
Association of Bridge and 'Structural Iron
Workers, has not . been found by the
federal authorities.
Most of the defendants are or have been
connected with the iron workers' asso
ciation, which, since 1905,' has been en
gaged in a struggle with the National
Erectors' association, an organization of
structural steel and iron contractors em
ploying nonunion workmen. Members of
tills employers' association suffered loss
from more than 100 explosions from 1905
to 1S11.
Following the, arrest of John J. Mc
iv'amara, secretary-treasurer of the 'iron
workers' association, at Its headquarter!
til this city, and the arrest of James B.
JlcNamara and Or tie E. McManlgal in
; Detroit, in' connection with the Los An
geles Times explosion, presentments were
-made to the federal grand Jury of this
district that officials of the Iron work
ers' association and other labor unions
' had been concerned in a conspiracy to
Intimidate employers of ' unorganised
jabor by a systematio destruction of
jbetr property.. :,..., . ...
tdbrtle McManlgal's confession, In which
J related that he had been employed by
the McNamara brothers and Herbert S.
Hockin, acting secretary-treasurer of the
Iron Workers' association, to dynamite
bridges and buildings In course of con
struction by non-union contractors, was
the basis of the government', inquiry.
He Is to be the principal witness for the
government In the forthcoming trial A
mam of letters and other records, seised
tot a raid on the offices of the Iron
Workers' association, also will be offered
as evidence of a general conspiracy sec
retly to convey dynamite and nitro
glycerin from coast to coast In a cam
paign against employers of unorganised
Iron workers. ; 1
; Most prominent among the defendants
are Frank M. Ryan, president of the In
lernational Association of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers; Herbert S.
Jftckln, acting necretary-treasurer and
ihe alleged head of the "dynamiting
ct?w;" John T. Butter of Buffalo, first i
Vice president, and Michael J. Toung of !
Boston and Phillip A. Cooley of New Or
Ivans, members of the executive board.
Business agents and secretaries of local
Iron workers' unions throughout the coun
tty, alleged to have been implicated in
the illegal, transportation of explosive
from state to state,' make up the greater
part of the list of defendants, but offi
cials of other unions are Indicted. They
re Olaf A. Tveitmos, secretary of the
Building Trades council of California;
William K. Benson, former president of
the Detroit Federation of Labor; Clarence
E. Dowd, organiser for the International
Association- of Machinists; Hiram Clin
of Muncie, Ind., organiser for the Asso
elation of Carpenters and Joinei,, and
Spurgeon P. Meadows, business agent for
the carpenters and joiners' unions of In
dianapolis, '
United States Senator John W. Kern la
to be chief counsel for the defendants
arid the government ' will be represented
by District Attorney Charles W. Miller
and his assistant,' Clarence Nichols, who
conducted the grand Jury's Investigation.
Boy Bandits Held
on Bobbery Charge
Arthur Nelson, , Gilbert Lindeman and
John Kohn, the boy bandits who were
arrested for terrorizing the north end
of town with ' numerous hold-ups and
who later confessed, were arraigned In
p?'l a court on a charge of highway
robbery. They waived preliminary hear
ing and were bound over to the district
court In the sum of II, WO each.
Fer Hisses and
Made of dark brown
soft kid, specially pre
pared vegetable tanned,
neither draws or burns
the feet; a soft, flexible
outer sole, soft cushion
effect inner sole; high
top lace only.. A shoe
specially designed for
.women who have to be
on their feet a great
deal. Noiseless and
Solid Gold and fiF"
Diamond Set
Jewelry Less
Than1 Price
$35 Diamond Set
Cuff M E
Links at PlU
$20 Diamond Set
Cuff Links gft
at '. Ji7
rX - ii- i i i-m i t" - -
Solid Gold and
Diamond Set
Jewelry Less
Than ys Price
$15 Diamond Set
Cuff' QQ
Links PUvO
$10 Diamond Set
Cuff Links Jy
at $4.50 and P4"
We Bought at a Tremendous Reduction.
ry :
Silverware, Leather Goods and Umbrellas
Sold to Us by the Trustee On Sale Beginning Tuesday at Brandeis Stores
At )4 or Less Than Maridelberg's Prices
Cluster Rings
$250 Cluster Diamond
af.i.i ;
1200 Claster . Diamond
. at. .'...'
1175 Cluster Diamond
Solid Goia Rings
Baby King Plain band and stona setMan
delberg's prices " $1.00 and , Sl'.lfO,- our
price .;.'.'.;;; . .V'.v i v. .V. .504
Ladies Solid Gold Set Rings Many with reaU
atones Mandelberg's prices i $4 and $5,
1 our . price ....... . . V . . V . . 31.39
SolJA Gold Misses' King All color stones
Mandelberg's prices ' $2!60 , tO; $3.50, our
..price . f . y. . .81
Ladies' Solid Gold llUngs Set wjta real
pearls and many real stones Mandelberg's
prices $i. and $5, our price ..... .'$1,03
Solid Gold Set Kings Mandalberg's prices
were $4 and .$5, our price ...V. . $2.25
Solid Gold Rings Set with real pearls,' real
torquoise, garnets and other stones Man
delberg's prices $8 and $7, at ...,$2.93
Solid Gold Set Rings Many ' pearl and dia-'
mond set Mandelberg's prices $9 and $10
our price -$3.08
Mandelberg's $10 and $12 Set Rings for
Men, will go at $4.50
Solid Gold ' Signet Rings Mandelberg's -
prices $4 and $5. at ...$1.50
$10 to $75 Signet and Stone Set Rings for
Women and Men. at less than half price.
.. 9100
... tea
Beautiful rings for ladies, set with
pearls, emeralds, real pearls, real
emeralds, real rubles, sapphires In
diamond clusters.
This is a Wonderful Sale of Everything
that can be found in a high class jewelry
stock all at prices never before offered by
any store in America. t
A Great Opportunity to Buy
the Most Beautiful and Val
uable ChristmaS'Presents
Mandelberg held a well established reputa
tion in the west for carrying jewelry of the
highest grade Every article in his stock was
thoroughly reliable in quality. You may buy
'from this stock with absolute ' confidence.
Nothing more than one-half price. Some
articles one-third and some even one-fourth
the original price. ... ' ,','."
Single Stone Diamond Rings
ct. pure White Perfect Cut Diamonds
Mandelberg's price $18, our price $9
and . . . . . . ... . . . .. . ... . . . .t .... . . $9.75
Ytct Pure White Perfect Cut Diamonds in
Tiffany and other styles, 14k solid gold
mountings Mandelberg's price $40, .our
price ...$18
ct. Pure White Perfect Cut Diamonds in
Tiffany and other styles, 14k solid gold
mountings Mandelberg's price $60. our
prices . .......... . . ....... $28 and $29
ct. Pure White Perfect Cut Diamonds" in Tiffany
and other styles, 14k solid gold mountings Man
delberg's price $90, our prices ....$40 an $4'
ct. BlueWhite Absolutely Perfect Diamonds,
worth $100, sale price . , ....... .i ...... .$55
tlEO Cluster Diamond Rings.
. at ....$60 and $60
$128 Cluster Diamond Rings.
at ISO
$75 Cluster Diamond Rings,
at $35
Cluster Diamond Brooches . f ! ;
Diamond's, pearls and other precious stones, Man
delberg's prices from $10 to $400. :
10 Brooches, 60 Brooches, $33.50. $100 Brooches, 40.
Thousands of pieces of fine solid gold
and sterling sliver Match Safes, Card Cases,
Lorgnettes, Opera Chains, Men's and Wo
men's Watch Chains, Diamond Set Necklacet,
Men's Scarf Pins. Bar Pins, Solid Gold
Brooches all at much less than wholesale
1 Mandelberg carried only standard, high grade
watches Elgin Waltham, Rockford, Hamilton and
Howard movements, filled Into Crown, Bosb, Crescent
' and Deuber cases alBo 14k solid gold cases.
15 Jeweled Elgin and Wall ham Watches 12 and 16
sizes solid nickle cases Mandelberg's price $12.50,
our price $8.08
15 Jeweled Rockford and 7 Jeweled Elgin Watches
12 and 16 sizes. 20 year guaranteed cases Man-
delberg's prices $15 (6 $18, at $7.98
15 and 17 Jeweled Elgin, Rockford and Hamilton
Watches 25 year Boss or Crescent case Msndei- a,
i- berg's prices $50 to $S5. at ....$13.08
IS and 17 Jeweled Elgin, Waltham and Rockford
Watches 20 and 25 year gold filled Crown, Illin
ois or Deuber case Mandelberg's prices $18 to $25,
' t v. . ... ... .$0.08
7 and 15 Jeweled Elgin and Waltham Watches 12
" size, 14k solid gold cases Mandelberg's prices $30
; to'$45. at ........... $18.50
21 Jeweled Rockford Watches Guaranteed 20 year
Illinois case Mandelberg's price $35, our price
:' at v . -817.50
: 17 Jeweled Adjnstea iioudio noiier Bonn
Watch Mandelberg's price $28.50, our
price ...... $14.50
. t . -
Railroad Watches, also Solid Gold Watches
At less than half Jhelr regular prices.
O size Elgin and Waltham
, Watches Crown ' and Illln
. ols cases, guaranteed 20 yrs.
. Mandalberg's price $15,
our prlci ,........$6.03
O size 15 Jeweled Elgin and
Rockford Watches 20 yr.
gold filled Boss; Illinois and
Deuber cases Mandelberg's
prices $17 to $25, $8.08
O size 15 Jeweled Klo-in
Watches 20 and 25 year
guaranteed Boss, Crown and
Crescent cases Mandel
berg's prices $18 to $22.50,
at ........ ...... s os
0 size 15 and 17 Jeweled
Watehes Elgin, Waltham
and Rockford movements
20 and 25 year guaranteed
Crown, Illinois and Deuber
cases Mandelberg's prices
i to $Z5, at ....$0.98
0 size 14k Solid Gold Watches-7 to 15 jeweled
JUgm and Waltham movements Mandelberg's
prices $30 to $45, our price . .. ... . . . . . .$18.50
We place on sale all the Mandelberg Sterling Silver Knives and Forks.
Tea Spoons, Hollow Ware, Sterling Silver Novelties, Silver Plated Ware.
Clocks, etc., at Wonderful Bargains. t
TTllirCflsnr e pace on sae a e ne leather Goods, Men's and Women's Purses,
. y Traveling Toilet Rolls .Leather Novelties, Men's and Women's Umbrellas,
Silver Toilet Sets, Brass Novelties, etc., at Extraordinary Bargains. ; ; ; tl
Grand Sale of the Arnold, Constable & Co. Stock
, High Glass
Now. Going On. The Bargains Are Wonderful.? See Ad on Page 2.
Both Satisfaction and Economy Assured
The New
Queen Qual
ity Shoes
Now Ready
i ssirriiVrWivi -
Did you ever
Try a
Men's Shoe
They're Best
Elegant Wew
Gowns & Suits
The tremendous early selling com-
YTffi koep assortments, up to stand-
' ard to make a hasty N. Y. trip.
He has just returnee with a line of ex
quisite evening gowns, dresses and, -tailored
suits that in beauty of design and
J value surpass any yet shown.
100 Beautiful Evening Costumes shown
for the first-time, at $25, $35, $49
up to...... $175
Scores of Handsome Tailored Suits Im
ported designs, no two alike, magnifi
cent values, at $35, $49, $59 and $75
200 Tailored Suits
'made;-, to - sell; to
$20.00, on sale at,
choice . .$10.00
Long Serge Coats,
tans, blues and
black, special for
Tuesday, $8.95
New Johnnie Coats, $10, $12.75 and $15
f .. . ,
S2.00 Silk Poplins, $1.48 ,
44 and 48 Inches wide, with
handsome self-colored borders,
in ten new fall shades.
$1.25 Dress Velveteens, 88e
24 inches wide, in a full
line of wanted colorings.
Handsome New Cloakings
An unmatched showing of 54
lnch chinchillas, plain hacks,
reversible coatings, diagonals,
polo coalings, etc.; every new
coloring in an assortment of
. weaves that you'll not find
; duplicated, at. . . .$1.50
The Most Practical and
Best Boy's Suit for Fall
& Winter Wear in Omaha
The "Zero" Suit
They come in handsome
Scotch . Cheviots, strictly
all wool, and are flannel
lined. Collars are made con
vertible as shown in illus
tration. Trousers are'm,ade
full peg, linen lined. Boys
vote them the best ever.
You'll like them, $3.50
to $5.00
Linen Department Tuesday
Hemstitched Huck TowelB, col
ored borders, worth 9c each,
at ......... ......13H
Heavy weight double : twisted
thread Turkish Towels, worth
39c, each .....25
Pure ; Linen Hemmed Huck
Towels, full size, worth 25c,
each . . ............. 15
Grand assortment j Huck. and
Turkish Towels, white or
cream, worth 15c, each 10fr
Tuesday Wash Goods Specials
Edonj Cloth, the popular walst
ing material an excellent
- imitation i of wool flannel
la .plain and .fancy stripes
27 inches wide. .15
Foule Serge In black and 'white
stripes,' fast colors, 32 Inches
wide, at.. . .'. ,.15o
60c Jacquard Silks, mixed goods,
. light and dark colors, 27 inches.
wide, at, yard 25o
89c Irish Poplins, all new Fall
shades, at, yard ........... 85o
60c Imported Poplins, permanent
.silk finish, at, yard ....... 39o
In the Busy Domestic Room Tuesday
10c Hope Muslin,: 36
in. wide, yd..7H
Bc Unbleached
Muslin, 36 ink wide,
yard . . ' 6Wt
1.60 . Bed Spreads,
large, -fringed at,
, each . . . .
50c Made Sheets, 72
x90 size, at... 33
12 c Outing Flan
nel, Amoskeag at,
yard .. .....lOt
15c Quality Sllkollne,
36 In. wide, at, a
yard .. 10 1
Percales, dark or
light, 36 in wide
18c Flannelettes, new
colors and patterns
at ...... 121
35c H e a t h erbloom
r for skirts, assorted
colors . . .,. .25
Two More Special Cars Peaches at Hayden's
IThaaa orS AYrr. fAJltlV Utah DaClie4
packed and shipped to us to sell for
the grower. This week will close
lh. VtAAfVl MAflHOn. .
VTe advise our onstomers to CA
auy aowXnesday pes cra www
The la it of Italian Bins plums-
packed 4 baskets in crate, U nfi
Tuesday.......... 9WV
w,ih W nanera for our annual
Keiffer Dear sale, for canning. .
sraczAXi moxrm saxb titesdat
We hare the last of our contract
filled on old wheat, wnicn makes
lighter, finer and mors loaves of
bread to the sack than new wheat
For - bread, pastry and . cakes, etc., .
can't be beat Tuesday, per 48-1.
sack, guaranteed .y..lJ5
10 bars Beat-'Bm-AH, Diamond C or
T .run fnr . .850
Haskln Bros. Omaha Family soap.
the kind , that Deats err. an, ana
makes washing easy, per bar.... So
lbs. best white or yellow corn-
m.Bl . .17UO
16-os. cans condensed milk for..6Vo
14-os. pkg. best aomesuc macaroni
or spaghetti for 7Ho
$ cans oil or mustard sardines . .SSo
s ih hflut laundrv starch. ...... .860
E. C. or Oriole corn flakes, pkg..6Ho
lrgt bottles Worcestershire sauce.
pickles, pure tomato catsup, mus
tard or. horseradish, bottle ....8o
McLaren's peanut butter, lb.... 180
4 cans Eagle, Lewis or Ch'mp'n lye SSo
a caxes iancy toilet soap SSo
Yeast Foam, pkg. 3o
The best tea siftings, lb ..10o
The best Golden Santos coffee, lb., 36o
t cakes sillco scouring soap ...,.85o
BtrrrzB, saos and exxssss
The best No. 1 Creamery Butter, Mr
ton or bulk, lb.' 38o
The best No. 1 1 Country Creamery
Butter, lb . 88o
Fancy No. I Dairy Butter, lb. ... 33o
Neufcbatel Cheese, each 3o
Full Cream Cheese, Brick or Llmbur-
ger, lb. - i8o
The best fresh Country Eggs, per
doren 83o
ash rstrxr kabxiz
15 lba New Potatoes to the peck 90o
2 heads Cabbage So
Fancy Sweet Corn, per dozen 13io
4 Summer Squash 6o
4 bunches fresh Parsley So
bunches fresh Kadisjies or Onions,
for 1 5o
1 large Egg Plants for ,. loo
Wax or Green Beans, lb. 80
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Parsnips or
Sweet Potatoes, lb SHo
Cape, Cod Cranberries, quart .... 8Vo
Lima Beans, quart So
2 stalks fresh Celery So
Green Peppers for pickling, market
basket ..v.. 80o
am's E?lMr4i It
vll 9 i H I
; Fortune or success have often
come through a little want ad.
7 Have you read the want ads
yet today? " "

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