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TilL BLi: OjiAilA. IThSDAY, klirTi-.MBLi! H, V.il
State Treasurer George Brings Back
Samples of Farm Products
fallr-ra at Capital I'ity Retarn from
YartoiiH State With Report
of Falling Off In Hooir
velt Sentiment.
10 PREVENT EQUINE SCOURGE j Norwegian-Danish
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Sept. 23 (Speelal.l
Ptate Treasurer George and Secretary of
CtatA WaitA WAra In Phau onuntv lfLSt
eek to Inspect and appraise school
lands. They returned home this morn
ing and Treasurer George brought with
him a sample of the different kinds of
farm products raised In Chase county
without the aid of Irrigation and on
land which can be bought from $10 to (20
per acre.
The samples were raised near Imperial
and at an elevation of 3,281 feet. They
consist of one sugar beet weighing 21
pounds, which was broken off In pulling
from the ground, so that only a portion
of the beet was taken. There are also
several ears of different kinds of corn,
measuring from ten Inches in length to
lilteen inches. A few apples are In the
collection, one of which measures ten
ing the methods of the railway commis
sions of the different states, and Is now
Investigating the way the Nebraska com
mission carries on the work In this state
Shippers Protratlaa.
A hearing was on before the railway
commission today In which shippers pro
test against the revocation of the return j
rate given by the railroads on returnable
goods. It is said that In cases of where
goods have been sold to the dealers that
, goods not fold are returned to the manu
facturer at a reduced rate. The railroads
set forth that they ought not to be asked
to become a party to a business transac
tion where the participants therein
showed poor judgment In ordering more
goods than they could dispose of and that
the railroads ought not to be compelled
to carry back the goods at a reduced
Protect School Children. . -State
Superintendent Delzel has issued
a circular letter to the school district
board of tiie state in which he calls for a
"conservation of the health of the chil
dren." He says:
A start has been made In the right di
rection. The drinking fountain and In
dividual drinking cup, the paper towel or
Individual towel ajje helps In the preven
tion of the spread of disease. The aboli
tion of the "waving of the germ Infected"
handkerchief in the Chautauqua or honor
salute should be brought about. Honor
could be bestowed as well by a wave of
the hand or a small white flag, or, better
still, by a small American flag
The sweeping of a school room without
Union Pacific Veterinarian Promul
gates Rules to Be Followed.
and one-half inches in circumference. oiled brooms, sweeping con. pound or an
Wheat and oats in that county are still
In the stack and little threshing lias
been done, but tne crop is good and will
make a good yield.
Most of tnese products were raised on
the farm of C. L. Barnes near
while the apples grew In an
owned by J. E. Walker.
South t-Mt Favors Taft.
Assistant Attorney Edgerton received j
this morning a letter from the south-1
western port on of the state asking for
information regarding speakers for the
national repu nacilbetlcktOl.. x
national republican tlckett. The letter Stanton on the 6.Z0 passenger with his
stated that there was a strong senti- prisoner. Clarence Montgomery, who Is
ment In the locality where the wlrter charged with stealing thirty-five
lived for President Taft and that the
Itoosevelt sentiment was dying out. He
thought thtat a few meetings in the
oiled floor Is one of the ways to scatter
disease germs. The town school floom
are mostly swept so as to eliminate the
scattering of dust. This should be care
fully attended to in all school rooms.
aisea on i f .
!S ! Alleged Live Stock
Thief Arrested by
Stanton Sheriff
STANTON, Neb., Sept. 23.-Speclal.)-Slioriff
James R. Stucker arrived In
Professor Experts to Dlagaose Dis
ease la Few Days, After Which
He Will Probably Soa
aest a I' a re.
1'rofessor Udall, the expert veterinarian,
broi.gr.t here from CornelUuniversity by
the Union Pacific to cope with the forage
disease prevalent among horses In the
central west, has issued a code of rules
looking to the prevention, but not to
the cure of the ep'demic. He has for
warded copies of them to Charles J.
Lane, general freight agent of the
Union Pacific. The rules:
Remove all litter and rubbish from
the barn yard cm toiral and from the
Thoroughly scrub out all water buckets,
troughs and tanks.
Disinfect all the premises and contain
ers by applying a. liberal application of
some re.iab'.e disinfectant, such as ordi
nary dip, 2 per cent, carbolic acid, lime,
or wholtewash.
rtemove all horses from their accus-
Are Announced by
the Conference
The concluding business of the Norwegian-Danish
Methodist conference that
ended Sunday evening was the announce
ment of the ass'gnment of the preachers
for the year. They are as follows:
The conference announced the appoint
ments of the pastors to the various
charges for the coming year as follows:
Minneapolis district Brighton, Nors
land and New Sweden, J. J. Wang:
Canby, Porter and Toronto, N Jacobsrn;
Deer Park and Forest, J. M. Beckstrom;
Denver, Colo. O. Kvlsgaard; Des Molm-s,
C. G. Gunderson; Eau Claire and Colfax,
Wis., G. Abrahamson; Forest City. Ia.,
M. L. KJeldstad; Fremont. Neb., William
R. Nordos: Glenvllle, Palmer and Hutch
inson, Mirtn, E. T. Siholiert; .Hartland,
Nortell and Viking. Diamond Bluff,
Wis.,B. Oakland; La Crosse and Arkdale,
Wis., A. Hermansen; Lake Lillian and
Greenville, Minn. A, Y. Gulbranen:
Lake Mills, la., A, Knudsen; Milan and
Watson. Minn., and Slsseton, S. D.. M.
i U Olsen; Minneapolis Bethany, H. A.
jofstle; Minneapolis First, P. M. Peter-
Red Willow County
Would Bring Back
Iron Company Head
tKrom a Staff Corre spondentl.
LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 23 -(Speclal).-Charles
. nfli-hle, county attorney of
Red Willow county, has applied to the
governor to make requisition on the gov
ernor of Indiana for J. K, Flnkelstetn,
president of the A. L. Greenburg iron
company, who, he says, attempted to
bribe W. N. Umlgers, one of the county
commissioners of that county. In th
awarding of a bridge contract. A check
fvr $150 was drnwn and offered to the
commissioner, so the papers In the case
set forth. It Is alieg'd that Flnkelsteln
Is at Terre Haute, Ind.
tomed feeding or graxlng places and; sen; Missouri Valley, la., A. G. Hofsted;
place them in the disinfected corrals and xewburg and Choice, Minn., and Locust,
la., I. T. Slaatte; Omaha, R. P. Petersen;
Alt .it-
!nf cattle from the pasture of J. H.
R,-.nnp a cattleman living Just north of !
After stealing the cattle, Montgomery
drove them north eighteen miles to Wln
he sold them to a butcher
i fnr twin lie rashed the check at Nor-
1'oltlK-al Sen II men Change. toi and went to Lexington in his auto
E. J. Robinson, examiner of county j m0blle. He left his machine at Lexing-
tieasurers, returned this morning from ! ton an(j took a train for South Dakota
portion of the state where he lived would
have a tendency to help the cause of the
a trip through the east, most of the time
being spent in Wisconsin, New Tork and
Pennsylvania. He says that a big change
is taking place in the political sentiment
In those states and that Colonel Roose-
where he visited with a relative, L. F.
Sides, a former resident of Stanton.
Sheriff Stucker tracked him to the home
of Sides, and when he got there found
that Montgomer had returned to Lex
barns. Feed these animals on green corn
fodder, green silage, oil-cake meal, or
any roughage that has been thoroughly
cured and Is free from dust. Sprinkle
dry roughage freely with lime water.
Provide dhnklng water free from any
possibility of contamination from stables
or corrals. Do not allow horses to
drink surface water. To the drinking
water add all the fresh sluked lime that
will go Into solution (lime water); or
add copper sulphate (blue vltioll in the
i proportion of a level teaspoonful to four
targe pails or water (about ten gallons).
Horses should be kept away from
d. leased animals and all articles, or
places that have come in direct contact
with the latter should be immediately dis
infected.' Horses should be kept from
pasture until cooler weather sets in.
Diseased horses should have a separate
attendant, and all water buckets and
other utensiis used for sick horses snould
he taken away from healthy animals.
Dead horses should be burned, or burled
deeply after being covered with lime.
Do not drench diseased animals, there
is no known cure. Do not use
vaccine, blakleg vaccine or tetan
Prof. Udall is now working In the!Sm'th Vndestad: Milwaukee, Wis., Lars
northern counties of Kansas and writes j C. Kuudson; Muskegan, Mich., Toryus
Mr. Lane that within a few days he hopes ! Olsen; Nenali, Waupaca and Williams
to diagnose the horse disease, after which burg, Wis., Eugene Nelsen; Norway and
he will be able, he thinks, to suggest a' Dwight, III., Oscar Bagne; Bethany and
i remedy that perhaps will be a cure. I Raclnc. Wis., August Berggren; Racine,
j Iti mflkinc A n-eeldv i-Annrt ti MAiiural ' Wis.. TrlllitV. Pall Hfl
Manager Holdrege of the Burlington, the an Manitowac, Wis., H. J. Week,
division superintendents, under Instruc- j Staughtan anil Madison. Wis., Gustaf
tlons, make an estimate of the losses s Muthisen.
throughout the state. ! Rc'I River Valley District-District su
it is stated that in the aggregate the ! Perintendent. J. Sanaker: Ashland and
losses in the state have been so great that I Washburn. Wis., Elliott Hansen; Crook
it will result in the normal acreage of and Halstad, Minn., John Lerentz;
winter wheat being cut 25 per cent on ! Douglas, N. D. Kund O. Brudvold; Du-
Rutland, la. William Jorgeusen; St.
Paul, F. L. Treslad; Vlborg, S. !., H.
Folkstad; Weslby and Richland, Wis.,
A. Green; Millvllle. Belvldere
Eidsvold, Minn., J. A. Jacoben.
Chicago District-Calumet, Mich.
W. Pedersnn; Cambridge, Wis.,
Hafstead; Chicago Bethany, Hans P.
Bergh: Chicago Bethel, Ncls C, Hansen.
Chicago City Mission, Frederick Mug;
Chicago Emmaus. Carl J. Rynnlng; Ch'
cago First Emanual, John C. Tallef.xen;
Chicago Kedzee Avenue, Curl W. Han
sen: Chicago Maplewood Avenue,. Ole K.
Wilson; Chicago Mollanand. Thorwald
W. Hauge; Evanston, 111., Oliver Hansen;
Kenesaw and Waukegan, Wis., Will Bau
niann; Inland and Lee. III.1, Edward
Ebersen Ludington. Mich., Alf Wathne;
antrax . Manistee, Mich., Andrew Erlcksen; Mar
118 an inette, tlreen Bay and DePue. Wis., Jens
velt is the chief loser thereby. A large i ir.gton to get his machine. Stucker left
for Lexington at once and arrestee; tne
young man just as he was gettfng ready
to start for South Dakota.
Montgomery acknowledged at once that
he had stolen the cattle. He is now in
the county jail awaiting his trial.
United Brethren
Ministers Assigned
AURORA. Neb., Sept. 23.-1 Special )
The West Nebraska annual conference
Of the United Brethren church closed
this evening with the various pulpits of
the city churches, occupied by the visiting
ministers. Bishop Weekley of Kansas
City preached yesterday morning at Ihe
United Brethren church to a large congregation.
The following appointments were made:
esidlng elder. S. M. Snider, Aurora;
gus, A. it. Caldwell: Aurora, winton
Beasley; Atlanta. Leona Mack; Bladen,
J. , D. Lynch; Bethel, S. S. Lemons;
Bayard, W. C. Clifton; Broken Bow. IS.
II. Spracklin: Broken Bow circuit. H. E.
Myers; Cotefield, A. P. Vanhiee; Elba, 3.
E. Darby; Gibbon, C. E. Harrington;
Hastings, J. E. Edwards; Elwood, to be
supplied; Hays Center. J. W. Gress,
Kearney, E. F. Wagner; Litchfield. T. Z.
Zike; Lamar, E. White; Merna. J. F.
Mower; Marquette. H. A. Strohl; Mc
Cook, to be supplied; Ord. S. Harvey:
Ortello. N. D. Essley; Pleaston, R. A.
Giles; Prairie Gem. L. L. Fppley; Rose
hind, J. B. Lynch: Shelton, W. G.
Rooker; Greeley Center. T. J. Parker:
Pleasant Hill. .1. W. Rollins: Zion, Paul
D. Porter; Peetz, J. Moson.
W. G. Arnold and Jennie Starkey were
appointed conference evangelists, J. A.
WeMer and Emma H. Weller professors
in .York college and J. C. Sydenham was
appointed American Sunday school missionary.
major ty of the business men of the
country are for President Taft and op
posed to either Roosevelt or Wilson.
"It is true,' said Mr. Robinson, in dis
cussing the stiuation. "that the men in
the mines and factor'es are for Mr
Roosevelt, or rather have been, but the
better thinking class are not nearly as
enthusiastic over the campaign of Teddy !
as they were. In fact, there is little i
enthusiasm for either side, but there
that it s the wrong time to make any
change. I wag especially struck with the
lack of enthusiasm for Mr. Roosevelt In
sections here- I had supposed that he
vould be eery strong."
Battalion Incorporates.
The Omaha provisional battalion of the
Nebraska National Guard is a new cor
poration filing articles with the secretary !
of state. The organization Is formed for
the purpose of building an armory for the
National Guard companies of Omaha, and
is incorporated fo;- $1,300 in 450 shares of
$10 each. The corporation is controlled
by a board of five directors, composed of
W. Edmund Bashi, Hennlng F. Elsasser,
Earl Strelcker, Dell F. Lough and Frank
C. Yates.
Adjutant I.IUlee Resigns.
The resignation of Captain Jerome A.
Llllie as adjutant of the First regiment
of the National Guard has been accepted.
Also the resignation of Lieutenant John
W. Burnett of M company of the Second
regiment at McCook. An election lias
been called to fill the latter vacancy.
Bly States Position.
George W. Bly of Crofton filed with the
secretary of state this morning a stated
nient that he would accept Statement No.
1, in reference to voting for United States
senator, as a candidate for representative
from the Seventeenth district.
Green Visits Nebraska.
Dr. John W. Green of the Minnesota
state university is spending a year study-
TECUMSEH. Neb., Sept. 23.-(Speclal.)-
On the Hh day of October the contract
for draining the Nemaha river, with
tributary creeks, In Johnson county, will
bp let. The drainage board has adver
tised for bids and there are many appli
cations for specifications as to the work.
As It Is the. Nemaha river wends Its way
through the county by traveling a dis
tance of some sixty miles. With the
! ditch cut through the county the length
Buiprise YoUTSelf by Buyiriff a 25cBotti ! of tne stream , will be less than thirty
Evsr See Anything
Like ZEHOfcr
Pimples? Ho, Never I
account of farmers not having the neces
sary teams with which to do their seed
ing. In the territory of the Omaha division
of the road the losses have been very
light, and none whatever in the extreme
west' end.
On the Lincoln division the losses have
been quite heavy. 123 horses having died
luth, Bethany, Carl A. Joransen; Du
luth, First, Edward Erlcksen.;, Elbow
Lake and Fergus Falls, N. D A. W.
Rosness; Grand Forks and Devil's Lake,
N. D Christian Olsen; Grantsberg. Wis.,
Ole Rohrstoff; Hayward. Wis., Hans M.
Holm; Wllisboip, N. D., Henry Danielsen;
Lander and Rugby. N. D., C. O. Chris
tiansen; Mayvllle and Romness, N. D.p
TECUMSEH. Neb.. Sept. 20. -(Special.
-The regular fall term of the district
court for Johnson count y convened in
Tecumseh today. The docket Is very
sma'l. l iero being but twenty-one ci II
and two crl-.nlr.nl c;'ses. The criminal
cases are the state against Charles Jones,
who is charged w'th a statutory offense,
his alleged victim beltu; Miss Leila Law
rence, and the the state against Wlnfield
Holden. Mr. Holden being chnrged with
assault upon a Sterling man. Holden Is a
very wealthy farmer and lives near Burr.
A new and Important civil case tocome up
for consideration Is Drainage District No.
1 of Johnson county. Nebraska, against
the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 'Rail
road company. The railroad company
cannot agree upon the matter of drainage
of the Nemaha river along Its road In this
county. Judge' J. B. Rnper of Tawneo
City will preside and the petit jury will
be in service.
requistionIssued FOR
Wag onload of Plunder Carted Away
from Goodrich Stock.
Police Secure Confession and Find a
Trial. Fall of Merrhnndlse In
the Home of Une of the
Von us' Men.
LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 2.1. -Governor
Aldrlch today Issued a requisition for J.
R. Finkelstein. president of the Terre
Haite, Ind., iron company, who Is charged
with having attempted to bribe W. N.
Rodgers. a county commissioner at Mc
Cook, Neb. It is alleged Finkelstein of
fered the official $100 for his Influence In
awarding bridge contracts to the defend
ant's company.
Lloyd Ingraham Now
Poses for the Movies
A wagon load of stolen toilet articles
and patent medicines were recovered by
the' police this morning In the room of A.
G. Gilbert, 140fi Douglas street. Gilbert
was arrested shortly after midnight with
a suitcase full of the articles.
When taken to the stilion lie admitted
he had a trunk full of merchandise which
he had stolen from the Goodrich Drui
company and gave the names of Walter
Brown, 1514 William street: Charles
Kcsliy. 2iM Wirt street, and George An
derson, H2i North Seventeenth street, :is
his accomplices. The three boys were ar
rested this morning.
Systematic Itohtierj.
Gilbert when arrested confessed to t
systematic robbery Sunday of the drug
company. He said he made arrangements
with the other three boys, who are em
ployed by the Goodrich company to open
the door of the store. Early yesterday
morning the four made away with sev
eral baskets of toilet articles. In the
afternoon operations ceused and Gilbert
took all the articles to his room on Doug
las street.
Not satisfied with the haul he had al
ready made Gilbert returned to the stole
last night with a suitcase and filled it
with plunder. He was passing Fifteenth
and Farnam streets and was seen by Of
ficer M. E. Anderson, who thought Gil
bert was acting suspicious and placed
htm under arrest.
Members of the Goodrich Drug com
pany appeared at police headquarters and
Identified the articles as their property. A
charge of grand larceny was placed
against Gilbert, but the officials of tin
company did not wish to press the
charges against the other three boys and
charges of petty larceny waa lodged
against them. Gilbert is in jail and the
other three are out on bonds of $150 each,
County Charge Tries
to Commit Suicide
Ruby Sinter, an inmate of the county
poor farm, attempted to destroy heri-eif
this afternoon. She procured two ounces
of carbolic add, which she swallowed
with serious, but probably not fatal re
sults. The drug was taken at Tenth and
Paclflo streets, where she fell exhausted
aeioss the street car tracks. She was
tnken back to the hospital.
In Seward county; 200 in the. vicinity or nans u. jacoosen; tuperior, wis., Gideon
Stromsburg. York county, and In .Colfax j Olsen; Valley City and Daliey. N. D
county 3 per cent of all the horses. In 'Alexander Andreason; Virginia, Minn.,
Hall and Hamilton counties losses are j Knud Winberg; Warren and Stephen,
reported as heavy, but no figures are j Gustav Kvisgaard.
given. The town of Sutton reports juu
horses having died in the vicinity; Falr-
"Good gracious, look at that! Did
you ever see such a difference In a
few hours! ZEMO Is certainly a mar
Tel U tbere ever was one," This la
miles. Tt is thought that thousands of
acres of farm land lying along the
river and creeks, which are now subject
to overflow and crop loss, will be en
tirely reclaimed.
what ron will gay after your flnt trial
of the new remedy, ZEMO.
ZEMO ia a clear liquid, you Just rob
It on the akin, it sink right la After
a few applications, you are astounded
to see every pimple, every blotch, all
eczema sores, ecxema pain and itchtnr.
blackheads, prickly heat and ash sim
ply vanish. Prove It conclusively at a
cost of only a few cents.
You never saw anything- In your life
act like ZEMO on inflamed or reddened
sl-lh, sores, cuts or bruises, and on dan
druff. It mokes the skin feel g'orlomly
fresh, too, especially after shaving.
ZEMO Is sold at drug stores. In k.' cent
and 11 bottles, or sent direct, on re
ceipt of price, by E. W. Bose Medlc:e
Co., SL Louis, Mo. Just try a 2S-ct
bottls first, and then when you find out
what a wonder It is. get a 11.00 bot
tle which contains six times as muck
as the 25-cent bottle.
ZEMO is sold in Omaha and guaran
teed by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.,
Cor. 16th and Dodge, 16th and Harnev.
2th and Farnam Sts.; Loyal Pharmacy,
--9 No. 16th St
BEAVER CITY, Neb., Sept. 23. -(Special
Telegram). Mrs. Walter Cornell,
wife of a prominent farmer, nine miles
northwest of this city, committed suicide
this afternoon. Her lifeless body was
found suspended to the telephone by a
towel, the discovery being made by chil
dren on their way from school. Two
children of Mrs: Cornell, one i years
and the other six months old, were in
the room with their dead mother. Ap
parently they had been asleep at the
time of their mother's death, and the
father was in the field close by. No
reason can be given for the deed except
that a year ago Mrs. Cornell accidentally
shot the old child through the head and
It had since been paralysed as a result.
Table Rock Notes.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Sept. 2S.-(Spe-cial.)
C. M, Martin, a business man of
this place, who came here about six
months ago from Fremont county, Iowa,
has made a voluntary assignment for the
benefit of his creditors. Sheriff Raper of
Pawnee City is in possession of the store.
Mr. Martin places his liabilities at $1,600
and his resources at 11,000.
James Chlttick, who lives a few miles
south of here, reports an average yield
of thirty-seven bushels of wheat per
acre from his 1212 crop. One eight-acre
field yielded forty-two bushels per acre,
The wheat is all bf an excellent quality.
mont, 100, and Hastings tweniy-nve. ine
on the lines northwest of Aurora report
twenty-five to thirty-five horses having
died in the immediate vicinity of each.
On the Wymbre division the towns ;
from Strang west to Holdrege, and in !
Clay, Nuckolls, Fillmore, Webster and j
Franklin counties report from fifty to 100 j
horses in the country immediate and j
tributary to each. ,;
On the McCook division the losses have
been- quite general, and between Red
Cloud and Orleans, in the Republican j
river valley, farmers have lost more j
than 600 horses. j
Treatment for Disease Fatal. j
RED CLOUD, Neb., Sept. 22.-A wide
spread warning has been sent out from
Red Cloud that practically all of the ,
horses that have been vaccinated for the
new disease are dying. AVell posted
horsemen say that a targe number of
animals have been vaccinated with the
virus used in treating blackleg in cattle
and that all that have thus been treated
are dead or dying. The disease itself Is
dying out in this vicinity.
I Horse Disease Dying- Onl.
LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 23.-State Vet
erinarian Bostrom and E. T. Davidson
of New York, expert In the service of
the bureau of animal Industry of the
Department of Agriculture, declare in a
report made here today that the horse
disease in Nebraska is dying out.
They say that in some counties as high
as 60 per cent of the animals affected
are .recovering and that the disease Is
less virulent In form.
They report that many well horses have
been vaccinated with black leg virus by
farmers and have died from this cause.
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
Lloyd Ingraham, who for many sea
sons delighted stock audiences In the
local theaters, has joined the fast swell
ing ranks of the motion picture Industry.
Mr. Ingraham had for the last two
seasons been connected with one of the
stock organizations of the Pacific ooast.
A flattering offer from the 1'nlversal
Film company caused his transfer to the
"canned drama." where he Is doing
character work with the I'nlveraal peo
ple's California company. Harry Pollard
and Marguerite Fischer, who played
leads In the old Ingraham stock com
pany In this city, arc also members of
the same company.
Adams Express company has appealed
to the district court from County Judge
Crawford's decision that a dismantled
I and crated airship may be expressed at
merchandise rates. The decision was
made In the case of the company
against George E. Yager, who shipped
the plane from Peoria, III.,, to Albany,
Mo. The agent charged the merchandise
rate, $8.75. The company asserted the
airship rale, f.15, should have been
charged. W. H. Hatteroth, attorney
for the company, said the appeal must
be taken because unless every effort
to collect the fcli rate Is made the
Interstate Commerce commission may
prosecute the company for discriminates.
lajnred la Fire
or bruised by a fall, apply Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve. Cures burns, cuts, wounds,
bolls, sores, ecsema. piles. Guaranteed.
2fic. For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
t U
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Sept. 23.-(Spe- ;
clal.) President J. Leschlnsky and his j
local assistants have everything In readi
ness for the annual convention of the
Nebraska Photographers' association,
which will take place In this city on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The
replies of members Indicate that there
will be a large attendance for the In
structive and entertaining, program ar
ranged. Coupled with the convention
there will be the usual contests and ex
hibits In the various processes of photog
raphy with suitable prizes to the suc
cessful exhibitors.
The hall will be opened for the placing
of exhibits early Tuesday morning. No
exhibits will be received after noon of
that day. The convention opened In the
afternoon with addresses of welcome and
responses and lectures by J. C. Abel and
Nate A. Corning. On Tuesday evening
there will be a concert and dancing party
at the large hall of the Plattdeutsche so
ciety, the concert being largely by local
talent, and including a chorus of about
100 voices, under the direction of Prof.
Seebohm. On Wednesday morning there
will be various demonstrations, including
the photographing of the convention. In
the afternoon an outing and field sports
will be given the delegates. Thursday
morning's program Is devoted to further
demonstrations and -a lecture by J. C.
Abel, and the afternoon to reports of
committees, the transaction of all new
and old business and the election of of
ficers and fixing the place for the next
convention. In the evening there will be j
a banquet at the Palmer house with the
awarding of the trophies.
The officers of the association are J.
Leschlnsky. Grand Island, president; W.
H. Thorne, York, vice president; W. M.
Ball, Beaver City, second vice president;
O. F. Sothman, Ravenna, secretary; A,
Anderson, Wahoo, treasurer.
If you are burdened by the high cost of living, if you sometimes
worry about the way things are going, read "The Remedy,"
by Thomas W. Lawson. It begins in the October number of
Everybody's Magazine. '
It has the brilliancy of a headlight, the power of a Mogul
engine. Nothing since "Frenzied Finance" has touched
it.' But where "Frenzied Finance" tore down, "The
Remedy" builds up.
Mr. Lawson will describe the Stock Exchange device by means
of which the masses are regularly separated from their share
of national prosperity.
He will show how the device works; how the barefaced rob
bery is pulled off. Having shown it in words as cold as steel,
he will illustrate and drive home his points with true tales as
glittering as the Arabian Nights.
Then he will show you the simple, sane, legal way to stop it.
We believe this wonderful man from Boston has his finger on
the sore spot in our communify life.
7e believe he is absolutely sincere.
We believe in his Remedy.
I7e are going back to him.
We ask you to join.
If you want to make sure of getting the October number of
EVERYBODY'S MAGAZINE, get it quickly.
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copy of EVERYBODY'S, tell him to write direct to the Publisher m Newt
Company, New York.
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