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Uil', UMj: x,.nxxiiAt WKDNESUAl, UG10BEB 30, 11)12.
u7n7T.1 UY HUWAIUl HOiiBtV ATt-.lt.
hntete it Omaha ivetoifiee n icOomJ-
Juts mat.er.
"TiTT; ij iif annir'flIP'fiON.
. inti'tki . - -
Sunda Uee. one year -"
inturJaj Bee, on ear ''
Dally Bee iwttbout Sundayl, on year.JJ W
Dal, Bei and Sunday. XVi7- '"
Krer.-ru and Sunday, ner month. . .... .
hver.ng without Sunday. pr month..o
baiiy l (Including Sunday, per mo.
Mally Bee (without Sunday), per
Address all .omplaints or irregularities
deinery to City Circulation Dept.
l'.cmlt by draft, expren 01 postal oraer,
ay.b.e Y? The ' I'UIns puuy.
6nly 2-cent stamps leceived
of .mail account.. Personal Phck. ex
tept on Omaha and sajttrn exchange, not
Omaha -The life building.
Bojth Omaha-Ml N at
, rcl limits--14 No. Main St.
' Lincoln-M Uttle u!l1lnB
I 'i.caco-lWJ Marquette bu'MihiC.
Kiuiii Clt--lU)llani bulWInB.
New York-M Wat Twcnty-thlid.
fit. Loul-2 Frisco bul dine. y
co it j i nai'oN vase b.
YV"--Z.,t n new. anu
oramuni.non. .-- .-- ttrtdrc.d
fdttorml matter
The U . "", hV rii
!n7 "MonVh oV 'pVntr.
-.rc U.J
my presence and w'n
1st day ot October. UU.
llOliUllT HUNT!".
Circulation ---
Subscribed In my praMi
i, before mo this 1st day o
IS.a.., "Notary Public
oulisorlber. le-rlnu the
temporarily . h"7
nee n.HMr.1 to them. Address
"ni he ch.n...t - often . -quested.
Nebraska living Irony ot plenty.
Even socialists adrult that Taft la
the only man for president.
Uccker doubtless would favor tho
rocall of at least ono decision.
jt takes as long to build an Inter
urbon railway as a power canal on
There Is something approaching a
concession to sanity In tho 1912
woman's hat.
DaltlmoroanB are busy with their
buckwheat cakea and havo no tlmo
ow for politics.
1 This Is tho open season for making
jstimates. You can go aB fitr aB you
llko. Thero Is no limit.
Having bottled 'young Dlaa. Mu
dero Is now considering whether ho
ought to plcklo him or not.
If tho Dalkan war continues It
may bo difficult to discover tho sub
limity of tho Bubllmo Porto.
Next Tuesday tho American pooplo
will uphold ''the wlso custom which
limits tho president to two terms."
Short ballot advocates will find
much support for their causo around
tho polls In Omaha on Tuesday next.
That Indian summer sun molted a
confession out of tho coal men that
thero would not bo a famine, after
Indian summer also helps out tho
public works contractor who has dal
lied during tho regular summer sea
son. "Dress prqclalms tho woman,
eays a femlnlno spaco writer. Yes and
ofton her husband proclaims him
broke. -
The boarding houBO world will
glory In the Jshunk of the- Chicago
man who wont to Jail rathor than
cat hash.- -,-
Reports dt Infantile paralysis
among Alaskan Eskimos suggdst tho
fear of exterminating that new raco
of blondes.
Governor WlUon has demonstrated
that ho can sew on a button, but can
ho mako a ten-penny nail tako tho
place ot ono?
That Chicago bulldog was evi
dently a visitor, as Indicated by his
modesty In nqt leaving his namo and
address at tho police, station.
The lnterurban railroad gnmo In
Omaha Is beginning to tako ou signs
of life ouco more. Here Is a splendid
chance to put Bomo ot Omaha's sur
plus capital to work for tho city.
It Is well to remombor that tho
business of which, this country is so
proud has been erected under rc
publcan administration on the wreck
f a magnificent prosperity loft by
Iho democrats. Do not forget this,
Another visitor In Omaha has
noted tho deficiency in street car'
service, which might be suppled by
putting on owl cars. But what the
visitor says is tamo compared to the
tommont residents' of tho village have
for a long time Indulged concerning
this condition.
Tho ebullient bull moosors havo
parceled out the votes of the coun
try very deftly, granting to the big
bull moose not only the lion's share,
but most of the share that would
ordinarily fall to tho others. When
they have fully sated themselves with
this amusement, they may find relief
by looking up what happened to
"Harry Hotspur" and Mb coadjutors
when they divided England among
In Event of Contingency.
The serious Mines of Vlco Presi
dent Sherman Is natuiRlly disquiet
ing, and, notwithstanding the assur
anco of his physicians that his con
dltlon Ih net critical, forcos people to
ask tho question, what would hnppon
If ho should die before tho election,
or afterwards, releasing electoral
vote commlttod to htm?
Our history reveals Instancos
where it similar exigency wbh pre
sented, the votes being cast according
to personal preference of presidential
electors. Thls'was so .do no, however,
becauso tho votos would not have
determined tho result, whereas
should tho victorious party lose one
of ita candidates nomu moans would
hnvo to bo found to bring about an
agreement upon tho auccesKor, and
center tho electornl votes rathor than
permit thorn to bo scattered. The
nominating convention could bo re
convened, or the presidential, electors
could bo assembled for a conference
In advance of tho dato for their meet
ings In tho respective states. A way
out would bo (illicitly fbrthcdmUig wo
may all rest assured.
The Tariff Commission.
HcgardlcBS of. the outcome ot tho
cloctlon and tho political complexion
of tho next congress, congress
should continue the tariff commis
sion, elaborating Its powers so ns to
mako It more efficient J'resldont
Taft urg'l tho creation of tho com
mission and stands upon a platform
committed to It. Colonel Koosovelt
advocated tho principle some years
ago and It would bo difficult for his
party to reconollo nny opposition to
It. Qovornor Wilson, on tho other
hand, might go wltb. tho democrats
In opposing It If ho permitted par
tisanship to guldo him. t ho listened
to tho domand of the pcoplo, we fool
sure, ho would do what ho could
to contlnuo the commission'.
' Tho country unmistakably favors
sclontlflo tariff revision. How Is It
posslblo oxcopt through tho commls
slon plan? In New York a movo-
ment hus boon sot on foot to sccuro
tho permanency of this nchiovemont
of tho Taft administration, This
movement contemplates a forcible
appeal to tho party elected not to go
back to tho oh! haphazard method of
tariff tlnkorlng, hut to contlnuo tho
modertt, systematic plan. If this ap
peal Is mado forcible enough It Will
bring results, no matter who wins
next Tuesday.
For County Assessor.
The republican noinlneo "(or as
sessor, Harry O. Couhsman, should
havo tho votes of all who want tho
high standing, of that office main
tained. Mr. Counsman Is an Omaha-
bom boy, ,of ono of our pioneer
families, Ho hns grown up with
Omaha, nml knows every foot of
ground on which It hua been built.
Ho served as deputy assessor under
two assessors, and has shown hlm
solf painstaking, accommodating and
off Iclont. His competency to perform
tho work dovolvlng 6n the county as
sessor will not bo questioned.
Our Oil Supplies.
According to prosa roports, tho
Standard Oil company has notified
ludustrlos In and about Chicago
(doubtless olsowhero), of n discon
tinuance In the supply ot oil tor fuel
which will necessitate making over
burners for coal and other fuol at
great expense. Tho' order has been
construed by some as nn Indication
that our oil sources tiro beginning to
wane,, but it la difficult to Justify
such a construction In Iho light ot
dovolopnlent going on lii some west
ern states, '.particularly California,
whore, in tho faco of prodigious out
puts, tho oil industry is said to be
only In, Its Infancy. ,Now fields are
constantly being opened up and tho
yield Is constantly Increasing. Call
forntans will toll you, not without
reason, that they have hardly tapped
tholr Bourccs of BUpply. Texas Is still
producing on a largo scalo and
Wyoming will do so, It Is believed, as1
soon as tho time comes. Tho con-
sumption ot fuel oil as well as. all
other kinds, ot course, increases Miss Maud Mnionc, the fighting suf
tremendously. Tho auto Induetry frngette of lirooktyn, Is to bo treated
nlonn makes an immense draft unon
oil; ships and trains are using It, so
aro various kinds of manufactories , inomorlHl , Winchester cathe-
and it is being devoted to highway drat. Erven fishermen get to b though
Improvement. All this Is apparent,! of saints, when they've been dead
but It Is not apparent, nor easily bo-l,onir nuh'
lleved, that any approach has boon! A Cincinnati man. suing for a divorce.
, , . i.. ..,!.-
mado toward the exhausting ot sup -
Piles. '
Lancaster county eloctlon officials
are beginning to find out what their
Douglaa county brethren have known
for a long time that tho pay Is not
enough for the work, Three dollars
a day Is a good price In n country
precinct whero only fifteen or twenty
j votes nre cast, but in a populous city
district whero several hundred voters
aro preparing the eight-foot ballot,
the labor of an election official Is far
beyond Us present compensation.
The democrats are presenting
"questions for tho wagoworker." Tho
real question for -the wageworker In
tho present cumpaigu Is to recall
what happened to him under tho last
democratic national administration,
and then determine whether ho cares
to risk'a return to those conditions.
The bothers Plnchot are going to
do their best to be In on the ground
floor when It falls. Amos Is running
for congress and Clifford for secre
Jtary of tho .Interior,
ooktai Backward
IksD&v Omaha
tOMPULCD )kom nt,e
. .. . OCT.-flO.
Thirty Vrarn Atfo
A beautiful water color painting of Mrs.
Langiry I exhibited in Iloipe's window.
J. D. , Cook of Toledo, consulting en
gineer of tho Omaha water works, is In
tho city.
Mr, CroWnland, a clerk In the Now York
clothlruf store, Is tho happy father of a
twelve-puund boy.
H. N. Mello has been appointed general
agent of tho tflate Mutual Aid asaoUa
tloti of Columbus, O.
Uy coincidence tho 'names drawn on the
federal grand Jury Included Governor
Dawe. cx-Ooverhor J. Hterllni- Morton
and ex-Oovornor David llutler, aJona
wlth other notables. "
Tho question of paving Tenth street
held tho boards at a sieclat meeting of
tho city council, which passed a resolu
tion Instructing tha Hoard of inibllc
Works to let tho contract to the lowest
bidder on Sioux Falls granite. The Hoard
of I'ubllo Works, howsver, postponed
action. '
The republican county convention in tha
council chamber Is deicrlbtfd as a "po
litical pundotnonuuii." The tlckot nom
inated Included Charles 8. Dewey and W.
J. Connell for state senators ami Fred "W.
a ray, John Chrlstopherson, Ia M. Den
nett, W. J. lironlcU, Henry Sussenbach,
.To.cpli Taylor, J. It. Clarkson and lrank
Colpetxcr for representatives. J. P.
Q ileal ey was nowlhated for county cam
mlssloner. THcnty Vcnrs Ago
Church Howe of Auburn was In the
city, stopping at the Paxton.
Jlnv Mr. 'Pulton, who preached In
First Itaptlst chbrch, was prevailed ipon
to remain In the city And conduct a
cries of nightly meetings In that church,
Fifteenth and Davenport streets,
Hans Albert, who had played In a
church concert at Vtn Molnos a few
nlghU before, was proudly exhibiting a
copy of a Des Moines paper which said.
"Mr. Albert was superb, as ho always
ltov. W, 1. Murray, the new pastor of
Hanscom Park Methodist church soka
at tha Young Men's Christian association
4 o'clock afternoon mooting. Itcv. Mr.
Murray whs a very young man, but very
tamest and Interesting.
The funeral service, of Ferdinand
.Schmidt was held In tho afternoon at
his home, Stl Bouth Ninth street, burta)
being In Iropect Hilt. Mr. Schmidt was
22 yeurs of ago and had lived most of his
lle In Omaha. Ho was a veteran fire
man and members of tho Veteran Fire
men's association attended trio funeral.
Ten Years Ago
The city council unanimously approved
Mayor Moores appointment of Victor
Itosowater and W, J. Hunter to act with
'fax Commissioner Fleming to form tho
board of review.
Quy C. Itarton declined to serve as
president of the Auditorium company
and tho place was left between Qurdon
W. Wattles and Fred A. Nash, to be set
tled by" tho board of directors.
Mr, and Mrs. Ocorgo V. LInlngor ar
rived In Omaha from Europe, whero they
hod been tw6 months. They had con
templated a longer tour, but Mrs. U mu
tter's 111 health did not- permit It.
II. J. Heannoll, private secretary to W.
A. Paxton, and MUs Hello Trumbull were
united In matrimony at flt, John's Col
legiate Catholic church at 8:30 a. in. A
breakfast followed tho ceremony at thi
home of tho bride's stater, Mr ft Lyto
Caldwell, 3010 Webster street.
Tho new building of the Omaha Theo
logical seminary wns formally opened
with special exercises, a- ery largo num
ber ot friends attending. President M.
H. !wrlo hud charge of the ceremonies
and presented nv. Dr. William U
MoEwan ot Pittsburgh, pastor of the
Presbyterian church, to which the
Thaws belonged. Mrs. Thaw was one! of
the largo donors to tho seminary. Others
on tho program were Ilav. A. H. Mar
shall, D, D., ot Dcs Molnos, president or
tho board of directors, and President
8. H. McCormlck of Coo college, Coditr
Ilaplds, Ja... formerly pastor of tho First
ire.bytortan chUrcli. Omaha.
People Talked About;
Tha silled '-bands of tho Balkans are
furnishing Um ragtime - for tho latest
Version of tho Turkey trot. , ,
October financial reports from' political
treasuries show that the dough-dough,
housh badly crippled, is not quite ex
it net.
Tq make tho punishment fit tho crime
In tha case of General Felix Dlax, tho.
court-martial should sentence him to M
slapped on th wrl.t.
n" cranh- whloh "p from b'" rt
tho safe and sane plane of a martyr.
uiiru "ii Willi ibkiiik inn iuibc
w.v wl(h ,,r nllrt ,,, ,hm
herself. It la smalt wonder he made, a
poor mouth about It.
A St. Louis company "let George do
It" and Oeorge did the creditors good
and plenty, A schedule of liabilities of
the Ferguson-McKlmtey Dry Goods com
pany filed In the bankruptcy court by
George W, Adams foots up $300,000, la
the asset column George lists his clothe".
but reminds creditors that wearing m
parel Is exempt.
The daughter or former Senator Cock
rcl Of Missouri, now Mme, Coromllax,
wife of the acting premier of Greece,
has been appointed representative of the
American Itod Crosa society In caring
for wounded soldiers of the Or eel an
army, This Is an admirable Indication
of Missouri uplift. Hitherto the state's
contribution to foreign wars consisted ot
Tho St. Louts newsboy Julius ruth,
who set out In 1R37 to .walk around the
world, setms to have been walking ever
since. Ha stopped at the White House
the other day to have his voucher signed,
and modestly claimed 97.O0O mil, to
date, or about -enough to take him to
the moon and back, and It has cost him
fi: pairs ot shoes. Part ot his trawls
have ot courto been mado by water,
but he walks IS hours a day on ship
board and la allowed halt the steamer's
mileage, which la tlberuli
Callaway Queen: One of the biggest
and best advertisements for the state ot
Nebraska ever jirrxlm-ed.
Juniata Herald: Tha Omaha life's
huge Development number last Sunday
was n big cyclopedia of Nebraska's
greatness in every way.
fltromsbiirg Hp'Oilllght: The Omaha Dec
lost Sunday Issued a Nebraska Develop
ment edition, whloh Is a great stroko ot
enterprise and a good advertisement lor
Hastings Tribune: Almost anything you
desire to ascertain about Nebraska can
b found In The Omaha He Development
number, which, by tho by, Is Just llko
tho Nebraska, wheat crop a bumper.
Gandy I'loneer: The Omaha Hee's re
view of Nebraska and Its developments
In a fine magazine and contains many
surprises even to old pioneers concern
ing tho wealth and resources ot our
great state.
Hed Cloud Advertiser: The "Develop
ment Edition" of the Omaha Dee was a
crackerjark, and will bo worth many
thousands of dollars to this stato In
showing up the mnny advantages of this
great commonwealth.
Alma llecord: The Nebraska Develop
ment number of The Dec Is a thing of
beauty and will bo a Joy forever because
It will be carefully preserved and handed
down from generation to generation on
account of Its historical value.
O'Neill Indeiondcnt: Tho Omaha Deo's
Nebraska Development number Is cer
tainly an tho namo Implies. It is filled
irom cover to cover with valuablo In
formation about Nebraska and overv man
should send to The Heo office In Omaha
una secure a copy,
Tekamnh Journal: Lust
Omaha tleo Issued as a supplement what
it tormed a Development nnmber. It was
all tho product of The Heo office and waa
thoroughly Illustrative of what Tho Heo
enn put out. If you failed to get a copy
you ougiu to have one.
Vordlgre Citizen: The Omaha Hce pub
lished a "Nebraska Development Number"
In magazine form. This number Is pro
fusely Illustrated and contains flno de
scriptions of tho state of Nsbraska and
speaks of the resources and tha future
possibilities ot tho best state In tho unton.
Kearney Hub: The Omaha Uee's Ne
braska Development number strikes high
water mark, which Is tho rulo with what
ever Tho Heo touches. This beautiful
magazine edition of The Heo will be pre
served by all who aro Interested In Ne
braska and In Omaha, the state's chief
commercial city.
Hebron Champion: The Omaha Bee
should feel honored; tha men 'who as
sisted should feel honored, and the men
whose faces and manuscripts appear
therein should feel doubly honored In be
ing Instrumental In and having a' placa
upon the pages of the greatest paper
over Issued In the state.
Omaha Chancellotr The magazine Is
undoubtedly u great credit to Tho Heo
and to the slat, nnd It wll be a great
boost for this commonwealth, for - It lit
being sent nil over tho country In largo
numbers. It reveals the advantages of
this stale so well that nono can fait to
appreciate what a- great place Ne
braska Is.
St Paul Itepubllcah: The Nebraska
Dovojopment number of Tho. Omaha Boo
waa, one ot the best advertisements for
Nebraska which has over been gotten out
by. any nowspnihar. The Beo went, to a
groat deal of pxnetiso to compile the data
required in an, cdljlon of that kind and
anyone who Is really Interested In the de
velopment of Nebraska should send a
few numbers' to their friends back. east.
Fremont Trlhuno: Thn Omaha Bee did
Itself proud and Its city and tho stute
o notable service In tho publication last
Sunday ot a Development edition of ISO
pages. It was In all rospecta a highly
creditable, contribution to tho fund of
Information It Is necessary for Nebraska
to sprciul before tho world In order to- set
forth Itsolf In Its truo aspect. It was
an extraordinary newspaper achievement.
Goring Courier: Tho Omaha Beo has Just
Issued what It termed n Nebraska "devel
opment number." and It may be said that
Its lep pages contain ono of.' tho most com
prehensive bunches of publicity for Ne
braska as H is and as it may be which
has been IssUod for many years. It was
creditable, Comprehensive and convinc
ing, and should fi&vo a wldo circulation.
Among thoso who were asked to con
tribute a mite .tq. tho- contents of this
Issue was . the edltdr of this, sheot. and
at some later dato we will reprint It.
Shelton Clipper: The Omaha Bee and
the Kearney Hub each got out a special
edition Sunday which was termed their
"development, number." The Omah Boa
was In magastne form .and waa sent to
.each subscriber, and contained about Uo
pages of ths progress of Nebraska and
Its existing conditions It was printed In
neat form and Is quits . souvenir. The
Hub's edition was In newspaper form
and was more for the advertising of
Kearpey Itself than waa The Beo for Nebraska-
In general. Both papers are to
be complimented upon editing such a
tiumber for'tliWr subcrlbers,
Wood PJrer Sunbeam: The Omaha
Beo issued' a master utroKt r .
way of boom editions the best ever
gotton oiit Ih 'the state. It was In
.book form und , contain wl 200 or more
I pages of Uluatrutlbha and matter dascrlp
ttyo of .Nebraska's resources. Nearly ev.
ery comnumlty lrv tho state Is reproi
sented' In the) exhaustlvp write-up, and
our own town Is. briefly mentioned. Tho
I people of Omaha and Nebraska In gen
eral should appreciate this loyalty to
nqrao Institutions on the part of the Hee,
and should- uaco .the edition In every
.schoolhouso and, publ(o library of the
'state, '
A Tlmplyi. Correction.
Houston Post.
Ella Wheeler , Wlloox says It Is tho
love ot peace '"that causes so many mar-
t V -'r w vi. Not
exactly the love--of peace, Dear Mrs.
i it"u. o. wui.
.V t.oi.' -n1i1itp I'recedrnl.
' -' Indiuha'polia News.
j Of counw,. tho decision or the Iowa su
' preme court that the shoe shiners, and
i not tha boss of the shop, get the. tips
establishes a commendable precedent, but
withal it li bard to believe that the
shiners, will; hereafter have a cinch on
the' largess.
AutoaTiittlnir Swath.
I St. Louis 'Globe-Democrat.
Reports reaching railway pasaenger
agents from rnany, points Indicate that
the automobile Is cutting down railway
passenger receipts In rural districts. And
In the cities. It Is cutting down people
who might live to pay fares. "With th
railway corporations as welt as the
masses against them automobiles may yet
have a hard road to travA
An Assistant Democrat.
rttSfNO CITY, Neb., Oct. 27.-To the
Editor Of The nee: I see that Mr. Hoosc
vclt Is stilt claiming that the republicans
stole the nomination from him at Chicago.
Now, I would like to know how they
could steal a thing from ltlm that he
never Had. ft looks to me as though Mr.
Roosevelt, tho man who withdrew from 1
the republican party after he went into j
its convention, and was defeated, is un- I
grateful to the American people, and tho
republican party, that made him great.
Ho ought to name his party the New
Democratic Aid society.
I'lnns for Omaha.
OMAHA. Oct. 23. To the Editor of The '
Beo: In The Bee I camo upon an article '
headed "Hans for Omaha" which went
on to gtvo an account of a meeting ot
the Commercial club and some very abla
speeches by various members. But it
strikes mo that In planning for a Greater
Omaha that some or all of your Com
mercial ctub have lost sight of some ot the
small things which Impress tho stranger
while stopping for a time In your city. I
will mention some which struck me very
A few evenings ago t was coming cast
On Union Pacttlo train No. H. We were
delayed a short time a short distance
west of Elkhorn and arrived a few min
utes late I o'clock Instead of 12:25 o'clock,
I had fallen In with a friend who resides
In Omaha and he Insisted that I spend
tho night at his beautiful homo In the
West Farnsm district, an Invitation I
gladly accepted. Together we met an
acquaintance ot his who 'was preparing
to leavo for Chicago. We visited for a
few mlnatcs and then proceeded to my
friend's home, when, lo, not an auto was to
Ixj had. Bvery one had been pressed Into
scrvlco to take belated passengers up
I remarked that It was ot no con
sequence; we could tako tho street car,
for .he had told me the car line ran
within a block of his home. I was sur
prised to recclvo the reply that there
waa no ear service at that- hour. "Why.
certainly you have an owl car In a city
of 200.000 Inhabitants?" "No, nothing
dplng after 12:41 o'clock from the Union
station." "But what do the people do
who como In on the lato trains?" "Oh,
they take cabs or wait until the cars
commence to run." "What time In the
morning Is that?" "Five a. m." But I
continued; "How about the people who
cannot afford cabs; thp train employes,
for Instance?" For the conductor had
told me he lived In the northwestern part
of the city. "Oh, they walk, or if they
llvo out too far they stay at the depot
until morning."
A city of 200,000 people and no car ser
vice after 13 o'clock!
Just affew evenings nfer this? I hav
ing extended my visit over Sunday, my
friend and myself repaired to the Union
station to meet hla daughter who was
coming In on the Chicago-Rock Island
train No. , This train was a few min
utes late and we waited in the station
until It arrived at 1:20 o'clock, and waa
confronted with the Information that
there was no elevator running to the
street. "We still have tho stairs," I
Jokingly remarked, whon I was informed
that hot so; we were compelled tq stum
ble through the dark and mud together
with some thirty other belated people to
the roadway In the rear of the building.
nnd this a Union station in a city ot
200,000, oil on account of some official
putting out the order to lock the front
doors after 1:30 o'clock In the morning.
Now ( wUh to ask If these are not .
conditions which your Commercial club
should look Into? No night cars, a Union
station closed against the people who
may come to It when not Informed on
thp exact schedule ot trains, and the
stranger goos away with no very favor
able Impression of your city and Its
commercial management.
St. Louis Globe-DcmQcrat: The fact
stands out clearer and clearer, the far
ther tho investigation goes, that the har
vester trust has never contributed any
thing toward an election of William II.
Indianapolis News: It didn't take Can
ada long to discover that the United
Shoo Machinery company was a bad
trust, and perhaps If wp were to con
centrate our attention on It wo might,
do as well.
Houston Post.' Even It 15,000 republican
postmasters have been barricaded In of
fice by President Taft's recent executive
order, they can not llvo always, and
democratic babiea aro already bom who
will f.nally rescue these offices from the
clutches of the enemy.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: The old Ford
theater In Washington has been con.
demned as unsafe and unsanitary. It Is
suggested that un effort be made to pre.
servo It the suggestion coming, no doubt
i from persona who would find It difficult
!to give any good reason for perpetuating
this grewsomo reminder ot tho great '
I It t .burgh Dispatch: Amos Plnchot de
clares: "Our great corporations hold the
balance of power." Mr. Plnchot should
bo more specific. Which coriiorations j
hold the balance ot power, the Standard .
groups, or tho Morgan Interests, of which
Mr. Herbert Knoi Smith made that Ids- ,
torlo remark? When did they hold lt?i
Was It by any chance during the years I
from 1M1 to V, In which Mr. Plnchot
wns supposed to have most acquaintance
with government matters?
Baltimore American i The American
farmer Is buying automobiles, he has all
the latest labor-saving devices to do his
work, his home Is a model of comfort
i and convenience, and his sons and daugh
ters go .to college. Being human he Is
protty likely to set up a kick once in a
while at the co.t of things, but nevel
before did he experience such prosperity
and a moment's thought will remind him
that his prosperity has coma under tht
republican party. Will he rote to change?
He will not!
Philadelphia Record: While our Greek
fellow-countrymen are taking tempo rar
leave of as to go off on a trip to hunt
Turks, our Servian fotlow-countryroen
are raising money to help their native
land In the Balkan region fight against
the Moslems. Tha pecuniary enthusiasm
however. Is rather restricted. At a meet
ing In New York recently Ili.oOO was
raised, but 110,000 came from Prof. Pupln
jot Columbia, 15,000 from a Servian farmer
In Montana, who gave the savings of a
lifetime, and the rest of the audience,
gave J1.0W.
"Columbus," salrf tho boy who Is study.
Ing history, discovered America."
lea," replied his father, who Is In
finance; "he discovered it. Dot It took
a number of cojlo like myself to put the
proposition on a paying basis." Wash
ington Star.
"There is ono thing queer In British
What's that?"
'They bring out their whips for their
own party when they want to beat the
other one." Baltimore American.
"What kind of a fellow Is this Charlte
Gibson you'vo been talking about?"
He's one of -these fellows who cs.n
even shavo oft their mustaches without
attracting attention." Charleston News,
"And what la your occuiwtlon?" asked
tho accident insurance agent.
"I'm a woodsman. During the hunting
season I act as a guide."
"I'm sorry, but my company won't
write a policy on your class."
"Why not? Surely I'm a good risk."
"Sty dear sir, you're not a risk; you're
a certainty." Detroit Free Press.
"Truth crushed to earth will rise
again," nut nine times out of tn the
automobile gets away first. Lipplncott's
We roused the audience to great en
thusiasm." said Mr. Stormlngton Barnes.
"Did they give you an ovation?
"They did more than that. Tnei aot so
Interested that they Insisted on breaking
In with original dl&lotrue, and some of
them even tried to climb on the stage and
take part in the battle scene." Washing
ton Star.
it Baking tfr
1 Powder W
Jm Absolutely Pure m.
Washington Crisps
iTw sjBCK fcUjrveToife rurarw amcvka
The SUPREME quality ot Wathlagtsa Crisps Is absolately beyond quettioo.
TboroBgUy steam coofeed, toasted, delickxuly criip, ready to serve. Oa every
packjje taennquaUfltd GUARANTEE that every Ingredient la of as HIGH
QUALITY as tha Ingredients la ctresl foods ot ANY other make REGARD
LESS OF COST j and GUARANTEE that Washington Crisps are made
under MOST PERFECT SANITARY CONDITIONS possible to create In
SPOTLESSLY CLEAN MILLS, by high-cUs. workmen. Washington
Crisp., from fitld to home, sever loach bomta bauds crerrtalsg dewj by
automatic machinery.
I'"""" -SM !-- W.raa. n mn.mmj
Is cereal food, and both Grocer aad Consamer instantly recognlied this
hence our big sales of SUPREME quality WasaJsgtoa Crisps to. millions and
millions of Americans. '
llr'iSiSlS la America-Two superb portraits of George
I 0M) "FirttiH.tkHQMES'cf his Countrymen"
wmmmm. Tirmilljewrrr vr
s uut orp
High cost of living
( itblij Lf aft
Words mean something ot nothing depending on who uses them.
We have a Quality License Issued by the people.
In do rued by fear generations, renewed annually for 65 years.
The Leading Stove Dealers sell them. If no dealer In your vicinity
does, write to us.
An Old Favorite.
"Come, wife." said good old farmer Gror.
"Put on your things, tls market day;
And well be off to the nearest town.
There and back ere the sun goes down.
Spot? No we ll leave- old Spot behind."
But Spot he barked and Spot he whined,
And soon made up his doggish mind
To follow under tho wagon.
Away they went at a good round pace,
And Joy came Into the farmer's face.
"Poor Spot," said he, "did wnnt to come,
But I'm awful glod he's left at home
He'll guard tho barn, and guard the colt.
And keep the cattle out of the,lotr
t'l'm not so sure of that." thought Spot.
The dog under tho wugon.
The farmer all his produce sold
Anil pnt hla nnv In vellaw cold.
Home through the lonely forest. Hark'
A robber springs from behind n tree
"Your money or else your me, says
The moon was up. but he didn't sec
The dog under tho wagon.
Spot ne'er barked and Snot ne'er whined
nut qutrkly caught the thlf behind;
Ho dragged him down in the mire
And tore his coat ami tore his shirt,
Then held him fast on the mirv ground;
The robber utte-ed not a sound,
While ' hands and feet the farmer
And tumbled him Into the wagon.
So Spot he saved tho farmer's life.
The farmer's money, tho farmer's wire,
And now a hero grand and gay,
A silver collar be wrars today:
imnnir his friend", amontr his foes
And everywhere his master goes
He follows on his horny toes,
The dog under the wagon.
tmstw cosh, ruutc. w mmtaoamsm
'"pHERE Is not a more over
worked or abused word than
NO ONE should be allowed to use
it without a license.
Successors to Ballsjr fc Kach
The largest and best equipped dental
office In Omaha. Experts In charge of
all work, moderate prices. Porcelain
fillings 'ust like the tooth. All instru
menu sterilised after using.
3d noar Paxton BIocX Omaha, arsb.
he r

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