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They re here in many colors new
sweater styles for men and boys, women
and misses, children and infants.
Men's Boy'
All Wool Sire-Here, Dyron
roll collars S2.50 to S5.00 S1.50 to S3.00
Turtle Nock Sweaters ...S2.00 to 5.00 81.50 to S3 00
Shawl Collar Sweaters. . 34.50 and $5.00 82.50 to $3.50
Hunting Sweaters, with four pockets, each $6 00
V Neck Sweaters, with convertlblo collar $4.50
Aeroplano Sweaters, Angora wool $7.50
Caps to match . . $1.00 and $1.50
High neck and V neck Sweaters of flno wool and worsted yarnB,
In cardinal, grey, tan or white, slzoa 34 to 40
at .$3.50. $5.00 nl $0.00
Angora Sweaters, with Dyron collar, each $7 50
Girls' Dyron collar Sweaters, worsted yarn, In gray or white t
at $2.50
Boys and girls' high neck Sweaters, In plain and fancy stitch,
cardinal, grny, navy and white $1.25 nnl $1.50
aby Sweaters, In all colors, sizes up to 5 years, $1.25 to $2.25
Toques to ma,tch.. 50i LegRlngs $1.25
Baby Sweater Suits, of all wool Saxony yarns, colors, rod, groy,
also whlto suits $3.00 $4 00
Inc. had been without rations for forty
eight hours,
A. night attack on the Bulgarian ad
vance guard was ordered by the Turkish
cordmander, but the eneriretlo defense of
fered by the Bulgarians disconcerted the
Turkish troops and a panto set In.
The troops dlspred, abandoning In
their flight their guns, rifles and am
munition. MahmoUd Mukhtar Pasha tried
to stem the panto by shooting several
fleeing soldiers with his revolver, Prince
Axis Pasha joined In the flight
After conaultatlon with Abdullah Pasha,
commander ot the Turkish troops at Ad
rlanople. by telegraph, Mahmoud Mukhtar
Pasha ordered a general retreat.
Hllml FAsh refused to join In the re
treat, fearing It would end In a general
rout Some of his troops broke Into panto
and refused to stay with him. Hllml
Pasha shot & number of them down.
After that with coolness and energy, he
succeeded In retiring with the greater
pert of tils division.
iC.UQUlHi'pct, S.".Ch .claimant la
thf Jtlmmot case, who for a weok has
been hunted by deputy sheriffs, walked
tnt he court room during the trial of
tho famous Insurance suit today. At
torneys for the Insuranco isimuany an
nounced that the missing witness iad re
turned) to be cross-examined. Attorneys
forJahr. Kdna K. Uonslett who Is suing
for her brother's Insurance, said It was
too' late to tako up tho cross-examination.
JUdgo Orimro ordered, n, court sheriff
to Jaklfc the claimant Into custody on an
attachment Issued u, week ago. Mrs. J.
Kstvlfo Klmmel, mother of Qeorgo A.
Klmmel and .the cjajrnant wero made to
atand Reside," enxh .other today.' Then Mrs.
i Klvua$l "TUtjBjaokfd If tje claimant was
hcrnoa. . , , '
"llejlsjiat my, son." she said In low
tones, t
i "t ioa't see ljow mother can treat me
so,"' said the, claimant as ho took his
HeJth litkeifetradaUo&.or: all good
Dok. The wisb woman realizes this
nd takes precautions to preserve her
iealth and strength through tho pe
Mod of child bearing. She remains ft
Vretty aether by avoiding m far as
possible the Buffering and dangers ot
fetch occasions. This every woman
pay do through the use ot Mother's
rlend, ft remedy that has been so long
use. and accomplished so much.
ood. that It Is In no sense an experi
ment, hut a preparation which always
roducea the bust results. It IS tor
kteraal application and so penetrating
b Its nature as to thoroughly lubrlcato
very muscle, nerve and tendon In
volved during the period before baby
kme. It aids nature by expanding
fie eklft. and tissues, relieves tender
ers and soreness, and perfectly pre-
leres the system tor natural and safe
hothorhebd. Mother's Friend has been
used and endorsed by thousands ot
pothers, and Its use will prove a com-
prt .ana eenent jmr- v
b any wpmaa In niSlQIA
)eed of sues ft T.-,- u '
temedy. Mother's TtAfMUJ
friend is sold at w "
trug stores. Write for tree book to
txpectant Bothers, which contains
caucb valuable Information.
MUMUL9 RKUUT0X CO., Atketa, Ca.
The Bherman & UcConnel Drug Co., Itth
and Itodgft, and the Owl Drug; Co., Hth
and 'Harney, deserve praise from Omaha
people for Introducing here the simple
buckthorn bark and glycerine mixture.
known as Adltr-l-ka. This simple Ger
man remedy first became famous by
curing appendecltls and It baa now been
discovered that A HINQLH XK58E re
lieyea sour totr.'ach. cas on the stomach
and constipation IN8TANTLT Advar
KuWiKUoWi tiooTuma Bvsor bi beta
. BMdfarorcr SIXTY VKAS.S br M1U.ION8 M
TVUTHlKn with rKUHKCT Buccssa.
I bOOTlU: the CHILD. BOtrrXNH the OUMS,
. xilultlr-H"!''" suie acd k. for "Mr.
I u'ist'owTsoeihUc Syrup," aa4 take m eikei
Superintendent Canon of Anti
Saloon League Takes Action.
tlirrlff Chnmnl frith Prrmltttiis;
Vlolntton of I.nrr, with Personal
MUcondnct ana trlth JlnTlnn
Interest In Contract.
If. V. Carson of Lincoln, state super
intendent for Nebraska of the Antl-Ba-loon
league, has filed with Governor At
drlch a petition asking lilm to start pro
ceedings to oust Felix McBhane, Jr., from
the offlco of sheriff of Douglas county
Mr. Carson proceeding under tho Baekctt
law, filed his petition on Tuesday evening
with tho private secretary of the gover
nor, Mr. Aldrlch then being absent from
his office. When the governor was In
Omaha last weok he promised to proceed
In tho matter with all celerity Alien tho
proceedings were commenced.
In tho petition It Is alleged specifically
that Sheriff McBhane had knowingly neg
lected to enforce the law on January t,
1912; on July 6, 1912, and vu other occa
sions; that his attention was called to
violations ot the law by an article pub
lished In The Dee mi August 15, -1912, and
he took no action, ami that on other 6o
caslonn publications In local newspapers:
wero Ignored by the sheriff.
The mis
conduct of the sheriff In connection with
womuu who Is nnmed In the petition Is
so set up ns a cause for his removal
from office.
Another specification Is'that the sheriff
has retained on Ills office force as deputy
man who knowingly 'violated thq law tit
Houth Thirteenth street on July 23,
1312. Tho sheriff Is also charged with bo
ItiK pecuniarily Interested In the jail feed-
g contract, which is In tho name of 12.
King, his elster-ln-law.
Bavarian Aviator
is Killed by a Fall
1 !
MUNICH, Oct. a-Ueutenant MorlU
Hamburger, a Havarlan military aviator.
was killed today on the aviation ground
at Oberwlesanfold. Lieutenant Ham
burger, who bad only recently been as
signed to the aerial corps, was making
flight around the aerodrome In his bt
plane, when It suddenly collapsed and
fell from a height ot more than 200 feet
Tho cause of the accident Is unknown.
WASHINGTON, Oct, JO.-Increaalng
disorders In Ban Domingo and desperate
street fighting In the outskirts of Puerto
Plata Jeopardising American lives and
property caused tho Navy department to
day to order the immediate dispatch of
two warships, the cruiser Baltimore and
the tender Yankton, to Dominican waters.
The Yankton will sail from tho New
York navy yard today and the Baltimore
from Philadelphia navy yard Friday.
They should arrive In Dominican waters
by the middle pf next week, reinforcing
tho Prairie with Its TOO marines. The Bal
timore will carry an additional force ot
ISO marines.
ICKOICUK, la., Oct 30.-Mrs. Florence
A, Warwick, gensrnl manager ot the
pally Constitution-Democrat, and J. N.
Haner, a lumberman of Branchvtlle, H.
C, were united In marriage at the for
mer's home here last night.
Dr. I O, Howard of "typhoid fly" fame.
told this fly story:
'A Washington man went for his va
cation to a fly-haunted hotel In Connecti
cut. There was a hammock In the grove
behind the hotel, and one afternoon our
friend climbed Into It with pipe and book.
But the files tormntd him unmercifully,
so he climbed out again In disgust.
" 'Look here, landlord, he complained,
as lia entered the office, 'what's the good
of a hammock In such a fly-ridden spot
as that grover
" 'O.' said the landlord, 'you didn't use
the hammock during hammock hours,'
" 'What are hammock hours T asked the
" Twelve to two, elr,' said thtf land
lord, 'You'll find no flies ln the grove
then, sir. ,
" 'And why nott' demanded the pustled
"'Because' said tin landlord, 'twelve
to two Is dinner, and they're all In the
dluliiK room then. "
i Dcmocratio Program for Social Bet
i tenncnt Decidedly Indefinite.
Mr. Utiles Points Oat the Orrnt Pro
irrrilr; Mtepa Tiikrn by Hpb
Henna During Tuft A1
nilnlalratlon. Ily CHAHI.US D. IIILI.K9.
Chairman ltepubllcan National Committee
NEW YOItK, Oct 30.-(8pcclal.)-In his
haven of dreams Woodrow Wilson has
been groping, in haziness of mind, after
something attractive to present to the
American ieople, to convince them he
should be elected prvaldcnt
lie talks about a real program of social
betterment" to be undertaken when he
Is oloctcd, but, as usual, he is careful to
glvo no outline of what that program
would contain.
In the light ot tho program for the last
two years In relation to "social better
ment," Doctor Wilson certainly docs not
lack self assurance. True, of course, that
the "government might assist in a hun
dred ways to safeguard the lives nnd
health ot the people," as he says, but
the record of tho democratic house of
representatives certainly has not been
In that direction. It was the democratic
majority that strangled the railway em
ployes' compensation act which Presi
dent Taft had esponsed vigorously. Tho
amo democracy defeated the public
health bill, nnd other measures ot sim
ilar "social betterment."
HUh Points In Hood Itecord.
ltepubllcan aohlevement, against the
persistent opposition of tho' democrats
In congress, shines brightly In compar
ison with the democratlo record. In
President Taft's administration, these
progressive steps have been taken by the
republican party:
For the establishment of postal savings
banks. . .
Destruction of Interstate wtmo slave
Creation of the bureau or mines to sate-
guard the lives of miners.
Abol tlon or the system or peonago, as
practiced In southern dcmocratio states.
Enactment of tho white phosphorus
matnh uL to Dravcnt the awful disease
of those engaged in that work.-
Advanced boiler inspection laws.
Kffectual destruction of bucket shops
and get-rlch-qulck concerns.
Adoption or tno parcels posi.
rtrltifflnir Ihn wnrklnfrmen's compensa
tion act to sucoeesful Isauo In the United
Htatos suuremn court.
Extens on of the safety appliance act
for the benefit of workingmen.
Creation ot a. federal cnna laDor du
reau. with a well equipped woman at Its
What does Doctor Wilson promise, to
extend that character of legislation, from
domocratlo congress and administra
tion? Nothing but the word progrnm-an
empty program without one single feature
in what he calls a "messago to the
Amorioan people." Doctor Wilson again
Insults their Intelligence by asserting that
tills government is one of money above pnylle, Pr.nter, Itaynor, Ileed, Wads
man, and that "bosses" are possjblo, on pu,, "Fighting Joe" Wheeler and a
that account. Doctor Wilson, the school gcoro 0e others whoso names became
master, would rebuko a class of sopho
mores for Indulging in such Illogical ar
gument. Can Uestror Douses.
Tho poopla ot the United States 'know
that they can destroy any boss when-
ever they get ready to do so. They know
this ,J)U .a fre o government, which no
boss can dominate against the people's
will, whether ho be an ambitious third
termer or a theoretical free trader who
purports to ohango his views on publlo
questions with every wind that blows.
Tho American voters know that their tod-
em! government has been growing- stead
lly better under republican administra
tion: that moro beneficial legislation has
enmn to them throuch the agency of the
republican party than ever could come
out of the democratlo party, In all time;
that progress in "social betterment," in-
dustry, prosperity, has been gained, step
by step, under republican supremacy,
and that tho only sure way in wmcn to
ossurj continuance 6t this progress Is to
give a voto of confidence on November
B to tho republican party for four years
more. President Taft Is the living ex
ponent of orderly progress, under the
constitution. Tho way to check advance
ment Is to voto for a change.
(Continued from Pago One.)
would have been crematoa jn mo aormi-
torlea If the nuns had not uravca ine
first outburst of fire and piloted them
to places of safety.
Mat of Victims.
The dead are:
mother superior ox tne nsvium. ne wn
Mary nositer. nauvo ot jvexrera. ireiana
ot France.
SISTER peter ciA.visn BTBviri,
teacner in oan iiernnnuu evuuui, iu ui
"a.U.t'.Vr'r.Ar.Ti vrtr im .,.,
m Ron wrnando school: native of Dublin
Ireland. .
. . ..
8IBTER KOBTKA rAiuusuLt, nauve or
Kaldar. Ireland.
The others injureu are:
Mlss A. Detempl, an employe, native of
Germany. .
XL? .fciair v..eht,.
hi., uinniin an amninvn
seven orphan emiaren ranginc in age
from 2 to 18 years, and nine nuns were
the building when tho flames broke
Marshaling their charges to hurry them
to safety, the sisters of charity remained
In the blazing orphanage, until the build.
tng began to crumble and fall
The death of the mother superior, Mary
of the Cross, was the sequel to a demon-
stratlon of remarkable courage. She re-
turned to L burning dormitory when she
heard the cry or a child who naa oeen
overlooked ln the hurry and excitement
A few moments later she appear at a
rr.'i T.,'?r' '" """"" """
the babe In her arms.
Fire Chief Wright attempted to save- her
but he failed. A laaoer was p.aceo
st the unsteady wall, and the chief
scaled It, but before he reached her. the
mother superior, with the child, fell back
Into the names.
I.oalivtlle Sanitarium Burned.
LOUISVILLE. Ky., Oct 3fc-One police-
roan was killed and several others had
narrow escapes rrom oeatn wnen inn
Martinsville sanitarium at Fourth and
Tork streets wss destroyed by fire today.
Dr. J. W. Foils of South Park. Ky 111
In u ward on one of the upper floors.
was burned to death. Two young women,
also patients, swung from upper windows
and dropped safely Into nets. The origin
0( tne lire unanonn.
Oullecl irom tne Wire
Officials of the ICaty have offered
reward of KQO tor the arrest and convlc.
Hon of the bandits who robbed a train
at Wlrth, OkL
(Continued from Page One.)
that It will be highly Inconsiderate to
tako Mr. Sherman's name from the tlckot
unless hn himself should Insist on It.
Should he die before election day, there
would be nu added obstacle of the pos
sibility of reprinting tho ballots at such
a late hour. It would take at. least five
days to call the national committee to
gether to name his successor,
Borne members would have to come from
tho Pacific coy at. Tills alone would
make impossible the turning of another
candidate before election day. Besides,
many opinions believe the substitution
of another name in an eleventh hour
change might have doubtful effect.
Indications are that, Irrespective of the
result of Mr. Sherman's Illness, his name
will romaln on the ballot.
Life of Sliermnn.
The twenty-sevesr.h vice president of
the United Htates and tho only one re
nominated, was christened James School
craft Sherman. Uut, In nearly a quarter
of a century of public life "Jim" Sher
man ho was to his Intimates, and prob
ably half the nation referred to him as
"Sunny Jim," a sobriquet earned by a
never-falling, all-year-round sunny de
position. Bhonnan belonged to the school ot
republicanism nowadays popularly called
regular and he fought his political bat
tles without compromise or flinching. Tho
events he helped to shape are so com
paratively recent that history cannot as
sign him to his proper place until It also
records the work of his contemporaries.
To tho houso of representatives of the
Fiftieth congress he came In the winter
of 18S7, Just past his thirty-second birth
day, with the energy and optimism of
youth, and college bred from the halls
of Hamilton. He had been elected mayor
of Utlca two years before. Like many
others who camo to lead In the national
legislature, he brought with, him an edu
cation In law. He was well born and
well bred. His father, rtlohard V. Sher
man, was an editor ana puDiie ngure in
New York state.
Clos to the Leaders.
Two sessions of congress found Sher
man defeated and out of office, but not
for long. Harry W, Bentley of Boone
vllle, Oneida county, beat him by. less
than 1.000 votes In the race for the Fifty
second congress. In the Interim Sherman
went back to Utlca, built up his law
practice and returned to the Fifty-third
congress with a signal victory. He r.
malned In the house without defeat until
the Sixtieth congress, when he was nom
inated and elected vice president on the
tlckot with Mr. Taft.
His first years In the houso brought
him Into close association with leaders,
..! W. TJallev. later a senator: Brfcck-
enrage( Bryan. Bourke Cochran, Crisp,
dt0i. ninley. Dolllvcr, Henderson,
household words In discussion or tne
tariff and other national policies were
his fellows.
The senate held such men as Aldrlch,
Allison, Cockrell, Daniel, Frye. Gorman,
Hoar. Hill, Teller, Vest and woicott.
AlHtjvcro not republicans but all wero
jmx Sherman's friends, and In such an
environment he worked to a high placo
n tno councils and finally was numbered
ono 0f the big five In tho house,
Cannon. Dalzell. Payne, Sherman and
Tawney wero the great quintet during
tho comparatively recent years m wmcn
congress wan republican. Each of thorn
Invariably wore a red carnation for a
boutonnlere and when Sherman went to
nre.aldo over tio senate and occupy the
coveted marblo room In tho other wing
0f the capltol, he took tho custom with
hlmf and always appeared at every ses-
Bion of ,tho upper houso with a flower In
no buttonhole or his coat,
Statutes Show Ills Work,
Any review, of Sherman's life would
not be complete without a reference to
his work In the houso. Briefly there Is
recorded no time when he moved galler
les to applause by a debate from the
floor or changed any votes by eloquonce,
But the statutes bear marks of his work
In committee and caucus, and the, result
of his laboru on tho rules committee, the'
Interstate Commerce commission, and
other branches of tho machinery of the
hnun. where the real legislating Is done.
WMil0 gpeeches prevail on the lioor,
ln New york politics Sherman was
fc leading figure. He waa always active
in 8ute conventions and a figure at all
national gatherings of tho party,
Sherman went to preside oter the aen
ate lust about the time when what Is
known M senatorial dignity was oegin-
. . . ... hrMlk. the calr
i" . li.
Sherman was aignity iiseu. oir m
rulings, his colleagues saia; quiet, nrm,
& Be)jQm reversed an appeal.
liut dienlty no tar as Uie traditional
frock coat and silk liat were concerned
Kenerally was absent, lie rogaracu iuo
,,,. .M,no. nv ihn senate as a day'a
.1 i i . t. nH.nrinl In Ml t MB WHU
u" lu "u . J IL
sitting In hia bans in uuca or m. wio
.Urectors' tab e of one ot tne many enier-
crises In which ho had found a fortune
,alJ tho foundations of another for
- .
his sons. He usually appeared In a mis.-
ness suit, un a nov uy no i-uiuo
flannels and on a very hot day a palm-
leaf fan displaced the gavel and perhaps
ruof ,;monnuo topped off. the book
ot rules.
Fell In TttU HI Ideas.
Other senator, reluctant perhaps
transgress staid custom, tell In with his
Ideas, and nowadays on a mistering
Washington summer day tho senate look
like quite a business bouso.
' "-"
months. Sherman was not present during
me ciosins uuj. m
' ,-..B, alone- bv lemno.
- - ln
t WMk. Ume.
' . . K ,nn,ntiv mMHi
. ... ,., , un,.,., nf
Rn or)llnary. wlth congress In session I
i to meet Bj,ennan walking down Penns1-
vlnl. utnut. often alone, rosy cheeked
..rfui. tumlnsr the salutations
of Who knew him by sight as
..gunn,. jlm and greeted him with "Oood
mornjnPi Mr. President. The passerby
wh() reoogu blm WM greeted aa
neart,iy the letator who might be
V,M pnt Sherman was bom In
VUca October It, ISM. He was married
, mi to Babcock at East Orange.
v j. Thev thre. ,on. cherr,ll.
,nd ,n at
al... . ... .
eniuer oi me wmcn wiorroeo
church, a memtxar of many clubs and a
business man of wide Interests.
Last Literary Broadside Mailed from
Chicago Headquarters.
Candidate Urge Follower to Get
Ont Knll Vote nnd Kara
lip la Confident of
CHICAGO, Oct. SO.-The last assort
ment of printed matter that will' be
mailed broadcast by the democratic na
tional committee before election left the
western headquarters here today.
It consisted of copies of a letter from
Governor Wilson to Senator Gore of Ok
lahoma ln which the presidential candi
date urged his followers to work for a
full poll election day, and containing as
surances that the leading democrat was
confident ot election, also a Jast appeal
of Chairman Joseph E. Davles fit the
western headquarters for his followers to
"keep a stiff upper Up and get out to
the polls." It also contained an, encour
aging report from Iowa by Martin J.
Wilson In New Jersey.
WILDWOOP, N. J., Oct. 80. Woodrow
Wilson, campaigning through southern
iNew Jersey 'today In support of demo
cratlo legislative tickets, declared that a
great ' many republicans throughout the
country "agreed tvtth the democrats with
out actually calling themselves demo
"Tou 'don't have to Join an organization
ln order to support It," he said.
"What brought about a division In the
republican partyT" he asked. "It was
the operation' of the consciences of cor-
The Noisy River Tugboat and
The Quiet Ocean Greyhound
Tho noisy river tugboat snorts defiance at the quiet ocean
and Kara the Poise ratrictan,
The Alphabet of Cor
rect Dress
His for HABIT, not
Custom, hot Sresa.
"Oostly the MBit,"
qnote bards, of Success.
"Wear a Bsnjamta."
Protect mJtt
0 C,?lSsAoriOsO&UW
tain men in that party who saw that tho
government at Washington as well as the
governments ln many states had been
iidf1 for thp nmrnntlon of aneclai orlvate
' -
Int.M.tn nn.l u.tin . n A n tin H.ntr mini),
i. v, , ' '
It naa to Stop.
"Men like Bob La Follette have not
gone out of the republican party for noth-
Inc. Mr. La Follette has not literally
gone out of It, out ho Is fighting the poli
cies of President Taft. A man who wilt
not abate a single Inch ot hia principle
Is a man we must admire, whether wo
call ourselves by the same name or not."
.Ir,'Iionlii ailtsnert ot
NEBRASKA CITY, .Neb., Ocf. T.-(SpeclaLJ-IIrs.
Lx)Uls MltzAer dlod last
evening at her home near Dunbar after a
brief Illness, Mrs. 'Mltzner was born In
Germany, octobpr 15. 1S59, and carne to
this country with her parents and was
married In this county In 1878. 'Twelve
children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Mltz
ner, of whom' eleven survive her, Tjclng
Mrs. Henry Kasbohm, Mrs. Edward
Peterson. Mrs. Harry Moellcr, Mrs. Wil
liam Pahde, Lena, Bertha, Mary, William,
Emll, Albert, Henry and Louise. ' She
also leaves a brother and sister. Tho
funeral will be held tomorrow.
Mr. Crelshton West.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Oct. 30.
(Special.) A telegram has been received
here announcing the dnath of Mrs.
Crelghton West at Colorado Springs,
Colo., where she has been since last
June. She was tho oldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Fenn of Wyoming precinct.
The body will be brought here for burial
In the family hurrying ground ln Wyom
ing precinct.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
nig Returns.
greyhound, but which
makes the greater speed?
Truo style, like true
strength is quiet. Tho best
dressed man is ho who
substitutes poiso for noise
and dash for "flash."
This type ot man wears
"BENJAMIN" Suits and Top
coats, every line and curve of
which breathe unassuming re
finement the gentle air of
gentlefolk the style that you
can discern, but can't define.
Suits and Overcoats
18 to $30
TZOV. B08-1O
10 th
For Mci
508-10 TjKAY
10th I
St. M,
- . "t k
Rtnnlt nnlclr.wUh Condon's tha orhrinal
od scnmDtCaUrrhal Jtllr. soothei tbclnftim-
... ......u. .... a, am tlkt.
I 8plnUdforcoliH,ctrTh,for9throt,t!. fl-w-
aatnt run. Om 11 million tib- ilmulr sold.
tutlc It It mil. At druralst -Timber
Bun pit F11EE.
KONDON Mrs. CO MlnnapUs, Minn.
Porcelain Dental Work
Three patents on Porcelain Crowns
and Urldgo Work, the most sanitary
dental work of modern times, arid
this Is causjus many to lnvestleate.
Dr. Todd la protesting against so
notch gold used and the old method
ot half teeth, which Is many cases
can be a filthy condition of the mouth
It costs you nothing to Investigate
and learn something about dentistry,
and learn tho value of Dr. Todd's
porcelain teeth.
Office, 403 Brandeis Bldg.
Prints Nothing: but Clean News and
Clean Advertising-.
"Oxaha's rtrir cbhtbr."
Daily Mat., 15-as-60o
Evgs., 18-25-50-750
Gordon & Worth's Tonntrit Chiiii.
Girls Gay Whit Way
SXTBAVAOAXSa. a itd vaudevhiIb
All brand new and classy. Harry
"Dutch" Ward. Sam "Violin" Hearn
James "Coupon" Ilowland, Pretty Helen
Ely and the Jolllest of Beauty Choruses.
Ladle Dims atatlnse Brery Was Day.
I fWtB
' 2 Do"ifU" Street, at IBta.
Kent's Collecian Sea r.lnn.. iii "r'"5.?!
U..n. i . .iii
Item in 1 n e t o n: At
iward; Gates &
Dlake; Hlpposcope
, Pictures.
continuous a to C, at 7 and 9 p. m. Daily.
Xhrss Says, Cominaactnar Thursday,
Ootober 31. Uattnse Saturday
Mart S. Blnrar's Own Company
Tha Z,atst Berlin Operetta, Prices
Bight. fiOo, 7Bc. SI, 91.50. Mat. Sat.
Best Stats, $1.00. SEATS WOW.
wxisx. BEaiwinwa svw bov. 3
Abora Knglisli tirand Oicra Co.
Sun. Bight K Wed. Mat., "Tales of
Hoffman.' XbnVMadam Bntterny."
Tnsa. and Sat. Bights, "Trovatore."
Wed. Bight, "X, Bohame." Tbnrs..
'lucia." TtU, "iohengrln," sat.
Mat., Xansgl and Oretal. Prlesst
Bights and Sat. Mat., l.SO to S0o!
Popular Wsd. Mat. 91.00 to 3 So.
Popular Prloes Tonight
Prt. and Sat. The Musical success
The Goddess of Liberty.
Matinee Today, 30 Bight, B30
Ladles' Dally Dime Matinee.
Mat. BTsry Day SUB, Byery Bight 81IS.
Thl Wk- 'lrywU." Oirli Hlcbudt. Th.
Iltui SUtrs Chick Sl. Silldrc4 OrorfrT ill
Scbtutuu., KHM Oslttkl. rtthe'a Wklr It."
t1j ot tt World Eiasti. frlef, UiIIihu.
GllluT, 10c, tit wu 21c. tictst aiturTTl
UU Bitaday. IsM. !. c. Wo, tte, -
i... -m mm . i j

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