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The Omaha Daily bee
Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Th lwntr--Ten Yr Ago
5e Editorial Pago of each lisu
VOL. XL1I-N0. 117.
1912 TENs. ilfj ICS.
Engagement Lasts Three Days and
Line of Battle Extends from
Lnle Burgas to Serai
Leave Many Dead and Wounded on
' the Field.
Bulgarians Will Not Be Permitted to
Enter Constantinople.
Women and Children Ilnrned Alive,
While Many Other An Placed,
at the Front In Battle
and Killed.
KIHKA, Oct. 31. NewB of the capture
of the Turkish city of Ipek. about fif
teen miles from tho Montenegrin frontier,
by the Montenegrin army commanded by
General Vukotltch was received here to
day. SOFIA, Oct. SL-The Bulgarian army
has completely routed the main Turkish
array under Naxlm Pasha. Tho Turks
fled In disorder, leaving- many killed and
... Tho battle, which Is regarded as the
l,nst Important engagement sines the
. ginning of the war, lasted throe entire
days. It extended along the line from
Lule Burgas eastward to Bo rat. The
Turkish front was over tlilrty-ono mites
The Ottoman troops retreated to
Ichorlu, about twenty-one miles, to the
Position from which they wero driven by
the Bulgarians.
The town of Tchorlu. where the Turks
expected to make another stand, oc-
uples an important position on the rail
way between Constantinople and Adri-
anople at the point where the road from
the port of Rodosto joins. Unless the
Turks hold this place they will bo un
able to bring any more troops from Asia
Minor by way of Rodosto. "
Porrers Heady to Intervene.
LONDON, Oct. SI. Whatever the result
of tho great battle now being fought be-
tween the Turkish and Bulgarian armies
In the eastern part of tho Balkan penln- i
sula Its conclusion probably will give
oocaslon for the intervention of European
powers, in dispatches from Vienna It is
asserted that the foreign ministers of
European governments have reached a
tentative agreement in this matter and
tn any evenV the entry of Bulgarian
Irftnn. !ntn Pnnitiinnnnnlii will nAt Ha '
loieratea oy me powers, tsren uussia is
disinclined to permit such an occurrence.
It is also understood IrT diplomatic
quarters in the Austrian capital' that the,
Balkan nations already have made known
tn an unofficial manner that they are
prepared to accept Intervention by the
powers at any moment now.
Special dispatches from .Constantinople
say tho eastern wing of the Turkish
army, which Is now bearing the brunt of
the battle with the Bulgarians, has been
reinforced by four Syrian corps. The cen
ter of the Turkish army Is composed of
picked troops, chiefly regulars, as tho re
serves have been responsible, in tho
opinion of tho Turkish war office, for
most of the defeat suffered so far by the
'r. , -1 I n V, ,N1nn. AWMn. .n nl - 1fnKI1l,u
ltd panic
Turk Expect nelnforoements.
It In ftJ ho rnnrtiv1 In ConHtanttnonlA
that a Turkish force has crossed the river
Marltza In the direction of Demotlca, In
order to cover the approaches ot further
troops from the west down the Arda val-
It is stated that tho Turkish govern
ment has decided to send out the Otto
man fleet with orders to open a pas
sage for Turkish transports through the
, .. .n 0lnnlljl nnA n.Vt.nt.k
Steps are being taken by the Turkish
war olflce "to Improve the supply service
of the army at the front.
The Russian aviator Popmff, Instructor
of avlatAn in the Russian army, was
the first air navigator to lose his life In
this war. He, with several others, left
Russia a few days ago to offer his serv
ices to Bulgaria, While flying with his
machine over Adrlanople he was brought
down by Turkish shrapnel shells. Special
reports say he was killed.
Turku Claim Success at Vluu
The wings of the Turkish and Bulgarian
armies have been engaged for the Ias
three days In a series of determined
fights. The Bulgarians claim to have de
feated the Turks at Lule Burgas and the
Turks assert that the Bulgarians have
been (driven back around Visa. Of the
fighting in the center no authoritative
report yet has been received.
The Bulgarians are staking everything
on the result of this battle. They have
brouKht up all their available regulars
to the front, leaving tho investment of
the fortress of Adrlanople to their, re
serves, soma of whom have taken the
VitM in civilian doming.
rru Turirtiih mmmiuiders. too. appear
to have brought to Europe all the troops
It was possible to withdraw from Asia
Minor, as it Is now announced that regu
lar traffic on the Anatolian railway has
been partly resumed.
Some of the Turkish troops from Asia
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The Weather
or ftouiiw
For Iowa Generally lair.
vmneratnre at umaaa xesteraar.
5 a. m S3
6 a. m 36
7 a. m
S a. m 37
a. m 37
i? J" !!! 5S
U m , 33
1 p. m W
t P. TO , 41
S p. m , 44
4 P. m 45
c p. tn 44
i p. m 43
T p. m... 43
8 1. m 41.
Witness Says Detective Knew Cause
of Times Explosion in Oct,, 1910.
Ten More Exploalona Occurred He
fore McNamara Brother and
Ortle MeMantgal Are
INDIANAPOLIS. Oct. 31. Sensational
testimony that William J. Burns, a de
tective, was "tipped off as to tho identi
ties of the dynamiters of the Los Angeles
Times building two weeks after the, ex
plosion by a man now on trial was given
at the "dynamite conspiracy" trial today.
J. A. a. Badorf, a special Investigator,
who had been Investigating tho causa of
explosions for five years, testified that
Herbert 3. Hockln admitted having "got
ten In touch" with Burns.
Burns was In Los Angeles soon oftor
the explosion on October 1, 1910.. The Mc-
Namara b. others and Ortle 12. McManlgal
were arrested six months later, after ten
more explosions had taken place.
Badorf testified Hockln had mado ad
missions after he said to Hockln:
"You are a fool for giving all your In
formation to Burns and let him build up
a reputation on information you give. If
you expect Immunity why don't you go
to District Attorney Miller?"
The witness said Hockln admitted that
hp contemplated pleading g llty.
'I may plead guilty," Hockln said, ac
cording the ' witness, "but I'll never go
on the stand. My Ufa wouldn't be worth
three whoops If I took tho stand."
Serious Disorders -Probable
at Cuban
Elections Friday
HAVANA. Oct. 31r-Within twenty-four
hour, of the opening of the polls for tho
Cuba, feats we e v ly go en ly ex
pressed hero that the day would not pass
without serious disorders. While the
government apparently has made most
careful provision for the protection of
voters, the liberals were dissatisfied with
the arrangements and considered them as
unfavorable to their side, especially In
relation to what they declared to be the I
unfair attitude of tho Mral guards and I
specially appointed military supervisors,
The rnnssago from Drcstes Ferrara, ,
speaker of the house of re ircsentatlves '
and liberal leader, to President Gomez
last night; .stating that ho had decided
to abandon all political activities. Is be-
Uevecl to have had tho effect of Increasing
ti10 discontent among tho liberals. It is
now understood that Ferrara will not re-!
Ura trom pmc untn after the election.
Another sorious source of danger is that -Puun w. n. i-ruciur oi ine niausa
arising from the fact that practically nil chusetta district police and two experts
the voters go to the polls armed In spite j n cartridges and revolvers gave testli
,of the action of tho government In re
voking all pormlts to carry revolvers. '
TJetachmetrts'f'TJollce-rural guards
and regular roop- are to be Btn lned at
convenient distances from 'polling booths
In order to prevent the gathering of i
groups, of partisans. On account of the j Testimony which was unexpected ap
strong military forces distributed In the parently by the defense came when Louis
city of Havana It Is unlikely that sorious
disturbance will occur in tho capital.
France Wins Gordon
Bennett Balloon Cup;
Two Crews Missing
BERLIN, Oct. 31. Franco wins the Gor
don 'Bennett international balloon trophy
regardless of the performance of the Dus
seldorf and the He de France, which
have not yet reported. The first of these
has been disqualified, and cveh, should
the He de Franco surpass tho record
flight of the Plcordte the prlzo will still
be carried off by the French.
It is thought probablo that the Ameri
can balloon Undo Sam will get second
place, but tho exact distances mode by
tho balloons will be ascertainable only
when their log books have been sub
mitted to tho Geographical Institute at
.Nothing has been heard since Sunday
of the Dusfeldorf, carrying the Amen
can aeronaut, John Watts and A. T.
Atherbolt, nor of the French balloon He
de France, carrying Alfred Le Blanc, and
anxiety Is beginning to manifest itself.
It Is considered possible that the bal
loons may have descended In remote parts
of Russia from which It is difficult to
get in communication with the organlz
era of the racw.
Americans Lecture in
Berlin University
BERLIN, Oct. 31.-The American ex
change professors' opening lectures of
the session at the Berlin university today
were very warmly received by a bril
liant auaienoe, including the emperor
and empress.
Prof. William M. Sloane of Columbia,
the political professor, spoke on "Ameri
can Political Parties," and Prof. Charles
8. Mtnot of Harvard on "The Depart
ment of Modern Research In Anatomy
and Biology."
Emperor William at the conclusion of
the address conversed for half an hour
with the professors anj! their wives. The
audience included many prominent Ger
man educators and social leaders as well
Erwln B. Laughlln and Willing
Spencer from the United States em
bassy. Consul General Alexander M.
Thackara and several members of the
American colony.
TOLEDO, 0., Oct. 3L A world-wide
campaign of publicity for modern Metho
dism, even greater than tho scope of
religious journalism of the last fiscal
year, was planned' for the next twelve
months bv blshODS of the Methnrili VnU-
copal church and the denominational book
comm ueo ot imeen, in comerence here
The bishops at their morning sefclon
sent a message of condolence to the
widow of Vice President Sherman.
Charleston was selected as the next
meeting place.
State About Through in the Law
rence Textile Strike Riot
History of the Industrial Workers of
the World is Read.
Pamphlet is to Go to the Juruy for
Its Consideration.
To n Friend It la Admitted that
Prisoner Waa Man Who Stabbed
a Policeman Daring; the
Labor Trouble.
SALEM, Mass., Oct. Jl.-That the bullet
which ended tho life of Anna Boplzzo
during a Lawrence textile strike riot waa
of foreign make and could not have been
fired from a revolver of Amorlcan manu
facture; that Josoph Caruso confessed to
a detective whom he thought a friend
that he stabbed a policeman during the
same riot, and that officials of tho In
dustrial Workers of the World advised
violence and disregard of law in Indus
trial disputes, were features in tho closing
testimony offored by the commonwealth
today In tho trial of Ettor, Glovaruilttl
and Caruso for the Loplxxo murder.
Though the commonwealth did not rest
its case. District Attorney Attwlll de-
adjourned for tl
more witnesses and court
the day while the prose-
; cutor was reading to the jury a pamphlet
alleged to have been written by Vincent
gu Jo,m of chlca(t0( 8ecretary of
the Industrial Workers of the World.
This pamphlet was found at tho .Law
rence strilco headquarters. It outlined
tho hlst6rye of the Industrial Workers of
tlio World, lta alms and methods. Its
presentation to the jury will be completed
tomorrow, when the commonwealth will
KlKhtinur Onranlsation.
In tna the commonwealth
maintains, s advice to workers to dls.
reBard the ,aw In tho P""""0"" to the
' .i w
lno " waB 8el Iorl" Dafl,
Principle makes the Industrial Worker,
ot the World a fighting organization. It
waa also declared that the only bargain
tho organization would make with the
employers' class was complete surrender
of organized industry to tho workers.
mony that the bullet found In Anna lx-
plzzo's body was of foreign manufacture,
and Captain -Eroctor. .sold the only type
of rovolver ho was able to discover which
fired that kind of a bullet was a No. 8
Italian revolver.
Lacouit, an -Italian detective, who said
he worked himself into tho good graces
of Caruso after the Lopizzo killing, do.
dared tho defendant had told him he
stuck a knife . Into a big fat policeman
during the riot -of January 9. This was
the day that Policeman Utfnolt was
stabbed and tho Lopizzo woman shot.
Consolidation of
Army Departments
is Effective Today
WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. Consolidation
of the quartermaster, pay and commis
sary departments of the army, Into the
new quartermaster corps will become ef
fective tomorrow, as authorized by con
gress during the last session of congress.
An elaborate plan of organization has
been worked out by Major General Al
Bhlre, who, as quartermaster general,
will head the consolidated departments.
Brigadier General Shorpe, present com
missary general, and Brigadier General
Smith, now 'paymaster general, will be
his assistants.
Many economic are expected to follow
the consolidation and a gradual reduc
tion in employes Is anticipated. - There
will be no wholesale elimination, but as
the employes quit the service In tho
ordinary course, their places wilt not be
Tho organization of tho general quar
termaster corps In Washington will be
duplicated in miniature In each of the
army divisions in the United States and
Hawaii. Each divisional organization
will be completo In itself, but subject
to the general control of the central
office In this city.
The new order will hoj become effect
ive in tho Philippines until January, 1913.
Chafin Does Not
Claim Everything
EL PASO, Tex., Oct. 31. "Wilson will
carry forty states; Roosevelt, five; Toft.
three and Debs and I will divide the
This prediction was mado by Eugene
Chafin, candidate of the prohibition party
for president, la a speech here today.
Other declarations made by him Include:
"Liquor Is the real cause of the high
cost of living. Local option and local
prohibition Is not worth a hoot. Stop It
by constitutional amendment and It will
remain stopped. Abolish liquor as we
abolish slavery by constitutional amend
"Give us 1.000,090 votes this time and
we will elect a president next time."
ABEItDEEN, a D Oct 3L-(8peclal
Telegram.) Edward Comvrsv aged 30
years, who came from St. Josepn, no.,
three weeks ago and secured employment
as a farm hand near Stratford, ten miles
from Aberdeen, was run over and killed
by a train on the Minneapolis & St. Louis
road last night as he was wa'.klng to
Aberdeen, It Is believed that Connors
fell asleep on the track.
From the New York Herald.
County, Canvassed by Adherents of
Third TcrnrCause,
Keiiulillchna Precede the Proamnion
mid Notify the People of tho
Coming of th lUgr llooc
velt Parade.
QLBNWOOD, la., Oct. 31.-(Speclal)-Thls
has been a bull mooso field day in
Mills county, and to inako It an entire
success the republicans took a hand. It
was something of a surprise to tho bull
moose outfit, but the farmers and oth
ers enjoyed the situation. Tho bull mooso i
leaders had planned on an autonubllo
trip, Intending to visit a number of towns
throughout the county, to muke their
special pleas for the thltd-termer. Tho
rendevous wan at Mlnneola, from whenco
tho procexMon moved in state to Sliver
City, Henderson, Ehvcrson. Hastings,
f -1.. IT.- . , .1.
.iiKivuiu uitu xuuur, ill ilia uruur uiuuuu.
Speeches were programed for each of
thrso places.
The part the republicans played was
rJmple. In order to make sure that the
bull mooso orators got a good crowd and
a friendly hearing, a party went ahead
of the procetslon along Its advert, sod
route, and put up placards uud distribu
ted circulars, so the people might know
what It wus all about. This feature of
the day was really tho most successful
of the two, for when tho bull moose
speakers reached a stand they found tho
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Republicans Lead
By Three Thousand,
Canvass Indicates
Registration clerks completed tho. can
vass of the total registration in Omaha
last night. The total registration for
the three days gives tho republicans a
majority of 3,438, The total Is Si,78ij. Fol
lowing Is tho registration according to
party affiliation:
Republicans 12.711
Democrats 9.373
Boclallsts ,
Independents ,
Bull moosers
Tota, 7RJ
Judging from the total registration In . ",,w, "uk ,iur LU '" r
Omaha. South Omaha and Douglas county m pM?nt ,l"J t,,a deut,h
. , .. . .,, . . . .. Mr. fihermun therefore does not af-
ho vote that will be cast a the Novem- fcct ,no vuI1m Qf , 1
ber election Is estimated at 30.O. eiectora
"I havo called a meeting of the na-
rfYPiTIP.'P TsTnP.fi I Tl MflTl Hnal committee to meet November 12
x uiuioi Jjiiibuiu mail tln tne cltv of Chlcajro ttt U)0 AualtorJum
T naoo T lfo in Pall hotel at 12 'clocKlioon. to select a suc
UwOCC JJilC 111 J. Ctll cesHorto the late James B. Sherman aa
SIOUX FALLS, H. D., Oct 3i.-(Spe-'
cjbi -telegram.) Harold K. Decker was
killed and Arthur. Colvln win teilnii.lv
infae& as the result of a scaffold break-,
,Jmr here ,ftte th,8 aIternoon. Colvln was 1
' .... me con-
iract for pointing up the stono work on
tha government building which Is being
The two wero working on a scaffold
on the south side of the Immense struc-
ture when a rope broke and precipitated
them to the ground. Decker fell Into an
air 11 art. uoivin
had several bones
broken and Is believed hurt Internally,
' Decker was a base ball player and duf
' Ing the last two seusons had been a
member of the Sioux Fal's team, He
jcamo to Sioux Kails from Lincoln, Neb.
Poli'tj:sv Mn-New
CAMBRIDGE, Mass,,. Harvard
College, Oct. 25; 1012. I read
your Nebraska Development Edi
tion with greatest interest. It
has interested many Harvard stu
dents in Nebraska; in' faot it has
done more than anything else
could to show the young men at
Harvard the development and re
sources of Nebraska. I cannot
help feeling that this is true in
other parts of the east.
Calls the Republican Nationql Com
mittee for Meeting in Chicago.
Death of Cundlilnte Clin llnvn No
llffrct Upon Klct'tloii, in Vote
Will lie Ciiai for Elector
H lid Not Man.
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.-Chalrman Utiles
of thi republican national committee
shortly before 1 o'clock th:ii morning an
nounced that ho had called a meeting
of the national committee for November
12 In Chicago to select a successor to tho
late James S. rherman as the republican
candidate for vlco president.
Mr. Milieu mode the following state
ment: "The national convention which met In
Chicago In June delegates to tho na
tional committee power to fill vacancies
on tho nutlomtl ticket. The death of Mr,
Sherman, candldato of tho republican
party foe vlco president at tho coming
election, makes It Incumbent upon the
national committee to nominate a candl
dato In his place. The nomination, how
ever, cannot possibly be mado prior to
tho election next Tuesday,
Such a nomination can properly be
mado only after duo und considerable
notice to all tho members of tho com
mittee. Such notice cannot bn given In
less than six days.
It Is therefore, muni.
'e"lly Impossible to hold such a meet
i .. j . -i i , .. ..
i'iiui iu ma eiccuuii. aieauumo, no
difficulty or Inconvenience arises to the
voters at the election next Tuesday, be-
causS the votes to be cast are for elect-
I candldato of tho republican party for vie
President of tho United States."
CYPlnQinM AT Tfll Cnn
TOLKDO, O.. Oct 31-Two men wero
killed and heavy Drotwrtv dunnn tn
buildings within a radius of several miles
today was caused when the nltroirlvcer.
Ino factory of tho American company at
Bradner was deeUoyed bp an explosion,
The dead are:
K D VA KB Ll N K UNHTE I N. 43 years old.
HUGH EA8TON. yar old.
Tho factory Is thought to have con
tained W0 quart of nitroglycerine. Lin
kenite n's head lodged In a distant tree,
whlct was the only part of his body
I found.
Chief' Exeoutive Leaves for Utica in
Private Car Friday.
Colonel llnnsdeU Wlll I,ook After Ar-
rriiiKeiiketila for Sherman Funeral
iiiiU' Upper Chhtnber' Will
Pay All Kxpense.
WASHINGTON, Oct. SlSergeant-at-Arms
llniifdell of the senate was today
notified from Utlca that the funeral of
Vice President Sliennrfn would bo held
there at 2 p. in. Saturday.
President Taft will leave Washington
Isto tomorrow for Utlca to attend tho
funeral of Vice President Sherman, rho
president will go on a prlv.ato oar and
will be accompanied by somo of his aides
and secretaries. What cabinet officers
will go had not been determined when
the presldont began making his arrange
mnnts. Colonel Daniel N. Ilansdell. sergeant-
ot-arms of tho senate, at tho direction ot
Senator. Bacon today began making ar
rangements for the vice president's
funeral. As many senators as can get
to Utlca by, Saturday afternoon arts to
attend. Tho senoo will take oharire nt
the vlco president's funeral and benr the
expense ns It does for a senator. m
Flogs upon the White Hoiiho. the i!om
of tho copltol and government bulldlns"
wero ut half staff today. The Btato de.
partment issued a proclamation, which
the president approved, proscribing thirty
days' mourning for embassies and lega-
(Contlnued on Pago Two.)
Fourteen Thousand
Complaints in One
Freight Petition
WASHINGTON. OcTsi.-A petition waa
filed with tho Interstate Commerce Com
mission today which constitutes a record
In yno respects. It contains tho names
of H.K2 separate complainants, business
men of Montana, and demunds repara
tion in the sum of X,j00. ,
The complaint wus directed against the
Northern Puclflo and seventy-five, other
curriers operating between the Atlantic
seaboard and the ltocky mountains.
Frc.glit rates on all clusses and commodi
ties are attacked as unreasonable. The
commission Is asked to reduce the rates
from 25 to .60 per cent, and the damages
are demanded for alleged exoesslve
charges during 1910, 1911 and 1913.
Germany Negotiating
For Island Near Chile
PUNTA A KEN AS, Chile, Oot 81. It la
reported hero that Germany Is about to
acquire an Island In the Magellan chan
nels to b used as a coaling station. The
German cruiser Bremen Is now exploring :
and surveying In tho vicinity, and It Is i
understood the visit Is also connected
with the opening of the Panama canal.
WAS! n NGTON, Oct 81 If the pro
jected purchase by Germany of a coaling
station In the Straits of Magellan should
take form, It would devolvo upon the
Amorlcan Htato department to direct Im
mediate attention of Germany and Chile
to the declaration contained In tho Lodge
resolution adopted at, the last session of
the senate against the acquirement of
any governmental or seml-goveminental
control of cooling stations or other prop
erties of like character on tha western
hemisphere) by any European nation,
Service for Late Vice President Will
Be Conducted in the First Pres
byterian Church.
Many Other Men Prominent in Pub-
lio Life Will Be Present
All Members of the Family Were at
ills Bedside.
All Pnlltlcnl Pnrtlrs Give Notice nt
Canrellnir Datea ot Meetings
Until After the funeral
la Held.
UTICA. Oct. 31.-Wlth the end In view
of obtaining a larger auditorium, .tho first
decision to hold tho funeral of Vlco
President Sherman In tho Ilefornfod
Dutch church has been abandoned and
the First Presbytorlan church will bo
used for that purpose. Tho service will
begin ut'J o'clock Saturday and will bo
conducted Jointly by Dr. Holden, pastor
of tho Dutch church, and Dr. A. W..
Btryker, president of Hamilton college,
ot which Mr. Sherman was an alumnus.
The body of tho vlco president will ll
In stato at tho Oneida county court houeo
Friday at 3 p. m, to 9 p. m. and it Ih
expected that It wilt bo returned to tho
Sherman residence for private services
there Hat unlay innnilng.
Mr. Sherman will bo burled In Forest
Hill cemetery, whore many members of
his family havo found a final resting
place. He srlocted his pallbearers beforo
his death. They-consist of prominent cit
ixnns and Intimate friends. Mr, Sherman
was treasurer of tho Hoformod Dutch
In addition to the public funeral It ll
possible there also will bo private serv
ices at tho Sherman house Saturday for
the benefit of the members of the family
exclusively. Tho wish for such a courso
has been expressed by somo members of
tho household.
The funeral sermon' will bo preached
by Hev. Dr. Louis H. Holdon, who wutf
Mr, Sherman s pastor. .
Sergeant-at-Arms D. M. Itamsdell hit
telegraphed that fifty members of tho
senate, will attend. Tha president's cabi
net and ninny members of tho houeo also
aro expected.
Mr. Sherman's death occurred at 0:41
o'clock lost night at tho family residence,
of Brlght's disease, complicated with dls
eiiao of tho heart and hardening ot tha
arterje, fallowing a period ot moro thait
twenty-four hours of almost total uncon
sciousness. Exalted pnbllo functionary though h
was, hn was Ijnown to Utlcans as "Jim"
Sherman. Indeed, In most cases, ths
surname was dropped, and a common ex
change of salutation among tho older
residents today was "Poor Jim l gone."
All city flags are lowered to half-staff
at tho beginning ot tho day. Mr. Sher
man won a prominent factor in many
business enterprises here and the offices
of such concerns were closed for tha day.
Mrs. Hhermnn Mnkea Urnly.
WASHINGTON, Oct. Sl.-Prcsldont Tut t
today received thfs reply to his mcssago
ot sympathy to Mrs. Sherman:
"Mrs. Sherman Instructs me to thank:
you for yoirt gracious words and to In
form you that tho funeral will occur in
this city nt 2 o'clock on tho afternoon of
H, 13. D AVION DO B.F, Secretary.
OYHTKR BAY, Oct 31,-Appnrently
noun tho worso for his exertions ot last
night, Colonel Itoosovett was up und at
work In his library today. Ho nald h'
felt thoroughly refreshod after a night's'
He spent this morning going over plana
to guard against election frauds In Now
York Tuesday.
"All wo wish to do Is to prevent tha
perpetuation at tlio election of the kind
of scoundrellsm which was responsible
for tha election of a practically .solid
antl-progresslvo dulegatlon at the New
York City primaries last spring and
which was responsible for tho down
right theft of the republican oonfeniin
last June."
HILLSnOBO, 111.. Oct. Sl.-Edwar4
Lane, a former democratic congressman,
died at his homo hero last night from 4
complication of diseases.
"Business Personals1
This heading of tho want
ads, is full of opportunity
for tho small, merchant
and tho artisan and tho
cost is only a triflo.
For grocorymon, carpen
ters, mechanics, plasterers,
plumbers, etc. this head
ing produces largo results.
One man Inserted one little
40c ad recently, advertising
carpenter and repair work, and
be obtained enough work aa a
result to keop four men busy
for a week.
Try this heading, put your
little salesman here and let hint
work for you during tho com
ing month,
The results will please you.
Tyler 1000

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