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This is a "Chin
chilla year,' never
such a demand,
and never did this
store offer such values
or range of choice as
now await your
All Wool Chin
chilla every
body knows the
"Comfort" and
Durability" this
implies. This practical
and attractive coat for
girls from 4 to 12 years
offers untiBunl stylo k n C
and value at v J
Its distinctive
1 features are the
the way it fastens
high at the neck,
double breasted, full
belted, two pockets and
lined throuRliouL Colors
, light or dark brown, Oxford
or Maltose gray.
Girls' Polo Cnpa to
match S1.50
Legglnn to match
at $1.50 to 82.00
Chinchilla Coats for
Men and Boys.
Chinchilla Coats for
Women and Misses.
An UiirIInIi red rose Sat
urday with each pair Crust
Mrs. Conway Tells of Killing of Miss
Sophia 0. Singer.
Ludrr Aconnitt Inn nt Drml "Woman's
frrllichrt flh llrraWn llown
I Mnj She Ilnd Mttle to Di
I with hr Crime.
Those from Florida Aro on the Local
Marjcet and Come High. j
lame y rapes Contemn UolUr
VUtr a,roBna, lBt They Ar Nice
tQ Look Itpoii Others Are
Homo Cheaper.
This !' persimmon souion. The first
fruits ot Uie rail harvest havo' begun to
arrlvo on tho local market ana on tho
carjy shipments they naturally are com
paratively hUrfc priced. Ono variety, that
from Florida, which: la a largo red per
simmon resembling the tomato, Is retail
ing three for a dime. After the frost
persimmons, are expected to arrive In
abundaucu from Missouri and Arkansas.
Another market Innovation Is the Eng
lish hothuuho grape. The "common peo
ple" probably will not surge Into tho
counters to get them, tho price being l.N
a pound, which contains about twenty
grapes. They ure pretty to look at, how
Malaga grapes aro also new In Omaha
and are retailed at'W cents a small bas
kct. Add while speaking Of new fruits,
figs might be mentioned. Btuwtng figs
may be hid lit 10 cents a pound, while
the 'pulled'1 varlotlcs aro being sold at
C and 10 cents a package.
Oranges are still high and range In
cost to 'consumers from M to 0 couts a
dozen. They are becoming scarce and
low prices will await the. advent of a now
crop, which is expected soon. Pomgran
dtes are marked at 6 and W cents apiece.
Beets, carrots, cabbage. Brusssls sprouts
and spinach aro giving out In supply.
Beets and carrots are selling at 5 cents
a bunch, while Brussels sprouts ara A
cents a box. Cabbage 1. 10
and spinach Is S cents a .peck. Turnips
,ro 80 cents a peck and rutabagas two
pounds for a nickel. Ilermuda onions are
sol by tho pound, three for a quarter,
while Plain onions are 5 cents a pound.
Potatoes are now 7S cents a bushel; he
sweet variety la 5 cents a pound for the
borne grown and three pounds ot the
jftew Jersey kind tor 3 cents.
army and u holder of a number of various
Kovornment commissions to treat with
Indian tribes, died today at a sanitarium
near this city. Ho had suffered for some
lime wtlh heart trouble and hardening
of tho arteries.
Colonel Jrrn Clay.
MEXICO, Mo., Nov. 1. Colonel Green
Clay, formerly StCretary of ihe Amer
ican legation In Italy and Ilustla, under
his umli'. c'astlus M. Clay, died today at
his lui I. ire. For many years lie was
n U'" i i Vmocratlc politician In Mis
souri. I'o.ohpI Clay was born In Ken
tucky In lis. Ho Is survlvod by a wlfo
and son and daughter.
Horace W. Clarke',
FIIUDI5RICK, Md., Nov. l.-Hoiaco W.
Clarice, for twenty-five yers prominent
In western railroad management, dltd
here today, at the ago of 8, aftur a long
Ulneus. Mr, Clargo resigned from the
vice presidency of the Denver Jc lllo
Grande in 1911, because ot a narvous
breakdown, and camo to Frederick, hm
former home.
II, A. Lyon,
SIOUX CITY. la.. Nov. l.-H. A. Lyon
a Hloux City pioneer, died In L u AngoKs
Cal., last night. Lyon camo to this city
In IMS and opened the first gun store. Hu
outfitted many gold prospectqrs wno went
to the Black Hills. Ha was widely known
In this section.
f'HICAOO, Nov. 1. Confesflon of
murder of Miss Sophia O. Hlnger,
Baltimore heiress, who eloped to Chicago
, with William H. Worthen and was killed
on the day before sho wail to have been
married, was reported by the police to
have befcn obtained today from Mrs. Lll
.Ian Ileatilen Conway, who with her hus
band, Charles N. Conway, circus clown
and high diver, was brought hero from
lJma, O., onrllor in tho day.
'She has owned up to tho murder," said
a police offlo.al, "but says sho had little
to do with It."
"She snyn that Conway knocked ths
Hlnger girl down with a billy made of a
doorknob In a handkerchief, with a shoo
lust ns it handle, with tha Intention of
robbing the heiress.
"We thought she had mors money than
she did." she said. 'Charley did It. All
I did was to throw the blanker over hor
when we left. I dldn t think she was
dead.' "
Tho Conway woman then told the offl
rials, they announced, that she would
tell tho whole story.
Wiirthru Ilrctuiiee Ilysterlral.
William It. Worthen. flanco of th
Singer girl, who has been held by the
police pending clearing up of the
mystery, though they accepted his story
of Innocence, became hysterical with
Joy when the news was taken to him.
"Thank God they have confessed," n
shouted; "now 1 am cleared and my
father and her mother will be comforted
with tho knowledge that I had no .land
In tho brutal murder. I can go back to
H.vltlmoro now with a clean hand.
knew they did It. I told hor so when I
aw her this morning. She couldn't fact
me. Now Conway might as well confess.'
It was announced Condoy will be given
an opportunity to. tell his side of the case
after copies of the woman's story oould
bo prepared by a stenographer, so that
Conway first could be confronted with It
j Conwny, tho woman's husband, paced
back and forth In a cell without knowl
edgo of the accusation being mule ngalnst
him. A door opened and ho could hear
tho screams of his wife, hysterical over
tho fact that the police had wrung from
I her nn admission that placed Uvea In
Qnnrrel Preceded Killing,
Mrs. Conway, said tho police, admitted
thnl she had quarreled with Miss Blnger
I about going out to some entertainment
and suld Conway took up, tho quarrel.
When tho victim was struck down, she
suld, sho was In tho kitchen adjoining
fho morn whero tho quarrel was going
on. Sho was not pressed to tell of tho
actual killing because of her weakened
Another dramatic sceno came when
Worthen was brought before her again
and told she hud confessed. Tears
trcamed from the eyes of both and for
tlmo neither -could speak. Then the
woman began to cry for mercy and for
irlvenrss. With outstretched arms sho
"Oh, please forgtvo me forgive him,
Willi Kiss mo and tell mo you forglvo us.
Ho didn't mean to kill hor, win; honest
ho didn't."
Worthen extended his hand and she
covered It with kisses. Then sno was
taken to her cell.
Worthen Confronts AVomnn.
Mrs. Conway, or "Boatrlco Ryoll," was
on the verge ot hysteria when Bergcant
Crotty at the pollco station wheru Wor
then Is locked up began questioning her.
Captain Halpln, whoso telcgrums caused
their urrest, sat by and watched the
woman steadily. Ono by ono the blood-
Sixteen Are Hurt in
Wreck at Kansas City
KANSAS CITr, "mo" Nov, l.-Slxteen
persons were Injured several or tnem
seriously early today when an open
switch caused two west-tound Atchison,
Totieka & Santa l'e passenger trains to
collide In the railroad yards hero. A
rhalr car and a buffet car on' train No.
11 practically were demolished. That
nono was killed was believed due to the
fact that both trains wero running
slowly when No. 9 entered the open
switch and crashed Into the side ot tha
other train.
Among the more seriously Injured wero:
Joseph W. Crosier, Minneapolis; S. G.
Davis, -St. Joseph. Mo.; F. M. Speol,
Oclweln. la.; McConkey Hldle. Salt Lak
City, and Mrs. Huxlo McKlnney, Hutchin
son, Kan. ,
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stained objects found In the room whero cett. J.
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.t.r.i 'Milliard,
vmnviN. Neb.. Nov. l.-(Bpeclot.)-
Richard Ballon?, familiarly known as
ivf.!- n,M," a nloneer of Madison
county, esteemed and beloved by all who
know him. died at ms noi c ...
x.v mor.dnd Mr, Ballard was born
aOlartford. K. V.. In J8U. being 7i year
df age. Fortyiour yeare ago he was
j-.j.! tn ir.therlne Weyler, and very
ehortly after ho arid his wlfo moved to
Jtalainaroo. Madiron county, and settled
upon a homestead, wliere they resided
upUT fifteen, years .Mrt. when they cams
p Madison. Mr. nallard served three
y,ears In the dvU war,, being a private In
Company B, One Hundred and Fifty
Seventh New Yprk nfuntry. He Is, sur
vived by bis widow, a daughter, Mru.
Elizabeth Meusch of Bheldon, Neb., and
a son, George Pollard, a railroad con-
qntlor having his home at Pueblo, Coloi
Tho funeral exorcises will probably be
ieW Sunday.
Mrs. Samuel llairn.
rORlC, Nflb.. NOV. J.-tBpeclol.)-Th
junerol of Mrs. Samuel Hawn was held
yesterday forenoon and the body sent
tjo Xewlstnwn, 111. Mrs. Hawn was 67
-jfcars of age and bad been a resident ot
this county for more than forty-one years.
General Homer Lea.
,!IX3 ANOKIipa, Nov. L-Qeiwral Homer
Xjco, the American dtUen who nutod
adviser to the leaders ot the hU cJil
tje rebellion, died at his rs!denoe, 1SS
wads worth avenue, Ocean 'ark, at li:90
tlUs afternoon.
Major Okarlea Y, Larrabve.
IWASHIN'OTON, Nov. L-Major CharlM
S. Larrabee. former asslitont oommls
oner ot Inalaa- offers,-f unu erly: in the
close postofflces tomorrow on account of
Vlco President Sherman's funeral.
Mr. Hitchcock construed tho president's
proclamation cloilng uxccutlvo offices as
extending to postofflces throughout tho
Postmasters have been nuthorlscd to
use their discretion In closing offices so
far as public, buxtneis will permit.
The supreme court has delegated Asto
clste Justices Hughes and Jitney to rep
resent the court at the funeral.
The Treasury department also notified
all customs houses (o clofo tomorrow for
the vice president's funeral.
rostmaster ucnerai Hitchcock tatM
Issued an order that all flags on post
owice uuiiaing throughout tho Unit.nl
BiaieB be ut halr.staff for thirty days.
oeginnmg jsovemuer z.
ClilraKo Uonrd VII1 Clone.
ailCVQO, Nov. l.-The Chicago Board
of Trado and the local stock exchange
win oe ciosm tomorrow in memory of
vice IToshlent Sherman.
lUUlt. W0V. 1, The New York
Stock exchange will be closed tomorrow
out of respect to tho memory of Vice
president Sherman.
Miss Singer was murdered wero brought
out and sho was asked what sho knew
about each of them. William Worthen,
tho Singer girl's fiance, was brought
Into tho Inquisitorial chamber after they
had talked to the actress only a few min
utes. Worthen was told to say nothing,
but to listen to tho story sho was telling.
Almost Immediately Worthen broke out
In a bitter denunciation of tho Conway
woman and his volco could bo heard
throughout the pollco station as he
You know you did It You both did It.
Yoil know you killed my Sophlal"
Tho woman cried aloud and became
hysterical, shouting wildly:
'It's not sol It's not sol You know
you killed her yourself!"
This continued several minutes, tho po
llco Interfering to advise the two to
leave oft pretense nnd to tell the truth.
MILWAUKEE, Wis.. Nov. l.-Ecnter-
talnlng the Impression that Theodore
Roosevelt does not bear' any malice
toward him and adopts the same nitlttul
of forgiveness as held by presidents who
havo bepn assassinated, John Schrunk
would-be slayer of the colonel, xp.-cU U
escape with a light sentence. Schrank
confided these expectation to Tiemurt JJ
dottschalk, who occupies a cell near him
Gottschalk Is a former resident of Now
hkw lORK. Nov. 1,-MJsa Lydla
Locke, an opera singer well known In
New York and London, was perhaps fat
ally hurt early today In an uutomoblle
collision here which followed a late Hal
bv miM convention hdtd under the
nriivlnloriH nf section iS. laws of 1W7. and
certlflcnten of nominations of such candl
datos may bo filed with the proper oi-
Ilcer at tho time specuicu m section .
of tho samo act.
In construing statutes relating to the
exercise of tho elective franchlso and to
tho nominations of candidates by political
parties, either at primaries or at con
ventlons or committees, the court should
contrue doubtful or ambluuous statutes
In the light of the cons..tutlcaal provision
that all elections shall be free nnd there
slml. bo no hlnderance or Impediment to
tho rlKht of tho qualified voter to exercise
tho elective franchise.
l.Hiirnntcr County Case,
Another case which Is ot considerable
Interest because of Its similarity with
other cases In several counties of the
tntn la that nf Oeorco C. Curyea of
Lancaster county against thu county j
clerk of tho same county to cumpel him
to declaro vacant the place on tho demo,
cratlo county ticket for county commls
sloncr held by Oeorgo Johnson, who re
ceived sufficient democratic votes to ntak'
him the democratic nominee. Johnson
was the regularly nominated candidate of
the republicans for the samo office. The
syllabus of ihe decision of tho Kuproiro
court Is as follows:
Tho legislature of this state. In pro
viding for tho closed primary, has adopted
the policy of allowing each political
party to select Its own candidates.
Anyone who has tho statutory qualifi
cations to fill an office may bo a candl
dato for election to tlint .office. If ho
affiliates with a political pariy no may
become the candidate of that party or ho
may become a candldato lndepundent of
all parties. .... .
Under our primary inw nu
party can bo compelled to present a Its
candidate at a general election one who
does not arrillalo wltn ine pany bo yiu
sentlng him as a candidate.
ir n iv) ttra Tin ri v at il i,i iii.u.. jr
makes no nomination of a candldato for
election to an office, a vacancy has
occurred within tho meaning .of the
statute and the proper pany cuimnuicu
may fill that vacancy.
Sunremo Court Opinions.
The following opinions were filed by
the sunremo court:
Page ngalusl Bresoe, affirmed; Barnes,
t I.-.. .1. not Hittlnir.
Cuslck against Brodsky, affirmed;
Juwcett. J. , . . . , .
Chrlstensen against Omaha Icb and Cola
atr.ro irm. nin n.i ti v. affirmed! Barnes. J.
Rrnwder uicalnst Tolerton & Warflcld
company. reversed and remanded;
lMi.1.., .T
.Tlerp'ey against EJvnns, affirmed; Scdg
wick J
i City of arand Island against Postal
Trlsfernph Cable company,' affirmed,
uu.iniiiK against Forrester, affirmed;
Fawcett, J.i Hamer. J., coucurs separ
atoly as to conclusion, but dissents a
to reasons given. . .
Frceburg against State; reversed and
remanded: Hamer, J.
Hardin against State, affirmed; taw
cett. J.; Lottln, J., dissenting soiHirately;
Hamor, J., dissenting separately.
Stato ox rel.. Murphy against Graves
peremptory writ donlcd. action dismissed j
Sedgwick. J. . . ii .
State ex rel. Curyea against Volls, re
versed and remanded with Instructions
to Issue a peremptory Svrit us prayed;
Sedgwick, J.; Hose. J.,5 dissenting.
Morrlssey against Walt, affirmed; Let
tcn. J.; Hamer, J.. concurring separately.
i.'n..,' .v r-i u,.nulil can Htato Central
Commltteo against Walt, affirmed; Faw-
MAUIHON, Wis., Nov. 1 Governor Mo.
Govern was asked today to take steps of
ficially to suppress literature opposed to
woman's suffrage, which. It Is charged
by Mrs. Crystal Benedict of Milwaukee. Is
being circulated In violation ot tho cor
rupt practices law. It Is charged that
anonymous literature containing mis
representations of tho results ot woman's
suffrage In Colorado and elsewhere Is
being circulated. Tho governor gave as
surance that evidence of violation would
meet wtlh prompt prosecution.
Roosevelt Writing
Reply to Wilson
OYBTKPv BAY, N. Y Nov. l.-Colonol
noosevelt began today tho preparation
of a reply to Governor Wilson's speech
at Madison Square Garden last night.
The colonel sent to progreBslvo head
quarters In New York for Information
which he desired and a messenger was
dispatched thenco to Oyster .Bay.
Colonel rtoosevclt Bald he would take
up Governor Wilson's attitude toward
tho trusts In a statement which will bo
made public probably tomorrow. The
colonel's speech In New York tonight Is
to be devoted to stnte Issues and he will
not then reply to Governor Wilson.
"I have been asked," he said, "to
sneak in Brooklyn, Buffalo and various
niher nlaees on Saturday. It Is a mat
ter of very great regrei to me
am unablo to do this."
United States Army
Mourns Nation's Loss
Commanding General Smith.. Depart
ment of the Missouri, has received orders
from tho War department to fly the flag
on the army building at half staff, tiro
nineteen guns at noon, officers to wear
badge of mourning and to place the colors
of tho regiment in mourning for thirty
days, owing to the death and funeral of
Vice President Sherman.
BintLlN. Nov. X.-lt la feared that tho
balloon Duesseldorf with the two Ameri
can aeronauts attempted to cross th
Baltlo sea. A belated report from Btral
suml says a balloon was sighted on Oc
tober 23 high above tho Baltlo going
Tito Sfen Asphyxiated.
MINNKAlOLIS. Nov. 1 -Paul Hanlan
of Cleveland and Klfln Ixlfert of Ke-
waskum. Wis., today died of cas asnhvxl.
atlon In a local boarding house, utter sur-
aeons and eloctnoai experts nnu worked
for mora than an hour In an effort to re
vive them by means of an electrical a:-
paraius. rne ponce are maxing an in'
"Uncle Joe" Cannon, seated in th
lobby of a hotel, condemned a certalu
Improvident typo of social reformer.
"They're gTcat borrowers," he said,
' These chaps who are going to make the
world over again'
lowe'cn party Dwight Kanna, a chauf. I With a rhueklo h nflrt.!.
reus, was seriously nurt lliree oth,er nienl The worst thing about your Utopians
wo oauiy suaaen up., its tnat they re all I-O-v-toplans."
that 1
the powers can, do Is to prepare to look
after their own Interests when the war
Is over..
The belief Is held by some diplomats
here that the Bulganlan army will be
Impelled ' to occupy Constantinople by
military and other considerations. While
the Bulgarians disclaim any ambition to
retain Constantinople they consider that
tho quickest way of arranging peace
will be to dictate to Turkoy In Its own
capltol. The Bulgarian army would also
be able at tho same time to protect the
Christian residents there.
l'enr Mnssncre In Constantinople.
KU8TENDJE, Kuroanla. Nlv. l.-By
Wireless from Constantinople, Oct, 31, 11
p. m. The defeat of the -Turkish army
under Nazi m Pasha opens the way to
Constantinople for tho Bulgarian troops.
This will, In the opinion of diplomatic
circles, lead to a situation which almost
Inevitably will bring about European
Tho most Immeolate danger, however,
concerns the position ot this city Itself.
Most authorities agree that no real de
fense can be made along the Tcbatalja
line, supposed to protect the capital.
In tho ovent of hordes of beaten and
demoralised soldiers falling back on the
capital It Is difficult to foresee what
could savo tho city from sack and pil
lage. This fear Is presented with Inhab
itants who realize tho fute ot the Turk
ish emplro hangs In the balance.
It is reported that a secret meeting was
held recently In tho Mosquo ot Fatleh,
the most fanatical quarter of Stamboul,
where Inflammatory speeches wero de
livered by Mussulman priests, who ad
vised a rising against the Christians.
When the news of further Turkish de
feats was received tho authorities or-
dcrod the state of siege to be mode more
strict. The bridges between Golata and
Stamboul are not opened until some hours
after dawn.
' nnlsrarlan Force Smaller.
SOFIA. Nov. L Details thus for of the
routo ot the Immense Turkish army by
tho Bulgarians show that tho Bulgarian
forces were numerically tan Inferior. r
Tho Turkish army Is reported to have
aggregated 300,000 men. It Included tho
garrison which had retreated from the
fortress ot Klrk-Klllsseh, as well as tho
main body of Turkish troops which had
advanced from Constantinople. It com
prised practically tho whole of the Turk
ish troops remaining In Europe apart
from the garrisons ot Adrlanoplo, Salon
tkl, Monastlr, Janlna, Scutari and a few
other towns.
This great army was under tho per
sonal command ot Nazlm Pasha, mln
Istcr of war and commander-in-chief, who
was assisted by some ot the ablest Turk
ish generals.
The fight ojned with the discovery by
tho Turks of a number of Bulgarian cav
alry scouts. The Turks brought in their
outposts nnd these were followed by linen'
of Bulgarian skirmishers, who were suc
ceeded by tho main Bulgarian army in
lighting formation.
Tho battle, which was, destined to, last
several days and result in tho defeat ot
the Turks, wus soon in progress all along
the line.
The Bulgarian troops repeatedly -.delivered
fierce attacks, sometimes at one
paint, sometimes at another, along the
Turkish line, .extending from Lule Burgas
to Serai.
The Turkish troop offered desperate re
sistance, but were unabu to withstand
tho onslaught of the Impetuous Bulgar
ians, and finally they turned and fled In
great disorder toward Tohorlu, In the
The losses of the Ottoman army aro re
ported to havo been enormous In dead,
wounded and prisoners, us well as am
munition and other supplies.
Tho capture of a third Turkish military
train near Lulo Burgas beforo the battle
was an Immense advantago to the Bulgar
ians, as It furnished them with more
facilities for the transportation of their
troops and supplies to the district where
tho fighting took place.
The official newspaper, the Mir, says
"If Turkoy desires peace It must
negotiate directly with the Balkan states
und not seek tho Intervention of the pow
ers." It Is' reported that n Bulgarian column
has captured tho Turkish town of Strum
nltia, flfty-flvo miles to the north of
Greeks Sink Turkish Battleship.
ATHENS. Greece, Nov. l.-Tho Turkish
battleship Feth-I-Bulend was sunk last
night In the Gulf of Salonlkl by a Greek
torpedo boar. Tho Greek commander's
daring enterprise wus carried out under
tho guns of the Tura'.sli torts without
being observed and the torpedo boat es
caped unscathed.
sinking of the Turkish battleship Feth-I-Buelend
by a Greek torpedo boat In the
Gulf ot Salonlkl Is confirmed In a dis
patch from Salonlkl. The warship sank
In five minutes. Part of the crew was
on shore at the time, so that tho number
of lives lost Is not known.
SOFIA, Bulgaria. Nov. 1. The Turkish
cruiser Hamldleh discharged nine shells
yesterday at the Cape Mine lighthouse,
between the Bulgarian ports ot Burgas
and Varna. The lighthouse was dam
aged. The Bulgarian government intends
to protest against the bombardment ot a
Bro wning, King & Co
One Day Sale-
Saturday in our Children's dopt. nnd thnt day only
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Browning, King & Co.
Geo. T. Wilson, Mgr.
15th at Douglas
building devoted solely to peaceful pur-
Servla Mukes Third Levy.
BELGRADE. Servla, Nov. L-A Uilrd
levy of conscripts ha3 been orderod bi
the Servian war office. The men, as soon
as they aro equipped, will bo dispatched
to tho territory occupied by the Servians
In Macedonia, whero they will act as a
The strength of tho Servian armies has
astonished the Inhabitants ot the con
quered country and particularly the Mus
sclman Arnauts. These aro now abandon
ing tho Turks and taking the oath of
allegiance to King Peter of Servla.
Many of them have given up their armr
and at the same time disclosed tho names
of the .chief supporters or the Turks and
of the authors' of tho massacres of
The villages occupied by the Servians
havo been grouped Into districts and arc
placed under Servian governors.
' I - -
Strikers Picket
Hotels in Buffalo
BUFFALO, N. Y.. Nov. 1. Members of
the International Hotel Workers' union
who went on strike last nnlght for an
increase In wages and Improvement in
working conditions' havo picketed the
hotel entrances and police aro on guard.
So far there has boen no disturbance.
The mon claim that 400 employes have
left their positions and the hotel nien
say 125 are out. Guests at tho hotels af
fected, according to the hotel managers,
are being served today as usual.
6',6-lb. Electrlo Iron 5-year guaran
tee. Regular price $3.50. Every
woman should take advantage of this
special, for Saturday Sp2 50
Burgess-Granden Co.
1611 Howard street.
Girl Mistaken for
Marauder is Shot
- i
SyfSrSr Ergs, iB-as-80-780
Gordon & North's Youngest Child,
Girls Gay White Way
All brand new and classy. Harry
"Dutch" Ward, Sam "Violin" Heorn.
James "Coupon" Rowland, Pretty Helen
Ely and the Jolllest of Beauty Choruses.
Ladies' Dime Matinee Svtry Wssk Say.
Midnlte Show Next Tuesday. Electlotx
on Dongias sTrreet, at 18th.
HTTOirc VATmsnrTT.T.w . i ..
Kent's Collegian Sea Lions: Allle Lesll
iiaisan; XNevins &
Item m 1 n r t o n: Al
ward; Gates &
H I a k e: Hlppoacope
rr a rrxx.Xi k-i
1'iciures. 11
Continuous 2 to 5, at 7 and 8 p. m. SaUyJ
LEXINGTON, Ky., Nov. l.-MIss Mabol
Dunne, aged JM, daughter of W. Dunno,
president of the Citizens' National bank
of Noblesvllle, IuU.. was shot and prob
ably fatally Injured early today while
with a party of young folks coon hunt
ing near MaysvtUe, Ky. The party was
passing through the farm of Best Gait
and thinking thoy wore Hallowe'en
marauders, he fired on them.
Our Patrons
Like Our Cooking
and service, for the food la so
perfectly cooked that It is not only
delicious but also promotes health,
whllo the service Is quite, prompt,
unobtrusive, in short, perfect. One
visit will make you a life custom
er, also a booster.
"Qne of the Six" Class A.
lBie Dodge Street
Open All Night.
Look for large Electrlo Sign.
Parisian Ivory, beautiful and dainty, is the most popular and practical material for brushes,
mirrors, powder boxes and other toilet requisites. We'll bo pleased to show you our line, '
It's not top early to select slits for the holidays. Choose now and we'll hold your pur
chases for you It you desire.
75a Plnaud's Lllao To- MQn 60a Charles Flesh Food Ql.
let Water. v9U at fclli
'w.?.1... 39c 600 CnariM l On
75o June Vt'oVe Toilet" QQa
Water u9U SGc Ideal Hair Brush QQn
60o Juno Rose Perfume. OErj ttt OiJU
""h" 2 76c Hower Girt Toilet QQ.
50c Azorla Perfume, OCn Water OaC
ounce (uU
60c Natural Violet Kx- QC. 76c Dabrook's Nymph QQn
tract, os. OQ Toilet Water OaU
78c Tlvoll Face Powder 160 Face Chamois Qq
50cHair Brush, solid 24fj
U lb. Peroxide Hydrogen Tfn
for , 10
11.00 Fountain Syringe,
J5c Beaton's Clod Cream
for ,
!5c Beaton's Cold Cream
for ,
S5c Imitation Ivory Mir
23c DeMafs Glycerine
"Follow tho Beaton Path"
Farnam and 15th Street
Mort X. Blsgar'B Own Company
Th latest Berlin Operetta
Aborn English Grand Opera Co.
Son. Bright It Wsd. Mat.. "Tales of
Hoffman." Mon.,"Madam Butterfly."
Tuts, and sat. Mights, "Txovatore,"
Wed. Wight, "Ik Bohsmo." Thurs,
'Lacla." TzK "Lohengrin," sat.
Mt.,"Xnsl ft arstaL" Ssata now.
88th ant California
Game Called at 8 V. M.
General Admission 6Qo.
Reserved Ssotdoa 780.
This Afternoon Tonight
The Goddess of Liberty
JK "V WVW VDoBg. 494.
Matinee Today 2:15
Note Early Curtain Saturday!
Night 8:15 Sharp. I
a 130 Blgat,
g Ladlea' Dally Dime Matinee).

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