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" . 1
Clash Between Crighton and St.
" 1 1 ' " i
Fast and Hard Hushes of Missou-
rians Too Much for Locals
Who Lose, 28 to 3.
Clever Jap Makes Creighton's Only
Score in the Final Quarter.
First and Secondary Defense of St
Louis is in Sensational Class.
After rtelntr Shoved Around Field for
Three Quarters, the Local War
rior Pick Up unit Play
Superior Boll.
By tho persistent use of old stylo foot
ball, Intermingled with' an occasional for
ward pass anil .end runs, St Louis uni
versity walloped Crelehton yesterday aft
ernoon by the score" of 23 to' 3, Cretgh
ton's only scoro came In the' last few min
utes of ploy, when Jap Tamlsea booted
the boll between the crossbars from the
twenty-yard line.
8t, Louis" defense was tho stlffest propo
sition tho blue and white has run up
against, this season. Time after time
thp Orelgnton lads would -broaJc through
the first def enstv-only to ba stopped by
a stonewall secondary defense, Creighton,
on the other hand, shewed riot able to
stop tho terrific smashes of -tho1 St Louis
backs. Rati can and tZchrltz.'hod Uttlo
trouble getting by the first ' and '.second
defense of tho Creighton team and even
then, with several husky opponents honjf
lns about them, would crawl and squirm
ond battle, for a fewvmoro valuable feet.
Orelcrhton Htnrt Well.
Creighton started off with a rush, but
after a fumble the St. Louis backs started
a march down the field. Twice they were
In striking distance of the goal line, but
a fifteen-yard penalty saved Creighton
from one touchdown and the ball going
out of bounds saved another. Snyder was
then pushed through the center for the
first touchdown and Magutre' kicked goal.
The second quarter found the Creighton
team fighting hard and they had the. ball
In St. Louis' territory nearly tho, entlrtr
period, but when within striking distance
of the goal they fell down. In this quar
ter Tamlaea tried his first dr6p kick, It
being from the forty-yard lino. xThe ball
carried well, but tho wind hold It off to
one side.
Walk Over Creischtnn.
In the third quarter the BUllklns liter
ally walked over the Creighton bunch.
Their rushes came hard, and fast. Rati
can, Zochrltz and T. Stadtherr carrying
the ball mot of the time. Ratlcan, espe
cially, making long gains through the line
and around the ends. About tho middle
of the third quarter Zachrltz caught a
punt off the toe of Tamlsea and ran
slxty-flvo yards through a broken , field
for a touchdown. Magutre negotiated the
goal. In tho same quarter, after working
the ball almost the length of tho field,
Ratlcan broke through center fop twenty
yards and made another touchdown. Ma
gulnJ again Jdcked goal.
In the last period Creighton quit Its use-
lfss attack against tho stonewall line of
the MlssJjurlans. Open play was resorted
to and many gains were made for issod
distances.' Once on a fumble the St. Louis
team recovered the ball and marched
down the field, pushing Snyder across for
their last touchdown. Magulre kicked
goal. In this period the prettiest play of
the game was pulled off. A double for
ward pass was worked to perfection by
the locals. Miller heaved the ball to Hop
kins, who passed It clear across the line
of scrimmage to Brennan, who got away
for thirty yards,
Tho St. Louts team 1
then strengthened and Jap Tumlsea was
given his fourth chance at a drop kick,
and booted theNball fairly between the
posts. - J
I-Mght to the Last.
Creighton, despltf tho fact that It 'was
beaten, put up a hard gamo and never
quit at any time. The backs smashed Into
the beefy Missouri lino time and again,
and, althougn being thrown for losses or
held without gains, kept on trying, and
towards the end of the 'gamo were wear
ing the line down. Had the local team
used the open play and forward pass as
'much during the other periods as It did
In the last. thTe Is no doubt but what
the score would have been muah closer, :
for when the blue and white tried the '
pass It meant gains in most Instances.
St. Louis came through 'the west gate
at 3 o'clock and began rhort signal prac
.--.i r .n....i twi.. .
...2 .v- t, i... ii.li i
Spectators. had difficulty In distinguishing '
the two teams, as both have practically 1
me gymns-num ui ia vuumv uuuuiuks. ,
the same colors, blue and white. It wa-i",orm- The nret fvo nun tp flnlth were
nppartnt when the two teams took ttwlJone!, Cornell, 29:17H; Copeland, Hnr-
field that
St. Louis wai siightly
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After a Hard Fought Battle Harvard
Wins by Score of 16 to 6.
Line Dnektns; of ' llrlckley, Who l
Injured and Carried from the
Field, One of the Feature
. of the Conteat.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 2.-Harvard
vanquished Princeton In the Btadlum to
day by a scoro of 18 to 6, principally
through tho lino plunging of Rrlckley and
his' wonderful flold goal and placement
klbklng. Tho big Harvard halfback
scored two goals from tho flold and then
kicked a placement goal of forty-seven
yards for a third score. In the last few
minutes of play ho helped carry the ball
to the Princeton goal line, where Hard
wlck mado a. touchdown. In this lost play
Urlckley .was severely injured and was
carried from the field. Tho Princeton
score was duo entirely to two beautifully
oxecuted forward posses In the second
period which netted fifty-seven yards and
a touchdown. No goal was attempted.
Both teams put up a strong defense on
line plunging by the opponents, but Fel
ton far outklcked Dewltt In the punting
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South Dakota Loses
in Last Minutes of.
Game at Ann Arbor
ANN AJIBOn, Mich., Nov. 2. Secur
ing a touchdown and goal In the Inst
few minutes of play Michigan today de
feated the University of South Dakota
foot ball eloven, 7 to 6, in a thrilling
game,, tho first contest In which tho two
universities have ever participated.
A bad put-out by Sheeks after ho had
scored a touchdown for South Dakota In
tho second period lost the husky visitors
the opportunity to hold the Wolverines
to a tie. Held scoreless In tho first
'quarter, both elevens played desperate
foot ball in tho next period and finally
arter an exchange of punts South Da
kota secured tho ball on -dlchlgan's forty
yard line. Two forward passes, netaly
oxecuted, netted South Dakota more than
half the distance and Sheeks tore through
for a touchdown.
Before Potts coud recover Sheek's
erratic put-out Michigan players had
htm blocked.
Back and forth waged the tide of bat
tlo until lato in the final period, when
Michigan worked tho ball well Into Da
kota territory, only to have a forward
pass Intercepted. Ferguson punted, out
of bounds on Dakota's fifteen-yard line
and Michigan secured the ball. Using
Thomson as the vortex- of a terrific line
attack, tho Malzo and Bluo warriors bat
tered tholr way to Dakota's seven-yard
line, where .Thomson smashed through
Downigh for the tleing score. Then Pat
erson, with the game hinging on his ef
fort, kicked goal:
Thomson and Sheeks were individual
Oourtright's Kicks
Defeat Oklahoma
LAWRENCE, Kan., Nov. 2.-Comlnjr
up in the last quarter with two place
k cks, tho University of Oklahoma foot
ball team defeated the University of
Kansas here today, 6 to 5. Both of
Oklahoma's scores were made by Court
right, left halfback. The field wus
muddy and fumbles wero frequent by
both teams.
Weldlln. Kansas left tackle, did most
of the kicking for his team. In the
second quarter ho made the first score
of the game with a beautiful kick from
P'acement. but failed repeatedly on other
attempts, one of them JJust before the
final whistle when tho score would
havo meant victory for Kansas. The
other two points by the local team wero
made on a safety In the last quarter.
Tho game was evenly matched, neither
team being able
to gain consistently
through tho line.
ITHACA. N. Y Nov. 2Hanard
cross-country runn-s defeated Cornell
Itoday tn a fast race over a slx-m le !
;'ourf0- bunching four men In. tho
"arvaru punea out tno victory
hy ,,,e oIose 8Coro ot 68 to 62. . Captain
I John Paul
Jones of the Cornell team
.easily lea ine runners in rh tana ,..
the new men on hn rnrn.ii nn. m
nt rPe with the Cambridge runners, j
The ruet' waJ" ru' during a light snow.,
--- - - ,u j
va. a:0JH; Boyd. Harvard. 30:46: Law-
'less. Harvard, 20:13. Brodt, Cornell, 30:CO,
Omaha Sunday
Nebraska City Eleven Plays Ri
Around Team.
Ronjch Playing- and Poor Bye,
on Part of Official Results
Complete Detent of South
U in nh a Players.
In a game marked with rough pi
Sotith Omaha High school was b
by tho Nebraska City High school
ball team, 46 to 0, at South Oi
The village squad outweighed the
team fifteen pounds to the man,
couplod with rough playing, ho
hurdling, off-side plays and all the
means that could bo brought Into
succeeded In decisively ovrushlng
South Omaha boys.
The referee arid umpire repeatedly
to see or penalize tho Nebraska
team for those plays. Tho local
played clean ball all through and, In
of tho odds against thorn, put up a
Going Into tho game with five
players In place of the best men oi
team this year tho South Omaha
had Uttlo chance of scoring from
start. Nixon, the great quarterback,
placed, at rlgh half Instead of his
customod place and a now man pu
as quarter, who was unable to place the
plays,, or work ,tho forward passes.
In the first quarter tho South Onnlia
boys succeeded in keeping the ball but
of their territory. After this G. Porter,
tho village tenm s quarter, round tne
weak spots on tho opponents' line a
sent the back field' crashing through
guards and tackles . tlmo and again, re
sulting in tho many touchdowns.
Trick Play Nearly Succeeds,
South Omaha came very near scoring
in tho third quarter by a trick play.
Inraan, captain of tho team and fullback,
tried a clever ruse that nearly secured
a touohdown for his plucky little teaom.
Telling Berlin, left half, and Rapp, right
guard, to get off the flold if they did
not want to obey the signals, tho two
men walked over to the light end and
tho visitors relaxed thinking they wero
going oit of tho game. Lyman snapped
the ball, hurling It to Berlin, who suc
ceeded in eluding the end man and reach
ing the ten-yard line from the center
of the field before being tackled. Berlin
tried to place a drop kick betwoen the
goal posts, but failed.
Team Clliifr to Mascot,
Dr. Bloomdale, coach for tho Nobraska
City team, who had been very officious
during the first part of the gamo, ob
jected to Officer Gaughan putting the
team's mascot, a large negro welshing
209 pounds, out of the grounds for mis
conduct. As a result Officer .Guughan
Informed him of the exact location of the
exit from the park and would havo lm-
'pressed It upon the doctor's memory but
for Chief of Police Brlggs. The visiting
team and the .rooters from the village
tried to 'play the part of real "cut ups,"
which did not 'JJIbe" with Officer
Gaughan's orders from tho chief.
Tho lineup;
Kners H.E.
Flttl IUT.
Mcnrlde ...It.O.
Heternon C.
In Smith
L.T HH.hy
10 lurrey Crawford
C Bneldtr
IUpd Ia.:!!.G
ShilQhoItt UT.'ILT Bhowtlter
SulUran UE.IR.B.. lUwlef
lttmm QU lQ.ll 0. Porter
Nlion U.1I 8ltirr
Lyman (O K.D.IP.D Harry Crawford
Berlin I II. I H. II J. Tortar (CI
Substitutes for South Omaha were:
Foley. Cur Patrick. Fitzgerald ond
Parlsoy. For Nebraska City: Glbbs,
Nosby, Kellogg and Nelson. Refereo:
Smith of Ashland. Umplro: Ludwlg of t
umana. lleuu linesman: l'onuerson oi
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., Nov. 2.-Cambrldge
foot ball team won from McC'ook on the
Cambridge field Friday, 38 to 0. Renir
lngton, the Cambridge fullback, was tho
big ground gainer, especially In the first
halt when ho brought the ball In strik
ing d'stance of the McCook goal re
peatedly. The half ended 13 to 0, In fa
vor of Cambridge. Mlnnlck, the Cam-
brldgo quarter, started the third quarter .
with a forty-yard end run for a touch-
down. and a few minutes later Hagjerty
went around for fifty yards and another
touchdown. The remulnlng scores were
V .u . " ' .
icot awnv nn n r.iUe (nrn-nr,i rui.o fnr
.I inn laoi. quuuci in.uoa luHuauiv
v.i..,. . . ... . . ...
U..u... . .. . .. .. . . .
not make the required jnlns.
Camhildire hn wnn ,in n. filr.a
uuuee iiiitn-yKiu une, mil iney couiu
, mm tar. ,
Prr bridge, ft: Arapahoe, '
Cumbridge, 18; Oxford. 0.
Cambridge, 13; McCook, 0
Cambrldge, 27; Trenton, 0.
Louis University Teams on Creighton Field
i" J,1 1 J Ba WBssB
Illinois Loses by Nenre of Thirteen
to Nothlntr, Minnesota' Goal
Hrlnir In Itenl Dunirer
Only Once,
MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 2. Minnesota's
foot ball team today fought Ha way nnr
other step toward the "Big Nino" confer
ence championship, defeating tho Illlnl by
a score of 13 to 0, Touchdowns by Mc
Almon In tho first and second quarter,
respectively, and "Plnklo" Haywnrd's one
kicked goal In the second quarter tell tho
story i of Minnesota's victory. Illinois
came back strong In the second halt nnd
Minnesota practically played on the de
fensive, while both teams wero forced to
kick frequently.
Illinois and Minnesota in the second half
tried tho forward pass frequently, the.
former making good gains. A number of
times, however, passes on both stde
wero Intercepted, Hay ward and Shaugh
nessy making sensational runs on such
plays. Shaughnessy, who took the place
of Tollefson, disqualified for .the re
mainder of the season because of scholas
tic deflcloncy, did good work an a kicker,
but wns not the equal of HI I It inn n and
Woo Is ton.
Only onoo was Minnesota's goal really
In danger, when tn tho fourth quarter, by
line smashes by" Woolston and Scnneff,
Illinois carried the ball to Minnesota's
one-yard line. Minnesota held, however,
and Shaughnessy kicked out to safety.
Substitutes: Minnesota Raymond for
Solem. Lawler for ICrdall. Levering for
Ostrom: Illinois Hchoblnger for Wilson,
fienneff for Dillon. Shapland for Booze.
Touchdowns: McAlmon. 2. Goal from
touchdown: Hoyward. Referee: Masker,
Northwestern. Umpire: ItaHlerouns, Le
high. Head linesman: Fleager, North
western. Durborow to Quit
the Swimming G-ame
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 2. -After his at
tempt to swim the English channel
Charles B. Durborow, the' local swimmer.
declares that he will quit the gamo for
good. Ha announced today that ho will
do no more long-dlHtanco swlinmln,? this
year. The proposed thlrty-four-mllo swim
from Sandy Hook to the Battery and
thence to Coney Island lias been called
The Phlladelphlun had planned a cam
paign in the attack of all aquatic fea
tures, nnd this included the long grind
to Boston light. His performances dur
ing the last summer have s.tamittd him
as one of the best long-distance swimmers
In the world.
Wood on the Ntnue.
Wood and Rneakor. the Red Sox stars.
were each offered jl.OCO a week to go
'V "&i!L" u.ZSJ?.
vt, pretty welt of the stage at tnat
.le ii n I urn on the Ntnare,
Manager Hughoy Jennings r th Tigers
nis signea a ten weeks' vaudeville con
frnct that will net hsm about twin week
rim I'uiiuui in u 111 uiiuiitriii ijiavnin
comenmn ana iiie piiiriii
pair will "try It on
nl Hil.,.nn V t
I exlimton Kluh Wins.
me dog
2 (Special
ti,u. i --i ,., nii.
school rie.
! feated Holdrege High sr'.ioul this after
! noon. l to o. The visitors scored touch
I downs In the first and thliC quarters i
I and kicked both goals. I
opes Beaten on Own Grounds
by 27 to 19 Score.
In Ilrirln Came villi, SI.....I..
lies ami n( i;,j f i,r
mirier Had Spore Twelve
Point tn Good.
LN. Neb., Nov. 2.-Sieclal Teln.
Maying a brand of football tlini
iave ueen n credit to universities,
HIrIi school established her
nt claim to tho championship ot
to by trlumplng over tho prevl-
naoiestcd Lincoln High school
iro this afternoon by a score of
'. The game was fiercely con-
both teams bring on a par ns to
and while strong on tho offonse,
y veak on tho defense,
first fow moments ot the gamo
High rushed tho Omaha forwards
r feet, and beforo time had been
or the first quarter had scored ! Three times the visitors were stopped In
DolntK. Wilkin fulling at both at- side Wtacmiln's rivo.v..r.i n.,
at goal. Undismayed, the purple
minium came uacic us
and with tho opening of tho
uaitcr, Lincoln found Itself ns
utplayed as the boys from the
ills had boon In tho first,
a followed up tho advantage
In the second quarter and cinched
no on two brilliant plays. In the
thlru Werlod. Lincoln came back strong
In tholflnal period and inaimged to scorn
ono (clichdown, but could not even up
mo Bcrrc.
(lame (ioo,l to Wutch.
From the spectators' standpoint the
gamo wnH Ideal. Both teams played
magnificent ball, fighting desperately
for each Inch and glvlngtho onlookers
all tho thrills attendant with football.
For Omaha, McFarlane. Gardiner and
Rouse did herculean service. McFarlane,
especially, distinguished himself. Cap.
tain Doyle, Allen nnd WUkla wero tho
Lincoln mainstays,
Four minutes after tho opening of tliu
gamo Lincoln had Scored a touchdown,
the Omaha lino giving way for long
gains' beforo tho. assault of the Autelopo
backs. Five minutes Inter a second
touchdown had been scored by Lincoln,
Doylq making both of them on straight
lino bucks, and Wllklo falling at goal,
Omaha's lino then stiffened In Its de
fense and the Omaha hncks carried tlin
ball to Lincoln's two.ynrd line when time!
ror tno period was called. Gardner took
It over for a touohdown on the first
down with the resumption of piny.
McFarlane kicked goal.
Lincoln Lime on Dimviim.
Omaha kicked off to Lincoln, who lost
the ball on downs, It required but a few
line bucks for OmBha to send Gardner
over tho second touchdown. McFarlane
kicked 'goal. Tho half ended 14 to 12 'n
favor of Omaha. At tho opening of tho
second half, Lincoln cairled the 'ball to
the Omaha twenty-soven-yard lino only
to bo held for downs, on tho first play,
McFarlane took a forward pass and raced
soventy-two yards to bo finally brought
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Purdue Overcomes
Northwestern Men
EVANSTON, III., Nov. 2.-I'laylng a
brilliant gamo of straight foot ball, Pur
duo university triumphed over Northwest
ern university horo today, 21 to 6.
Purdue's scores were the result of three
touchdowns. CBrlen, Purdue's fullback,
went over for the first In the opening
period, aftor Ollphant had advanced the
ball to Northwestern's ton-ynnl line.
Purdue's second touchdown was made In
the third period, when Phelps meed sixty
yards against a broken field nnd planted
tlie ball between Northwestern's goal
posts. Ollphant went over the linn foi
Purdue's final scoro In tho fourth period,
after O'Brien had placed tho ball on
Northwestern's two-yard line. Ollphant
kicked all three goals.
Speotaoulnr playH by Hlghtower, Innke
and Gruhn enabled Northwestern to scoro
four minutes after the beginning of the
game. Hlghtower gained forty yards on
nn end run and tho ball wus advanced
fifteen more on n forward pass, Hlgh
tower to Lumkc. Gruhn then plunged
through the line for a touchdown. I-anike
fa II til to kick goal.
West High Holds
, Joe at Its Mercy
Telegram.) West
In.. Nov. 2.
HiKli school
had an
easy victory today ovor 81. Joseph
!'" a Game mat eniitxi m 10 u ior i
.'High. The big local Dialers walked Hi
over t
and hod no trotibl.
''n,u'r "' "frc'",p
stage of the gain.
either In
or advancus at any
Maroons Eliminated from Considera
tion in Western Conference.
Hard I'o ii uh Game Killed with in-
trlrate Pin; and Marked by
lliiiiulinenn Won by Thirty
to Twelve Score, ,
MADISON. Wis., Nov. 2. The Univer
sity or uiucago root ball tenm was
eliminated from consideration In the
csterti Collegiate conference champion
ship men by tho University of Wisconsin's
speedy and powerful eleven today, the
scoro being; Wlrconsln, 30; Chicago, 12.
Tho giimo wnn one ot tho most
spectacular ever played here, abounding
111 forward pnres, speedy end tuns, shifts,
and other mtrlcuto formations. At such
tnctlcs Chicago hud a decided advantage,
but thin was morn than overcome by tho
powerful drive of tho Wisconsin backs In
crossbuckn and by Gillette's nblllty to
turn tho .Maroon ends behind efficient
it was its Inability to gain by straight
foot brill thnl enst Phtenim thn li,,ul..
' four other occasions they lost tho ball on
downs whon another would have mndo
tho fourth down for them. Wisconsin's
lino outcharKed Its heavier opponent.
Ilutler wns especially effective at right
llnoli'ra Help Wlneuimlii,
A great crowd saw the contest and
cheered mightily. Whenever the homo
coal was threatened tlin Wisconsin rooters
rose and sang Uielr "Toast to Alma
JIhW except for ouo occasion the team
instantly rnnpondlng. That time It was
Hhnken by an unexpected fumblo by Gil
lette, which resulted In tho visitors' first
touchdown. The gumo was rough In a
degree nnd penalties were numerous. The
most severe occurred whon Norgren,
Chicago's punter, was sent from tho flold
for rough work and his team penalized
half the illstnnco to Its goal. Wisconsin
e.cored easily after that happening.
Scunlon, who wore himself out stopping
charges; at lino: Gillette and Tormey, who
dodged nnd twisted for long gains, and
Pierce and Des Jardlen wore the bright
particular stars of tho day. Lineup:
Otitis Ii:lK.I! liuntlmton
.L.T I ll.T hilars
..UCIrl ll.d.v Reunion
I-UWfll I
C Da Jsrdlen
10 WhUetld.
IT ranmntar
119 Vruwhik
Krler It ".
Uutlfr H-T.
norm .r,
Q. II. Q.n Talna
I. II.l.U.ll Korsntn
lirliht 11.11 1 1 It nuralrlck
Tenber . . . ,K.n. l'.n Merco
Hubi.tltlltes: Smith for Palno. Berger
for Bright, Kennedy for Norgren. Dals
for lloybul. Alexander for Tormey, Bel
lows fur Gillette, Moffatt for .Tandberg,
llarrl' for Scanlon. Touchdowns: Viu
wink. Tandberg (2), Pierre, llorger (2).
Goals from touchdown: Gillette (3).
(loal from flold: Bellows, Referee:
Hacket, West Point. Umpire: Ilenbrook,
M'chlgnn. Linesman: T. Hummond,
Heavy Drake Team
Bests Washington
ST. LOUItf, Nov. 2. Drake university
foot ball team, nfter scoring in each
period elided Ifs gnmn with the Wash
liigton university team here today U'
a scoro of 33 to 13, Tho Iowa team was
fifteen iKUiiiils Heavier anil wnue at limes
It Inched speed It was able by plunging !
to get the ball behind the goal at rre
queiil Intervals.
Six minutes after tho play began Drnku
got 0 points on a touchdown by Lansing,
who failed to kick goal. After a kicking
duel Washington negotiated a successful
forward pass, Hardaway to Botthoff, and
scored a touchdown. Hardaway kicked
I-aiihhw of Drake, after his team mates
had made n terrific attuck on Wailing
ton's quarter, got a place kick which
caused tlie ball to go between the posts)
for threo points. Washington then got
tho ball on a blocked punt, u. lot the
ball on a forced kick.
Washington came bark after the first
half with renewed speed and after Saun
ders of Drako had dropped a goal In
the field Washington started n march
down the field which stopped only after
Mllford took u forward pass from Mur
roll for a touchdown.
In the final ixrlod Washington slowed
up nnd Drake mnnaged by linn bucks
find forwardp asses to score by using
Landing, two touchdowns. Goal was
kicked after each touchdown.
Ilnrtniiiiith Toys with Amherst,
HANOVER. N. H., Nov. 2 -Dartmouth
walked aw from Amherst today, AO to 0.
Fumble nt critical times prevented a
much larger score.
llrnnn Token Sloir Game,
MlV.w'an.l ooVyVlavya BXm" from
rnlvrlty or verinoui, jz to 7, todny.
Vnrk IIIkIi Vletorlous, '
YORK Neb., Nov l.-rHpeelal Tele
gram.) York High School foot ball team
defeated Shelby this afternoon, 10 to 0.
After Threatening; to Cross Missouri's;
Line for Three Quarters, They
Succeed. i
Cornhuskers, After Expecting Easy
Win, Treated to Surprise.
Clever Nebraska Quarterback Runs
the Team Well.
.ehniakn Mnmiicea tn tlet Wlthlnj
Shadow of Missouri's Goal Several
Times, hut Sleets with Stone
Wnll tn Stop Them.
iiy n.viiii n. i:i.!.iott.
COLUMBIA. Mo., Nov. 2. (Special Tel-i
fgram.)-The Cornluiskcrs put n twist In
tho tall of the Missouri Tigers today In1 '
a battle thnt waged deqperatoly from, be
ginning to end. with Nebraska tlueateil
lug to scoro In nearly every mlnut'e The'
twist mado the final score 7 to 0 la
favor of the battling Corniiuskerk.
Missouri was not any stronger thuni
tho Cornhutker hail expected. Tho totiili
distance made by the Cornhuskers as'
compared to that netted., tho Tigers,
shows that tho visitors lin'd the local'
eleven completely outplayed. Yard afteei
Vnfd of ground was gained by the Corn
huskers In tho final threo quarters nnd
time nfter tlmo they reached the ten
nnd flve-ynrd lines of the Tgers only)
to bo hold fnr downs because Of a muddy
field that kept them from going the!
pneo of which they nrn capable Even
after they hnd given the Tiger tall Its
ftnnl, twist, -tho Cornhuskers took tlin.
oval In the center of tho flold nnd
mnrohfd clenr to the one-foot mark ot
Missouri only to lose tho ball wheu.
Punly wns Injured In nn attempt to
place the oval over the final chalk
.Score .N'enr Finish.
Tho Cornhuskers' rcore came In the
final moments of tho game. Towle had.
Just, been substituted for Potter. The
ball was In possession of tho Stlehnt ma-i
china In the center of the field. Towla"
rushed In with Instructions to open upl
wide and called for u forward pass. Hi
was broken up and tho ball still re-
malncd in possession ot Nebraska, Im-'
mediately on the second play, the Ne-
braska quartern ordered another forward'
parfff. He hurled tho ball over that
left end to Frank, who raced thirty
yards. The ball was on tho Missouri
twenty-yard linn, and after a series of
brilliant plays In which Halllgau, Purdy,
and Towlo figured, the oval was shoved,
over, Towlc carrying It on a fake
through center. Towlo then boojed a,
clean goal.
Attack Is Hard.
In tho first quartor the Tigers terror
ized the Nebraska defsnsa and rushedi
the ball to tho five-yard Una before tho
small baud of visiting rooters had come
to realize that they wero up against a
rcal ttm. A notable run by Knobel.
Imlfbnclf of the Tigers, was responsible
for u (hlrty.yard advance ot the oval
that gnve the Mlssourtans possession of
tho ball on tho five-yard mark. Hero,
with three downs In which to go, the
Tigers could not negotiate the goal,
and the Corphuskers kicked to safety,
Tho Tigers again came back strong and
It looked as though they were going to
score, but tho cornhuskers hold at crit
ical points, and Just as the quarter wns
closing tho Nebraska players began to
warm up and shoved the oval toward
the Missouri goal.
l'lunnr the I.lne,
In the opening minutes of the second
session the orCnhuskers began to play
the tight kind oi foot ball and on a Berlcn
of brtlllt llnep lunges and end rushes
carried tho oval to the ten-yard mark.
They lost on dawns. Then again they too't
the ball to this position and tho Tigers'
again held. Four times tn the fourth
quarter the visitors went to the ten and.
five-yard lines, only to be held. In tho
third quarter Nebraska repeated what
it had done in the second quarter "and
were always dangerous, but did not have
the punch to put the oval over for scores.
The fourth quarter found the Nebras
knns fighting like demons. They realised
that unless they did something wonder
ful within a few minutes thoy would ba
held to a tie. They carried the pigskin
to the five-yard line and lost it again
on downB. Tbo Tigers sent the ball to tha
center of the field and then began that
brilliant seriea of open and line plays
that brought the touchdown and victory.
The Nebraska line was weak, extremely
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