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n-erflowed, but an infantry brigade sue- forcible illustration of this truth: That
reeded In crowing tho Bey-ana by pontoon those people are victorious In the end
bridce on Fridav. rrlnfnrdnc the troop who have the Ood of battles on their
under Crown rrlnee Dnnllo. There wa
H mile of mud on either bank of the
river through which the soldiers were
compelled to wade waist deep.
Opinion la divided on the subject of
ft siege.
One party demands a vigorous assault
spnlnst Scutari, rcgardloss of low: the
other wants a "regular investment m that
the civilian Inhabitants mar be spared.
An Austrian destroyer has been cruising
in Montenegrin water for the last three
days between Antlvar and the mouth of
the Boyona river, angering the Monte
negrin. Conrt-Martlnl for I,own.
ported that Prince Ails, who commanded
the Turkish cavalry at the battle of
Klrk-Klllsseh and nineteen other Tur
kish officers will be brought to Con
Mantlnople for trial court martini.
Mora than J.0CO wounded arrived here
tonight from Thracean plains.
An official dispatch from SsJonlkl this
evening says the Turklfh forces which
Htarted from Palonlkl have formed a
Junction with the troops at Varldart on
the Vardar river. A column from Tenl
Olah has succeeded In dislodging tho
Ureeks who occupied a position at Vor
tekoh near Vodcna. In Macedonia.
(Continued From I'ago One.)
that our republic, "with all Its draw
backs and shortcomings, will suffer In
the comparison. You can say. 'America
with nil thy faults. I lovo thee still.'
Tnld. Indeed, and torpid, obtuse and
npathetio Is the soul, that Is not aroused
to warmth and enthusiasm in ' contem
plating the history or the United Slates
which has been the homo of liberty and
the heaven' of rest to dowptrodden
millions In other lands.
More Thnn denl Jfeeded.
"But tho survival of the American
republic must rest on a mora stable
foundation than the patriotism ot our
cltliens, tho gsnlus or our statesmen and
the wisdom ot our laws. It must have
u stronger basis than fleets and dread
noughts and standing armte; for 'the,
race Is not to the swift, nor the battle to
the strong.' Our enduring stability can
Tie. secured only under the abiding pro
tection of tha lord ot hosts.
. 'The history of the Jewish peopla
from tha day of Abraham to their dis
persion among tha Otnttlea gtvea a.
side, and that Ho Is with them who have
unfailing confidence In His protection.
' IllBlteousess. says tho Hooks of
Proverbs, 'exalteth a. nation, but sin Is
a reproach to be perpetuated. If It Is to
e handed down unimpaired to future
generations. It must rest on the eternal
principles of justice, truth and right
eousnees: and downright honesty In our
dealings with other nations; It must be
sustained by the devout recognition of
an overruling power, who governs nil
things by Ills wisdom, whose supcrln
tending providence watches over the
affairs of nations as well as of men.
without whom not even a bird can fall
to the ground.
"All the presidents of the United
Htates. from George Washington to
William Howard Taft. have Invariably
Invoked the nld of our heavenly Father
ill their Inaugural proclamations. It Is
also the edifying custom of our chief
moglHtrato to Invite his fellow-cltlrcns
to nssemble In their respective places of
worship on the last Thursday ot Novem
ber, to offer thanksgiving to tho giver
of all gifts for the blessings vouch
safed to tha nation- Both houses of
congress are dally opened with prayer.
And all Important civic and political con
entlons are Inaugurated by an appeal
to the throno of grace. Ood's su
premacy Is also recognised by the
observance of the Christian Fabbath
throughout the land.
Al Unnscer from Within.
"It Is my profound conviction that If
ever tha republic Is, doomed to decay, If
tho future historian shall ever record
the decline nnd fall of the American
republic. Its downfall will be due. not
to a hostile Invasion, but to the Indiffer
ence, lethargy and political apostasy of
Its own sons.
'And If all dtliens are bound to take
an interest in punuc aiiairs, mat uuij
especially devolves on those who are en
dowed with superior Intelligence and
education and who ought to be the lead
ers and exemplars of tha people, guid
ing them In the path of political rect-tude.
There are three conspicuous cltliens
who are now candidate tor the presi
dency. Whatever may be my Private
and personal preference and predilection
It Is not for mo In this sacred pulpit or
anywhere else publicly to dlotate or
even suggest to you the candidate of my
"May Ood so enlighten the mind nnd
quicken tho conscience of the American
people to a sense of their clvio duties
as to arouse In them an earnest nnd
practical Interest In the coming elec
tion, and may He so guide their hearts
that they will select a chief magistrate
whose administration will redound, to
the material prosperity and moral 'Wel
fare 'of our beloved republic."
Reports from Out in State Indicate
Change in Sentiment.
.Much Advertised Norrli-ClnrU Meet
ing: Is fllnily Attended nnd Kn
tlitialnam I AVnntlnir Xnrrla
Hllitiit Clnrk,
LINCOLN. Nov. 3.-Spee!ftl.)-lteports
coming In from out In tho state seem
to bo very conflicting us to tho political
situation. However tho general opinion
from republicans Is that the republican
national nnd slate tickets nrc gaining
every day nnd that It Is generally under
stood that both tho democratic and bull
moose national candidates ar losing
ground, tho latter especially fast.
Tho claim from the national democratic
headquarters that Wilson will carry every
state In tho union Is considered about the
CTeatest plpo dream ever sprung In
national politics and cause a grcnt
deal of amusement. Every Indication
points to n. good big slush fund On hand
to be U'ud In the Interest of the Roose
velt cause, nnd while no one will admit
having seen any of the long green, there
Is evidence that It Is abroad In the land
and will be used to tho best advantage.
Notes from West Point
and Cuming County
WI5ST POINT, Neb., Nov. (.-(Special.)
The regular fall term of the district
court of (himlng county will convene on
Monday, November II, with JudgoOuy
T. Grave of Pender on the bench. The
following arc the Jurors called to nppear
on November 12: Frank Denesla, Joseph
Podllska, H. Young. Peter Hasslcr,
Frank Bidder, John Hdehne, Albert
Romberg, Herman Magdanr, Fergus
MeOuIro, Frank Schlecht, Francis
Okander, Chris Uroth. Ben Graham,
Conrad Oerkcn, John Andresen, V, W.
Kane, John K. Albers, W. J. Camln, Jo
seph Welding. Henry Thelssen. Otto
Btolzmann, Jesse Sorensen, Oeorgo Long
and Robert Nelson. Tho docket Is a very
light one.
The Antelope Gun club held Its weekly
shoot at the ball park. Two twenty-five-bird
events were shot for, with the fol
lowing results: First event J. Rade
back, 2; J. Deeder. 23: M. Kerl and J.
lUdecker, each 23; Walter Kerl, 21, and
J.t Jensen, 20. In the second event the
high scores were J. IUdeback, 23; G.
Boldt, 23; F. Molchow and J. Dceder,
each 22; J, Radecker, 20. ' '
Otlo Hchuli and .Miss Minnie Kumm
wero married at St. Mathew's German
Lutheran church by Rev. Gustavo Jnhn,
pastor, on Thursday afternoon. They
were nttended by Emll Schulz and Fritz
lined up with the element neeklng Its
destruction. But notwithstanding that
a band played on tho outside for some
Nothing has hannened for a lone tlma
vhlch has shown that tho bull moms 1 Kumm. Misses Elsie Kumm and Hattlo
J campaign Is going down hill ns tho Nor- Htiulz. The newly married pair ore
rls-Ctarit meeting at the Auditorium last 1 oii tno Det Known residents ot uis
Thurmlay night Thin meeting had been ! ,narck wnhlp. where they will go to
advertised for a long time and as Lin- housekeeping Immediately on their own
coin has been tho hot bed of tho bull,farm' . . ......
moose cause. It was generally expected Frc? Woerdekempcr and Miss Mary
that the Auditorium would not hold the 1 werrmy-rled at Carroll la.,
people who might wish to hear the two j Wed" 11,0 Br0m, s a B0" o1"
men who had repudiated the party which Woerdekemper of this county. They
had brought them Into prominence and had 1 w ' "sUlo on a farm at Oconto, Neb
(1telat her home In Ban luls Obispo,
! Cat, last week at the ago of 72 years,
Xf t- 1 1 1 1 1 urn a n fnrrnp rnsMnnt n t Vr-t
time In order to draw tho crowd, the , Pon, com, w4,h hcr ramy ,
Auditorium was almost vacant. less than fh VM 1fW, Th. h,..b.nd dl.d h.rn
2W people, many of them women and U) tne fjWnlIy- B00tl thercaftor removed
cnuarcn, oeins preeem. , rntnrnm The deceased was a tVDl-
Much comment has been heard because ' r. Dinner woman
oi ino uuer loiiure oi uuago rtorna iu
pay Mr. Clark even the courtesy ot a
mention ot his name. Mr. Clark had
paid Norrls a fine tribute and had said,
"Voters, It you only vote for one man
on the ticket, let that vote be tor Mr,
Norrls," and It was expected that Mr.
Norrls would return for the compliment,
but ho never mentioned Mr. Clark's
pame, nor the name of any other candi
date' upon the ticket on which ho was
Another Uttlo thing which has caused
comment Is the fact that the large litho
graphs of Congressman Norrls have upon
them "Progreastve-republlcan candidate
for congress." The use of tho progrcs
railway company a few years ago while I in the day. Alfredo Zayas, the liberal
rar Inspector. He was oaught between
the cars and Injured about the head, and
never entirely recovered.
candidate, was defeated, but by a slender
LINCOLN, Neb.. Nov 3.-(Hpeolal.)-The
following assignments of Instruc
tors for farmers' Institutes for Novem
ber have been made:
Big Springs, 13. M, Harrison. 13; Chap
pell. Q. B. Brown, Hi Lodgo Pole. F. N.
Blawson, IB: Kimball, Harney Benson,
If.; Lowellcn, Dr. D. F, Morris. IS; Key
stone, O. F. Chesebro, Ogalalla. Ben
W. Cooney, 20; Sutherland. Henry Coker,
21; Hershey, A. F. Beelcr, 22; Chester.
O. E. Lasby, 1; Superior, T, M. Bham
baugh, 20; Red Cloud, Henry Oltham, 19.
SO and 21; Cambridge, K. B. Kester, 2J
and 23; Culbertson, A. K. Btrong. 23; Horn
erset, John McConnet, 20 and. 24; Hold
rege, boys nnd girls' contest and Insti
tute, 23, Miss Huldah Peterson, county
superintendent; Barnston, W, II, Sco-field,-
28 nnd 29.
Persistent Advertising Is the Rood
Legitimate "Big Business."
Serrn Notes AT Uesliler.
DBSIJLER, Neb., Nov. 8.-i(fepeclal.)-At
the Relnke Poland-China hog sale
here an average of W0 "was "made on
twenty-fjye head with a top sale of JSO.
It is proposed to secure, another rruvll
route out of Deshler. As the routes ire
now . arranged they are too crowded and
somo farmers are not on a route. Inter
ested formers will petition for a now
route, '
Deshler teachers will attend the state
teachers' meeting In Omaha this week.
Thursday night the boys In their Hal
low'cen pranks tore up tho board walk
In front of 'the Mercantllo building, the
only remaining board walk on Main ave
nue. At' 9 o'clock Friday morning a team
was Unloading sand and a' bunch of con
crete wafy builders were at work on a
new concrete walk.
B. V. Phllby of this place, and R. W.
McIIall of Falrbury, were awarded the
contract for erecting the 110,000' Lutheran
high (tchool and business college at this
place. 'Work of excavating for the foun
dation wll commence' next week.
Ouster County Chief (Ind.)
Tha people of Custer county have, a
right to feel Interested In the re-election
of their life-long friend and neighbor. V
A- Oeorge, for state treasurer, Walt
George located in this county In pioneer
days. As a ranchman and farmer, he not
only made good from a business stand
point, but his ability and popularity was
Boon recognised and he was made a mem
ber of the county board. Aa a supervisor
h demonstrated executive abll.ty that at
once brought him recognition. In the old
days of the county convention Walt's
popularity made him a candidate many
times, when It was known that, his party
couldn't win, but he was offered as the
sacrifice because he waa the strongest
man; In due time he was elected county
treasurer, and he made good. AfUr his
.second term of office closed he was made
mayor of Broken Bow, not only once,
but three successive times. Curing Walt
Oeorge'a residence of more than a quar
ter of & century In Custer county, much
of his time has been given to the public
We say given, for he has been Identified
with all the movements for the public
good that ore and can only be brought
about by the self sacrificing enterprise
of those who give their time and their
talents. Tho same energy he showed In
his private business. In his official work
and In 'his gratia worK foe tha public
good In custsr county has been displayed
by him as state treasurer. Walt Gorge
Is a tireless worker and a man ot marked
executive ability, and no occupant ot the
state house haa tried harder to eerve the J0-65-
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 i i I I i 1 1 I I I t I I I I
mm m
fTill IJJI
PLATTSMOUTII. Neb., Nov. 3.-(Spe-clal.)
The funeral ot Grant Cotner, who
died at an Omaha hospital Friday morning,
occurred at the residence of his wife's
parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Hlgley, Sat.
urday afternon, and was largely attended.
The pallbearers were six of the brothers
of tho deceased. Mr. Cotner leaves a
widow and three children, also his father
and mother, eight brothers and three sis
ters. He was 34 years ot age, and was
most highly esteemed by all who knew
slve party name first Is an Indication hlro. Ilia death waa the result ot an In-
In the minds of many that Mr. Norrls jury received whllo In the employ of tho
considers the republican party only a
side Issue.
Tnken, Fnli, Ont of Richmond,
Chairman Epperson of tho defunct re
publican commtttco Is not exactly satis
fled with statements made by Henry
Richmond, democratic candidate for state
auditor, and proceeds to take a fall out
ot that gentleman because of some re
marks made against Mr. Howard, the
republican candidate. .It Is claimed that
Mr, Richmond Is saying that the farm
ers aro not willing to place an Insurance
jna.n In that .portion.. Further on In his
'uttlclo Mr.'Kpporaon says that Mr, Rich
mond announces that ho Is "resolved to
havoi airnan 'whpsa tccltnfcal lyiOwledgo
of "insurance Is well known as hla In
surance doputy," Mr. Epperson would
like, to luipw where the dlfferonoe lies.
"It seems to me,'' said Mr. Epperson,
that a man who has a technical know!-
ui nf tniut-unce must be an Insurance
man. Mr, Howard Is a ,bstter menu or
fratornnl Insurance than' (Richmond la
capable of, and to secure-his election he
will not promise to violate the .law.
Roek Inland .MnM Repair Line.
The Btatn Railway commission has notl-
tltlcd tho Rock Island Railroad company
that It has accepted the report of the
examiners sent out to look over the
road and wilt expect the company to
at once put to work two gangs of men
on Its lino from Janscn through Beatrlco
to the Kansas state line for the purpose
of resurfacing the roadbed and replacing
the defective tles ori that line. It l said
that 11.000 new tics Will be needed.
My AsU for Arsenal.
Adjutant Qcneral Phelps Is considering
the matter ot bringing before tho next
legislature a proposition for the-, build
lng of an arsenal or . armory for the
storage of the national guard supplier.
At th prerent time they are scattered over
the basement ot the state house, and kept
In eight different rooms, besides being
piled up In the gangways. Tho ammuni
tion Is stored In the basement at the
southeast corner of the building and is
entirely unprotected In case of tire.
Should fire occur It Is easily to be. seen
that much damage might result on ac
count ot this ammunition, besides th
loss of the explosives themselves and
would cause a great expense to the state
State Collections Light
Collections have been light during tho
lost month and- the report of the state
treasurer shows only I1M.61 In the -gen
eral fund and, I12.I18.S3 In the trust funds.
However, collections are beginning to
come In again and It Is not probably tint
the treasury will not be able to take cara
of ull warrants coming In. There Is X273,
KS.07 In the temporary school fund and
the amount In all funds In the state
treasury Is 57S.43.1. During the month
the receipts were J267.7tJ7.4S .and the
amount paid out wss !300,t70.03. This left
a total at the close ot the month of $510,
The cash on hand Is placed at
people In a conscientious manner than he
Tha many reforms ha has Inaugurated
In the aUte treasurer's office and the
good things ha has accomplished for the
state have brought him Into prominence
all over Nebraska. He Is recognised as
probably the strongest candidate on tha
republican state ticket Surely the people
ot Custer county, regardless of politics,
have reason to support Walt Oeorge for
re-election as state treasurer.
H.010.M, r30,U0.T In depository banks and
has on hand as cash general fund war
rants amounting to 115,910 which were
bought for the state with permanent
school funds, Tho trust funds of tho
state now Invested and drawing Inter
est amount to the sum ot (9,274,341.41
Mme. Schumann Heink
The World's Oratt Contralto
Thursday Evening, Nov. 7
Tickets now Belling $1.00, $1.50, $2.00,
Mrs. C, ,K, McPherson.
(SpectaU-Mrs. C. li McPherson ot this
my aiea weunesuay at Lincoln, Neb,,
where she went for an operation. The
body was brought to this city and funeral
services were held at the f,amily res!
dvnee Friday. Deceased was SS years
old and leaves a husband and one child.
Few Votes Decide
Election in Cuba
HAVANA, Nov. 3. Returns from Plnar
Del Rio show that tho conservatives
have oaried the province, assuring the
election of General Mario Menocal as
The sweeping conservative victory of
General Menooal and Enrique Jose Var-
ona, conservative candidates for the presi
dency and vice presidency, which was
Indicated by the reports from all parts
of the Island last night and this morn
ing appears not to have been realised
according to- returns which came later
Few Speeches Left
For Col, Eoosevelt
OYSTKIt BAY, N. Y., Nov. 3. "it has
been a great campaign,", sold Colonel
Roosevelt tonight. "I don't know that
there has ever been a campaign like It In
this country."
Tho work of the campaign was almost
At an end and Colonel Roosevelt gave
Uttlo time today to politics. There re
mains only two speeches on Monday to
the "home folks' of Nassau county.
which tho colonel desires, to mako largely (
lor sentimental reasons. .Monaay aiier
noon ho will go by automobllo to Mlncola,
the county seat and In the evening be
will speak to his fellow townsmen of
Oyster Bay.
Miss Frances A. Keller, a member of
the progressive executive committee and
head of the New York state bureau of
Industry and Immigration, took lunch
today at Sagapiord Hill and talked over
with the colonel somo of the 'progressive
party's proposals for improving social
and Industrial c6ndlttons.
Miss' Keller's visit prompted Colonel
Roosevelt to say that one ot the features
which had interested and pleased Him
most in the campaign was the part-played
by women. '
yesterday. There was not enough I
Identification unless the teeth, wlu i
were held for examination. The drownw
had evidently occurred a long time ag
Tnke AVnrnluw.
Don't let stomach, liver nor kldi.-
trouble down you, when you can quick
down them with Electric Bitters. Mc. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement
Key to tne Situation-Bee Advertising.
General Healy Dies
of Heart Trouble
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Nov. 3.-Oen-eral
Robert W. Healy. one ot the
wealthiest business men bf Chattanooga,
dropped dead of h'eart disease in his
apartments here late tonlghU General
rieaty was born ln Chicago, October 22.
If36. He served with distinction through
out tho civil war.
Taft Men Invite
Aldrich to Talk
' BEATRICE, eb Nov. 4.-tSpcciaI Tel
egram.) The TaTt men today" sent A mes
sage to Goyerrfor Aldrich Inviting him to
speak here Monday night, but up to a late
Hour tonight no reply had been received.
A: bull' moose .meeting Is also to be
held In a local garage Monday night to
be addressed by 'the governor. There Is
much speculation as to what tho execu
tive will do- regarding the Invitation.
Skeleton Found In lliver.
PIERRE, S. D Nov. l.-(Spcclal Tele
gram.) Superintendent Crandali of tho
Indian school at this city returned last
evening from Lower Brule 'and reports
the finding of 'a skeleton with shreds of
clothing attached on a bar In the river
i A.tf i .jiiviiuiii mi m.1
wthouHhat mm
Taste op Odor
t That offensive taste and odor in some beers is easily avoided.
Lijjht starts decay even in pure beer. Dark glass gives the best
protection against light.
"While beer quickly deteriorates "when it is
exposed to direct sunlight, such deterioration,
although greatly retarded, will eventually take
place in diffused light Beer exposed to the
rays of the sun will very quickly acquire the
so-called 'skunk taste'."
Extract from Proceedings of the Second International Brewers' Con
gress held in Chicago October 19-21, 1911. Vol. 1, page 300.
We have adopted every invention, every idea that
could make for purity.
The Brown Bottle is only another step in Schlitz
Our beer was first brewed in a hut. Today our
agencies dot the earth. Our output exceeds a million
barrels a year.
More and more people every year are drinking
Schlitz. Why don't you?
Fhones: Doug. U07; Ind. A tJ
Pehllli Hollled Ber.Df po
tU 6. U Street, Omaha, Nebr.
Phone 421
Br. Otrber, 101 H. Main BU
Cuuncll Bluffs
Sit that mum tr ark
Klrctlou News on llnrllnBion Trains.
The Burlington haa arranged to wire
eleqtton bulletins between 6 o'clock and
midnight for the benefit pf passengers
on the Chlcago-lJmlted, leaving Omaha
at 6:30 p. n and the. "St. Lauls-Kansas
City special, leaving Omaha at 4:35 p. m,
Kcarfnl Slaughter
of deadly microbes .occurs when throat
and lung diseases are treated with Dr
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Omaha people who have stomach am
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pendlcltls by .'taking slmplo buckthori
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Adler-l'ka the German appendicitis rem
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Btomncji, gas on the stomach and consti
patlon INSTANTLY bocuuso this slm
pie mixture anOscptlclzes the dlgestlvt
organs and draws off tho Impurities
Tho Sherman & McCorinell Drug Co.
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Don't Pull Out
the Gray Hairs
Restore Color.
"Pull pi ono gray hair and a doier
will take Its place" is an old saying,
which la. to a great extent, true, if nc
steps are taken to stop the cause. Wher.
gray hairs appear It is a sign that Na
turo needs assistance. It Is Nature's
call for help. Gray hair, dull, llfoles
hair, or halr 'that is falling out, is not
necessarily a sign of advancing age, for
there aro thousands of elderly people
with perfect heads of hair without a
single streak of gray.
When gray hairs come, or when the
hair seems to be lifeless or dead, spme
good, reliable halr-restorlng treatment
Should be resorted to at once Special
ists say. that one of the best prepara
tions to use is the old-fashioned "sage
tca' which our grandparents jjsed.' Tin
best preparation of' this kind Is Wyeth s
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aration, of domestic sage anil ' sulphur,
scientifically 'compounded'wlth later
dfscov'ercd hair tonlcH and' ktluiulunta.
the'j'viole, mixture being carefut'ry' bal
anceadjan? tested by experts.
Wyeth'a'Sage and Sulphur Is clean an(
wholesome "and perfectly harmless. It
refreshes dry, parched hair, romovca
dandruff and gradually restores fadod
or gray hair to Ita natural color.
Don't delay another minute. Start
using 'AVyeth's -Sage and Sulphur at
Once and see what a difference a fen
days' treatment will make In your hair
This preparation Is offered to the
public at fifty cents a bottle, and Is
recommended and aold by all drugglatu
Sherman & McConnoll Drug Co., lw
So. 16th, 324 So. ISth, 207 N. IGth'and 24th
and Far nam Sts. Advertisement.
Candidate for
State Superintendent
Nominated at Republican lrlmary
April 19th.
Nominated at Progressive State Con.
vention, September 3.
Superintendent City Schools
Lexington, Nebraska, Fourteen Youri
Our Schools the Hope of the Nation.
J10.00 Buys Puts or Calls, on 10,00(
bushels of wheat. No Further Itlsk.
movement, of 6c from price gives you
chance to take SBOOs 4c, $400.00, 3c.
$300.00. etc. For particulars write
Established 1900. Incorporated 1903.
717 Electrlo Illdg., Cleveland. O.
Violin Maker
Boom 33 Douglas Elock
Artlstlo Xspalrlng of Btrlnged
barge Atiortmsnt of Old
Doug. 404.
ICat. Every Say 3H5; SvsrrXlght, OH 5.
Thli wttk-Loli. W C ntli. Thou tmch
, Ctrli. fsulloe Moras. Mirtla Johdwn t Trite
Hguu. Arautruss A l lark, Li Vlcr ruthc
(Wftklr ruvlew of th World't ErroU.
frtwaUtttM. GalUrr SV MU. tit
Lx'rpi Sa'unUjr an4 Suslay higtiU, U,
I Uc, I.C.

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