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liliu liLb: UMAiiA, AlOxNOAi, MMhMlibK 4, UU2.
He who is silent, is forgotten. He who abstains, is taken at his word. He who does not advance
falls back. He who' stops, is overwhelmed, distanced, crushed. He who ceases to grow greater
becomes smaller. He who leaves off, gives up. The stationary condition is the beginning of the end. jf
Orkin Brothers Inaugural Piano Slub
A great co-operative club of S00 members to share
in the distribution of the enormous saving of $46,250
jfTT On Tuesday, the 5th, we will inaugurate the biggest piano-selling event that
Bl has ever taken place in the piano trade. The first and only object of this
club is to indelibly impress a name on the public mind and that name is Steinman
& Son. In other wordsthis big Orkin Brothers Clubwith its 500 members
participating in the distribution of this enormous saving $46,250.00 is intended
to inaugurate the most gigantic piano purchase ever made and to impress the
name Orkin Brothers upon the mind of every person in Omaha and the sur
rounding country.
The Deal and the Piano
(JT The deal is a straight-out purchase of 500 pianos. It is more than that. I
if is the purchase of 500 of the most dependable pianos that have ever been
made. This Steinman & Son is not a new make of piano. It is not an experi
ment. More real money and more real brains have gone into this piano than in
any other piano made to sell at $150 more. We know the Steinman & Son is as
reliable a piano as was ever put in a home. The real value is put on the inside
rather than in fancy cases with a whole lot of "Jim Cracks" on them. It is made
by good, sturdy German labor in one of the largest and best equipped manufac
tories in the world; by men, many of whom have been working in the same shop
for twenty to twenty-five years.
The Value of each of these Pianos is $350
Hundreds of these same pianos have been sold 'right here in Omaha at $350. Hundreds more are being sold every month all over the
United btates at $350. They are worth $350. Measured by any standard of value you wish, they are worth $350. They are worth it
on our floors, or on the floors of any reputable piano dealer m the country.
GT The Orkin Brothers Club price is 257 dollars and 50 cents. The price includes
everything. There are no extras of any kind. No interest to be added. Nothing
to be added for drayage, stool, scarf, absolutely no extras. Two-hundred and fifty
seven dollars and fifty-cents is the price, and the price includes everything.
The Orkin Brothers Piano Club Terms
$257.50 is the price
of the Orkin Broth
ers Club Piano, with
no interest added.
GT These 500 pianos will be sold, 5 dollars cash, then 1 dollar and
25 cents a week, There is positively no interest added to this.
The 5 dollars just about covers the cartage and delivering yet the
5 dollar payment made when you jon the club is credited to your
account. The piano is delivered immediately. You do not have
to wait until the club is filled You get your piano when you jon.
The remainder is payable every week. Club members do not have
to pay more than 1 dollar and 25 cents a week if they wish. This
, gives them 202 weeks in which to pay for the piano, and still get it
at the club price of $257.50.
The Club Price of $257.50 can be Lessened
(VT Wo said above that 257 dollars and 50 cents includes everything. So it does. As it includes everything so can the price be reduced. Tho Club
if Member's agreement lias 202 Coupons attached to it much like a bond. A coupon represents a week. Two hundred and Two Coupons represent 202
weeks, or the life of the agreement. Every time a payment is made one of these Coupons is stamped "Paid." If payments nre made In advance -that is,
before they are due, a rebate of 15 cents for each and every week is handed over to tho Club Member In cash. You can, therefore, see tlmt tho price ($257.50)
can be reduced just as many times Fifteen Cents as you will pay weekly payments in advance or betore they nre due.
There is no
interest added
to this
Positively no
interest added
to this
Ne interest added
tm this
im$i$!t msmswmswsmm
M . Week
There is no interest
added tm this
i i - -
Special advantages of the Orkin Brothers Piano Club
tn Read every word of this:
Every instrument is guaranteed, without reserve for five years. There are no "ifs" or"andsM in the guarantee just a straight-out guarantee, as
strong as we know how to make it In writing. j
if, after 30 days' trial, the plane is not satisfactory, we will give you your money back.
Every Club Member has a full year in which to satisy himself as to tho character of tho piano. If it does not prove to be everything that ho oxpects ho has tho
privilege of exchanging it without one penny's loss for any other instrument of equal or greater value that we sell (and wo sell twolve different representative
makes.) ,
If a Club Member dies during the life of his contract wo will immediately send a receipt in tull to his family for tho instrument.
A beautiful stool and scarf to matoh tho piano is included without extra cost.
The piano will bo tuned twice without charge.
Club Members have an opportunity to still further reduce the cost of their piano by procuring other Club Members.
Membership hooks in the Orkin Brothers Piano Club will open Tuesday
The Club books open Tuesday. In other words, Tuesday will be the first day you can join the Club. The piunos, however, nre now on display in tho Art Room on tho third floor of our store, whore you con hear nnd
see them. You nro cordially invited. The piano will be delivered immediately upon your becoming a member and making tho initial payment of $5.00. During the first week of the Club's Life wo hopo to give every ono
their choice of seven styles of cases, and to show each style in three woods, Mahoguny, Walnut nnd Quartered Oak. Whilo tomorrow is intended ontirely as a day of courtesy when one may look around without thought
or suggestion of purchase, arrangements have been made by which orders can be placed to be filled Friday.
ORKIN BROTHERS Player-Piano Club
grvr Wo havo Inaugurated a Piano Player chili in connoctlon with
CL our 500 piano club it is tho first tlmo in which Player
tT planoa of such ronowned makes as those havo ovor been of
" fered for Halo In such a wholesome manner. Tho prlco of
these club Player-plnnoa is 300 dollars the terms aro O dollars tho
first payment anil 2 dollars a week without Intercut added. Those
Piano-players havo never been sold for less than $550, with torms of
f 25 down and $15 a month, with Interest added at tho rate of 5 per
cent. This Is tho first tlmo, as far aB our knowledge goes, that such
trustworthy. instruments havo been offered for ealo upon such popular
terms as O dollars tho flrat payment and 2 dollars week without
interest added.
1. The Playcr-plano club will consist of 100 members.
2. Tho Playcr-plano club members can tako their cholc.o between
two of tho best Player-planoH on tho markot.
3. Tho Player-pluno club prlc"e is 395 dollars.
A. The saving in prlco to each Player-piano club member la 155
6. The Playcr-plano club member has no interest to pay.
C. Tho torms to Playcr-pliuio club members are 9 dollars cash and
2 dollars a week or, putting it In another way, Playcr-plano
club members havo 103 weeks In which to pay for their
7. Each Playcr-plano club member receives the use of ono thous
and muBlc rolls free for ono year.
8. If a Playcr-plano club mombor dies during the lifo of his con
tract we will Immediately cancel all futuro paymonta and send
a receipt In full to his family for the instrument.
Formerly the Bennett Co., lGth and Hnrney,
y Omaha.
Copyright, 1MB by Btos ft XcCarrtok Inc. Unmtboriiea
vlm. in wboU or la part or oolorbU ujtunffs Uirof

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