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statement was met with general denials
from the rtpubllcan state leaders.
From Governor Wilson and from his
3iew York headquarters came further nd
monitions to democratic leaders to get
tho voters to tho polls, so mat the max
imum democratic, volo would bo cast.
The extent to which tho socialist party,
With Kugeno V. Debs as Its presidential
candidate, will cut Into" the vote or Taft.
Roosevelt and Wilson hna hocome a mat
ter of lively conjecture In the committee
headquarters of the latter candidate.
Tho progressive leaders assert that the
doclallsts will poll a heavy vote, drawing
largely from the republican and demo
cratic; ranks. (
In the majority of states the polls will
open between E and 7 o'clock tomorrow
morning. Iteports wilt notbe available
from any sections until after 6. o'clock
(eastern time) In tho afternoon and com
prehensive returns from any state?' or
congressional districts probably1 will1 not
bo had before or 10 o'clock tomorrow
Drmllock In Ilonar I Hrnken.
WASHINGTON, Nov. t.-Thb death or
Representative George II. titter of Rhode
Island apparently breaks the.Uealock In
which the house of representatives would
find Itself It It wcro called" on 'to elect u
Up to the time, of Mr. Utter' deatft the
house was equally divided. Representa
tion of twenty-two states was democratic,
twenty-two republican, and tho delegates
of Jour remaining states wero equally
dlv.ded between republicans and demo
crats. 1 .
( Rhode Island was one of tho slates In
which tl 0 delegation was equally divided,
and I'ttcr's death, should his place ho
not filled by a republican to rill out tho
remainder or his term, would throw
Rhode Island to tho democratic column.
.Throwing Rhode Island to tho demo
emtio column, however, would not permit
an election by tho house, because tho
constitution require a majority or the
states. This would ho twenty-flvo. Mr.
Uttcr's death, however, does break tho
equal division between republicans and
aiooaers Cry Fraud.
CHICAGO, Nov. 4. Reports at tho sev
eral western headquarters ot tho political
parties today Indicated that leaders, both.
stato and national, were making a tre
mendous effort to got out the vote to
morrow. David W, Mulvane, director of the re
publican campaign In the west, asserted
that there was a great eleventh-hour
trend toward Mr. Toft's standard.
"Telegraphic and long-distance tele
phono reports, from republican , state
chairmen In the western states," said
Director Mulvane of the republican com
mittee today, "showed extreme activity
for IheMaat day oC tho campaign.
"All the reports received today express
trreat confidence for President -Taft'
"A largo percentage of the voters l
Still apparently undecided as to how they
will vote. It la expected that this vote
will go very largely against a change In
present conditions.
The. progressive party's statement that
there are grave Indications of an attempt
to defraud the- members ot the party is
In Itself a confession of weakness. It l
snercly paving the way for an explana
tion of the defeat which the Roosevelt
party sees staring It In the face."
Joseph E. Davlcs, manager of tho west
ern democratic headquarters, said:
hava received direct reports from
dearly all of the twenty-nine atato chair
man In my division and will keep tn
tach With them hv tfttanhnnn thrnliirhnut
the day and night Each state chairman
iuuvii wiui 1110 county cnnirmen in
hla state by telephone also.
"From the reports already In hand It
fs apparent that there never was greater
co-operation among the democrats. The
vote will be out In full everywhere."
JlsoVeagb Kays Tft Will Win.
CHICAGO, Nov. t.-Secretary of the
Treasury Franklin MacVeagh cam a. to
Chicago today to be ready to vote to
morrow. "Tho outlook for President Tatt U
very hopeful." he said. I campaigned
through New Hampshire and New York
and found the people very optlmlstlo as
to Taft'a re-election. It Is decided firmly
that Mr, Taft will carry both those
states. I am conservative In the belief
that Tatt will win."
1 MANuA, Nor. t.-The sentence or lire
Imprisonment on Private Mike XSeeoham
I of the Mrs cavalry has been commuted.
Beechafn. ran- amuck and killed .four of,
his comrades- in May. l!08. At the trial
tho court took the view that the crime
ttss unpremedU4td and held that undqr
Tne epanusn iaw ue -circumstances aa
jiot warrant the -infliction of the death
I penalty.
drawers the fabric
is soft and elastic -does
not get harsh or
shrink in washing,
Arnold sleepers have
double soles nnd af
ford conipleto protec
tion from sudden
chills, sizes for 2 to 10
years and Bell according
to slzo and weight GGc
to 91.7ft
For tiny little ones
the Arnold knit night
gown, with shirring
string at bottoni--the
most energetlo llttlo kick
er cannot oxpobo himself
-sizes 1 to 2 year's
(V5c to . ..91 Jiti
Excufllve ngents for the
wholo line of Arnold
knit goods.
Three Women Are .
On State Tickets
In Washington
SEATTLE, Wash.. Nov. 4.-Noxt to the
governorship the pplnt of Intercut In itio
election tomorrow la tho office of super
intendent of publo Instruction for which
threo woman nnd one man nro candidates,
with ono of tho women practically euro
of election.
The republican, democratic and social
ist parties nominated womon for the of
fice, nnd tho progressive party tried to
find an available woman candidate and,
falling; nominated- a man. The republl
can candidate, Mr. Josephlno Preston of
Walla Walla, ha made n skilful cam
paign and her election Is thought to bo
The progressive state ticket Is handl
oappod by haying no woman on t. To
atone for this fault Helen J. Scott, heads
the list of Roosevelt electors. .
The socialist party outdoes Its rivals
In recognition of the fomlnlno voters.
The socialist candidate for governor Is
Mis Anna Maley nnd candidates for
stale treasurer and superintendent of
public Instruction also are woman, whllo
thrco women arc on tho Debs' elcctorlal
ticket. Many womon aro candidates for
tho legislature.
Ryan's Trijjs Are
Traced by Letters
INDIANAPpniK Nov. IFrank M,
Ryan's trips, about tho country, about
which tho gpvornrnent charges wero mado
partly in connection with explosions
whllo ho was president of tho Interna
tional Association of Urldge. and Struc
tural Iron Workers, Wero traced in loti
ters produced at tho "dynamite con
spiracy" trial hero today.
Ono letter written by John J. McNa-
innra, tho alleged dynomlter, to Ryan,
roierrcd to an advertisement offered for
publication, in thn Ironworkers' union
magazine. This advertisement announced
a reward for Information about tho find
ing of dynamite on a Job In Cleveland
In February, 190S.
McNamaru wrote to Ryan that "to
refuse the advertisement would make It
appear as If tho union was trying to
shlold somebody." Ryan, replying from
Ilaltlmoro, advised McNamara to publish
the otfer of a reward.
A contracting firm In Milwaukee offered
the reward utter the union had called n
strike against It. Work of tho firm in
various cities later wus blown up.
(Continued from Pago One.)
reunion at the Young Men's Christian
association building ou Thursday even
ing. York collcKo alumni and trjends will
hold a banquet at the Young Men's
Christian association at 5;30 Thursday
Tho Fremont coljego bnnquet will be
held at the Paxtdn hotel on Thursday
evening at 5 p. m.
The Cotnct university banquet will be
held at the Mllard hotel on Friday even
ing at 6:30.
The University or Nebraska will have a
noonday luncheon at the Rome on Thurs
day. Coffee will be served at the high school
on Thursday afternoon.
Llnnger art gallery will be open for
tho visitors.
The Commercial club will tender a re
ception on Friday from 5 to &
The South Omaha Live Stock exchange
will give a lunch whenever the teachers
visit the stock yards.
DALLAS. Tex., Nov. 4. Strains ot
sacred muslo coming front a church win
dow, so affected O. II. Rose, the police
say, that yesterday he surrendered at a
local Jail, docilarlng he had killed W. H
Morris In Covington, Ky.. twenty-four
years ago. At the time or the tragedy,
Rose Is quoted, he was known as N. W,
lngersoll. Rose has lived in Dallas twen
ty-threo years,
Every man who
should wear It.
owns an overcoat
That public reconciliation of Mayor
Jim and William Jennings Bryan before.
a Dig Auditorium auaience was, on, so
First kindergarten lesson for Incipient
c,naiuaie for office: Don't write letters.
Dr. W. O. Henry will now have to
figure out a pew way of getting free
advertising without bumping the code or
medical ethics. N, U. No charge for
this ad.
s sa SHBoaaa BBscaaBsasssaBa
Half Million Voters Expected to Go
to the Polls Today.
Hubert Henderson of Conned Illaffs,
Stnte-Prtntcr-Elect, nnr Inter
rat tn Lance Printing! Itonae
nt Dea 2)fo!nea.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 4. Special
telegram.) All tho finalities of the po
litical campaign In Iowa were completed
today and the party committees will do
personal work among voters tomorrow.
Newspaper advertising by candidates has
been carried to an extreme here and al
most every candidate has spent a great
deal of money getting to the voters In
this way. Republican, democratic and
progressive states headquarters were
closed and the last literature Sent out.
With a fair day It Is confidently pre
dicted the Iowa vote will be near to
M,000 tomorrow.
Political meetings were -held tonight in
various parts of the state on behalf of
presidential, congressional and stato can
didates. An unsually 'large vote' In tho
J cities wn predicted for tomorrow be
, causo of Indications that tho weather
would be fair, whllo tho rural districts
were expected to show a correspondingly
smaller Vote.
Senator William 8. Kenyon wound up
his campaign with a speech at Crcsco.
George V Clarke, republican candldato
for governor, addressed homo people at
Adcl, as did also J. L. BtoVons, progres
sive candidate, at Mason City. Closing
political meetings wero held at Sioux
City, Ottumwa, Davenport and Des
Robert Henderson of Council Riuffs,
state printer-elect, today bought tho In
terest of Emory English, the present
stato printer, In a largo printing house
here; preparatory to taking up his work
as statejprlntor In January, He will also
move here soon.
Twenty Acres of
Timber Destroyed
DAVENPORT, la., Nov. 4.-Twenty
acres of timber near Princeton In 8cott
county was burned "last night before hun
dreds of farmers who gathered to fight
the flro could overcome the flames, Many
farm houses and outbuildings were threat.
ened. Trees were felled along a narrovy
strip connecting the tract with a mors
extcntlve grove and earth embankments
Wore hurriedly thrown up. Several of
the fire fighters ware slightly burned.
Black Hand Charge
Against Iowa Man
IOWA CITY, IA., Nov. 4.-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Charged as being one of tlm
ring lenders 'of tho Solon black hand
gang which has threatened the John L.
Adams family for the last two years,
Carl I&, Osborne of West Liberty, has
beciivnrrested and brought here by United
States Deputy Marshal M. I, Ilealy of
Cedar Rapids. Osborno Is accused ot
participating In four black hand threats.
Iowa Boy is Shot
by His Brother
NEW HAMPTON, la.. Nov. 4.rVhllo
hunting yesterday afternoon Carson
Stake was accidentally shot by his oldr
brother. The charge entered his back,
tearing a large hoi;. lie died almost
Instantly. Young Stake was a sopho
more tn tho New Hampton High school.
Four Gunmen Are
Identified by Coupe
NEW YORK. Nov. 4. Thomas Coupe.
one ot tho witnesses ot the. Rosenthal
shooting, who was brought from England
too late to testify at tno trial of Lieu
tenant Decker, will be placed on 'the
stand In the trial of the tour gunmen,
'Qyp the Blood." "Lefty Louie." Whltoy
Lowla and "Dago Frank." Coupe Is one
of four witnesses who are expected to
Identify tho gunmen positively, the
others being Shapiro, driver of the gray
murder car;" Btanlsh, an engineer, nnd
ICrause, a waiter. Shortly after Coupe
came back from England, he was taken
to the criminal courts building and
placed near a door leading to Justice
Gofr's court. It was learned today. He
could see tho gunmen passing In and out
According to today's announcement he
looked the four over and recognised them
as tho occupants ot the "murder car."
TOLEDO, Nov. 4. Assignment
bishops to preside over conferences
district where spring conferences are to
be held during the months of March, April
and May of next year Were announced
by the board of bishops ot the Methodist
Episcopal church today.
Spring conferences or 1913 number
about one-third ot the total number ot
Methodist conferences. Fully two-thirds
ot the conterences are held In the tall.
Details for district conferences are
designated by the general conference.
Among the appointments were:
Bishop J. F. Borry, Wyoming; Bishop
WVA. Quayle, Arkansas and Little Rock;
Bishop Robert Mclntyre, Lincoln; Bishop
C. W. Smith. St. Iouls and Central Mis
souri; Bishop Frank M. Bristol, North
west and Southwest Kansas; Bishop W.
O. Sheuard. Kansas and Bouth Kansas:
Bishop Francis J. McConnell, Mexico;
Bishop R. J. Cooke, Alaska; Bishop N,
Luccock, Hawaii.
BT. LOUIS. Nov. 1-Mlller J. Iiugglnt
will manage the St Louis National
league bate ball club next season, sua-
ceding Roger Bresnaban, dismissed, ac
cording to an announcement of one of
the directors of the club today.
"We have reached an agreement with
Mr. Hugglns,' said the director, "and
while he has not signed a( contract he
has agreed to his salary and 'will be ready
to tako up the reins Immediately."
Hugglns had a long conference with
Mrs. Helen Brltton, chief owner ot the
cliub and her attorney, today. Hugglns,
when he left the conference said; "I
have been eager to be a manager and
I'm glad I have succeeded;"
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result to the applicant before the matter
can be heard on notice.
"In case a temporary restraining order
shall bo granted without notice tn the
contlgency specified, the matter shall he
mado returnable at the earliest possible
time. In no event later than ten days
from the date of the order, and shall
take precedence of all matters, except
older matters of tho same character
When the matter comes up for hearing
the party who obtained the temporary
restraining order shall proceed with his
application for a preliminary Injunction
and If he does not do so tho court shall
dissolve his temporary restraining order.
"Upon two days notice to tho party
obtaining such temporary restraining
order, the opposite party may appear and
movo the dissolution and modification
ot the order, and tn that event the 'court
or Judge shall hear and determine the
'motion as expeditiously as the tends or
Justice may require. Every temporary
restraining order shall be forthwith filed
In tho clerk's office."
Samuel Gompers, president of1 the
American Federation of Labor, had this
to say about Uie new antl-lnjunctlon
''it Is a step In the right direction and
ono of tho things labor lias long been'
fighting for."
Socialist Advocate Given Most Ap
plause at Church Gathering.
I'nrc, Democracy Tried Trro Thai
land Years Abo nnd Proven Fail
ure, nnd America's Govern
ment la Beat.
Althdugh the .republican, progressive
and democratio causes had been abfy ex
pounded at the First Unitarian church
last night, it remained for, the mention
of socialism at the last to bring forth tho
most applause W. F. Baxter, who pre
sided, introducing Dr. Harold Glfford,
said that the time had come when peo
ple would have to consider in a serious
mood. Instead . ot derision, the proposals
advanced by socialism. When Dr. Glf
ford upheld the' cause of socialism ho
was frequently Interrupted by prolonged
applause' that, came from a largo majority
of the audience.
T. M. Currte, chairman of the repub
lican state committee-led the debate, ex
plaining why ho was for Taft. He gave
three fundamental reasons why he was
tor Taft He said he- had detected In
recent years a tendency among many to
drift away from tho fundamental prin
ciples of the American government "Tho
democrats," he asserted, "have been
steadily drifting away from a represents
Uve torm of government for years and
more toward a pure democracy. They
are turning back 2,(40 years. Democracy
was tried 2,000 years ago. before the
Christian era. But the American gov
ernment has somo fixed principles and
some fixed laws and we cannot disregard
them, and tho party of II. Taft be
lieves In -the constitution and In the laws
of tho country." .
Ifd maintained 'that-democracy under
Cloveland had been tried from 1893 to
lffflfl and the gross grow on Farnam street
and thcro was not a bank in Omaha that
was 1 not constantly on the verge of In
solvency, ' '
jie nssertea it naa boon fifty years
since that bloody civil war; that at Its
best was awful, "yet," he said, "that Is
Armageddon, and, gentlemen, I'm
against It."
I'ralsca Elasticity of T. II.
Byron O. Burbank defended tho causo
ot Roosevelt "I'm ror Roosevelt"" ha
said, "because ho Is not fixed In all
mutters. He Is of an elastic character"
The mention of an clastic character In
connection with Roosevelt brought forth
great laughter and order was not re
stored for some time. The speaker then
said that Roosevelt held It funda
mentally wrong that a man should amass
millions In n single generation while
others suffered, ,IIe attacked "Wilson
and said that New Jersoy, the state of
which Wilson Is governor, was the home
ot every groat trust In the United states.
He also read from the republican na
tional platform of 1908, to show that the
republican party at that time "approved
tho record of Rooseovlt as' president. He
did not neglect the opportunity to quote
tne speech or Roosevelt made at Mil
waukee after he had been attacked bv a
fanatical assassin and said, "This speech
was delivered when the bullet of an
assassin rested within an Inch of his
heart, and when hi Ufeblood was satu
rating his clothing."
J. W. Woodrough. cnatrman of th
Woodrow Wilson league, derended Wilson
and democratic policies. lie said Currie
had merely brought out the old panlo
bug, which the republicans had dragged
out ot a crevice In every campaign In
the past and had carefully stowed away
anerwaras. "Air. Burbank." ho said, has
attempted to hold up the gaping wound
or soldier that his crowd might advance
a little behind that, but we will not dis
cuss that any further." He pointed out
what the democrats had already done tn
the way or roduclng tarlfr on, necessities
and attacked the protective tariff system,
Dr. Harold Glfford. defending Debbs
and socialism, said: "Most of you re
member fifteen or twenty years ago
when Debs was regarded as a man fit
only for a lunatlo asylum or a Jail. A
few years ago Roosevelt In an article
placed Debs alongside of men who
would commit murder. Now he refer
to him as "Brother Debs.' Ho revlowed
the rapid rise of the socialist movement
in Germany and pointed out that the
party had gained such strength there
that the government was now doing many
ot the things the socfallsts were asking
"Other parties," he said, "take It for
granted that certain ills of this govern
ment must go on forever,' One might
as well' hqld that the Ills of the bodr
must contlnde forever,"
WASHINGTON, Nov. 4Mr. and Mri.
J. H. Kyler ot Denlson. Tex., sent a
telegram to President Tatt, received to
day at the White House, An?- -log the
birth ot three tons, named William How.
ard Taft Kyler, Theodore Roosevelt Kyier
and Woodrow Wilson Kyler.
In tho president's name. Assistant
Secretary Brahany today sent a tele
gram to the parents, expressing the wish
that the triplets would llva long and
Persistent Advertising is the Rood to
Legitimate "Big Business"
Reasons Why Republican Party is
Entitled to Support.
Deficit ot Flfir Millions Chunked to
Snrplns of Store Than Thirty
Millions Dnrlnic Lnst
Fonr Years.
NEW YORK. Nov. 4.-Prcsldent Taft
Issued the following statement here to
night shortly before his departure for
On the eve of the national election
It Is suitable that a short summary
should be mado of the reasons why tho
republican party Is entitled to support
That party for four years has been re
sponsible for the administration of the
government and has left a record of suc
cess In effective and efficient executive
administration and of legislative accom
plishment that Is not surpassed by any
administration since the war.
It has changed a deficit ot more than
ISO.000,000," the statement continues, "to
surplus or more than 3a 000,000 by In
creasing the revenue and b$ reducing
governmental expenses.
"Its achievements In legislation ehow
that It has made definite progress, so
far, as national legislation can produce
progress In statutes looking to the old '
and relief of those classes In the com
munity who have had reasons heretofore
to complain of the Unjust operations of tho
laws governing their relation to employ
ers and to the community at large. The
modern tendency to use governmental
agencies to better the general condition
of the people by giving an equal oppor
tunity to all has been fully recognised
In this legislation and practical steps
have been 'taken to satisfy it.
The republican tariff legislation of the
congress of 1909, while not perfect has1
actually reduced excessive tariff rates
and has yet retained the protective fea
tures which have been so Instrumental
in creating Industrial prosperity. And
this administration had already taken
steps to secure a fair means, by a tariff
commission, of further reducing and ad
Justing the tariff within U limits ot
proper protection to our industries.
Anti-Trust Laws Enforced.
"The anti-trust laws upon the statute
books have been enforced without regard
to persons and without fear or favor,
and the resulting decrees if allowed to
have their normal operation, will tend
to restore competition and will remove
the oppression that the statute was passed
to prevent.
"In view of what has been done In the
last four years, the republican party
should not now be turned out ot office.
Its promises have tyeen complied with,
real progress, has been effected and Its
conduct of the economlo policies of the
government has been such as to make
It possible for tho country to enjoy nnd
prolong the widespread and growing
prosperity now at hand.
"Again It the republican party la turned
out of office, what party Is to succeed?
One of the opposing parties was scarcely
four months ago a part of the repub
lican party Itself. It has adopted a plat
form attacking the existing constitution
of the country, promising an attempt to
destroy the Independence ot the Judic
iary, and proposing measures which
would sap the foundations or representa
tive democratio constitutional gpvern
ment It offers to the publlo a 'program
ot supposed benefits which are not
within the ability of a national party to
accomplish and offers remedies for al
leged evils In our present condition that
are impracticable and inconsistent wttli
each other. The so-called progressive
party Is necessarily a minority party. A
vote for It cannot tend to establish Its
power or Its principles, but can only be
a vote agatnst tho republican party and
for the democratio party.
The Tariff Iaane.
"The democratio party declares In
favor or a tariff for revenuo only, aifd
holds that a protective tarlfr Is not only
unwise, but also unconstitutional. The
changes proposed by the democrats may
fairly be Judged by the bills passed by
the democratic majority In the last con
gress, which I vetoed as president. These
bills would have so affected tho Indus
tries covered by their terms so seriously
as to Impair their value and prosperity
Mr. Wilson, the candidate of the demo
cratic party, has mado so many differ
ent and differing statements as to his
altitude upon the tariff, with a view to
evading the charge that a democratic
administration means an Injury to Indus
trial prosperity, that It Is Impossible to
tell what his attitude Is, but It Is not un
fair to say that It Is In accordance with
that of the majority of his party tn the
last congress which I have. Indicated.
"The experience In the history of the
country in ISM and 1894 wll be recalled
when a period ot great prosperity was
succeeded by a period ot great depression
In the business ot our country. This was
due to the threatened, and actual change
from a tariff for protection to a tarlKf
for revenue. It ought to warn every
business man, every workman, and every
farmer who counts upon the home
market for the sale pt his products, to
cast his vote to retain the present ad
ministration and to defeat the effort to
put Into force the economlo views ot the
democratio party, which, It successful,
will halt the coming ot prosperity, para
lyse business, and repeat the severe ex
periences ot the years from 1833 to 189f.
The country should not be plunged from
a condition of business certainty and
comparative contentment to one ot doubt
and anxiety."
HUMBOLDT. Neb., Nov. 4.-Speclal.)
Frank Burkbalter and Mlaa Louise Lang
of this vicinity were married yesterday
at Falls 'City by Rev. Gurschke. The
groom was born In Switzerland and
speaks both English and German. Thi
bride came here from Paris, France, about
a month ago.
Miss Mary MHculasek. daughter of Vac
lav Mlkulasek, and Mr, Joseph Kunea
were married by Rev. Charles W. Savtdge
at hla residence Sunday at 1:S0, They
were accompanied by the groom's sister,
Miss Krlstlna Kunes. Mr. John Pexnechek
and Uttle daughter, Ifedvtka.
Mrs. l. A. Jenkins.
IOW1A Crrr, la., Nov. --(Special.)
Mrs. L A. Jenkins died suddenly at her
home In Iowa City, aged $. Her husband
and two llttlo children survive. She was
a former resident ot Grand Island, Neb.
Wreck on WaluMh In Indiana.
FORT WAYNE, Ind.. Nov. 4.-Flreman
C. Merder was Instantly killed and En
Ktneer Henry lllnkle probably fatally
hurt early today la a collision on the
I inc victims resiue at aionipeiicr. j,
Teacher Killed
by a Trap Gun
8UrERIOR, Wis., Nov. 4.-Stumbllng
over a hidden "set" gun, Stanley R. Cur-
rlo, 22 years old, principal of the Throe
Lakes, Wis., school, was killed yesti
day. Details ot the ratal accident re
ceived today are meager.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 4.-Wllllam Jen-
nlngs Bryan today telegraphed Mrs.
Marion Butler ot the Arlington Con
federate Monument association accept
Ing an invitation to make the principal
addross at tho laying of the cornerstone
tor the confederate monument In the
Arlington National cemetery Tuesday.
November 12, In connection with the an
nual convention of the United Daughters
of the Confederacy during that week.
OTTAWA, Ont, Nov. 4. A strike which
may affect 5,000 clerks and stenographers
employed at tho various stations and of-
flees of the Canadian Pacific railroad
Canadian Brotherhood or Railway Em
ployes, tho organization or office and
station workers, said Its members would
be on strike through the system by noon
and that tho men at nearly all the small
stations already were 'out
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money if It falls to cure.
E. W. Groves signature Is on each
box. 25a Advertisement.
Large Scabs Would Form, Festar
and Break. Itching and Burning.
Kept from Sleeping. Cuticura
boap and Umtment Uured.
8loux Falls, S. D. "My trouble of skin
disease startod saercly as a rash on my face
and neck, but lb grew and kept getting
worse until large scabs
would form, fester and
break. This was Just on
the one side of my. face,
but It toon scattered to tks
other aide. I suffered
great deal especially' at
night on account of Its itch
ing and burning I would
scratch It and of course that
Irritated it very much. This reah was on
my face for about two years sometimes
breaking out lots worse and forming larger
sores. It kept me from sleeping" day or
eight for a couple of months. Aly' face
looked disgraceful, and I was almost Sahara ed.
to be seen by my friends.
"A Mend.ukedme to' try Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment- i would bathe my
face with hot" water and a lotr'or Ciillcurk
' Soap, then I would put on the Cuticura
Ointment. 'In lmtbjm7ira! yv"lme
the soreness and Inflammation had almost
entirely disappeared, and In four weeks'
ttmo you could not see' ihy of the rfcsh
Now my face la without a spot of any kind
I also use them for my scalp and hair. The)
cured me completely." (Signed) Mitt
Pasty Hutchjns, Feb. 0, 1012.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment art
Mid throughout the world. Liberal samploof
each mailed free, with 82-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress peat-card "Cuticura, Dept.T, Boston."
PTender-f aced men should use Cuticura
tonn. Shaving Stick, SSc. Sample free.
At Fountains & Elsewhere
Ask fop
Thi Original and Ginulai
Thi Faadelrink for All Ages.
At restaurants, hotels, and fountafnt.
Delicious, invigorating and sustaining.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Don't travel without It,
A quick Iudi prepared ia a miniate.
Takesobaitatwa. Jast say "HOR-ICTS."
Hot In Any Milk Trust
Beadaebe. back-ache, tlde-ae-e, utero
evarlaa paint yield quietly to thets won
derlul pita relievers
TbT artear-rt, alct nama. abaM of la
Sro mpur a a-f r and ar mkhtr mtexkmuj.
At AH Dr-SaTtsU
Easy and Sure
Way to Cure a
Gold and Catarrh
A cold generally attacks the weakest
part, affecting the eyes and ears In some
and producing nasal catarrh and -throat
troubles In others. A cold la due to an
Inflammation of the membrane lining the
air passages, and may be promptly cured
with a Uttle Ely'a Cream Balm, which
Immediately . relieves the Inflammation
and all the dlstreslng symptoms, such as
sneetlng, coughing, running at the nose
and eyes, hoarseness, sore throat, fever
and headache. One reason why this pure,
antiseptic Balm acts so quickly Is be
cause It Is applied directly to the ten
der, sore surfaces.
Even In severe, chronlo cases of catarrh
Ely'a Cream Balm never falls to quickly
and effectually check the poisonous dis
charge which clogs the head and throat,
causing the disgusting hawking, spitting
and blowing or the nose. This remedy
not only drives out the disease, but heals
and strengthens the weakened mem
branes, thus ending catarrh.
Catarrh Is a filthy, disgusting disease.
Don't put up with It another day. Get a
W cent bottle ot Ely's Cream Balm from
your druggist and see how quickly you
will be relieved, It Is perfectly harm
less. Advertisement
Nert oiis Debility Is
Easily Overcome
Tona Vita Hufids Up Rundown I'eo
plo Very Quickly.
It you have a worn-out, miserable reel
ing rrom morning till night; It your food
does not nourish you properly; if you
have little ambition and tire very easily,
you aro debilitated and rundown, nnd
need something to build you up.
This, Tona Vita will do in a few weeks'
time, it Is a remarkable medicine and Is
pronounced by most physldans the best
tonic now being sold to the public
Give this great tonic a trlat. No matter
how badly you are run down you will
notice an Improvement nt once, in a few
weeks you will feel as though you had
been mado over.
If you have lost flesh gut on tho scales
after taking Tona Vita a week, and seo
how your weight has Increased.
Tona Vita Is sold by Sherman & Mc
Connell Drug Co. Advertisement
John Says:
"If candidates could
wrap a TRUST
every ballot, there
would be mora men at
the polls than at any
time In history. By
theway,rve Just been
elected President of
Tne smokerbnno.''
John's Cigar Store
16th and Harney Sts.
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revival festival of
area test Operas.
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lacuw. Armitroof t CI arte, L Vier. Patht'a
WMklf IUtUw ot lb. World' Ertata.
Pric-MiUdm, 0!17. joc, btat Mats. JSc
eactpt Salurdaj and Eaoilaj. Night, joe lie.'
Uc, Tie.
Omaha Art Gil. Exiilb.tion
Open Bally Except Snnday from
Boon to loioo p. m., Kov. a to 16.
County Court House
Admission 10 Cents.

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