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The Omaha Daily bee
founded ur BHw'AftP nogBwy.'t'fiiu
vieroa n5gBWArEit, fcDITd'ii.
msB BUibiNo, kaunam" aNPi ittiiT
Entered at Omaha postoffice as second
I aits matter.
Sundav Uee, one year'. ,.,.,I,M
Saturday Uee, one year... 1.W
Pally Uee without SunUiy. one elr. ..W
Dally Ilee, and Sunday, one year -W
rt?t .Mr i.m lm nr f A ti II I Kit-
Evening and'Bunday. per nlonth. . .. . . . 40
ICvrnltiK. without .Sunday. per month.. 25c
UHlly Uee, including Humlay. per mo.. o
al!y Uee, without Bunuay. pct. mo. . w
Address all compli'lnts or Irrwtuutrltlw
i delivery t City Circulation OfPt-
kkmittanctST .
IUtr.lt by dmll. express or postal order.
;avnhln tn The lien PubUshlnK Comtmny.
nly i-.-ent stamps received In payment
T small accounts. Personal enecks. ex
.apt on Omaha and eastern .exchange, not
fnaha- The I'ee building.
Kouth Omahn SSW N street.
..unci North Main street
.lncolr.-a; I.lttle building. .
fiiiraxn-lixl Martiuette building.
W insnn fltv-lUllance building.
NfW Tork-31 Vest Twenty-third.
A Iaula-402 Frisco building.
WnaWngton-TTi Fourteenth 6t. w. w.
Communications relating to news and
dltorlal matter should be nudressed
Omaha Pee, Editorial Department. , ..
.Jlale of Nebraska, ounly or uouciaa, e: i
Pwlght Williams, circulation manager
of The Pee lubllhlng company, being
July sworn, says that the average dally
circulation for the month of October.
1912, waa 51.858. PWIOIIT WILLI AMB.
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence, and sworn
to befora me thla 1st day of November.
(Seal.) Notary Public
Subscribers leaving the city
temporarily should hare The
will be changed jm often re
located. '
Vote early.
Today is the day.
The Beo for election return.
Remember polls close at 0 o'clock,
Now, bo a real American and voto
Women will never bo dubbed sllont
The job print man prefers the long
ballot t
The Turk would have to have a
-strong hand to beat four kings.
Despite gloomy forecasts of others,
ley. Br. Abbott insists the outlook is
ill right.
Nat Goodwin stays under the lime
light ven If bo has to get 'himself
Bued to do it.
Don't become discouraged at
leant not before you get half way
down tha ballot.
What ft pity a formidable antago
nlst could not havo lured Turkey Into
a fair fight long ago. .
And fitlll the wonder grows that
Tom Dennlson has not been made a
burning inauo in this campaign.
Tie weather man promises to bo
good to the politicians, who Bhould
bo duly thankful even for the prom
ise. Everybody come out to tbe animal
show and see the race between the
elephant, the bull mooao and the
In casting awout for a candidate
for 1916, perhaps the socialists
jalght persuade 'Clan beba to take
the Job.
The war over in Turkey seems to
have chosen a particularly bad time
attract attention oa this sjde of the
j Atlantic. ,
Tho New York theater managers
decline to cut the prices of admission.
The theatergoers have one ssore card
.left to play,
Since the upper bprtb ratOB were
reduced, the FUnian company Is
able to earn only 140,000,000 a year
jtlth. Its caw.
Another Paul bank has been
bought by Jjnaies J. Hill, That is the
ry Mr, 1JM rivals Mr, Morgan as
an art collector.
Only five constitutional amend
ments to bo approved br rejected,
Just wait until wo have the initiative
and referendum-,
A lot of honest and self-respecting
jnen are staying within Ue repub
lican party, the colonel to the con.
Jrary notwithstanding.
The count will bo slow, especially
in Nebraska, . but successive, edi
tions of The Beo will koop you posted
up to the minute of going to press.
Our amiable democratic contem
porary has suddenly discovered that
jSd Howell is "progressive." That
must bo startling news to Mr. Howell
Mark Hanna would Bay "Lot well
enough alone." Others with ibe
aame thought hsve declared. "When
you have a good thing hold on to it."
The American voter will be re
fivivd that the campaign Jb over, for
he will reallte that he is not such
noble creature as the candidates tried
to make blm believe he was.
The democratic candidate for
United States Benator In Minnesota
campaign. Ho fcnows he would be?
nrewiB his money away if he did. i
What's Happening in Turkey.
from the Rocne of action to got a
good yIow of tho war gaino In Tur
key. It Is clear, liowcvor, that some
thing p happening over thero that
will materially cliungo tho map of
Europe, and produce rearrangement
of trcmoiidoug influence. It Is not
what happens to the Turk that ciuibos
concern, but what may happen to
disturb or upset tho delicately ad
Just relations between the great pow
ers of Europe, which must bo main
tained In ktablo equilibrium if the
pooples of the earth aro to live at
peace with ono another. Wo of the
United States used to think that we
were so Isolated and cut off from the
old world that wo could purauo our
,way entirely independent of all otb
era, but wo have learned that as a
world power every warlike ruction,
no matter whore It breaks, out, con
corns us also In creator or lessor de
gree. For this reason a speedy set
tlement of the Turkish troubles will
bo to our advantage, as well as to
tho advantage of Eurqpp.
Blame for Car Shortaere.
Accepting tho Intorstato Com
merce commission's statement as
authoritative, people must concludo
that tho freight car shortage is a
grave problem developed from very
trifling causes, problem soluble' by
tho apparently simple- process of
keeping what cars thoro aro In opera
tion. Tha supply of cars Is said to bo
adoquatc, but it is the old complaint
that they aro hold out of usp by ship
pers and railroads. As a result, ac
cording to Commissioner Franklin K.
Lone, a famino of coal supply is
threatened. Unless prompt action is
.aken, the situation will Indeed ho
come acuto as winter approaches.
It Is roassuring to know that the
commission has warned railroads to
get ovsry available car Into sprvice
and keep it there. But the full blame
does not rest directly upon tho roads;
many shippers aro partly responsible.
Tho commission's power should on
able H to reach these offenders
through the roads. With plenty of
cool in tho country, and plenty of
care to transport it, those responsi
ble should be .made to see to it that
we put tho coal and the cars together.
Poetry and Politics.
When In-straits for -a word to comr
Ploto a rhyino, ,or fit the rhythm,
pootlc Ilconuo permits deviation frpm
exact grammatical construction, and
oven aberration from the strict jo
quJremenU of, truth, That a sort of
pootjc Ucwibo also extends to candi
date Xor office,- and campaign ora
tors, Is an accepted condition, al
though possibly In conflict with ppllU
ical t.hepry. That Is ,tho explanation
.why political promises are usually
discounted stump spoachoe rated
along 'with watered stock and per
sonal crimination in the hoat of the
contest taken far less seriously than
at any other time. Whether It be
tokens a good or a, bad state of pub
lic mind, it 1b nonetheless & fact that
proof of a political motlvo and selfish
purpose is almost Invariably received
as a complete dofense. While it Is
natural to say that too last campaign
is always the worst, on impartial re
view of our political history will, wo
bolleve, show real progress toward
saner methods and soberer Judg
ments, nd less resort to license, both
in poetry and in pplltlcs.
The American Woman,
Tho announcement of tha coming
repiarrlage of Mrs, drover Cleveland
bos occasioned generous comment on
the lovo and. admiration she inspired
as 'Jtlrst lady of the land," and yet
on her aversion to notoriety during
and since tbe tlmo she was the attractive-wife
of the chief magistrate.
Mrs. Cleveland was then and is yet
tho type of the 'American mother
whoso hand has helped mould the
destiny of tho nation, by her Influ
ence upon others. It would be a
lamentable loss to this republic If
vor her kihd lost its dominant In
fluence, jjpjte p; an the appealing
opportunities for splendid service
outside tho home, the home continues
to can, loudest for tho sweet and sav
ing grace and power of the mother
and the wife,
Lot us nevor lose sight of that im
portant fact. Let us never nood our
women elsewhere so much as to force
thon out of their loftiest and most
commanding sphere of service. There
is no right or duty quite so important
or impelling to womankind as that
of making (tho . homo what it
should be.
Theodore Roosevelt issues tbU
autograph appeal: ,
The yrogresslvw cauao Is the cause of
tho .honest men and women of the united
States and I ask all good citizens, with
out regard to fhrir paat affiliations, tp
support It.
Hud Colonel Hooeevolt boon nomin
ated instead of. President Tart by tho
republican uatpnt.) convention he
would be Issuing that same appeal
with the word "republican" substi
tuted fpr tbe word "progreeslve,"
Winning world's championship
players are advised that it they will
save their prlre money and invest
it at C por cent compound interest,
in twenty-bur years thoy will novo
16,000 to remember the series by.
Hut how many of them have their
winning" te4iact today T And why
does not tbe same- advice ppy juut
,as foieluly to each and every one of
us on e-very do)lar, we can jsavej
IkbD&v f.n Omaha
"1 K "
f rv J "t (tin . 1
Thirty Years Atti
The Irlah-Amerlcan club la preparing
for another Invitation party, for which
arrangements nre in charge of Mcwirs.
J. II. Feeney. J. X. Nlchftl. J. T. Murphy,
J. T. I'rlre andJBernard JUChffrey.
O. P. Chubb, late of the Union Pacific
freight auditor' office. ha connected
Mrm-clf with M, R. jllsdcn, under tho firm
name of lllsdun & Chubb.
Whltehouae, the Flxteenth street-drug-rIM,
hna on exhibition a stuffed pelican,
which la quite a curloolty, nnd la drawing
largo crowd.
C, F. Goodman wa among tho cast
bound poJtacngprn.
Omaha people arc now able to talk to
Fremont by telephone, tho line having
Juat been completed, oatonlahlng everyone
at the cae with which conversations may
be heard.
The program Is out for the conference
of I'nlt.-uians to be held In Omahn next
week, (he Invitation omlrg from the First
TTnllnrlntl nhlirrh anil HirhMl Irv Ttv V.
Sv. Copeland, minister, and E. Knott
Powell, atnto missionary.
County commlmlonors have aitoptod a
formal resolution of thanks to Hon. A, J,
Poppleton, Fraiik B. Moorcn, the Oiruvba
OlfA club and all tlic societies and Indi
viduals that tmrtlclniited In the court
'house cornerstone laying.
Twenty Ycnrs Aro
Pemocrata held a big meeting at Expo
sition hall, where they heard Governor
Boyd declare that Ncbraalui was Irrep
arably lost to Clcvclknd ind beg them
to vote for Wcavec bo Harrison would
not carry the state; whllo Dr. Ororgo
L. Miller pleaded with them to go down
voting the straight old democratic ticket.
The meeting was called to order by 8.
R. Rush, who presented Pr. Miller, then
enma Governor Boyd and then Morton
with the big gun of the evening.
Miss Flora Adler m at home after o.
delightful visit of one month in. Seattle.
Mrs. & H. White, 1US Corby street, left
for Terra Haute, Jnd., on a visit.
"Hpud" Fariish, base ball manager.
pitcher and all around athlete who wo
advartlsed In the cast on his lata trip
home as the .best known roan in tho
world, received a huge box of chestnuts
from his folks at Culpepper, Vcu, and
expeotod to crack most of them during
the winter down at' Handle' on his
Ten Years Ako
It became apparent from later returns
that John Jf. Mickey of Osceola, repub
lican, had carried the state for .governor
over W. II. Thompson of Grand Island
by a handsome majority. The demo
crats elected only ono congressman,
Hitchcock, Jn the Second district. Tho
other congressmen clceteu were: 22. J
purkett. First; J. J. McCarthy, Third;
VL it. Hlnxhiw. BViurth; fj. W. Nnrris.
Fifth, and M. P. Kinkatd, sixth.
These .Baptist college presidents held
a conferences over olego matters in
Omaha; r. Qeorge Sutherland of Grand
Island college, Pr. George H. Adams pf
(Pus Molnea unlyerHlty, Pr. J. P. B. Plggs
pfvPttawa (Kan.J Mnlyerfllty and Pr. .1.
P. Orcen of William Jewell college. Lib
erty, Mq. They warn all tho guests of
Rnv. A. W. Clark, -fiaward street.
Anslstant County Attorney Lysle I. Ab
bott was receiving felicitations upon the
birth of a daughter at his home a day
ur two btfore.
These officers were elected by the
Oman Ileal Estate exchange; President,
C. F. Harrison; vice president, G. G.
Wallace; secretary, A. G, Charlton;
treasurer', 6. P. Postwkk; executive com
mittee, W. O. Ure, W. Q. Shrlver and
W. II. Gates.
People Talked About
Salt river la wide and deep, but the
crowd will tax Its capacity.
November Is the most disastrous month
'of Pie dozen for windjammers on land.
Tho multitude of candidates .doomed
to fall by tho wayside might as well cut
put .excuse and admit that tha voters
saw 'cm first and talked last.
Kansas boys arp ald to average an
Inch taller than their fathers, Perslst-
ont rubbering for Irrigation' purposes lias
a tondenry to strutu.li tho neck.
In estimating tosses In battles It Is well
.to rpmfniber that the enemy always loses
at Jeast four or Ive Jlmes Jan many man
as the eld that sends yi news.
Ail Paotut. who commanded tho
Turklvh, army at Klrk-Klllsseh. pays the
penalty pf defeat by being shot to death
at the word of a military court.
The New York .bureau for prosecuting
lean sharks has discovered 20.000 victims
on the city payrolls. The number speaks
,woll only for the borrowers' security,
A Pennsylvania fanner, over 100, de-
Claras that to wrk hard jwJ! preyent
people from growing old. Work cornea as
near being tho panacea for eycry III as
human experience can supply.
The passion for higher education
prompted the stria of tho River Fa'ls
till.) Normal school to )lck potatoes,
wash windows, split wood and do family
washings. The girls needed the money to j
charter a apoclal car for a foot ball
While other .cities havo talked about
the suppression .of unnecessary noises
the Antl-Nolse committee of the P!tl
more Medical society has acted. One
of tbe first moves was tp appeal to the
pallors of churches with bells asking i
that .the riVElng and chiming of church,
bell b abandoned or at least stopped '
during tho early morning hours, when
a large proportion of the population feels
like abutting off the alarm and turning
over fpr 'Juit five minutes more."
A New York centenarian and. two
years pvr had hi first visit from a doc
tor the other day. - and took tho first
dosn of medicine in his lifetime. The old
man said ho smoked, took a drink when
he wauled to, ate when he wa". hungry,
never bothered his system with tho
germ tlwary or sanitary Kjmcmck. and
kept hl appendix where It helnn fed. Ob
livious of tha ncrlls about him he u.
cumulated years unvexed by doctors and
i drug. How ho managed to defy medical
sclrnce and outlive a century carries
enough amazement to hold the next
clinic pf the. County Medical society.
Now York Tribune,
Prinking aiwl smoking aro Increasing
li the Vnllea State at a rapid rte.
ai-soraing t' the internal revrnue rKord.
A-i n I ... ..ft r,i corsMjuvu
freskuri for economy do not s.em to u
ttrfurc with the luxurious habits nf th
Jia.f Dh Jveoyle,
Nature of Country Where Main Armies Are Struggling.
New Tork Run.
The present fMd of operations of the
Turkish and Bulgarian armies lias to thu
southern f Arlanople, to the part ef
the Marltxa. rlvor and to the tiorth of
the Brgtne awl the Tihorlu fivers. On
the eat In a line extending from Klrk
Klllrseh through Visa to the lilgh ridge
west of Constantinople Is a chain t
motintalns running parallel to the bor
ders of tho Pkiek sea. Within these con
fines Is being fought a battle that prom
ises to bo ono of the decisive engage
ments of the war and which may seal
the fate of the Ottoman empire In liurope.
The country ,1s rough and broken, cut
by Innumerable small streams, the little
vnlleys of which are fertile and hltrhly
cultivated as cultivation govs In that
country. The hills, which riso steadily
In height from tho broad Marltza back to
tho mountains, were once heavily wooded,
but havo now for tho most part been .
cleared and planted in vineyards. Im
portant In tho present military opera
tions arc tbe number of roads, fairly
well built for Turkish roads, which run
In a Kwierally southerly direction from
Adrlnnoplo tpwArd tho pprts on tho 8ca
of iluriyora. There Is only pne Important
highway toward tho west, that which
connects with Klrk-Ktllnseh. Jleyond
this point are the mountains, with only
a single pass, narrow an-, difficult.
through to tho yiack sea.
To the ordary traveler in Turkey this
Is almot an unknown section, for' by the
tlmo schedulo of the orient express east
ward Adrlanople Is reached after mid
night nnd by njornlng the traveler is
well on his way to Constantinople. Tho
tourist, however, misses little of Inter
est by this arrangement. The train fol
lows tho right bank of the Marltza,
which here, owing to its colnfluenco at
Adrlanopla with the Arda and Tundra,
Is twice the size that It -was further back
at Muntapha Pasha. Tho banks .of the
stream are low, and It so frequently
overflows that the surrounding lands are
rich with alluvial deposits.
An hour's ride from Adrlanople is
Kulcll-Uurgas, tho Junction ,af the line
from Salonlca- A little the west. In plain
vjew from the stbtlon, U Peraotlka, which
from Pa clev&U'd position practically con
trols this Important point. After leaving
Kulell-Purgaa the road enters tho valley
Are We Better ftualitied to Do it Than in 1907 ?
New York
With equivalent of 0,000,000,000 new
dollars, which never existed before, soon
to bo circulated through our arteries of
commerce like so much fresh and vigor-
ous blood as the result of the unusual
W1J harvest, thero is every , legitimate
reason for hoping that the business and
financial marts are on tho very thresh
old .of .another period of unexampled
prosperity, Thla belief has become a
moro or less settled conclusion in the
mind of the average observer. Even the
laborer sniffs better .times to come in
the 'Vary air he breathes and from the
opttmlstto talk he hears about him. .Not
oven a heated presidential campaign Is
sufficiently diverting to arouse any con
cern. This latter Is the most healthful
algp we can ask for in proof of the solid
conditions underlying the whole' indus
trial fabric. The coming of bettor times
Is on the wings of natural conditions
No artificial "sunshine movement" such
as was resorted to In 1903 la now re
quired to make the people feel hopeful
They feel that way now because they
have seen or know that the boundless
grain fields have turned Into veritable
treasure houses for all those who have
worked them and as this wealth Is dls-
Iowa's High Court Safeguards the Shoe 'Shiner.
Indianapolis News.
Tho lowa supreme court has decided
that the tips given to boys who shine
shoes belong to tho boys and not to the
boss. The question was raised In a suit
brought by an einployo for two years'
tips. If thero la to be any tipping, at all,
surely the gratuities should go to those
to whom they are given and for whom
thoy are Intended. No Upper was over
Inspired by tho Idea of adding to the
profits of tbe proprietor. He pays tho
price, and when he has done that the
transaction is complete. The tip, prop
erly considered, is not a part of the
price, but a gift to the server. If It were
true, and generally .understood, that .all
tips went to the boas, there would soon
be an and of the system.
Of course, It la true that tips often do
go that way Indirectly, as when an emi
ployer pays very Jow wages on tho the
ory that his employes yvj.ll make enough
out pf tips to live comfortably. It la
said that In certain faslUonabla res
tuuranja tit waiters get practically no
wages, jand that In other Jhey pay for
their places so generous ore tho tlpa.
r -
Philadelphia Records The American
people with on. accord will wish Mrs.
Cleveland Joy In her new toappiueas. No
lady of the White House' ever diffused
a more gracious hospitality or more per
fectly combined official dignity and per
sonal charm.. She is still In middle life,
and maturity has pnly added to the
fascinations of her youth.
Paltlmore Suu: The strength of char
acter, the tact, the good genre And food
tiess of heart that made bee so Iritcrcst
Ins and lovable as jcalstre.? pf .the White
House have kept her still .foremost in the
affectionate regard of her countrywomen
as well atf of' har c.puntrymei). There (s
a lull tn the political firing as this little
university romance Is revealed, and P
hoartfot God bess you greets hl fine
type of American womanhood.
Pctrolt Kreo Pre: .Mrs, Cleyelond wHl
take with her the kindly remembrance of
millions of people when she steps jnto the
shadows of that ubucurlty which sur
rounds alt but the leading a,ctors on our
common stage. She won many hearts
whllo she wo the wife ,of the president,
and sb utaiutd their affection when
eLe became tho widow of the cx-prldent.
That ajhe may ;ind happiness again in
her new wiarri wilt be a very general
wish In tho United States.
Postpu Trunscrtpt: Tho entire country
will experience interest Ip the announce
ment of Mm. Grover Cleveland's engare
ment to Prof. Thomas Treston of Wells
idlest The match 1 erairely suitable
ana win more closely Identity her wuniof weitern rallroada. But they have
mi iuiu- vi wmcf ui is m muuw
and tor omc-tl(n& haa been 020 of Its
of the Krgcmc and traverses many1 miles
of low swampy land, which must have
liH swamp for centuries, slnea tho
Jlwnan remains found liere show 'that the
road -was carried by viaducts, some of the
arohe-s of which may still be seen. After
moro than an hour the village of PaVlo
Ktul Is reached, which is Important only
beaue It Is the station for the two Im
pattanl towns of ISskt Paba and I.ule-
Purgaa in the hills to the north, which
aro figuring In tho present campaign.
From there on the country continues
dull and uninteresting. Occasionally there
is a little station, but there Is no village
or town to bo seen, except where far awny
In tho hills tha point of a minaret or the
dome of a little mosq.uo suggests a com
munity. The occaalonal peasants houses
aro poor and miserable, hardly nwro than
twig and straw huts, and the wholo coun
try has the appearance of negloct. The
people who may bo seen working In tho
fields or who are about tho stations as
tho train goes through havo a different
appearance from the peasants In tbe
other parts of Turkey. Thero is almost
a complete absence of tho RuJgar and
Greek type that Is so frequently met, and
In Its place Is an eastern type not
hitherto oncountered. This Is accounted
for by the fact that most of these people
aro the descendants of early emigrant
who were brought In colonies from the
Caucasus mountains.
Tho next stop on the line Is at Tcuor
kceaketil, which Is ono of the points of
tho lvilgarlan advance. The bridge over
tlu river here, Just beyond the station. It
Is sa.i, has been blown up by tho invad
ers. Next comes Tchorlu, which is con
nected by an admirable highway with the
seaport of Itodosto and which Is afsol on
the main road from Adrlanople to Con
stantinople. Thla town Is Important be-
I rmiip It An the irathering point lor tbe
Turkish soldiers that are brought from
Asia Minor and landed at Rodosto.
From here tho road follows the valley
of the Tchorlu river almost to Its source
In tbe hills. It then cross3 an arid desert
plain and descends In great serpentine
windings with occasional glimpses of the
Sea of Marmora until Ketchuk-Tchek-raedje
Is reached. Beyond this comes the
first -sight of Constantinople, less than
twenty miles distant.
Financial World.
trlbutcd all others will share in Its dls
trlbutlou also.
How we are going to employ thla wdalth
1: n very Interesting and pertinent queS'
tlon. It Js worth .w.ri,le speculating upon
jtor a .moment. Aro wp .going to rush
Into another period of great inflatlpn
which began with McKlnley'B first elec
tion .and did not sUp, but snapped' aud.
denly In twain In 1807 through the very
exhaustion- of our credit facilities?
Eventually that Is what will happen.
It seems a resistless tendency in human
.nature ,to reach Dut .for more and more
wealth constantly and In reaching out
for it assume greater risks until the
entire fabric becomep .so strained that
something .must snap. Put It will be the
wlso business man and the wise in
vestor who, by barkening to the lessons
of tho past and will never run, but al
ways walk In the path ,of progress,' ,wbo
will 'have their financial war cheBts in a.
position of plenty to take full advantage
of what bargains emerge from the wreck
ago when tho period of prosperity cornea
suddenly to an end. To prepare for such
eventualities requires that .one lash his
Judgment firmly to the stanchions of
in Buch cases there are, of course, two
Charge for the service. Put still the
tips do .go into tho pockets lor which
they are intended, and ,lf tha servant
needs them ,to piece put his wretched
wages, tho fault Is not his.
Put Jn the Iowa case the, boss took
from Uie boys .money which, as between'
htm and them, belonged to .them; robbed
them pf a presant that had been given
to them and pocketed .money that never
would have got Into the shop at all, had
tho man who gavo it had ,any Idea that
It woi)ld find its way Into the till. The
Ipwa shoeblack did well to .bring the suit,
and the Iowa supreme court decided It
as It Bhould have been decided. We
should be ,glad to see the question raised
in Indiana, for no doubt tha same abuse
exists here. Our courts would, we feel
sure, be glad to follow the Iowa prece
dent. We might have a Greek uprising
oven In this country that would win the
support and applause of all fair-minded
men. Is there not a Marco Pozzarls who
will adopt the battle cry, "Tips to the
ST1, hrvd tnmees-
the land .has more good will been .fplt
tn"-n for her- 8he wa "n ' "
brilliant and dignified mistresses that
I " Wh,te ous haB over had. as well
1 tactful, though It was
tact that had Its basis In natural cour
tesay and good will, rather than on a
calculalon of consequences.
Public Hnilnran an Business I.lnt'ji.
Paltlmore American.
The United States of America is a big
corporation of manifold activities. Tho
ddralnlBtration of Its affairs requires a
trained executive with a cool and level
head. Let tha people elect as president,
therefore, that man who la best flttod to
conductv-thclr affairs along atrjet business,
llnea, who will aee that their money Is
expended economically, -who la not com
mitted to doubtful experiments, who will
protect American Industries and guard
the American workman against competi
tion with the cheap labor, of Uurope.
Such a man is alrtady tn the WhUo
House. Why change? '
reterlnp Ont.
Now York Sun.
So far as uur observation goes no pro-
grcsdve orator haa -yet held President
u.a bull m0Me cmpalsn- loslas ,u ae.
Hovr About tbe Prelxbt.
ew yortt World.
Automobiles 'have become a cotitliivrable
fnrlnr In redurlntf IVia ruaAA4nirir -.lrt u
, qouoTiess none more man tnaue up tool
loss jlo Increased freipnt rovepvi. J
'Shlmmernate is In an awful predica
"What's the trouble? "
"He lost an eleatlon bet and has to eat
his own hat."
' "I've heard of that before."
"Yes, but Shlmmurpate has been wear
ing one of those fuzzy caterpillar lids.
Judge. I
Will Edison says that four hours' sleep
ia.enough for any man.
PHI Wn hne a 2-year-old baby at home
who knew that a year ago. Cincinnati
Casey Po you Iver plar rards, O'PrlenV
O'Prlen ta gardener Fdlth. no. 01 get
me full of handlin' spades In the day-
tolme Boston Transcript.
Glbb3 What did you do when tbe foot
pad .demanded your watch?
Plbbs Told him 1 had no time to spare
and hurried on. Poston Transcript.
She 'Miss Howler rendered that last
song rather poorly. You should hear her
sing "When the Cows Are in the Corn."
He I should think it would .score them
out, oil right. Cldca go Post.
"I thought you hud such a good maid
"I did. 'Ptt when she called up on the
phone" mv husband answered ber."
"Well. lie was so much charmed by her
voice tnat l mnn t niro ner.' Cleveland
Plain Pealcr.
"What Is tho leading -occupation of thla
plnec?'nsked tho btranger.
Wll," replied the man with- an ex
pression of -sincere disapproval, 'the peo
ple around here spend most or the winter
wiamn jor summer an most or the sum
Tbe Beer of Qwdity
tie anticipation is keen.
And realization is in keeping with, expectation.
At the club, in the dining car, at leading
hotels and cafes, whereyer the best people con
gregate, you find Pabst "Blue Ribbon" always
served with the modest luncheon or-the most)
sumptuous dinner.
Bottled oply at tfus brewery in crystal clear bottles,
showing at a glance .that It is clean and pure.
Have your hom? supplied.
Phone or write.
The Pabst Company.
Phono Douglas 79, A 1479
J307 La.nworth Omaha, Nsbr.
From fitld to home,
High cost of living
l6b) - u First in the HOMES of Ms Countrymen" .
Charming Gifts of
Moderate Price
are to be found in Ac Peacock stocks. They arc artistic in
destgn and superior m quality yet they cojt no more than ordinary
jewelry or silver. And they have the added value which the
world-famous Peacock name give.
If you intend to do your holiday shopping in Chicago, do not
fad to vwt the Peaeocl : store. If you cannot come to the store,
send for our 191 2-1 91 3 illustrated Shopping Guide of 228
pages, shewing hundreds of distinctive gifts. It is sent free.
(CtUblUhed In 1837)
ISOa Kara am St. Bam. OMlce. Pi,n i, ,
Extracting 25c Uo
I'lUliigs 50c Up
Crowns , JS'J.nO Up
RrldKework . . $2.f50 In
iner wlshln' a circus would come along." i
Washington Star.
Manacer Are you good at collecting
mAp$iennt-Couldn't be better It I wero
a college president Life.
Jtound Table.
My grandpa says that-he was once
A little boy like me,
I s'ikirc fie was. and yet It does
Peem queer to think that he
Could over get rny Jacket on
Or jshoos. or like to play
With games, and toys, and race with
As I do every dav.
He's come to vi?it us, you see.
Nurse says 1 muM be good
And mind my manners, as a chlia
With such a grandpa should.
For grandiaB very utralght and, toll
And very dignified,
He knows most all there Is to know,
And other things beside.
Bo. though my grand pn knows so much,
I thought that inavbe boys
Were things he Jiadn't studied.
They mako such awful noise.
Put when nt dinner I asked Xor
Another piece of pic.
I thought I saw a twlnklo
In the corner of his eye.
So yesterday, when they went out.
And left us two alone.
I was not quite so much surprised
To find how nlco he'd grown.
You should have seen us romp ana
My. now I almost eee
That p'r'aps he waj long, long ago,
A little boy Ilka me.
THERE'S no use of
talking this is the
one best beer. It is a
pleasure to look at the bot-
never Houch human hands.
- -a,. kuu,'
Sllsalng Teeth aupplledl
without I'lates or llriUge.
work. Nerves removed'
tvltliout pain. Workeuarni
aiiteed tea jrtan.

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