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Commerce Commiision Puts Old Rato
Between Here and Gulf in Effect.
llnltmailn Kljjnrc Thvy Van Oct All
Shipments of "Wheat to New Or
lenna by Jnnnnrr First on
the Old Jlntes.
The Chicago Hoard of Trado has lost
out In Its efforts to have the Interstate
Commerce commission cancel the low
mto put In by tho Missouri Pacific on
grain between Omaha and New Orleans
and Oalveston. A temitornty order was
mndo suspendlnu tlie 1554-cent per 100
pounds rate on wheat, out according to
advices received at Missouri raclflc
headquarters tho cancellation has now
been suspended until January 1 of next
year. k
The result of the suspension of tho
cancellation of the lBV4-cent rato has re
sulted In enormous quantities of grain
again starting toward tho Riilf, a train
of twenty cars loaded with wheat hav
Ins Rone out from Omaha Monday night
Advance Whent I'rlcc,
Tho old rate whs l&H cents per 100
pounds and with the reduction It enables
Omaha grain, men to advance tho price
of wheat closo to 3 cents per bushel,
which Ih more than the normal differ
ence between this market and Chicago,
esiwclally when the wheat went to desti
nation by wuy of Chicago.
At this time the Missouri Pacific is the
only road having the low rato between
Omaha ami gulf ports and with Its con
tinuance until tho first of tho year It is
figured that tho bulk of tho wheat In
Omaha tcrrtlory Will be moved prior to
that time, taking advantage of the prices
paid here, which nro up to thoso of Chi
cago and considerably higher than thoso
of Minneapolis and Duluth.
There Is still a shortage of cars for the
movement of grain, but according to local
railroad oflclals, Home relief has been
nfforded within the last twenty-four
hours. Tho roads have been able to find
some empties nt out stations, and they
have been rushed In and put Into carry
ing service.
freighters nt Culf.
Missouri Pacific officials learn that
within the last forty-eight hours a num
ber of large freighters have arrived at
New Orleans and have commenced load
ing the wheat for export to Europe. AVIth
tho boats now In port. It Is said they
will be able to tako care of tho wheat
that has been held for severnl days In
tho 1,200 cars. As soon as tho cars arn
unloaded, which will bv during this
week, they will bo brought back to this
territory on fast freight time and again
loaded out with wheat.
Janmis Will Try to
Fly to New Orleans
.Two years of progress In the manufac
ture of the aeroplane have mndo It pos
Bible for the aeronaut not to disappoint
his' spectators unless an unusually Btrong
wind suddenly arises, according to Tony
Jannus, who tomorrow will start to fly
from Omaha to New Orleans.
Jannus arrived from Chicago yesterday
nfternqon and began arranging tho final
details for Ill's trip. 'lie will' est out Ills
mnchlne. a hydro-aeroplano, on Carter
lake at the Itod and Gun club this aft
ernoon and sco that It Is ready to begin
tlie flight tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Tho exhibition this afternoon will bo for
aeronauts and newspaper men. Wednes
day afternoon he will glvo a public exhi
bition at tho club.
Jannus' machine resembles the ordinary
aeroplane, but has underneath It devices
equipping it for sailing on water. De
fore his start to New Orleans he will give
an exhibition flight on Carter lake, rising
and circling over tho city. Ho will go
over tho Woodmen of the World building
where J. J. lierlght. president of the Ne
braska Aero club will mark his starting
time, and, gilding down to the Missouri
rlvor, he will leave Omaha for tho south.
Jannus Is scheduled to arrlvo late
Wednesday afternoon at Nebraska City
and will proceed from there to St. Joseph.
He will be received at Kansas City by
George M. Myers, president of- the Kansas
City Aero cluN Circling over that city
his time will be marked as he leaves the
Commercial club thcro.
' At New Orleans Jannus will be received
by tho Chamber of Commerce. Jannus'
machine Is expected to arrive in Omaha
Tram Chicago early this morning. It will
be taken to the Rod and Gun club where
he and his mechanicians will assemble
and test It out.
Scanlon Has Voted
for Seventy Years
Jerry Scanlon, aged 91 years, an In
mate of the county farm, was discharged
In police court yesterday on a charge
of being drunk, In order that he could
vote. Scanlon said hn had not missed a
presidential election In seventy years.
The Douglas county bar commlttoe
named to consider whether or not dis
barment proceedings against certain at
torneys should be Instituted Is consider
ing the oaso of Just one attorney. The
committee Is finding It difficult to decide
whether action against him should be
taken. A declnlon will be reached and a
report will be made to Presiding Judge
Abraham L. Sutton within a few weeks.
One attorney, whose name the Judge
would not give, told the Judge he had
tried to practice rightly, but maybe he
had been a little "stronger" than he
should have been. If he should escape
attack by the committee this time, he
ibid, he never will give the least .cause
for complaint in the future.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. The vaults of the
Klrby oavings bank, which was taken
charge of by receivers yesterday on the
discovery of William T. Kir by, presi
dent of tho Institution, had been Insane
for some time, were found to contain but
JS52.12 when the funds were counted to
day. . A mob of several hundred persons, rep
resenting about 0.000 In deposits. It is
oald, was jammed outside the bank doors
and shouted in rage when the lnforma
i, was given them. I'ollce were sum
'ill to disperse the crowd,
'!' total labilities of the bank are not
knvwn. Tito 1552. 12 was made up In part
itt cuange and stamps.
Finnegan Tells Readers of
The Bee Who He Really Is
Ily lUXNKfi.VX.
Slnco my Identity became known I
have been besieged for a statement of
some kind. I am rather sorry to have
this forced upon mo at this time, for I
fear that it will have considerable InflV
ence at tho polls today, but be that as
It may. It Is too Jato for regrets now, so
I will give to tho world my story.
In the first place, 1 am Finnegan.
That fact established, I will go on. Last
winter I accepted my first position before
the public as tho mysterious guy. 1
soon won dlHttctlon of being tho only real
pedestrian outside of the ranks of pro.
fesslonal mall carriers. For eight solid
months I walked across tho magazine
page and repeated my numbers: 9-M-34-950.
What those numbers mean, I will tell
when William Jennings Uryan signs his
name to a president's message to con
Republicans Close Campaign With
Two Big Meetings.
Wilson Una no StnndlitHr Antonu'
foreign Horn Voters llecnuse o(
Ills Stnml mi Uueationa In
Which They Are interested.
The republican campaign In Soutn
Omahn ended last night with two big
meetings. Two hundred Polish people at
Thirty-third and I, streets listened to
Arthur C. Pancoast of South Omaha, re
publican candidate for state senator nr.d
a representative of Howard H. Baldrlgc,
who was detained In Omaha. At tlm
colored men's club at Twenty-fifth and N
streets nearly ono hundred men crowded
Into a room to heat tho same speakers.
Thero Is no doubt that tho republicans
are In better shape' today In South Omaha
than they have been In years, This is
the opinion of Frank Koutsky, Ilonry
Murphy, George Brower nnd others who
have battled through many campaigns.
Among tho foreign born tho name of
Wilson is anathema. Lobcck is out of
the running because of his stand against
tho laboring men of this district who nro
for the employer's liability law. Hal
drlge has been promised tho support of
the republicans to a man and all of the
laboring people of South Omaha. H:
has made a campalgnHhat has astounded
his friends. Day In and day 'but he has
visited the parking "houses" -where tho
men, Irrespective of patty, have wel
comed him and offered their support.
Last night no one would take a bet
agalnBt'the success of his election.
I'll n con nt In Popular.
Arthur Pancoast has a. good deal of tho
same undivided support given to Bal
drlgc. He la popular and to his aid
has como also Henry Murphy who Is well
liked. At the meeting last night both in
the Polish hall and nt tho colored club
rooms Mr. Pancoast was accorded an ova
tion. The feeling Is strong against Tan
ner, whom tho laboring men regard us a
member of the Gillln gang and a sup
porter of the rich.
Tho threat of having a national detec
tive agency on tho ground toduy brought
to light certain macnlnatlons of tho dem
ocratic gang to control tho election. It
Is said that some of tho police and fire
men havo been out making an endeavor
to coerco certain voters In favor of tho
Gillln nominees. This is said to liavo an
especial bearing on tho position of county
attorney, in whoso hands rests tho push
lug of tho indictments against Members
Ryan and Plovnka of the Board of Fire
and Pollco Commissioners. Friends of the
commissioners aro saying that if Mogney
Is elected tho Indictments will be quashed.
Another democratic candidate for tho
legislature is said to havo arranged an
automobile transfer system in tlie Third
wart and In Douglas precinct. At tho
last minute. It Is understood, the service
of a national detective agency wero se
cured by the progressives, who aro watch
ing the polls In South Omaha for demo
cratic strong-arm methods.
.Short Council .Mcctlim.
It was short shrift at the meeting of
the city council last night, because of the
anxiety of the members 'of that body to
get out and put tho last touches to the
campaign. P. J. Barrett, for the South
cast Improvement club, entered the com'
plaint that the council hod not provided
a water main 600 feet Instead of 100 feet
from Fifteenth nnd Polk streets. The
council agreed.
John McKalc, chief of the fire depart
ment, asked that the fire hall at Thirty
third and K streets be put .into better
To Relieve Rheumatism
the body-waste prodacing uric acid must be
gradually arrested and the blood purified.
Correct diet is essential. Abstain from tea
and anything containing alcohol; eat meat only
once a day and take SCOTT'S EMUL
SION after every meal.
SCOTT'S EMULSION is rich in blood
making qualities and makes new blood free
trom the poisonous products
the joints and muscles ; its
ful powers relieve the enlarged, stif
fened joints; and more,
places body-weakness with
sound body-strength by its con
centrated nourishing properties.
Physicians everywhere prescribe
SCOTTS EMULSION for rheumatism.
Scott & Bowkh. BloomfiriH m t. .
j 1
It wus me that put Ihe'shells on clams.
That was some Job and It took a long
time to do It, but when I put feet on
legs, I think that I really established a
record for myself. I am also directly
responsible for tho third party, tho dts-
jcovery of the white Kaklmos. the first
I aeroplane, compound Interest, the stop
whtch and tho completion of tho codrt
house. Through my efforts tho street
cars stop on tho near sldo of tho street.
I chooso the men that chop tho holes In
Swiss cheeso and I'm the fellow who
knows Just what killed Cock Hohln.
I drew the Declaration of Independence
and It was me that put tho scales on fish.
Nobody elso but mo Invented the Ditnny
Hug. I'm the guy that made Furnam
street run up hill.
Modesty pi events me from telling more
or I could rio tell who ato tho first
apple and whefo tho other Ihrce aces aro.
condition. The matter was referred to the
building Inspector, lire ndll No. 2 at
Thlrty-f(rnt atul .11, streets was also ro
ported as dilapidated and Councilman
WJIIUuns made a .motion , to have an esti
mate of repairs prepared by the building
Inspe'ctor. ' '
.The money for the registration places
was allowvd.', Adjournment was taken
.until. .November IS.
.Snvlntr HnnU tor Hcboul,
In, orjler to carry out; the Idea of it
real business school Prof. It. II. Johnson
of tho commercial department obtained
the backing of the superintendent and
school board to his plan Inaugurating u
sttVihgs bank department In. the com
mercial, school. Kacli member of Uio
school will bo required to deposit money
Jn. tils' batik. A midyear sohool com
mencement ;was-. decided upon .by thq
.After a deadlock of .some weeks Emma
Dlcknian Was. elected supervisor of
hiislo Instead' of MIsh Runlee . Ensor, re
signed. The board also decided upon a
night school at Washington, .school.
r" . .AVnnnainnker Tloiliul Over.
'Slurry .Wonnahinkcr, accused of, having
mistreated tho 3-year-bld daughter df Ja
cob -Wiearer of TwbntlV.slxlji and N
streets," was bound' over-to" the district
cdtirt yesterday b' Judge Callanan, who
fled the man's ,bond at JT'.OOO. Judge
Callnnan Juatlflyd tho extent of tho bond
by tho nature of the crime of which
Wunnamaker Is suspected.
According to. the story, told In court
by the little Shearer girl, Wannamaker
enticed f her Into a. cellar' ht'hcr home
somd'-twccks r;'go and ' thcr', jnlstrented
her. Tho cltd contracted' a disease.
.Mnirtc (Ml) GonnI.
For rent, largo front room and Itoard.
Address M-Bcc office. South Omaha.
The Woman's Christian Tempcrnnco
union will meet at the home of Mrs. Rob
ertson, 2113 F street.
Miss Josephine Povondra Is leaving
this week for Havana, Ou.f whero she
will spend soveral months.
Good girl for general housoworic. South
east corner Twenty-third and F streets,
South Omnha. Advertisement.
Mrs. J. K. Conncll, S27 North Twenty
fourth street, will entertain the Foreign
Missionary society of the First Meth
odist church Wednesday afternoon.
The women of the First Christian
church will servo a hot chicken dinner
at the Young Men's Christian association
building at Twenty-fourth and M streets
The members of the Optima rlub will
meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p. m.
at tho homo of Mrs, T. F. Hugruc, 1321
North Twenty-sixth street. All are re
quested to be present.
We wish to thank our friends for their
kindness and sympathy during the Illness
and death of our beloved husband unci
father and for the beautiful floral offer
ings, and nlso MIbsch Cora Barclay and
Vera Bennett for tho vocal selections
rendered. Mrs. Anna Sobcslavsky, Louis
Sobeslavsky, Mrs, Anna Kadavy, Mis.
Adolph Zastera.
Recommendation that a two-room an
nex to Windsor school bo constructed wes
placed on file by the Board of Kducutlnn
last night, to be taken up and considered
after tho first of tho year. The citizens
In the southwestern part of the city hud
petitioned for this annex soveral times.
A request by the Daughters of the
Americun Itevolutlon to change the name
of the Omaha High school to Capitol
High school' waa put to a vote and lost
by nlno to three. The members ex
pressed no objection to the name, saying
they would be willing to change when
other high schools were built and when
South Omaha was annexed.
Attend tho grand opening of Orkln
Uios. new department store this evening,
Open until tf:30. No merchandise will be
sold. Orchestra muslo on every floor.
which irritate
il HlnlallMHiMi in Mlii W r
J Railroad Man Hit on Head Two
Weeks Atro Dies Last Nieht
Nn He Struck 111 n it In Sclf-llc-frnse,
hnt He Hid Not Think
l( 5eere Knnniih t'ne
ny Injury.
Following two weeks of ir.ne.it as Ihn
result of a blow on the head. Daniel
P. McDonald, a Union raclflc engineer,
aged 39 years, who lived nt KIT North
Twenty first street, died early last night
while an ambulance awaited outside to
take him back to the Clarkson hospital.
where only a few days before he was i
discharged, supposed to be cured. Frank
Schmttner, a Union Pacltlc fireman, liv
ing nt 1J&M4 South Sixteenth stteet. wa
arrested this morning In connection with
McDonald's death.
On October 19, McDonald was found by
frtonds, lying unconscious at Thirteenth
and William streets. It km said at ths
time that Schrottner hod walked up to
him and suddenly struck him a blow on
the head with a blackjack. K.xamlnatlnns
showed a slight fracture at tho base of
tho skull and he was taken to tho Clark
son hospital.
I'mclure uurni ntnl.
Tho patient became s-rlously III whtle
there, ond a few days after ho was
brought In, he fell from his bed whllo
unwatched. His eyo was badly discol
ored and tho frnoture aggravated. Sov
eral days ago, however, his condition was
o much Improved that physicians sld
he could be taken home with safety. Yes- I
terday he became subject to convulsions
nnd examination showed that blood clots
had developed near the base of the brain.
Whllo an ambulance waited to take him
back to the hospltnl, he died.
The. body was taken to tho Gentleman
undertaking pnrlors and lato last night
Drs. MacDalrmld nnd Newell performed
a post mortem examination which showed
that the fracture, which ws only about
an Inch In length, was tho primary catno
of death, but that blood clots had formed
and meningitis had alo set In, causing
convulsions nnd death. -"
Police Hear oT Cnnc.
'Following the post mortem examination,
the police were Informed of tho affair
for the first time. Detectives were sent
to .arrest Schrottner, but could find iu
trace of him last night.
Schrottner enmo to the pollen station
this morning and gave himself up to De
tectives Sullivan and Lahoy. He told tho
pollco thnt he hnd struck Mcponald In
self-defense and d:d not know that tho
blow caused his friend's death until ho
read It In this morning's paper,
"Mao and I had a friendly scuffle two
weeks ago on tho street," Hohrottncr
says. "Wo had both been drinking a Ut
ile. Mao lost control of his temper nnd
called lne a vile name) $nd lunged at me
with ,tho Intent of striking, I thought,
l' struck nt him with my' right hand and
knocked him down.
T did not qilnk I had struck him very
hard and that tho blow would not ovon
cause an abr'arlon oty his face. I hit In
sclf-dcfonse. Wo had been friends for
years and never hod any trouble."
Schrottner spent lust night at a hotel
In Council Bluffs. Whllo cntlng break
fast this morning he read of the death
of his friend nnd came Immediately to
tho Omaha station and asked to be plnced
under arrest. He will bo held pending ii
full Investigation of the case.
According to the ptory told by Will Mo.
Donald, a brother of tho deceased.
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m&ftWm 'TaaaaaBKl
Selrottner had engaged In n flu lit ulth
his brother over a ear ago nnd had been
whlpiet. He swore, vengeance at the
time nnd told frlrmls that Im would "jtel"
McDonald It It twk a lifetime. He also
Intimated thnt he carried weapons to
"set" his enemy with.
Will McDonald told The Hen last night
that Srhrotturr was seen In the very
act of striking hU brother with a bUr.
Jack nt a time his brother was Intoxi
cated ami nimble to defend himself. The
affair took plac at iimu.
An Inquest will bo held Friday after
noon by Sheriff MrShuna. Coroner Croby
being nb.Ttit from the city.
After n heavy automobile had knocked
him down and stopped with one wheel
directly on hi neck. K Carlson. 3IH How.
ard street, whs drugged ftom underneath,
unhurt, except for a few slight cuts anh
bruises about the head and body. Sov
eral men who witnessed the accident
which occutred early hist night nt Six
teenth and Harney streets, had a heavy
task, to move the ntni'hln so that thn
victim could be taken out.
According to witnesses, the mishap was
an unavoidable accident. U P. Shlel of
thn Vincent hotel, who was driving the
car, took Carlson to a physician and aft
erward took htm to his home In tho auto.
'There could be no better medicine thnn
Chamberlain's Cough Uemedy. My chil
dren were sick with whooping cough.
Ono Of them was In bed, had a high
fever and was coughing up blood. Our
doctor gave them Chumborla n's Cough
Remedy and the first dose eased them,
unit thren tint lira cured them." says MM.
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sale by all dealers.-dvcrtlscment.
out rubbing and without harm to delicate
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soap and hard rubbing. You
it to yourself to try Pcrsil.
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Aldrich Addresses
Bull Moose Meeting
HUATIHCK. Neb.. Nov S.-tHpeclnl Tel
egram ) Tho campaign closed here this
evening with two big political meetings,
one held by the Tnfl men at the Pad
dock opera house nnd tho other by the
bull moosers In a looal garage. The
speakers at tho Taft meeting were Sam
uel Hlnaker and H. W. Snbln. who
showed thnt It was to the Interest of the
business man and farmer to voo for
Mr. Hlnaker, who attended the national
convention, showed that Taft was fairly
elected. Il declared thnt lloosoVelt
would not have been n candidate If It
had not been for the supporters of the
trusts. He gave a dfscrlptlon of. the
present conditions throughout tfm conn
fry. Uovernnr Aidtlch and H. H. Snckutt ad
dressed the meeting of the progressives.
Mr. Aldrich announced that he voted for
Ituosevclt, the king of progressives, In
l'.HM. and would vnto for him again to
morrow, llo said the Issue between htm
and Morehead was not thn platform, but
between men. llo attacked Morehetid
upon the stand he took on the Initiative
nnd referendum, the stock yards Ami In
surance bills. He also went Into delitll
regarding his appointments nt the state
I'ompeliin' Ituoiti Onlr" Cuitc ellril.
All dates for meetings In the nssmbly
hall of B m ml el Pompelnn room for this
week have boon cancelled on account ot
tho Nebraska Teachers convention.
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pects It. For the benefit of thoso
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best remedies you can use for dnndruff,
dry, feverish, itching scalp, and ta(lnS
hair. Oct n fifty cent bottle fronv-jour!
driiKBlst todny, and you will be surprised'
lit tho quick results. All druggists toll It,
under guarantee that tho money will b
tef uncled If the remedy not exactly at
represented. ' 1
Sherman & McConncll Urue Co., l&$Bo.
ICth; 321 Bo. Kth; 307 N, Jtith; 21th and
Karnain 8ts. Advertisement.
Violin Maker
Boom 33 Douglas Block
Arttstlo Repairing of Stringed
Instruments. f. ' ,
Lorff Assortment of Oh
of all varieties cured la
In a few days without
pain or Ion of time. No
'par wlllbe accepted un
til the patient Is cured.
Write oroall,
"Fidelity" Rutilute Cure
lt.c t), H. Tut. oac
Prank X. Wray. M. O,
nee Building', Omaha
All Expnu Toun tram 3 days l!T.M up.
Ctibu, Jamaica, 1'unam.u Canal
ana oihtr Vast India Tort.
For partlcularr a4draaa
The Royal Mall HUam Faoket Co.,
ganderaon & Ban, aa. Ata. rs Btata St.N.Y
IS So. Z,a BaUo St., Chicago! W. Ji,
nock, 1317 garnam StTteln Omaha.

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