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m i-i iy dtttt'. rvrATT A TrrTwrrrcm a v XTmnrArm7'T n 1010
77ns ts a "Maektnaw" year, it's also an
"Angora" year, so "Angora Mackinaws"
are the big thing The sketch shows some
prominent features of this popular coat.
Adjustable collar
turnod up
Perfect fitting
coat sIccto
Turnback cuffs
Full Angora
Now in stock in Oxford
White or Pongee Ton, collar and cuffs have Mackinaw
plnid trim; sizes 32 to 42 at $8.50
Angora Motocaps to match, each $1.50
(Continued from Page Ono.)
hove these men put out; I'm Kovernor,
you know," tho nominee said, laughingly
to the teller, but they were enjoylng-the
scene too much to be literal.
The governor had to wait a fow minutes
before ono of tho potting booth won
vacant Norman Armour, Princton 1877,
win In one of the booths.
"Governor,' he said, "whfn I wan In
New York I Raw a .banner headed 'Wil
ton National Progressive llepubltcun
ticket." That is the ticket I voted."
"I feet very much complimented,'' an
iwcred tho governor.
"you know I have always wondered at
those banners that said 'regular progrcs
lve nominations.' I had always thought
tho progressive nominations were irre
gular." J
Tho crowd laugher a,nd tho governor
entered the voting booth. lie thought 'the
ballots were Inside
"You'll have to havo one of these first,"
called one of tho tellers, all of whom were
eld time friends of tho governor; and tho
nominee was handed his ballot
"Woodrow Wilson, No. 0 Cleveland Lane,
ballot 112," announced ono of the tell
ers, as he recorded tho governor's vote.
The governor was In the booth just four
minutes. As' ho came 'out ha spoko. or
his difficulty In finding the 'democratic1
presidential electors.
he governor posed for tho camera men
beside the ballot box. Thvy took two
flashlight pictures a; he stood there, hU
head bared and revealing a pink plaster
over a shaven spot, a consequence of his
recent automobile mishap.
Teddy Tnkra Five Minn ten.
OYBTKIt HAY, Nov.B.-CoJonel Itoose
velt arrived at the polling placo In a fire
truck house at 12:05 this afternoon and
a few minutes later had cast his ballot.
Beveu neighbors accompanied him and
lie waited" twenty minutes intll each of
then) had voted before returning to Saga
more Hill.
While in the polling place a flashlight
was taken as Coldnel noosevclt dropped
Ills ballot In the box and the crowd
A crowd of villagers watted for an
hour iu front of the truck house for
Colopel Itoosevclt. As his automobile
rounded tho corner tho people set up a
cheer. The colonel doffed the brown
army hat which ho wears when he Is at
home and waved acknowledgement. With
him were James A. Moss, his butler,
lloliih Amn nnnth.i. hni!. ...1-Vnr.t nn.l
Charles Lee. tho coachman, all negroes
Arthur Mcrrlsm, his chauffeur, and
Howard Browae, William Bailey and
"William Carl, farm hands. Two detec
tives who who have 'been guarding
Colonel Itoosevelt since ha sufficiently
recovered from tho effects of his bullet
wound to be out of doors completed tho
"Theodore Hosevclt, ballot No. 2"5."
called out the clerk as the colonel en
tered a booth. He remained thero for
five minutes, then camo out and deposited
his ballot in the box. Then he went out
side and sat In his automobile. He
waited for a quarter of an hour until
others from Sagamore Hill had all
"I am having a quiet day," said the
colopel. "This afternoon Mrs. Ilooso
velt and I are going to take a walk."
The colonel said that he would go to
his editorial office In New York on
Thursday or Friday.
(invtrnor Marshall Votes.
INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 6.-A heavy vote
throughout the state Is reported here. The
polling places ore being guarded by local
pollre and detectives from a Chicago
agency to prevent fraud or discover a
basis for a protest.
Voting machines are in use In fourteen
Breaks a Cold in a Day
And Cures Any Cough That is Cur
able. Xoted Doctor's Formula.
"From your druggist get two ounces of
Glycerine and halt un ounce of Globe
i'lne compound (Concentrated Pine.)
Take these two Ingredients home and put
mem muj u nun (.un ui KTooa wnissey.
Take one or two teospoonfuls after eaxh
meal and at bedtime. Smaller doses to
thlldren according to age," This ts the
best, formula known to science. There,
uru many cheaper preparations of largo
iuantlty, but It don't pay to experiment
with a bad cold. Be sure to get only the
genuine Globe Pine Compound (Concen
trated Pine). Each half ounc bottle
comes In a sealed tin screw-top case.
If your druggist does not have It In stock
he will get tt quickly from his wholesale
house. This has been published here
very winter for six years and thousands
MM PZST, Corns. Callous, nun
Sons. Frost Bites, Aching and Sweaty
Feet- A spoonful of Calocide In th foot
bath gives Instant relief. Get a SSc box
jw mny orug -store. Aaveniserosnt,
buttonholes v
3 Inch Angora
Patont split trim
Insuring even
bang at skirt
GrayCherry lied Snow
of the ninety-two counties 'of tho state,
The polls close at 6 o'clock. ;
"I suppose you vptcd tho straight
ticket, governor J" ' '
"I sure did," replied Governor Thomas
H. Marshall, democratic candidate for
vice president, Just after lie had cast his
Tho governor was accompanied by Mer
edith Nicholson, tho author, to tha polls.
Attempt Made to
Blow Up a Church
at Racine, Wis.
ItACINE, WIS., Nov. D.-Patrolman
Jacobs, making tho rounds of his beat
last, nlgnt, came across a three-pound
package of dynamlto with fuso attach
ment, Vlilch had been placed under ono
corner of tho Ilolurd Carmcl Italian He
form church, now In course of con
struction. The fuse had been lighted, the end be
ing charred, but evidently tho spark
extinguished, befqro reaching tho ''caps.
No reason for the attempted dynamiting,
can bo ascribed by members of tho parish,
Railroad for Canada
MONTIXKAL, Canada, Nov. B.-As tho
result of tho entrance Into Canada of a
new and powerful group of Kngllili capi
talists and continental hankers, Canada
s sure of another tnterocean railway, it
s announced in local financial circle
Tho proposed -railway line when com
pleted will extend from tho Pacific ocean
to Hudson bay and will bo known as the
Alberta, Peace rilver A Eastern railway,
Tho Cansdlnn representative of (ho com
pany havo just rerelvcd sanction from the
railways commission for the first section
of upward of 400 miles.
Among tho men stated to bo behind tho
enterprise are Lord Farror, Lord Vivian,
Guy C. Wilson, Jamcso Mllllngton Byngo,
Frank 12, Houldcr and Frederick W.
Thompson, Francis David Cochins of Am
sterdam, Holland, and Kdwln C, Hykcrt
and II. Muskett King of Montreal.
Five Alleged Safe
Blowers Break Jail
CHICAGO. 'Nov. B.-Flvo alleged safe-
blowers escaped early today from cells
under tho detective bureau at police head-
quartors. Tho noise of their Jall-brenklng
was unheard owing to the hiss of steam
from a defective, radiator.
Joseph D. Marand, the leader of tho
gang, used a chair rung jo break the lock
on hU cell. Exit from the building was
iuuiiii uirougn a ajai noie.
Mexican Rebels
Destroy Railroad
KL PASO. Tex.. Nov. S.-Itebels todav
again destroyed the Mexican Northwost
ern railway at various points below
Juarez and dynamited two large trestles
over a canyon west of the eitv of rhi.
huahua. Reconstruction of the road by
me American company had been nearly
completed on promise of federal military
orriciais that tho line would be pro
Attend tho grand onenlnir of Orktn
uros, new department store this evenlne.
Open until 9:. No merchandlso will bo
sold. Orchestra musio on every floor,
Keeps for Referenoe
No. 2015 Fresno Street, Fresno,
Cal, Nov. 1, 1912-To the Editor
of The Bee: I beg to add my name
to the long list you have doubt
less received complimenting you
on the Nebraska Development
number of The Omaha Sunday
Bee. It is a veritable encyclo
pedia of information about Ne
braska, and I shall keep it on my
desk for a ready reference. Have
already shown it to several Ne
braskans, every one of whom' rec
ognizes somebody or something he
is acquainted with. Yours very
truly, 0. W. E0XE1HAN.
At Some Foiling: Places Citizens
Gather Hoar Before Opening;.
.Much. ScrntcliltiK I Done, Tlinnith
Many Get Weary "nil Cnst
1trlht Parly Votes In
Ilallot lloi.
In spite of the terrifying proportions of
the official ballot the voting today wss
heaviest In years. Word received at the
offices of the various central commit
tees throughout tho day verified earlier
reports of heavy balloting In Omaha and
Douglas county. At soma of the polling
places voters gathered an hour before
the polls opened and waited patiently for
an opportunity to tackle tho herculean
job of picking out tho names of their
favorites on eight feet of paper.
Many unregistered voters were waiting
when the city clerk's office opened and
were sworn in so they could cast a vote,
having failed to register. Tho crowd,
however, was not as large as on primary
day, when the registration had not been
so thorough and hundreds thronged Into
tills office to be sworn in.
Five Minute to Vote.
Judges declare voters occupy an aver
age of five minutes In voting. They go
into a booth, look around for a chair,
and finding none, lean against the softest
side of the wall, adjust their glasses,
move the candle nearer, pick up the three
official ballot--, .dispose of the shorter
ones flrjit and then settle down to a study
of the names of the men who want to
save the country.
Much scratching occurred, although
In a few wards tho judges and clerks
are sure tho greater number of votors
becaUo disgusted and votod their tickets
straight. They foel suro of this because
tho voters remained in tho booths less
than five minutes.
Undoubtedly the long ballot delayed
tho voting. In several precincts the rush
for the booths became so earnest that
the judges were compelled to distribute
numbers to keep tho enthusiastic citi
zens In line. Those who voted straight
and left shortly after they had entored
a-booth looked with pity on thoso who
spent valuable minutes in scratching;
Thoso who scratched cast contemptuous
glances at their fellow citlxons who made
one cross on tho ballott and let It go at
Helsrfred Itclireua,
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 8,-Selgfred
Behrens, dean of Philadelphia musicians
and 'prominently connected in past years
ji-jUh many operatic ventures, died at his
homo,here today. Ho was 72 years old.
In. 17 he began traveling with tho Max
,8trakosch-Adellna Pattl .Concert com
puny, Later ho. began in Chicago his
career as an operatic conductor with
tho Carollno nichlngs Opera company
and continued when that organization
combined with the Parcpa Ilosa com
pany. Ho organised a company headed
by Christine Nilsson, Pattl and Victor
Mourol, wljlch sang "Alda" in this coun
try for the first time.
"Mr... Ilehrens served as local manager
for tho Metropolitan Opera company.
pw york state
!by lame margin
(Continued from I'ase One.)
grcsslvo, 14,637! Fobs, democrat, 36.470;
Walker, republican, 18,932.
Tho samo precincts in 1911 gave: Foss.
democrat, ,4M: Frothlngham, repub
lican, 17,01$.
DOSTON, Nov. 0. Returns from 3M out
of 1,102 precincts In Massachusetts, In
cluding all but flvu precincts In tho city
of Boston, give; Roosovclt, 31,819; Taft.
S4.4SO; Wilson, 61,83'.
BOSTON, Nov, D.Heturns for presi
dent and governor from 100 out of 221
voting precincts in lloston glvo: Roose
velt. 13,662; Tatt, 14,172; Wilson. 29.631.
For governor; Illrd (pro,), 11,010; Fobs
(deln.), 33,080; Walker (rrp.), 11,123.
Same precincts gave in 1908: liryan,
31,120! Taft, 28.407.
For governor In 1911 these precincts
gavo: Foss (deni)., 37,002; Frothlngham
(rep.), 19,263.
IIOSTON, Nov. 6,-Returns from 40G out
of 1.102 voting precincts In Massachusetts,
Including 216 out of 21 precincts in llos
ton glvo! Roosevelt, 38,807; Tnft, 39.3S7;
Wilson, 68.072.
BOSTON. Nov. 6.-Chairman IUloy of
the democratic state committee tonight
claimed Massachusetts, for Wilson by
00,000 votes, nnd-by from aS.OOO to W.O0O
for Governor Foss.
CONCORD. N, H.. Nov. 6.-Taft car-
rled Wmsor, tho first Now Hampshire
town to report the returns, - The vote:
Roosevelt, 0; Taft, 6; Wilson, 4.
In t&: Bryan, 1; Tuft. 6.
CONCORD, N. IL. Nov. 5.-Rcturns for
president from ten election precincts out
of 250 In New Hampshire, give Tatt, 1,008;
Wilson, 71J; Roosevelt, 416.
Same places in 1908 gava Taft. 1.570:
Brian, 714.
t'amo places, for irovernor. eive
Worcester (rop.), 1,035; Feliter (dcin.),
820; Churchill (pro,), 356.
GRAND FORKS. N. D.. Nov. S.-lle.
turns from twelve Precincts', nrlnrlnnliv
In Q rand Forks county, out of 2,720 In the
state, give Taft, 194; Roosevelt, SSI; Wil
son, 316.
Owing to a redtvislon of the state inc
1908, a comparison of the presidential veto
with that year Is Impossible.
GRAND FORKS. N. D.. Nov. L-Sui.
tcrlng returns from thirty nreclncLs civ
Taft. 822; Wilson, 1,127; Roosevelt. 8S2.
PROVIDENC, R. I.. Nov. 6.-Returns
from West Greenwich, the first town
heard from In this state give for presl-
"Innuendo la very effective In oratory,"
said William Jennings Bryan.
"A gentleman once visited Tuckahoe.
As he sat on, tt'o hotel porch and fought
the Tuckahoe mosquitoes, he said to an
old reildenter:
" 'Hav you Mwspaper hsrar
"The re-ddenter, skilled in innuendo,
"O, nol We have a ladies' sewing
circle.' "
dent: Roosevelt. 12; Taft, 77; Wilson. 7 t
In 1W: Taft, 1JS, Hryan. 10. ;
PltOVlDBNCK, R. I., Nov. 6.-Rturns j
for president from six towns out o i
thirty-six cities and towns in Rhode Isl-
and give; Taft, WO; Ilo.ee!t. its; Wil
son, 4 IS.
In thcie towns gave Taft, 1.0SS;
liryan, 4tl.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. B.-Kleven elec
tion districts in Philadelphia out of 1.216
give; Taft, 1,011; Wilson. 110; Roosevelt.
180. The districts are In republican strong
holds, PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 5.-Returns
from 114 election districts out of 6.C03 in
Pennsylvania giev; Taft, 6.S37; Wilson,
5,420; Roosevelt, 4.755.
Scattering returns from election dis
tricts In wards in Philadelphia usually
carried by republican organization
leaders show that Taft Is leading by
about two to one over the combined vote
of Wilson and Roosevelt. Up to 9 p. m
no returns had been received from the
reform wards.
In tho stato outside of Philadelphia, tha
first returns show Wilson leading
COLUMBIA, S. C, Nov. C.-In com
plete returns from seven counties give:
Wilson, 2,7H; Roosevelt, 290, Taft. 70.
NEW YORK, Nov, t.-The Evening
Mall, one of tho Roosevelt organs in
this city, at, 6:C0 p. m. conceded the
state to, Wllsdn and claimed second place
for Roosevelt.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5.-Roturns from 373
election dictrlcts out of 3,093 In New
York state outside of New York city
give: Taft, 47,859; Wilson, 68,374; Roose
velt, 38,959. '
In 190S: Taft, 99,093; Dryan, 77,692.
COLUMBIA, 8. C. Nov. B.-Early and
scattering returns, mostly from urban
districts Indicate that the democraUu
electoral ticket has been elected by the
usual majority. Tho progressive ticket
so far seems to be second.
5. Returns for president in forty towns
in Vermont out of 244 give: Roosevelt.
3,089: Taft, 2,781; Wilson, 1,616. Same
places In September for governor gave:
Metzgcr (P), 2,472; Fletchor (R), 3,067;
Howe (D), 2.166.
5. Returns for president from twenty out
of 2tU precincts and towns In Vermont
give: Roosevelt," 1,694; Taft, a,493 Wil
son, 822. Same places In September gave:
For governor, Metser (Pro.), 1,226;
Fletcher (It), 1,699; Howe (D.), 1,059.
DES MOINES. Ia.. Nov. C Scattered
estimates at 8 o'clock from six counties
in Iowa Indicated that Roosevelt hal a
slight lead.
Sixteen tireclncts In Des Moines elvn-
Tnft, 1,031: Wilson, 1,581; Roosevelt, 1,827,
Fifteen precincts" Iri Des Molnos give
for governor!' Clarke, (rep.), 1,702 Dunn,
(deri).), 1,046; .Stephens, (pro.); 809.
DBS MOINES, Nov. 5.-Tho two first
precincts In Iowa to report located in
Des Moines give: Taft, 90; Wjlson, 123;
Roosevelt, 160.
JACKSONVILLE, Nov. B.-Although
tho voto ts light and slow In'roport
IngMndlcations aVe that Woodrow Wil
son will carry Florida by he usual
democratic majority. 'i
BIRMINGHAM. Ala,, Nov. a-FIrst'
soven precincts complete In JefferBon
oounty glvo Wilson, 811; Taft, 37; Roose
velt, 1,471; Chafln, l; Debs, 68.
GRAND FORKS. N. D Nov. 6.-Twonty-two
precincts In North' Dakota
glvo Taft, 669; Wilson, 832; Roosevelt
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Nov. 5.-Estl-matea
from twelve out of sixty-one coun
ties In South Dakota glvo Roosevelt vi
plurality of 1,258.
5. Returns collected by the republican
stato committee hIiow the result in eleven
counties complete out of fourteen In
Vermont as follows: Roosovclt, 17,761;
Taft. 19,045; Wilson, 12,774.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. G.-The first
three precincts In Oklahoma reporting
give: Wilson electors, 120; republican
electors, 1H. Seven of tho ten republican
electors nro Roosovclt adherents. It has
not been determined how they will vote
should republicans carry tho state.
Physician Wins
Wife and Big Fee
WASHINGTON. Not. S.-A wife and
$27,476 was the reward gathered by Dr,
Joseph J. Kaveney for his attendance on
John K. Ilerrell, a local financier whq
died In 1909. While physician to the
capitalist ho wooed and won the aged
Invalid's cousin and housekeeper. Miss
Herrell. Now the courts havo given him,
a verdict against the executors of the
Herrell estate for the full amount of his
bill for medicinal services. The .district
court ot appeals, petitioned to reverse the,
finding of the lower court, has Just re
fused to do so.
Letters of a Slim-Made
Woman to Her Fat Sister
Sixth X.ttrl On the SUm-Vad Man
Who Pound a Harmlssa rat Bsmedy.
Dear Sis: I can hardly wait to write
you tho nows. Who of all people do yod
supposo I have seen 7 "Fatty" Beane
you remember him-how he tagged m
around at the beach lost summer and
how mortified 1 was two "faltys" tot
gether and what a figure he cut In a
bathing suit. It was his porpolse-llkc
BPlashlnga and tlw faceous remarks peot
pie made about his "overflowing the
ocean" that kept me out of the waten
Well, sis, dear. I met him last night at
Sadie's muslcale and didn't know him,
and he didn't know mo wo had to b In
troduced. My. how he has changed as
much as I have and how well-set up and
handsome he looks tfnee he became slim.
He has the same "peachy" complexion,
only more so. and I ve promised to dine
with iilm tonight and we've agreed to
nuke It s "sratd," JOul tike th. "dttt" dla
B.rs hid it th txtch vbra I'd tat my
erwkm a.nd h"d ilp his tr. and tout nt
J Dots nvr th otaar dln.rs and mw rat
tar and usalrr on oar tllm dirt. That wss th
coir bond ot aimpathr had than but no
hare anoth.r bond.
You remtmoar tha lmpl.f hannlaaa rrducr I
uaad, to racUttu mr allm. trim, firm tlfurs th
Marmola Prescription wall, ha uard that too.
nn It ha found It at th tlruf star in table tons
Mtrroala Prescription Tablet, at Tie th box
treat a man to find th aaaiaat war. Til Tab
1S muit auralr t ccnvtnWat Juit a Itttl disc
aft.r maala and at bedtlm. It seem all drug,
clrti .all tha tableta, too. Thar ar mad br
th Marmola Co., Farrotr Bide., Detroit, Mich.
-Adrtlamnt, AHacUoaallr, BETTV.
Wirelss Operator
Stays at His Post;
Saves Several Lives
NORFOLK, Va., Nov 6. Another hero
of the sea was born. It developed today
when the Norwegian sailing ship Glen
luo met In disastrous collision at sea
last Friday. The Noreuga arrived last
night In a sinking condition in tow of
the revtnue cutter Onodaga and Is pre
paring to dock. Tho Glenlui Is expected
later In the day, when It also will be
The man to whom credit is given is the
wireless operator on the Noreuga, who
declined to give his name r.nd whoso
desire to avoid notoriety was respected
by Captain Hansen. When thf crew was
deserting the stricken vessel, the opera
tor refused to leave his post and with
death riding the gale, continued to flash
his appeals for help. He finally succeeded
In raising both shore stations and vessels
of the Atlantic fleet. The rescue of the
vessel and crew was accomplished as
they were about to founder.
Tne Noreuga will be repaired at the
Newport Ne,ws shipyard, where its
eleven passengers, including eight women,
and its freight will be transfered to the
steamship Mexlcana, which was await
ing her arrival. The passengers were on
board the Onondaga.
Nurse Confesses
Setting Fire to
'the Hotel Berlin
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 6. Miss Barbara
Gladys Arnold, an 18-year-old nurse girt,
was arrested today and charged with
having set flro last Friday night to tho
Berlin hotel In which three persons lost
their Uvea, According to the police sho
confessed that sho started the first for
the "love of excitement."
Her arrest followed the discovery of a
fire in the Wlndemere hotel early today.
Her employer, the Rev. W. J. William
son, had moved his family and the girl
to the Wlndemere after the Berlin hotel
was destroyed.
Tho girl said, according to the police,
that sho fired tha Berlin by scattering
paper through the halts of the second and'
third floors and Igniting them.
Tho girl later made a written confession
In which she said her name was Barbara
Gladys Arnold. She confessed that she
started a fire In the Wlndemere by
throwing a lighted towel over tha tran
som of her room. Tho lighted towel waa
extinguished by Mrs. Williamson, whose
husband later called the police.
Johnson's Father
Votes for Wilson
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Nov. 6.-Grove
L. Johnson, father of the progressive
candidate for vice president, Hiram W.
Johnson, did not cast hs votd for his
son. when he went to tho polls today.
Johnson pere, known as the dean of
the California legislature) In the old days,
voted for Wilson and Marshall. He was
defeated at the primaries for the repub
lican nomination for assemblyman and
when the local Taft organization recently,
decided Jo throw. Its strength to Wilson.
Johnson. went with It, (
"I have only tho highest regard 'tot hty
son. but he Is on the wrong sldo of the
(political fence," satd the governor'a
father as he came from the pols.
Babies Bought and .
Sold in Los Angeles
.LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov, G.-"Bables
In Los Angeles are being given away, or
bought and sold like ho many puppy
dogs," declared Dr. L. M. Powers, city
health officer, today, who said now laws
regulating the adoption or tratisfer of
children wero. absolutely nocessary "It
would be Impossible to say how many
babies vanish each year, leaving no clue
to their fate. Many bablos are taken
for 'adoption' by people who do not leave
their correct identity and of whom we
can find no trace. A fow babies, of
course, find good homes, but thero are a
great many whoso fate is entirely dif
ferent." Scout in Aeroplane
Locates the Enemy
JUNCTION CITY, Kan.. Nov. 6. A suc
cessful aeroplane artillery test was a fea
ture yesterday of the aeroplane man
euvers which are being conducted hero
by the War department.
Battery E, Sixth Field artillery, ' was
stationed on the side ot a hill with an
imaginary enemy on the other side. Lieu
tenant Milling, aviator, with Lieutenant
Snmls. observer, flew over the hill, ob
tained the enemy's poBlt6n and then flew
back and dropped messages to the ar
tillerymen giving the Information thus
SACRAMENTO. Cal., Nov. 6,-Jait
breakers are not Included among those
who can be brought back from Canada
under the extradition treaty with the
United States. This was Jhe sense of
the reply received today from the State
department at Washington to the request
ot California for tha return to Ran Fran
cisco ot Jack Black, sentenced to San
Quentln penitentiary, but who escaped
from the county Jail and was arreste
In Canada. The governor's application
for extradition was denied on tnat
ground, .
Attend Orktn Brothers grand opening
this evening. 'Store open until 9:30. No
mercliandise wll be sold. Orchestra
music on every floor.
LONDON, Nov. 6. The suffrage move
ment suffered a setback in the House of
Commons today when an amendment pro
viding for woman suffrage which it was
desired to include In the home rule b'lll
for London was defeated by a large .wte.
The suffragettes declare tnat they will
retaliate by organising outbreaks In Ire
Tour druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case
of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Plies In C to U days. 60c. Advertisement.
We Dress
Our customers in clothes that come from the world's
best work shops viz.
Our Own
Handsome correctly cut garments that are the sort any
man miglit congratulate himself on owning.
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Suits $15.00 and up to $40
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Geo. T. Wilson, Mgr.
Family of Five
is Asphyxiated
TOLEDO, Nov;' 6. A .family of five
was found dead from asphyxiation in
their home . here' at noon today. Tho
dead are George W. Hassen, 24, an auto
mobile tester! his wife. 22. and their three
children, William, 2; Dorothy, 2, and
Mary, six months.
The bodies wero all In their night
clothes. tHo rrtan In a kneeling attitude
beside tho bed. The youngest child was
clasped in the mother's arms. The dis
covery was made wlten a sister of Has
sen called at tho house and could not
obtain admittance. She called the police
who forced an entrance. Tho fumes
came from twostoves.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 5.-Mrt. Martha
A. Trammel, who came to the' capital
sixty-three years ago to danco at the in
auguration of her cousin, President Zach
ary Taylor, Is dead here at the age of 91.
She expired last night and her funeral
will bo held today,'
Mrs. Trammel, probably witnessed more
Inaugurations presidents of the United'
States than any' other woman, for Whe
lived' coTftlnuolisly In the national capital
afjer" coining frOiH her girlhood" hdme In
A Life 'Problem1 Solved
by that great health topic, Electric Bit
ters, is the enrichment of poor, thin'
blood, and strengthening ot tho weak. 60c
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. Adver
tisement. Antf His Sfomtch
Is All Right
Thousands With . Poor Tomtit Have
Good Dieestlon by Using Htuarfs
Dynpcpsln Tableta After Meals.
Whether or not we eat too much, Is a
matter for Individual Judgment. Benja
min Franklin tried the experiment of liv
ing on a handful ot raisins. But he dis
covered that the question wasn't what ho
ate nor the quantity thereof, but one of
digestion and assliptlatlon. The normal
person eats heartily, and with keen en
joyment. That Js because his mind doesn't
anticipate 'stomach trouble. And If he
does havo an attack of sour stomach or
Indigestion he knows that the use of
Stuart's Dyspepsia: Tablets glvo quick, re
A Gentleman of th "Old School" Who
Xeeps tTp With the Time.!.
Many people have poor teeth, weak
gums, sore teeth and other bothersome
troubles that prevent a vigorous masti
cation of food. And Instead of eating
soft, mushy food that palls on Jhe appe
tite they go In for those savory dishes,
the very odor of which starts the saliva
and makes the stomach fairly revel with
This is but a natural condition. Any
thing else borders upon the indifference
which fosters Indigestion and chronic
It may be safely said that it should not
be a question ot diet or any kind ot food,
or teeth or even any of the reflexes which
are supposed to havo their Influence In
deranging the stomach. It is simply a
matter of supplying tho stomach and di
gestive organs with those known assis
tants such as pepsin and hydrochloric
add, both of which have a direct and
powerful action upon tho contents ot the
One grain of a single ingredient In
Btuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest
3,000 grains of food. This saves your
stomach and glvea It the rest It needs.
AH muscles require occasional rest it
they are over overtaxed. The stomach
ts no exception to this rule.
Try a box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
nd you will wonder how you ever got
along without them. They are sold at 60
cents by all druggists everywhere. Advertisement.
King & Co.
ISth at Douglas
Eighteen Drowned
Off French Coast
LA ROCHELLE, France, Nor. 6.
Elghteen persons were drowned today by
tho sinking of the Spanish steamer Arana,
from Sfax, Tunis, after a collision with
the Norwegian steamer Eva off the Island
of Alx, on the French coast.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 6.-John
Schrank, who attempted to assassinate
Colonel Roosevelt, will bo arraigned in
municipal court to enter a plea of guilty
or not guilty either Thursday or Friday,
according to announcement made at the
district attorney's office todays
As soon as his pica la entered a com
mission of alienists will probably be, ap
po'nted by the county to make a formal
inquiry into Schrank's mental condition,
The Pure Product of
Nature's Springs. You will
2$ Glass on Arising for
S'--2r'Evg.!, 15-35-60-780
Funniest musical show In town. Gor
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Rollicking Beauty Chorus. Laughs Ga
lore. Convention attendants can't affout
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?.rf,at 6N'cholB-NeUon Troupe: Turesd
aiic; , xuuae q .p el
lows; Mile. Lewis;
PontO & Chrlstnnhnr!
Hipposcopo Pictures.
Continuous a to tNatVanda p. m. Tj.-jT-.1
Cohan ft Harris' Massive Production
Wights I 250 to 9X.OO. Mat. 330, 50o.
Vrilay and Saturday Matine sat.
Kl gilts I 500 t 82.00. Mat. S 5c to 91.50
Prices 50o, 75c, 91,00 and 91.50.
roua hiokts commenczmt
Nxt Sunday
Blanch onffleld, Eugene Cowlss,
Qeo. Macrarlsne, Bate Condon, Ar
thur Aldrtdgs, Viola atUetts, Arthur
Cunningham and Louisa Barthsl la a
revival festival of
OrsaUst Operas.
Ban. and Wad. Might THE MZXAHO
Monday "The Pirates of Penzance."
Wed. Mat. -PIHAFOBE.
Bt. Frlcss: 60c, 93. Mat., 50c, 91.5a
Mat. Evsry Bay SllB; Every Bight, 81I&
This k-Lcla, W C. Flelda. Thoaa preach
alrla. PsullB Moran, Martin- Johnson's Traio
lacaas, Ananronx A Clark. La vtar, Path.'i
W.tklr IUilw c th Woril'i Krauts.
Prlcia Matlna. Gallery, lOe; beat Boat. He,
excapt aatoMajr and Saadajr. NliaU, itc aa.
toe. Tic

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