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at $ 12.00, $15.00 and $18.00 F
Our clothing men insist that the
unsettled condition about town has no bear
ing on our prices, that our sort of cloth
ing is in an entirely dif
ferent class. They re
right but the fact re
mains that everybody
does not know it.
The result is we're in
the fight with short
lots of snappy new
suits and overcoats in
all sizes to 40 chest.
$15 and $18 Suits and Overcoats at . . $12.00
$20 Suits and Overcoats at. , $15.00
$22.50 and $25 Suits and Overcoats. . $18.00
Our label in gold is your guarantee of
best values your money can buy.
fee. Moines Strike Riots Will Be
Nctt Alny-Ont Om Rate flora Into
Kffect- Municipal Ion flkntlna;
Rink I'liuinrd for the
Coming Winter.
(From n 'Staff Corrospondrtit.)
DB3 MOINES. Nov, 15.-.(Bpclal Tele
K rain.) The looal grand jury began today
making an investigation of tho strlko of
teamsters and called before It for exam,
inatlon the business agent of tho team
sters' union and other prominent union
men. It Is believed the grand Jury plan
to Indict several persona In connection
with some of the rlota that have oc
turfed. There ha been no trouble the
hit few dnyn and the city In being; care,
fully patrolled diy and night by mounted
jioHe'o. Tho transfer companies ore now
marine nn effort to break tho Htrlke, but
thf Is a small amount -ofbuslncss mov-
lnifS jjf u
S) Xrir fJna.UntiIn I'orceV
lo lies Moines (To company today
putfln force the new HO-cent gas rnte,
vrhldli -was ordered by J ml 80 McPhorson
eotrft time ago, and w(ll continue to pros
ucute tho nppcal to the supremo court
Jf tljo company -finally loses It will have
to pViy consumers a 10 per cent rnbalo on
all lllls nearly two years.
.Munlrlnal Kknltnir Itlnk.
Tlio establishment of a municipal skat
Ing gink was ordered today by tho city
(Councilman, Zcll Hoe was Instructed to
make arrangements tor the Institution
nnd to open tt as soon as thq jyeathct
man supplied tho tee.
The link will be located In front of the
tity hall. Just above the "neauty dam"
lr tho Des Moines river, which Is a part
of the city's clvlo center scheme. At
least this location was decided upon, con-
tlngent, of course, on the rlvor frcextng
8HRNANDOA1I, la., Nov. lS-(Kpeclal
Telegram. )-The Clarlnda armory and
opera house was totally destroyed by fire
this morning. The fire caught from de
fective wiring In tho attic over the scen
ery at 4:30, and the building was con
sumed within an hour. Tho nrmory was
recently built at a cost of IW.OOJ and was
the' largest auditorium In tho county and
the finest armory In the state. The In
urnce Is $1,000. Only tho band Instru.
churches and the Masonic lodgo of Hat
tlo Creek. The will state that the l,0OO
U left to Booker Washington school In
loving memory of her father and mother
who were original abolitionists. Mrs.
finover, who was the mother of H. J.
(mover and Mrs. J. A. Keenan of Hat tie
Crook, died In, Battle Creek and tho re
mains wero taken to tho- old homo In
ecranton, Pa., for intorment.
SHENANDOAH. Ia.,Nov. 15,-(8pocIal.)
Tho prisoner In the rage county Jnll
this fall will have to work. Their labor
tins been contracted to the Clarlnda I'oul
try company, whose representatives have
charge of the prisoners during tho day,
They are returned to the Jail ench even
ing. Their wagca are paid to the shorlff
each week, and half of the amount paid
to tho families or those dependent on
the prisoners, tho other half being used
to pay their board. The new proceditro
went Into effect Monday morning. It won
necessary to provide some labor for tho
prisoners, for tho Jail was so crowded
that It wan difficult lo preserve order
among them.
I Mrs. Eddy's Son Says Christian
Science is a Business.
Petition Contends that' Ileqnrst of
Three Millions to.Chnrch flbonltl
Itetert to thfr TVnftiml
ro.VCOIlO. N. If.. Nov U.-Amend-tnents
alleging that Christian Science) Is
not a religion, 'but a privately owned busi
ness conducted for money profit -were
filed In the superior court today In the
rase of George W. Glover of Lead, 8. V.,
who seeks' to have set-aside tho residuary
bequest mnile by his 'mother, Mrs. Mary
Baker Kddy, founder of the denomina
tion, to the 1 First Church of Christ,
pclentlst, of Boston. '
The plaintiff In his petition, which If
allowed Would cause the bequest, estl;
matoa t i,ooo,ooo, to revert to the natural
heirs, says In part that "Christian
Hclence Is not a religion, but a world
business; a'prlvately owned business con'
ducted by Its' owners for mortey profit'
10 inemseives aim mat me execution 01
aid attempted trust will result, and was
Intended by the creator of said attempted
trust to result In the prlvato pecuniary
profit of tho owners of said buslners.
"That the business described In tho
foregoing, vis.;
"Tho owning, vending and practicing of
the so-called 'religion of Christian Science'
ns taught by Mrs. Kddy,-by said 1 legatee
and Its members, has an the whnlo been
grlevodsly harmful to the health,iof thq
people of this state and In the future will
continue to be harmful and particularly
no If promoted and extended by means of
Mrs. Kddy'a residuary gift."
BOSTON, Nov. IB. The contestants In
Massachusetts of the will of Mrs. Eddy
failed to take advantage, of tho thirty-May
limit allowed In which to amend their
bill for tho purpose of showing Mrs.
Eddy's teachings were against public
In Massachusetts the supreme court de
cided Inst month that the will of Mrs.
Kddy did hot fall because It created a
public trust, but held that Mrs. Eddy did
not have tho right to transfer two pieces
of real estate In thh state to the
d I roc tors of tho church.
Tho case will soon com up before a
single Judge for the appointment of new
trustees for this property, which Is valued
at 156,OO0. With this appointment the
principal contest over Mrs. Eddy's estate
In Massachusetts will bo settled.
IDA anOVE, la., Nov. 15,-8peclal.)-The.
will of Mrs. J. H.' Snover tt Battlo
CretX probated In district court here,
leaves M0 to the Humane society of
HltK City, ll.O-fl to tho Booker T. Wash
ington school in the south and liop each
to the Methodist and l'resbyterlnn
CUJBMONT, la., Nov. 15,-At 2 o'clock
this afternoon former Governor William
Ijirrabce. was .still alive, hut growing
rapidly weAkor. Ho Is showing rrmurk
nblo vitality, according to physicians.
Tramp Hun Ovrr tiy Trnln.
DAVKNI'OIvr, lo., ' Nov. IB.-An un
identified man, apparently a tramp, won
run over and killed by Hock Island pas
senger train No. IS, castbound, three
mllen west of Duvenport at 12:30 o'clock
this afternoon. I In was about 45 years old.
(Continued from Pago One.)
and ordered his men to throw down their
The advance of the Servian army has
been temporarily stopped by flooai.
Bodies of Man and
, Woman Are Found
. at Hutchinson, Kan,
III'TrjIINSON. Kan , Nor It-Mrs.
UHIe Green of Kansas City and Frank
Parks, a mcrchant-pf jCtintnn, Kan., were
found dead In a rooming house here to
day when offlceno.brokc'ln, the door.
The woman hod 'been gagged and her
hend beaten with a hammer .The man's
throat huH been "cut- with' a knife.
I'ark leaves an -Invalid wffr- and Mrs.,
Green adiusband and ,twrt sons.- f,
The coroner said Jt pJaJnly was a nM
of murder .and suicide. Diamonds a"nd
Jewelry found In the room Indicated that,
r'obberywas not tho mcfllve.. Tho couple
were last seen 'alive together last night.
-KANSAS CITY,'' Mo., NoV.13-No..Mrs.
Mllle areen Is. shown In the "Kantas city
directory. Inquiry among -various fam
ilies of that ,name here elicited no in
formation as to the Identity of tho. woman
alflln In Hutchinson. ,
Club Women Would
Limit Marriage
AUHOrtA, 111., Nov. 13.-"Oood health
marriage certificates" were Indorsed by
tho Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs
Just before the. adjournment of ItVn an
nual convention Jiero today. Amid n sTorm
of applause, a resolution was adoptnf de
manding a state;-jaw forbidding.1 the
granting of marriage Ifccnscs unles'sap
pllcants could produce guaranties of their
good health.
Other resolutions adopted condemned
the segregation of view as confession .of
national weak morals; endorsed the move
mont calling upon medloal colleges to
provide a more comprehensive course In
obxtretrics; endorsed vocational training
while condemning plans for taking this
training out of tho public schools; en
dorsed the Iderer bill providing 'for ag
ricultural extension, and endorsed the
movement to call upon the Illinois legis
lature to, make a larger appropriation for
girl students' Work at tbo state uni
versity. The convention also endorsed conserva
tion of natural resources; endorsed tho
state and federal statutes 'for pure foods
and urged congress to strengthen the
pure drug act and endorsed tho campaign
to get perfect birth and death registra
tions. Tho executlvo board Is to decide In
Chicago next on the next place of meet
Pamous Blind Banker
of Paris Short Two
Millions of Dollars
PAH1B, Nov. 15. Augustln Max, known
throughout France Is 'Tile Blind Banker
of Burin," has created a mild sensation
In financial circles hore by surrender
ing himself to the police and confessing
that he has misappropriated S2.O0O.Ouo of
his clients' money.
Max declared that ne bud Invested the
depositors' funds In copper and nickel
mines In New Calldonlo. Tho enterprises
wero complete failures.
Max, who enjoyed the highest reputa
tion In banking circles here, declares ho
had decided to commit sulcldo, but was
persuaded by his family to give himself
up to tho police.
"Cascarets" for
Sick Headache
HIHous, throbbing headache means
Bowels nrv rlogKctt nutl liver atag
nant you need Cmcuretw.
You're bllloUM, you have a throbbing!
sensation In your head, a bad taste in'
your moutli, your eyes burn, your skin
la yellow, with dark rings under your
.yes; your Hps are parched. No won
der you feel ugly, mean and Ill-tempered.
Your system la full of bile not
properly paased off, and what you need
Is a cleaning up Inside. Don't continue
being a bilious nuisance to yourself and
those who lovo you, and don't resort to
harsh physics that irritate and Injure,
ltemember that moat disorders of the
stomach, liver and Intestines can be
quickly cured by morning -with gentle,
thorough Cascarets they work while
you sleep. A 10-cent box from"" your
drugglat will keep your liver and bow
eta clean; aton.aeh sweet and your head
clear for months. Children love to take
Cascarets, because they taste good and
never gripe or sicken.
MiTCHEUU H. D.. Nov. li.-(Hpec!al.)-nelatlves
of I'eter McOlnls, living at
Montrose, are engaged In a thorough
search for a sum of money which -tr,
MoOlnls Is supposed to nave had In his
posseulou before he died several ,. weeks
ago. It was known that he had rectlved
quite a good deal of money, and not hav.
Ing pluced uny of it In tho banks hi
relatives believe that he hid It In tr.e
garden a short tlmo before he died, is
he was found there dead, McOlnls lled
nlono In a house, and on not seeing him
around as usual the neighbors made an
Investigation and found him lying in the
garden dead. The garden Is being turned
over with the full hope that the relatives
will find the money.
Mu.Wikslows KooTuiMO BrBcr bs beca
aed for over SIXTY YgAKSby MILLIONS of
TKKTMIMO, wna raarEirr bucckss. R
CHICAGO. Nov. 15,-flurgcons In at.
tendance on William I.orlrner today an
nounced that they would operate on him
tomorrow. ,Mr. lortmer, who formerly
cewupled a seat In the United States
senate, was said to bo much Improved
today. The operation will bo at the Pres
byterian hospital.
FOnT WOHTII. Tex . Nov 15.-A sixth
Juror was chosen today In tho case of
John noal Rneed. on trial charged with
me muraer or uaptain A. a. lloice er
Prospective Jurors are being guarded as
proximity to Therapla, tho summer resort
of the residents of Constantinople. From
ThcYnpla a good road leads to within a
few miles of Klllos. There is a strongly
defended fort at KJItos, .but this was con
structed to defend '.ho place from attack
by sea and may be open to assault on tho
land side. Klllos Is only three miles to
the west of Cape Rumell, at' the Black
sea entranco to the Bosphorus, about six
miles north of Therapla.
Tho dnsh of tho Bulgarian troops seems
to demonstrate that General Savoff, the
Bulgarian rommander-ln-chlcf, Is hot
wholly depending on a fronlal attack on
the lino of fortifications at Tchatalja.
If a strong Bulgarian forco is already
at Klllos, on the flank of the Turkish
army, tho fato of the Ottoman troops
(cannot, tu military opinion, remain long
Jn doUbt If the Bulgarian troops decide to
enter Constantinople before a definite
armistice is agreed to.
That an early peace Is assured Is ac
cepted as a foregone conclusion, but
whelher It will bo brought about beforo
or ufter the surrender of Constantinople
Is probably known only to King Ferdi
nand of Bulgaria and his advisers.
No official news has leaked out as to
the courso tho Bulgarian-Turkish ne
gotiations are taking. If it be true, as an
nounced in Berlin, that Osman Nlxam
Pasha, the Ottoman ambassador there,
haboen appointed first Turkish dele
gate' to a Bulgarian-Turkish peace con
ference it would appear that they are
making good progress. '
.Moiitenritro Uncertain Factor.
Tho differences between Austria-Hungary
and Servla evidently are in a fair
way toward settlement, but Montenegro,
which Jumped Into the war ahead of
Its allies, scorns loth to relinquish any of
tho spoils gained In tho fighting. The
peremptory rejection by King Nicholas
of Montenegro of Austrian nnd Italian
intervention Is causing somo concern to
tho' European powers, who are anxious
for 'an Immediate cessation of hostilities
And today comes a further rciort that
King Nicholas has Informed the Bul
garian government that he- will not agree
to an armistice until the Turkish troops
evacuate the fortress of Scutari,
Tho ministers of the European powers
communicated to the Greek government
at Athens today tho Porte's request for
mediation. The Greek foreign minister
expressed his thanks and .gave the same
reply as his Bulgarian colleague had
J done, namelyi that iv final response would
bo forthcoming after an agreement nau
Iliilunrla Refers Request,
SOFIA, Bulgaria, Nov. IS. The Turkish
request for an ormlstlco addressed by
Klu mil Pasha, the grand vlxler, to King
Ferdinand, was discussed today by tho
Bulgarian council of ministers.
It was decided to reply that the Bul
garian government would Inform the
other nations of the Balkan alliance of
the step taken by Turkey and would
give Its reply as soon as possible after
coming to an agreement with them.
After tho allies havo consulted It Is
believed the negotiations for an armistice
will be carried on by the commanding
generals of the opposing armies purely
from a military point of view,
The negotiations can begin only after
the Turkish authorities have accepted the
terms laid down by the Bulgarians that
In tho meantime no further reinforce
ments of Turkish troops may be brought
Into tho field of operations.
Turkish Faroe Surreudrrs.
BELGRADE, Servla, Nov. 15,-Another
Turkish force hoisted the white flag and
surrendered to the Servian cavalry near
Monastlr yesterday.
Tho Servians attacked the Ottoman
troops at Dttbromlra, about five miles to
Labor Federation
Adjourns to Monday
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Nov. lC.-There
was io session of the convention of the
American Federation of Labor today,
adjournment Inst night having been until
Monday. As explained by President
Gompers, this recess Js to allow the com
mlttocs nmplo time In, which to prepara
their reports.
Midnight last night was the last time at
which resolutions, could be jrtaded before
tho convention Any resolutions brought
forwanl now can only be placed before
tho convention by unanimous consent.
Tonight tho delegates will attend a
ball given by the Rochester labor unions,
Woman is Seriously
Beaten by Supposed
Religious Maniac
CHICAGO, Nov. lS.-Deteellves departed
for Detroit today on the trail of "George
Remnee," believed to have been the com
panlrfn of the woman who was probably
fatally beaten In a room at tho Saratoga
hotel last night. The police departments
of several Michigan towns were notified
to be on the lookout for "Remnee." He
Is described as being about-44 years told'
and weighs 200 pounds. - '
The woman, who did not regain, con-'
soiousnees 'today, Is about 51 years old,
S feet 2 or 3 Inches In height, weighs
aboiit US pounds and has black hair
streaked wjth gray.
Among the articles In the room where
tho woman -was found was .a Bible wltni
a number of marked passages, which1!
were given close scrutiny by the detec
tives. Among them were: "And thine
eye shall not pity, but life sliall go for
life,' eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand
for hand, foot for foot." "If one be found
slain In the land which the Lord thy Oo.l
gh'eth. thco to possess It, lying In the
field and It be not known who hath slain
him. then thy elders and thy Judges
come forth and they' shall measure
unto the cities which are round about
him that Is slain."
On the fly leaf of tho Bible were the
words: "If you lo'vc tho Lord read marked
passages In 'Numbers and Deuteronomy,
also Leviticus. Guest."
Tho passages quoted ,wero from Deuter
onomy and on Numbers 31 tho detective
found the following marked verse:
"Now, therefore, klfl every male among
the little ones and kill every woman that
hath known man."
Other passages touching on violence
were marked In the Bible, and all were
noted by the detective on "the theory that
the assailant may have been a religious
maniac. S
DETROIT. Nov. IS. The Detroit po
lice failed to find any definite clue today
to the Identity of the woman said to be
from Detroit who was found beaten and
Unconscious In a Chicago hotel last night.
The name "Remner," or "Remnee," Is
not In the city directory.
Jack Johnson is .
' Released on Bail
CHICAGO. Nor. 15. Jack Johnson,
negro pugilist, accused of violation of the
Mann whits slave act, was released from
custody ioday before Judge Carpenter In
the United States district court. In bonds
of sao,ooo.
, The sureties accepted by the court were
tho pugilist's mother, Tiny Johnson, and
'Matthew S. Baldwin, a real estato dealer
Johnson was taken to the county jail
last Friday and since had made many
efforts to regain his freedom.
As Johnson was leaving the federal
building he was arrested by a detective on
a chargo of having attacked a newspaper
photographer last Friday when the was
entering the cpunty Jail. Tho pugilist
was, taken to a police station and a cash
bond of 3400 was given and accepted for
ills appearance when the assault chargo
Is tried.
Later tho photographer started n suit
asking for S10,ou0 damages from Johnson.
ron 11 e ft, BOTH ANtConiLnanK
A Two Price
Clothing Sale
(Now that every clothing
house in town is clamoring
for your money with alluring
inducements of great reduc
tions and marvelous values,
We Also Have Some
Thing to Tell You
From this great institution , of
reliability, we announce a most
remarkable sale of men's clothing.
We do not make goods for sale purposes
of a shoddy sort for sensational merchan
dising, but have taken right out of our regu
lar stock, all broken lines of suits and over
coats, that sold from $18.00 to $35.00 and
marked them at two special prices for quick
$12.75 and $17.75
Forget all ideas of purchase un
til you have looked over these values. Over
500 choice models and patterns to select
Goo. T. Wilson, Mgr.
King & Co.
15th 'at Douglas.
CHICAGO, Nov. 15,-Fuclng a Jail scn-
tenco for not producing $20,000 of missing
funds from tho defunct Institution Mm.
William T. Klrby told In federal -court
today on unusual Htory of a woman's In
voluntary Part In the wrecking of a bank.
It was through tho loss by her husband,
sho Intimated, of $60,000 In an attempt to
beat tho "wire tapping" gamo .that the
Ktrhy Savings bank failed. Sho testified
that on different occasions during Klrby's
gambling operations sho carried In taxi
cabs from tho bank In Knglewood to her
husband In downtown hotels sums of
money varying from JiO.OOO to $20,000.
"Ho came home one night extremely
excited," testified Mrs. Klrby, "and
snouted ugath and again, 'hey got $40,000
from me; they got it, tho'y.got It!' Ho
wanted me to go out and got HOO.OoO tho
next day, declaring he was In desperate
straits. But I refused absolutely to do
his bidding further."
MAN8F1I3LD, O.. Nov. 15.-Tho body
nf a man who committed suicide In
Cleveland Tuesday by hanging himself
from a box car and which later was
Identified as that of Frank Muller of
Mansfield, was brought to this city today
and taken to tho home of Mrs. Albert It.
LantE, Mullet's sister, a well known so
ciety woman. When the lid of the casket
was removed Mrs. Lantz fainted. On be
ing revived she announced tho body was
not her brother's.
BBIDOICPORT. Conn., Nov, 13,-Coro-ncr
John J. Phelan, In his finding on the
wreck of the Springfield Express on the
Now Haven railroad In W'estport on Oc
tober a. male public today. In which
seven persons were killed, finds the dead
engineer, George Clark, criminally re
sponsible, and finds concurring responsi
bility orf the part of the ,Naw Haven
railroad for allowing an unsafe crossover
at that point.
Society to Discourage
Useless Giving
NEW YORK, Nov, 15,-Mrs. August
Ilolmont, Miss Annn Morgan and other
prominent Now York women are among
the founders of o new organisation, "Tho
Society for tho Prevention of Useless
Giving." The society will do Its utmost
to abolish the "exchanges" system of
Christmas giving among those who can
111 afford It.
"Instead of being a season of true and
simple pleasure making," said Mrs. JJel
mont, "Christmas has come to be a seri
ous burden to thousands of working girls
The Christmas giving custom may have
originated In the mind of some kind per.
Bon. but It results In trouble nnd hurf.
SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 15.-Elht
miners and four visitors', Including the
two young daughters of Foreman Alex
ander, who were Imprisoned In the Horn
silver mine at Frisco by a cavein last
night, were rescued at 32:5 this after
noon. All wero well and unharmed.
carefully as jurors. Judge Swayne hasltne northeast of Monastlr, and In spite
Instructed the veniremen to "knock down ' of tt Balling fire succeeded in dislodging
any man who tries to discus the case
wnn mem.
Only tint MIMiniO fll'IN I XB.'
the Turkish advance 'posts from their
strongly entrenched positions. The Turks
retreated and were pursued as far as
the village of Morabl, close to Monastlr,
. . ..,!., &.,, .,fW.M . . .That l TiAVATlVW littrwm ri ........ ' ...
r .t7 ...',, r,r.t,T,,r,;.. 't'.' , , I "V uy tlie Hervlans, who surrounded them
is the tx reraecy Itr UlARHliaZA. It U st . Look for the slenaturn of V W nnnw 1 .u . . . ,
oluteiy karmltsi. Be sure o4 ek for -Mis iC!. " J, , , Z . Jt . L ul,OVE there and poured In such a heavy fire
Ulsi'wi ootbtog By nip." ana UX cu olltu l w way.
CUreS Grit, In'ttinl lt TmLI.K nft. In n,nnon.1 .1..
I Two Days. e.-AdvertUcment I elded It waa useless to continue fighting
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er Weak Show
Tonight "OTHELLO"
xatlnsa. 05o, BOc, 76c Ho Xlgherf
rays Beginning- SITKIAT SCATllTEi
S. K. SVSLirr In TTrn tririnn
iOKIuu'i-, ao.x. bAtuuay
The fiirl, tb Mail and the lame
Prices $1.00, 75c, BOo, 86c.
Krug Theater
Matin tt Today, 330 . Wight, 8:30
Bsst Scats, 60o
XXTXA -Thnraflsy aright. Chorus
airta Cont.it; Friday Xlght Country
Stores Saturday Hlgnt, Amit.urs
Doug. 401.
Matinee Today, SHO
Note- Early Curtain Saturday Nluhl
8; 15 Sharp.
Next Week

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