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The Omaha
Our Magazine Pago will
Interest ovory woman who likes
good hoart-to-ho&rt talks with
othor ivmpMhotlc women
VOL. XLn-NO. 131. . OMAHA, MONDAY MORNING, NOVEMBKlt is. lWj-TKT crvnr.w nnw mwn "
Annual Report of Canal Commission
Makes Intention of Builders
More Definite.
Formal Opening Will Not Occur Until
Year Afterward.
Unusual Obstacles Surmounted by
Engineers' Ingenuity.
One mid Only Wuy In Which to Heal
with Tremendous Enrth Move
ment la to Do More
" Kxcnvutlng.
WASHINGTON, No. IT. Some ttmo
next summer or fall, no 'exact datd being
specified, a vessel wilt pass from tho At
lantlc to tho Pacific oceans across what
Is now tho Isthmus of Panama, which
consequently must disappear from tho
world's geography, and by tho same
human agency, tho western hemisphere
will be divided Into two continents. The
vessel will not bo tho Oregon nor any
other famous ship, but will bo, one of
the many small water craft In dally use
by the canal builders; and probably tho
only passenger will bo Colonel George
V. Gocthals, and the staff of American
engineers, who for tho last eight years
have bocn carrying on tho greatest en
gineering work tho world has over seen.
It will be later than that, ang-where from
six months to a year, perhaps, before'
tho formal oponlng of tho waterway will
tako place and a naval fleet headed by
the famous old Oregon, will pass through
Into tho western ocean, and tho canal
may be fairly sold to be open to trade, j
Will Finish One Side First.
These facts aro not of official record
as yet ;tho date of January 1. 1915, still
stands for the opening predicted by Colo
nel G'oethals. Dut that tho openjng will
be anticipated to a great oxtent has been
promised by the canal builders In un
official statements, and now comes
clear Intimation of Uiflr purposo to ad
vahco the opening date, In the annual re
port of tho canal commission, Just pub.
llshed. It Is disclosed while the com'
pletton of tho great locks by January 1,
next, will not bo possible, owing ,to con
truct delays, within six months there
after tho channel will be finished, whlo
to Insure the safe passage of the locks.
the contractor, has been called upon to
finish thegatcs In one flight firs, no
that If the-rest of. the, work. Is.lnpndl
tlon paEsago Of ships can be permitted
without waiting for the completion of tho
other flight's, this statement, will be
understood when it is Known tnat uie
great locks being built In duplicate, side
by side, not only to udd to the capacity
of tho canal, but to Insure its conunu
mien in oDcratlon In caso of a serious
accident to a'shlp In one of tho locks.
The report shows a most satisfactory
state of progress of tho whole great work;
though In vie w of tho fact that It la dated
September 10, last, the figures regarding
excavation, placing of concrete, erection
of dams and locks and subsidiary works
are pot as recent as those contained In
the regular monthly reports. Naturally
the most Interesting feature of the report
relates to to operations In the great
Culebra cuU Here great landslides, many
ranking with an Alpine avalanche In
magnitude, have so Increased tho amount
of material to be excavated that were It,
not found possible steadily to reduce tho
cost per yard of dredging and steam
shoveling through the growing expert
ness of the employes and Improved, en
elneoring methods, the total cost of ex
cavation would havo been vastly greater
than tho estimates. During the last year
nearly 1&500.000 cubic yards of earth were
taken out of this cut, leaving nearly 12,.
000,000 to be displaced beforo the canal
can be opened. Tho damage caused by
tho slides may be appreciated from the
fact that nearly 6,000,000 yards of earth
excavated was so composed, or nearly S6
per cent of tho total excavation.
One Way to Denl frith Slides.
There Is only one way to deal with
these slides, and that Is to dig them
out as they occur, though some help
Is gained by terracing tho upper banks.
That Is because' the geological formation
changes so frequently and suddenly that
no other effective treatment had been
found. So unstable Is the earth that the
material In on part of the cut begins to
move on an Inclination as low as one on
(Continued on Page Two.)
The Weather
Forecast of the weather for Monday:
For Nebraska Fair and warmer.
For Iowa Fair, slightly warmer.
For South Dakota Fair.
Temperature nt Omaha Yesterday.
Temperature at Omaha leaterdny.
Hour. Dcg.
7 a.
m St
m 34
m 33
8 a. m 31
a. m 36 1
iY Tr,Telegram.)-The
12 m 4g!Charles Miller, charged with robbing a
1 p. m 61 boxcar at Wymoro, brought In a verdict
2 P. m 62 .today finding the defendant guilty of
4 p. m'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. "" t netlt 'arceny. 118 was sentenced to thirty
6 pi mil"!."!!!!!!! 61 da' MIL William Dersodlde, another
6 p. m 49 cat robber at Wymore, pleaded guilty to
7 P. tn 48 the charce of larceny and was alstn ilvn
Coinparatli e
l.oen. It word, I
1912. 1911. 1910. 1909.
Highest yesterday 64 40 CO M
Lowest yesterday 22 23 28 14
Mean temperature 43 32 39 19
Precipitation 00 .02 .00 .00
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal at Omaha since
March 1. and compared with the last two
Normal temperature 37
Excess for the day 6
Total deficiency since March 1 24
Normal precipitation .03 Inch
.Deficiency lor the day 03 inch
Total rainfall since March 1....24.CO Inches
Deficiency since March. 1 3.41 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1911. .14.92 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1910. .11.27 Inches
Effective Competition
Said to Be Restored
in Tobacco Trade
NEW YORK, Nov. 17.-In order not to
rest under campaign misrepresenta
tions. Pcrclval a Hill, president of tho
American Tobacco company, in a state
ment Issued today, details the process of
disintegration which tho company has
undergone In compliance with tho final
decree of the United States supremo
court Issued November 16, 1911, and the
competitive conditions resulting there
from. To show the drastic nature of tho
dissolution of the so-called tobacco trust.
Mr. Hill cites tho distribution among the
shareholders of securities valued at $100,-
000,000. and earning $9,000,000 a year, Uy
means of these securities tho trust con
trolled the licorice business, tho tin foil
business, the United Cigar Stores com
pany, alliances, with two foreign to
bacco companies, tho American Snuff
company, and tho It. J. Ileynolds com
pany. Two of the absorbed manufactur-
Ing concerns, the Liggett & Myers and
tho P. Lorlllard companies, were re
created with definite properties, brands
and. businesses, on the terms and condl
tions named by tho court.
Control of the divided parts of tho
trust by overlapping directors or other
means Is guarded against by perpetual
and continuing Injunctions. These In
Junctions prohibit co-operation In buying
the raw material or In selling the manu
factured product, or for tho apportion
ment of trade either with respect to cus
tomers or locality, and requires main
tenance of separate offices, clerical
forces. Officers, directors and agents,
and prohibits tho purchase of stock In
any of the others, or tho making of
loans or otherwise rendering financial
aid to one another.
Since tho disintegration of tho tobacco
trust was completed on February 23, 1912,
Mr. Hill states that competition in tho
trade, both In buying and soiling, has
been complete and effective, for evidence
of which he points to higher prices for
the tobacco crop and tho independence
of jobbers and retailers.
Thousand Bachelors
Willing to Accept
Wifejand $30,000
ELGIN, III., Nov. 17. A letter from
"Miss Z. X. Radcllffo" of this city of
fering her hand and 130,000 to some "well-
mannered man with style," published In
San Francisco, has caused Postmaster H.
D. Hemmcns of Elgin to recelvo more
than S00 letters a day addressed to the
prospective bride.
Miss Radcllffe's letter was addressed
to the mayor of San Francisco. It read:
"Will you please publish this to help
me find a husband? I am a rather good
looking woman of 27, and if I don't get
a husband by 1913 I will lose a. $30,000 es
tate. I don't care If the mah Is a hod
carrier or a bricklayer, so long as ho Is
well-mannered and Has 'stylo-'; a .
The number of letters received now
numbers 1,176. Some nre addressed in
youthful hands and others, in tho shaky
script of, age. A majority of the letters
are bulky. e
Many of them appear to contain photo
graphs. Among the mall aro boxes, pack
ages and framed pictures. Ono corner
of the postofflce floor Is devoted to It.
Not only California, but all parts of tho
country are represented In tho post
marks of tho letters from nsplrants to
Miss Radcllffe's hand. Meanwhile search
of this city has falledjto dlscovor Miss
Radcllffo and she has not called for any
of her mall.
Judge Perky Named
Senator from Idaho
I ( O I H K, Idaho, Nov. 17. Governor
James II. Hawley decided at tho last
moment today not to resign his office
to accept tho appointment as United
States senator at tho hands of Lieuten
ant GoVernor Sweetser, and tills after
noon appointed Judge K. I. Perky of
Boise to v fill tho unexpired term of tho
Into Senator Heyburn.
Governor Hawley in a stfciemcnt to
night said that tho aoceptanco of the
United States senatorshlp from Sweetser
would be practically the same as ap
pointing himself, and that ho would not
tako tho office under those conditions.
Judgo Perky Is a natlvo of Wayne
county, Ohio, and came to Idaho tn 1891.
Ho was appointed Judgo of the Fourth.
judicial district In 1901, and was stato
democratic chairman In 1900. Ho took
part In tho senatorial contest, which re
sulted In tho defeat of former Senator
Eich Strike of Gold -
is Made in Klondike
NOME, Alaska, Nov. 17. Another rich
strike of placer gold has been made In
the Bay State group, opposite claims 4
and 5, below Anvil creek, adjoining
the ground on which "pay" was struck
a few days ago. Tho "pay" runs through
eighty acres. It Is believed tho long
sought continuation of the third beach
line has been found.
Ncb Nov. 17. (Special
Jury in tho case of
.1.1., .., .
-ABERDEEN, fi. D.. Nov. 17. A regis
tered package containing 33,000 ,In cur
rency consigned to a bank at Morristown,
S. D., has mysteriously disappeared from
a strong box at the local Milwaukee sta
tion, where tho registered mall Is kept,
and a large force of federal postofflce
Inspectors Is searching for clues to the
Governors of All States Invited to
Co-operate in Plans
Detailed to Assist
State Officials.
Some Money Will Be Available for
Needs of Guardsmen.
Let tern from Wr Department Point
Out that If Mllltlu U to lie Used
effectively It Must He
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.-Ono of the
most Important moves In recent years
to prepare the national mllltla for use
In time of war Is proposed In letters ad
drcssod by Acting Secrotary Oliver to tho
governors of all the states and territories
Inviting their co-opetatlon In tho war
collcgo plans for tho organization for tho
militia into twclvo technical divisions.
Tho letters point out that If the militia
is to bo used as a field forco effectively
In war tlmo It can effectively be done
by this system of divisions, and to In
sure the proper worktng of tho plan nil
of the details should bo worked out In
time of peace.
In tho outline of the divisions no places
Is given to separate companies of In
fantry, which, It is said, should bo ab
sorbed Into regiments or other" larger
organizations. Field armies would bo
formed by tho grouping of two or more
divisions of the mllltlu. or by comb nlng
one or two divisions of militia with one
of tho regular troops. Regular organiza
tions would form from tho fourth brigade
of any division assigned to a field army
for tho reason that tho organized mlllOa
is localized, whllo tho regular army must
go anywhere upon call.
Some monoy will bo available for tho
assintance of tho state authorities. The
War department also proposes to detail
inspector-Instructors to assist stato off!
clals, and war material for the mllltta
will bo distributed and stored In suitable
depots to bo at hand locally when mob
ilization Is ordered.
General Oliver plans to have tho first
four of tho technical divisions composed
entirely of regular troops, with the Dis
trict of Columbia mllltla assigned to duty
as regulars.
Divisions t Mllltlu.
Tho remalnlng'dlvlslons would bo com
posed of tho following state mllltla or
Fifth, headquarters. Boston; Maine, New
Hampshlror ' 'Vermont, ' MaSsachUssbtr,
Rhode Isltnd and Connecticut.
Sixth, headquarters at Albany; New
Seventh, headqtlarters at Harrlsburg;
Eighth, headquarters at Washington;
New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Vlr-
glnlo, West Virginia.
Ninth, headquarters at Atlanta; North
Carolina, South Curollnn, Georgia, Flor
ida. Tenth, headquarters at Nashville; Tenn
essee, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi.
Eleventh, headquarters at Columbus;
Ohio and Michigan.
Eleventh, headquarters at Chicago;
Illinois, Indiana.
Thirteenth, headquarters at St. Paul;
Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Da
kota and South Dakota.
Fourteenth, headquartors, at Kansas
City; Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyo
ming, Colorado.
Fifteenth, headquarters at San Antonio:
New Mexlca, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas.
Sixteenth, headquarters at San Fran
cisco; California, Oregon, Washington,
Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and
Under this comprehensive scheme every
mllltla organization In tho United States
Is definitely placed In the station It would
occupy In mobilization of tho army for
war purposes.
Assassin of Premier
Given Secret Burial
MADRID, Nov. lC-Tho burial of tho
assassin Manuel Cardlnas, who com
mitted suicide after ho had shot Premier
Canalejos, took place secretly at day
break this morning. It is the general
view that tho disappearance of the late
Premier Canalejaa leaves the monarchists
In Spain without a great parliamentary
leader, and In a situation of great diffi
culty deprives King Alfonso of the coun
sel of a strong man on whom ho rolled
Tho Spanish court Is described In the
press today as depressed and apprehon
slve of coming difficulties, owing to the
absenco of an uuthorltatlve political
IClng Alfonso himself appears to feel
the loss of CanaleJaH tho most, particu
larly as the late premier, with his liberal
and democratic tendencies, gave unity to
the supporters of the monarchy and held
together .various factions which might
otherwise have been hostile.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17.-Tony Jannui. In
his hydro-aeroplane, made the thirty-six
miles from St Charles to St Louis to-1
Mi 1 11 ll 1 1
uu, .,. vo euey jumps, no now has 1 leaving a little old man boisterously call
covered 771 miles of the distance from , ing from the platform: "If you'ro In
Omaha to New Orleans and his actual such a hurry, would Addison Walt?"
flying time hao been even fourteen hours
m I. .. . .1 , , . , . m . ... ' 1.1 1-1 1 . trjv v.. n. .....
.1110 BYiniur ien 01. vnaries at 9 o clock 1
this morning and flew the fourteen miles
lu . '. m i-neen minutes. At 1:40
o'clock this afternoon he departed from I
Alton and In twenty minutes had made,
the twenty-two miles to fit Louis. For!
fifteen minutes he thrilled the crowds
on the river bank by an exhibition of
quick turning and fancy fly'ng.
Jannus will remain in 8t Louis until
Thursday, when he will resume his jour-
ney to the Gulf of Mexico.
From tho Indianapolis News.
Speech at Lotus Club in New York is
Humorous and Amusing1.
Advocate Admission to Units of
Congrreaa uf Members of lrel
dent's Cabinet mid lSxtcunluii
of Civil Service.
NEW YORK. Nov. 17.-Prcldont Taft
sang his "swan song," as chief execu
tive of tho nation last night.
As tho guest of the Lotus club, tho
president responded to tho toast: "Tho,
President," In a speech,, which many of
his hearers considered tho most remark
able he has ever made. Ho shifted from
grave. .tn gay, and from -tho -philosophy.
which ho said, four years In tho Whltu
House had taught him, to a discussion
of tho problems which faco tho nation.
He laughed at tho outcome of the oleo-
tlon; smiled when ho spoko of somo of
the plans of tho prosldont-eloct, Wilson,
and touched with gentlo sarcasm, William
Jennings Bryan.
In his serious moments the president
earnestly advocated the admission to tho
halls of congress of members of a presi
dent's cabinet; declared that a slx-ycur
term In tho presidency was enough for
any man; advocated strongly tho pluq
Ing tn the civil sorvlco of practically
every officer In tho government service
and hinted broadly that congress Bhould
provldo for ex-presidents so that they
need not lower the dignity of tho position
they havo held, when they enter Into
private life.
iteitreta I'euee Failure.
His chief regret, the president said,
was that ho had been unablo to lnfluenca
tho United States senato to ratify tho
arbitration treaties with Franco and
Great Britain. In spllo of that fact ho
asked his audience to believe tliut ho
would leave offlco with tho deepest grati
tude to tho American pcopla for the
honor they had given him and with this
belief that enough progress had been ac
commplished in his administration to
warrant him feeling that he had dono
real good for his country. Ills humorous
references to the burdens of tho White.
Houso, to his successor and to Bryan
brought forth round after round of ap
plause. v
The president closed his speech with
a toast to his succossor.
"Health and success to tho able, dls-
(Continued on Pago Three.)
JPrlza book worth a dollar to urea
bst each weak. Mall yours to
"Daffydll. Editor, The Bet, Oinahs."
See Bandar Bea for prize winners.
Mrs. J, M. Johnson, 2G31 Cass Street
If tho river's wutcrs fresh, Is W. J.
Uryun (brine?)
If tho child would not walk, would The
If all the papers wcro weakly (weekly).
would The Dally Ilee strong?
Victor Schaeffcr, Fort Crook-If Cali
fornia grew potatoeo, would Idaho them?
H. E. Darbce, Hebron " 'Board!"
balled out the bad conductor at a bunch
of bashful foot ball bantles who were
surging about In front of the depot. It
was 6:13 and the crew were anxious to
get In to supper. On moved the train.
uu' ft'ns"i iw uinney mreei 11 the
dou ran ov'r he P" and dropped Into
" "' wuuia u maae uie cream-purr7
Woodrow Wilson's daughter suys, "If
father has a New Jersey Ma(r)shall." J
WouW you tajr a rug In a Pullman 1
r. with a picture of a lion on It, was a,
car - pet? -
e was dragging the pond for a ring
n' sweetheart hud lout, when ho caught.
ls and ""erring!"
nor Tomorrow.
The Old, Old Story
Long Persecution by
Boyhood Foe Ends in
Attempted Murder
DENVER, Colo,, Nov. 17.-M. A. Root,
member of a Denver tobacco firm, wns
seriously wounded early today at his
home hero by a man whom ho says ho
recognized as a boyhood onomy nt Ripon,
Wis. Root wan takon to tho county hos
pital, where this afternoon It was said
there wub a chnnca for his rocovory,
Root said tho troublo started In 1870,
shortly after ho loft school In Wiscon
sin, (whcn his homo was robbed. Ho said,
ho recognized tho burglar as Jamos
Dlvlhricy. Ho had Dlvlnncy nrroHted and
he wuHKcntonced to tho penitentiary. At
that tlmo, Root declares, plvlnney swore
Several times in tho Inst fifteen v..
evoral times In tho last fifteen yninw1" wnnl'hlirwiis found todny In a cessi
slnco ho has resided fn UeMwirmpmex-
ooen nttneked, shot at 11 ml once locked
in li Ih sifo and nearly suffocated. On
each occasion, Root declares, ho recog
nized his assailant as Dlvlnnoy.
Prcsident-Eleot and Family Mingle
with- Othor Passengers.
WurtiliiK Conveyed in .Slnteiur nt
Hint Anj m e Who Come to
lierniuiln Will .l rjel
AVIUlt III! WlllltN.
(Uy Wireless via Sea Olrt N. Y.). Nov.
17. Prosidont-elect Wilson's vacation trip
oegan auspiciously. Pleasant conditions
have prevailed slnco ho and his family
set out this afternoon from Now York
lor jiernuula on tho steamer und this
evening nil members or tho party seemed
to lie enjoying themselves thoroughly,
inu governor und his fumlly mingled
freely with tho other passengers or em
ployed themselves in wulldng tho ship's
ucckh in the lnvlgorutlng atmosphere.
The governor wub In fine humor and
..r.i .1.. ,.i.. 1 ... . ....
u.iui-ntiy kiuu mm no uau in prospect a
IKrlod nf compluto relaxation and freedom
from Intrusion. One of his remarke, how
ever, seemed to contain u note o' warning.
"Anybody who comes to llermuda will
get tho rovcrso of what ho desires," hn
said, and some of tluiso who heard him
believed he meant that It would not faro
well With seekers of official favor who
ventured to bother him (luring his stay In
tite Islands.
All the members of tho Wilson party
wero greatly Interested In tho workings
of the wireless on board the Hcrmudlan
watching tho sending und receiving of
messages at Intervals throughout tho
NEW YORIC, Nov. 17,-Tho horso show
Is open nnd the social Reason in on. Ah
a horso show this year's exhibit promises
to oxcol In Interest any previous exhibi
tion here. Tho entries exceed In. number
hut year's record total, whllo the In
creased competition In tho harnosg classes
Is a feature.
Judge William H. Mooro won tho first
blue ribbon of tho show with his brown
gelding, Rykon, In tho class for horses
over H hands 2 Inches and not exceeding
IS hands 1 Inch,
HT, LOUIS, Nov. 17.-Weary and hag-
CHitl frntn nmrn Hinti bMvnntir-trn I ism .,
strain, the Jury thut heard tho ovldnnco
n the caie of M. G. Lowls, publisher
and proprietor, charged with using tho
malls to defraud, had not been able to
arrive nt a verdict tonight, although It
wttH i.rouirht r. dm tt-n h
court today us on week duys. The case
wellt to the Jun Thursdav aftarnnnn.
jUdi wi'inrd iniinmi,,! irte .i,,.. it
no aecUion ,md oe,,n rettChod by ,omollow
mornlnir Iih wuuld A uehnrira 11. tnrru
Communications from Rcspeoted Cit
izen Lend to Finding of Body.
IrrraUtlliln Mnnln for Killing Iloya
Cnnara Cnnfeaaed Murder of
Three Mild Other Not
Yet Revealed,
BUFFALO. N. Y Nov. 17.-Cpnfcs!on
to at least three murders and ndmlsslon
that thorn aru "still more," are tho
stnrtllng disclosures contained , tn postal
cards from tho slayer 'of C-year-old Jo
seph Josephs, received by tho police and
mmio public hero tonight. The murder
of the Josephs boy, whoso entlro body
ft i,.-'...l-.f..... .
;pooi nour IiIh homo In Lackawanna, N.
x., niter a search of morn than a vear.
Is believed by the pollcu to bp 0110 of tint
long series, of similar crimes committed
throughout tho country by tho man, who,
according to his own confeisloiiM, linn an
Irresistible mania for killing boys.
Today's discovery whh mitdo by follow
ing Instructions contained In tho cards.
Young Josephs disappeared 011 the
afternoon of Octobor 12, 1811. It was ut
first believed ho had been drowned, but
hln father, George Josephs, a prominent
merchant qf Lackawaunn, Insisted thnt
the boy Imil been kldimicd and a
countiy-soarch was Instituted. The i-aso
attructfd widespread attention, ns tho
father from tlmo to time received anony
mous letters warning him to discontinue)
the seurch under tho threat thut his sou
wuuld be jnurdored. Today's develop
ments Indlcutn. Unit tho murderer took this
means of creating tho belief that tho boy
wuh still allvo.
Newsboy Murilnreil.
Ill 0110 postnl cord mailed from lloston
tho unknown writer speaks of murdoring
a boy In Central purk, Now York .City.
It reads: "Wednesday night, December
10, 1902, I enticed Michael Rlcaco Kruck,
u newsboy, Into thu park upposlta tho
'Arsenal police station, r strangled him
and Just escaped tho offlcor who found
hlin. Thrco times havo I tuken life;
twolvo times have tried, and cannot
help It."
Another unsigned card, dated lloston,
Muss., ' Nov, 0, l'J12, und written appar
ently by' thu samo person, says tho writer
"unfortunately, had too much money;"
thut he was u prominent fraternity man
of high degree, "honored and respected."
"My son," It continues, "Is married und
happy. Can I under tho circumstances
glvo myself up? I can, of course, but
thero are still more murders I havo nut
told you. Shall I come."
Tho first postcard received was post
marked lloston, Mass., September 11,
1912, and was addressed to Superintend
ent Regan, of tho liutfalo pollcu depart
ment. It read:
"I am sick of trying to foot myself.
I have 11 homicidal mania. 1 killed Joey
Josephs of Lackawanna, N. Y, I
strangled him us I did others. Please
advertise the fact. I'ost It or wrltu for
tho Information. Como to ." (Ink
smudges make tho rest of tho card
Write of Morrow mid llemnrae,
Tho second postcard, addrossed to Chief
GIIkoii of tho Lackawanna police, fol
lows: 1JOSTON, Mass., September 17, 1312. If
you only knew the remorse in my heart
on account of tho murders I havo com
mitted as the result of my homicidal
mania, even you and George Josephs
would pity mo, I am writing this Just
getting over another drunk, to try und
forget tho ones I killed, but, llko Ran-1
quo's ghost. It will not down. I um fust
going to pieces mentally and spiritually."
Tho next card, also from lloston, post
marked October 23, 1912, reads; "Am so
sick of this business that I shall go to
Buffalo next Sunday and will call you
on the "fone." My brain Is worso and all 1
think of Is murder, and I love to kill. .
Shall kill somo kid before I leave hero 1
Telln Where In Find llody.
Another card, dated October 30, 1912, ap
parently written as a follow to the one
mailed on October 23, read;
"Joseph Josephs will bo found In the
Great Invading Opens Movement
Which is Expected to Result in
Fall of Constantinople.
Internal Dissensions Add to Troubles
of Ottoman Empire.
Cholera Epidemic Among Turkish
Troops Continues to Grow.
llnlknn .ttntea Considering Term
Which Will lie Mnde Known to
Turk When the 1 urn iter
Are It end r.
p. m.) Firing has been hoard slnco morn
ing from the vurlous heights In tho direc
tion of TchataIJa, but tho nature or tho
result of tho engagement hits not been
It Is reported tlwt Utilitarians havo ut
taokwl tho Turkish position at lllyim
Chckmedyo, on the Sea of Marmora, and
Turkish warshliw have boon occupied nil
day In shelling IlulRnrlnn detachments nt
various places along tho coast.
Several leading Young Turks were nr
rested In Constantinople today, Includlm
Bulotman Nnxlf, ox-vulll of Uagdad, and
Muhll Undl, editor of tho newspaper
Tiinlii, for complicity In an alleged plot
nguinst tho government. Other arrests
uiu Impending lu commotion with th
propaganda to restore tho ex-suttan.
Abdul Hamld, to tho throne.
Refugees say that a portion of Kodnxto
hna been destroyed by fire. Tho cholera
epidemic has increased greatly of late. ,
largo number of patients havo been placed
In tho mosque of St. Sophia, where a
cordon has been established.
Allle ArritiiKlntr Term.
The porto has received an ucknowlcOg
ment of Its communication resncctln
direct negotiations with tho Balkan stale,
Tho allies at prcsont aro arranging tcrnu
which will bo mndo known to tho porta
lu duo course.
Thus tho services of tho powers will bn
dlsensed with nnd official circles III
Constantinople uro not sorry they havs
succeeded In forestalling them. becaiiKo
they consider thu iiowers' declaration
that they would assume no responsibility
for U16 terms which tlio four states might
lay down us an encouragement to thu
Balknn states to persist lu the war,
Owing to tho serious Increase in the
ohulcra epdumla the. foreign minister
has convoked an extraordinary-meeting
tomorrow of tho International 'Sanitary
board to adopt serious measures fo"
combatting tho scourge. "
Oenernl AiUimee llewim.
LONDON, Nov. 17. The gbncral
vnnce of thu Bulgarian army on
Turkish lines at TchataIJa, tho main ob
stacle between It and Constantinople, has
begun, uml according to Bofla reports al
ready hits met with somo success.
The Bulgarians aim at nttucklng the
forts, ot which tho lino Is composed,
simultaneously, and with that object In
view the army In Htrctchod across, the
peninsula. With every uvullablo piece ut
artillery that could bo gathered togothor
It Is marching straight toward the works
wlJcli, until the Turks suffered the series
of awful defeats, wero considered by
military expetts Impregnable
Tho advunco guards ot this great army
ot Invuslun havo already reached the
village of Lnzarkcul, near Lake Derkos,
on the Turkish right, thu town ot
TchataIJa, facing tho center ot thu lino
which takes Its name from tho town,
nnd Arnautkeul, further to the south and
near tho Sea of Marmora,
All these places havo boon occupied,
and from Arnautkoul the Uulgarinn ar
tillery Is shelling Ulyuk Chckmodye,
whuro thero nre two Turkish forts, com
posing tho extreme left of the Turkish
Anna nnd Food Found.
ATHENS, Nov. 17. Solonlkl jllspatclns
say quantities of rations and munition!
havo been found in tho collars of tha
mosquo of Demarlus. Tho Turkish com
mander, Tahsln l'luiha, has been Impris
oned, but thu othor officers aro free nnc
retain their swords.
A Turkish powder magazine, outsldo the
town exploded Wednesday. One hundred
persons were killed or wounded, Including
about a score of Greek troopers who oc
cupied barracks nearby.
Five Workmen Killed.
WUST CHESTER, Pa., Nov. 10.-FIv
workmen. Including Foreman Ucrnaul
Gallagher, wero killed by an explosion ot
dynamlto In a quarry hero today, A
laborer, carrying a box of the explo
sive, stumbled and dropped It. Tho dyna
mlto exploded, killing him and the four
others who were at work nearby. Tho
men were torn to shreds.
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