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4 -t-W
Various Churches to Have Charge of
Exercises at Y. W. C. A.
Sr Women Arc Not CrmvdliiB; Men
Out of Their Positions, hut Are
UlrvnttnR Their Slnnd In
Working World.
Under tho auspices of the Woman's
Missionary Federation, home missing
week was Inaugurated yesterday, tlio first
mecllng being held at the Young Women's
Christian association's building, where
Miss Florence Slmms was the chief
The home mission movement Is practi
cally national In Its scope. Its purpose be
ing to do missionary work here Instead
of devoting all of tho energies to aiding
those of foreign lands.
Miss Simms Is industrial sccrctniy of the
Young Woman's Christian association and
an such has during the last year visited
most of the cities In the United States
whore associations are In existence. As
secretin y. she has come In close touch
with young women who are supporting
themselves. And yesterday In order to
give an Idea of what theso young women
are doing, she devoted her remarks to the
subject, "The Young Woman In Indus
try." Without going Into the details of giving
figures. Miss Bimms told of tho thousands
of young women In not only the cities,
but the smaller towns who are earning
their own living, while many thousands
more are filling positions of trust In
business houses tho country over. Gen.
erally they are earning fair salaries and
tha difference between their salaries and
tho salaries psld men for doing similar
work Is not bo marked as It was a few
years ago.
Miss Slmms does not go upon the, theory
that women are crowding men out of their
positions, but simply coming Into their
own and by so doing, they have Ion
since convinced tho public that for certain
lines of business, women xire fully as com
petent as men. They are quick to leern,
have keen and acute Ideas aud understand
what Is required of them.
The auditorium of the Young Women's
Christian association's building was
crowded to Its capacity, many besides
association members being present.
The Presbyterians will have charge of
the meeting at tho Young Women's Chris
tian association at 2:30 o'clook this after
noon when the following will speak:
The Asiatics In America." Mrs. a. F.
Cooper; "The Indians." Mrs. C. J. Flem
ing; "The Afro-Amerlcans." Iter. John
Albert Williams. "
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Uev. O. I. Ilaltisty Pn-nrhcs on Sub
ject of (JIvIiik Tllhe to Church.
The Itev. Q. D. HalUly of the Kountro
Memorial church chose as the subject
matter of his sermon yesterday the tenth
verse, from the third chapter of Malachl,
"Bring ye all the tlthos Into tho store
house, that there may be meat In my
house, and prove me now herewith, salth
tho Lord of hosts, If I will not open you
the windows of heaven, and pour you out
a blessing, that there shall not be room
enough to receive It."
Mr. Baltsly stated how tithing or de
livering to the church of one tenth of
your Income has been the custom of many
countries from tho very beginning, how
mete it Is that the people should lend
this much support to the work of God's
house, which must depend on financial
aid as much as any other Institution, and
the upholding of the dignity and neces
sity of the church by this manner of con
tribution. "Proper It Is to give one-tenth, which
according to the word of God Is the text
of his verse," will open for you the win
dows of heaven and pour you out a bless
ing, that there shall jiot be room enough
to receive It. Mr. Baltzly also related
several Instances of men who followed
the custom of tithing, and were richly
child." sold the pastor, "why aro you not
willing to spend an entlrb night In prayet
now and then in order that this child's
sick soul might bo savtd from tho dls
easo of vleoT"
(Continued from Page One.)
Iter. A. n. Marshall I'roarJic nt
Third Presbyterian Sunday.
Rev. A. B. Marshall president of the
Presbyterlai seminary,- at the Third Pres
byterian church Sunday morning took for
his text, "Ask and. It Shall Be Given
You," Luke: 11-9. He said that most of
us believed In prayer and In another
sense mbst of us did not believe In prayer.
He explained by saying that while many
were willing to pray when there was
anything they wanted, ,they frequently
forgot all about It in a few minutes and
In years to come could not tell whether a
certain prayer had or had not been an
swered. Some prayers, he said, were not an
swered because the person did not know
how to pray. One must learn to pray In
faith, to pray sincerely and to oxpect an
answer, ho said, "Again, If you arp will
ing to stay up all night and nurse a Hick
tlngutshed and patriotic gentleman, who
Is to be" and he raised his glass, while
his hearers rose to their feet "tho next
president of the United States."
President Tntt said In part:
Power Much Limited.
"I saw In the name of your club the
possibility that you were, organised to
furnish an opportunity for a swan song
to those about to disappear. I con
cluded that It was well to cast an anchor
to tho windward, and accept as much
real condolence as I could gather In such
a hospltablo presenco as this, and there
fore, my friends, I accepted your Invi
tation and am hero. You have given
me the toast of 'The President.' It Is
said that the office, of president Is the
most powerful In the world, because un
der the constitution Its occupant realty
can exorcise more discretion than an em
peror or king exercises In any of tho
governments of modern Kurope. I am
not disposed to question this as a matter
of rcnsonlngtrom tho actual power given
tho president In the constitutional division
of governmental functions, but I am
bound to say that the consciousness of
such power is rarely, If over, present in
the mind of the ordinary Individual act
ing as president, because what chiefly
stares him In tho face In carrying out
any plan of his Is the limitation on the
power and not Its extent.
Of course, there are happy Individuals
who are able entirely to Ignore theso
limitations both In mind and practice,
and as to them the result may be dif
ferent. But to one whose training and
profession Is subordinate to law, the In
toxication of power rapidly sobers orr :n
the knowledge of Its restrictions and un
der tho prompt reminder of an ever
present and a not always considerate
press, as well as by the kindly sugges-
Hons that not Infrequently come from
tnat hall of congress In which Impeach
ments are Initiated and that smaller
chamber In which they n tried.
Favora Out- Stx-Yoar Term,
"In these days of progress, reform, up
lift and Improvement, a man does not
show himself abreast of the age unless
he haB some changes to suggest. It Is
the recommended change that marks his
being up-to-date. It may be a change
only for the sake, of change, but It Is
responsive to a public demand, and,
therefore, let's propose It. It Is contrary
to my own love for the dear old consti
tution to suggest any alteration In Its
terms, lest It bo regarded as a reflection
upon, or a criticism of that which has
been put to the sacred use for 125 years
of maintaining liberty regulated by law,
and tho guaranties of the rights of the
minority and the Individual under the
rule of the majority. But yielding to
the modern habit, and Just to show that
though I am a conservative, I am not a
reactionary, I venture the suggestion that
It would aid the efficiency of tho ex
ecutive and center his energy and at
tention and that of his subordinates in
the latter part of his administration upon
what Is purely disinterested public serv
ice If he were made Ineligible after serv
ing one term of six years cither to a suc
ceeding or a nonconsecutlve term.
One Yr In Four Wasted
"I am a little specific In this matter be
cause It BCMna.,iieceseary to be so In order
to be understood. I don't care how un
ambitious or modest a president Is. I
don't care how determined he Is, that he
himself will not secure his renomlnatlon
(and there aro very few Indeed who go
to that e-ttcnt), still his subordinates
equally Interested with him In his re
election will, whenever they have the
opportunity, exert their Influence and di
vide, their tlmo between tho public service
and the effort to secure their chiefs re
nomination and re-election. It la diffi
cult to prevent the whole administration!
from losing a part of Its effectiveness for
tho public good by th.'s diversion to po-
Htlcal effort for at least a year of the
four of each administration Were this
made Impossible by law. I can see no
reaon why the energy of the president
and that of all his subordinates might
not be directed rather to making a great
record of efficiency In the first and only
term than In seeking a second term for
tlmt purpose.
"Four years Is rather a short time lit
which to work out great governmental
polloies, Six years Is better.
Another NuK'eat Inn.
"Another suggestion I would make Is
that legislative steps be taken, for there
Is nothing In the conFtltuttoti to foibld It,
bringing more closely together the opera
tion of tho executive and legislative
Fanner Omaha Man Inid to Rest
Beside Body of His Sister,
HKont In Omaha nml also general man
ager or the i nlon Slock yards of South
Omaha. He was also a charter member
of the Hlks, who wero represented at
the funerat by 1. W. Van Scott, also a
charter member.
Mnnr Unllroml Frlrndn from Clilenwo
Conic to Attend theA Funeral
Floral Tribute Art'
Kuiwrnl wrvices for W. N. Pabcock,
general nuont of the lckawnna rail
road at Chicago, who died In Chicago
of pneumonia a few days ago and who
was former!) a prominent railroad of
ficial of this city, wero held thU after
noon from tlu, residence of V P. Klrkcn
dnll, 3727 Jackson street, at 2 o'clock.
Somo two hundred people, friends, fellow
railroad men and acquaintances, gathered
at the residence to pay their respects
to one of tho most popular railroad men
In tho business.
Thirty or forty out-of-town friends and
business acquaintances made tho trip to
this city, riiRTlally to do homngo to their
friend, and the floral tributes wero
branches. The studied effort In which to 1 b.miitlfut. Set pieces, some of them six
maintain these branohes. rigidly separate. I fcot In height, were sent by lodges and
Is, I think, a mistake. 1 would not add orders of which Mr. Haboock was u mem
any more actual power to the executive ber.
In legislative matters, nor would 1 give Tho services, which were conducted by
the legislative any more actual power Charles luntmm of the First Church of
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: V;. V. :
In executive matters. The veto on tho
one hand and the confirmation of appoint
ments and the ratification of treat los on
thn other I would not change
"Hut It does not seem to mu.thw( these
should be at arm's length as they now
are under our present system. It has
been proposed twice In our history after
the fullest consideration by souio of tho
wisest statesmen ww have had, to pass n
law giving to each department a feat fn
tho senate arid in tho houso, and a right
to enter Into tho discussion of the pro
posed legislation In either of tho national
legislative bodies. This would keep con
gress much better Informed as to the
actual conditions In the executive de
partments. H would keep tho department
heads on the qui vlve with rcferenco to
the.tr knowledge of their own departments
and their ability to answer appropriate
questions In respect to them.
"It would necessitate the appointment
to the cabinet of men used t debate and
to defend their positions and It would of
fer an opportunity for tho public to Jiujgo
of tho executive and his government
much moro Justly and much more quickly
than under our present system.
Abuse of President llotrctl.
"The rules of the two houses, as I
am advised, forbid tho use of abusive
language by one member against an
other and by the member of one house
against tho other house, or Its members.
A somewhat close examination of the
rules, however, of both bouses, does not
show that there Is any limitation on the
parliamentary character of the language
wlUh may bo directed against the presi
dent. As to him, tho members pursue
their own sweet wltl nml that sometimes
leads them Into language and eplthetlcol
description of the chief executive, that
could hardly be called complimentary,
"If members of the cabinet were al
lowed the floor, their very presenco would
suggest In the possibility of reply, moder
ation In discussing the administration,
which does not now at times prevnll. Tho
strongest reason at present for advocnt
inr this change Is that the Influence that
the executive shall have In shaping leg
islation may be moro In harmony with
the responsibility that the pnoplo hold him
to in respect to It. lie Is head of thn
party that elected him, nml as suoh, if
oongress is controlled by the samo politi
cal party, sji It generally is, ho Is looked
to shape tho congressional policy unci to
secure tho passage of the statutes wliluli
the party platform has promised.
Io Place fop Srimltlve Aliin.
One of the rcwiltn of my observation
In the presidency Is that tho iosltlon it
not a place to be enjoyed by u tcnslllve
Tho experience In the .presidency
toughens the hide of the occupant bo as
to enable him to resist the stings of
criticUm directed against him from the
tlmo ho takes offlco unUl he lays It
down. A query arises In respect to crltl-
clsms and attacks that aro mado without
the slightest reforenco to facts, and
merely for the purKse, of Invoking popu
lar opposition and distrust, and with thn
hope that by conntunt repetition they can
escape any possible refutation. I don't
know that this evil has been any greater
In this administration than In a previous
administration. All I know Is that It was
my first expcrlcnco and it seemed to mo
as If I had been more greatly tried than
most presidents by such method.
"The result In some respects la unfor
tunate In that aftur ono or two efforts
to moot the unfounded accusation despair
In the matter leads to Indifference nnd
perhaps to an Indifference toward both
Just and unjust criticism. This condition
helps tho comfort of tho patient, but I
doubt It It makes him a better president.
Of coursu tho reassuring formula that
history will right ono and will glvo ono
his Just meed of praise Is consolatory, but
It Is not altogether satisfactory, bouauso
the thought suggests Itself that tho tlmo
for remedy of 'the Injuetlco may be int
poned until orvs Is gathered to his fnthers,
and when he is not then particularly In
terested In earthly history or mundane
"I think the period for successful muck
raking Is gradually drawing to a clos.
I hope so, We must consider that tha
ebullition In muckraking literature Is only
one of tho temporary excu,ses of the tlmos
which Is curing Itself i..y tiring those
whoso patronage formed the motive for
Its beginning and rise.
ITesldeut Well Paid.
"The presidency Is a great office to
hold, It Is a great honor nnd It Is sur
rounded with much that makes it full of
pleasure and enjoyment for thn occupant
In spite of Its heavy responsibilities tind
the shining mark that It presents for
mlHrcpniaentatlon and fatso attuck. I
consider that the president of tho l'nltxl
Btatea is well paid, The salary by no
means measures tlio contribution to his
means of living which the generosity of
congress has afforded and unless It Is tho
policy of congress to enable him In his
four years to save money enough to live
In adequate dignity and comfort there
after, then the salary Is all that It ought
to be.
"Of course the great And really the only
lasting satisfaction that one can have In
the administration of the great office of
president is tho thought that ono has
done something permanently useful to his
fellow countrymen. The mero enjoyment
of the tinsel of office Is ephemeral and
unless one can fix ono'u memory on real
progress made thiough tho exercise of
presidential power there Is llttlo real
pleasure In the contemplation of the hold-'
ing of It."
Tho Persistent and Judicious Vise of ,
Newspaper Advertising Is the Itoad to ,
Business Euccets.
Christ. Scientist, wero brief, both' at tha
house and tho grave. The body was
laid at root beside that of Mr. Itabcock's
sister, In Forest Uwn. Tho pallbearers)
1 lonorary
CI. V. Wattles.
('. C). lobeck.
Thomas Bwobe,
Z. T. umlKaj.
John A. Hrndy.
dotild Dirts,
C. 8. Currier,
John .Mellon,
lleorgw I West
T. XI. Orr.
The following
K. A. Nash
IC. 1C. itruee.
K. Buckingham,
A. I.. Heed,
Walter Wood,
Home Miller,
John A. Wiikefield.
railway officials came
to tho tuntral. Mr. nnd Mrs, r. J. Klynn,
vice president Delaware & lickawanna
Hallway coiuuny. Now York; Mr. nnd
Mrs. J .IK Crawford, freight traffic
manager Delaware ,v Uickawnnna, Now
York: Mr. and Mrs, T. J. McOi-oy, as-
slstant general freight ngent, Delaware
& 1K'kaviunm, Chicago; It. V. I.ocke,
westbound freight agent Delaware &
Ijickawunna, Chicago: A. M. lllndman,
custbound freight ngent, Delaware &
Uickuwnnnn, Chtcago: J. O. ltoberts,
chief clerk In Mr. ltabcock a office,
Chicago; Mrs. W. N. llnbcock, Mrs. A.
Wilson, Chtcago; II. J. Orahum, manager
Uvckawanna line, Chicago; CI. A. Cullen,
passenger traffic manager, Delaware &
tjickawanna, New York; C. H. Hunt,
commercial agent, Delaware & Lacka
wanna, and returned after tho funernl
In a special train,
Mr. llnbcock was formerly goneval
(Continued from l'age One.)
bottom if an nuthouse back of saloon
near Doyln nnd Onrtdgo road. My
crated brain done the deed and remorse,
and sorrow for the parents Is bringing
tho results, which will soon como to tho
end. Tho demon whiskey Mil then have
one moro victim, making four In all. Thn
next morning I tried to kill a little newsy,
an Italian, wYio always stands In tho
morning at Seneca street. Tho boy
knows mo well. Ask htm. 1 wlh to pay
the price, but will not let tho lloston
pollco get mo for my family's sake."
The last card was datetl New York,
November 12, 1313, aud said the writer
oxincted to be In Uuffalo Wednesday,
tho 13th, and would call at the police
offlco at 11 a. m. "So shall expoct you
to bo In your offlco."
It wa signed "11. Dennlson." and was
the only card of tho series to bear a sig
nature. Tho writer did not keep tho ap
pointment. The police and federal authorities In
Boston and New York havo been asked
to assist In tho attempt to locate tho
Handwriting experts tonight stated that
tho signature to tho postcard was "U.
Deumessorl." not "Dennlson," as 'origin
ally believed.
Tho word Is a. combination of Itln
words, meaning, "Clod's Kenpera."
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shndo the better of thn gnmo nil through,
being within scoring distance several
tlmos nnd claiming ona touchdown which
was not allowed. A safety and dropklck
by Hrown won tho game. Shnefer was
tho star of the Alliance team.
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