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Madam Butterfly
is the last word authentically spoken in
evening slippers.
A slipper of beautiful pro
portions fashioned from fandeselk
satin of French importation at $4.00 and
$5.00 the pair.
Character- lending points
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Willi I U IT L.
Debate Over Plan of Organisation
Becomes Disorderly.
((tirxtlon of Chancre from Trades lo
Industrial Orsrnnlsntlrins In
Tnkcn (o the 11 on r of lite
Third Member of
FarreU Family Shot
by Chicago Policeman
CIIICAUO, Nov. M.-Irvlng lrrelt,
yearn old. wm shot and Instantly killed
by J'olleeman John Honan, while resist
Jng arrest in the basemsnt of tho Far
relt home early tod-iy. Farrril wna the
third of three brother to lm shot by
policeman within .flvo month and the
CfCond to be stain. HI brother Karl was
killed by Policeman Williams, colored, on
June 23, after he and soveral companion
had attacked the officer. Another brother,
Kdward, was shot at that time, but not
iterlously wounded.
Kdward was to have been placed on
trial In the criminal court today for set
ttf.d fir (o a newspaper wacon durlns
the newspaper strike here.
Irving Farrel was trying to escape from
1'ollceman Honan nfter, It was said, he
had hurled a stone through a saloon win
dow. He quarrelled with a saloon keeper
over payment for drinks and after leav
ing the place threw the stone.
Honan wltneited the breaking of the
window and went to arrest Farrel, who
ran and took refugo In tho basement, lie
was followed by Honan, who arrested
him and fired tho fata shot when mem'
Uers of the Farrel family arc said to
have comq to the rescue of tho -prisoner
(Continued from Page One.)
fore election,?' lm wpf oskta
"Wo didn't, want to then," he laughed.
Mullen had hfs" feet on1 hi desk, upon
which were, plied greaf volumes of legal
lore so that thera wns scarcely room for
sad feet. Through ono sheepskin volumo
he was nervously thumbing whllo ho
talked freely of the slipshod methods tho
bull moosers employed In Douglas county
In nominating the candidates that had
already been nominated on tho republican
Million, said that while so-called con
ventions hod been held by the progres
sives to nomlnato candidates for congress
nnd the county offlc, no state senatorial
district convention had over been held by
the progressives of this county, and yet
the candidates appeared on the ticket
tinder tho progressive designation.
McArdle nil Invcutlgntor.
Barney McArdle, secretary of tho demo
cratic county committee, stepped into the
office while Million was discoursing and
brought some Information In regard to an
Investigation he had tecn making. Mc
Ardle had looked up tho petition on the
strength of which tho progressive county
convention was said to havo been or
ganised. It being a new party, tho law
required 200 names on tho petition. Mo-
HOOHKSTKIt, n. V., Nov. 20,-Wlth
tho first big fight of the American Fed
eration of Labor convention, that of tho
Sherman anti trust law, temporarily dis
posed of, the convention today took up
tho subject of organisation by Industries
lather than by trades. The debate Is ex
pected to bring about a sharp division
between tho radical and conservative
wings of the convention.
The federation has always been un
alterably opposed to Industrial unionism,
but this year the radical faction has
forced a fight on the convention floor.
Conservatives, headed by President Oom
pers, soy that the adoption of the In
dustrial plan would be, only a step toward
changing the federation Into another
I political party.
J At tho presentation of the minority re
. pqrt of the committee, which favors In
dustrial unionism, tho convention floor
became a scene of excitement.' As soon
j a President Qompers called for the voto
mid before remarks had been allowed, a
Idoten men were on their feet calling for
! recognition. Uompers recognized one
delegate, who was against Industrial
unionism, saying: "I am pleased to sec
that nt last you are waking up."
llelmtf Ilrrniura Disorderly.
As tho ilebato progressed It become at
times disorderly. Hisses and groans
often Interrupted the Rpoakcrs.
Frank J. Hayes, representing the United
.Mlno Workers, spoke In favor of tho mi
nority report and was seconded In his
Ardlo ran over the first twrnty-two of
them and looked up the registration of
tho men whose names appeared.
"Only four out of tho first twenty-two,"
ssld McArdle, "were registered ns pro
gressives, Tho rest wero registered as
republicans and democrats. Two wore
registered as democrats. And theso were remark by John Walker and John Mltch
not nil registered before the Morrlssey i e" both of the miners' organization,
raso was decided In tho supremo court. John P. Engan of Toledo made an at
Many of them registered on tho hist day tuck upon Industrial unionism which
of registration, long aftor the Morrlssey brought a doson dclegntes to their feet
caso wus decided against Morrlssey, and I'' noisy dissent. As Kagan progressed In
the supreme court gavo tho progressives his remarks, which brought applause and
a legal standing In tho state, so tlioru was . hisses alike. John Walkor arose and do
ne excuse for any man who Was n pro
gressive registering ns a republican, a
democrat or anything else except a progressive."
, CINCINNATI, Nov. 20.-(8peclal Telo
gram.) Prlco Current saya there ha been
considerable enlargement In the number
of hogs marketed tho Inst week, but a
continued decided shortage In comparison
with a year ngo and nothing In sight to
Indicate but this feature Is to bo continued
at Iwust for Homo weeks. Total western
slaughtering was 67,orw hogs, compared
with 400,000 tho preceding week nnd 745.0W
last year.
From November 1 tho total Is approxi
mately 1,830,000, against 1.WG.000 a year
ago, a decrcaso of 415,000 hogs. Tho aver
age weight of hogs being marketed ap
pears to be heavier than a yeur ago.
There Is Indicated considerable extent of
disorders among swine In scattering lo
calities in the centra) regions.
Prices of hogs nt prominent markets
Indicate a general averngo nt nbojit .S7.UI
Per 100 pounds, compared with SW a week
ugo and 16.10 u year lifio. Total number
bf hogs slaughtered slncp November 1 at
placos mentioned:
Chicago , aio.tro
Kansas City im,w
Omaha )
St. I-ouis 125,00)
8t. Joseph 73,00ft
Indianapolis K7.O0O
Milwaukee 6H.0CO
Cincinnati 28.000
manded th right to reply. Oompers
callod him to order, but, refusing to com
ply, Walker stalked across the floor and
started a personal argument with Eagan.
Walkor was finally forced into his seat
at President Qomper's orders.
Hard Coal Miners
Strike Because Men
Are Discharged
l'OTTSVILLK, Pa., Nov. 20,-Ilecauso
tho Lehigh Valley Cool oompany dis
charged a number of men and boys fof
Hie purposa of retrenchment 4,600 men and
boys employed at various collieries In
tho Mnhanoy City region went on strike
today and tied up tho system. The.offl
clals were at tho mines when tho s'trlko
occurred and matters will be speedily adjusted.
Ottumwa .000
Cedar llnplds . ll.OCO
Hloux City.. SUN)
81. Paul 40,000
90 000
llOIHi:. Idaho, Nov. 20,-The Initiatory
rites of the K. V. A., a high school fra
ttrnlty here, include the painting of
the body with cqllodlon and the lighting
of the cdllodon with a match. As a re
suit of this ceremony Harold Knhu, need
It, Is perhaps fatally burned, five high
school students are fearful of arrest and
school fraternities are likely to be for
bidden. Young Kahn was taken to a
hospital last night after his Initiation,
Make a freat difference la most women. They sro troubled with Berree
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twitoWali &ot flashes, dlsty spells, or many other symptom ol (emalo weakness.
The local disorder aad inflammation should be treated with Dr, Fierce' Lotion
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ter woman's peculiar weaknesses aad distressing ailments. Th tut rttnidy so perfect
ia composition on a so gooa in curauvo cncois as io wirum
it maker la printing it every ingredient on It outside
wrapper, Tkt tut rintdj which absolutely contain aeltber
aloohol nor Injurious or habit-forming drugs.
Following letter leoted at random from large number
d similar oaes aad oited merely to illustrate tnese remark i
"In the wtaUr ol lOOg. I bcBM greatly ran down ud trrsralax.'
. - n . - r 1- . I -I- T . . - . .n
wniM Mas. nzaiBT boott, h owu vim, iitu ww . ,
slOKlr but snrslir grm worts, ana. at wsi. nwjntu vo mvv'T in uw
i.m kAlj. TVa Hnnbi, mA I ha,t Influnmstion. snlarBwnmt and Uoei
aUon. I wu In bod laran wssks and got no better. th doctor nil I
Taf t is Asked to
Pardon 0. L, Hyde
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.-An appeal to
President Taft for commutation of the
sentence Imposed on Charles U Hyde, a
real estate man of Pierre, 8. D., con
victed of fraudulently using tho malls to
promote his business, was mada today by
two South .Dakota stat'o officials. Hyde
was sentenced to fifteen months In tho
Leavenworth penitentiary and the pay
ment of a heavy fine. Tho case Is now
pending on appeal to, the supremo court.
MADIBON. Neb., Nov. 20.-(Bpcclnl.)-
Aocordlng to the expense statements on
file In the county clerk's office, Herman
Dvuttow, candidate for commissioner,
spent $C0; Fred Terry, commissioner-elect,
Wi F. J. Hale, senalor-olect of tho Tenth
district, spent $170; whllo Dan Method,
opposing candidate says that he did not
spend, anything; M. O. Doerlng, ussossor
elect, 3.25; Mark IlIchnrdBon, opposing
candidate, hna not tiled any oxpcnvb
statement: A. J. Koenlsteln, county at
torney-elect, 101.75; H. Halderson, who
opposed Koenlgsteln, spent $79.49; Junies
Nichols, representative-elect of Madlron
county, $42.25, and II. C. Hasklns, oppos
ing candidate, $41.
Yesterday afternoon the city council
granted a franchise for ninety-nine yeur
to the Western Interurban Railway com
pany, the franchise to be forfeited If the
road Ib not In full operation within thre
years froh the date of the grant. The
line enters tho city from the cost on First
street and continues west as far as
Water street, which will constitute a ter
minus of tho line.
M. O. 'Doerlng and Frank Martin of
Hattle Creek alnd C. U Huntley of Nor
folk were In town on business today.
Mrs, Bertha A. Collins has commenced
suit Sgnlnst her husband, Joseph O. Col
lins, for divorce.
Who never kicks on this" thid that
If wlfle wants a winter hat?
Who never drank In all his life,
And never fabled to his wife?
Witness Says Ironworkers' President
Was Present at Meeting. .
Eleven Union officials Attended Sr- !
alon Where llockln Told of
IlloTTlnsr fp Slruetnri" In
(Continued from I-age One.)
fortifications defending Constantinople at
Tchatalja have received orders to coase
fighting and merely to hold the position!)
they havo won, negotiations having been
begun for the conclusion ot an armistice
at tho request ot Turkoy.
All the reports emanating from Turk
ish sources alleging that the Turkish
troops had gained victories over the
Bulgarians along the lino of fortifications
at Tchatalja aro officially declared untrue
by the Ilulgarfan war office today.
This Is tho only Information given out
thus far In regard to the throe days' oper
ation of tho Bulgarian army before
Constantinople with the exception of yes
terday's announcement that the armies
had been engaged at tho advance points
ot the line.
Regarding the situation at Adrlanople,
official accounts state that the Turkish
troops attempting to break through the
Bulgarian investing lines were repulsed
on Monday with heavy losses nfter a
battle lasting the whole day. They were
compelled to rottre to the fortress. From
Dedeoghatch, on tliu Agcan sea, It Is re
ported that two buttallons of Turkish
troops posted on 'the heights to tho north
were routed by tho Bulgarians. Tho Turka
fled, leaving a train filled with provisions,
ammunition and horses.
Iltilnnrln Nnincn Conditions.
Bulgaria's conditions for agreeing to an
armistice were transmitted to Constanti
nople yesterday. They were accompanied
by Bulgaria's main conditions for tho con
clusion of peace, the principal stipulation
of which permits Turkey to retain tho
city of Constantinople and a strip ot
coast territory In Europe.
The allied Balkan nations today as
sented to tho Turkish proposal to discuss
the terms ot an armistice and eventual
The reply sent to the dispatch ot the
grand viztef to King Ferdinand ot Bul
garia soys:
"Tho Bulgarian government, after "an
agreement with the allied coblno'ts. of
Scrvlo, Montenegro and Qreeco. Informs
the Porto that plenipotentiaries hYvo been
appointed with lnstrubllbn1 tQ 'arrange,
with tho commandcrs-ln-chlef of the" Tur
kish armies the conditions of an armis
tice and subsequently to proceed to tho
conclusion of peace."
Porte Will Nitnie Envoys.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 19.-(U:30 p.
m.) Tho Porta tomorrow will appoint
plenipotentiaries to meet tho Butgarlan
plenipotentiaries with ' regard to an
An official note Issued tonight says that
the Bulgarian government has replied tn
tho Porte's recent communication respect
ing an nrmlstlce and that Bulgaria Is
ready to enter Into relations with the
Ottoman plenipotentiaries with a view tr.
tho conclusion ot an nrmlstlce and to
discuss conditions of peace.
Bulgaria has nominated the commander-in-chief
of the army at Tchatalja 'to
negotiate the armistice. ,The negotiations
will be conducted nt Hademkeul, whither
Turkey will send Its delegates.
Constantinople U Quiet.
NEW YORK, Nov. 20. Cleveland M.
Dodge, one of the trustees of Robert col
lege nt Constantinople, received the fol
lowing cable message from the president
of that Institution this mornng:
assured. The city Is quiet. Tho school Is
crowded with students Rnd Is fully
guarded. GATES.''
officials of the International Association
of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers
were accused by Patrick J. Dugan at the
"dynamite conspiracy" trial today of
having been present when blowing .up
nonunion Jobs was discussed.
Dugan. former treasurer of a local
union, testified that shortly after a
building In Detroit was dynamited In I
June, 1907, the union officials held a cau
cus over tho election of officers. At the
time tho witness said Herbert fl. TTnrkln
announced that he had lost tils position !
on account of having induced Ortlo E.
McManlgal to blow up the Detroit Job.
"Hockln said becauso of this ho ought
to bo given a place on the executive
board," said Dugan. "Ho said he was
going to mnko his campaign for office on
the strength of tho Detroit Job."
Dugan said President Frank M. Ryan
and 'ten other officers were present.
Wanted Srnle Itntes.
Dugan testified an Indianapolis local
union had destroyed a nonunion Job for
$25, and when (t was learned the Inter
national union woa paying $200 for each
Job blown up, complaint was mada to J.
J. McNamara.
"McNomaro replied people were learn
ing too much about explosions," suld
Dugan. "Ho said District Attorney
Jerome In New York had learned the
Iron workers' union was behind tho dy
namiting Jobs In tho east and they would
havo to be careful."
While J. J, McNamara was In Jull In
Los Angeles and before ho pleaded guilty,
an effort was made by Iron workers In
Indlannpolls to buy certain papers, tes
tified Mrs. Mary E. Carroll. Mrs. Carroll
said Fred Sherman, an Iron workers'
business agent, offered her $100 to pro
cure a receipt In tho possession of Dugan.
Dugan ( had said tho receipt was for $25,
paid for destroying a nonunion job.
Mrs. Carroll said on tho promise of
getting $100 for the' paper, she went to
pugan's house and attempted to Induce
Mrs. Dugan to give It up, but Mrs. Dugan
refused. '
Victim of Hammer
Murder is Identified
CINCINNATI, O., Nov. 20.-A photo
graph of the victim of tho Chicago "ham
mer murder" was Identified by Cincin
nati relatives today as a likeness of
Mrs, Emma Kraft, a woman of 00, who
recently sold some property here and
who, her klnspeoplo beliove, was lured
to Chicago by someono who planned to
rob her of tha proceeds of the sale. The,
local police 'are looking for a ' man .to
whom Mrs. Kraft lent $S00 soon after tho
Minnie Hanck, Grand
' Opera Singer; Dead
! NEW YORK. Nov. SO.-Mme. Tdlnnie
ha.uk, former grand opera singer, died
In Munich last Saturday, acordlpg to
word received here last night. Bhe re
tired from the Btage In 195, spending
most of her tlmo at her villa on Lake
Lucerne, with her husband. Baron Von
The baroness was born In New Orleans
sixty years ago, and died on her birth
day anniversary. She mado her debut In
New York In 18G8, In "La Somnombulo."
Umm. Boott.
would UTS to have n oprUon. but to that I would not llstso. My hu.
Und purthSMd two bottlss of Dr. Plnrn l FsvcrlU PivMriptlon. Whan
I started to tai this ranodr I eouU not wslk across Ui floor, bat f I ur
t hd Uka thro bottUs I couU fel mysdif stng, so I dropped th
doctor and took Dr. Plsrco's rstwit Proserhrtifo. Onhr for It I think
1 would hr beon dosd-I really bUr It savsd my IK. I XmI bttur
low than ia twontr yean."
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rmrvous and Irritable, lack Interest In the things In which you formerly took
pleasure all due to Impaired digestion and weakened nerves.
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with it all that belching of sour,
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nerves will tingle with renewed
vitality, you'll sleep good and
feel good.
A postal addressed today to
Samuetk skloekotieivrvn
firUiHutmtofSamuertind our
JraiUmrt, aftheflsm'm iht large UtleM "
The Samuel Chemical Company.
Cincinnati, Ohio, will bring
JUL' a rree trial box by return
mail, aena ror it nowi
PLATT8MOUTH. Neb., Nov. S0.-8pe-
claD H. M. Soennlchsen yesterday be
gan the erection ot a double store bulldT
Ing to be 100 feet long, one story In height
and will be adjacent to the Journal build.
Ing on tho west. Mr. Soennlchsen expects
to have the building ready for occupancy
Mso Mauxy, foreman of the Burling
ton blacksmith shop In the local shops,
resigned his position yesterday. Mr,
Mausy has filled the position for more
than twenty years, having worked In
that department for a long time prior
to being Installed as foreman. He will
be succeeded by William Warga.
John notter, an employe of the Bur
lington lumber yard, was seriously bruised
about the head yesterday by the upsetting
ot a car ot cinders.
News Notes at Cambridge. .
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., Nov. W.-(Specla).)-
The southwest Nebraska Dental society
held Its semi-annual meeting here today.
A Fanners' Institute will be held In
Cambridge, November K and 23, this
city being generally known to be the
homo ot many of the best live stock
breeders ot this state. Arrangements are
complete for many high class exhibits,
Moire Hack from Alaska,
GENEVA. Neb.. Nov. S0.-4Jenjoml
Moxee, who has spent the last three years
In Alaska, in tho government employ, Is
In Geneva visiting his uncle, I)r George
Moxee, and trends. He expects to re
turn to Alaska next summer.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
Big Returns.
LONDON, Nov. SO. Two suffragettes
wero sentenced In tho court of sessions
hero today to long terms of Imprisonment
for' window smashing. Isabella Irving
was sent up, for sx months and Ethel
Blade for four months on the charge of
damaging shop windows In Bond and
Oxford streets oh November 6, when they
participated In a raid with other women
as a protect against the rejection by the
House of Commons of an amendment
providing for woman suffrage In tha
homo rule bill of Ireland.
Colds Cnnse llendstehe unit Grip.
the cause. There Is only one "BROMO
QUININE." Look for tha slgnaturo of B.
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s ssjk
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Trusty Steals Stove
from Police Station
KANSAS CITY, Nov, 20. John Jones, a
negro trusty at No. 2 police station In
Kansas City, Kan., yesterday was fined
J In police .court for stealing the station
stove, wheeling It to a Junk shop In the
station wheelbarrow and selling it for 59
In oaMltlon' to the 200 days John was
sentenced to wheel the stove back to the
statlop and set It In place again.
"I Bee tnat you cannot ne trusted," said
the Judgo in imposing sentenco, and he
cautioned the workhouse guards to see
that John did not .sell his ball and chain.
QTa vi tjL
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ceived from women who have used it
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vents caking of
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It tolls how you can buy rugs of the quality best adapted for your own
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li of ten cm a fed b polKinoniettarrh etrmi drono
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Children at Matlnse.
Nov. as Belasco's "THE WOMAN.'
4 Days Com. ttUHO&Y, Nov. 34
A Oripplng Play or Today.
Prices aso-ll.50 SEATS NOW.
Krug Theater!
Matin Today, Bi30 Ntrht, 8)30.
Bait Seats 50 Cants.
Friday Night The Country Store
Ls-disa' Dally Dime Matlae.
Mat. Every Day ailO; Every Night BUS
Prank Milton & DtLonf EUttr. DtWItt, Ilurn.
L Tonuti, Mclntrrs lc llarty. Bounding I'iU
tinooa, Ethel Mao Barkar, Lowa A Da Vtra.
ratba'a Weaklr lUrltw ot tha World's Ertnta.
Prlca-This Waak-Mstt. 10c iU, tie. Tk.
MatlSM. lc tic Wa-
Professor Pradsrlck Ama Stuff
of Untrerslty of Xfcrtka
at Unity Cfcnreli, 17t& and Cast St.,
Srsry Other Friday at 8tl3 P. M,
Course Tickets, S3 1 Single Admission 50
Not. S3d Brst Xartel
"ia It Worth While to Xaow Xlaf

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