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2OMAHA DAILY BEEj The Court Houie Settlement
'"WAbRoali'ATBR. i Thc county board and .court hqiiso
VICTOR" -HQBBWATEit. EUiTOtt! "" i contractors tiro reaching tho point
B building. iTAnKAkf AND irrii. whero settlement or claims and
j counter claims growing out of tho
I erection of tho building must bo
Knterivl m
C'am matter.
Sapaay Bee, one year t
?ll.Vrxly Bep- o J'car 50
Wy Bee without Sunday, ono year. 4.00
.oally Bee, una Sunday, one year.... .w
Evening and Sunday, per month 0c
Evening, without BundaV, per month. c
Dally Bee, Including Sunday, per mo. EM
Dally Bee. without Sunday, per rno... c
Address all complaint or Irregularities
In delivery to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft. express or postal order,
Payable to Tho Bee Publishing Company.
Only S-cent stamps received In payment
of small accounts. Tenons! checks, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
Omaha The Bee building.
South Omaha-SX N street.
Council Bluffs-H North Main street.
, Mncsln-2S I.tttle building. .
Chicago 1041 Marquette building.
Xancas Ctty-nellanco bultdln.
New York-31 West Twentr-thlrd.
,t- lx)Ul-402 Frisco building.
"Wahlngton-7 fourteenth t. N. V
Communications relating to news and
twlltorlal matter should x addressed
lalia Bee. Editorial uepanmenv.
Rtate Of Nebraska, CoUnty of Douglas, Mi
taken tip.
In tills matter tho members of tho
board should rcallio that thoy aro
representing tho intorests of tho tax
payers and arc expected to safeguard
and protect thoso intorests Just tho
sanlo as If they wcro fooling thc bills
with money out of their own pockets
instead of out of tho county treasury.
They should understand, too, that
tho contractors' threats of lawsuits
have no terror for the people of the
county If it comes to a choice of
conceding unwarranted demands or
resort to the courts, tho coilnty
board would bo fully bucked up In
refusal (o soUlo oh tho contractors'
Ono thing further should also bo
kept in .mind that whatever nego
tiations may proceed, no keep-it-dark
gnmo can bo played without Inviting
suspicions that would best be
Better Stock Rahing-Methods.
If tho high prices for meat have tho
nf ffiet. ns . Riicecstcd bv a Kloux countv
WSlee'Tm ln " interviewer. -TJm
m x iin xjco uM."i'f ----- ' '
5rcu.at!on 'for th month of October,
Circulation MannKcr.
v..i .-fu.A in mv nrinnrn and aworn
Up- before me this 1st day of November.
Tuhlle. I
tbcai.t i
nnWrUern.lenrli.ir tt.o rltr
bit re T
ttmsorsrllr shonld
Hen mailed them
will he chnnirrd ns often ns re
Nebraska is tho typical autumn
Boost for Omaha early and often
hud all tho tlmo.
. Yea, and tho Omaha beautiful -will
jnot b disfigured with ugly blll-
Our cx-attornoy-genoral-for-a-llt-.
tlo-whllo likes to hear hlmsolf talk
in print
Evory person who lives in Omaha
will havo at least ono catiso for
Where is that Wyoming man who
predicted tho earliest and severest
winter on record?
Gunning for human gamo will
probably bocomo less popular sport
in Now York now.
Tha age bt the, gunman scorns to
liave developed some mighty fine
Jurors in New York.
It is supposed, howovor, that tho
people of Danville will porralt Undo
Joo to livo and die thoro.
Vincent Astor has n dandy chnnco
now to show us to how a youth re
duced to ?6?,000,000 should act.
Reports say Mexico has boon
shaken by an earthquake that killed
many. Somebody trying to bo fuunyt
Still, if thoy should supersede Mr.
Gompors in offlco ho could not' fairly
eay ho had not boon honored by his
Ileo, of Inspiring' ranchers to bet
ter motbods of stock raising produc
tive of larger hords and Improved
breeds, they havo a compensatory
value gonorally overlooked. This
stockman predicts that within tho
next decado "the west Is K olng Jo sco
a great change in all tno cattlo
rnlfllng Industry," adding that "Im
proved methods aro rapidly coming
Ip and In a fow years wo will bo rais
ing as much beef ns over,"
Of courso, the subdivision of the
great ranges has had tho temporary
effect of curtailing tho livo stock
supply, but it would bo idlo to Im
agine that an Industry so profitable
would not recover from a setback.
This is but ono of tho changes that
havo como with tho recurring trans
formations of tho west, all of which
havo meant progress and develop
ment. If tho smaller farmor goes
into cattlo-rnislng now on a moro
sclontlfic basis than formerly pur
sued by tho big ranger bettor bred
stock and moro of it should como in
tho courso of a very few years, for
tho samo principle of intensive pro
di.ctlon is applicable to livo stock as
to products of tho soil.
V ..r1 NOV. Hi. I r. -Ji
Characteristic! and Career of Michel Savoff, Bulgar General.
la thoro a s'tato In tho runton with
out a receptive candidate, for tho
cabinet wilting to take tho offlco if
Hotels and Living Cost.
Tho Missouri Hotel association has
boon dtscuBsing high prlcos with a
view of rellof to its mombont,, moro
than to tholr patrons. So far an re
ports go, tho proprietors did not
discuss ways and means of helping
a guest koop down tho slzo of his
bill. Thoy did not tako up tho mat
ter of tips, oxtortod from tha patron
as a part and of ton a very largo
part of tha wages of waiters and
other omployos. What vexed tho
hotel inon was tho burdon of high
prices of what thoy had to buy,
which burden Is heavy, yot no heav
ier, proportionately, upon thorn than
others. Ono of tho prime factors
In tho successful conduct of a hotel
is economy In buying and selling
alwayB has boon md always will bo
from tho very nature of tho business.
No class of men, perhaps, Is closer
to this acute problom, yot tho scalo
win hover bo revised downward' for
tho hotel man without making the
hotel guest also a beneficiary of a
fow reductions that will roach oyer
to him. !
"That Loa Angeles maniac with a
bundle of dynamlto' concealed '.in a
grind organ was prepared to play a
jHHeral dirge.
A New York paper asks if the
"bad man of tho west" is passing
away? Evidently ho passed to Now
Yerk a long time ago. .
Do not bo afraid tp trust tho boy
He la as sate and big as was his father
nad grandfather. ' Ills development
depends on bis elders.
Conundrum It tho pay of legts
lativa members has been doubled,
wjll the quality ot tholr Handiwork
Improve proportionately?
. Nevada must "havo roBolyed to
trace up and be a man, judging from
its announced intention of going out
ot the easy-dlvorca business.
A lot of fool laws encumbor our
Nebraska statute books which would
hot be there If our law-makors had
tho courage ot their convictions.
Fink teas may be barred from our
aow Commercial club r6oms, but vo
have no doubt a bustnuss woman's
I casus would meet a hearty welcome.
As usual, the problem of tha Al
hert law is to bo solved by thoso
uupposcd to have tho least practical
experience with tno evils to bo curea
It 'will be remembered that tlfe
sreenb&ckers, the populists and the
silver republican also set to work
"permanently organizing" as soon as
the returns wore In.
Jt U not impossible for Mr. Bryan
4 cei tato the senate by way of
haWng a cabinet position. This
Mickt eventuate it President Taft'
iMMeetton were adopted of having
tha executive represented In oach
house of congress by bis cabinet
Some Forecaster. ,
Our hat is off to Coionol George
Harvey, tho editorial prophet ot that
ournal of civilisation known as
Harper's Weekly. Tho coionol Is
some forecaster, as witness tVioarray
ot exhibits he has boen ablo to gather
from tho back files covering six
years, seven months and twonty-ono
days, ns follows:
I. Wo venture to suggest the nomina
tion of President "Woodrow Wllsqn of
Princeton university as the democratic
candidate for president of tho United
8tates.-March 10. 1004.
II-Vo have a shrewd suspicion that
the democrats of New Jersey will nomi
nate Woodrow Wilson for governor In
1910, with u view to presenting his name
to tho democratic natlonul convention ot
1S11 November S3, 1008.
III.W now oxpect to sco Woodrow
Wilson elected governor of Now Jersey
In lMO-Muy IS. 1DQ9.
IV. At the expiration of sixteen months
we perceive no . occasion to revise our
calculations. Mr. Wilson's majority will
be 40,000,-Septcmber 21, 1910,
v. we now fully anticipate tho nomi
nation of Woodrow Wilson for president
of the United States by the democratic
national convention of 1911, November 19,
VI. We end this scries of prophecies
With a prediction that Woodrow Wilson
will be duty elected president ot the
United States In November next-July IS,
VII. We now predict that Woodrow
Wilson's "majority over all In tho electoral
college will exceed 3)0. November i, 1SU.
VIII. It was K7.-Novomber 16. 1912,
Colonel Harvey has Bhrewdly writ
ten' "finis" at tho bottom of tho list
With- this reputation for infallibility,
ho can afford to rest on his laurels
and surrender his occupation as po
lltlcal oracle.
flilrty Year -M
The Bans Cfcremonlo club gave Its
opening ball at tho Millard, the first
private party to be given In that hos
Ulry. The Hlillomuthcan club has been reor
ganized with the following membership:
'M. Hoffman, first violin; A. nohrs, sec
ond violin;' Martin Cahn. viola; Zerkow
sky, 'cello; George F. Mayer, piano, and
Julius Meyer, flute, and will give a series
of concerts during the winter.
The city council lias raised the salaries
of stokers ahd drivers of the fire depart
ment nnd of tho city Jailer to t!0 a month
Tho Julia Hunt dramatic troupe, billed
to appear at Boyd's tonight, has gone tip
tho flume and tho engagement Is can
celled. .
' W. I. Hawks succeeds Robert C. Jordan
rfs agent for the Travelers Life for
Omaha and vicinity. He was offlclng
with Andy Borden, 1412 Farnam street
Colonel Floyd Is able to be about again
nftcr a tedious confinement to his rooms
It Is computed that tho jk Hng of TVnth
street will require 14.000,000 pounds of
Sioux Falls granite.
Superintendent Bob Law, now of the
Burlington, was In thc city.
Twenty Yearn Ai.'n .
II. J. Smith and Mrs. Palmer Henderson
of Minneapolis called at The Boo office
on a visit Mr- Smith was remembered In
Omaha as manager of the Omaha Art
Exhibit company, which suffered by the
nttempted destruction of the famous
Ilonguereau picture by Warblngton nearly
two years boforo. Mr. Smith was arrang
ing for a cliff dwellers' exhibit at the
Chicago world's fair. Mrs. Henderson
was well known In the Twin Cities as a
iiowspnper writer and was accompanying
Mr. Smith to the cliff dweller country
In New Mexico to aid In collecting mate-
Mrs. G. M. Hitchcock had as her guest
of tho week Mrs. Montgomery Parker of
Salt Lake City.
Mrs. J, T. Klnsler was called to her
old home In New York by the serious
Itinera of her mother,
Tho society of Druid hill gavn W. M.
Carter a complete surprise In the oven-
Ing on the occasion of his birthday anni
versary. High five was played nnd the
booby prize, a cabinet sized photo of
Grover Cleveland, was won by Frank
Pears, a stanch republican.
The ' Schlltz Browing company filed
plans with tho building superintendent
for a new five-story building on Sixteenth
street south of tho Board ot Trade build
ing. , It was to cost ITO.OuX
Tea Years Ago
Tho senior class of the high school
elected these officers! President, Hugh
Wallace; vice president, Laura Rhoodcs;
secretary, Rcta Clark; treasurer, Joy
Sutphen; sergeants-at-arms, James Fall
and Bert Chatfo; olasa teacher, Miss Mc
Hugh. Tho promised articles of Incorporation
of tho State Insurance Company of No.
braska were filed with tho county clerk
by the. following: James E. Boyd, John
C. Cowln. A. C. Love, J. J. Dlckoy, Lu
ther Drake, 13. A. Cudahy, E. W. Dixon.
Frank Colpetisir, E. P. Klrkcndall, O. L,
Hammer, E. E. Howell, W. M. Glass. E.
K. Bruce, Edgur Allen, M. C. Peters, W.
J. C. tCenyon, William Krug nnd E. V.
Lewis. Tho paid up capital was $100,000,
with il.COO.OOO authorized.
Tho Burlington rallro&d advanced the
wages of Its switchmen to the. Chicago
scale, giving foremen 4 cents an hour
r'nlno and helpers 3 cents more.
it. L. McAldon, H22 South Sixteenth
street was struck by a northbound
Twenty-fourth street car at Sixteenth
and Douglas streets at 8:30 a. m, and
died In the afternoon. McAldon was
standing beside the car when It struck
him. It Is supposed ha misjudged the
dlstanco between tils position nnd the
tracks. Ho was employed by C. JS. Carl
son, a contractor, as night watchman.
Hov. J. W. Jennings, D. D presiding
elder of this district, returned from Phil
adelphia, where he attended a meeting of
the general missionary committee of the
Methodist church, which, largely through
his efforts,, decided to hold Its next an
nual mooting In Omaha.
"Speed is trumps" Is the current Eng
lish version of the motto ot General
Savoff, commander ot the victorious Bul
garian army operating before. Constanti
nople. The words express the 'dominant
characteristic of a remarkable campaign
and their spirit Is understood In thc re-suit-?.
In a few short weeks the speed
attained by the Bulgarian army over
throw Ottoman rule In Europe, smashed
the prophecies of military critics, revised
the msp of tho near cast, reared a new
nation In the cradle nf war and caused
the great powers to sit up and take stock
of the future.
Very properly the spotlight Is turned
on the hitherto unknown military leader,
whose achievements put him In the class
of great warriors of history. To his own
soldiers General Savoff Is a Napoleon;
to those of other nationalities he seems
a Kitchener or a Von Moltkc.
General Savoff was the man chosen by
Bulgaria's great premier, Stambouloff. to
take the post of minister of war In ?S91
and make over the army from' a iftoso
assortment of tatterdemalion regiments
Into a fighting machine of thc first order
such ns that which, having stormed Its
way thither, now grimly awaits tho out
come under tho walls of Adrlanople and
Constantinople. Savoff Introduced1 tlio
Mannllcher repeating rifle and evicted the
obsolete cannon for Krtipp ordnance of
the most modem type. Ho was no cab!
net philosopher In military science, relates
the Philadelphia Ledger; as a mere youth
ful captain, In 1886, he had commanded
the left wing of the Bulgarian army at
Sllvnitza, with a general's responsibility.
Always a student of tactics, he was a
singular combination of the patient
scholar and the dashing leader, and from
the first he had the gift that most great
warriors have had, of Inspiring unfalter
ing confidence and blind allegiance In
tho rank and file.
As chief of the military academy at
Sofia Bulgaria's West Point-he had a
task that appealed to his Imagination and
enkindled his enthusiasm. His pupils were
inrcctcd by his own contagious seal and
earnestness. Tho men who are fighting
at his shoulder now In Turkey are those
who were his pupils In Sofia. Ho has
only to telj his commanders of companies
what he wants, and they do It, It the
feat is humanly possible.
In 1903 Savoff again became the head of
the war office, and was In a position to
overhaul the department from top to
bottom. He 'threw out the mere bureau
crats and the"-time strvcrs modernized
tho equipment, reorganized the various
branches of the sexvlce, and set to work
to Improvpotlr personnel of the army. In
1904 It wos'hi special triumph to Kt the
military act of 1904 passed, which, turned
every'. abJe-bodied male Bulgarian::frpm
his 18th to, his 46th year Into , a potential
soldier. Mohammedans can "purchase ex
emption on payment of $100, but there are
few followers of the prophet In Bulgaria
who have that much money to spend to
procure immunity. The result Is an army
of Immense size for so small a country-
amounting to nearly one In fen of the
enttro population. The paramount and
fxed Idea with Savoff Is that overy male
person who Is not hopelessly paralyzed,
or deformed or mentally' Incompetent
shall be ready to defend .his country . at
need against "malice domestic, foreign
A special school was organized, In con
nectlon with this drastic overhauling, for
the training of reserve officers. Thin
school has given the army, In tho course
of a decade. 3,000 officers who are In tho
majority of cases men of college cduca-
tlon in addition to their specific military
mado n significant feature, for It was
recognized that the whole duty of the
soldier nowadays Includes making roads
and erecting bridges as' well as taking
part In a cavalry charge or a sortie.
"t walk nt least two mitost a rinv to kepn
In training," sold Mr. Meckton.
"uoctors orders?"
"No. Henrietta. Rhh savs. that here
after she- will allow .me to represent her
in tne surrragctte parades." Washington
did she divorce her first ius-
He couldn't keep his money."
And whv .Is she Baltic her present
husband for dlvorrn?" 1
lie s such a tightwad.' Houston Tost.
"I never see Jane -at church ant
more." .
"No; slnco she. Is wearing her new gown
she goes to a dhurch Vwhere they stand'
insieau pi Kncenng. Detroit ews.
' v V
Fltb-The mart who'lovcs a woman
can't help being elevatedft
Dub4-And thc man who-loveR moro than
ono Is apt to be sent up, too. Judge's
Blinks An eastern man. married as -the
fesult of. an election bet.
Jinks One of the'ilosers, ehf-r-Clcvcland
Plain Dealer.
"Ho always says 'Good morrow' In
stead of "Good day.' "
"Well, perhaps, ho knows something
about tomorrow. Ho Is a weather man,
jyou know." Spokane Spokesman Review,
"This section." remarked, tho traveler.
as he watched the clothes- fluttering''' In.
the breeze as tne. train passeu settlement
after settlement, shows evidence tike
those of a great flood." ,
"I can t see any,' answerea nis iuiii.v
companion. What ore they I"
"Why, don't you seo the woshouts an
along the llneT" Baltimore American.
New Vork SUn.
The latest lingering bird of. summer fled
From autumn's rainy blast,
Seeking the rosy lands of far away
When gaudy summer passed.
And a above the. fallow fields he sped,
He carolled loud, and long
In glairexpectanoy-j-alid went astray
Eorsctful in his song,'.,'),, . .
J3o fluttering round nnd round, ho flew
nd surnmeT haunts-ah, Where bad gopc
ine pioom,
The. grtfertwood and tho flowers!
The"trees were gray and tarnished was
the plain,
While In the garden close
There dwelt a silent reminiscent gloom,
For fallen was the rose.
And the lost bird with many a plaintive
Bemoaned the sombre view
When lo,' the enchanted sky the time
forgot '
And donned Us fairest blue.
While fleeing' summer paused upon tho
hill . , . , -' ,
Where fires, of sumac burned,
And hearing the 'famljjar song sho
1 , ' thought - ' - ,
'Twos June and so returned.
In 1908 General Savoff tried to retire
Into private life once more (he had been
three years in civic station after Stam
botlloffs downfall, from 1897 until 1900).
But the effort was ultimately unsuccess
ful. Ho was too vuluablo n, man to be
allowed to rusticate and to wield a
trenchant pen In urging army reforms, in
stead of the sword. All the troublous
signs of the times foreshadowed his ap
pointment to his prosont post at the head
of tho army, and recent 'events have made
It clear that he was the one man best
fitted to "lead his soul, his cause, his
clan" Jn the present crisis and prove hts
possession of tho mind and Inflexible reso
lution of a great military leader;.
Remarkable Radius of Government's New Station.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The new wireless station at Arlington
Heights, Va., Is 'not yet working at
Its maximum efficiency, but Is only bolng
adjusted by experimental tests In order
to ascertain, the potentiality of thc plant
at various dlstonoea and under different
atmospheric- conditions.
It has already, however, been fully
demonstrated that In this governmental
station tho world has Its most efficient
wireless installment, and tho future dem
onstrations as to distances that can be
reached will bo watched with great In
terest by scientists, public officials, und
the world of business, for Its success bids
fair to bring fine results In many direc
Communication 'hoe Men established be
tween Arlington and tho station at Cllf-
en, Ireland, a distance of 2,500 miles
over tho ocean, and between Arlington
and the Mare Island plant In San Fran
cisco bay, a distance of 3,000 miles over
the land.
Key West has caught the messages to
the south, and that Panama can bo
placed In constant touch with the plant
at the capital of the republic Is not
Simon Nelson Patten, distinguished
professor of political economy in tho
University of Pennsylvania, author of
many books and treatises, has sdme very
curious Ideas about social as - well as
political economy. Ho It was who urged
that a dutiful wife should rise at 6:30
the morning, prepare breakfast In
fifteen minutes, get the children off to
school, and then go to work and earn
at least three-fifths as much as her hus
band, so' that she might contribute to
the support ot the family.
People Talked About
Governor-elect forehead has
tired to a health resort. Watch
democratic patriots afflicted with
the offlce-ttchttls find it necessary
to recuperate at the same place.
Come on with that new $1,000,000
hotell We dure you to como on
with it, whoever you are.
American interests which were urging
upon tho administration Intervention In
Mexico a fow months ago are now In the
forefront ot thc opposition to such a
course. They havo suddenly realised that
American wages would follow American
occupation and their profits be reduced
Two preachers leading two vigilance
committees numbering ISO husky men, on
Sunday last stopped a foot ball match n
the outskirts ot Chicago between rival
teams of athletic boys and girls. While
the disappointed sports were relieving
their feelings on the "pernicious actlvl
ties" of preachers, the promoter of the
game disappeared with the gate receipt.
High society tn Louisville. Ky has de
clared war on wine room dances, "spiked1
punch, late hours and other capers ot so.
clal progressives. The plan Is to put a
ban on the turkey trot and kindred
dances; to exclude from future social ac
ttvttles those youths who persist In bring
ing intoxicants to parties and balls; to
clean out free and easy manners, and. In
short to replace decorum on the pedestal
from which It has fallen.
The Rventng News ot Manchester,
Knglsnd, under date ot November 4, notes
the resignation of Major Church How as
American consul and expresses regret At
his retirement from official station. "He
came to this city In 1907," says the News,
"and during hl sojourn here lie has made
many friends, among the commercial and
professional people among whom he
moved. He was well known an a strong
advocate ot peace, and did much to ce
ment the tics of friendship between Man
chester and the states."
The matter of cost meets every pro
posed reform more than half way and
usually determines Its fate. A.membo."
of the Now York Board of Education In
troduced a resolution providing free soap
and a towel for the use of each pupil of
the public schools, but expert figured
out that the cost might go anywhere
from $70,000 to $700,000. As the towels
would have to be washed, a laundry su
perinttndent estimated that he could not
take the contract for any sura below
1W,OCO a year.
doubted by those In management thcro.
These, remarkable, achievements In wire.
less transmission of Intelligence have
been accomplished with but fractions of
tho power which tho plant possesses, and
our readers need not be surprised If the
great pulsator on tho Arlington Heights
will prove itself able to call up Rome,
Berlin, Paris and Vienna when It Is put
In completo condition nnd under full
working power.
Its work Is sure to attract the attention
of tho advanced thinkers ot all nations,
ns It Is regarded with World-wldo confl
derico In Its ability to accomplish won
ders In its line of work and to control a
sphere' of action th( beyond that of any
othor station in existence.
' Later on tests "111 be made as to tho
distances communications Can be suc
cessfully mado with our naval vessels,
hnd It Is very probable that tho In
stallations of wireless upon them can be
changed so that the radius of operation
can bo materially lengthened and that
every battleship, cruiser and supply ship
can bo kept In tot?h with headquarters
at Washington for distances In tho thou
sands of miles.
Gospel of Laziness, Vanity and Selfishness Expounded.
Washington Post.
Now he Is at It again. He says that
girl earning $7 or $8 a week should
buy $10 hats, use all her-income 'for
herself, and borrow more money for
adornment Instead of sharing her' earn
ings with her parents. Such a girl, he
said. Is moro respected than one who
spends CO cents on a hat and gives the
rest to her parents. Amplifying his Idea,
the professor added:
The family has no claim upon a
working girl. Tho better she dresses the
better she will carry herself, nnd she
will marry, moro advantageously and be
come one of the beet wives and mothers.
I toll my students to spend all they have,
and to borrow moro and spend that It
Is foolish for persons tp scrimp and save.
It Is argued that they are endeavoring
o put something aside for a rainy day
and old age, but It Is not the Individual's
placo to do this, it Is the community's,"
A fine argument from a man engaged
In teaching. It Is not merely socialistic;
It Is the gospel of laziness, vanity, ex
travagance, and pauperism. Worst of
all, it would annul the great moving
forces of sympathy, kindliness, and help
fulness. In the world, as this, professor
would have it, there would be no 'un
selfishness, no sacrifice, no brotherly
love, and no filial loyalty.
Ts It any wonder that sensible .college
professors work under a handicap, when
their colleagues utter such stuff 7
New York Tribune; A compiler o
school statistics finds city youths more
muscular than those, from rural districts.
Steering 'the automobile must require
greater strength than steering tho plow.
Indianapolis News: A great many ot
the faithful are not nearly so much wor-
rted about that extra session as they are
about the arrangements that are to. be
made for the overflow meetings of Job
hunters. ,
New York World: Cholera and winter
are two agents of peace In the war of
the Balkan states against Turkey, whose
Influence must not be 'overlooked. They
do not ask anybody's permission to In
tervene. .
Baltimore American: The Bulgars,
elated by their victories over the Turks,
are now demanding equal rights from the
hlg powers, ,Now they have conducted
'successful war. they don't want to be
patronised any longer. This seems to
havo set the bis powers to thinking, for
they ncVer have cared particularly to
Jearn that little powera can take caro
of themselves.
San Francisco Chronicle: The news
that Clara Morris Is. totally and per
manently Wind will be received with r
rr i.v irrant nunv nersons. who know
the former famous emotional actress by
her writings. It is many years since Clara
Morris left the stage, dui ner puousnea
memoirs of many; famous persons tn the
country's history have made very Inter
esting reading.
Indianapolis News: If the railroads get
only $1 a day for their cars, when re
tained by other lines, and could make
thirty times as much if they had the
cars tn their own service, as ono official
asserts, perhaps some arrangement could
be made by and with the consent ot
an Increase ot. the rental, But. hold! As
nil railroads must suffer from' this evil,
so all of them must be guilty of It which
Is a complication that- may interfere
with a settlement that will do the ulti
mate consumer any good.
Passing; thc Squcese Alonfr.
New York Tribune.
Operators, railroads, dealers and all
others In the coal trade are each and
all Insistent upon exemption from
blame' for the Increase In prices. It Is
always "the other fellow" who Is re
sponsible. The one fact which nobody
ventures to dodge 'Or to deny, however.
Is that the consumer has to pay more
for his fuel.
Home Face Peeling
Becomes Popular
In a
For best results
use Perfection Oil.
On thofee bitter cold morn
ings when the house is chilly
dftl over (perhaps the , fur
nace is balky) a Perfection Oil Heater will make
the dining-room warm and cozy.
And.the Perfection Heater is so light and handy. It
can be moved wherever needed living-room, bedroom,
bathroom. Ornamental. "Inexpensive. Economical.
Lasts for years.
Ah to i'( at your Jtaltr:
Compare! Compare! Com
pare! It is not what we say
about the swift and silent
Ford that makes it a great
car. It is what the Ford has
done and is doing that
makes it "the universal car"
--Compare! Compare!
Cvery third car a Ford arid overy Ford
user a Ford Vbooater." New prices run
about $525 touring car J GOO delivery
car $625 town car $800 with all equip
ment, f: o. b. Detroit. Get particulars from
Ford. Motor Company, 191C ilarney St..
Omaha, or direct from Detroit factory.
(From Fashion Reporter)
Na complexion treatment yet discover
ed seems to have become so generally
and so Immediately popular as the mer
collzed wax brocess. Evidently the rea
son for this Is that this .method actually
pets rid ot a bad complexion, which can
hardly be said of any other. To tem
porarily hide or bleach the defective skin
1th cosmetics, cannot compare with the
(effect ot literally removing the skin It
self. Mercollxed wax takes off the of
fending surface skin tn flour-like par
ticles, a little at a time, until there's
none of It left. The new complexion
thus produced ' exhibits a healthy glow
and girlish beauty obtainable In no other
way. Tills wax, which you can get at
your druggist's. Is applied at night In
the same way you use cold cream, and
washed off next morning,
Here Is the only thing I know of ttiM
actually does remove wrinkles, remove
them oulcklv. and at trifllnn cost Pow
dered saxollto. 1 ax., dissolved In H pint
November 30 to December 7
November 23 to Deoember 8
tf Don't fall to visit theso two great annual events held In
Chicago. ....
j Travel on the splendidly .equipped fast trains of the North
western line. y " v -'
cf Your train arrives at and departs from the new passenger
terminal, Chicago tho most modern railway terminal In the
For tickets, reservations and full
particulars apply to
1401-03 Farnam St.,
or Union Station.
jmwm 11 71" 1 . ' " " Ms
witch hazel, l sc as a face bath. Ad- i
the interstate Commerce commission for j.vertlscmenU h J
via Rock Island Lines
1220 a. m. 6:45 a. m. 1036 a. HL-r-UO p. el 427 p. m. &08 p, m.
Automatic Mock SigmaU
Tickets and reservations
J3 Farsaa Street, Cor. 14th.
Pkaci Dowlas 4Z8i-Nlula

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