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Export Sales of Wheat i Signal for
Heavy Buying by Shorts.
There 1 n o0Ol siieu'Open Interest
l December Corn at Chlcairo
Mtl All of It Will lie l)e
i i lUercii Ilrfore Long.
i-a, . OMAHA. Nov. It. 1912.
According to adt .c teielved here yts
tunny trinx Kansas Citv. tlic cxiuit tnl
" of nrt winter when hera iliiniitf
the past few days have nmoiintod to U.V).
tJ0 bunheU. Not to lo outdone, Winnipeg
and Monlwal wired that expor iniex of
Canadian wheat on the d.-o'.lne will re km
1.UV.U.M to 1.51.000 bllihols T.ils new
was the hlgnat for lirai v ImyltiK b.v
aliurts at Chicago, and Inventors wert
also in tho market on a largo acalo. The
nhort wheat covered showed u handsome
profit and the buying wus fairly firel)
scattered over the market and-was led
by a large professional, who la not
member of the. Chicugo Board of Trade.
Some of those who failed to relish the
Idea of foreigners again taklug our wheat
surplus, advance the opinion that tht
ales as reported were mainly yld traire
actions. Some of the tnoro conservative
men In the wheat trade, were advising
friends and customers to use great cau
tion on the btar sldo of wheat at the
present time. Cash wheat Viftlc lower.
Com, haa more inches back of It yes
terday than In some time. There Is H
good-sized open Interest In December corn
at Chicago, and It Is said by Home mat
every pound of It will be delivered be
fore next month lolls around. Trader
say they seo nothing In the situation to
warrant more timil a irm.jiM.tiy ui.mi
in December corn. One ot the oldest and
most successful corn tradeia said he saw
nothing In buying corn tor a good ad
vance, but at the same time he did not
want to sell short A report trom Illi
nois said new corn was being bought at
35e a. bushel for December delivery. A
message from another section of the-
country said farmers were not selling oe
cnuse of low prices. Weather conditions'
are, an important tactor lor tne time Do
ing. Cash corn 2c higher to He lower.
The open Interest In December oats Is
much larger than the average speculator
knows, and conditions point to more or
lees trouble for the shorts. There Is no
expert business to speak of and the cash
sales, yesterday amounted to only 140,000
bu. Cash oats c lower.
Clearances-Wheat and flour, 668,000
bushels; com, ,000 buslvels; oats, J1S.0W
Liverpool close: Wheat, ViOW lower;
corn, kOHd lower.
Primary wheat receipts were 1.S84.0O0
bushels and shipments 1.191,000 bushels,
against receipts of 922.0M0 bushel and
shipments ot 538,000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 519,000 bush
els and shipments il,000 bushels, against
receipts of 644,000 bushels and shipments
of 307,000 bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts were Wl,0O9' bush
els and shipment 784.000 bushels, against
recoipts ot 305,0m) bushels and shipments
of 325,000 bushels last year.
The following cash sales were reported
today: Wheat, No. 3 hard winter, 1 car.
So; No. 4 hard winter, 1 aar. 76c; No. 4
spring, 4 cars 77c, 1 car Koj No. 3 mixed,
2 cars-77Hc; No. S durum mixed, 1 car
TUlio; 1 car Wic No. 4 durum mixed,
1 car 75c. Corn: Ne. 4 white, 1 car 43Hc;
No. 3 yellow, 1 car 47c; No. 4 yellow, 1
car 44c; No. S mixed. 1 car 4Hc; No. 4
mixed, 1 car 43-Vc, 1 car i&Aci no grade.
1 car (white!, 3ic. Barley: No. 3, 1 car
67e. Oats: Standard, 11 cars SOc; No. 3
white, 7 cais iic; No. 4 white, 1 car
l"Pc, 1 car 29Hc.
Omttlin Cash Trices.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, 787V4c; No. 3
hard, 77VtWtc; No. 4 hard, 7&77c; No. 2
BprlnK, 7SM71tc; No. 3 spring, .77"? c; No.
4 spllng. 75677c.
CORN-No. 4 white, 42Q42c; No. 3
yellow, 4G-047c; No. 4 yellow, 43(g44c;
No. 3. 46,?46e; No. 4, IJS43c.
OATS-No. 2 white. 30c; standard.
30Uc; No. 3 white, 29?ic; No. 4 white, 29i$
BARLEY Malting, 5402c; No. 1 feed,
44fJ50c. . , , ,
RYE N: '2, 59O00cV No. J, S9690.
V " ' 'Carlvt lioertrita.;' '
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago S' 225 17C
Minneapolis i 591
Duluth 637
Omaha 23 11 22
Kansas City 94 20 7
St. Lolils 83 77 M
Winnipeg 963 625
CHICAOO OR A IN iVSD rnovisioxs
Features of the Trading and Clostnp
Prloes an Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Nor. 21. Reports that Tur
key had rejected the peace terms brought
about a sharp but not taking rally today
In wheat. The coee was nervous, HBc
under .the night before. Latest trading
left corn unchanged to 1-Wc down, oats
off UOfc to c and provlslpns ran gin if
from 7c decline to an advance of 25o.
Improved harvesting prospects In Ar
gentina tended to pull down wheat prices
during mostfft otQ the sesMon. Oond Ren
oral rains had fallen, whore wanted and
the weather was, clearing elsewhere. The
bears received help also through reports
that shipments from the Canadian north
west would oomo to this side ot the
boundary, other outlet being choked by
the pressure on tormlnal facilities. May
wheat here fluctuated between K9c fland
W&c. with last euleflw at CWyCc, a
net lota of Ho.
For a while amallncss of country offer
ings gave snap to the buying side of corn.
On the ensuing advance, however, selling
grew more, free and all the gain disap
peared. May swung from 47VWJ474c,
closing sCHeady, a shada net lower at 47
4l47He. Cash grades wero In fair de
mand. Ne, 2 yellgw was quoted at 57
iJ58o for oar lots.
Foreigners'' reselling weakened oats.
May, whloh touched outside limits at 31c
and 82Uo. finished ViOH'J under last nlglit
at 32V4aiic fl)
DAollnlng prices for hogs resulted in tSi
a7o backset for provisions, except Jan
uary porh. On relatively smJTall dealings,
manipulators forced that option ,to a not
advance, of 25c.
Clotlng quotations were:
Article. Open. Hlgh.l Low. I Cloie.l Yes y.
May. July.
Iard Nov.
4U 8S 3i 84H 85
ij9& 904 W, WifiJ 90H6H
S7 8TJ4 S7 7H E74
47HS4I a'.i 47 4774 47
47S UK 4747 47
W.OVi ii 41 IS iS$
n 31MS0H SOU 31
30 32 31 320 21V,
32 32 22 32 32
It 40-44 1 (2 19 30 19 37-
19 40 19 4j
U 60-35 18 62 18 50 1$ 57 IS W
........ 11 ii II 27 11 27-
11 30 11 ZS
11 ) 11 20 11 07 h 13 11 17
10 8-90 10 90 10 30 10. gin 10 90
10 22 10 30 10 22 10 27 10 35
10 35 10 37 10 30 ! 10 32 10 37
9 95 9 97 9 83 9 96 10 w
Cash quotations were as follows;
FLOUR-S.ow; winter patents; U.tXS
4.B; winter straights, 34.10ff4.; spring
patents, 34.206.20: spring straights, 33.S0
fli.OJ; bakers. 33.70Vf4.60.
UYB-lCo. 2. 59Glc.
DARLEY-Fced or mixing, 44660c; fair
to chdfte"' malting, KZFiOc.
SEHDS-Tlmothy. 33.813.75; clover.
PROVIBION8-Mess nork. li;.234il7.L0.
Lard, In tlercej, 311.32. Short ribs, loose.
Total clearances of wheat and flour
Were equal to C64.CW bu. Primnrv recelnts
were 1,881,000 bu., compared with 923,000
Tiu. the corresponding day a year ago.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wlteat,
72 cars; corn. 111 cars; oats, 133 cars;
hogs, 21.000 head.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat; No. 2 red,
U.0OQ1-O3; No. 3 red, WesJl.00; No. 2
hard, S4tf86ci No. 3 hard. 8384ic; No.
1 northern, 84?itj(5Mc, Np. 2 northern. 82
Mc, No. 3 northern. 81Sc; No. 2
spring, 820810. No, 3 spring. .HVfrMe: No.
4 sprlrg, 74tr7Sc, velvet chaff, 7S85l4c;
durum, SWSSc Corn No. 3, KJflMo; Ao.
3 white, old, 63353c; new, 46o: No. 3
yellow, old. Kfj64ej new, 4JQ-7; No,
4, old, 49c; nvr. H545ic; No. Vnlte.
new, 45c; No. 4 yellow, old, 54c; new, 8
84c. Oals: No. 2. 80c: No. 2 white,
Sl&Jtc, No: 3 white. 316320. No. 4 wh:te,
P3Uie" standard S2?iT3c Rye No,
r. 3S6le Barley. 45874c Keids, Tlm-t-thv,
J3 0WJ75; clover. 313.OO017.W.
mTTEn- Firm; creameries, 2834o;
cunp-flteaay ; wejpts. 3 r9 caps. nt
i mark, ca-v included, 2Rc; ordinary
, firsts. 2e: firsts. 27c.
, CHEESE Steady; tlalslcv 144TICc.
twins. Wiil6c, Younp Amrrlra.. 1H
ilV; long horns. 116o.
i rOTATflHS-Sl.iiilv rJni. ii .
Michigan. 3C4Mc: Minnesota. S'vfUc; WIs
oontln. 44JtU-.
1'Ort.TItY-Allvp. sleary; turkojs. 17c;
chickens, lc; spring. 18.
A EAI-Btoady at 6fIHo.
St. I.ouls Crnernl Market.
ST. LOlflS. Mo.. Nov. 21-WUBAT-Cash,
lower; trnefc. No. 2 red. 9ScflSl,01i
No. 3 hard, M0Wc. ' ' ' 4
CORN-U!Rlir; track. No. 2, 46Srici
No. 2 white. 4I4Ic. '
OATS Firm; track, No. ;, 3261c; Nq.
2 whlt, 3Bc.
HYE I'tiVhaiiBcd; fltc.
Closing prices of futuros:
WHE,Ti-Flrm: December. SSHff?u;
CORNi-l")rni: December, 4SSo: May.
C6CCc. ,
OATS-lBtpady; December, 31c; Ma),
32V4c ,
J'ol'?l;Ul111: f'1 winter patents. Il.TS
?5.opj extra fnscy and strnlght, 3l.l5fi4.e5;
wrd wlfttt- cWnrs. !3 5orr8.S5.
SEED Timothy. 310.00.
I'ORXHUAIi-Lowcr; $3.00.
BRAN Weak; sacked, east track, $&9
IIAY-Flrm: timothy, JllCOftn.SO: tral-'
rle, U.Wgl8.0i).
BAOGINO 10 3-lfic.
TWINB-aiemp, Sc.
PROVISIONS-Pork . tliichiuiged; Job
bing, 116.J0. Ijird. viinchanged; prime
ttenm, '$10.72tJ640.SJ. lunl. unchanged;
prime steam. $10.724giO.R3. Dr- salt
meats. iiiiclmnRed; boxed extra shorts.
$11 37; cloar ribs. 311.37: short clears,
1I.S7. Hacon, unchanred; boxed extra
shorts, 312.37; clear ribs, 112.37: short
clears, 312.87.
V O V I, X it Y Firm; ettjekens. 9c;
springs. 12c; turkeys, 16o; ducks, 13c;
geese, lOo.
BUTTER Firm: creamery, H34e.
EGOS-Flrm; 26c.
, Receipt. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 10.0CO 10.000
Wheat, bu..... raOV) 90.CO9
Cnrn. hit ... ' T-7 Avi inrvwi
Oats, bit W.OOO 70,'ono
'KtliiNas '.Clt'r Rraln ami Prnvlslnns.
Cash, lo higher; No. 2 hatil, WS5c:
No. 3, S0S2c: No, 2 red, fC893e; No. 3. 1
(WVjU97c. I
CORN-Market lo higher! No. 2 mixed.
4341o: No,-. S, 42c; No. 2 white,
4S'3'lf)C; No. 3. 44c. I
OATS Unchanged: No. 2 white, 31WS
33c; No. 2 mixed, 32ft32c.
, RYE-Vkj;
HAY Weak; choice timothy, IllKMr
14.M; hoca prairie, 812.5O3JU00.
' Closing price ot futures;
1 WHRAT-Decombor, 7Sf7Se; May,
,S4W84c; July, 81Hc
t'ORN-December, 4343c; Xtay, 41
4il5c: July. 454c.
' OATS December, 32e; May, 33ac.
! BUTTER-Creamery, 32c; firsts, 30c,
OG&-r Extras, 23c; first's. 2Sc: sec-
'Ortda. Uc.
POULTRY liens. SOlSc: , roosters, ttt
Sc;. springs. HUffUo; young turkeys, 15
Cric, '
' Rocelpts. Shipments
Wheat, bu 94jOOO 135,0000
Corn'.' bu M.'OOO 15.000
Xats, bu ... 7,000 9,M
Mllvrankce Grain.. Market.
1 northern, 84,S6c; No. 2 northern, 83ff4c;
No. 3 hard .winter, , 86S7e; Decembor,
82cv May. 87!40S7ic,
CORN No. 3 yell6t, BlfiCSc; No. 3
whlto. 3c; No., 3, 6VtfG7o; December, 4Sia;
May, 4lc, v .
OATS Standard, 32tfi32c.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 4&g4fie.
OATS No. 3 white, 29a29c.
RYE No. 2, 544768c.
FLOUR First patents, I4.15W.45: second
patents, J4.00ff4.23: first clean), 33.00pa.30;
second clears. $2.30f2.0O.
Mlntirniiolls Rrnin Market.
December. S0ifKV! May. KK'WSfiVlP.
Cash: No. 1 hard, iwc: No. 1 northern.
81c: No. 2 northern, '79r60cr No "3
Dnlnth fSraln Market.
DULUTH, Nov. 21.-WHE VT-Dp track
No. 1 hard, S2c; No. 1 northern, 81ci
No. .2 northern, 79c: Montana: No. ?
hard, to arrive. 81c; December, R0c;
Mnr. 86c.
Liverpool Grain Market, '
steady: No. 1 Manitoba, new, 7 7d; No.
2 Manitoba, new, 7s 5d; No. 3 Manitoba,
new, 7s 3d. FUtures. easy; Decomber.
7s Wi: March, 7s 3Ud; Mav, 7s 2V4d.
CORN Spot, easy; new American, kiln
dried, s 7d. Futures, easy; December,
4s lQd; January, 4s 10d.
nemmiit for Cattle anil fllieep Steadr
Mobii WeHk.
CHICAOO, Nov. 21. CATTLE Receipts,
8,000 head; market steady to lOo lower;
beeves. (5.357(110.55; Tpxas Hteers, $4.30
5. OTi; western ateers. o.01?a0: atockcrs
and feeders, J4.2S?f)7.5fl: cows and heifers,
$2.767.40; c.lves. &E0ia2S.
HOOS Receipts. 30,000 head; market
weak: llgUt. 37.4097.8G: mixed, 37.4087.90:
heavy, r7.407.90; rougli. 37.4S7.0; pigs,
tfi.'Jfttef.K): bulk of sales. 17.BVfi'7.R5.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 25.000
head; marKet, steaay; native, w.wncpi.wi;
western, J3 755T4.W: yearlings . $.80S6.90;
lambs, native, t5.6O07.4O; western, 35.65
fit. I.anU Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 5200 head, Including 2,100 Texans;
market, steady; natlvo shipping and ex
porting steers, $7.011. CO; dressed and
butch.er steers, 35.3508.75; stockers and
feeders, 1.17Mi7.00: cows and heifers, $4.50
9.10( cannrs. $2.75714.00; bulls, $4 0036.50;
calves, 30.0iv$ii.00; Texas and Indian
steers, tl 60i7.40: cows and heifers. $3,253
HOGS Receipts. 10,000 head; market.
steady: pigs and llght.i, $4.757.90; mixed
and butchers, I7.66B7.dd: good heavy, f7.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 3.000
head: market. lOfiCBc lower; muttons. $4.00
Q4.25; lambs. $$.237.40; culls and bucks,
$2.WK33.2r.. stockers, $2.763.60.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
Receipts, 6,000 hexl, including 700 south-
errsi market, steady; dressed beef and
export steers, JS.lifllO.S5: fair to good,
tC.J5RS.00: western steers. (5.75&9.00; stock
ers and feeders, $4.7Mc7.50: southern steers,
I4.2&97 2B: southern cows, J3.754HW; native
cows. $J.5va7.0n; native heifers. $5,000
S.50; hulls. $Vft.00; calves, $C.60J9.60.
HOaSRecelptH. 11,000 head; market,
steady; bulk of sales 17.ava,7.: heavy.
$7.7567': packers and butchers. $7.tt5
7.K; llicht, $7G&7.75. pigs, $.00&7.V).
KJIFKP ARP LVMBS Receipts. 4.000
hsad: market, tsdy to 10c lower; lambs,
I&.5AS7.M, veirllnas. 4.SOrtf.O0: wethers,
$4.075.CM; ews. $S.SOfl4.60; stookers and
seders. J55M.M.
it. .?'-', Tt Stock Mrliet.
.j - " " i iii ite- i
cetutt. 2 9) brad Market slow: steers ,
$,75tO.H; cows and heifers, 13.S0g7S.7li- '
HOoV-Receipts 10.000 head. Market 8c
to 10c higher; top, $7.W: tufk of sales.
, SHEEP AND LAMBS-neeelpt. 4.0
, head. Market slow; Iambs, $.2S9T,M
.Stock la SlHht.
Rttcelpts of live stock at the firs jrhv
dpal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogg. Sheep,
South Omaha 4,000 10,400 ,6W
St. Joseph 2,801 10.000 4, fro
Kansas City 8.0O) H.ftl 4.000
St Loul 5.200 10.000 3.000
Ci Icago 1,00 30.000 3.000
Total 2s,5no rvm m,m
Turpentine and Itoela,
Firm, 3Sc. Ka'He. (7 bbls : receipts 944
bbls.; shipments, 30 bWs . domestic, stock,
34.533 bbls. '
ROSINFlrm. Bales, 3,0)7 bbls, receipts,
4.&8G bbls.; shipments. 1.022 bbls.. stock.
134.951 bbls. Quote A, B, C D. $5.80; E,
5.S5, F O. H, I. $5.9; K. 30 60; M, $7,00;
N $7.50 WO, $7 7; WW, $7.9.
jDcfinite Impiov. i Brings Rise
i in Prices of Stocks.
Several Influence Combine to Hlvr
Markrt More Cheerful Appear
ance I'urrlan News la
Fa vara lile.
NEW YORK. Nov. .ln place V)t the
drltttnl; and Indecisive ti tm of the stock
market recently therr . a dodnlte lm
provement today and i . i rose oaslly
In nil quarters The movement was a
comutchcnslvu one and the amount ot
trading, although still comparatively
small was the largest of the eek. -A
long list of stocks, including leading rail
road and Indimrtil Issues as well ai
somo of the less conspicuous established
gains of 1 to 3 points.
Hcveinl Influences combined to give the
market u more cheerful appearance. At
tho opening quotations were affected by
the higher r.tiiui' of Americana in IJjii-
don, and siiiail gnlns here were Kcneral,
Announcement of tho engagement of
8760,000 gold for Importation (rum londuu,
favorable tatlroad returns for October,
optimistic Initio reiiorts and the pros
pects for conclusion of the HalkHh war
seemed to trailers to Juttlfy a more bull
ish position. 'The market continued to
snow a iack of settled purpose ana dur
ing most ii f tho afternoon setltfon trad
ing was nt a low point, at pr4c& slightly
below the best In tho last howr thero
occurred the heaviest buying movement
of the day and the market closed strong
at thu best figures ot the session.
Although tho drop ot foreign excango
rates, which yesterday fell to the lowest
point since 1910, had Indicated the possi
bility of gold Imports, today's announce
ment came as a surprise, since no en
gagements were looked for before Mon
day, when the weekly offering of South
Arrlcan gold will be made In London.
It was reported that negotiations were
under way for further gold engaKements.
Money rates held firm and the market
made no ivsponse to the bringing In of
Bold, from abroad.
'lh bond market was firm on a
broader Inquiry. Tptol sales par value,
1,800,000, United States bonds were un
changed on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
on stuclts were as follows:
il. Illsh, Uw, Clot..
Amnlomtled Copper XM00 ill 3 W
Aiuerlran Airlruttural UK
AraerlMii nel Buiir. .. J, 700 l 64V U4
Amtrlcin Cn 1X100 4ti 41S
Amtrlran Can pld... ... l.fOO 114 Ut'i JiVi
Aranrlcau C 4 V TOO Mi M 444
American Cotton Oil.. . .7x t tH
Am, Ice securities.. l'H
American l.lnsel too UK 1IH II
American LocometUe ... 1,100 47S 41 4TVI
AmaHctn S- & It 1,400 Its :H i
Am. 8. A 11. prd :X I04S 1M
Am. HuR.r ll.tlnlnt.. .. iOO ltl 111 Dm
Arrxrlrtn T. a T.. IM U1H 141H !:,
Amtrlmn ToUcoa JOrt 170 170 l1
Anaconda Mining Co.... 2,109 44U 4.1S U
Atchln 4,100 10114 107S tot
Attlll.on I'M 1A1H
Atlantic CV,rt Lint 100 IMS U 137H
llallhunre Ohio 1,100 107S ,lMsi 107U
Drthlenem Bteal 1,M -41 41
Drooklru Kapld Tr lt.tOO !, J1S 1IV
Canadian raclllc (.700 MU MT 27i
rentrsl lathtr J.too sK t;
Chraapeake A Olilo 4.iOO 1!4 II II '4'
Chlcaso G. W CSO U ll4 ll'.l
Cblcaco, M. I St. r. .. f.70 ll III llS
ailrago & N. V ........ 1,100 1IH 1H lM
Colorado V. & U 400 Tl 1G 34
Cootoltdated 0i 1,409 14m 14114 14114
Corn I'rodticti t.COO 17S, 15 17 H
Delanarr (k HuJion too HI IM HJ'4
nanrer A Hlo Oranda,... 100 IIU 33 H 11
Denver R. O. pfd IM 4914 40H H
niatlllen' Securitlea .... 1,100 II 17 7V
Erie 1,000 ' t(Ti Sl'i 1H
Erie lit prd (on It H'i Ki
Kile Id pfd.... 900 4W 41
General Klectrlo , 1,800 1UU 1UK itl
Orut Northern-ptd 1,100 tt4 HW UtH
Great Nrthrn Ore ctfa. 100 47 4S
Illinois Central 109 Its lit 117
tnterbnrnuli Met 1.400 1014 10 10't
Inter. Met. pM X.COf) U Mi t
International llanreater.. ton lint ISO U".
Inter-Marine pfd IM lift I0i 10U
International Paper l.SOO 1? 1!4 US
International Pump 100 JSV4 HVi M
Kauaat Clly Southern.... UO 2 17K '
laclxle Gaa 10(114
Lehlalj Valley .. ,o0 lTfti 174H 17514)
Ixjulmllle ii Nattirllla... COO 1H 1H lrt
M.eSt. P. & & s. M.. 700 HIT, 141K 141
Mlxioorl, K. T f. 1.009 IHi 17 i 3114
Mltmurl Pacltlc 1.109 Vl 41); 44
National niacult 100 112 Vi 1331, 181K
Niitlonnl Lead 1,709 t tOi It
N. n. n. or m. id prd.. 100 s;U iih tv
Kir York Central (09 11(14 114K IK
N. V., O. A W 10O S5 .141, 14i
Norfolk Western ' 300 1H!4 III 111
North American II
Northern Pacific 3.100 IMS 1141, 121V4
Pacific Mall 1,800 MY, 3114 lh
Tennirlvanla 3,000 lit 113 11114
People's Oat 1,109 117 116H HIS
J"., C. r, d St. I. 10414
Plttadursh Coal 300 14 Hfc I3S
rresard Steel Car 409 3 1714 is
Pullman Palace-Car 300 11414 1I4V4 lM4
Iteadlni IM.IOO 173 171S 1114
Republic I. 8 1,100 1114 R 31
rtevubllo 1. b. S. pfd ... 190 llVi Ml, S914
Hock Itland Co 109 3 KI4 :4'4
Rock Irland Co. pfd 4114
St. U 8, P, Id pfd... 00 31K 3914 3114
Seaboard Air Una 1014
Seaboard A. U pfd 1,390 41S !4 41
Blnaa-gheffield S. k I ID
Southern Pacltlr 4,109 11114 111S 2114
Southern Hallwir 1,799 1014 tt 1014
80. Hatlvey pfd 100 11", lit; US
Tenneaaee Copper 309 41 4S 41
T b I'aclfV, ion 34 3114 2114
Union Pacirio 41,199 171 171H 11144
Union faclflo pfd, ,.. It
United Statea Really 11
United EUataa Rubber..,. 11.109 (IK Uti lt
United States Blfel 47.500 71 7414 76',
t' 8. Steel pfd 400 111 . JUS 111
Utah Copper 1,100 6(14 )H UK
Va.-Carolina Chemical ., (m 47 4114 4S
Wabaak 100 414 414 4V4
Wabaah PfA 300 14 lift 1IH
Weatern Marrlatid 10 H U H',4
Weetarn Union 109 7114 711, 714,
Weitlnahouw Eeetrlo ., l.tCO 1114 U14 IIS
Wtieellns U. It
TsUl tales (c ls (ay, Ul.tM saano.
Nevr York Vuiiesr llurket,
call, firm, S'sJW per cont: lu'lnr rate, 5?i
per cent; closing bid, JVi per rent; offured
at, Mi' per cent. Time loans, steady; sixty
days, U per cent: ninety days, bi per cent,
six months, .SVtSVi Pr cent.
actuul business In bankers' bills ut H.glW
ror sixty-day bills and at 14.8490 for de
irisnd. Commercial bills, 14.80V4.
SILVERTllar, SZq; Mexican dollars,
ISKc .
BONDS Government, steady: railroad.
Closing quotations on bonds today were
as follows.
V. . ref, Ii, res- id K, C. So. rf, it,. n
coupon 11 !, 8- dab. 4 ltl!.. N
tl. 8. 3a. ret 1IHU ai 14. unl. to,... 17
t coupon, 101WM. K. A T. lit 4. MS
V. 8. 4i. rag IjJS do ten. 4V4a, . ,. , 14
do coupon .111)4 Mo. Pacific a.,.. 7114
Panama la, coupon.. 101 !i edo conr, !,,., bTK,
A -C. Ut la tils... Hi.V It It of M 4V
An.er AC. (..... ,101 '. V. (!. ,. 1. S14
A T, Jti T. ct. 4a, 113 H deb. 4a .. . St
Am, ToUcco aa...lleN. Y N. H. a H
Armour Co. 4H er. Ilia . .. M
Atfhlion gen. 4i. . VIMK. & TV, lit e. 4a. 17
da er. 4n, 1140. . 101H do cv. 4a, . ii(u,
do r it . .,110114 jf, Pacific la . . IIU
A. r. I. let la.. WU do la C
Dal. A Ohio 4a, 1JSO. B. U rtdf. 4a. . (1
in IVi 1114 Pasn, ov. I14i 1II.. HS
llrook. Tr- r. 4a MS 4o cos, 4a.'. . in
Ceo. ot Oa. Is... .IMIi Reading cm, ee. . MS
Can, Leather (a.... IIS 8. U B. T, ft 4a 7CS
Chea. ft Oblo 4Ha.. HS do sen. '(a UH
do conr. 414a T Bt. U 8. W. e. 4a. Mi
Chtcaco 4V A. Ilia. M14 1. A. U adl. la,. . 71
C B, t Q. . 4i. MS So. Plic, col. 4a . Illj
do cen. 4. . . 14H da or, 4a... . US
Didnrti i!4e..n"i oo in rir, i... M
C. R, I. P. . 4 4714 8o. Railway ft .. m
do rtf. 4a . ., 17 H do cen, la, . . . ;t
C & R, r & a 4Ha 4W Union- Pacific 4a. fc
I), a II. cr 4e . 17 S do tr. 4s . ... 103U
9. It. O. rtf. H da let a raf. 4i. . ;2
Dlatlllera' la , 71 TT, t. Rubber (a.. ,101s
Brie p. I. 4. Illit g. Steal ii ....ijj
do cen. 4e , 7(i Vi.sr. Chem. 8a . n
do cr. 4, ear. B. 71 Watath let 4 rt. , its
III. Can. lit rtf. 4H14Wejtem Ut. 4a,., . nZ
imrr t,cn, is.ec. or, aa.a St
inier. i. ai. . i nn-a
Jaran Sa ft
Old. Offers.
Neiv York Mlnlnn Slock.
MOW YORK Nov 3 lo-eHig iHla
tlons on mining t".-ks were:
i em Taai hmi. j jieaican til
II imiatt KM
M (,'ralr e
IM mandard 104
I Veil Jeraet M
Cm Cat t Va.
lren Sluer , ..
Iadrllle Coo
l.Hll. Chief
II oat on rioalna Morka,
HORTpN. Nov Jl.-Cloilng qivotatlons
u eina were ns roiinns:
AHouei 4l",Mhak
Amal Cerwr 4U K'lt.. i-na.
! A X h. S . . ..ti N'lrltilx Mlr.ee
Arltena Cem 4t,North utt
IJ & C IVA 0. M (UNarth Ve
Cal. A AtUenj. 7iiohl Oomlntwi ..
Cl A llecll IM tceola
Centeaalal , .. tn Qulnry
t Itaske C. C " at ut..n,m
I Kaet Dutte tf M I 3urerlo . .
Franklin ... . C4 Superior . n M
j nirout Con. .. 4S Tamarack . .
Oranby Con. tl4j I' S 8. It a M
Orin lnane H do pM
Me Itoyale lppf ,i( ftati Can . .
'r iU r 4-PPer IV
, Lake Ooppet' . JU, Winona
la Salle Vper u.Wshtr
Miami Cnppir .. ii.
. 17
. I.iiiidiiu Slek Market,
1.0NION, Nov. Sl.-The fainrable turn
In events In the near cast, pnitlculnrly
ivftaraing eriia nnu Austria, bad it fur
ther cheering effect on the stock market
! today, and local and continental Dota
tions oxpanded, Htinw rail ncte leadhif
. features In the mlvunoa ltr HrltlKli i-courl-
llei while diamond shares and Rio Tlnto?
I were tho be.U In the foreign section.
I 1'roflt taking caused recessions and a
uuieter tone late in the session, Atiur
iFnir Run of Cattle, with Price
Steady to Easier.
Sheep) anil l.aiuha In I'alr Iteeelpt for
ThU Time of Ihe Week, Ttllh
Klllera Ten tn I'lfleen
Cent! lllaher,
iieceipis were:
Official Monday .
Official Tuesday ..
Official Wednesday
Estimate Thuuday
t,J-'our days this week..iS.S ll.sM
fcame days last week.
Same S weeks nun. . . S.91! l,?Jl
Sam 3 weeks airo. .91,821) U.441 144.0JI
Same 4 weeks oito. .3l.SU .8t" Hl.W
Same days list year ..,7S SS.M7 44.U11
The followlnrr table shows the recclPtA
ot cattle, hoes and sheep at South Omsns
for the year to date as vuiiiprort wllh
Inst year. lsi: isu. Inc. Dec
Cattlo .. . m,S4J l.o.J.W'.- ... . WJ.i
iiors .... 2,iwo,tu :,l(M.:ii! .wt . ..
Sheep 2,7t,X.-W 3,St9.a?3 . . S4,SST
Tha followlnr lablo shows the ranee of
prices for hoan at South Omaha lor the
"At fsw davi with eomnnrlfuii"-
Cattle. Hobs. Sheep.
.,1X011 V81 5.-'''
. . ,Kl IJ.Nt 11 ?
. 4.4ti; lu.aiv ij.''-
. 4, ("00 10.41 (I.JU)
TlAle I lli l'-..:iM
can securities opened stcudy and about i Nov. II,
unchanRed. ltlr buyliiK orders were ex- Nov It
united durlitK the forenoon anil the ltat i Nov
'advanced under the lead of Canadian Ta- Nov.
' clflr. Prices dropped a fraction uiuW ' v'v.
reallxInK In the Jrrve tradlne and the mar- Nov
i ket rioted undecided. The supply of
money Is aradually shrinking and ills
I count rates were marked up on the pur
ichuie of sold for shipment to New York.
. London alosltiK stocks:
Cantoli, wonij., 7IS Lsulirllte 4k K.
do account T4I-IIM., K. A T
11-iN. Y Central
I Norfolk A W ...
11114 do pM. .
10( Ontario 4V W...
10SrinmrlrenU . .
::SS Hand Minn.
. ll'f Southern Hi .
HIS do pfd ...
. SIS Southern Paelflc
. tl fnlen raclflc ..
41 do pfd
. UH V. F. Weel
1114' do pfd.. . .
i 44iiTVabath
114 d pfd
I T HI 811 5 -,UI 4 SSI b tfl
o s: t ss r. 74, i to: r. o
I Sill 6 7 74 lb 8S 14 S3 i t M
7 WW, I! i 7 t 7 Dli 4 tM fti
7 HI
7 JHI 0 Hi 7 3i 7 M 5 Mil 4 l 8 10
U 11, . KJI U Irtl - i IV
pji r M 4 ss
ie I - -41. . .i m.t
lenlay Speculstots boinsht on that basis
forty or fifty ears, imyiiiR I7.SD for the
Milk of Ihelr imrcbases. with a good
snrlnkllnK at $7M. lnrker In the mean
time hnd picked up a few luindreil llRht
lions and plus, mlds and ends of low
priced stuff Then rpeeulatota liMn tilled
"P. the market came to a su.Idun stand
still before anyone knew what was hap
pening. It suddenly became apparent
that packers were not following, tho
pteulutoM and for a time no one mi
even bidding When packors finally cot
down to business their bids were l7.C(xui
7.BS for the Keneral run of the hogs A
a matter of course sellers were unwilling
to make; any siuh cnncelon, at least iuu
witheut iv fight, and the market turned
Into a decided dcadtnuk There It stood
during the. greater part of the forenoon
and at the time of closing this report a
large proportion of the receipts still re
mained In first hands,
The raue for today's sharp btesk In
the market Is to l found In the fact
that prlfes at this point have been
higher than at all other markets, higher
even than at Chicago. Today's mov on
the part of the packers was an effort to
get this market down to where It would
lie mote nearly In line with other points.
Am,1 fner
Anacoala ..
, Atchlaen
' A. w..J
Baltimore, a Oslo
Canadian rarltlr
Cheiapeaka O.
Chlcaso 0. W
cm., mil nt. r
tie Heart ..
Dinier Ai Itle O
do pfd ,
do lit pfd. .
do Id pfd..
Hrand Trunk
Illlnila Central
. tl
. 30S
. t;s
Nov. 1. 7 TWi, 7 50j 7 Ml 5 7(1 4 C4 OJ
Nov. rv.l 7 Ii I G I6i , 7 M U R 4 M, W
'Sunday "
Receipts and disposition ot live stock
at the' Union stock yards. South Omnha.
for twentytfour hours ending at S n. in..
fHttle Hogs, fiheep. Uses
C. M. ,4 Rt.
Moi. Pni'..f. i
Union I'netflo at
C. & N. w oast... f.
I'. & N. W., west... IK
U JJt. 1. M. O... i?
( H, A IJ., east... I
O. II. ft Q.. west... ST
C K, I, I'., eatt.. 7
C. It. I. ft P., west,. 2
4lJ jUlliuilsCeni
II.. .
It., .
M . .
It ..
70 .
4 ..
(V ..
. .
II ...
Tl. , . .
I. ..
IS. ..
17. ..
II ..
14. ..
sb. Pr
40 T II
. . lit
40 T 0
7 4 0
1U 1(6 T as
IM . T '
100 II 7
14 T
.107 m it
177 . 7TI
1T . 1 7
.III 44) 7 70
.144 140 T Tt
! 1 7
l T 71
110 T T(
M t 71
. .IM
T 71
T Tl
7 7J
7 T(
7 71
T 7
7 Tl
7 10
IM 7 10
m 7 io
11.. .
M ..
(1 ..
M. ...
4(. .
17.. .
ii ..
o .
in ..
71 .
II .
. m
. IM
STi, If.
4 7 M
14 7 (0
140 7 M
no 7 io
4 7 fc)
IM T 10
. . in
le 7 10
10 7 M
40 T in
7 M
7 W
... T 10
140 7 10
10 7 10
... 7 IS
in :io 7 is
hi m tin
.111 ... Ik
111 110 T Wl
1(0 IM 1U
111 110 T II
IM ... T 5
.111 IM T II
.314 IM T II
too 7 u
141 7 IA
111 7 II
. 114
. . II
1 00
1 ,11
I u
I !(
stesriv nt M l.lfid rter m
Aiuixttv jstiiavi par cent.
Tha rate of discount In the ooan market
for short hills Is 4("H lS-ls per cent: for
inrce raontni nms, 1 ij-inorf'i per cent,
rtnnk of Knulauil .Staleinenl,
LONDON, Nov. JI.-Ths weekly stste-
Tutat Receipts ...1KI 14A :ti
DiaroHiTioN Hhad.
Tattle. Hoar. Bhcen.
Morris & Co....
Bwlft AV Co.
Cudahy Paoklng Co..
Arniour Co
meni pi ins iiann or n.ngiana snows tht. H. O. Packing Co
following changes: Total reserve, In- K. C. Packing Co....
creafo. fm.QOO. circulation, decrease - v. 11 VTnfiuit Co
(P00I bullion. Increase. S37 M3; other scour - f nVnt"n V 8 Lush'
l ei. Inoreaee. SIOR COO: other danonlta. ,1-. f,?R 1'u"1'
croase. I17R.O00; public deposits, Incrniise,
J1.11,100; notes reserve, Increase, I8S0.0O)'
lovernmrtii xccuriues uncuangeu. Tne
proportion of the bank's reserve to lia
bility this week Is 50.67 per cent; last week
It was 49.95 per cent.
Hank of Franer stiiirmuiit.
PA UlS, Nov U. -The weekly ntatemnt
of tho Bank of trtonce shown the follow
Iiib changes! Notes In circulation, de-
reasrd M,17t,0U0 francs, treasury bills,
increused 31,7CO,X) frnnrs; general de
posits, dearensed 18,725, Wo francs; gold In
hsnd. Increased 1,041,000 francs: stiver In
hand. Increased 1.2HO.0CO francs: bills dis
counted, decreased 74,2M,000 francs; nd
vnncfs, decreased E.OZfi.OOO.
Hank Clearing.
OMAHA, Nov, Jl.-Hank clearings fur
today were S8,W3.!)M.S5 as compared to
t'.fi.i'io.vu me niniq oy last yenr, show.
Ing a gain of J734.M1!.
Illll A Bon...
r . . lewl
Huston & Co
J. B. Hoot A Co
J. H. .Bulla
IToaonstook llms
McCreary KetloKg...
Werthelmer A Degen..
II. P. Hamilton
nothschlld A Krebs....
Mo, A Kans-Calf Co.
Ullne St Christie..
Other buyers..
Total .,.,,.'.... 4,41
CATTLR Hecelnts ivei. .
day. 157 fresh cars being reported In. The
total for the four. days foots up a little
over pi.WO head, a gain of about 6,000 head
over the corresponding period last year.
The market on beet steers opened slow
Jnd dull and It was late before buyers
and tellers got torether on a trading
basis. A slow market almost always
means u weak market, but still Iniyern
kept picking around, getting a few steers
here and there, so that the dealrable kinds
commanded ubout steady prloes. with
other grades possibly a III tie easier.
Cows and heifers woro generally in very
fair demand and desirable killers showed
little or no change compared with yester
uay. rretty mucn everything was dig
BUTTKlt No. 1. 1-lh. cartons, 35c; No
I, CO-lb. tubs, fllVjc; No. 2, 33c.
CHHESU-lmported flwles, 3Jc; Amerl-
n an-L.,0?ki P",H' ,24ci twin-'. I posed of In good season, although the
rpe. daisies, 10c; tilnlets. 21c; rounx ttsdo wus by no means active.
muumitn, icj uiuu uiDei nricii, .ic; nni
berger, 2-lb., 21c; 1-lb., 2Jc; New Yolk
white, 21r.
POI'I.TUV. -Urnllor. IT. n.r .....
JllfflSo; cocks, lie; duoks. ISc; geens, 15c;
, turkeys, 28c pigeons, per doz., 11.20. Alive.
ui.Micin, .w, uriie, iiioivto; om roosters,
c; ducks, full fonthered, lt4c; geese,
full feathered, 10c; turkeys, KmSoi
Mgeons. per dor.. Mc: homers. J,30:
,(iHlin. No, I, It. M; No. 2. 50c,
PO.U1TS. ETC-lllssotirl apples. In
bbls.. 13.0OS3.25: New York OreeiliiKS
and Baldwins. JJ.J5. Spanish onions, p.?
---.-".". .o.,tiy aeieci. rier
bunch, St.Z.Mr!-S0; Jumbo, per bunch 1275
03.75. Dates. Anchor brand, new. 30 1-ib
,ikBs. In box. per box, 12.M; Dromedary
nrand. new, 30 Mb, pkgs. n hoi nr
box. 13.00. Figs. California, per cake of
13 No. 12 pkgs., R5o; per case of 3rt No !
pUgs., 12.50; per case of 50 Nu, 1; nii,'
Jl.rw; bulk, in 2t gad W-lle. mum iJ''
10a; new. Turkish, B-crown. la SO-lh
I boxes, per Ib 15c: 6-crown. In .b'
1 boxes, per lb., 16c; 7-crown. in Jo-lb'
bo.ies, per lb.. 17e. Lemons, Umontlra
ktlected brand, extra fancy, 300-lto nlias
tar box, 37.50; Loma Lliuonelra, fanoy'
SO9-30O sixes, par box. I6.M; 210-420 sizes.'
Mo par bog less; California, cholee, 10).
M) sites, per box, W.09. Oranges, Call
lornla Bed (C) brand, extra fancy, &a-l4
slzis. par box, I4.SS; extra fanoy, all
sizes, per box. $4.75. Florida graDe fmie
u II Uses, J3.W. Cranberrlrs, per bbl
M.00; per box. $J.7.
VEGETABLES -Cabbage, maeonsln,
per )b., lo. Celery. Michigan, per dot..
Uc. Cucumbers, hothouse, per dot., 11,85
liarit plant, fancy Florida, per dog., Ji.no.
CJarllc, extra fancy white, per dot., 16c
Lettuce, extra fancy, tier dot., Me
Onions, white In crate, 11; yellow, per
lb.. IVic. Parsley, fancy southern, per
doz. bunches, 50Q75c. Potatoes, Early
Okie), per bu.. CSc. Tomatoes, California,
per basket, 2 W. Wax beans, per basket,
1; grean beans, per basket. 31. Hwrol
potatoes, Kansas, per bbl., II. W. Ituja
bagas. par lb.. lUo.
KWH fresh)llckerel, Uc; white. IJc:
trout, 13c, Hpanlih mackerel, 16c; eel, 17c;
haddock, 13c, flounders, 18c; green cat
fish, llo: shad rne, per pair, 30c: salmon,
17o, halibut, 13a: buffalo, It' bullheads, Uc.
Beef Cut Prices Wholesale prloes of
beef cuts, effective November 13, are at
follows; No, 1 libs, 2Cc; No. 3 ribs,
14c; No. 3 ribs, 10U; No 1 loins. 21c;
No, 2 loins, 15c, No. 3 loins, 12a, No. 1
chuoks, 9c, No. 3 chucks, c; No, 8
chucks, T,c. No. 1 rounds, 12c; No. 3
rounds, 16c; No, 3 rounds, 9H. No. I
plates. 8c. No. t (dates. 7!4.c; No 3
plates, 7c
Toledo Seed Market.
TOLEDO. O, Nov. 21.8B7EDS-C!over.
prime cash, 110.S5: December-March. 311.00.
Alslke. prime, 112.60; December, S12.IK;
March. 313.00. Timothy, 1-87'i; Decem
ber, 31 90; March. tLvnj.
Calnmet anil Ileola Dlvldrnd.
BOSTON, Mast., Nov II -A quarterly
dividend of 313 a share was declared to
day by the directors of the Calumet and
Uerla. Mining company The dividend
rate js the same as that ot the last
quarter and brings the amount ptld this
yetr to' 343 a, share, the largest sine 1W.
Metal .Market.
NE7W TOrtK, Nov 21.-METAI,S-Cop.
perf, easy; standard spot and November,
317.16, bid; December and January, 317.15ft
17.40; electrolytic, 317.82ftl7.S7: ljke. 17.S3tf
17.87. castings, $17.25017.37. Tin. quiet, but
steady: spot and November, $U.43M.flO:
December. 3414504163. Lexid, weak; I4.1VQ
4 55. Spelter, steady; 37.4O37.00, Anti
mony, dull. Cookson's. IOa, iren stesdv
unehaared. Copper arrival. N torn. Tlx
ports th'n month, 3,964 tons. London cop
per, wsak; spot, 77 10: futures. ITS 8s 9d.
London tin, firm: swt, 228 10s; futures.,
327. London lead, 18. London spoiler,
30, 10s. Iron, Cleveland warrants, tan In
ST LOTTT8, Not 21 MQTAr-ft-Ijead,
steady; W.80. Spelter, firmer; 37.31.
Coffee Makrel.
u res market opened steady at a decline
of 5 to 9 points. The close was steady
net 2 paints lower to 3 points higher.
Bales. 79,2ft) bajfs. November and Decem
ber, 13.51c; January and February, IS.6S0:
March, 13.77c; April, 13.83c. May, 13.91c;
June, lS.We; July. l$.Ko; August, ISItfo;
September and October, 14 01c Spot mar.
ket. quiet; Hlo 7s. 14Wc; Santos 4s, 1P4o;
mild, aulet; Cordova, 16Vil8c.
Wool Market.
ST LOVIB, Mo., Nov. 21.-WOOI.
Etendy; territory and western mediums,
2ljt36T; fine rr.ed'i.r, r, MfHuc, flnu, 13017c
lesnr BTnrkrt.
NEW YOl. i UU All-Raw,
steady; Muscovado, 59 teat 3.55c, centrif
ugal, 9 test. 4.05c, molasses sugar, 89
test, $ S0c. refined, quiet.
Htock rattle and feeders were decidedly
slow seller this mntnlng and the
tendency on all kinds was lower. As u
matter ot course, strictly good rattle
wt-re not so much off, but the fair to
common kinds were weak to 10c lower
A good many stock calve have been com
I liif this week and have been accumu
lating rapidly In the hands of yard trad
er, The result was that It was very
hard tn move anything of that descrip
tion this morning and ptlqes were 354956c
lower on stock calves than last week.
quotations on Native Cuttle-Good to
Rholce beef steers, M.5fy.7S; fair to good
heef steers, 87,25(7.8.35; common to fair
beet steers. K007V7.35: good to choice heif
ers, !o.7(Vtr7.00; good to choice cows, 33.C0
08.00, fair tn good grades. 34.50i33.50; com
mori to fair grudes, 113C4-4.EO, good tn
c'i'olcn stockers and feeders, 3S.2Ain7.50,
fair to pood stackers and feeders. tl.'Sf)
C.to, eummon to fair stockers and feed
.ra, ti.VHlS.li; elook tRt -4d lielOrf.
!4.50r.A: veal ralves, to.00U.W; bulla.
StSgV, etc., fl.00fj.00,
quotations on Bange Cattle flood to
choice beef staarr, 8t.T608.15; fair to good
beef steers. KJilM.'t; common to fair
beet steers .t2?r..U.
10 ,
T 10 14 .
7 10 SI.,
1 10 (I) .
(10 31. .
SlIKKP A.Vll I.AMIWTI.. I- 1..
I lie ai...... 11. 1 1 I"" lllinie 111
J, Ulvll0n ra very fair ns th
..1" ,nout Hi" same as a wool.
Iifriar HVJ'' 'M ,t,,mM tW0 V' n0' llt
rr "' Hie ot.neU'MK'Ing day n
ar ago. The nfremuM lm laincly to
readers and comparal'vely few of them
wen, of the best qujhtv RUht good
ki w Vfre imusiu.iv citrv. 1 fict
nh-Ve "im.5 l,,unh of, W Veil lings and
ni fit load of short '.l tw atri 11 lambs
l;.ej tta nothing lse r.i nil eli?crMt n
K .rs v..b on sale. While n Improve
ment In the general trade at other point-)
i.rl"!1. froJn rY reports, the local
buyers paid prices about 10tn3o higher
for a rather light supply of both fnt
sheep and lambs, Among the few sales
of klllere made first thtmr in the morn
lm. mi u bunch of kood kiliintr vi ar;i'ig
Urn: s;u as high as J5.7V Anint 11 -
ronslnted of feeders the feeler supply
b.out 'nolent fu' tli (lonmnd
While thp trade was .u-tl" there wiu no
material chnnge In prices from yostrr
day s farket. A good clcarinoe was mude
In vary fair season.
"The rocelpts of aheap ami lambs for
the week show rt slight falling off ns
compared wild a we.'K ngn mill two
weekn ago, but show an 'ncrea te nvr
the corresponding time a yeur ttew. Quit
a spiiiiKUng of fed and n.i'.ivc tn(( uit
li'ireil on the market duri.ur the rtirrfr-t
wck hllc thr volume it' t.iwv rioib
Ik ri'.mli'ull;' diminishing. On. il Itlllcis of
all kinds were scarce m nnst days
When considering today s strong tone
and Improvement It) vslics, fit lambs
and shesn are around .WIjo iiIjIiit Uimh
j a wit- Ic ,gu. Feeder lain'' b-iw in 1,1V
jvsnce of abotitionifo while little If any
Improvement Is app.uii on frdinu owes
and wethers.
I Quotations oh sheep and lambs: Lambs,
good to choice, 37.10irj7.35; lambs, fair to
1 good. 2C.704J7.IOi lambs, feeders, I&.5OR4.50;
vearllngs. light. 36.2506.76; yearlings.
neavy, ii.T5tro.vn: yeariinrs,- roeoers, 14. w
O5.10; wethers, good to choice, 14.0004. 35;
wethers, fair to good, $8.5OtM.O0: wethers,
feeders, IS.37tW.10; ewes, good to choice,
IXfiOfH.OM; ewes, fair lo good. 3.3(Ktilcn:
ewes, feeders, 32.e6ftp3.35; ewes, yearling
bleeders. tt.504Jffi.00; cull sheep and bucks,
Itepreamitntlve sales;
No. Av.
41 Wyoming lambs, feeders, ... fij
84 Wyo, lambs, frtrs.. cults.,,, 45
214 Wyo. Iambs, feeders 55
n4 wyo. wethers, yearlings... (a
uo yo, yraillime. i-i:b. .
283 Wyoming lambs, feeders
2(1 Wvomlnr lambs, feeders
818 Wyoming ewes .. 97 4 00
353 Wyqmjnr ewes, culls 96
197 Wyqtnlng yearlings IB
118 Wyoming yearlings ........ 84
571 Wyoming lambs, feeders.. 57
73 Wyo. lambs, fdrs, culls.... 52
83 fed lambs 63
343 Wyoming 4ws 1 W'
fed ewes i, 2
8 fed wether "2
lot fed yearlings 1
124 shorn lambs , SO
UK Idaho yearlings ., 84
C5 Idaho lambs .... , J
tt tfTntio ewes J
3 8 native lambs, feeders 07
171 fed ewas j..., iyi
; lou
H V,
5 35r
6 35
rs.... i .ffr
rs.,,. 49 6 40
A. rr.
.... H4 I 16
IS !!( 7 71
11 1110 7 71
A. IV.
.,1301 7 M
..till 140
II ,
..life I ti
.. ill I to
.1(11 ( 1(
1101 I 10
iici 1 1(
. en 4 10
. 1010 4 to
.. Ill 4 10
.. Ill I (4
.. 100 t OS
,. IM I SO
..Mt I M
Ut I W
Wl 4 00
M 4 OA
lie 4 k
.1171 4 10
. ii( in
. M0 I (5
.1014 I 1(
.1011 I H
.1141 I M
.1041 ( tt
I 1041 ( 40
11 1141 I 40
1 4(4 4 71 I
4 ISO lli 1
4.' 14T I S6 17 ....
T CM ( 10 4 ...
1 144 I IS I.. .
t IM I 40 1
I (41 I 41
.. 144 4 ii 1
,,11(4 4 1( 1 . .
..wo 100 1
..1M4 104
T U4 C I M0 T K
II Ill I It I..' Ill I oft
4 117 ( Kl 1 lit I V,
U 13 I T 1 174 1 15
II 411 ( W 1 rx 1 71
!.. ISA I M I 110 I 71
I. . .314 (14 1 110 I 71
1 110 T Ml
W tta ewes
8 rr,
n 26
6 25
ft 40
R 25
8 75
3 75
4 00
4 50
B 75
6 75
6 00.
(t (O
f M
5 85
4 tl .
4 03
1.. .
ltl (4
711 I 71
4U 4 M
til I II
711 I M
(( I TS
...7744 I 44
. . . 174 Ii II
...1144 I II
Treasury Materaent,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2t.Thc condition
Of the United State treasury at the be
ginning of bunlnuss today was: Working
balance, 190,58 1,061; In banks and Philip
pine treasury, 333,540,217; total of general
fund. 1146,970.028; raordptn yesterday. It
687.060: disbursements. 31,6&6,3!5. Deficit
this ftical year. tt.77J.124. aa against 124,
501,348 laat yar. Tlve ftgtirea for receipts,
disbursement!! and deficit exqlude Pan
ama cannl and public debt transaction,
llnnlnllnne of Ihe liny 4111 Ani-lonx
, Coniniinllt leu.
NHW YORK, Nov. 31 -FU)l II I0as .
spring patents. 3l.8f!Q 1-75; winter straight,
H4MH65: winter ixitents, tl.ffi CIO
spring clears. l.l5tl4.45; winter ex
trns No. 1. tr.ilRl4.15; winter , xtras Ni
3. 3.!fJ4.0u; Knnsa strulnht- 34 nr.f4
Rye flour. quie,t; fair to good. ti-6Vfia.9i
choice to thnev. U.'AHi t.ini Hnckhi.t
flour, quiet. 33.0i)4l2.nri per 1C0 lbs
CoHNM KAr tnilli fine white nn
yellow. 31681.88; ocarse, II.IWTIW kill
dried, 13.75. .
RYB -Hteady, Nfi. 2,' 6GHe, 1. I f
BABLKY Quiet, feeding. MtC c, I f ,
New York: mulling. 67f70', 0 I I
Buffalo. -
WHKAT-Hpot market stehdy, No
red. M.08 In olevntor and llti t r
afloHt. No, I northern. Duluth, 95c f
b. afloat. Futuros market closed V 11
lower tn 'io higher. Docciftber !d
92 11-tCa closed 92 5-Wc, May. PC 3-ljcf
closed 97c 1
CORN H pot market strid cxpor
MVjo f, o. b. afloat to arrive.
OATS Spot market ftrnv standa
white. 37Hc; No. 3. WU37o; No, 4. VlS
FHKD Steady, western sprints bra
IW-pound shoIis, 332,50; standard lniiMlh
IPO-pound sacks, 22,fO, city, IW-po'Jt
sacks. JS3.23,
HAY Quiet: prime nominal, No
U.10W1.13W; No. i, 9Sctl.OO; No 3, 7.V.19
HOP.SQulct; state, common to choi
1919, &W3?c, 1911. Itin7c. Pacific coas
ltlt, 17l4r, 1911. lTOlrc.
HlblOS-FIrm; Central America, 28 Vi
Bogota. Jsmtssuc.
LUATHKR Firm, hemlock firsts,
tt2So; seconds, :6lf37c, thirds, 2iT24o tt.
Jecta. lto,
PROVISIONS--Pork. steady. me
tU.75sfl9.50; family. 323.0OJf24.0o. sho t
clears, Ml.OOtiJI.fW. Uccf, strong, men
tl9.00Xr20.Wi family, a.OiM24.00: boot hams
114.000, nominal i.ard. flnir midd
west prime. tUKttll.tt. refined, firm,
continent. 11115. Bouth America, 312.7'K
compound, r.87UU8.12Vi.
TALLOW-Steady. prime city, hhds
We; special, Uc, country. 64TCi
11PTTKR Firm: receipts, 6,598 tubn
factory, current make, secqnds, rtff24(
crrfltnery extias, SSo.
CHHBSIDFlrpt, receipts. 2.3H2 boxes
stale whole milk, held, colored special'
17itfl8c; state whole milk, white. 17ic
statu whole milk, held, white, aver an 1
fancy, KUItKUc.
IKKI3 Weak, receipts, l.tnW cases, re
frlgerator. special marks, fancy. 234T7.3V41'
nearby hennery, white, fancy, large, ne.i
laid, Mfrfi5c; nearby hennery, selects
whites, goiiit to prime. 45060c.
POULTRY Uv. slesdy; western chick
ens, 12mfl3o; fowls, llHtl'124c. turkeys
tSc: dressed, firm: fresh Wiled western
chickens. lUHTc; fowls, 13MrlVie, tur
keys, 2225c.
Peoria Mfirket.
PrXHUA, III.. Nov. 3l.-OORN-Caah
iitia higher: No. 2 yellow, 48ci No, 3
yellow, 4IHU,45Uo; No. 4 yellow. 42145Tc.
No, 8 mixed, 43Hc; sample, S1jM0c.
OATS Hteady; standard, SltflSSSc,
Tlry Oooils Market.
'Chc uotton gnodH and cotton yarn market
were very strong. Men's wear lines at
being contracted for by clothing manu
facturers for fall season 1913. Tho silk
markets were steady with trade fair,
Maloney Secures
21st Street Paving
Mayor Maloney has agnln ilemiMutratjwi
his ahlllty diplomatically to handle dell
cato situations. ,t' v '"n1 city had or
drred Fifth avenue p ' nd then added
flouth Twenty-first n ii&t avenue tu
tho Union Pacific tnn r tho Interesting
problem was discovered that Several
blocks of the distance, to be paved pn
Twenty-first street lay wholly within ir
vate property, owned by the railroad com
pany, and that tha city had no power to
enforce, tta Improvement ordinance. Home
council committees, were appointed with
'the; mayor In charge, but several Insffeo-
.tual attempts were made to secure nn
, audience"? He. ftnAlly went alone to tho
T'nlon Pacific hesdquartor and laid tho
matter before tho officials.
Th 'officials agteed to the pavement or
a roadway twenty fent wide with cement
sidewalks rIx feot wide.' This narrowln'r
of th" street through the company's
grounds will nut greatly mar the appear
alien, pf the remainder of the thorough
fare, but fit the company will l(av tc
pay a.11 of the oost the concession was
gratefully received. ,
"No Gotte Beef steak;"
Heap Trouble Follows
A Chinese waiter's conception of hunior
and the fact that he practiced on a
ymrtWf mm tUtmM. srnst a heoCng
for him Inst night and caused John Engel,
(0$ North 'Eighteenth street to be arrested
en a charge of disturbing .the peace.
EiiKel went Into the Ornnd restaurant at
Thirteenth and Harney streets and asked
for some kind ot good steak.
"You likeo urn bfeefsteuk,' grinned th
Kngel smiled his approval, whereat tht
aiitnaman nxcltedly raid, "Wo gotte'em
no beofatenk," and laughed a squeaky
little laugh. Tha trouble then started,
417 I II
. Ill I It
III I 00
'. 410 ( 43
171 I 16
.111 (IS
.1411 I M
714 ( H
I .
4 1044 ( (4
T M7 ( M
I. .
II, ..
No. Av Pi
41 feeders.. 1092 W
13 steers.. ..ltot G 16
10 stockers. Ml CU
9 feeders,. 76 ft F5
14 feeders.. C12 5 W
9 cows Me 6 15
7 feeders . 650 5 to
3 cows, 010 5 40
23 feeders.. 1032 7 00
15 feeders. . 74(1 ft M 20 cow
717 I l
III I 71
. 4M I 10
. (II I IS
..tM I IS
A 1 I it
171 I 76
. Til III
. . Til I II
Ml 4 M
Av. Pr.
Kl feeders.. V4 6 W
7 cows,. ., 912 4 SO
9 feeders.. 643 C 10
11 feeders,. M0 ft W
12 feeders. Wl SK
26 COWS 913 4 73
3 cows 97ft ( 75
9 calves... 424 C 00
114 4 TS
61 calves,.. 177 7 73
7 cow 764 5 55
17 cows.... 734 4 CO
133 steers... S3 6 fS 13 steers..., 7K C 35
steers... , tMS C 55 10 steers.... Ml ft 10
George Raver.
IS heifers... 771 5 40 14 feeders.. 110 5 71
22 cows.. 10CO 3 25
Frank Durat S, D.
steers .. NWS
UOOS-Condltlons all looked favorable
for the still uc Interests, this morning.
Provisions closed higher yesterday ard
receipts were by no means burdensome
this morning As a tesult the feeling
wus decidedly stronger when (he market
opened Speculators started out bidding
prices that were stronger to 6c higher
than yesterday's general market, or.
(Heady with the extreme high time ya-
The best known building
in the west.
Anyone who has ever
been to Omaha knows
The Bee Building. It has
been and always will be
the best advertised build
ing in Omaha, It is worth
something to you to have
your out-of-town custom
ers find you. It adds to
your reputation to locate
in a building that is as
well known as
17th and Ftrmm Sts.

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