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Large new shipment just in by fast express; for Juniors
and Small Women, also regular sizes to 38 bust
The prices quoted are remarkable as the illustration
ji will imply, but a dress opportunity awaits you which
can only be appreciated by an early call.
At Z(i One - piece fit &4a nr Twodecid-
rtl tfia.tfV tailored
dresses in assorted pluids of
soft colors, navy, green and
brown; collar and cuffs of con
trnnttng shades of broadcloth
trimmed with narrow silk braid.
Af (?-fly 7C Drosses of
il 11.19 fine French
serges, clmnnincr in thoiri
simplicity, satin collar and
and buttons; colors are
navy, Copenhagen, brown
At $22.50 1
fll PA.i tf edly now
models in fine stripe Eng
lish cloth, one in Helio
trope with white corded
silk trim; the other tan
and gray with contrasting
broadcloth trimming. Also
handsome black Corduroy
velvet dressos finished in
black satin, also on sale at
Rich costumes in plain vel
vets, in navy blue and black,
laco yokes, black satin and fancy braid
lond grace and adornment to these pretty
You are cordially .invited to look,
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Anti-Saloon Forces Say Both House
and Senate So Made Up.
IMllcrmnn In Dm .Mnlnm Pintle Strlk-
litB TrnmalFr In 1'neaesslon of (Inn
nn. I liriuitr'" Sheriff' Com-mlmitnn.
Correspondent Describes Scenes in
Camp at San Stefano.
Jlolf Dead Victims of I'lagae Me
Anions; Bodies of Dead (leathered
Atone; the Rallvrar Embankment.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 2Lr-Ucart-rendlng
scones of Huff or Ins and misery
are enacted dully at the Turkish cholera
camp at Ban Stefano. The correspondent
of the Associated rrrn, accompanied by
the secretary of a foreign embassy and
by Jiajor Clydo 8. Ford, U. a A., who
li here on leave of absence, paid a visit
there today.
Much sHeptkUm had prevailed In Per a,
the foreign quarter of Constantinople-,
both among member of the diplomatic
corps and foreign residents, No one there
believed Ui figure given by railroad em
ployes and others In contact with the
Turkish army, who declared that many
thousands were stricken with cholera.
No reliable figures were obtainable from
official sources and reports were regared
as grossly exaggerated.
The camp Is situated nt the side of a
railway embankment thirty feet In
height. A large open space stretches away
for some distance. This Is surrounded by
better class homes two or threfc stories
high, built In European style, for San
Stefano Is the summer resort of many of
the moro wealthy foreign residents of
Two Ottoman soldiers were standing
guard at the entrance to the camp, but
they made no motion. Their duty was to
prevent thoso within the cordon from
escaping and not (o hinder other peoplo
from entering.
Doctors Said HeWouldDieU
A Friend's Attvlca Saves Ufa
I wliTTTroTiSrKjof the wonderful cure
that 1 haJj rfciketl fr6m your notej
Hwamp-no'tjt, the Kregt kidney and buil
der cure. Uuit summer I was taken
with seVero pains In my back and sld.
1 could not brcatho without difficulty.
I tried all the different doctors from far
and' near, but they said It Was no uae to
doctor as I would die anyway. I was at
the end of my rope .and was so miserable
with pain and tho thought that 1 must
dlo that words cannot tell how Ifclt. One
day a friend told me of the wonderful
help ah hatt received from Dr. Kilmer's
Bwamp-npo't. She gave me one of your
pamphlets Which 1 read and determined
to try Bwamp-ltooti After taking half
n Bottle I felt better. Have now taken
ten bottles' and am well as I ever was,
thanks t6 Swamp-Hoot. I wish to tell all
suffering people that have kidney, liver
or bladder troubV that nr. Kilmer's
Hwetnp-Koot la the brat medicine on tho
market- '
All persona dbubtlhg this statement
cai wrtta-to me' and I will answer them
Tour very trujyi - - .
. Itosallu, Wash.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
SUA day,6f July,
V8HN.E T6WNI2, Notary Public.
Ilodlt-N 'lb run n from Train,
A nauseating picture, was witnessed at
the side of tho railroad. The bodies which
had been thrown from tho trains lay as
they had fallen. Homo had stuck on top
of tho embankment; others had rolled
part of tho way down and soma had
reached the bottom. Some of tho corpses
lay stiffly alorio, Others wcro In groups
of threes and fours.
Around a one-story stablo at tho foot
tho embankment was a group of sixty
dead and dying, lying olose together on
j tho slopes of a manuro pile which the
sick men had found softer than tho hard,
ground, t One man on top of tthu pUo
was (JlfiJ'glng with bis -lingers a qrt,of
trench in which, to lie. Tho trough soon,
becamo his grave.
Am tho vMtors came near one vic
tim attempted to crawl ncros the road
to tho crowded manuro heap, but failed
and fell in tht roadway. Others lying
around raised their heads and cried In
the hearing of the attendants thut they
were given no bread or water,
Walking half way across tho field, the
visitors passed dqad ajuj dying men. some
time, at Intervuls of a yard, sometimes
from twenty to thirty yards apart.
A group of tents stood In the center
where four or five Turkish soldiers wear
ing the arm-piece of the lied Crescent
stood on guard. Inflde tho sick and dead
lay In group?. The doctor on duty counted
twenty-two patients In ono tent, while
double that number lay outsldo sheltered
from the wind by the canvas.
Somo of the strlckon men found dif
ficulty In getting Into the Modem Por
tion for prayer, looking toward the east
One praying victim was so weak that lw
could not replace his blanket around his
head when the wind blow It off,
The Ked Crescent attendants mado no
attempt to assist any of these suffering
soldiers, not even placing stones, which
were plentiful, under their heads to per
mit them to He easier. '
army breod was distributed to thoso
abla to reach the place, of distribution.
Beveral of the sick men raised them
selves with difficulty and stumbled to
ward a well, from which they tried to dip
water with their long sashes, wetting the
ends and moistening their parched
mouths with them.
There were hundreds of dead and
thousands of sick In this camp, many of
them lying on tho open ground and great
numbers supporting their backs ognlnsl
the houses bordering the open fields,
most of which aro deserted.
The comparatively few Turkish soldiers
brought to the hospitals, barracks and
mosques at Constantinople are moro for
tunate, although most of them died after
reaching their destinations. Some ato
given beds to lie In and water to drink
and all of them tf they do not got warmth
aro provided with shelter from tho winds
and the rain.
(From a Starr Corresondent.)
DBS MOINES, Nov. II. (Special Tole
grom.) A statement given out today by
tho antl-saloon league of tho state makes
the claim that tho next legislature of
Iowa Is "dry" and will not bo disposed to
tako any action In the matter of cluingcs
In the mulct law of Iowa. A careful
canvass has been mado and It Is repre
sented that tho senate stands twenty-six
to twenty-four for prohibition and tho
house sixty to forty-eight the samo way.
A great many questions uffcctlnK sa
loons will como before the legislature.
VotliiK ainchhie Citsc Up.
In tlw district court today tho attorneys
presented tho case of voting machines in
use in Iowa at tho election and made a
strong case against thorn. It was claimed
that In this county at least 2,000 voters
failed to vote In tho stato because of con
fusion over tho lovers and supposed that
In fact they had voted for tho candidates
for those offices. The court took Uio maU
ter under advisement. '
liiKiirniii'c Endorsement.
Tho Stato Association of Mutuual Insur
ance Companies, today endorsed an anti
discrimination measure on the fire mar
shal law nnd elected tho following offl-
I ccrs: President. Vrank Paul, Mason City!
I Vice president, B. A. Converse, Crcscot
secretary. F. W. Van Drilff, Council
' Uluffs; delegate to the national conven
tlon, former President P. J. Shaw, ltolfe,
Driver Deputy Sheriff.
Pollco found a new obstacle, in their
pathway in tho local strlko when an offi
cer went to disarm a transfer wugon
driver and found him with a gun and a
deputy sheriff's commission.
Tho policeman referred tho matter back
to Chief Jenny nnd the question has been
taken up by him with Sheriff Ben Ness.
Advance Notice of Big Sales Saturday
Entire Stock of a New York Manufacturer and Importer of
Hundreds of pairs of women's kid gloves will go on sale Saturday at the most ex
traordinary bargains in many years.
All tho women's 12 and
16 button length Kid
Gloves, many samples,
worth up
to 1 3 a pr.,
at, pair . . .
"Women's lG-button
length Kid Gloves,
worth $3.5Q 98
a pair, at. . . V
to 3 a pr., 2fc I
& rw " TW'r mm 1 1 n mm
Women's Short Kid
Gloves, worth $1.75
a pair, at,
per pair
Women's Short Kid
Gloves, worth $1.00
a pair, at, Q
per pair. ... vt
Great Sale of White French Ivory Toilet Articles
All S. Langsdorf Co's. Show Room and Travelers' Sample Lines
These toilet articles include Manicure
Sets.'Toilet Sets, Military Sets, Sewing Sets,
Jewel Boxes and Odd Separate Pieces
They aro all fine white French Ivory, and tho
sets are put up in silk, plush or chamois lined leather
and leatherette boxes. Hundreds to choose from.
They have been greatly admired in the window dis
play. Great opportunity to buy these 'handsome
BRANDEIS STORES gifts for Christau
eral passenger agent of tho Burlington
at Omaha. William C. Wakeley, the
. . .frtlAfM I J uul,h6JV ovij, un-vi in icxn wane Kiiy vjerK
BAN A MAnbrlHUUIUVVW of Omaha. Bird C. Wakeley died at San
rancisco a year ago,
MARSH Alt.TOWN, la.. Nov. 21. (Spo- Judge Wakeley was at all times a demo-
elaU Because a bevy or i"B" euauu. crat, dui in was ana in 1900 lie did not
misses went to Bchool today wearing support the nominee of the party because
Creek. Mr Staffln Is an undertaker at
Battle Creek.
stockings of tho "loudest" patterns ob- 0f the free silver platform.
. nlllAltf I . . ...
nlnnh1. thirteen of tnem were juage waacicy was above all a domes-
excused from tho school room and sent tie man and his greatest delight was In
home to cnange uicir v,mv - ....o ..,, uc.ue, uwuivu iu uo rwn
- mHain Bhrules. Shades of grcon. moro than the average citizen.
ombelllBhcd with .old roei' gaudy reds There was nothing spcctacultir about
ilth and without black poiita aois; uiuuu juugo wakejey and nothing on tho grand-
stripes that ran arounu, anu m i eiauu gracr. ms anowieage m. law was
o-r, fr n hlnpk on a windy day, and ho I ,n0Bt comprehensive and ho was noted
San Btcfano Is not the worst cholera j , cnn,0rous stripes that ran tho pther amonB hia friends and tho community as
camp. That at Hadembeul noar tho ftv n entered Into the display, icacn- a,man 0f moderation: on the bench he
Tchatalja lines. Is stilt more oxtcnilvo. iiPeo that the "rubbering" of tho was koe to obgcrvethe IokIc of thlnaa.
How many patients aro there Is not hgh BCh00t youths threatened to dlsor- 1I(J wa8 oJected t0 tl)0 ,n3trlct bonch and
Known, oui n is cewnain jncre arc many BnnI0 tho school all aay ana umi. bemg a aemocrat was frequently used aa
thousands, and most of theso nrc Anato- pcncli8. nnd books wero dropped during a cantjidato for stato office In an endeavor
lliira. who cam. from As a Minor to thc ghort tlme tho Kjris were allowed to b Uj0 demoeraU t0 overcomo an cnor.
fight for the defense , of tho Ottoman
"1 Continued from Pago One.)
remain In tho school room man im
been dropped In months. Becauno they
wore sent homo each of tho gins win
flt under tho ban Wero debited with a
tardy mark, Three such marks makes
the taking pf nil examinations compui-
inous republican majority, lie was a
pillar of strength in a strong community.
zttw to
Sr. XUmir h Co.,
BlagliaBitoai K. V.
Tmt Wfcit Swaa-8ot Will Di lor Ym
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham.
ton, N. V., for a barnpU bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable Information, telling
all about the kidneys and bladder. When
writing bo sure and mention the Omaha
Dally1 Bee. lUrular flft':ent and ono.
dollar slsa bottles for kale at all drUg
nrobnblv had told them evnrvthlns: nnd " uimiiuu.uiii
I was going Jo quit right there. That I attorney for tho Union Paclflo ltallroad
was wjiy he wanted tne to hold up tho I company and attended to 'ts Nebraska
can for him to shoot at." litigation. In 1871 ho was selected witn-
"Tolling of his experiences at Los An-lout opposition from Douglas county to
geles. James B. said he would have nut (h.i constitutional convention whicn
a bomb In the
ho could havo
testified MeManlgal. "He said, leaving neoDle. In 1879 he was tho democratic
Los Angeles ho wont to San. Francisco nominee for supreme Judge against Judge
to get money, nnd remained there tour Amasa Cobb, w"ho was successful In the
days, Crossing to Oakland on his way race.
east, ho raid he throw four Infernal ma Aniued ttv Hutvcs.
chinos In the bay to get rid of them. Ho in 1SS3 Judge Wakeley was appointed
Weddlugpi In SlRillsoii County.
MADISON, la.,. Nov. 21. (Special.)
Judpo McUutfud today 'Issued marriage
Ilce"rise' to 'Herman Grlnn and 'Emma
Zallmer, botlv of Stantoii.i and August
Stafflri and Mrs. Clara Human of Battle
FOKEfcT CITY, la., Nov. 21.-Quarrels
and personal encounters between Oscar
Bowers and Carl BrokKe, which led to
tho shooting In which Brokko was killed
last June, were detailed by state wit
nesses In tho case of Bowers, now on
trial In the district court here. The de
fense began the presentation of Its case
oday, tho stato having rested last night
Mrs. Brokke, widow of the dead man,
told tho Jury how her husband, after a
quarrel with Bowers, whoso chickens had
been trespassing In their yard, returned
to his house for a gun to shoot the chick
en", and of the appearance of Bowers
with hlB gun. She claimed Bowers was
tno afegressor,
Your druggist will refund money It
PAZO OINTMENT falls to euro any case
pf Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In C to ,1 days. EOo. Advertisement
Tho Perslseni ' and Judicious Use ' o?
Newspaper Advertising- is ' the Itoad to
Business Success.' ' "
Attendants Art) Idle.
A number of these attendants gathsrrd
around to watch while the visitors were
Inspecting the camp. One of them became
Insolent and was ordered oft by the
A water tank drawn by a donkey pasted
along tho road. Thoso of the victim
who were able to rise to their feet went
unassisted toward It and struggled feebly
(or a drink. Those unable to rite got
In a similar -way what appeared to b
Imn.'edlatc? Yesl Certain? that's
the Joy of It Your hair becomes light,
wavy, fluffy, abundant and appears as
ft lnntl.mil. nnrl tifti! Ill 1 fill US IT. VOlinfiT
sioppra at sail laae uiiy ana remained i by aovcrnor uawes upon uhv""" " girl's after a Danderine hair cleanse, jubi
two weeks with J. B. Munsey." the bar Judge of tho Thira juaicmi ui- try thls molston a cloth with a Ilttlo
MoManlgal previously had said tho first trlct, as an associate with Judge roevuie. Danderjno aI,d carefully draw it through
flay they arrived In the Wltconsln woods in tho fall both were clectea wunoui your ha)ri tajnB one small strand at a
opposition. In 18S7 Juflge Wakeley was tlnve Thia wln cicanSo tho hair of dust,
re-elected on an independent ticket, but uirt or excessive oil and In JuBt a few
In 1631 he was defeats. moments you nave nouDieu mo oeauiy
Judro Wakeley then resumed nis prao-iDf your hair.
i on.i vlhh the state's representative In A delightful surprise awaits, parties
tk. o... Bimlnst Treasurer Jliu vana lariy tnoso who navo ceen curciesa,
against 8tato Oil Inspector Hlton, tak- whoso hair has boon neglected or Is
tng tho Initiative In establishing the right
of the supremo court to exerdso Its
vmts t. Mm- i -winidm it Virinr nriirlnal turlsdloUon. conferred by tho con-
a prominent business man. his wife and atltutlon without a statWe regulating or
George KeHock, their chauffeur, were providing therefor.
to hide, James B. "took a shot" at him.
Auto Buns Over Dog,
Hunter Shoots All
Persons in the Oar
Kb. 1059
No. 105pr-Sqlid Gold Tic J
No. 25GGuurantec'dFoun-(gf AA
taih Pen vl.UU .
t v sf -s ia t -t r- n r .
03 W ISO. UJL-Y1 JSOlltl U01C1 UlUIgf Cft
Bqttons PJ..JW
I No. 225i-Ahsomu "Watch, J AA
WUi iwuiyu. - " w
k. van - No. 4334Ladios' yatch--20-yenr
catse, Elgiu movement, jQ
No. 36-2-Solid Silver 4
Thimble 13C
- No. 2d09 Guaranteed Alarm nr.
Np. 01-71
Girls! Girls! Surely Try This!
Doubles Beauty of Your Hair
Times auxiliary plant If adopted a constitution, but which was jj txqqH is a 25 COllt bottle 'Of "Danderine" Hair gets
located It that night," afterwards rejected upon a vote of the ,
HfMmWMrihrflMmlh Ml n 111 m
Bead pains from any cause, exeeestrt
brain fas." lndlstlon.neoldi: nrlnnar a
rjia, uaenecu 01 over inatucence.nea
ralgla; rheumatism ill patn 7leda qhlcUy
" .auvi r N (.III g. mm
. Thr tn norMtmuianti, baxutlamu or fMI
scraggy,, faded, dry, brittle or thin. Be
sides beautifying tho hair, Danderlno
dissolves every particle of dandruff!
cleanses, purifies and invigorates the
scalp, forever stopping Itching and fall
ing hair, but what will please you moat
will be after a few weeks' use of Dan
derine. when you will actually sea new
hair fine and downy at first yet but
really now hair growing all over tho
scalp. If you care for pretty, soft hair,
and lota of It: surely get a 25 cent bot
tle of Knowlton's Danderlno from any
drii(; store or toilet counter and Just try
It. Advertisement.
shot today by a hunter after the auto.
mobile ran over a dog with which tho
huntsman was hunting rabbits.
Mrs. Writer was severely wounded
about the face and head by shot from the
gun In the hands of I.loyd D. Pn a tortus,
iS years old, a milkman. Bho Is at a hos
Piuu. Tne signt or ner itit eye is en
dangered nnd physicians aay If sho re'
covers the wound will mar htr for llfo.
Mr. t'orstir and tho chauffeur escaped
with flesh wounds.
l'astorloui was remanded to Jail with
out ball. He Is charged with shooting
with Intent to kill. He claims the shoot'
Ing was accidental.
In May 1851 Judge Wakeley waa mar.
..j . mu. rntmttnrk at Whitewater,
Wis., a lineal descendant of Lewis Moris, 1
a signer of the Declaration of Independ
ence, and a niece of J. Fenimoro cooper.
Two sons and two daughters of the family
aro living., Arthur C. WaKeiey, a prac
ticing lawyer; Lucius W. waaeiey, gen-
T-28f DODGE.
No. 2
Improvised Hospital
Train is Derailed
Near Elwood, Kan,
BT. JOSEPH. Mo., Nov. tl.-Harry
Buss, a Kt. Joseph & Grand Island con
ductor, is In a hospital here with his feet
cut off, and Norman Hawkins Is suffer
ing from serious injuries, as the result of
a series of peculiar accidents yesterday,
Busse had ono foot severed and tho
other crushed by a train at Btouts, Kan
Ho waa twins rushed to St. Joseph In an
Improvised special .train mado up of an
engine and way car when It Jumped the
track near Klwood, Kan. Kngtnecr
Hawkins was seriously hurt.
An ambulance waa used to take Busse
to tho hospital and Hawkins was brought
to St. Joseph on a handcar. Busso lives
at Highland, Kan., thirty miles from tit.
Joseph. Mrs. Busso was notified of the
accident by telephone and waa told where
her husband was being taken and she
hurried to this city in an automobile,
reaching the hospital before her husband,
Frill nw Your
Common sense
and it will lead you in tho right dtrec
a nmon. when sick. Is very apt to
grasp at a straw. Unworthy articles ara
alluringly advertised to euro all manner
of Ills and you are made the goat for
vmirim.nt unless you use common
sense, evoryuoay is occasionally or
quently In the throes of a bilious attack
of which all the symptoms are nature's
danger signals Tor you to ao somoining
before H Is too late. Headache, bad
stomach and constipation aro the fore'
runners of most Intestinal diseases. At
tacked In time, In a common sense way.
thev soon pass over, titudy your case
and study the remedy. Take something
which will effectually operate, nest on
your liver, then on your ston.ach. and
lastly on your bowels. Take something
which nature haa furnished and which
Is untouched nor altered by human
hands. A natural remedy Is the choice
of every doctor. Hunyadl Janos Water
Is their choice. It Is the most idea),
sensible and safest Xatnral Laxative
Mineral Water und halt a tumblerful on
arising acta speedily, sure and gentle.
Mine Tipple Is Burned,
CBNTEKV1LLI3, la.. Nov. a.-Thlrty
men had a narrow escapo from death
when the tlpplo f the mine at l'lauo,
near here, waa destroyed by fire while
the miners wero at work below The
mn wrrt ru(ttfl IllFouDh nn utr .hufl
! while the mine was rapiuiy ruling with I
From Field to Home
Nercr Touch Ilumaa
Key to the Situation-Bee Advertising,
Fast Train
Omaha and
Round Trfp
Excursion Tickets
Are on Sale Daily
via the C. C& N. W. Ry.
to Florida, Cuba,
New Orleans,
Mobile and the
Gulf Coast
lThe splendid
trains of the
Chicago and
Northwestern Railway between Omaha
and Chicago connect at the latter city
with all lines to the South and South
east, forming a passenger service that
cannot be surpassed.
Through railutmy mnd tltmmthip ttc&ct
an mli on ( fa (A MmJitttruntan,
tht llolr Land and to all European cilUt,
Sleeping car reservations and reservations of
space on steamships to points named above
given prompt and careful attention.
Trains Leave Osaaka for Chicago
7AO . tn. AO.p.m. 8;SO p.m,
12.-05 p.m. 8J5 p. m. 12.48 s. m.
7iSSp.m. AM Dally
The Best of Everything
Ticktl Qffica
Chicago and
North Western Ry.
1401-1403 Famam Strict
gPSJOe 4 25 Vt.Pock-Bo
A whole summer In N. Y another In
Chicago now It's here with the Ameri
can Parlslonne, petito Lillian Kltxgerald
and the Silk Stocking Beauty Chorus,
ladles' Dim Matinee Every Week Say.
oa oongu Btreet, at 18th.
R7TOZTZI VAUDBVUilili Include!
Whyte, Pelzer.& Whyte: Kurtls- noos-
ters; Tne iNeiioa;
Ellna Gardner; Lo
gan & Ferris; Hip-
poscope I'iciures.
raou a to a: at 7 ana 9 p. m. daily.
Saturday Matlnto and Nlffht
Special Prorram Arranged for the
Children at SCattnee.
Not. 38 Belasco'a "THE WOICAN."
4 Days wpiu, ltu.lc, Nov. 34
A Orlpplag Play of Today.
Prtoea 35o-lJiO SEATS NOW.
Krug Theater
Xatlnee Today, ai30 Xlht, 8i30.
Best Seats 60 Cents.
Priday Night The Country Store
Ladles' Dally Dime Matlsee.
Doug. 404.
Xat. Sverr Say ailO; Ertry. Night oils
Frtak MUtoa & IXLodc Blitcr. DtWItt, Burnt
A Torrenc. Mclntyr A Hartjr. Boaailliif pat.
Unoot, Ethel IJu Barker, Lows & D Vert
Patha's Weekly Review of the World's KTenta!
Price-Tale Week Msht. lOe, Sc. Mc, li.
Uatlaeee. lc e. Mc
Professor Frederick Ames Stuff
of University of Nebraska
at Unity Church, 17th and Cass Sts..
Every Other Friday at BUS P. M.
Coarse Tickets, 3; Single Admission SOv
Not. 33d: Brete Xarte:
"Is It Worth While to Know Him?"

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