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Assistant Attorney General Saw
Spots in Grip in Rogers Case.
Vailed Attention ol Attornnys In Fre
mont to Fact Which , I.en to
Chnmc Exhibit Ilnd Deen
Tampered With.
(From a Stuff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Nov. 21. (Special.)
Assistant Attorney" General Frank K.
Bdgerton will contribute" an affidavit In
the infantolde case against 'Louis Rogers
of Dodge county to support the theory of
the state that a handgrip belonging to
the mother of the dead baby has been
tampered with since the trial, resulting In
Rogers' conviction.
At the trial at Fremont the defense
claimed that the child .had been born In
Omaha' and. had boen carried by the"
mother, to Fremont in the grip. At the
trial the prosecution asserted the child
had been killed by Rogers and placed In
a box car, where It was found.
The assistant attorney general's5 affi
davit set out that when the grip was
brought to the supreme court In July he
was Impressed by the opinion that the
blood stains upon It were fresh and that
(he wrote this to County Attorney Cook
of Dodge county and received an answer
that at the time of the. trial there were
no such stains on the grip.
County Attorney Cook declares that the
grip was without stains at the -time of
th trial' and he alleges that thoy were
smeared on afterward. The supreme
court will shortly listen to a motion mada
by the county attorney asking for an In
quiry In this matter.
MnnnrI Heftmeil I'lucr.
That Governor Aldrlch refused to ap
point C. B. Manuel, now superintendent
of the Industrial school at Ki-arney, to
the new State Board of Control of Btate
Institutions at a conference they had last
week was reported at the state house
tndnv. '
The Manuel family has been on the pay.'
roll of the Kearney Institution for a to
tal of 13,000 per year, Including board and
lodging, for several years. While thero
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man & McConnell Drug Co.. Cor. ICth and
Eodgs Sts.. Hlh and Harney Harney Sts.
51th and Farnam Sts., Loyal Pharmacy,
107- North l(th St. ,
Is no legal reason why members of his
family should not have been appointed to
subordinate positions, the fact has caused
no little comment at the state house.
During his call at the state house
Manuel was asked by Land Commis
sioner Cowles to mako good the sum of
J226 paid for a horse which It Is al
leged, was used exclusively by Miss Bes
sie Manuel, the superintendent's daugh
ter, who held the poiltlon of stenographer
and "aotlng stewatd" at the Institution.
It is, sa.'d In Mr. Cowles' office that the
salary claims from the Institution for
the months of November and December
may be held up until a settlement U
to Probe Phone Condition.
An Investigating committee of the Ne
braska League of Munlclpal.tles will
probo telephone conditions In this state
and will report back to the organization
at the next meeting to be held early In
-This was decided upon by resolution
shoftly before thevndjournment of the
annual convention of the league hero
yesterday. President George Wolz of
Fremont, mayor of that city, was em
powered to appoint the committee wh.ch
will consist of five members.
The afternoon scislon of th conven
tion was given over to a cross-examination
of State Railway Commissioners
W.nnett and Clarke and Chief Engineor
Hurd of the commission.
Pear llnlse In llaten.
Several representatives of various Ne
braska towns efared that th eult.mate re
sult o fthe con ol.datlon of the Independ
ent and Bell telephone companies will be
a raise In rates. The question of physical
examination and valuation of telephone
properties was taken up and Engneer
Hurd attempted to explain the many
difficulties ly.ng in tne path of such a
valuation and Its relation to rates.
C. C. Gaiford of Wymore asked Mr.
Clarko If It Is not a fact that the rail
way commission nmendment gave the
commission entirely too much power. Mr,
Clarko leplled If the people bellevo thot
this statement Is true they may easily
secure a curtailment at the next meet
ing of the legislature.
Won 111 Keep Money at Home.
Secretary W. R. Mellor of tho state
fair board Is against the proposition of
appropriating $Sii,000 for a Nebraska ex
hibit at the Panama-Pacific world's fair
at aSn Francisco. He believes that the
Nebraska stato fa'.r offers a better, more
effective and more permanent advertis
ing medium for the stato than tho big
coast shov.'.
"The same amount of money expended
p nthe state fair grounds here would
bring far greater results than tho same
amount spor.t at tho San Francisco fair,"
he raid. "We should lake care of our
home affairs first. If the state will spend
this amount of money on the state fair
grounds here, mote people will hco It than
If It was spent -at th efalr and those
who see It will be moro Smpresed."
II I It Verdict for Wy.'tfUt.
John Wright. Injured In an elevator In
the First National bank building here,
was awarded the largest money verdict
In years In tho district court hero to
day, when the Jury returned a verdict for
Tho verdict was against tho construc
tion company, under whoso direction the
building was being constructed tit tho
time. Tho First National bktik, although
a party to the suit, was not Included in
the verdict.
To Inspect Nursery Htock.
Action towa.d securing a law, whereby
nursery stock shipped Into Nebraska
from other Htates and from foreign coun
tries, will be required, to pasH Inspection,
was taken Wednesday evening at a meet
ing of the board of directors of tho
State Horticultural society. A committee
consisting of C. H. Barnard of Tabls
Rock, Peter Younger of Geneva and O.
A. Marshall of Arlington, was appointed
to draft tho bill.
The system of Inspection propped will
be optional with the nurseryman shipping
out of Nebraska. Inasmuch as othsr
states have a similar law,, It is thought
that Nebraska nursery men will prefer
to have their stock approved hre before
It crosses the state line.
State-Wide Crusade
Against Cigarette
Sales to Boys Begun
HASTINGS, Neb., Nov. 21-(Specia!.)
Prosocuttons begun here against local
tobacco deAlers are announced by Men's
Forward. Movement workers, to be the
forerunner of a statewide crusade against
the Illegal sale of clgarattes and of to
bacco to boys under 18 years of age.
Four suits were stated In the county
court and two have been disposed of,
the defendants pleading guilty and paying
fines of MO and 1160. The other two
cases were continued. All four were
based on charges of Illegal sole of
clgarattes to detectives employed by a
sub-committee of the Men's Forward
movement. Other prosecutions are.
"Tho tobacco- laws have been generally
disregarded over the state," said U. S,
Rohrer. who assisted In getting the evi
dence here. "The local .committee con
sidered the advisability of asking for a
grand Jury to Investigate tho tobaooo
traffic, but we finally concluded to get
our own evidence. Until we started the
suits to enforce the antl-clgaratte law
we found It" impossible to get evldenoe
of the sale of tobacco to boys under 18
years of age, but now that these oases
are under way a number of boys have
offered to give evidence of violation of
tho othef law.
"The prosecutions here are part of a
statewide undertaking, backed by the
Men's Forward Movement It won't be
long until the open sale of clgarattes and
the sal of tobacco to boys are stopped
all over the state."
It Is Intimated that evidence Is already
being secured in a number of cities.
The antl-clgarctte law makes manufac
turing, selling or giving away cigarettes
or permitting clgareete papers to be takph
away a misdemeanor, punishable by a
fine of $00. It applies to dealers and
non-dealers alike. The other tobacco law,
which the crusaders threaten to enforce
makes It a misdemeanor to sell or give
to any boy under 18 years of age, to
bacco in any form whatever.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. a.-(Speclal.)-Thomas
L. Sloan, an attorney of Pender, Is a
candidate for appointment under, the dem
ocratic national administration as com
missioner of Indian affairs. This omce
has been vacant since the resignation of
Commissioner Valentine, following his
'Joining the bull moose party.
' Fred II. Abbott, the assistant commis
'slonor, a Nebraska man, was talked of
for the appointment under the Tart ro
ulm. Mr. Sloan has been active in In
dian affairs in this state for many years.
Ho always has been a strong Bryan man.
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Workmen Officers
Like Their Investment
MITCH 13 til, Neb., Nov. 2t.-(Speclni
Telegram.) Grand Master A. M. "Walling
of David City and Judge Joseph Obr-
felder of Sidney are In tho city today lit
the Interest of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen of Nebraska. This fra
ternal beneflolary society hus loans In
the Irrigated section of Ntbrvoka aggie
gating J1M.000, Invested from tho reserve
fund. They find th securities In' good
shape and are well pleuied with the pros
perous outlook of the North Plstto val
Icy. They have traversed the Plntte river
from Bridgeport to Morrill. The Scott's
Bluff sugar factory employs over M0
people with a monthly payroll of over
$W,00O. The towns of Rririgeport, Bayard,
Mlnstare, Soott's Hluff, Qerlng und Mitch
ell vie with one another In the archlteo
tutal beauty of their business blocks and
every evidence of prosperity Is seen.
SNYDBIt, Neb., Nov. 21, (Special.)
Henry J. Thrun was electrocuted by re
ceiving the 3,200 volt current ef the looal
electrlo light plant through his body at
this place last evontng. Mr. Thrun, the
head miller In tho Toiler mills and tem
porarily In charge of the eJeotrlc light
plant, the two being operated from tjio
sanfo source of power, wss Instructing
Louis Hnrrliitfiir. an engineer and elec
trician who had Just arrived from Vnl
luy to take charge of the plant, and In
showing him the position of the strinil
light plugs uccldnhtnlly took hold of those
In such a manner that the thumb mid
forefinger ot each hand extended over
the Insulated handles ami came in con
tact with the metal, thus short circuit
ing the current through his body. Mr.
Ilarrlnger sprang to the asslBtancn of
the untortunato limn and at the risk of
his own life seized him nnd pulled, lilm
away from the connection. Mr. Thrun
was about 30 years of hro nnd Iorvch a
widow and three Hinall children.
Goose Near Lincoln
Pick Up Gold Nugget
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
MNTObN, Nov. 21. - (Special.) - Tho
iitory of the man who killed the goon
tl-at laid thofe golden egg was acted In
real life here yesterday when C. C. Dun
Bton, rurul route No. 7, Ilethany post
office, near here, killed a goose for dtnnor
to find. In Its craw a gold nugget worth
9G cents.
Dunton, wfTho Is nn employe of tho
Burlington, raised four goslings lust Hum
mer, nnQd after the birds had attained
the proper degree of plumpness decided
to have a gooso for 'Sinner,
Ho killed the goose, and whlje Mrs. Dun
stqn' was preparing It for dinner ho dis
covered OTthe nugget, which an expert
pronounced to be pure gold. It If sup-
losed that the nugget was washed down
a hllUldo Into a ravine In which tho
Reese were cooped and that tliffe bird ato
It tiH food. Old-timers remember when
u celtflur was dug In tho same vicinity
tlin earth gave ovldonc of a slight gold
l'llK.MONT, Neb., Nor. at.-(8pcclal.)-Tho
charges made yesterday In tho su
premo court against Attorneys Frank
Doler.nl and F. V. llutton of this city
of tampering with a suit case, nn ex
hibit In tho Hodgern murder case, now In
tliut court on appeal, created qutto a Mil
sntlon when thny appear ml In tho metro,
polltnn dallies. Luke Mundy, clerk of tho
district court, who had charge of the
exhibits from the close ot the trial until
they were forwarded to the supreme
court, went to Lincoln yesterday to ox
amine the milt case. Mr. Mundy denies
tlint It was taken to Lincoln by Mr. Hut
ton and says that lie himself forwarded
It. Mr. Cook, county attorney, Insists
that he can show that there are splotches
of h substance looking like blood on the
Inside that were not thore when the trial
Mr. Dolesal, who has been practicing
law here for nearly thirty years, says
that the lease Is In the same shape as
when It was produced by the state on
the application of the defense during tha
trial and at the close of the trial nnd
Mr. Button Insists upon tho same. As Hi"
case was examined by a number of par.
ties horo during tho trial their affidavit
will probably bo Introduced In ovldencr
on tho hearing. Mr. Dolczal.so.ys tli:it
he reforred to tho stains on the Inside,
of thn caso during his closing argument
to the jury.
A peculiar feature of thn case Is that
Mr. Cook was formerly a partner Of
each of tho attorneys now called upon
to explain tliolr connection with the ex
hibit -
KHAIINKT, Nob., Nov. 21.-(8pecial.)
Utshnp George A. Beecher of the mis
sionary dloceso of western Nebraska left
Inst night for a three weeks' solicitation
trip In nultlindrc, Pittsburgh. Philadel
phia nnd Boston for furthering all i5f
the Interests of his charge.
He hopes to secure sufficient funds
while on this trip to start his long-dreamed-of
farm for homeless boys ami
tlu se who have faced juvenile officers for
the first time or two In cities. Buch i
farm homo will not only give tho wardi
a good elementary education and n trndu,
but a half day spent In the open will
form a part ot the .course.
Tho eKamey Military academy ami
other Institutions, Including M. Luke'
hospital In Kearney and a ppaslbta mater
nity hospltnl In the western part ot the
state will bo benefited 'by his trip.
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