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The Omaha Daily Bee
PAGES 11 TO 20
will Interest overy woman who
llkoa Rood hcart-to-hcart talks
with othor sympathetic womon
Advance on Grain Shipments to
South Effective First of Year.
Opinion Among ltallrond Men Order
Will Not lleconte Kffecttvc
Onmhn - Knalrrn Ilontc
Slny lie Diverted.
Although the cancellation of the
cent per 100 pounds on wheat from Omaha
to New Orleans Is published to expire
January 1 next and the old rate of 1SJ4
cents to be restored, there are numerous
railroad freight men who uro of tho
op'nlon that the order will never bo Into
Chicago -and Minneapolis grain men are
behind the movement to secure a restora
tion of tho rate, while on the other hand,
Omaha dealers generally aro pretty well
satisfied with present conditions.
With tho New Orleans rato in effect,
the Omaha grain men are ablo to prac
tically duplicate; Chicago prices on wheat
and go Minneapolis from 1 to 3 cents
per bushel better. The opinion prevails
with many of tho local -freight men that
tho Interstate. Commerce commission
nfter the matter is brought to Its atten
tion and fully explained, will not only
refuse to restore tho old Omaha-New
Orleans rate on wheat, but will level the
Omaha-Chicago rate correspondingly.
Tho Omaha-Chicago rate on wheat Is
12 cents per 100 pounds and this Is for
a SOO-mllo haul. Tho haul to New Orleans
Is better than 1,500 miles and what the
representatives of tho Omaha-Chicago
lines fear la that tho Interstate Commerce
comm sslon, after looking Into tho matter,
will order this rato of 12 cents leveled
to correspond with tho Omaha-New Or
leans rate.
In tho Omaha-New Orleans grain car
rying the Missouri Pacific that has been
Joint tho bulk of tho business Is prepared
to show by its books that It is and has
been making money hauling grain' from'
Omaha to New Orleans at 15V4 cents per
103 pounds. This being shown railroad
men tako tho position that It Is more
than likely that tho commission will
hold that tho 12-cont rato from Omaha
to Chicago is out of lino and unreason
ably high.
The annual meeting and banquet of tho
University of Michigan association of the
Missouri valley will be held at tho Uni
versity club Monday evening at 6.30
o'clock. Tho evening's program includes
the following: "Tho Michigan-Cornell
Game," by an oyo witness. The follow
ing will respond to toasts: Ltfslo I. Ab
bott, AS W. ' Jefferls, George Fisher, Dr
C. F. Clarke, Jesso Palmer and C. E
Sure, , Quick Gold
Cure Acts Genfly
I'npo'sCold Compound Cures Colds
and Grlppo In a Few llours
Contains no Quinine.
Tho most severe cold will bo broken,
and all grlppo misery-ended after taking
a doso of Pano's Cold Compound evory
two hours until threo consecutlvo doses
are taken.
You will distinctly feel all tho dls
agreeable symptoms leaving after tho
very first dose.
Tho most miserable headache, dullness,
head and noso stuffed up, fevcrlshness,
sneezing, running of tho nose, soro
throat, mucous catarrhal discharges,
soreness, stiffness, rheumatism pains and
other distress vanishes.
Take this wonderful Compound as di
rected, with tho knowledge that there Is
nothing elso in tho world, which will
euro your cold or end Grlppo misery as
promptly and vlthout any othor as
sistance or bad after effects as a 25-cent
package of Pape's Cold Compound, which
uny drugglBt can Bupply contains no
quinine belongs in every homo accept
no substitute. Tastes nice acta goutiy.
Advertlsemont. ,
The fastest growing young
city In western Canada. Tho
headquarters of tho Cana
dian Pacific great irrigation
project now building one 'of
the largest dams in tho
world. Plenty of power,
natural gas and coal mines,
and tho greatest distribut
ing center for large agricul
tural district. Divisional
point three railways and
Here is a chance to se
cure a building lot located
15 minutes' walk from the
postof flee for $60 each, pay
able $1 per week. NO IN
Population 1909, 38.
1912, 2,500.
Calgary, Albsrta, Canada,
Hoagland of North
Platte Would Be the
President Pro Tern
W. V. Hoagland of North riatte, stato
senator-elect, has Just been In Omaha In
terviewing tho senators-elect of Douglas
county with a view to making himself
president pro tern of the senate. Ho made
his advances on the ground that tho west
ern part of tho stato was entitled to this
honor, as It had received few honors In
a political way and ho felt tho senate
could easily afford to gtvo him this
trifling honor. He said H V. Hoagland
of Lincoln, also ckctcd t'o tho senate,
was his uncle and ho felt suro that he
would be strong In Lancaster county for
that reason. It Is understood he did not
get many prom'ses of support from the
Douglas county senator?, as a few of
them would not yet commit themselves,
while others aro said to have given their
promises elsewhere. As for N. P. Dodge
of Omaha, ho is known to be In favor of
Charles 1 Saunders of Omaha for presl-
dont pro tern of tho senate, and word
comes from out in tho stato that Senator
Dodgo Is writing letters to senators-elect
in tho Interest of tho candidacy of Sena
tor Saunders for tho place.
Out at Fullerton H. H. Kemp Is being
talked of for the honor of president pro
torn, and in that vicinity ho Is ald to
be laying his wires for a pull for the
Boss Fanning and
Sheriff McShane
at Sword Points
Colonel Charles E. Fanning, reputed
guardian angel of Sheriff McShune, Is
peeved at tho sheriff and the sheriff re
turns tho compliment, according to closu
friends of tho colonel.
Fanning believes tho man who tipped
off-tho Wick & Moore raid Monday night
acted with the knowledge of McShane.
Tho sheriff believes Fanning was in
strumental In raiding Wick & Mooro
Saturday night when he (tho sheriff)
was' out of the city.
'That Fanning should assume such open
chargo of the sheriffs official duties as
to order raids when McShano is out of
tho city strikes the reform sheriff's self
assuranco a telling blow.
Colonel Fanning has openly shown his
displeasure nt his pet official's conduct.
He has not minced his words In speaking
of tho Wick & Mooro raid.
McShano has been attempting to ignore
Colonel Fannlng'B insinuations and direct
assertions. This has pleased those of tho
colonel's followers who havo no great love
for tho "reform sheriff."
City is Being Sued
for Flood Damage
Mrs. Fannlo Rasgorshek has brought
suit against tho city for damages sus
tained when .rain flooded tho basement
and ''practically destroyed the residence."
She offers to compromise saying the
damages will bo named "to tho city If her
attorney is given a hearing. Tho council
will hear tho case Monday. Ignatius J.
Dunn, Mrs. Rasgorshok's counsel, in a
communication to tho city commissioner,
said fatso representations figured In the
"When Thirty-fifth street, from Dav
enport to Cass, was graded, tho fill in
front of Mrs. Rasgorchek's place was
fourteen feet," ho says.
"She was Induced to sign the petition
to have tho strcot graded and waiving
claim of damages to her property by. tho
false representations inado to her that
tho fill In front of her house would bo
only four feet. In grading the street
the city filled a natural drainage or water
course," which formerly carried tho sur
'nce water around and away from the
premises, with the result that largo vol
umes of water that fell In tho vicinity
of her property after the street was
graded, was thrown upon her premises,
filled tho basement of her houso with
mud and filth, destroyed the foundation
and practically destroyed tho house. The
lower floors wero soaked with water and
remained so damp that her health Is in
Sugar-coated and all vegetable. Dose,
only one pill at bedtime. For consti
pation, bilious headache, indigestion.
Ayer's Pills. . Sold tor 60 years.
Ask Your Doctor.
J. O. ArcrOo.,
lxrwil. MU.
Ms. WiKILoWi &OOTHINO Uvcr b beea
bsedfororcr SIXTY YSARS by MIU.ION8.oi
KOOTIIES the CHILD, Burrena me GUMS.
AI.Ut.YBtU r&m : UUKKB wjojj tui.ic. ana
.J J the beat ternary r BIARKHCEA. It U at
tolutrly hnmleii Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
IVinVow's Boothlng syrup," ana ujlc bo oibu
1. 1 it 1 wentv-6r emit a bottU.
Many a good man has lost his busi
ness bv betne cranky and disagreeable.
and all because his stomach 0a not do
Its work properly. Don't let this occur
to you, It is so easy to be cured of ton
och trouble. Spruce Pepsin Tablets, the
t atural remedy, will cure you. Let us
fend you a free trial to provo it. Spruce
Tablet Co., ueron uutc. junn. Auver-lUement.
Smyth Gives His
Views on the Tariff
"I hopo when congress considers tho
tariff It will revlB? it scnedulo by ched
ule," said C. J. Smyth, In discussing the
coming special session. "That Is the only
way to revise the tariff and do it right.
It is the only way to prevent log roll
ing, which is disastrous to an equltablo
and satisfactory revision of the tariff."
Mr. Smyth said ho supposed of course
the congressmen in making up the new
schedules would make uso of the Informa
tion gathered by the present tariff com
mission, as well as of any other informa
tion at hand, "but," ho said, "I do not
believe that the information these men
have gathered is much more than that
possessed by many of the congressmen
who have been In the house' for twenty
or twenty-five years. There are In that
body of men many who have studied the
tariff question In the most' exhaustive
manner for tho last twenty-five years,
and I do not believe that just because
o few men have been appointed members
of a certain commission that they know
much more about tariff than do the men
who have made It a life study. I be
lieve that Underwood and other men In
congress know as much about the tariff
as any member of that commission."
Ruim and MA Ui hist
fa LaxurlAnt cmlSk.
Ht Vails to a tor army
Satr to tu Youthful Color. I
rtertnu cair rujinjr.
Ak-Sar-Ben May Pay
Old Debt on the Den
The debt Incurred by the Knights of
Ak-Sar-Ben In remodeling and repair
ing tho dsn may be paid by the pro
ceeds of the last carnival, thinks J. D.
Weaver, tho secretary.
Gradually the offlco force at Ak-Sar-Ben
headquarters Is setttlng up the bills
contracted by tho festivities and Secre
tary Weaver believes accounts will be
in condition to make a partial report to
the board of governors at the meeting on
Monday night. The great number of do
days In collecting bills and paying var
ious accounts have kept the secretary
from completing a full report on tho pro-
this player-piano club
Have the player-piano sent home later
if We mean by this, that it is not necessary to have your player-piano delivered now, if you join the Orkin Brothers player
piano club now. You can join the club today and have the player-piano delivered next week or next month. You can have
it delivered Christmas eve. rr mi ... ...... , . .1
tr i nc pome is it you want to join tnc unun Drotners
player-piano club, you must do so soon. If you would
share in its many advantages, economies and privileges,
you must send in or bring in your application now.
Long before the new year rolls around with its joy and
merry making, the Orkin Brothers player-piano club will
have been filled.
The only way to take advantage oj the Orkin Broth
ers player-piano club privileges to make your home a
happy one this winter is to join the club right away.
2 Wfc
flit m
You can pay your 9 dollars, the initial fee. We will
give you a receipt for it.
If you want your player-piano delivered right away
your weekly payments of 2 dollars will start right away.
If you don't want your player-piano delivered until
next month your weekly payments will not start until
tff Your weekly payments will not start until you want
your piano delivered, whether that is next month, or in
two months.
On the other hand, you may, however, keep up
your weekly payments just as though the player
piano had been delivered, and still not have it sent out
until some time later.
For instance: Suppose you joined the club today
but instructed us not tp deliver the player-piano until
the day before Christmas but you kerit on paying and,
paying every week just as though the player -piano had
been sent out-the day after you joined the club you
would have paid in the neat little sum of 17 dollars on the
player-piano by the time it was sent out, and in all likeli-'
hood never have missed the money. The same thing ap
plies to those who want to go away on a Christmas
vacation. You cart join the club before you go and
start your weekly payments when you return- or
whenever you want your player-piano delivered. Send
CopvRi&r:i9ii.Bv. MAHTiN'MscwtRic in or Drlng ln your application to-day-don 'tputttoW
You can own one of these player-pianos for 9 dollars the first payment
then 2 dollars a week without interest added
The club price for the Orkin Brothers club player-piano is 395 dollars. There is no interest no extras of any kind.
The terms are 9 dollars the first payment then 2 dollars a week without interest added. . These player-pianos have
never been sold anywhere in the world for less than $550, with terms of $25 down and $15 a month; with interest added at tho
rate of 6 or 7 per cent. This is the first time, as far as our knowledge goes, that such trustworthy instruments have been offered
for sale upon such popular terms as 9 dollars the first payment and 2 dollars a week without interest added.
This club player-piano is a full size upright grand, colonial design, and the player on the inside plays every key on the piano
that is, these club player-pianos are standard 88 note players and they play every note on the piano.
The crowning idea of the club the life assurance feature
Orkin Brothers playor-planos havo a
uhlftor that compels tho music to play
perfectly it compolB every note to
speak distinct It makes tho music sheet
track perfectly should tho paper of tho
music roll either shrink or expand by
weather conditions.
Orkin Brothers player-pianos have a
motor which works smoothly and pro
vents all jumping and jerkin? of tho
music roll It is the only motor .so far
made that compels the music to piny In
perfect time.
Orkin Brothers player-pianos havo a
solid brass noiseless tracker-bar.
In most player-pianos tho bellows
which produce tho power of action aro
made of rubber. Tho bellows which pro
duce tho power of action In the Orkin
Brothers player-pianos aro a composi
tion of leather and canvas they will
wear for years.
Then there Is another point that
should havo special mention tho tempo
This one slnglo device puts the Orkin
Brothers club player-piano In a class
by itself. It Is this littlo lever, oper
ated by tho right hand, that makes a
great piano performer out of everyone.
Instead of playing mechanically with
the tempo lever you can play like a
great pianist. With the tempo lever
you can control tho tlmo of the music
you are playing. With tho tempo
lever you give your playing
every shade tho composer intended.
Let ua suppose there is not another
single devlco on the Orkin Brothers
player-piano to make its player mechan
ism play like the human fingers (there
are half a dozen), let us discard them
all, savo this one alono the tempo
lever still we would Bay that this one
feature alono places the Orkin Brothers
player-piano In a class by Itself.
"If the signer of this contract should die
during the life thereof, and all weekly pay
ments have been paid when xlue, the remain
ing payments will be canceled forthwith and
a receiot in full for the piano turned over to
the family of the deceased. ' '
Thia is a simple stutemcnt without uny frills that
covers the whole story, and it is made in writing right in
the face of tho contract. "Wo want this cluh to he co-operative
and helpful to each and every raemher in it.
"Wo want the saving to each and every member (o bo
tho greatest possible. Wo want every protection that wo
can think of to go to all its members. In short, wo want
this big deal to bo a standing advertisement for us as
long as wo aro in business, and this life assurance idea is
its crowning feature.
It the head of tho family dies If the bread winnor dies If tho
sourco of incomo is stopped by death the piano Is not lost to the fam
ily. The family does not havo to work and worry to meet tho rem .ln
ing payments. They are immediately canceled and a clonr "receipt in
full" is given to tho family of tho deceased. Isn't this a comforting
and reassuring idea?
The keynote of this whole club proposition
is best player-pianos best price best terms '
best everything.
If you want an upright piano
without the player attachment
join Orkin Brothers piano club
That thero can bo no misunderstanding, lot ub again tqll that 2
hundred and 57 dollars and GO conts Includes everything tho Orkin
Brothers piano club member has to pay. In other words, it Is tho
outside price, or tho extreme price.
Tho pianos aro of tho most reliable and trustworthy sort worth
SCO dollars each.
To sell them and sell (horn quickly wo planned and organlzod a
gigantic club, a club of COO mombors, oach and overy mombor to
enjoy tho sumo advantages and privileges,
Wo decided to soil tho pianos In this wuy, at 2C7 dollars and CO
cents each.
Wo arrangod to sell thom without adding Interest to tho prico
Wo placod tho payments at 5 dollars as tho first paymont, and 1
dollar and 25 cents a week for the remaining payments.
Tho prlco ($257. CO) Includes everything charging nothing moro
for any prlvllego extended mombers. Wo agreed to give club mom
bors their money back if a 30 days' trial of tho piano was unsatis
factory. Wo arranged a year's exchange prlvllego for mombors, which en
ables them to exchange their pianos at any tlmo within ono year
without meaning one penny's loss.
Wo got up a life nsHiirutico feature for mombors, which cancols
all payinents in tho event of the death of a club member.
Wo figured out a robato system so that thoBo who want to pay
faster than $1.25 a weok will profit by it by getting a rebate of 15
cents In cash liundcd back for each and every week they pay In
Boiling tho wholo plan right down, we put Into tho plan overy ad
vantage and privilege that would suggest Itself to us to make this
big Inaugural sale an lnntunt success.
And It lias been.
Moro than one hundred members havo Joinod tho club.
Cannot we have your epllcatlon7 Can wo not at least show you tho
plannii and go over tho whole propoaltlon with you?
Copyright 1912 by Stono Sd
McCarrick, Inc. Unauthorized
uso In whole or in part or col
orable summaries thereof for
Formerly Tho Bennett Co. lGth and Harney Sts., Omaha, Nob.
Chlchtring, Kurtzman, I vet & Pond, Auto Pianot and Player Pianot- and Victor Talking Machine!
ceeds of the lost festival. If tho debt on
the den Is paid, he says; the board of
governors will be satlsflod.
Dr. Prlbbenovv and Dlbbym, who wero
arrested by ttie government authorities
Wednesday for alleged misuse of the
mall, have failed aa yet to ratio tho
required $3,000 bonds for their releate,
and aro still confined in the county jail.
It is said that Dr, Prlbbenow letusea
to cat his meals at the Jail. When ar
rested Wednesday he refused to eat. and
when placed In a cell at the county hos
tile In tho evening refuted to touch his
food, which was brought to him.
Christensen's Hogs
Get Himlnto Fight
Because Christ Chrlatcnsen failed to
keep up his fences and because his hogs
took advantugo of '.at fact and got Into
the corn fields of Peter Clausen, Chris
tensen cot into a pecu of trouble, result
ing in a black eye and a Judgment of $16
besides. He appealed the case to the dis
trict court
The men aro neighbors living near
Courtland llcach. Christensen's hogs de
stroyed, u lot of Clausen's corn In thu
field and nearly kllloj u thoroughbred
hog belonging to Cluusen, according to
the complaint filed In thw court of Jus
tice Altstudt. October 10 tno two men
happened to be on the sume street car
coming to. Omuhu. when they began a
heated discussion on the hog matter.
Clausen after having suffered from the
ravages of Christensen's bogs decided to
suffer no back talk and straightway
struck him squarely in the eyo.
Judge Altatadt disposed of both cases
wlillo ha liau both men In court. Clausen
was fined $5 and costs for hitting his
neighbor in the eyo and the judge run
deled judgment ngulnst ChrlHtenseu in
the sum of $15 for tho ravuges of his hogs.
Members of the water board havo re
fused to pay their allotted share of the
last election expenses, aggregating $400,
or one-fourth tho expenses of Judges
and clerks. - The city, which had two
bond Issues to bo voted on and nothing?
else, has passed an appropriation to pay
tiie judges and clerks $1.2 each, tha
board of education has paid them $1C0
euch and thu water board has been re
quested by the commissioner of finances
und accounts to pay the other $UX.
Frightful I'uliia
in tho stomach, torpid liver, lame back
und weak kidneys are soon relieved by
Electric Bitters. Guaranteed. COc. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement.

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