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Mrs. Edhalm Calls the Movies to Her
Assistance in Promotion.
Vxunrlatlon of Xornfii 9ar' 1 Hope
to Sell Thonaand Dollars 'Worth of
licit Crn.a Seals Before the
First of the Yrar.
Mrs. TC B. J. Edholm, secretary of the
Nebraska association (or the study and
prevention of tuberculous, hta rnllstrl
the aid of the Omaha General Film com
lany In carrying on the ?ea Cross seal
campaign In Nebraska this winter. This
company has booked tho Tied Cross film
entitled "Hope." tin. reverat of the towns
of Nebraska, and It will be shown prac
tically every day .from now until Jan
nary 1. i .
The work of getting out the Bed Cross
fccals Is keeping 'Mrs. Edholm extremely
busy. She says that about 300 agents In
Omaha will sqllllcd Cross seals this
winter. Thesoalsi will ibe put on the
market on December '1.
The stnto a'ssdelatlon of ' graduate
nurses have agrccl to sell $1,000 worthj of
these stamps before January ' If Last
year the gradual humes sold almoit
Jl.OOO worth and this year 'they wilt ex
ceed that amount, Last year ihtpe wero
but ISO ngents In the city to sell these
stumps, but Mrs. Kdholm says this num
ber will bo Increased by at least fifty.
Clnba TnUe Up. 'Proposition.
The various woman's clubs In-Omaha
have taken hold of the stamp proposi
tion. One member ot each organization
has been appointed to take chargo of tho
boosting of Red Cross seals and already
tho work done 1y them Is beginning to
loom up.
Tho following towns have been booked
to show tho moving picture "Hope" nt
their theaters: Omaha, Hustings, Lin
coln, Fremont, Norfolk, Wayne, Seward.
Fairmont, lied Cloud, Albion, Coleman,
drand Island, Schuyler, Kearney, North
Platte, Falrbury, Mlnden, Nctlgh and
How Old Tempus Fugit!
Many of us were exasperated upon rending immediately after Cliristmas last year, the headline, "Fifty-one Weeks 'Till Christmas."
and we disliked tho suggestion that we should "do our
Christmas seemed very remote then
Xehrnnkaii. nt th Hotels.
C P. WUcslns of Central City Is a guesl
of the Merchants.
Hugh Haas of Rogers lino taken quar
ters at tho Millard.
W. F. Petcrman of Bennington Is stop
ping at the Ilcnshaw.
B. Ia Hershey of Kearney, A. O, Smith
of Bajmey, Niels HJelm ot Bancroft and
, John Moicmnn of Oakland are stopping
at tho Loyal.
V A. Larson of Centrnl City, John T.
Bressler of Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. 13. C.
Houston of Tekamah, Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Utile of Lyons, Neb.; Mr. and
Mm. O. II. Bebstcr of Tekamah and Corn
Wiener, Mr. Rnd Mrs. O. Hwnnson, Mr.
and Mrs. O. W. Nlxer. Mr. and Mrs", a,.
1. Phlpps and Mr. and Mrs. B. Batty of
Oakland are at tho Paxton.
Bill Ure i& Butt
of Baker's Daffydil
Judge Ben 8. Bsker, city corporation
coansel, says ho doesn't fall much for
The Bee's daffydlls, "but I've got one
that's pretty good," ho concludes.
Sometime ago, now on to a year, tho
Judge made a bet with City Treasurer!
Ure. The Judge won, but he forgpt Until
recently that ho had a new ltd coming at
Uro's expense.
Ure called on tho Judgo und asked for
some legal advice. Ho wanted to know
If a delinquent taxpayer couldn't imy
either the principal or the Interest with
out paying both principal and Interest.
It scorns that taxpayers In ninny
Instances own personal taxes for a long
series of years, so that the Interest not
Infrequently amounts to twice tho prin
cipal or even more.
Jpdga Baker ruled that the principal
or thn Interest could not bo accepted and
'tho taxpayers would have to dig up fur
all. Uro had hoped for something bolter.
And so he went back to his office,
looked up Judge Baker's record, found
ho owed soma personal taxes far 1902, and
promptly mailed the Judge a bill for tho
sumo with Interest umountlng to 15. 4?,
Just as promptly tho Judgo forwarded a
check for payment In full.
Then Judge Baker strolled to the near
est haberdasher and purchased a new
hat which cost more than the Interest on
lil personal taxes and had It charged to
Vre. '
When tho Judgo returned to his office
trie, assistant city attorney looked nt the
hat "Is It a velour?" he asked, "Nix,"
said the Judge, "It's a Wlll-Urc."
Grand Ribbon Sale
Saturday, Novembar 23, at 10 A. M.
"When tho designs, the widths, the colorings, the mag
nificent qualities and the Prices are considered. "Wc
believe we nre within tho limits of truthfulness, when wp
state no Ribbon Sale in years, in this neck of the woods,
equalled this one
3 GLORIOUS LOTS at 3 PRICES-69c, 39c and 25c.
LOT 1 Quito a variety, several widths, puro silk, worth
f)0c, at yard ' 25c
LOT 2 A beautiful aggregation, many widths, splendid
designs, quito a pick in this lot, many easily worth 85c,
at ihr; yard 39c
LOT 3 Simply gorgeous, rich designs, heavy brocades,
- printed warps, some very wide, all beautiful quality;
$1.25 would be cheap for most of them, Saturday. .69c
neia, s
Special Sale of Linens
Special sale of linens commencing Saturday, continuing
for one weektable napeiy, Madoira pieces, all reduced
and one-fourth off a now importation of cluny pieces.
Our New Shoe Section
Is having really marvelous
business. "Wo sincerely urge
you to mako an effort to como
Saturday morning for satisfac
tory service and perfection of
fit. Terribly hurried and
rushed usually a f t e moons.
"Women tako kindly to the new
streot boots flat forepart and
low heels in tan calf laco, dull
calf laco and button. The price
is $5.00 and tho value is
The young women are simply
in lovo with tho low heel dan
cing pumps $4.00 is the price and they're worth it.
PARTY SLIPPERS-Thoro's a wonderful difference
in satins ours are made of tho best grades mado es
pecially for slippers receding toes and Frorich heels
liavo the call; they come in pink, blue,, white and black
theso iiIbo are, a pair ..... $4.00
Boudoir Slippers in red, pink, black and lavender,
shopping early" and yet, hero wo arc with only
Four Weeks Until
the Joyous Season
We Aro Delightfully Ready And Right Here is Where
We Intend, to bo Helpful to You.
Specials For Saturday From
Ready-to-Wear Section
Drosses worth up' Co $30.00 g -J f tf
wiiTbc sold at . JLXJ U J
Evening xlrcssos, dancing frocks, street dresses, fine
serges, French challies, imported velvets English cords,
charmeuse and chiffon.
And hero's a special in keeping with the suggestion of
Yuletides' near approach Just in-v-A. lqt of felt, fur
trimmed house slippers,, wonderfully comfy-if tho floors
aro a little cold in the mornings, and regardless of these
nice, (Sunshiny days that too will come Juliette style,
red nud. black are the best colors, will be $1.50 later, but
on Saturday, at the pair '. 98c
Sc6res of holiday books 'arriving daily Christmas
Cards; Stickers, Calendars, etc., now in stock and it's a
mighty good time to make selections.
Under same conditions this year we could not recite this
story from the children's section. Mild weather finds
us with too many children's coats. While cold weather
will come as sure as "Death, and Taxes," it's not our
way to wait, and so we have laid out a splendid lot of
coats, and put a season's end price on them to sell them
COATS FOR ALL AGES Fine broadcloths, Zibelines,
etc., for youngsters of 2 to years, and sorao excellent
winter fabrics for those from 6 to li years; plain weaves
and tho rough or curly bouclcs, for juniors, from 13 to 17
years, coats that sold up to $18, at ono price $8.75
OUR DOLL FAMILY Invites you tp.au at home Sat
urday. They aro hero from every clime, nearly every
race isrjOpreseuted, except; those red haired, light skinned
'Eskimos (the lost tribe who were discovered. recently) ;
many sizes rind coinplexions, nude, dressed and undressed.
v R S. V. P.
There is One Event Thai Omaha's Discriminating
Women Always Wait for
Pur Thanksgiving Sale of China
We mako no claims to having a regular China depart
ment, but Indies tell us that nowhere in this section enn
so many choice novelties be found, for gifts or otherwise.
We quote a few specials of the many to be offered on
Saturday, November 23
Tray arid G coasters, at $1.25 the set. Coasters, at
10c;,each should be much more.
Bread baskets, a Thanksgiving special, each, . . . .50c
French cups, saucers and plates, each.,. 25c
Brass jardiuiers, instead4 of $1.50 79c
No ThanksgiYirjg Dinner Will Be Quite
Complete Unless "Bilduff" is Represeitei
For Dessert Mr. Cobb suggests
Individual ice cream turkeys, dozen $2.00
Individual roses, peacties, apple, horn of plenty, per
dozen , $2.00
Southern fruitcake, French fruits and nuts, lb...50c
Salted Pefcans, Almonds, Pistachois, Marrons, French
Fruit, otc. These are considered essentials for a well
ordered table. , '
Frozen Egg Nogg, gallon $2.00
Vanilla with French Chorries, gallon $2.00
Nessolrodo pudding, gallon $2.00
Majsle with Pecan nuts, gallon ,.,...$2.00
Tutti Frutti, gallon $2.00
Special care is taken in getting up' all these deli
cacies. They must meet the Balduff standard.
Table decorations, costume mottos, cases for ices,
Gorman boxes, baskets, dbileys, otc. A box of "Bal
duff 's de luxe chocolates and bonbons will delight the
hostess, take ono with you when you go to the dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Cobb have planned a number of extra
specials for" Saturday. Popular Pikers, oblong shape,
thin shell on tho outside filled with chocolate, cocoa
nut and ground nuts rather tempting ain't it? Reg
ular price 40c a lb., trial box, V-Yb 15c
But here's richness Caramel Glaces, a maple cream
caramel dipped in cream, flavored with Canada maplo
sugar, per1 lb. box 25c
We sprung this once before and sold out early in the
afternoon. Tho usual price is 40c the pound. Come
early Saturday.
1 1
Some Late Corn in
State May Be Soft
There will lo a great deal of eott corn
In the stato this year, according to J.
a. Hastings, cashier of thn Furmera and
Merchants bank of- Decatur, who was In
Omaha. Ho says ho has been out on tha
farm some recently nntl finds that al
though tho farmers aro husking and crib
blng the corn 'there arts u Brent ninny noft
rot. This, ho says. U due to the fact that
ome of the corn was planted too late to
mature properly. somebelng teplanted
after the flrt plantm ti the aprtntr
failed to grow. Th"farineru are crib
bing It. ho says, an. they fool that It will
dry In the narrower crlba being usod
W. W, Orendorff of Charaplln. 8. D.,
walked tho entire distance from that
town to Omaha In order to Join tho navy.
The nearest recruiting station to his
town Is Lincoln, but he preferred to en
list from tho Omaha station. After hla
long walk, which Is over 100 miles. Orejh.
dorff was n good physical condition and
passed the examination without trouble.
Ho was sent to tha naval training station
(it San Francisco. Orendorff left his
home early In September, but stopped on
the way to take odd Jobs.
"Honey's Boys" Concert company, an
excellent organization of Juvenile muN
dana, will appear in a special program
nt the Young Hen's Chrintlan association
Sunday afternoon. There la no comnanv
like them of remo(ey approaching them
in either this country or Kurope. The
"works of the greatest composers of all
time, aa well as ot the finest comDoserai
oro drawn upon for their Programs, ret
old-time favorites and laugtprovoklng
Cnnicht In the Act
'and arrested by Pr. King's New Ute
Pills, bilious headache quits and liver,
jrtpms.cn and bowels act right. Only Sc.
For sale by Beaton J)rut Co,-Advertlse-
Friday, Npy4 22, 1Q12.
1113 social calondar is rapidly filling uplwltll social 'atfalrb, both formal
and Inlormal, Each day brlna Invitations ot Intqros. Mrs. GoUld
Dlotz and Mrs. Charles A. Hull will lssuo Invitations Saturday for
a toa to bo glvon Thursday afternoon;' Doccmbor C, from 4 to
C o'clock, at tho attractlvo now homo of Mrs. Dletz. This will bo tho first
largo affair glvon by Mrs. Diets alnco moving Into her now homo.
Mrs. Arthur Keollno will ontortaln at bridge-Monday afternoon at bor
homo. '
Mrs. G, W. Megeath will glvo a largo afternoon reception next Tuesday
lu honor of her mother, Mrs. Freemanand1 for Mrd. Windsor MegeAtU of
Kansas City. , ,
Mrs. Krodorlc W. Thomas will ontcrtaln' at bridge next Wednesday
afternoon at her homo" '
Wednesday evening tho' Original Cooking club will, give a dinner and
danco at tho Country club. . v ; i .. v
Thursday will bo Thanksgiving day,: when thoro will bo many family
dinner parties, and many will attond tho foot ball games,
Friday uvonlng the officers and Indies rff Fort Crook 'will Jnaupurato
tholr series of winter dances with a hop, to bo. glvon In tho post headquar
ters. Thereafter tho dancaq will bo glvon on the second and fourth Friday
ovenlugs of each month, from Docomber to next' April, Inclusive'.
Invitations for each danco will bo sont by Individual officers during
this Bcasou, a slight variation from the custom. of preceding years, when tho
army people have invited tholr friends to tho entire' series at tho beginning
of the winter.
Tho hop commttteo for the winter Includes Captain Nuttman, Captain
Van Duyno, Lieutenants Kolley. Fulton and Drown. v
Saturday afternoon Mrs. George Thummell will glvo a dobut toa for
her duughtor, Miss Katherluo Thummell, Besides these large affairs, many
small. theater and brldgo parties will be given nex.t.wek.
Numerous affairs aro aUo scheduled for the first two weeks In Decem
ber. Mrs. Hobert a. Anglln will entertain at brldgo December 3 for Mlsa
Margaret Greer Bautu. December 5 Mrs. DleU and Mr. Hull will give a
tea and December C will probably inaugurate tho winter season of military
hops at Fort Omaha. Tho officers and ladles ot the post are planning to
have tho hops tho first and third Fridays of tho month, alternating with
i-urt truu. tuiiunmt, noon mm. u. u. farcer win entertain at two
afternoon teas, December 10 and 11, la honor of her daughter, Miss AUco
Holiday week Is also filled with social entertainments, but most of the
affairs aro for tho school sot.
slon for al. Deoora'tloris were blue and
white. ,
.Bridge for Debutantes. .
Mrs. Clement Chase was hostess at a I
delightful bridge party, this ufternoun at
her homd In hono'r ' of1 JIUs Margaret
Greer Baum, vjho In- ontj .oft .t,he debut
antes, anii for Miss 'draco Mlddleton of
Wasbljigtori. ' D. C;., who ,fs; tho, guest of
,Mra. Ciino and Mrs. Carmellta Chase.
Those present were:-1
f I . , I . . w -
ManrArot'Orefrr Baur?Miirv.lUnirwaIt.
Oruco Mlddloton. Jtarytni;hardjon,
Personal Gossip.
Mrs. Morler .and Miss Amy Morter of
Chicago pj-rtved this morning to be the
guests of Miss Morler" fiance, Mr.
Thomas II. Matters, Jr. Saturday Mr.
Matters will motor to Lincoln to attend
the Uncoln-Oklahoma foot ball game,
when his guexta will be Miss Amy MoYier
of Chicago, Miss Helen Smith of Boston,
Miss Helen Matters, Mr. Cheiter Dudley
and Mr. George Agnevr.
R. M. S. Dance at Home,
The Omaha Woman's club ot the rail-
iway moll service will give a dancing
party thla evening at the Borne hotel.
The rooms, will be decorated with palms
and flags.
Saracas and Philatheu.
Aa a climax of the recent mrmh.nhin
contest of the Uanscom rurk Baraeu.
cuss the 'whites" entertained nii?h
at tho home of Mrs. Winget. 1W7 Georgia
avenue, xne guests wenj, the "blues."
who wero winners in the contest, and also
me i'nnainuas. About sixty wero prea
ent. A number of Interesting gamtts, to
gether with readings by MIm Bessie
treeman, mad a very enjoyable occ
Mildred Bolters,
Qretchon McConnell,
' Dorothy 'Morgan,
Kllrdbeth J'lckens,
Carolyja Barhulow,
aertrufle'tsmltn or
Paulino Bourke.
Violet JoWyn,.
Helen 8cwl. , ,
Alice Carter, . ,
DaPhno Pefenr.
Katherlne Thummell. New York.
Mary Burkloy,. , Nonnlo Puge.
Dorothy Hall, MaVgarct MuBhcrson
Katherlne Bccson, , Buth Hitchcock.
Mildred Butlvr. fcugrnle Wlrttlnorc,
Kllzabeth Bru. narmnlttn Chmr.
Leeta Ilbldrvge, ' Ddrothy'.Bingwnlt,
Birthday (Jeiebration.
ir. ftiinnie nmme, a wen known
pioneer, of .Dopglaj cpUnty, celebrated her
sIxty-e'glitH" Wrt'hday ut tho home of her
daughter., Mrs. .11". H. Johnson, 2SS3 Wirt '
street A large number of relatives and I
friends - were. ,, present Mrs. Timme re
ceived Mineral bouquets of cut flowers
and ia number 01 sifts. The evening was
spent In cards apd dancing. Supper was
orvca jnp me evening. Tnose present
were: .
Mr. and Mrs. Sharp.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith. . ,
Mr, and Mrs. Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Tlcdonn.
Mr, and Mrs. Guy Matthews.-
Mr. and Mrs. William Schneider,
Jtr. and Mr. Charles Carter.
Mr. and Mra! Charles W'trtiorc.
Mr. and Mrs. V, C. Tlmme.
Mr. 'und Mrs. Herman Tlnim.
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Johnson.
Lena tarson ot
North Dakota,
Bnruh Kogcrs,
John Dee.
I'eaxi Wetmore,
Myrtle TlmniP,
l.oulse Tlmme,
IJlllmi Tlmme,
Irene Timme,
Lola Johnson,
Millinery Sale Continued
Balance of our purchase of Trimmed
Hats go oh Sale Saturday at D
Many new hats have been added V
to this lot hats regularly priced up
to $12.00 and $15.00, at
Thos. Kilpatrick (L Co.
Karl Berllnghqf.
Minnie Tjntmc.
Mary Tlmme,
Oeorge Tlmme.
t refla. Brehm.
Luclle Jodltt.
Klsle .Timme.
Lena Tlmme.
Viola Schneider,
race Schneider,
Thelma Tuttle,
Eva WVtmore,
J. C. Klmbrell.
Karl Bosberg,
Clark, Timme.
Fred Timme.
Cullen Timme,
Kloyd Timme,
Ctoyd Johnson,
Wesley Wetmore.
Wlltiort Schneider,
Sylvian Schneider.
Bussell Schneider,
Homer Sharp,
Boyal Tuttle,
Bay Frou.
Milton Krou.
Hichigran Alumni Banquet.
Local Michigan alumni will give their
annual banquet at the University club
Monday evening, November 15, at 6:JD
The evening's program Includes "Tho
Michigan-Cornell Game," by an eyewit
ness. The following will respond to toasts -Messrs.
Lysle I. Abbott, A. W. Jefferin.
Oeorge Fisher. Dr. C K. Clark, Jesse
Palmer and C. K. Paulsen.
Bixby-Vierling Wedding.
The weaomg or .miks ciaire vieriins,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vlcr
llng to Mr. Halo Blxby took place nt tho
home of tho bride's parents at I o'clock
Thursday afternoon. The ceremony was
performed by "Bcv, T. J. Mackay and
there were no nttendants. Only the Im
mediate families wero present. The nnao
wore her traveling suit of king's blue
broadcloth with a toque pf blue velvet
trimmed "with moleskin. ,
The rooms wero docoratcd with pink
and lavender chrysanthemums and palms
Following the ceremony a wedding supper
was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Blxby left at 6 o'clock
for Columbus, O., where' they wll visit
the bride's sister, Mrs. Lester Heln
shelmer, and will bo at home In this
city after January 1.
of tho season Thursday evening at Jacobs
Hall. The next party will be (Thursday
evening, December t. Sixty guests were
present at the party last evening.
Omikron Club Party.
The Omikron club gave the second of
their series ot winter dancing parties'
Thursday evening at Chambers' academy.
Those present were:
Misses Misses
Mao Engler, Boseltha Skinner,
Hazel Howard, Arjne Dennis.
Uarila Scott Harriet Copley,
Florence Liver, Nannie Page,
drctchen McConnell, Marguerite Prentiss,
Latla Kuhlman, Mildred Marr,
Grace McBrlde, Buth Latenser.
Marjorle Howland, Marguerite Busch'.
China Shower for Bride.
The members of the C. B. club gave a
tea shower last evening complimentary
to Mlsa Kva Stringham, who Is to be a
November bride. In addition to tha gifts
for an afternoon tea. many original re
cipes and valuable advice was given, and
a most pleasant evening spent. The
members present were:
Misses Misses
Bose Kddy, Leone Myers,
Lena Sasstrom, Anna Myers,
Bertha Myers, Mary Agnes Wilson.
Kdnu Blair. - Dcltelle Biggs.
Bertha Meyers, Kva Stringham.
Abigail Manning.
John Woodworth.
Alan McDonald,
A, I. Crelgh,
B. U Montgomery,
W. S. Byrne,
J. F. Anson,
Carroll Belden.
Ilrandon Howell.
Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Bees, Jr.
Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Bogers.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Buell.
Yale C, Holland,
Walter Laubach,
Joseph Blngwalt.
Lee O. MltcheU.
Bobert C. Usher,
M. F. Kngelman,
Lloyd S. Smith,
John Latenser, Jr.
Karlyle Club Dance.
The Karlyle club held the fourth dance
Social Affairs Friday.
Mrs. W. C, Sunderland entertained the
members of the Omaha Whist club at
luncheon Friday. The afternoon was
bint playing whist and five tables were
placed for the game.
Mrs, W. J. Burgess entertained Infor
mally at brldgo Friday afternoon at her
home for Mrs. George X. Bobert s or
Boston. Three tables of players were
Senator Millard and Miss Jessie Millard
will entertain at dinner this evening at
their home.
Mlsa Josephine Blxby entertained tho
Klatter club this afternoon. Thosn rtroi
ent were:
MesdameR- Mcsdames
Bobert Mltchel. Conrad Spens.
of Dcs Moines.
From Council BluffH were:
Mesdames- Mesdames-
.wufi i a niiiciiun, iioy Wilcox
Aid,' rt nivln.nn
liarry Van brunt,
Earl Bellinger,
Bobert' Wallace,
RrfKnn rnmnn
H, II. Plnney,
George Mayne,
tlenry cutler.
Nina Meyers,
Evelyn Thomas.
Eleanor Brown,
Mlllam Blgdon,
Georgo Van Brunt,
Perry Badolet,
11 y Df Vol,
Frank Plnney.
Charles Hannan, .
Lyle Burton,
Hope Hanchett
Marie McDouoll
of Hardy. Neb.
Surprise Party.
The young people of tho west end gav
a pleasant surprlso party for Mr. Pam
Hampton In honor of his twenty-first
birthday Thursday evening. Ilctuns
were taken by Mr. Torry Bryant. Tho
labia was decorated In rod and white
Those present were:
Mary Van Zandt,
Buth Bylander.
Marjory Bryant.
Gertrude Lovgren.
Deyo Crane,
William Huston,
"William Paul Harri-t:
Henry Hancock
Eleanor Woodruff,
Frances Lovgren,
Buth Hawklnson,
Mable Conklin,
Stella Leach,
William Jorgenren,
Edward Edmond,
Clarence Allen.
Alvln Mason,
Key to the Situation Bee Advertslng.

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