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President of Ironworkers Te'li of
Search of His Office.
llntl .. KiiimtIciIk' iIinI KIbM)
Tno Utinrls of Ml rRlr-rln
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llern Miirrcl
n thf
(ContltiUfd from PK On.)
attribute to 'It none but matrrtnllgtle
'how Mrlhlpc errotifou In auch an
Imprenlon may br teen from, a. ftudv of
th renulta liy which' tli "llplomiioy nf
thn t'nltfil States can tin Jiidgwl," nay
tha Prnilden(.'
rll(rntloii Trratlra,
ll mention tir. arbitration twitlM
with France, anil 3rrat Urltaln. whloli
filled of ronfli7nalon In the nenate; the
urppg(n) tripartita mediation, of the Ar
gentine appufiHi", 'lirnall and the United
State, between Peru unit Kcilodor; the
arbitration of the ranntna-OoMa Weil
boundary dispute: the Intervention b.
twren Haiti and the Dominican Iteptili
lie tin the vefBit- of war. the Htippreynlnn
nf the NIcarBRiinn war. the lialtlnic of In-
ounttlen by American hanUera and th ,
ipt-otrrilnii o( their riiHtome hou.eji from
l olIlK thn prey of would. he dictator. at
; tho president, would remove the meimco '
of foreign rrodltors and revolutionary i
jilliorder. furthermore, thn United Btate j
I would profit larKely In a buslnra wav
tlirnucu tile Uevelupuient of the cret
natural retoureee of Central America.
Comme'ndliiK the aurffitadil reult of
the application of the new neutrality lawn
to Mexico nnd other troubled rnUntrlax,
the president MtRReMa that mean be
found In addition to prevent the profei
hlonal revoliitlonlaln from making Arner).
can iHirta "fool" for revolutionary In
trigue. He .relturaten lit determination
to adhere In the rase of Mexico to tho
"patient policy of nou-tnterventlun, atead
fat recognition nt t-mintittiteil nutiorty.
and the oxrtlon of t'very effort to pro
tect Amalican Intereile."
lltO" (iriMrth In lUiiorla.
Other paraRraphH of the mejisuKe pylnt
to the Increase of American domestic ex
ports by 20.W,0W) ihulnir the past year.
nmkiiiK the Kieatcnt total ever known,
"(Oontlhued from Pane One )
the trl?ToT KIeit MarVTinlfuro"n Conrad
von HeUendorf. the Inspector-seneral of
the Auatrlan army, to Ilucharejt. are In
tended to Indicate to the outside world
thf solidarity of the members of the
triple alliance, Oermany, AuetrU-Hunffsry
and Italy, with Itoutpanla.
me conference of amhasiadors of th
r.S'llIA.NAl'OMH. lnd.. Dec. 3 t'rai ..
I M 11 nn. president of th Irnnu. i t,.r
union, testified at the "dynamltt , .
splrary trial today that his office wan
"robbed" by detectives when .1 .1 Me:
Namara. the secretary, was arrested In
a put. mu.
Ityan, asertliiK he had no suspicion
McXamara had vtornd explosives at the
union headquarters, said he protested
when officials of the National Krectiui'
association Joined detectives In search
ing the files. While he waa endeavorlnK
to furnish the combination of thn eufi
ho said, a cracksmnn proceeded to drill
tho lock. Meantime, MoNamara was be-
MtiK hurried to California.
Durlnir the search or the premises, Hyatt
' said, he sent for his attorney and com.
pclled Iho authorities to produce search
warrants. Klphtr-two iiuaits of riltro
ttlycerin later were found In a vault.
nyan also denied, as had linen charged,
that as early as 19H V. T. Jerome, then
district attorney In New York, had "given
warning- that explosions were belnc done
by the Ironworkers."
t'rnH examined Ityan was asked what
he meant in writing from New York In
j April, 1909. to union headquatters, "I will
not liavo a repoit this month. Nearly all
liny work cannot be refcried to."
The government charaes that as head
of the union, ityan from New York was
Jdlrectlpif union officials in other cities
I about jobs i to bp blown up.
"I meant hy that I was trylns to settle
disputes among thp Iron workers In New
jYork." answered nyan, "and I did not
think It wise for members in other cities
to know there, nas so much dissension In
the ranks."
rtymi added he gave little attention to
the Jl.OW a month used by McS'aniara
and for which no accounting was re'iulred.
Fair Assooiation
, Assigns Dates
For Next Year
CHICAOO, Dec. S.-Members of the
American Association of Klr i,l kv.
sreai powers) recently proposed by Pre- positions t their twenty-second annual
mler Asnuth for the purpose of dlsctisslni; ! nieetlnir. held here today, announced the
the solution of the Ilalktn problem will, i.following dates and locations fne n.rt
seusnn events:
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Grocer's Name.
If arranged, bo held In London
I'rlnce Hen.ry of Prussia's coming visit
to Loudon la. according to the Herman
VorelKh office, entirely without political
XrrlfVcrtntiil Prrntt rlni: fur M'nr.
OKNKVA, Swltjierland. Dec. a-Kven
Nwltzeiland seems to lie preparing for th
July 21 to 2ft North
Crand Forks.
August 21 to J?-lowa
m nines.
1 August Si to 30-Forest City
fair. Clevelund.
September t to V-Mlnuesutu
Dakota State fair,
.State fair. Des
Mve ftock
State fair.
2.a0.0u0.)(W: to the agricultural credit
tertieilne. strife In Honduras, the adjust- "".' " 1 """""Kniy euuorseci. ; oventuallty of war
tnent of the celebrated Tacna-Arnlca dla-1 , n,7n. , nr r(.Ul.rllI government tttUng the
iiivnv ..i urn mr seat aci io permn limn- ; various mllltaiy storehouses with wheat
Ing killing of ,-ealsi to a meeting of the nnd corn ordered from the Vnlted state-i
nrhltralpra In Washington next, year to and Canada. ,v urn nii.nim. , i....
AlltllVt Um linrlllntlkro nlelltHsi tis.lmAn ftl..
(Continued from Tage One.)
The meetlnga will be alive with en
thusiasm. In making this statement alio
referred to the fact that at the meetlne
there would' be members who would take
more or an active Interest In the enm
pulgi) for votes for wopien than had pre-
New Question of
Procedure Arises in
the Harriman Case :
!An Old
Remedy That
Darkens the Hair
" ; Hamllne! Nehka State fair, Ltncbln; I vinniv .m.M.'imi iv,
" Ohio Stativ fair, Columbus. !oulj attended the meetings.
, September S to lr.-Wlscouslii State fair, While suffrage may be a
ia.te. between Peru and Chile, and the ad
luitment ot the. . l.'eruvlan-Kcuadorlan
boOjulary Isitif, "
In cflhsequence nf, ttxega thlngic, says
O19 prrdpt. , the'ji'Ka fiteit'la' (ren'tiral
rMtfiisr lt 4ntrnAtiowl ' tejion . on th
w est -''AfetfiU!-tynMfrfi
edd that the dfpfyjMey' of thf United
Static Is n(IJvr In ee'eklnc to ass.UKge the
rriimlnlnir 111 fe)ln? between this coun
try nnd Columbia"
Taking up some of the details of ths
year's diplomatic work, the president
refers with expressions of pride to China,
where "the policy of encouraging finan
cial Investment-to enable that country
to help Itself litis had the resiult of elv
Jng new life and practical application
to the npen-door policy," The consistent
purposo has lieen to encourage the use
f American capital in China, says the
president, to premoto the reforms to
which that country Is pledged by treaty
with tho I'nlted Stales and other pow'ers
Tnere has been a vigorous assertion, also,
he saya. of the eutial right of the United
States to a voice In all questions per
taining to Chinese loans and develop,
tlcfrndi t'rntrnt merles n Pnltey,
President Taft makes the direct charge
that the terrible event" tecoided In Nicar
agua recently, thn useless os of life,
the devastation of property, the bombard
ment of the frltjelpal cltres. tho killings
and the tortures and suffering, "might
have been averted had the Department of
Slate, through approral of the loan con.
ventlon by the senate, been pprmltted to
vfirrv out Ita now wel!-developifl policy."
In Central America the aim has been
to help auch countries as Nlcurnirua and
Honduras to help themselves," saya Presi
dent Taft.
While they are the Immediate beiieflc
inries, the profit to the United States Is
two-fold, he adds. The Monroe doctrine
Is more vital In the neighborhood of the
Panama canal, and such countries should
be relieved of the Jeopardy of heavy for.
elgn debt likely to provoke International
The financial rehabilitation of these
,0f 572 cat loads, Is nn the way to X.urlch
' r.n. 1.. ..
es r-
tfar stilt
,l M'. b!,?", "'r.r,CR:, ""feW""""" rom UntteMam. while olh er.cn rgiv
with McSHnp for the rtfstrlbittlrthrwf thui.iered hv ib Hwii.' Vewiinl,
wjiicij? i uie uoioraiio river in me tm-I afloat.
ifSliajilUtatlon of I'f.jberliR f
rnere-is .nrerrly Jilstrnlcal reference to
tho Chinese revolution; to the San Doni
lllgaii troubles, the' rebellion In Cuba
nnd the Balkan war developments. In
which It Is said the t'nlted States Is not
j (Continued from Page One )
roads from Collls V-
irlman Insisted upon having only the Cen
.Milwaukee', Indiana State fair. Indian
apolls; Kaunas State fair, Topekar South
Dakota Stato fair, Huron; New York
State fair, Syracuse.
September IS to HK-Mlchlgan Slate fair,
Detroit; Jnterstate l.lvn Slock fair, Sioux
City, la.; Central Kansas fair, Hutchin
son. Kas.j Kentucky Stale, fair- Louis
ville. ' "
September H to ST-TrlrSlnto fair. .Mem-
I pills.' Tenii.; St. Joseph I Ui-e! Atock Mi;
St. Joseph. Mo. X'
State fair. Bedalla.
I September to October 4 Tennessee
V i7iaie lair. .usiiviue, jmuiuhiih niie lair,
lunthigtnu. Mr. liar- t Helena.
Keptrmbrr 2C to October 3-mIsjk
tral Pacific. Huntington told him at tho
appeal to congress to co-operate with the ' 'I"1" "W""''""" were commenced that
mnue or uoining. llarri
and for a time the nros.
sale waa off. Finally Hatrlman.
executive In Its efforts to anolv the old " WH" U,B ,,V( rnM nr "thlng.
... ,.1... 1 man demurred
j pectl
emed tbn roiltitrv: In Ilie miini.nhihi new
situations of lorlnv. Am.rle rin.i. i dlthoilsh he knew the Southern Paclfh-
Itself at the threshold of her middle age. I ,vou,(1 ,,,up n " run at a loss, houkht ;
as a nation, "too maturo to continue in)u Hnrt m,,,t 11 "I1 reason of merging
mirresis. auu uivertlng business that uth-
Chinese Gamblers
Trap Two Officers in
Halls Filled With Gas
us loreign relations those temporary exi'
orwlse would, have gone through tho
Omaha gateway, benefiting both Omaha
and tie Union Pacific. My doing this hu
was enabled to brine the Southern Pacific
up to a paying basis, not by reon of
Its uwn business, hut by the business that
logically belonged to the Union and Con-
tral Pacific.
Ith the murgrr dissolved, urcnrillitir
he best Posted railroad mn. Hip
Dees Mamm.1 V ve l',m'" 'clflc Interests without nny delay
Dec? haniuei i Wai- i. ... -ni.. .,....
field, one of ten men under Indictment "," '" . '
at New vork on charges o ualng coast iutd ma hg , ' he adn a
malls to defraud by means of nn alleged , , of r 'S
rare took w ndle. surrendered to the '., t , M, , , r',Mria"
federal authnrlttea hero, today. He was'
teleased Under Uind of IJ.iVX) to appear at : ... Mnch i Unmha.
New Vork. 1h" "'""'"Hon 'f ho merger, say rail-
Waffled Is alleged to have sold" spur-" ...'T"n" ul V """"V c icar
lously "rare'' volumes ut grossly Inflated
pudlents natural to a people (n whom
domestic affairs are tfin sole concern,."
Alleged Book Grafter
Out on;Bair Arrested
On Second Charge l,;
prices. Mve years ago he was convicted
of perpetrating a J),'tKXi bobU fraud on
Mr. James A. Patten, wlf of the Chi
cago grain and cotton, speculator, and
wa sentenced to three" vcars Imprison
ment, but Is now at liberty on bonds of
Htflrt pending decision on his appeal from
the verdict of the loweV court.
Persistent Advertising Is the" rtoad to
ttlg Returns.
Is Cuttinf Prices
0a Real Ttiltring
f For this week only J will cut.
, fit and make to your measure
Any $40 Suit or Overcoat for $3t.O
Any $35 Suit or Overcoat for $27.50
, Any $30 Suit or Overcoat for $28.00
Absolute satisfaction guaranteed or I am not
satisfiedto take your money.
Omnha will ha one of th moil tmnnrlant
railroad headquarters cities in the coun
try. Tho acquiring of the Central Pacific
will bring at least l.nOO additional officials
nnd employes to Union Pacific headuar
ters heie. It will mean the bringing of
the general auditing office back from
Nitw York to Omaha, where It has been
maintained since the merger and in all
probability, say railroad men. It will make
this the general headquarters of Iho Short
line nnd thn Oregon nnd Washlngtgon
railroad, adding from BOO lo fOft officials
and clerks to the present Union Pacific
The president of the Union Pacific, un
der the propoiel plan, w 111 be given vastly
nure power and will not be subservient
lo an executive committee in New York
as under the present plan lo will be
the chief officer of the entire Union Pa
cific system and wlt account only to tho
board nf directors.
8AN UUANCISCO, Cal., Dec. J.-Chlueso
gamblers resorted to desperate strateey
last night to evade the police and lured
two offlcciH to Imprisonment In ga
fllted chambers, leaving them to asphyx
iate. Tho fact that each officer carried
a small axe saved them, as they suc
ceeded In chopping holes through the
walls to obtain atr and aid.
Corporal Ooff, the first victim, was
walking along when an unknown Chinese
brushed by him and whispered "Plgow
In Siberia club."
I Without waiting to fall his squad, Ooff
'rushed to the club, which was lighted .IP
ai usual. Il thrust aside tho door kerprr
As the door- swurs: back he heard bolts
click and simultaneously tho km light
went nut. Trying the other door he foun.I
himself Imprisoned in a narrow hallway,
seven feel long and almost Immediately
became aware that gas waa rushing from
the open Je.ts.
After fifteen minutes furious work with
his nxc, he penetrated the wall and was
rescned nearly .overcome.
Officer Ralley was trapped similarly
another club at almost the same time.
Eastern Firemen
Modify Demands
NKW YOKK. Dec A-Modlfled
mands, embracing leas drastic changes
than originally asked, were submitted to
the conference committee of general man
ituors teprrsentlnc fifty eastern railroads,
by representatives of tho Brotherhood of
locomotive Firemen and Knglnemen at
a Joint executive session In New York
today. President W. S. Carter announced
that the) would require that two fire
men be employed only on engines of the
larger type. The original demand was
for two firemen on, every engine. He
also agreed that overtime pay should be
at regular rates Instead of at "time and
a, half rates as heretofore required.
While the situation waa discussed gen
erally, no decision was reached and It
was decided to hold dally meetings until
some progress Is made.
Alleged Arson Trust
Is Discovered hy Fire
Warden of Wisconsin
MADISON. Wis., Dec. 1-Al) "arson
trust"' which has caused the destruction
of 1,000.0 worth of property, has been
discovered by Wisconsin State Fire ilar
shal Purtell. he ald today. Warrants
have been IssMed for the arrest of sev
eral ot the principal offenders, most of
. whom live outside of Wisconsin, he said.
I The setting of fires waa carried on. ac
I cording Mo Mr. Purtell. In conjunction
with a taiid or adjusters or nre losses.
A big hotel fire In Waukesha last win-
started the Investigation, It Is said.
fad with
fome women, It Is said the delegates will
mean business from the opening (if the
convention, and although there may be
factions In the convention they will be
united In a body In championing the cause
of suffrage ut the leglHlaturc this winter.
Will Klecl Officer.
The choice of president for the state
WASHINGTON. D. C. Dec. J.-DeclSlon i , ,
of the judg. to supervNe tbe dissolution Jor n"on Sa and Sulphur havs
of the Union Pacific merger, as decree I j .e.tn .V t0T hJ,r ntl tr0bl
by the supreme court, may depend upon ' Almost everyone knows the value of such
. w... ...tu.u.. .... . j ' 1 1 1 . til. i i m
the disposition of the St. ' I.ouls terminal
case, now bufore the court.,
In both oHces, four judges were called
In. under the "expedition act" to try the i
government's charges In the circuit court
In both cases the supreme court sent the
suits back to the circuit couit to cany '
out Its mandate. When the terminal de
cree went back for enforcement, a con- '
troversy arose a to whether the district I
court In' which the suit was brought '
should enforce the decree .ut the supreme I
court or wheljer the rmir. circuit Judges
should Ije cnlUd In again.
pUi. i i . . . .
association means' much 'to the cWat.d ' , , ' "", ",uusnt . u,e
success of the women In galnln the L11" " T '6 '" "Vr,"W 0OM 1 f"r rt
amendment to the state constitution, an
many axsert that Mrs. Draper Smith Is
by far the most able woman In not only
Omaha but nf the state to fill 'this po
sition. Mrs. Smith has excellent execu
tive ability and has been president not J NKW
only of the Omaha Womans club, hut of j mltted
the State Federation of Clubs, and has
for many years been the only woman on
the board ot the Associated Charities.
Uxceittlvo llonril .Meets.
Thcfe will be a meeting of the execu
tive board at 10 o'clock this morning anil
the opening of the convention wilt
place at S o'clock In the council chu
ber of the city building, where all the
meetings will be held. '
Mayor Dahlman will give the nddicss
of welcome. The program follows:
Invocation, Kev. Milton Hryant Wlll
la'ms. Address of welcome, Mayor Jamca C
iDahlman. .
Address of welcome. Mrs. O. W. Covell,
Hesponse, Mrs. T. U. Doyle, Lincoln.
Greetings, State Federation or Jjabor.
T. W. Parker, president; Nebraska
Woman's Christian Temperance union.
Mrs. Frances it, Heald, president; Stato
Teachers' association. Superintendent
YOItlv. Dec. 3. fteportj sub
io me annual convention 6f tln
Jsew lork Stato, Urewers'
show that th
seventh largest
uiai it pays higher wages than any other
ministry in this country. New York state
.....i 4ui DiunerieH nas an annual output'... o... mnn.tr win h. r.fnnri.H if
.,.-!. Him, , . w
aKO " ""reels, ot which iy.wo.o.0 are i the remedy la not exactly as represented.
iam unmrii iu .-sew t oi k I
good even color, for curing dandruff,
Itching scalp and falling hair, nnd for
promoting, the growth of thn hair Years
ago the only way to get a Hair Tonic of
this kind was to make It In the home,
which was troublesome and not always
satisfactory. Nowadays, almost any up-to-date
druBKlst can supply his patrons
with a ready-to-use product, skillfully
prpared In perfectly equipped laborator
ies. An Ideal preparation of this sort la
, W'yeth's Sage tind Sulphur' Hair Remedy,
' In which Sage and Sulphur ure combined,
, with other vegetable remedies for scalp
. troubles and thin. Weak hair that Is los
, lug ltscolor or coming out, After usln
this remedy for a few days, yon will
1 notlco the color gradually coming back,
! your scalp will feci better, the dandruff
. will soon be gone, nnd In less thun a
month's time there will be a wonderful
! difference In your hair.
Don't neglect your hair )f It Is full of
ing out.
eth's Sagu
and see
what a few days' treatmcp' will do for
you. All drugglft Rel: It. under guaran-
- . .,. convent on or tlu ncslect your halr j, ,t ,g
to-Urewers association hero landruffi ,M,B lt3 cblor or comi
he brewing Industry Is the l(Get K rltty boUle of WyBlh.
at in tbe I nlted States, and and ?iphur from your druggist, t
Sherman St McConnell Drug Co., 1W So.
, VSth, 824 So. 16th, 207 No. 16th and :th
nnd Farnam Sts, Advertlsciment.
Two years ago I was very sick and
nftcr bclns treated by several of the
best ibyclanH In Clinton. 1 did not
aeem to get nny better. I was confined
to my bed. Seeing Dr. Kilmer's Swamp.
Tl a. l . . .
uuveriiHen, i resolved to clvo It h
Jamra K. Delrell; College hcjiial btirfrugb trial. After using It for three week t
league, Mrs. W. E. llarkley. Jr.; Kansas ,,., , ,.. ., , weKs, i
"Woman's .Suffrage, association: Miss J, , 1 ns KHlnlng nicely, no I ton-
tinned until
I bottles. I
Helen fC. I&ieker. Hperetarv
PrcsldentV address, Dr. Inex C. Phil-
BConVeVence,non publicity. leader, Mrs. j. i "ave continued my labors.
L. Clatllp, University Place.
Following tho nn'ollng nt the city hull
there will be u reception to delegates) and
visitors by the Omaha Wopian's club ut
the Metropolitan club, Twenty-third and
Harney streets.
Addresses In Cteiilnn.
There will l an evening meeting
7.30. with" the following program: l On this 13th day if July A.
i nati taken a number nf
nm now restored to henlih
My svs-
i tern waa full of Crlo ncld. bin swnmn.
jioui oureii me entirely. I nm
years 'old.
Youth very truly,
IM Klghth Ave.. Cllton, Iowa.
Stnto of lowj 1
at ' Clinton County
I On this 13th day if July A. D., 1W9,
. ss.
t0jrgiTta Dally Mat., lB-35-50
rKlrf WWE,US & CO."
Al. K. Hall, Slir. Kdlth Franz Klara
Hendrlx, I3vana & Lawrence; Big Bcauty
Xiadles' Sim Uatlnae Every Waak Say.
Worth OUmblng the Hill."
Sally Mat., lOo
Ergs., 5-10-200
On Donrlas St.. at 18th BTton Vanda.
rllla includes Cunning. The Jail Hreaker.
Francesca Uenaing
& Co. Flo Adler.
Marrena & The Dol
ton Hros,' "Jack"
Turner. IHpposcope Pictures.
rXOH 3 to 5; AT 7 and 3 P. It. DAILY,
"WO VAX.V70,"
You're BUIons
"The Kcspoindblllty of the Woman of c. cook to me personally known hp-.
1.1llrstlm TciWHrrl the Woman Suffrage nenreil bef.ire lm und In tn iir.t.n.
'Movement," Prof. Alice Howell. Lincoln .11i,snrii,e1i ..nil swm.. i,. tv, nhnv
trnu. uimll lli siiffruir,. Amendment ' " .... - -. - ' -
de- i
Be Submitted anil AVhou?
in 1.. Kennedy,
atutemont. .
Notary Public.
In and for Clinton County.
Ziettar to
Dr. Kilmer k Co.,
Blnghamton, If. V.
TtOCHKSTUn. N. A . Dec. l-Vward J. p SwaBp.Rsot Wi Dj fer Yo
Morley and J. llert Warren, president I Xo ,Jr K'mer & Bngham.
and secretary-treasurer of the American , uu x y fpr ft ample botlle w,
Redemption company.( were placed under I C(ivlnte anyone. You will also receive
arrest today under bench warrants fromj a Mel of valuable Information, telling
the I'nlted States court at Buffalo. Jloth i ,,, ,i L'lrtiiAVii ltd 111 miller. Whan
men have been Indicted by the federal j wrItIlft De sure ami mention the Omaha I
grand jurr for conspiracy with Intent Daily Hee. Itegular flft---ent and nn. :-
to defraud Roth furnished . uatt. ; dollar sire bottles for falo at all drug
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Th Wrfk T1IK AMIJt K Cllll.' B-JmoM
ll-t I tt Aagio K-rt HtrUrt AibU: & Al
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I Wcrld'r Ktmiii Pn-n SUtm-, Uillfrr jw
btatt trtU tic rpi faturii anil Sand;.
Niiht tit Vn. '

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