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Secretary J. S. Dales Compiles Rec
ord for Legislature.
Thrae. Arc l(rrrrnl for Confrrrnrea
with l.cirlaUtlvr Committer!
Ohinhn Ilnml Tnkea I'lnce of
One from lltnnmf Irld.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
L.INCiOt,N, Dec. 3.-peclal.)-.l. S.
Dales, secretary of ttie state university,
has prepared the following estimate for
the university for the next blenlum, which
w' filed In the office of the state au
ditor this niornlnc:
- nrcsouncKS.
One mill tax. 19U, on gr'nd
assessment .., $61,000
One mill tax, 19H, on sr'nd
assossment T 6t,0X)
' 1322.000
Less 10, c!ellniucnclcs.... IC.WO-
Available from levy. 1912..
Endowment land Income
fund- T
Morrill fund
"Experiment station fund..
University cash fund
state general fund (as
grunted, mi)
'Farmers' Institute 35.000
General lepalrs 40,0"0
State- experimental sub
stations Culbertson . ir.,(XM
North Platte 20,000
IScottsbluff , B.000
Valentine 15,000- 110,000
Total resources Jl.529.500
To pay salaries, including
nddlttons mid increases.. $3000
To pay current expenses.. SST.SOO fl,52,MW
Auditor's llefinent.
Deputy Auditor J. M. Shnhan has pre
pared an estimate of the amount of ap
propriation needed to run the auditor's
offlco for the next two years and makes
the following request:
Auditor's salary j $ B.0O0
Deputy 3.600
County treasurer examiners (two).. 7,00
Bookeeper 3.000
Assistant bookkeeper !!,0u0
Bond cleric 2.
Expert accountant 3.600
Expenses of expert accountant.... li.OM
Expenses county treasurer exams.. 3.ffX
Office expenses ",000
Total t ..137,400
Master Out Hand.
Adjutant General Phelps Is musterlnc
out the band of thu First refitment of
the Katloiutl Guard, stationed at Bloom
field, today. The place will bo filled by
a band from Omaha.
llnakelt CulU nt t iipltul. x
h. V. Haskell, who In 1001 to 1903 was a
state bank examiner for this state, but
who moved to Warner, S.,D.. soon after
he retired from tho service of the state
and entered the banking: business, was
a caller at. the office of Secretary ltoyse
of the State BatiklnR board this after
noon. .Mr. Haskell said that an effort
would be made to reunite the factions of
the republican par.ty In his stnle, but
that It would tx pretty hard work for
tho regular republicans to forget that
they were deprived of having a chanco
to vote for President Taft at the lute
Stntc Capitol XuIm.
The State Banklnff board' has Issued a
call for reports from state bun,ks to he
made November 26.
George D. Folltner. who several years
ago was state land commissioner, will be
a candidate for a. position on the new
board of control, according to reports
romlns to the state house this mornlns:.
Tho Moose club of Omaha filed Its
articles of Incorporation with the secre
tary of stato today. The club has a capl-
tl stock of $10 COO. dlvh'od Into S.0W
shares of $3 each. The Incorporators are
Kdward I. Iti-oadwn, John K. Wmpon.
7ta D. Clark. James S. Sratcrr and
James V. Wagner.
The Farmers' Farm company was nil
other Omaha corporation which has filed
with thw seereta'-v of state. The com
pany Is Incorporated for $.Y.OO0 In 5M
shares of I'M each and will do a general
rerfl otate business. The dllectorsl are
Samuel Keep. Charles A. Tra.-y, W. M.
McKay, W. O. Peaslev. I. Crlrhor.
A. . Jlnto. J. F. Myers and E. C. ltod
der. .
The lerort of the ec-retai of state
for the tronth of November shows rer
cel'Us from fees to h i.1l.l? divided
as follows: Corporation permits, 1510'
roporatlon enaltles, WTO- attlcles of In
corporation. ?l,ril0.'5; notHrr commission?,
ffiS: motor vehicles. V4: brands. u.M:
certificates and transcripts, r1.02.
to be in use by christmas
(From a Staff Correspondent )
WASHINGTON. Dec. 3.-(8peclal Tele
gram.) -By Christmas time the citizens
of Valentine will be able to gasp upon
a herd of buffalo, elk and deer, which
Is be placed there by the Kovcrnmert.
Tl-e Department of Agriculture notified
ItepreFcntatlve Klnkald today to this ef
fect. The animals come from Friend and
have been the property of Mr. Gilbert,
lie donate! them to the government on
the condition that a place be provided
for them. There will be, seven buffalo,
twenty-five elk and fourteen, while
tailed deer. The buffaloes will have tu
be crated while the other animals am
to be shipped In ordinary stock oars. A
fund of over $2,000 Is available at pies
cnl for their care, $l.SO0 of which is fin
nhhed by the Audubon society of New
York and JSM by the citizens of Valen
tine, loiter. It Is expected that a herd
of black tailed deer will bo put in this
game preserve, which Is a patt of the
abandoned Fort Niobrara military leser
vatlon, set nslde for that purpose, last
Legality of Military
Court is Attacked
daughter, Misses Francis and N'cllle.
were, married to MrKsrs llsnier and
ORr Yeakle. An utuiul feature of
this wedding was the elder of the Yeakle
brothers marrying the younger of . the
llonawltt sisters and the elder of .the
sisters marrying the younger brother.
The brides are the daughters' of cc-sherlff
X -The !
the sons of Mr.
ami Mrs. Isaac 11. Yea-i .
rlEATRlCE. Neb., Doc. S.-(apeclal.)-Grot
preparations are belnp made for
lljo high school boys' conference which is
to be held here Decernber 7 and S. Tho,
committee In charge expects about 250
delegates here at that time.
Following Is tho mortgage report for
Gage county for the month of Novenlber;'
Nunber of city mortgages filed, tw.enty
onoi amount, ?17,791.32. Number of city
mortgages released, fifteen, amount,
$17,647.10. Number of farm mortgages
filed, twenty-four; amount, $57,627.23;
number of farm mortgages released, thir
teen; amount, $37,500.
Personal taxes amounting to $10,000 were
paid to tho county treasurer yesterday.
Pemna Critics Say
Thai There Was Nothing Won
derful In The Recovery of
Mrs. Eberlein.
Of course my narrative concerning
Mrs. Kberlcln. of Pittsburg, who was
rescued from apparent death by Pe-ru-na,
has excited a good deal of discus
sion and comment. One critic has of
fered the following solution. He says
that tho reason Pe-ru-na cured Mrs,
Eberlein at such a stage of the dlsea.se
Is explained as follows; ,
Sho was probably very weak. She be
came unable to expectorate. The con
sequence was huge accumulations of
mucus and phlegm gathered In the
lungs. On account of her weakness she
was unable to expel It. It was slowly
strangling her to death,
Pe-ru-na stimulated her. enabled her
to cough up and spit out tho accumu
lated phlegm. 'Phis explains why ' she
was cured. There wait no miracle about
It Nothing" wonderful either.
To all of which 1 say. yr. of course.
That maj be the explanation. And yet
It remains true that without the P-ni-na
she would have died, it remains truo
that I got there Just In time to save her
life. The doctors had given her5 up to
die. Sho w-as gasping for breath, un
conscious; cold. In short", dying. Ho'w
ever It Is explained, the Pe-ru-na saved
her life. Of course It did.
I do not believe In miracles myself,
I believe there Is a natural explanation
for everything. Pe-ru-na helped Mrs.
Eberlein to expel from her lungs the 'ae
eumulated expectoration, and thus saved
her life. Good.
I presumo Mrs. Eberlein Is Juxt as
thankful that she Is alive with one ex
planation as with another, and I am
Just as thankful that I was able to cute
her, whateter the explanation may be.
KEARNEY, Neb., Dec. 3.-(Speclal.)
District court convened this morning for
tho regular Dercmber Jury term with a
lighter docket than usual,
A forgery case, a manslaughter case,
two appeals from pollen court and a cou
ple of civil suits mark the extent of tha
docket, there being no dlvorco cases
scheduled nor expected to appear.
The manslaughter case, that of the
State against Gus Houdebusli, to begin
Thursday morning, is expected to attract
much attention. The Houdebusli boy, by
exchanging a few fist blows with Archlo
McGee, another high school boy, a coupleJ
of months ago, fractured McGeo's skull,
according to the allegations of the state,
causing the death of the Injured lad,
KEARNEY. Neb.. Dec. 3.-(Speclal.-Klnal
arrangements were perfected yes
terday morning at tho meeting of tho
Board of Education for the dedication of
the ue'w $45,000 addition to the high school
building to be held December IS.
Educatois from over the stati have
been Invited to make addresses, several
being on the program for ten minute
talks, while tho music will be furnished
principally by the school people.
A general reception In the afternoon,
including the taking or the grade pupils
of the city though the new building,
which Includes tho gymnasium, will be a
part of the arrangements.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Dec. 3.-(Speclal.)-
To clear up the deficit of the Kearney
Baso Ball association left after tho clos
ing of the league this last summer, the
second annual base ball fair opened this
evening in the city hall.
list of about $30) worth of pilzes. be
sides a 1313 Ford touring car, will be
offered In the popularity Prizes.
Dancing and other forms of amusement
are featured, the dancing beginning at
8 p. m. each evening of the week, the
fair closing Saturday night with the
awarding of the automobile.
II ml .r of I". .1, Muyer Hurled.
GOTHENBURG, Dec. 3.-(SpecIal Tele
gram.) The body of James F. Moycr, who
was run over and killed In the railroad
yards at North I'laito Friday night, was
burled In the Preckham cemetery here
! today. The funeral services were con
ducted at the home of .the alster of-the
deceased, Mrs. Olive Sheridan, by Itev.
IPjwcII of the Baptist church. Deceased
was a prosperous south side farmer, and
leaves a widow, one daughter, ono I
brother and seven sisters.
Vehnrler Man Robbed In Chlraco.
SCIICYLER, Neb., Dec. 3. 'Special.)
Yord has ben received' here telling of
the holdup of Burt Bowie of this city, In
Chicago last wrek. Mr, Bowie Is a student
at a Chicago dental college and was
neerely beaten jnd robbed wltWn two
blocks of his boarding place. About two
year ago his father was killed In a, har
est field near here by some unknown
acts of Governor Glasscork's nillltmy
commission, which tried and sentenced
pel sons convicted of misdoing In tlm
martial law district of the Knnawlm
coat field, were questioned In the supreme
coutt of appeals of West Virginia today
robotl A lh..nnvy f.t X? VAnM n.1 t..
Bonawlts of this county. The grooms are ,,.., , ' nP,v..M,;
! Ings to procure their it-lease from tho
1 Moundsvllle penitentiary, where they are
serving sentences of five and two years,
iispoctlvely. Tho petition says the gv
crhor had no right under the constltu
, Hon to declare martini law and sentences
Imposed by the military commission wero
I .llegnl. The arguments will be heard Do
comler 17.
Governor Gla.sscock today Issued condi
tional pardons to lUtrbnra Harrcll. Nellie
Splnnelll and Maggie I'mbler, sentenced
by the military commission to servo one
year each In Iho penitentiary for con
spiring to assault.
The sentences Imposed by the military
commission on William TompkltiH and
G rover Jnrretl for alleged misconduct In
martial law were approved by the go
ernor and they were taken to the pen
itentiary this nftornoou. Each wa.s seiw
tenced to servo threo yeais.
Nineteen Governors
Meet imVtiginia
RICHMOND, Va.. Dec. 3.-let pulia
tion of the govei nors' conference ns' a
permanent organization, with chief aim
to attain rank n.s a force In molding
public opinion and shaping public pol
icies was ailvocnted by Governor Nonls
of Montana today In response to ad
dresses welcoming nineteen state execu
tives to the fifth annual gathering, which
opened here.
"Much of actual value has been accom
plished In previous conferences," Gov
ernor' Norrls said, "hut the conferences
have not been the potent factor they
should have been. No definite position
has been taken upon nny- question and
no fixed purpose has been accomplished.
There seems to be no need for timidity
on tho part of tie governors. All na
tional questions and policies are Inti
mately related to the states. 1 am Rn
earnest advocate o'f an organization per
manent In character.
"Under our present system ,the confer
ences seem to Impress the-publlc moro as
social than as business gatherings. A
vigorous expression of tho consensus of
opinion upon subjects discussed and con
sidered' would counteract this error ami
Inject Into tho conference a potency and
virility not ojherwlso possible."
Governor Mann In his welcoming ad
dress touched upon what he termed tho
need for a uniform divorce law.
Woman suffrage caused a close vote.
By nlno to eight It was "decided to have
tho arrangements committee decide
whether or not Dr. Anna Shaw should
address the conference Thursday after
noon. Governor Harmon, acting chairman,
cast tho deciding ballot In favor of hav
ing the committee decide.
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec 3. Charles Her
mann, a keeper in the local zoo, fought
a desperate battle with a golden eagle In
the bird's cage today when ho entered to
feed tho captives. The largest eagle
swooped down upon him and, fastening
Its talons In his head, began to peck ut
the keeper's face.
With blood streaming' down his face the
keeper struggled toward a broom and
succeeded In beating tho bird's bend' with
backhand strokes until It fell stunned,
lie escaped without serious injury.
55 A N ESVIIjLE, O., Dec. 3.-When a
train o nthc Zanesvllle division of the
Pennsylvania ran Into a Akron division
train below Dresden tonlgt four or five
wero killed nnd as many hurt,' these fig
ures being furnished by the Pennsylvania
trainmaster tonight. The .names are not
available. Tho dead and injured are be
ing -brought here- on a special train and
will arrive about ! o'clock. A special
train of surgeons was sent from here.
.Mrs. .Snrnh Id Howard.
NORTH REND. Neb,. Dec. 3. (Special.)
Mrs. Sarah K. Howard died November
30 on her farm near North Bend. She
was 73 years old and died of heart
trouble. The deceased was a native of
North Fairfax. Vt.. was married to D. B.
Howard in lSt!2 and came to Nebraska
In 1SS0 and homcsteaded riear North
Bend, where she resided thirty-two years,
Her husband nlcd last April, Just two
weeks after they had celebrated their
golden wedding, One son and three
daughters, all married, survive her. Mrs.
Howard was burled today nt North Bend'
Funeral services were held at the home.
She was a member of the United Presby
terian church.
Mrs. Kllnnbrlli Wrlstlit.
YORK. Neb., Dec. 3.-(Special.)-r-ast
Saturday evening Mm. Elizabeth Wright
died, aged C3 years. The body was taken
to Tamora and Interred In tho cemetery
south of that village. She, with hw hus
band, homesteaded in Seward county in
1570. She has been a resident of this city
since 1W.
William hchnnini'lier.
YORK, Neb.. Dec. 3. (Speclal.)-Sunday
morning at the Htromsburg sanitarium.
William Schumacher died, aged 29 year?.
The funeral was held from tho residenco
of his parents, Mr. and MrsxlScjhumacher
this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. n. W1.
Marsh of Lincoln had charge of the ser
O'Neill Will Make
Statement January 1
CHICAGO, Dec. 3, Announcement of
what action he will tako with reference
to the recent request for his resignation
s president of the Western league will
be ronde by "Tip" O'Neill on January 1.
The veteran base ball player and ex
ecntlvo made thlH statement today, but
he declined to divulge the nature of his
"That will be my New Year's present
to the .base ball public." smiled Mr
At a meeting of tho league In Milwau
kee recently tho magnates voted five to
three to ask for the resignation. This
action grew out of a fight to have head
quarters removed from Chicago to some
city west of here, which plan was op
posed by O'Nell.
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Small Boys Start
Big Fire in Hoboken
HOnOKKN. N. J Dec. 3.-Flve small
boys, the oldest 14 yoars old and tho
youngest nine, were responsible for the
$300,000 blare In the factory district hero
Saturday night, a fire which threatonod
for a tlmo to wipe out several blocks of
valuable property. According to the story
told to 'the polce by the older boys, they
Were looking for wood for a bonfire, and
teeing a box of excelsior In tho yurd of
a big piano factory, thought It would be
fun to set It on fire and "see tho engines
go out."
While tho younger boyB Jccpt guard out
side, the two older lads started the fire.
The younger boys will probably bo lot
off with a severe reprlninnd, but the two
older ones will be arralngcd on a charge
of arson.
Miss IJlltan Martens of Cedar Bluffs,
Ne.b daughter of John Martens, and Mr.
, William F. Harmon of Fremont, Neb.,
were married: ny ev diaries w.
Savldge at his residence Monday after
noon at 4:CU.
(Iiimhn Couple tn tlnrry.
CHICAGO, Dec. ?, (Special Telegram.)
Paul D. Smith and Miss Olive Paradise,
lKth of Omaha wre licensed to marry
here today.
YORK. Neb.. Dec. 3. (Special.) Mr.
Henry Huber and Miss Mollle Rtakle,
both of Unooln. were married yesterday,
Judgtt A. G. wray officiating.
Convict Defies Court
to Make Him Testify
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Drc. 3. "Voll arn
In contempt of court," Superior Judge-
Hughes exclaimed today to a wltnus,
named Jordan. "Suppose I Hin-what mv
you going to do about It?" couly replied
tho witness. '
He was a Folsom convict brought from
tho frlson to testify regarding a slab
bing afray within the penal Institution.
"If you can add any to my twenty
years, go to It," ho ndded.
Although Jordan refused to testify
against the prisoner on trial, oven with
holding his own namo nnd sneering nt hti
questioners, the court was helpless, nnd
In the end he was allowed to go back to
prison without having given evldcnen
against his fellow convict.
UHKKNFIKIjD, Ind., Dec. 3. Ouy Stuart
this afternoon was acqutttod of the mur
der of his father, Dr. A. A. Stuart, a
prominent physician of Kortvllle, Ind.. on
the ground of self-defense. The Jury was
out about ono hour. The shooting oc
curred at the home of the physician on
tho night of November 7, last. Dr. Stuart
lived two hmirs after he was shot, hut
refused to name his assailant, when he
Vnew he was dying. The son admitted the
killing, but declared he did not shoot
until his father had attacked him with
a hatchet in one hand and a hammer In
the other.
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NBW YORK, Dec. 3. Warden Kallon,
Deputy Warden Hanlcy and all keepers,
turnkeys and "trusties" In the Tombs
prison were served with subpoenas today
to appear before the grand Jury and tell
what they know about the reported fav
oritism shown Charles 11. Hyde, former
city chamberlain, who last week wa con
victed of bribery. It Is understood that
William J. Wright, deputy commissioner
I of corrections, alio has been subpoenaed
and that ne win re asuen wny no as
signed Hyde to a special room and not to
a cell.
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m-hsx; brea.h foul. t'MUe i wifxl your j eliouhl Hhvuyn lie kept dandy In cue ul
I Inalden filled i 1th b!. U' d Indlveitlble a Hick, sour t:pl 'ti)ma ii dui-lDK t.ic
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Write or call.
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