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Thk Om.vha Sunday Bku.
Bntored At Omaha poetoffleo as second
rltti tnattcf.
Eunday lie, one year
Saturday Bw. on year 1-W
.Dally Bee, without Sunday, .one .year. 4.W
lally Bee. and funrtay. on year ... b.W
Kvening and Sunday, per month... .- 400
Evening, without Sunday, per month. 30
IPally, e, Includlnir Sunday, per mo, c
Wslly Bee. without Sunday. Per mo... Jftc
Address all complaints or Irregularities
In delivery to City Circulation. DfPt
Hemlt by draft. expresw or postal order,
pavablo to The Bee Publishing Company
Only I-cent stamps received In ixiymcnt
of small accounts Personal check, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
accept ed. .
OmahaThe Bee bulldlnr.
South Omaha JJtS N street
Council Bluffs-14 North Main street
Uneoln-W IJttle bulldinir.
iThicago-tOU Maxquetto building.
Kansas Cltv-KeUance building. .
' New Tnrtt-SI West Thirty-third.
.St. JjouIs 2 Frisco bulldlnc
Washington 723 Fourteenth St.. v-
Communications relating to news and
-lltorlaX matter should be addressed
OrruUm Bee. Editorial Department.;
November cmrrwrwN
Hate of Nebraska. County of Douglaf. as:
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager
of The Beo Publishing company, reins
duly tiwprn. Bays that the average dally
circulation for the month of November,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my prenence andworn
baton rat. this 8th day of DflcTmber,
Notary i-uduc
Subscribers Ifuvtntc the oily
.(iilliornrllj' aUonlit hnTO The
iter mailed to thrm. Address
rill lie chanced ax often n rr
queMrd. Greece has had to show its hand,
Tlio early Christmas buyer gets
tbo bargains. .
If you really believe in
Claus, dp your buying now.
Tbo world powor of the United
States hat) not been questioned slnco
tlio war wl0i Spain,,
Tho ! pay.-as-yoti-onler street car,
like thjs ladder ot-fnmo, usually has
plenty 'of room up nhead.
, Christmas shopping Is another
thing which should not be put oft
until tomorrow If It can- be- dono
today, . , , . .,
Tho cotntcU of gftvoTnors honorod
itself by repudiating the govoroor of
South Carolina and his anarchistic
speech! ?
Some one has discovered that the
Danube Is ncit b.lue.. jvfttjr .all.. But
that will not chRngQ...tue hue of tho
grand old wng.
j- Did tho court mpaji that HarrJman
merger decision as a retort to Mr.
Morgan's assortlon that "You can't
unscramulo oggsv '
Out ot, regard tor the delicacies of
tho elliipn.clc'LonKworttf may"
bn expected to 'rnako no farewell
speech jto congrosB.' ; J"
SludbhiS'in ougonlcB may find In
ttirest ;lu 'tlio announcomont pf the
iijsrriu jt .jUi uie cuainiuqii man ana
SouUt t Carolina, a stato thai 'used
to flut-somo figure mlRhLoxcito fa-
vjbrableT'crlllclsin by being ashambd
of Its pfojtt governor."
The longer .you put It off the
harder It will be, no you better begin
that Christmas buying as soon as the
shops and stores open Monday morn
' The VreakImthp price ot eggs at
Chicago will hardly bo cited to prove
that the w-called1 butter and -egg
ljoard did not control tho prices It
was quoting.
Tho president off the Lincoln Trao
Upa company proposes to "build his
line from the capital to th,o metropo
lis. Ills cars will bo welcome when
over tkoy reach town.
Delegates' 'to tbo -Omaha puff rage
convention, on tnelr return homo,
perhaps, found housekeeping duties
n trifle taino. It 1b difficult to mix
politics with household cares.
t Madame Bernhardt Is said to have
drawn tears from her first Chicago
audience .thla week. Toars are very
nice, but farewell tours are expected
in draw something more eubatan
. "Tama ,JUn" , Wilson can; go baclo
to iowa reeling at homo among bla
neighbors, for they have kept pace
with the progress mado since "Tama
Jim" started In to reorganise agrl
"Undoing Ilarrlman's Work" is the
way aorae newspapers have referred
to the supreme court's merger de
cision. But the big work ot the lato
Mr. Hariiman In the west cannot be
undone by court decisions. It will
last and hav'o a profound effect upon
tbo development of the west.
Three thousand English locomo
tive engineers struck because one of
tnoir number, convicted of drunkest-
ness, was demoted, demanding his
immediate, relastatement. In- this
country tke offending engineer
would ha,ve been discharged without
recourse and his union would have
upheld tbe enpaay
Ihc Spirit of Christmas.
This Is the season of tho year when
much preaching is done by rarlous
well inteiitioncd people as to the
"spirit of Christmas.'.' .Tho.objeet of
all this exhortation in to rcguMo the
giving of gifts, and it is likely lo be
ns effective, and no more so, as tho
storied edlctjsaued'ngalnst the eclipse
of the moor.
If thp "spirit of Christmas-' has 1U
origin anywhere, it is in Iho joy of
giving. When tho wiso mon of the
cant, piloted by the ilgrit of Be'thlc
hem's sut,. onded-their Journey be
foro the manger wherein lay the
Mother and ,tho Son, they signalized 1
their coming by gifts of rare vnluc;
franklnccnso and myrrh and other
precious things were bestowed upon
tho Itabo.amVnis mother. Hero be
gan tho giving. When tho Magdalono
came to wher6 Jesus oat at meat, alio
emptied n costly vase of spikenard
ointment over Ilia feet. Here, prob
ably, was tho origlu of tho Hocloty for
Prevention of Usolcss Giving, for the
disciples rebuked Mary because of the
wnato of so much value to so little
apparent purpose Thus wo find in
Holy Writ tho beginning of tho
"Spirit of Christmas," and also of
that worldly prudence which seeks to
restrain its expression and hold it
into utilitarian confines.
It la well to excrclso both caro and
judgmont in tho giving of gifts. Ex
travagawo is not to bo encouraged,
but tho giver. If lnsplrod with tho real
Joy of giving, Is always tho gainer.
Tho sordid mind that balances what Is
received against what Is given misses
tho true spirit of Christmas, for this
sort of calculation totally destroys
the sentiment that should mark the
day and make It worth whilo. If you
ant to enjoy Christmas, be noithor a
Scrooge nor a spug. Gtvo within your
means to thoso you love, and whoso
friendship you cherish, with, froodom
of heart, and you will fool tho inspir
ing uplift of Christmas in its best
Sixteen Years on the Farm.
Secretary Wilson bIiows In his
final roport nB head of tho Depart
ment of Agriculture that tho annual
farm production of this country now
nmouhta to moro than D, 500,000,-
000, ns compared with- $4,000,000,-
000 sixteen yoarB ago, when he en
tered tlio cabinet What will nn-
tjior slxtoon yonrs on tho American
farm moan to this nation T Thp sit
uation In subject to a many-sided
analysis, but It ought to tirouso our
pooplo at onco to tho imperative
need for restoring our . morchnnt
marino as tho most vital Btep toward
establishing and maintaining perma
nently growing outlets to)r all this
BtupondouB purplus annually rocur.
r.ing and increasing. UnWbs such
action is taken wo may find our
selves amid as prodigal waste as
wealth. Tho enterprise of oraplro-
imilillng nt homo should have as its
complement tho expansion of com
mercu aoroau. wo cannot afford
longor, while conquering our rich
domlnionB and building- the, Panama
cnnal, to neglect" our commercial op
portunities at sea:
No Terrors of law, No Hope.
Few mon sentenced to orison now.
adays are over hopeless of a coramm
.tatlon, but there la one In a Rail.
ornla penitentiary who ovldontly
twusldors that 'twenty years moans
twenty years, and to him the law has
no furthor terrors. Ho wbb sum.
monod to court to testify against a
fellow prisoner. He refused. Thn
juage admonished him that ho was
t..u . . . - "
in contempt of court. "What if t
amwhat are-you going to do about
;t?" he coolly replied. ."If you can
aaa anything to my twenty years, go
to iu
Another Judgo was about to nro-
uounce sentonco of doath unon a
man convlced of murder in the first
degree. He told him to stami ..n
He reminded him soveral times that
ne naa no room for complaint, since
he had had the ndvnntago of tho boat
legal defense the stato afforded and
yet ho was found guilty, by a Jury of
iweive nonest mon and doomed to
die. In tho midst of ,a reiteration of
this unctuous reminder, tho court
was interrupted by the prisoner, who
"Judgo, I just wauled to aak what
do you think would have bocomo of
mo if I had not had tho best legal
talent In the state?"
But theso aro cxtremo cases. Few
mon aro ever crowded into Quarters
so close nB to leave no room for one
ray of hope, at least in these days of
legal leniency. '
Those Empty Pews.
MothodlBt Bishop James II, McCoy
siriKes a mow at tho modern tend
ency to "deal with secular and trivial
matters In tho'pulplt to the exclusion
of tho great Issue of salvation." Ho
and others think thla lias something
la do with the empty-pew problem
They believe that able preaching of
the unadulterated gospel would do
more to fill pews than all the sec
ular devices contrived. Possibly. At
any rate the pulpit seems especially
designed as tho place 'for preaching
tno gospel. There are other places
as .well onuipped for handling other
problems, but none with the exclusive
.function, of teaching spiritual truth.
Many churches aro resorting to
moving pictures and other novel
methods to draw tho crowd. Well,
if crowds mean salvation, perhtpe
ar0 on " " tracK- ul i"50
pie can see ni lue moving pictures
! they wish olscwhero. Yet this has
come to be an educatlonnl factor,
it is Bald. It has and might be Used
to advantage in tho pulpit only it
sooms a little risky to tho cause of
religion to admit that it needs some
such patent schomo to substltuto or
supplement tho appeal of tho gospel.
Illshop McCoy and those who ngree
with him that tho church's success as
tbo dispenser of grace rests upon its
fidelity to simple religious propa
ganda socms to have n good deal of
argument on their side.
Goethals and the Panama.
Tho averago reader of current his
tory will stammer a good deal if
asked to namo tho predecessors of
Colonel Goethals, In chargo of the
construction of tho Pnnama canal.
Yet these three mon Stovcns,
Shontz and Wallace aro all promi
nent enough to be retnemberod.
Whoti John F. Wallace tendered his
resignation as builder of the canal
nt nn annual salary of 82G,000 to
accept a position In Now York pay
ing $00,000, President Roosevelt be
came Impatient at him, emphasizing
the superior importance of serving
thd nation in this world-transforming
work on the Isthmus.
It is doubtful if the name of
George W. . Goethals will over fade
from our history. With it is Indls-
solubly linked tho acmo ot engineer
ing skill nnd daring. To him his
country acknowledges a lasting debt
of gratitude, and it 1b now proposed
to record a testimony of that dobt
in eorno sultnblo way. Congressman
Mann has n proposition before tho
houso to promote Colonel Goethals
to n full generalship in the nrmy on
a rank with Admiral Dowoy, grant
ing him a salary for life of $13,000
a year.
Doubtless that would meet with
national approval. But it 1b said
that In all his sir years of arduous
and distinguished sorvico as chair
man of tho Isthmian Canal com mis
sion and chlof engineer ot tho con
struction, not a word of ndvorse
criticism was over uttered of Colonol
Goethals or his work, a record,
doubtless, without a parallel. Ho Is
only D5. Why not lncludo in our
recognition ot his great scrvlco, then,
bis designation as the governing
head of tbo Panama zone nnd canal
for nB long a tlmo na he would con
eon t' to act? The nation needs the
man in that position who has dono
wliat Goorgo W. Goethals has dono
The Congressman's Wife.
Woman In hor sacred functions ot
ulstor, wife and mother has been duly
oxaltod to the shrino ot venorntton in
this country. Our rhapsodyof hor Is
a national epic. Wo havo written
down na ono of our deepest traditions
tbo fact that "tho hand that' rooks tlio
cradle is the hand that rules tho
world." Wo hayo extolled her In
proso, pootry and song for her guar
dian heroism in keeping tho homo,
iwhllo tho men went forth to battlo
for tho nation's existonpo. But after
all our willing recognition, our ardent
panogyrlcs wo Boom to havo omitted
from our roll of honor woman bb tho
congressman's wlfo. Perhaps It was
tho Implicit faith In our honorable
congressmen that made us do it
Now comes Mr. Mann, republican
loader of tho house, who has had
many years' experience In congress,
pleading for doublo mileage fees to
members on tho ground that they
should be accompanied by tholr
wives, slnco oxporienco has shown
that those who aro not "got to carous
ing around Washington." There is
nothing to be said in opposition to
Mr. Mann's plea. With bowed hoad
tot us "pass under the rod" and make
the allowance - that will hasten tbo
good wife to tho national capltol be
fore any of our statesmen is lost In
tho vortex of blandishment besotting
them. What would this land ot the
froo and hpme ot tho bravo be with
out the congressman's wife?
The New Omaha,
The year is closing on Omaha with
signs for tho future that are tho most
encouraging noted for many years.
Tho success of the now hotol project,
already assured, is an evidence of the
eagerness with which the ontorpristng
citizens are seizing upon tho oppor
tunity now at thoir hands. It is but
one of tho elements that mako up the
prpspect for the new Omaha. Quite
Incidentally, Its location Is particu
larly fortuitous. With the construc
tion ot tho City National bank build
ing, Ntbe Woodmen ot the World
building, the Union Pacific headquar
ters building, the court house and the
proposed now hotel as they aro now
located, tho area available for retail
stores and accompanying traffic Is ex
panded to. a degree that p'romlBcs to
relievo a congestion on one street that
was anything but conducive to busi
ness growth.
Tho adoption of the amendment to
tho state constitution permitting cities
of G.000 or over to mako their own
charters will Insuro to Omaha a de
gree of self-government that will cer
taluly encourage the material welfare
ot the city. This is the most immedi
ate of the tasks before the general
citizenship. A new charter must be
framed adequate fdr the needs of the
fast growing community. When this is
done many other things "may be ac
complished. In the meantime, on
every hand, private enterprises of Im
portance are being pushed, and tho
whole outlook for a new and renter
Omaha Is encouraging almost Vjoml
"Jiiil" Woodard's Job.
The appointment of "Jim" Wood-
ard to the life Job of assistant post
master in Omaha Is hut official con
firmation of what local sentiment
had long ago enacted. "Jim" Wood
ard Is, Just as much of an Omaha in
stitution . as tho postofflce itself.
For forty-ono years he hns served
In his present capacity, has watched
tho city grow and the business of tho
postoffico Uevelop.to its present mag
nitude,, and ho has steadily grown
with;itvnin mind has broadened
with.hlnoxp'erlchce, and It Is not too
muchUbifeay thai no better equipped
man can bo-found today In tho pub
lic service than James I. Woodard.
It Is tho wisest of laws that permits
tho government to guarantee to a
man of this capacity that ho is as
securo in his position in tho public
Borvlco as If ho -we're employed by n
private undertaking. Tho people of
Omaha, without fcgard to station,
will Join in tho expression of satis
faction that "Jim" Woodard is per
manently anchored in 'his important
place. ' .
Progressive Court Procedure.
Tho president calls tho attention
of cougrosa to tho roform accom
plished in all federal court proce
dure toward reducing tho coBt and
tlmo of litigation ns to equity cases
and recommends furthor progress
along thlB lino to include common
law litigation aB well. This 1b In
direct response to a need peculiarly
folt and voiced and "which tho ex
perience and sympathy of Mr. Taft
in tho workings of tho Judiciary en
able him to foster. The country haB
clamored loudly, for Just such
progressive court procoduro, and
yet" It has scarcely realized tho ro
form thus for, so quietly has it been
necent decisions by our highest
tribunal aro encouraging to tho
thought of a closer sympathy be-
twoon tbo courts nnd tho spirit ot tho
times. Tho president dovotes an in
teresting chapter in his last message
to congress to thla general subject,
in which he Bays:
under tho atatuto r.ow in force tho
common law procedure in each federal
court la made to conform to ths proco.
dure In tho atato In whjeli tho court Is
lwild. In theae day, when' wo ahould bo
maklntt pioKresa In court procedure,
audi a conformity statute maken the
federal motliod too dependent upon the
action of stato legislature!!. I cannot
but think It a treat opportunity for con
Rress to entrust to thp lilnhost trlounal
In thla country, ovldcntly Imbued with a
strong, spirit in favor of a roform of
procedure, tho power to framo a model
c.odo of procedure, which, while preserv.
In. all that Is vntuabltt and necessary
of tho rights and remedies at common
law and In equity, ahall lesson the bur?
don of tho poor litigant to a minimum
In tho expedition and cheapness with
which his cauoo can bo fought or do
fended through federal courts to final
Presldont Tftft knows tho Philip-
plno pcoplo nnd situation well
enough, and has shown that he has
both sufficiently at heart to war
rant advice ns to tho best course for
tho, United Statos to purauo. there.
That course, ho says, is not im
mediate independence. " Wo nro at
tempting a work ot destiny in tho
Islands nnd it cannot bo dono at tho
bock or call or politics of politicians.
Chamberlain Hytlo of Now York,
recently convictod of bribery, is a
nophow nnd was tho former law
partner of Mayor Gaynor. No won
der the mayor believed so ardently
in him and one mny easily accept
tho mayor's word for it that his
faith In' his relatlvo and friend was
true. It is tlio violation of such a
faith that forms ono of the worst
tragedies of life,
President Taft has slipped a nice
little Christmas gift to 20,000
skilled workers employed in tho navy
yards of the United States in tho
way of an executive order making
their positions permanent. And yot
we are told Taft. is not a friend of
tho working man.
Presldont Wilson could establish
a flno precedent by making no new
appointments excopt for good and
sufficient causo. It might becomo
a precedent too valuable tq this
country for another polltlcnl party
to ignore.
Tho Omaha preacher who believes
tho church must get down into tho
thick ofthe fight and match wits
with thovdevll, has a good doal the
same notion as the Founder ot the
church had moro than 1,900 years
Tho, city council is going to mako
aupther try for dollar gas for Omaha.
In'Mh'o meantime Lincoln is turned
topsy-turvy over the same question.
Dollar gas is certainly a livo topic in
At the risk of possible renewal ot
hostilities. The Beo ventures to sug
gest that It was not a very nlco trick
tho Lincoln Commercial club sought
to pull off in connection .with the
Stato Teachers' association.
Tho good' women " in organizing
tholr tight tor the ballot in Nebraska
did not have to go blyond tho state's
own coat-of-arms for their slogan,
"Equality before the law." And that
they will get
ookiiJ Backward
Thirty Years Aro
Chief Engineer James OJllckcnMerrer .or
tlio Union r'aclflc, who Is sent to Shir
man, Wyo., to make observations bf the
transit of Venus, haa eent his report to
Assistant Manager Klrriball. The weather
condition prevented tho observation from
being entirely successful.
John T. Raymond appeared at Uoyd'a
11 A. C. Ounter"a farcical comedy. "Fresh,
the American."
The weather continues severely cold,
but Is gradually moderating. Thorlver Is
frozen over
lltv. Wflllard Scott of New York will
preach In St Mary's Avenue Congrega
tional church Sunday.
Tlio first block paved with asphalt, on
Douglas between 'Fifteenth and Sixteenth
streets, haa been thrown open to tho: pub
tic, but It will not bo fully appreciated
until the snow disappears.
Ono of tho brightest soots on the street
by night has always been the house of
A. Crulckshank tc Co. Their atylo of gas
lights was a novelty In Omaha until
others adopted tho pattern. They havo
now taken another forward step and
fitted up their windows with the most
elegant fixtures, having flvo big burners
to each, the opaque burners shining out
like five, big moons.
John Steele, tho well-known life Insur
ance man, has bought the houses, tools
And good will and everything belonging
to the Ice business of D. T. Mount.
Twenty Years Ar
Telegraphers on the Rock Island to Uie
number of about TOO went out on strike,
but enough remain at work to keep the
trains moving after a fashion.
C. F. Bain of Dawes county was ad
mltted to practice In the federal court
by Judge Dundy.
The piano recital given at l.lnlnger's
art gallery by Mme. Fannie Bloomfleld
Zelsler under the auspices of tho Ladles'
Musical society was enjoyed by a large
number. Mrs. Wlnfleld Blake assisted
by singing Schumann's "Two Grenadiers"
and "It Was Not So to Be."
111m Col La. Furnas . of Brownvlllc,
daughter of former Governor Furnas,
and Miss Mathows of Lincoln wero guests
of Mrs. G. II. Fowler, 1907 Wirt street,
Sheriff Bennett was for the tlmo being
custodian of tho Omaha baee ball park,
having levied on the chairs, benches,
fences and other appurtenances to satisfy
a bill of (00 for the last season's rent,
whl oh was not paid. As tho diamond
was burled under some few feet of snow,
tho sheriff was not announcing games.
Mayor Bemls declared tits Omaha street
railway company had forfeited lta fran-
chlHs by virtue of Its failure to run cars
for tho day. Its failuro was duo to sev
eral feet of enow. lie favored proceeding
against the company along radical lines.
Ho had Issued peremptory orders to. It to
clean Its tracks and get Its cars In mo.
Ten Years Affi
Former Mayor George P. Bemls ap
peared beforo the city council and asked
that tho city pay him $10,000 for Injuries
sustained when a Farnam street sign
board was blown over on top of him, but
tho money was not handed to hlra thero
nnd then.
The mercury got down to one abovo
icro, being tho first real touch of winter.
The stockholders of tho Omaha Stock
Yards company re-elected the old offi
cers, as follows: President, "W. A. Pax-
ton: vlco president. P. A. Valentine; Beo-rctary-trcaaurer,
J. C. Sharp; general
manager, W. J. C Kenyon. Theso- were
elected -afl directors: W. A. Paxton, John
A. McShane, John A, Crelgbton, Samuels
Mcltoberts, P. A. Valentine, B. F. Smith
of Boston, F. II. Davis, C. F. Mander
son, T. B. MoPhomon.
James Cooke, Phillip Bressman and
Catherine M Cooke incorporated the J.
P. Cooke company for $10,000 to manu
facture and sell stamps and stencils.
Tlio North Omaha Improvement club
endorsed Andrew Ftoiowater's power
canal plan and favored granting a fran
chise for H. Iko Iloscall, city council
man from the First ward, who was the
constituted opponent of this plan, was
thero to resist the action.
People and Events
Indianapolis has spent buying foot
warmers for traffio policemen afflicted
with cold feet.
The pardoned New York lawyer heeded
his brother-in-law's sage advice, "Go hldo
yourself." The dally Interview Is cut out
and the Goddess of Liberty liasn't had a
vocal bouquet for a full week.
The potontlal value of tho left hind
foot ot a rabbit .as a luck pronoter Is
clearly outclassed by the left ear of the
black oat. Chicago quotes (23 an ear for
a single consignment to tho Vucker
Speaking about the weather, Washing
ton put up a decent variety at four of
the last nine presidential Inaugurations
Pretty fair average considering the stock
ot weather Washington holds at head
.Matters or motor cars suggest as a
means of taking the mind out of the
enterprise ot automobile thieves that
owners deflate the Urea Besides check
lug speed the remedy affords pump' ex
ercises calculated to rnolaten the collar.
A committee formally commissioned for
the job Is chasing the 25,000 Presbyterians
who hava gone to New York from out-
of-town churches and failed to affiliate.
This Is the record roster ot "mysterious
disappearances - me mg town nas pro
duced this waning year.
A statue of the late Colonel William F
Vilas ot Wisconsin, soldier. United States
senator and postmaster general under
Cleveland, haa ben unveiled at Vlcks
burg, Miss., on ground occupied by unloji
troops during the siege. The statue is
the gift ot M4-& VI I as and her daughter.
One of the new swell hotels of New
York has contracted with Nahan Frankc
to provide S100.OJ0 worth of orchestral
music for Its dining rooms during 1913.
Frmnko's salary is scheduled at $90,000 for
the year. Mr. Franko la esteemed a
genuls In producing musical anaesthesia
when the check reaches the diners.
Kickers against the high cost ot liv
ing are not practicing a modern exercise.
Klghteen hundred years ago the Egyptians
kicked against corn comers fashioned on
Uncle Joseph's plan. Papyrus records of
the time, freely translated, show that
Whilo their hunger was not fully satis
fied, they accumulated corns on their
Minneapolis Journal: A St. Louis pas
tor Kays that the t'nlted States lias be
come a nation of professional liars. So
we have been led to understand from
fecent political activities.
Baltimore American: A Philadelphia
pastor says the sensation for the flwt
rive mlrtutes after death" Is" one bf glad
surprise. Hut thero may be cases "in
which the gladness docs not last any
longer than the tlmo specified.
8 IxjuIs Republic: AVhen Dr. Scho
fleld told tho Interdenominational Ulhle
conference that there Is no such thing
as a Christian nation he seemed to throw
more or lcsi. doubt upon the veracity of
the tnotto on our silver dollars,
Baltimore American: Adam and Kve
have been evicted from the latest ver
alon of the, Bible. They wore among tlie
Inst of the ancient traditions, ntifl mnnv
.will be unwilling to allow the uncere
monious forced exit of two of thq Dldestn
friends tho human race can remember.
Cleveland Plain Dealer; A Now York
clergyman suys it Is hart cooking thut
drlvas many men to drink. That's an
other of theso vague conclusions that
somo worthy theorists have a way of
reaching, with mon who drink because
they love the drink any excuse will
Springfield Republican: Fifty oJeray-
men of St. Paul, Minn., havo voted that
in their opinion It will not be advisable
to invite Billy Sunday to liold a series
of rdvivat meetings there. An organlia-
tion or laymen take the other view and
talk about having the revivalist, no mat-
ter what the ministers may think.
When a man has stopped learning he
Is no longer able to teach.
Nobody has much use for the man who
has a poor opinion ot himself.
There Is no such thing as committing
a little sin and Btopplng there.
If every man lived In tho 'right way no
boy would grow up in tho wrong way.
Tho religion of somo peoplo depends
much on Whether tho fig tree Is In bloom
or not.
How far we will go with Christ gen
erally depends on what wo try to take
wltlt us.
Success In religion Is no more possible.
without plan, purposo and determination,
than it Is in business.
Tlio homo will always havo the strong
est hold on tho boy when It Is mado as
bright as the saloon. Is.
When a man begins to talk about tho
necessity for economy, ho always looks
right straight at his wife.
The devil has no fault to find with the
mother who sends hor children Into tho
street to keep from wearing the carpets
Somo folk carry their heads as If they
had Just added a cubit to their stature
overy. tlmo they buy a dish of Ico creatn
to Holp the church.
Clogged-up Bowels
Menance To Health
Constipation at Bottom of Most Strlons
Illnesses Avoided toy a Sim
ple Bemedy.
Trftce the origin of the commoner ilia
of llfo and almost Invariably you will
find that constipation was the cause. It
Is not to be expected that a mass of fer
mented food can remain In the system be
yond Its time without vitiating tho blood
and affecting tho nerves nnd muscles. It
congests the entire body.
The results are colds, feverr, piles,
headaches, nervousness with Its acom
panylng Indigestion and sleeplessness.
Thero Is only one thing to do, and that
Is to remove the trouble; nnd as naturo
seemed unable to do It, outside old is
necessary. You will find the best of all
outside aids a remedy that many thous
ands nro now using for this very pur
pose, called Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
Many hundreds of letters aro received
by Dr. Caldwell telling of tho good re
sults obtained, and nmong tho letters
have been very enthusiastic ones from
Mr. D. AV. Baker, 2M TV. 6th St.. North
Platte. Neb., and Mr. James Bennett,
1042 Macadam St., Portland, Ore., who
rely entirely on Syrup Pepsin In theso
It haa untold advantages over pills,
salts and the various coarso cathartics
and purgatives, for while theao do but
temporary good, Syrup Pepsin cures per
manently. The effect of Its action Is to
train the stomach and bowel muscles to
do their work naturally again, and In a
short time all forms of medicine can tw
dispensed with. It can be bought with
out Inconvenience at any nearby drug:
Omaha Sales Branch
for "INGECO" Engines
FOR the .benefit of our rapidly growing trade lu
the Omaha distributing territory, wo have es
tablished a permanent store and distributing dopot
at 1007 Farnam Street. Omaha, Nebraska, where
a complete stock of engines and parts will be car
ried at all times.
Farm and Industrial Knglnes, IM to
350 H. P. HorUontal, Vertical and Multi
cylinder Stationary and Portable, Gas, ,
Gasoline, Oil and Producer Gas.
The "INGECO" lino Includes types to meet every
need, from farm engines to heavy duty Industrial en
gines. Modern manufacturing and distributing facil
ities enable us to offer purchasers unusual efficiency
and service. You will find the engliie you are looking
for by oalllrig at our Omaha Branch
International Gas Engine Co., Cudahy, Wis.
(Suburb of MUwaoket)
Omaha Branch, 1007 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Ted Do you believe that women
should hold the reins?
Ned it is all right when you havo the
girl out In a tflelgh. Judge.
"Shall we mention the fact that Sir
Thomas Lip ton Is In trade?" asked the
"Oh, dear, no'." replied tho society
editor. "In mentioning Sir Thomas Up
ton always remember that tho tea la
silent." Boston Transcript.
''Yes. ma'am." said Harry the hobo.
"I know I look like a strong man. but
out of my fifty years of llfo I've spent
over sixteen years In bed."
"Why, my poor man." replied the lady,
sympathetically, handing lilm a quar
ter, "what has beon the trouble
paralysis?" "No ma'am," said Harry. "Jest a
res'lar habit of uleoDln olirht hours a
day, ma'am." Harper's Weekly.
"There was n subject announced for
the club discussion iiodny which nvcry
one seonW to find it very difficult to
bflnc up."
"What was that?"
"Children." Baltimore American.
"We got a hard winter coming,"
whined the pessimist.
"Well, I got a peck of 'coal and hall
a ham In the cellar," chirped tho optim
ist. "Ict 'er come.-' Pittsburgh Post.
Minister Now. Elmer, con you toll me
what a gentleman Is?
1ItUc Elmer Yes, sir. Ho's a grown Up
boy that used to mind his tmother. Chi
cago News.
"That was a mean trick somehniU-
plnyed on tho society for the discourage
ment ot profanity the other day."
"How about It?"
"There wan a meeting at the housa of
one of the mombcrs and they had a light
luncheon. Meeting broko up In con
fusion. Rome clmn had scattered sand
on the lettuce." Chicago Tribune.
First Excited Itallroad Offlclal-JIeard
the news?
Second Same Thing Oh. not k bad.
Only five killed two of 'em brakemcn.
' First But, my heavens, didn't you
know that along with that vaudeville
baggage we wero carrying Jungelo. the
KOO.OOO trained baboon? The wrock drovo
him crazy, and the owner's getting ready
to sue the road for his full valuc.-Pnck.
John Buskin.
Put off, put off your mall, O kings.
And beat your brands to dust,
Tour hands must learn a surer grasp.
Your hearts a better trust.
Oh, bend aback the lance's point.
And break tho helmet bar:
A nolso !s In tho morning wind,
But not tho note of war.
Upon tho grassy mountain paths,
Tho glittering hosts Increase;
They come, they come! how fair their
They como who publish peace.
And victory, fair victory,
Our enemies are ours;
For all tho cloudu ore clasped In light'
And all tho earth with flowers.
Ay, still depressed and dim with dew,
But wait a tittle while:
And with the radiant deathless rose
Tho wilderness shall smile.
And every dainty tender thing
Shall feed by streams of rest.
No lamb shall from the flock be lost,
. Nor nursling from the neat.
store forj fifty cents and ono dollar a
bottle, tho latter size being regularly
bought by those awl(o already know Its
Syrup Popsln Is so mild and freo from
any form of narcotic that It la given to
tiny Infants, and yet It win be found ef
fective In tho most stubborn case of
conotlpatlon which has resisted all other
If no member of your family has ever
used Syrup Pepsin and you' would like to
make a personal trial of It before buy
ing it In the regular way of a. druggist
send your address a postal .will do to
Dr. W. JB. Caldwell, 415 Washlngtop St,
Montlcello, II L, and n free sample bot
tle will' bo mailed you. Resuts are al
ways guaranteed or money will be refunded.

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