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Isn't Mutt the Irritable Old Thing?
Drawn tor The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
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Your brothgr.?
t DIDN'T Know VoV
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rwev'Re all. ' excepr .
North Platte Has Something to Say
About Season's Foot Ball Games.
WnntM n foulest (or ('linitiilonlilli
lualrnil iif I.eMlnK l( lovMlm(l v
itn li ClnlitiM f Ibr
Hnjs Jlrre,
North Platte business men and mem
bers of the North Platte lllch school foot
ball tvm take exception to the claims
if tho members of the Omlia High school
fool hall elovqn that they nro champion
f tho state. They tukn the iosltlon that
tho claim la not only without foundation,
hut that the Omaha boy have Ignored
challenges rind refused to piny ft gamo,
or a series of games, to settle tho de
batable question. Upon this subject If.
. Fleishman of North Platte, writer to
Tho Bco as follows?
"It nan -Willi great pleasure that I read
the write-up you gavn tho Omaha High
kchoul font ball team lout Snnday. It was
personal prldo to mo because years ago
I attended the Mime school and It U
natural for one to llko to see tho school
one had attended show Mich grand -victory.
However, I km living at North
Platto now itiul our local team Is as near
mid ah dean to mo, n,s0majia tlg)i .school
was then, nHiWvwant' to . toll' yoiu tho'
cullbor of the (earn wo liayc and .howyuiy.
Justly wo Wc,r5 treated 'by' the Omatid
MlKh rctiftoL . ' ' f 'v
"Our 'team 'liaaf rondo illid" best record
In tho history d.f .tlierNorllv Platte High
school, having played' "with teaniH from
two outside Mates claiming champion
ship honors, defenUng; them by a- bllf
"They have defeated tho ,Keajjoy
HlKh hcIiooIj which by. tho record has
lmcn successful oVcr a rand Island ami
Beatrice nhd other eastern school. Thus,
by comptri V corj!S.. North J?Vivtte
wiems to .hftv W ti'cllerit''cralrVtlMA'
the state, -hoiipr jt ivtVftyvftu
"Vol imlv l. Is.V.11. m..4- -i..
"'. mw" in. tm: ai-weii a,
largor number, of point ntralntit: (U. oi
poncnts (CI tot), but also haa two of
tho fastest moii la. tho statu, who, tJ my
estimation, should have a plnco, on tho
All State "te'dni. Omaha JiaV'tT ihah' on
the All state tc.dm who nuuj'y ?ur ,Vtiieh
'owns and wo huve h.ien xWm'ltave miide
iiitcen. . . v a.
a rmminent tmn.jn athlei m from
Yulo cojlexo mado tho statement thai qui3
left taclJlo, Wll Norrln. m ,the"',tiwt'
piayrr .in the . country. Thfa . luut! nio
been proven by tho fact thtft Nhrrl;haii
received offer? from coaghes Hi tho oast.
Now from thin fact and from. the lac
that tlo Omaha IllKh school hun. refused,
under uny. condition whatever, our rn.
uuestfqr.a Rijino to m-ttlo tho dispute, la
ikh noun natte entitled to tho chuin
PioiiBhlp honors of the state?"
lakliift upthe cudsel for North Platte
mid Its foot ball team, Kll y. lrunson
of that town, wrltlnB to Tho JJee. wiy.i:
' Ih the Omaha HIkIi school tho chain
Plon of thp Nebraska crldlron? Can It
rightfully and Justly claim It? ,
"It nppenrs that tho Omaha HIK'h school
Is waklnir this claim on no nnunds
whatever. Tlicru is no doubt that It can
claim the championship of oamern Ne
braska, but 'the North Platte team ban
thft right to claim to claim the sole
championship of western Nebraska.
"Is not tho western part of tho Mute
Included in tho realms of Nebrusku, or
does tho realms of thU Krvit state of
MuraxKa pimply mean Omaha
i Tiie hluh school of North llatto
submitted -hBll.'nKn for h stale hiim
plonshlp K.inie with Oliinhii fur Hie state
honors, but has been refused, but still
Omaha lays Its clulni. North Platte has
ivuii every one Of ItM ganns this season,
most of thorn by an ovcrwliulmlni; score.
It defeated the Wyottilm; cluunploiiH by a
score of 112 to P. and the Colorado cham
pions W (6 0. hut still it cnttnot even se
cure a I'hiuieu to mnke Its title Hood- to
Its own Btnte. '
With ifferonco to the NebfyfeliB All
!tar Mii bnll eleven of l!lt, Nlirth
Platto received no mention. W have on
tho Norh Platto tettni. -of whom It has
been sftld by Conch Neville, who trulm-d
both, ho and tile champion fuJIbneU of
tllo atlssoiul valley tinlvcrslly tpam", V.
HalllKaii. that this man, V. Norrls, haii
eituiillcd In foot ball cuieor the famous
ilnlllKan. t
"Norrls the mighty taoKIl'. has 1eon the
terror of nvery oppontliK teatu. Yet lie has
no place, on t''o A'l Htarp. nor', oven a
second place. It simply Is Omaha .and.
vMnlly, which It may as welt 1m sa!dr
eomirlson tho statu of Nebraska."
Committee in St. Louis Probably Will I
Make Decision.
Johnny Evers, Manager
Claim uf Pmiilre IlluleV Aenluit
IMilliKlelpliln lleulM In Drelorn
tlon Auntnal I iniilrrx Aetlnur '
lis Si'oiiIh for .llaiuiKers.
I.KXINGTON, Ky.. Dee. 9.-1-5. It.
Sweetlahd, for tho . Inst two years In
structor In athletics nt tin) t'tate unl
yrtsUy. and flvr students wero nrrcpted
hero this nfternoo'n on wurrunts swori)'
tV) by Captain W. 8. Wobb, Jr., a former
cojii n tho unlyerslty.
. Tho'tirresW itruw out of the official In-
vcMtlqatlnn-ffito tlin burntni; ofj. Jlioirftl
vs-iq aeRK or uoan I'aui Anuwo;ro-
ccntiyt .
The men nrrf"ited wero K. a. I3fti)itbf r
captain of the 1013 foot ball teprjrj V. h.
Hall, secretary of tho university Yoimr
Men's Christian association; Tliomnw
Iloblnson. manbuor of tlm 1913 ifOot ball
tamj "V. CAValson, captain of tho. 1913
UosKet bn,l t,cilm, and W. C. Harrison,
captuln f th(j,;WU foot ball team. .
I.OS ANOKLUS. Cal Uec. D. Lvthor
Afc'rirty ntlrt ifij1'' tHyn'ri. who will 'open
tho proposed white heavyweight elimin
ation contest wltll a'lWentr round bout
''tft'Vcrtio'n Arena loiijorrow nldHt, ;con-
tejjted thenmelves toilip" with road yjii'k
pridl;Jit cymnanlum-vxerclses. K lbo-
llevtHlNlhht 11 villi .' In .order to win. iiliiRt
p'vim;)il!' youthful iVnttife'onlst '.ojirfl' in
,tho ticht. i C
TAliiCurty was mmlo a fuvorltt'. In" "tho
early viikorlne beeuuso'of his otilcl' dls-
posltldn if AM ICuiCanah und l'iul MoV-
lis, .in compared with" thf poorer show.
Inic of VJynn acnljml hy same mon.
i ICIyiut's: most indent, admirers ndiplt that
MoCafty i has-a ,olwhullce If ,tlioi bat
tle Koes further than Jjmi rounds. Hardly
uny ope expects tho fight to Ko tho limit.
NtJW YOItlv Dec. y.-Thc claim of
HoKer llrestinliaii iiKiilnst the f?t. Iiuls
club for alleged breach of contract prob.
nbly will bo settled by an arbitration
i committee In St. Louis. This was tho
I tentative decision of tho boaid of dlrec
i tors of the National league at Its meeting
here today. Ilrcfehalmu and his attornoys,
(leorne T. Priest and Arthur YV Soger
of St." Louis, appealed bcfori the board
nhd presented tho claim'.
Tho Hi. Ixjuls club was rrpi-Nontcd by
Prwddoht James C. Jones, who nlso Is
an attorney. - After listening to tho argu
ments for and against Ilresnuhau's claim
for foUr yenrs' salary, the board sub-
gested some sort of peaceful settlement
nnd tho nttornoys retired ftfr an hour tO'
(IIbcuss tonus. On their return the tenta
tive arbitration plan was broached and
recslyed io sanction of the directors
At the meeting; of the board tomorrow
definite plans' will be adopted,, but It was
stlU that In till probability the case would
be settled by an arbitration commission
in Kt. IjonU.twhU'h, under 'thti JVltssourl
law's, wouttfliittiM'owfT "to sulip(i(fnaviYlt-
nesses and render a decision blridjiig- on
all partU.,'!':',",,,. V,
Pw-ft'prfmYfjo htdrluT the llresnahan
glallnthe' illrtfirs dcclilcO'lthat they had
Ju'rhidlctlon Over such ciwes u rising bo
twepn club owners. und players,'' and when
tint arbitration' plun Is finally adopted to
morrow It will have the" approval of tho
board and Its hearing will b hclil under
Km Hiinctlou. I', , I !
Tho directors offlclully awancled t 'the
peiinaut for Wo 1912 season to Jth N4iw
Y'ork club anil transacted other routine
buslnesu, whlf.lr- Included tho adoption of
tho secretary's and treasurer's rcporti for
tho year. ' '
0ioin' J j' mplren ns Hennts. ,
Tho claim o(;l?mplrn Cliurles higler to
$:W agalnstrho Philadelphia liuhS for
Bervlces;i'f4ti);ltfjRltchcr nixcywivi- tho
dlrocturs iu, opportunity to go on record
rnf (jpposml 'to, umpires, acting an Fronts
inr ciuii niiiiiugnrs in omaiiung piaj'ers.
.Tljo claim ifrtlglcr. 'as jiladcdori file
and a ljoaring prohalily1 will ho hoid liter
this week .to decide. Its merits.
lniilie Itlglvr clnltns that he received
.".rtO of tho MSM which tie Phlludelpiila
club agreed to pay If he signed Hlxey,
then, a student or the t'nlverstt of yir
.Bllll'a. , . ,
At tho meeting today Cornelius J. Sul-
Rev. T. J. Mackay of City Mission
Trustees Asked to Officiate.
Kors bays mi long as he Is manager
of the, dibs ..hQ wljl ,bt mtinasriv This
declaration of .ludcpcudcgye Is apent, th
talked of trudo of Joo Tlii'ke.r to thj
Cincinnati lleds. lHvers wants foiir'inen
In puyirient- ior Tinker ,fliid ho declares
Hint lf.Aliirjiiliy nitenlp.tM lb go over his
hi'iul be wll!;resisn from tho management
of the club:' ' .
At u special meeting of the captains of
tlm Metropolitan leuguo Sunday after
noon O. McDonald was elected reorcliir'y
of the league to succeed Put Angel.ibdrs,
who resigned, and arrangements wcie
made for ImncnietH nml dances to be held
In the near future. , ,
;llirr Klret lellenn.
MINNEAPOLIS. Deo. U.-Allen .Me
Hean, u track man. tnduv was selected
as- unlvornitv athletic manager, by tho
atltteilc bosiU of cof-trol or tht. ITnt-(.r.
slty of MliiiHHolu. John MfUo'eru.1
iuimh;i iy-,1 wn urn, was uu, .applicant,
Loach. The
i llvun, a dlrOctbr of tho New York club.
M'DONALD SECRETARY . W,,B" menWr of'the board In
' METROPOLITAN LEAGUE ilh" nfi" ot ih JohT- ,,nis"-
IYICI nurULI I HIM LCMUC olhcr n,cmlmr), ot ,10 t,onn, lirCRont wero
Jlerrnmnn of Cluclnnntl, Kbbettd of
Hrooklyn,. Dreyfus, ftt PlttfbUTgh and ;
Murphy of Chlcnsp. v ,
l'pllowlng the directors' mWitlng tomor- j
row afternoon, when the liresnahau arbi
tration plun will be considered, tho Nu- !
tlonal league maghntcs wll) begin their
annual meeting. It 9 expected the frst
buslliesn transacted' Will lio'n settlement
of tho claim of. Ajigpst Herrmann of Cin
cinnati tii' 'Joo Tinker, the shorUtop of
thi 'Chicago rlub, 'in oxcliange for several
other players. With the exception of J.
J McOrnw. every manager is In tlie-ity
for tho lenguo mcctlui; tomorrow, . and
revoral trades for players arc expected.
1 uuunjru, la . uoc. y. Thirty Hiouh 1 "i" uoiiiuim iiui iuuucjr
any .jiounds of, huttor, many thousand. in Midwest Tourney.
I dozen of eggs. ui(d much propert wer , .
destroyed tfAn the neatr.ee crme.y NEALE-CONRAD DOUBLES SECOND
: i'ifuifui hiiii uuniei- uere uiuo me 1
' los? 'to 4111 "oonipany' trf fTWuX). In addl- 1
1 tlon 11 slelg)A.ma.'nilfacturer Jot JlfXlW mid
thf!' building- was damaged -nhout l.'O.OX
.No .siiioUiiiit' Permitted nml IVrfil
lera Will )iour In Full llrcss,
tbnt Womi-h In-: He
Free to Attend.
ltev. T. T. Slackay. rector of All Saints
church and a member of the board- of
! trustees of All Salnta' Kplscopal church, ,
has been asked to open Peter Loch a
charity wrestling carnival at the Audi
torium the night of December 10 with iv
brief statement legardlng tho work of
the mission. Unless other work makes
It impossible for him to attend he will
accept the Invitation.
Pairings for the bis wrestllnc meet
have been made. by Mr. Loch and are as
follows: v
Charlie PMcre. Papllllon, against Jo
Zlgmnn, Omaha.
Policeman Jenson, Omaha against Tony
Klebba. Omaha.
George. Stash against Pat Cannon.
Pete Loch nguln 'Frank Coleman.
Jack Meyers against Adolph Ernst of
Kansas City, champion light heavy
1 weight.
Fred Mlndrn against Jack Tolllver.
j Champion Lishtwolght Keegan against
Vernon Hrcedlove. Council Bluff.', cham
pion feathcrwoight.
Itaymond Hums ngaln.it Charlie nurns.
".lap" Tamlsea, Crclghton university,
against Jack Landour. Denver.
Farmer Hurns, who is as enthusiastic
about the carnival ns Loch himself, will
1 go on tho mat with an unknown, whose
i name probably will not be announced In
advance. The Farmer soys his Judgment
j won good when he picked Frank Gotch as
In comer and he thinks It Is still good when
he says the new man he will Introduce
will be heard from firvorabtr In tho fu
ture. The Farmer's Eons also will ap
pear at the carnival.
The seat sale opened auspiciously Sat
urday. Many purchasers said they were
going to take their wives to the carnival,
and It is likely there will bo more women
present than ever before attended an
event of tho kind in Omaha. Since there
will be In force n rigid rule that all
wrestlers must be In full dress, and since
no smoking will bo permitted the women
will bo free to attend without risk ot
finding anything offensive, even to the
most fastidious.
Kind Hornstein. proprietor of a grocery
store at Twenty-seventh and L streets.
South Omaha, has started suit against
James F. Smlsek for 5,000 damages, al
leging that Phlsek has broken an asree
rfiotit not to enter Into competition with
Hornstein' purchased the business from
Smlsek & Ilardltcka. He says one of the
consideration of tho' deal vas that the
Boilers of the business should not ngain
engage In business whero they might hurt
his trade. Now, ho says, Smlsek ha
started a si ore 111 a ouuaing aujoimnw
his own. Ho says Smlsek stands In fro
ot the Hornstein storo and urges
patrons to come over to him.
1 1
.Mcllean ttiiveedM llelnn
position pays fji.Mo a ear.
I. . Wolf of ToprUn, Knit,, Kli-st
In Individual, with hi-orr- of
ir,. ChU-iiKO Trunl l.rinln
In Double.
Rifles and Shotguns Make
Highly Prized Holiday Gifts
A Winchester .23 Caliber rifle for a boy, a repeating
ehotgun or hunting riflo for the mature sportsman,
or a light-weight rifle or 20 gauge repeating shot
gun for the out-of-door girl, will make a most accept
able Christmas present. For completeness include
a supply of Winchester cartridges or shotgun shells.
Winchester ammunition not only gives the best re
mit in Winchester guns, but with all other makes.
Winchester Rifles, Shotguns Ammunition
The YY Brand Are Sold Everywhere
CHlCAOf, Dec. O.-IHelder Jones, for
mer ludeV of tho Chicago, American
I.igiiK I'all club, urrlved in Clilcugo
, toniiilit; where he Vlll remain' over for
tlio meetlfig of thu. American league,
, ailed for Wednesday. . 'far several weeks
' Jones has bwn.fUHntluntiil' as n )o(slblo
bead for the Nlw York American league
teiun and It Is expecll he will confer
with the AmerloaitdtfURUe owneri. during
the ine'ntlng.
Have bull mon In luuch wllli tin -'luiu-
' tlon uny' that Junos Is llkels'to be the
conlrul figure of a fcuj-pYlso in tin- base
ball world In tho nenr tuture.
"Y's" .VMnnlril ViinUlon.
YANKTON, S. P.. Dec '. - iSpeclai 1
An Interesting annual event occurred at
the regular 1 chapel hervfees at Yankton
(.ollego yesterday when Pns!dent Watron
presented Toot ball "Y's" to the men who '
havo regularly earned tbum. Those re-i-elvlng
fur tho first time were '
Lewis. Curry. FcueuKu, Ahlfs Warren,
lletlnnd ami Patterson. Tho nu n lt-celv-
Iuk the foin ball Insignia for the second
time wero Hull. Stevenson. Danford. Hob.
Insun nnd CaPtHin TrlPP- The foot ball
hii-ad ao-o presented rememb'-uni'es of
tin, ri,oli to Coachea Iluh an-1 Stewart,
who responded with bilef speechis. lil
win H. Lewis of Lake Preston was
elected l"t weok by the team as 1 uptaln ,
for the soasoii of 1311 Lewis played a '
imhtliiK Kume ut end this season nnd has
been mvntioned for an ullstute iojtlon. I
' V G. ltoblnfoii. of Pierre was elected
nutunger for uoij. eason.
1- - - -
Soioer nt l.lnmoo.l PrU. T,,,s I1t!c llow )eB(,ttl few y,,rkcr s
The Omaha, city team again beat the',.. , .... i....i ....tp a,i,.
svea AUilttBs hiving beaten them four "' "r, J"1' " " vUo " ',,J ,n',Kt 8
Ilium thU year by scores of to 3. U to 3, , Iwtte Ijlstiry this ar Hit most notable
C to 1 and 4 to 0. and the Caledonians. aoHlo.-iiint was bis iltteut of limine
'i-!m uK"ci jiiVnsmp:'1 fhe'&''llf.n.i.K.,,. h dUwuc. run-
of tin team Is: J MHi-lerii goal, J ner at the OI mpii- gai"o Ktvlat turned
' Uli md ro.-.alle .baW '.'t Man- tiu trUk t, ihe fleet Finn li Nw York
ii..n ai l v i.v 111. 11 ; im. n u "nu f, . ,,,,...
J1. .1C Pildaiv WalJ'ON 1 llamdt-a " u m I'f"'11?
. vara ' ''': to 1 ?t '
KANSAS CITY. Doc. 9.- The Old Sajon
Rrnu team ot Omaha won tonight de
clared the winner In the five-man event
or the Middle West Howling tournament.
'PJ , tirwn ..-An 1 C"-: II" . 1 , .. . I
learn was second with 2.782 and tho Peter
sou Candy Kids of South Omaha third
with ?,732.
Nono of the four teams 1 oiling tonight
was able to reach the high scores made
vesterday. Tho winning teani is entitled
to the first prlzo of J2W, tho second piize
is tyo nnd the third prlzo $)5 -.loney1
prizes wero HWnrded to twenty teams '
Tho scores of the teams rolling tonight
were .
Hurklej lCuvelopes. Omaha .'.CTS
Western Hrews. Sioux City 2.6IS
JetteiH" Old Ages. Omaha.. .. 2,l7i
Nullf'S. iioux City ;,4.T4
The tournament will end tomorrow with
the wlndup of the individual nnd two
man contests.
New records for the meet were estab-1
llshed tonight in the Individual und two-.
man events. D. A. Wolf of Topeka rolled
inio flrsf place In the Individuals with
a score of GSI. A. Karllcek of Chicago
was a second with OSS. Krai and Hush
of Chicago aro first in the doubles with
a score of J.2S3. Neale and Conrad of
Omshu went Into second place with 1,210.
Other goud scores of the day are
1111,10 and liolfe. Chicago. ..
Wolf and Wolf. Topeka
Fuller and Uarnuni, Topeka
No.es and Swunsou. St. Louts.
Havde and Karllcek, Chicago .
Aiiierllng and Fuel man, St. Louis
PeiUius and Kalkcnbuch,
JOM'pll. Mo
Jlirrett and Coller. Chicago.
1. Wilton, Kxcelslor Springs.
li. D. Wolf. Topeka
M H. Huntington, Omaha...
M A. Klnnaman, St. Joseph.
It. Meywr, St. IajuIs
AValdrekor. St. Iau. ..
C Fuer man. St. Louis ... .
Lot-Be X Jurrett. Chicago.. ..
WMHnm Hush, 1'hlcagu
Isaac Harnum. Topeka
,r rioiilu. Hlue Island. 111..
F Swanson. St. Louis
George li. Tolman. St. Joseph....
l O. (Collier, Chicago.. t
Four Foot Ball Players
Hurt in One Game
NKW YORK, Dec. 9. Four foot ball
players aro In a Hrooklyn hospital today
with Injuries of serious character re
ceived in 11 chnmplonshlp game yester
day between the "Bullocks" and the
"Vernons." two semi-professional teams.
Tho Injured ones are the captain, half
back, full back and right end of the
"Vernons," who were defeated. 13 to .0.
All have broken bones or concussion of
tho brain.
No time to be without
an overcoat! Right now
when you begin to need
one most is just when we
can serve you beat.
Our stock is replen
ished by late arrivals of
splendid Kensington coat9
delayed in the making
every onfe. hand- tailored tc
our special order.
Warm, stylish, service
able garments in a lbig
variety of models showing
the newest ideas shawl
collars, belted backs, fancy
plaid self-linings, no-pad
shoulders, kimono sleeves,
box pleat skirts, in long or
short styles.
Montagnacs, Astrakhans,
Chinchillas, Rough Chev
iots, Vicunas just what
you want in exceptional
values at $20, $25 and up
I to $65.
413 b. Sixteenth.
Omaha Lincoln
I Old Stylo Laf to tte twtr tint k b:aw4 Jjtt right- iMwESERi&Ml
llurHp's KL-U Mnr lie Fatnl.
HKATHICK, Nen. Dev 9 ISpe ml
Telegram.-) Forrast McFarland. the II.
, year-old son of J. W, McFjrland, tt
, farmer living near here, hod his skali
1 fractured ywterday by being kicked by
a horse in the barn at his home Th
'boy was taken to a hospital today in a
1 serious condition.
imtf. 1. t 1 !.
. Peristeiit Advc Using is the RoaO
rig R'tJtns.
1 199 m , -. . -r
uw mmrwmmvmwmmmmmut, win mmm
l.HI . . . .
5 lU Jjw to rcmeniber-Just one
!S HltAV 1 iadc to use Hd
"ZliZ;"' or Automobile

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