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TflK BKB: OMAHA, JiiDJsliiSDAl, JJM'KMBEB 11, 191J.
f Vil Nl'Kt) ttV KUWAItH rtOUKWATltlt-
I tntered at Omaha postotflce an second-
sfs matter ,
TBRM8 OK "siJiwruirrioN.
Kinds Bee. one year jJ
i fcAturilav nee. one vnr 1-60
pailv Bee, without Sunday, on yeaf 1.0
5 Daily Pee, and Sunday, ona-year.. .w
5' DBtitVBUBD BY (7A Kit I BR. , ,
5 Evening, without Sunday, per month. 2c
S bally Bfe, lncludlnif Hunday, rr mo. Uj
S Daily Uec, without Sunday, per mo...'W
8 Address all complaints or Irregularities
S In delKeryJo Qty Circulation Dept.
- Remit by draft. espres or postal ordtr,
- payable, to The Bee Publishing Company,
e Only 2-eent stamps received In payment
S "f small accounts. Personal checks, -e.x.
3 rept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
" ornt'KR
3 Omab-The He building
- Kmifli nrrvuhn -11R K treet. '
Council Illuffs-14 North Main street
TJncoln-M IJttle building. ,
hlcago 1041 MarquMtrt building.
Kansas City Reliance building.
Now York3 Went Thirty-third.
Kt Iviuls 102 Krisco building.
"Voshtngton-725 Fourteenth Ht.. N W.
Communications relating to new awl
rlltnrlal matter should be addressed
Omaha Bre. Kdltorlal Department.
I 49,805
E State of Nebraska, County of Dougls,. a
5 Dwlght Williams, circulation manage
Z of The Bee Publishing company. be-IM
J duly iiworn, says that the average dalll
circulation for the month of November,
WIS, was4,M6. DWlOIITmiiUAMH,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presenco and swor..
to before me this Mh day of perembe .
(fjeal.) Notary Public.
Subscriber learlnar the city
ttniporarllr a on Id hare- The
lire moiled in them. Aldrr
Trill be changed n often n. re.
Tlmo 1b potting short; go to It.
The smoko nuisance- Is aggravated
by also bolng nn economic waste,
Your okrb may rbme by", milll w.hou
parcels post geta Undo? f iiHljwIng. , 1
Modlcal fakers can generally find
publicity fakerp to promote' their
u. 11 BUUllln uniuu mil iui him cumuli
1 . MH t. IT.. M . 1. .. . . I . .. ..
to lay his downfall to ' "too many'
'wives." ' "
If trousers bocomo general jit
might offoct-a-saving in th'o faniily
Take tlmo'by 'tho foVolock - anti
ChrlBtmaR-ahop while this beatitlful
weather lasU.
Remember that overy Hed Cross
stamp will cjuap n. million germs of
the wh,lte' plBgue. '
MoVlnfr aicVnc liriSs of least re
Blstance lVndt always the bcBt way
to run a cjtyjo.yornmpnt,
llaKO ball' may bcTa summer snort.
but post-season events' thl yeAV have
Bnown u 10 do, a, winter pusinese.
Prosldent-olect Wilson iWouId.,flnd
a lot to interest him and to rest of
thp country; d.own on the Pantjma.
Oovernorolect Sulisor of Iew York
was the prettiest man in congress at
ono time, pxcept J. Adam
Bede of
Wonder what tho governor 6f
North Carolina said to the governor
of South Carolina at that Richmond
That Chicago woman who fished
a few coin's' ouf. of a 'man'Hpockets
on the street probably though.' h"e
was her husband. I
A head of the Tobacco trust lis
quoted as saying, "The consumer is
the man I am after." He.appeKri
I..1L..I II. '
10 nuTe uagsjea nil game.
Railroads have been called wicked,
but they must also be given credit
for helping mightily to build up a
country and keep it built up.
Nebraska is furnishing many wit
nesBus in the suit against tho big
Harvester trust, which Bhows the im
portance- of the state to the imple
ment trade.
A Manila paper says that tho great
' American game of base ball is fast
supplanting the Filipino's national
sport, cock righting. There is our
benevolent assimilation again.
The difficulty California has had
in determining between Wilson r.nd
Roosevelt, of course, is notf due to
the fact ithat woman voted In the
late election for tho first time.
Germany forbids its diplomats to
marry: American heiresses, but If
France ever levied such;an embargo
respecting its Impecunious counts we
might have another French revolu
TheJcuurches'In their national fed
oration have decided to stand for eo
ctal Justice'. ' Thar is what the
Founder of' the church meant, among
other things, lt should always havo
afood for. .'-""'.
' That aylator who left Omaha a
month' ox tWq ago for' Newi, Orleans
la. paid, (o "have made a milea'mlnute
toward ttie end of fcia Journey. Yet
be iiaa hardly,- proved .bWju by that
the feasibility of traveling by air.
Some Chicago suffragettes are raid
to be planning a- snub for Dr. Mary
Walker because she made slighting
remarks about Miss Jane Addains
We should like to have a photo
graph of Dr. Mary being snubbed,
What Arc the Doctors Doini,'. J
F"tr some , woeks a concern has!
been advertising I" tw" of; tho
Omaha,, papers (hat a device It sells
will euro diseases which mudlcal
science recognizes as among tho most
difficult of all It has to combat, some
tjven helng listed a inctiwiblo. So far
bh Is known tho only voice that hns
been raised against this palpable
fraud has been that of The ftpe. Tho
only doctors who have denounced
it havo beon those to whom Tho
Beo has directly put the question.
The newspapers that are spreading
tho fraudulent claims of the, concern
nro silent on tho topic. They are get
ting paid for the advertising space
and do not seem to caro if t.hoy aro
aiding In the' swindling' of "unfortu
nate sufforcrs.
A littlo whilo ago an Omaha Bur
geon of high standing conHcntcd to
perform an operation with roporterB
present. Kof, this hp was charged by
othor doctors with violating tho
ancrod othlcs of tho profession and
had to stand a trial before a com
mittee Is It this code of ethics that pre
vents tho doctors from aiding in a
movement to protect tne pubflc from
tho harpies that prey on human
A year agb Tho Bee drove from
Omaha a quack who was advertising
to perform miracles. Ho had tho edi
torial support of oiio of tlio1 papers
that waa taking IiIh money, nnd that
Is now taking monoy from tho con
corn that In under fire. Tho doctors
wore silent thon; thoy aro silent now.
Entortairnntr the Iniane.
Tho superintendent of (ho Hospital
.for tho Insane ut Hastings ban Intro
duced baso ball nnd moving pictures
.'far tho entcrtaliihiont of his, patlenjB,
thiisiprovidlngoutdoor uild' inside di
version, that Hhould provo very
wholesome.. Jt BcemH that, at first, at
least, tho plan Is for tho nttaches of
tho hospital to playhnll for tho edi
fication of the insane, but perhaps
b.ivi nuj'u) uui;iiui;iib LUUIIIO' Ull tllTJ frit-
tlonts, thomsolvdB, playing -it after
a while. There Is no reason why tho
milder of thorn shquld not. We hayo
heard) that base ball has been played
by many personn with peculiarly
working mindB. Thoro is so much
merit' In baso '.ball as'i'a. physical oxpr-
clso and montal Incentlvo as well
that, pcrhapB, lt might bo possible of
great results whord inHiinlty Is not
hopeless. So 1b tho moving picture,
properly conductod (nBMt would bo
In a state Institution), 'meritorious.
Altogether this innovation will bo
very In'tCTestlng to obsorvc It will,
at least, afford wholesome diversion
for'tlie poor creaturos and' possibly
The Panama and Suez. Canals.
, England's formal protest to tho
proposed Panama canal act, which
its .foreign sccrotary, Sir Edward
arey, has transmitted through Am
bassador Bryco to Socrotary Knox,
ls moro remarkable than convincing.
It Is but 'air that Americans, beforo
taking sides against their govern
ment, in its control of tho Panama,
should understand that tho clause in
the Hay-Pauncofoto treaty on which
Q mat Britain bases its objection is
literally and verbatim the samo
clause in the Constantinople agree
ment of 188S on which Greut. Britain
ivuiiun no sumurny lor dominating
the Suoz canal. This Ib the-iclaUBe:
The canal shall be free and open' to the
vessels of commerce and of wur o't all,
nations observing these rules on terms
of entire equality, no that there stal be
rjd discrimination against any such .nV-
tion,, or Its citizens or subjects, In respect
of the conditions or cliarrea of traffic or
otherwise. Such conditions and charges
of trafflo shall be Just and equitable.
If, then, it Is unjust nnd Incon
sistent with treaty rights for the
United States to exempt from tolls
Its coastwise ships in Panama, it
is equally-unjust and' Inconsistent f&r
Britain to dlscrlmjnata in favor of
all Its vessels In tho Suoz, a thlpg
it has continued to do since
It will bo difficult for England to
press its
point, .against us, While'
claiming tho right to which it ob
jects for itself. Franco built tho
Sue canal, but it fell into British
hands thirty-seven years ago and
since then has been as distinctly Brit
ish as the Panama is American,
though our government bought tho
territory and built the canal at an
initial cost qf more than. i 00,000,-
000. If this clause- In a treaty per
mits absolute British domination of
the Suez, It ought to abridge Ameri
can rlglits to, the control tof our own
property .oso .long aav we 'violate no
article of faith' we have made with
the world.
. A Chicago policeman attired as a'
woman, even to the high heela and
corset, walked the streets all day
Sunday, without any attempt being
made to snatch his dangling purse,
but terribly- tortured- from the bar
barous apparel.
What ails old Doc Blxby that he
should tejlthe public what he is
going' to .dp w'hen senjeneed to be
hanged? baa he something on his
conscience, or was it one ot his cus
'tftmary winter breakfastaT
It. anyone was in doubt as to what
the colonel meant when he Bent that
little note to Colonel Yelser, let him
read the Chicago speech. Tho colonel
uoi ji. u.o uioou jor reorganize
any tiiingi, i
Iks Day inOmak
"DEC, llT
Thirty carn Au
.Judge t f) Foster of Topeka la presid
ing In the l'ntteil States circuit court In
the famous case aKitlnst IX O. Hull of
T Jl. Latcy. Hired 7Z, died yesterday at
his residence on Twenty-first street be
tween Oracu and Clark. Ho ha1 lived Jn
Omaha slnco i&iA.
Tho work of pavlnc on upper Douglas
street was brought to a sudden close by
the breaking of n shaft of the engine
ilsert on the 'ntirks at the flats.
cow fell into tho hothouse, of Erfllng.
the florl.it. anil did about $25 worth of
(Jute a, chango him taken pIhco In the
office of the i'axton hotel. Former Night
Clerk .f. W.'.NVedruim goes on day duty,
Uave Ilowman, for a long tlmo at the
Pacific, house In Council Bluffs, takes
tho night watch and Mr. Aylesworth
takes the place of bookkeeper In place of
Mr Beaumont. '
Miss Alywln Hcynold, tho celebrated
actress so popular here, haa gone to Phil
adelphia to flit an engagement at the
Orrmanla theater there.
Dewey & Stone huvo taken possession
of the fine new wnrehouso on thn Union
Paclflo track between Tenth and Elev
enth for furniture storage.
Twenty Veai-M Air
Telovcina JednotH Boknl announced
these newly elected offlcors: President.
Anlono Kment; vice, president, W. J. Zer-
zan; recording secretary, Joseph Pcrclval;
financial secretary', John Hvobotfa; chief,
Rudolph Havelka; standard bearer, John
W. C. Irvine, secretary of the Ogallnla
I.nml and Cattle company, was at tho
Pylori. ' . ' '
Mrs. Oeorge'Cox nnd Mlsa Dora Graca
were the guests of Officer and Mrs.
Cliff Rmixer.
.The Rock Island telegraphers' strike
was progressing a usual with both sldox
claiming everything tho company that It
had all the ipen needed to keep up tho
service, tho men that everybody was out.
What was said, to he the largest con
gregation of boys ever assembled In
Omaha greeted B. Fay mills, tho evang
elist, at nxposl.tlon hall in a special
meeting for lads. One of thn Impressive
features of the meeting, aside from tho
persuasive pleading of the preaoher, was
Mr. mills' singing "Have-Courage, My
Boy, to Hay No," In the chorus of which
the great choir of boys Joined. Mr. Mills
had held a meeting for- men the same
day nnd morn than 1,000 attended. Mayor
Ocorge I'. Remls Issued an appeal "to
the business men of Omaha," which was
read at thls( meeting by l)r, Dury-ea, call
ing on all bustnesa men to give their em
ployes time to attend these meetings on
a certain day, In view of the vast good
the meetings were doing, and "believing'
that all efforts to elevato the moral tono
of.oiirioommurilly should be sustained."
Ten Ve'r AKt 1 ,
One thousand dollars was realized from
a' hall given at' Metropolitan cliil-for. tliq
benefit of Wise Memorial hospital. These
served ns tlie" reception cilmmlttee: l)r,
J. R. Goe,tz, J, Rosetife't, B. Westhelmer,
H. I Colin; J. Moycr, P. Schwartp, 10.
Merrltt, 'J. Dreyfus.
Edward, T. Elliott, impersonator of
Boston, won vislltng hlMbrother', R, 13.
Ellfott,' JSJT Poppletbn avenu.
An enjoyable social function waa given
nt the Millard hotel, .being a reception by
Mesdnmes J. E. Market And K, C. Barton,
Tho thlrty-Alxtlt annual chapter of tho
convocation of Royal Arch Masons, fol
lowing . tho annual -..convocation of the
Royal and Select Masters, came to a close
at Masonlo temple after two 'days' dura
tion, It was decided at this convocation
to take stepa for the establishment of a
Masonla home in this state, and this com
mittee was appointed to proceed with
the plans! Charles J. Phelps, Schuyler;
Henry E. Palmer1 and Dnnlel Wheeler of
John A. Hartwlg. V years of age, re
siding iui Nineteenth street between Grace
and Clark,' was run over and killed by
a Lnl(n 'Pacific switch engine.
People Talked About
Joseph Wlngate Folk of Missouri Is
open for a dablnet engagement.
The death of General Julius Stsliel, who
commanded the Ifflghth corps for a period
of the civil war. reduces the number of
surviving federal corps commanders to
Goosebone prophets of Pennsylvania, at-
i.ter comparing .the old reliable "signs,"
announce pleasant weather until after the
holidays. Nevertheless, do your shopping
ea.rlyt ,
Jacob H. Schlff of New York will con
tribute MSW , annually to thn American
"Cross to aid' in the "work of estab-
usning rural nurse corps in tne unitea
Again Is Chicago boosting of l(s 'cham
pion steer, Chicago's prominence In
steers has not been seriously disputed
since the Hoosler was steered against the
Masonic temple auction and bid it In for
tt.MO and a straw hat.
A sister of former Banker Charles V.
Morse Joins the New England chorus In
denouncing the New York. New Haven A
Hartford railroad as a trust. Bhould the
row conUnue much longer some rash per
son will aeeus th trust of being a rail
road. Bagging liilitatlve boodlers goes on
merrily in Ohio. Out of ths orgy of
graft which marked the session of 1910,
three senators and three representatives
have been convicted and two "loan
1 uuli" fined tnr hanrilnsf hut some nf th
Mlta Genevieve Clark, daughter of the
speaker of the 'house of representatives,
has Just celebrated her eighteenth birth
day anniversary, fiha la greatly inter
ested In newspaper work and Is being
tutored by a Svaahlngton newspaper
Thu most popular soldier In the Ser
vian military forces engaged In fighting
the Turks la Bophla Yovanovitch, a young
woman who haa been In the field ever
since the war broke out. Hhe shares the
hardships and the rations of tho men, by
whom h Is treated o a comrade and a
Dr. Mary 13. Pennington, Ntrhu I chlof
of tho government's food research labora
tory In Philadelphia. Is one at thn high-tut-sularled
women under civil service,
and la the only woman who has been
placed In charge of one of the research
laboratories used for pure-food Inyestlga
. .21... .Mli'Dd u Kulnrv nf 1 1 llCk
l r Mr(J h3L, a cori,a utlfU:n aiHst.
The -Difference it Makes Whose Ox is Gored.
Sacramento (Cat.) Union.
In his recent rebounding battle-whoop
to Meyer IJssncr of l.os Angeles, Gov
ernor Johnson used the following lan
guage; "It Is of little consequence now
how the electoral vote of California is
cast. It Is of grave consequence how the
votes of citizens of the' stato of Cali
fornia are counted. Votes legitimately
cast by our men and women must be
counted a cast, nnd votes legitimately
cast must not be prevented from being
counted either by the hired thug at the
polls or the hypocritical pretense of a
Judicial decision after the polls are
Htrange what u dlffenunco it wake
whoso ox l.i gored. Here Is our wander
ing governor insisting upon the right of
American citizenship to make Its will
known at the polls, and then have that
will duly considered. Magnificent senti
ment tills, and nono wilt say It nay.
Rut It Is only two or.throw months Klnce
the political party of which the governor
Is a recognized leader debarred from th
polls, except by the most roundabout and
linpractlcul method, hundreds of thou
sands of our citizens. Not only wire their
votes not counted; they wore not even
permitted practically to deposit them In
the manner they dealrod.
Was Hiram Johnson's clarion call to
Meyer LJshner, or anybody else, heard in
connection with this assault upon the
right of suffrage? Not a call; 'not a
whisper, not a gurgle. These men and
.h to Dniukr.
OMAHA, Dec. 10. To the Editor of The 1
Bees Tour readers who exert themselves t
in tne interest of city health and clean
liness must havo been gratified by the
paragraph In'' Monday's Bco quoting
somebody's views 'on tho beauties of coal
smoke and Its desirability In the city.
"Give us more smoke,!" says he.
I am happy to note that' tho" person
making this Intelligent utterance s n
rormer councilman, not one .of those
who, are, pop hnndllng the city's, prob
lems. Possibly ho Is Interested 'In soft
coal and fears some dcpreclatlve effect
from this agitation. Certainly he Is not
the owner of buildings .which are bring
defaced by their dally black bath, nor of
residence property, dwellings or apart
ments, which are'dwlndllrig In value be
cause of' the smoke nuisance :"nor Is h'e a
dweller In a neighborhood -to be aban
doned by reason of the same". T know ono'
fine resilience building, one of 'the cost
liest In th'o. city", -which ls In grave clan
gor of -being, riilned as to Its' beauty lby
nearness to fi cfilmpey which pours -oUt
on 11 at 'regular 'intervals Its defacing
clouds. ' '
"Smoke Is the sign of the' factory," ho
snys. SmoUo certainly Is the sign of the
Ill-conducted factory, -and of even other
Ill-regulated building vwlth a smokestack.
l.et this -past councilman go east and see
how u'p-tb-dnto cities meet their smoks"
brQblems.,'" In lloston and New York,
ciean nousos, clean hanus, clean faces,
clian" linen jro possible, and even gen
eral in. Omaha they nro not at all, general
and pretty near Impossible. Clean
lungs, any good doctor wilt tell you. aro
likewise' 'impossible however ) necessary
to health In an. atmosphere Ipadcd with
tho sooty nnd gaseous products of com
bustion unregulated. Rut health and
cleanliness, to say nothing of well-kept'
houses, seem quite secondary matters to
this smoko-lovlng gentleman. "Omaha Is
not congested enough," ho thinks, to
warrant tho present campaign, In a very
short tlmo Omaha's lungs will be- quite
congested enough to warrant any extent
of campaigning. Factories are not the
chief offenders, 'either. Hospitals, strange
to soy, aro conspicuous smoke breeders;
hotels and other public buildings equally
so. From my Upper windows In the
morning 1 caij se a forest of chimney,
ell faithfully 'working Uway at the sable
pall they provide us ' 'dally, the court
house, the Clarkson hospital, the Wise
Memorial, frequently the new Christian
Science church, with, numberless smaller
but highly BffJclen't' helpers. Not a
housekeeper in range of tbein but s
heartily thankful to the people who are
trying to put through the new smoke
ordinance, and earnestly wishes "More
power to their elbow!"
"We need more factories." Why, very
good. By nil means, let us have fac
tories! let us have any number of them!
Only, that's not the point at Issue. If
wo want to attract desirable people here,
to impress them well, to build up (he
populotion and guard it against looking
like a lot of chimney sweeps and having
Its lungs smothered with soot and gas,
lot us follow the example of the best
cities we' know and adopt their wise and
sanitary and also profitable methods In
re smoke regulations.
nothrr Hrjolnter to ".Ved."
OMAHA, Dec. D.-To the Editor of The
Bee: In your Issue of December S ap
peared a timely and commendable edi
torial condemning the Indefensible con
duct and utterances of Governor Blease
of South Carolina, before he convention
of governors at Itlehniond. A'o. in the
same Issue," In striking contrast to your
editorial, appears a much-to-be regretted
communication, klgned "Ned." defending
and commending Governor Blease'n words
and attitude .and Justifying lynch law
lessness, -The communication Is regrwttahle for
many reasons, but. ohlefly for the un-,
enviable position In which It places your
correspondent and the light thrown upon
his character. It Is more regrettable for
his sake than for the damage his extrav-
agent and maliciously false words can
do the race Whom he ad wilfully mis
represents and attempts so mercilessly
to ,nx carl ate. His letter place him In the
same oloau with. Governor Blease. This
fart alone discredits his testimony, for
rharauter and credibility are carefully
weighed In irlvlng value to avidence, The
governor ot r5outh- Carolina publicly de
clared that, he doea not regard. tho sanc
tity .of an oth,- !! has overtly pro
claimed Immunity to murderers. Such
piorul turpltudn weakens his testimony.
And. unfortunately, "Ned," who dlscretly
concealM his Identity, places himself In
the bailie class with Governor Bleaje,
whom ho admiringly culls, "an Intelligent,
thinking southern statesman." God pity
the south. If Bleu iv a. representative
of either thu Intelligence, or statesman
ship of that fair bectlon or, our common
country! That li I not, his repudiation
b the intelligent sober-mliulf'd, thought
ui and best tlccs.'jt ef, the .southern
women were practically disfranchised, so
far as expressing their wilt was con
cerned, by the action of his party. H
was tho other ox that waa gored then,
or so ho fancied, and so the governor was
silent. In his Christian soldier Judgment
It was of less consequence then "how the
votes of citizens of the state of California
arc counted" nnd cast.
When tho Hull Moose citizens of a
northwestern state were practically dis
franchised in like manner, his noble fel
low battler for the Lord, Theodoro Roose
velt, emitted a shriek that was heard
across tho continent. Hut he was voice
less concerning the like outrage per
petrated In California against Taft republicans-
and so was Johnson. The
amended' Bull Moose motto, "Thou shall
not steal, except in thine own Interest,"
held good.
Hlgh-souhdlrtg words, these of our gov
ernor, right sonorous, and even eloquent,
but the previous action of his party glve
the lie to all his protestations of devout
regard for tho right of suffrage. When
Its deed and his silence concerning It are
coneldored, his Ussner manifesto be
comes as tinkling brass and sounding
It was a Boston paper that said: "For
fcanorous flapdoodle, Governor Johnson of
California Is easily chief In this campaign
and Boston awards him the palm." Con
sidering Its distance from California, the
Boston paper sees with remarkable clearness.
t peoplo attests. Of course, the riff-raff.
rowdy and shallow-puted element will np
pluud his utterances, admire his rowdyism
and endorso his attitude But in his repre
hensible conduct he has not commanded,
nor can ho command, the admiration or
respect of any true-hearted, htgh-mlndrd
gentlemen, southern or other. I have the
honor of tho acquaintance and esteem of
snme southern centlemen nnd thev nrn
As a member of tho race which "Ned"
maligns, I resent his misrepresentations,
Which are chargeable to maliciousness,
Ignorance or Imbecility. His letter Is a
splendid specimen of either stupendous,
Invincible Ignorance or Irresponsible Im
becility. In one paragraph ho deplores
the miscarriage of Justice and In another
Justifies the overthrow of courts. Theee
"glaring Inconsistencies are only matched
by hlu. wholeealo indictment of the Afro
American as a lustful, bestial race,
menacing the home ot every- white man
In the south. Ho says, waxing eloquent
in falsehood, If falsehood can ever be
eloquent: "Despite the earnest tcaohlngs
ot tho white man; the brute pas
sion and sonsuallty inherent to the black
man has never been quelled. The In
'stlnct remains under his veneer of Intel
ligence, amiability and learning. The
viper lies In 'hjs. bosom, always ready to
strike, ever alert."
( One or two observations only: Thous
ands of the best families In the south
entrust thcln households to the care of
negro mule servants, feel perfectly safe
In so doing and rare Indeed are the cases
where such confidence has been In any
way abused. Men "In full knowledge ot
tho peril of the beast which threatens
the homo, tho wife and the daughters of
every white man," If what "Ned" says
be true, would hardly run such risks with
their families.
"Desplto the earnest teachings of the
whlto man." This would be humorous if
it were not so pathetically tragic In
what It Implies. There are upwards of
5.000,000 mulattoes, quadroons , and octo
roons among the native1 born population
of tho south. A large proportion of these,
born out of wedlock, are the children of
white fathers and negro mothers. Men
teach more by example than by precept.
There Is a class of men In the south, as
elsewhere, with white skins, ' but black
hearts, who need to learn respect for
womanhood, Irrespective of race or color.
England today Is fighting the white
slave traffic. 9o Is the United States.
WHo are the men engaged In this
nefarious traffic?
That there are degenerate and lustful
men among negroes Is true and that there
are bcstlp.1 and lustful men among the
whites Is equally true. Womanhood Is no
more In danger from the, black, man than
from the white man( the terrible - so
called and misnamed "social evil" being
witness to the truth of what I say. What
Is needed today Is the teaching every
where of a higher chivalry and respect
for womanhood as womanhood, Irre
spective of race, condition or environ
ment. Instead of maligning and misrepresent
ing any class of people, we need to unite
all the moral and religious forces of. this
country to fight for the enforcement of
taw, the eradication of Ignorance, crime,
evil, Injustice and Inhumanity that there
be no room found among us for vlclous
ne.Es of life. This can never come where
lawlessness reigns.
Xnmlnsr the- Srw Hotel.
OMAHA, Dee. 9. To the Editor of Th
Bee: The greatest advantage to Omaha
In getting a new mllllon'-dollar hotel will
be from an advertising standpoint, and In
naming the hotel we should select that
name that will advortit our city tha
most and not merely try to compliment
some one, be he dead or alive. Great
advertisers attach to a name such Im
portance that thoy copyright and capi
talize it In large sums. The fact that we
are building such a hotel needs to be
advertised In the ropers everywhere. The
name Omaha given to a hotel located in
Omaha will not advertise th city, neither
would the name Nebraska, and the, name
of Douglas, would not appeal to the
merchants doing business on other
1 have (n mind a nam that If selected
that fact alone will cause mention ot
our new million-dollar hotel to be pub
lished all over the union. It Is the name
ot a citizen of our state, who is most
favorably known In every civilized coun
try. A name that has advertised Ne
braska more than $10,000,000 would have
accomplished In advertising In the news
papers. This name is Nebraska's most
valuable asset from on advertising atand
point, and will cause every one passing
through Omaha on ths trains to try for a
glimpse of the hotel, as well a name that
wilt attract patronage to the hotel. 1
need not mention "the name, It la a house
hold word In every home.
No Room Tor m. Ilooat,
New York World.
The suggestion that railroads use the
opportunity presented by the slight In
crease In the engineers' pay to make a
general Increase of- freight rates Is not,
.enthusiastically welcomed by the public
If the board of arbitration's' award,- were
a valid excuse for higher rates the roll.
loaiU would fca. dc!lhld with It
Baker And has she optimistic tend
Barker Yes. she s always running her
husband In debt." Judge.
i ny nrp you looKing so vinuous anu
high-minded lately?"
tt'A .l.,,t.tl . ,n.n.l
- - ucuiuni IV l " UUL IMC muffiwi
comedy for one week nnd nttend that
Imp ff nn .. ... . nL.l, . . 1. 1 1 1 .1 ..
Boston Advertiser.
"Short, simple words are best."
"No doul
Ing of extinct curiosities you talk of a
pleslosaurus or a nterodactvl. But when
you mention something of practical value
you mention a pig or a cow," Washing
ton dtur.
"Love letters hnv-A a financial i-Mlnp
when It comes to damage suits."
'Why shouldn't they? Aren't they
promissory notes?" Baltimore American.
'Ooctor. Isn't your bill rather high?"
1 Oil tnlIRt rnmnmKA.- alw ...... l,nl
a high fever."
Truo; but you said that my condition
was very low,"
"At, r ... , ...
.v.-., ui iijuiHc-; nut vuii my
charges are based not upon the state of
fl.o tialt.n. 1.,,. ........ 11. 1 . .
...v. i-"""' in i,iuu me uuarucirr 01 mo
disease. "-Chicago Tribune.
TltlM 1 .AD Vnllr llllslin ml . n . ,ll
asked the trump at the door.
"What do vou want to seu him for?"
deniRnriri Mm lf.nnnlr 'f nr..
of this house."
"Oh, exciihe me, I didn't know " re-
nllofl thn tmmli f-nlihluAiiul,. nt.. .1...
- - ...,-, v,ru,i,ui..j. mill,
case, could you spare ine a pair of your
imuacn, urn n;ni -iiarpers v eeKiy.
"Why don't papa ever tell me fairy
the cost Of living
T ADIES, it is in yaax power to reduce
the outlay for food in your households
and feed your families better- Serve less
meat on your tables. Let a nut-brown
diith of delicious
take its place. It has all the nourishing
elements of meat at about one-tenth its
cost, and is ever so much easier digested.
Faust Spaghetti is made from Durum
wheat, so rich in
7V..J jA
auu mac cue so xaaay ueiicious ways in
.which it can, be served. Write for free
book of recipes.
At all grocers 5c and 10c packages,
Maull Bros., St. Louis, Mo.
Get One for Him
for Xmas....
Any Portrait
on a handsome
burnished copper
-Reproduced from any 'photograph you
send engrayed on, the metal and abso
lutely Indestructible. A -fob that may
be worn by any one who dresses in good
taste, at the same tlmo a lasting novel
Stnd photo and SI- 00. Photo
oill b returned with ear:
Engraving Dept.
Ord.rs mar b laft at B. Offio.
Words mean aomethinj or nothing depending on who uses them.
" We have a Quality License issued by the people.
indorsed by four generations, renewed annually for 65 years.
Ths; Leading Stove Dealers sell them. If no dealer in your vicinity
does, write to us.
tales, mamma?" said the little bov who?
mother had Just told him one. "Oh, my
on." replied the mother. Mt keeps you'
father busv telling them to me.- honk
er's Statesman.
Olhbs o our wife cpwrreled with
you? I thought you said sho was blind
to your faults? ' .....
Dlbbs She was blind to them all right'
but she wasn't dear nnd the neighbors
posted her. Boston Transcript.
Most everybody's busy
I Mty him ttint aim ....
There are millions and millions, of dolls
to dress.
And. millions of pictures , to paint;
There arc millions of knots of ribbon to
And mlllnns of loops to crochet;
And the days nnd hours aro galloping on
Right up to Christmas day.
There are infinite number of bundles to
And millions of greetings to write:
If we should attempt to count them all
The figures would climb out of sight;
And think of the millions or parcels to
And the mltllons of stickers to stick 'em.
And think of the million.1 and billions
of stamns
That arc waiting for people to lick 'em.
There'll bo millions and millions of tapers
All over this great V. S.:
As many as there are twinkling stars
In the frosty heavens I guess,
And there'll be millions of stockings small
I AVhose hungry tops will be yawning;
And millions of Jobs for Santa UlaU3
'Twlxt now and Christmas morning.
body - building gluten.
. r
THERE is not a more over
worked or abused word than
NO ONE should be allowed to use
it without a license.

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