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Stack. ralconer Co., Undertakers.
Kre Xoot Print I Now Beacon ress.
Lighting- rutur. fcurrees-OranaenCo.
Ballsy the Dentist, City Nat'l. D. 2eb
Try FUtlron Caf nrerythlng right.
Model Laundry telephone changed to
Douglas 2.
Omaha Towel Oo. new telephone num
ber. DourIrb 528.
Diamond boana at 3t and B pr
:ent. W. C Tlatau, 1414 Dodge. Hd
Ton Can start a Baring Acoount at
the Nebraska Ss.vlngs and Loan Asa'n.
with $1.00 or more. 1HJG Farnam street.
Mags Bnya Pratt rarm Jerome Ma
cee has purchased the Pratt farm of 1.360
acres from Mrs. Margaret Olson. The
price Is not given out.
Dr. Jensen Arrested Rr. ltobert 1.
Jensen was attested this afternoon on
'barge of wife abandonment. The war
i ant was Issued on the complaint of Mrs.
Mrs. mita Seeks Son Mrs. M. Fults.
11W North Twenty-second street, has
asked the police to try an locate, her
son, Nels, who left home Monday morn
ing and who has failed to return.
Moiir Buys Tan Cott Xomeetead C.
B. Moscr has bought a lot at the- north
past corner of Park avenue and Jackson
streets, the old Van Cott homestead. He
paid J6.C0O for the property. An apartment
house probably will be built upon It the
first of next year.
The State Bank of Omaha pays 4 per
cent on time deposit. S per cent on sav
ing accounts. The only bank In Omaha
whose depositors are protected by the
depositors' guarantee fund of the state
pf Nebraska. Cornor Seventeenth and
Harney streets. Advertisement.
Mr. and Mrs. Orotte Come Mr. and
Mrs. "Dick" Orotte, who were married In
Kansas City Sunday, arrived In Omaha
today Mr. Grotte. who Is city purchas
ing agent, went to Kansas City ostensibly
, to attend the bowling tournament. There
Miss LaRhea Secord from El Paso, Tex.,
met him and Sunday evening they were
Thv Pastime Pleasure and Dancing
lub nt the Douglas. Auditorium every
Thursday and Friday evening. We are
giving the public the best evening's en
tertnlnment to be found In the city.
Kclght-pleco orchestra with muslcnl
novelties. The largest and best dancing
floor. Hood light effects and best of all
r clean dance. Admission 23 cants.
Blair Lad joins Navy Six applicants
for positions In the United States navy
were examined at the navy headquarters,
all of whom with the exception of Asa
R. King were rejected. King came up to
requirements in every department and
will receive his "sailing" orders. King is
1! years of age and the fon of wealthy
retired farmer of Blair. Neb.
Papers In Discarded Book A pocket
hook In which is the name of A. K. Ar
mlch, Amaiillo. Tex., was taken up last
evening from one of tho mall boxes near
Tenth and Harney and Is now lying on
Assistant Postmaster Woodward's desk.
A large number of receipts from the
ltiutherhood of Railway Trainmen, to
cothcr with letters and papers apparently
valuablo to the owner, are Its contents.
This Is only one of the fast-growing heap
of pocketbooks found in this manner.
Declares Before Woman's Club Two
Evils Affect Human Race.
In In I'nvnr of l.nvr AVhlcli Would
Compel Mnrrluu Connie tit Se
cure Ortlflrntr f romA npoliit t-il
llnnril of llmltli.
and lie a Kansas t'lty newspaper
folded In the right hand pocket with
tho headline side up.
When Miss Kioiih arrived In Omaha
she went straightway to the postofflrr
ami stayed thei from 7 o'clock unlit .
the hour of appointment.
The name signed to the letter slip car
lied Is not in the city director;, and It
ts thought Uku Hi advertisement wo
answered b a pinrtlinl Joker
dropped flom the ir.in whl ,t was
"Kugenlcs" was the topic under dls-
cusslon at the meeting of tho ,
social science department of the Omaha I
' Woman's club held Monday afternoon, j
Dr. Souurs gave the address of the
! afternoon. He said "no man has the
I right to Inflict a disease upon another
I yet this Is being done every day of the
' year. The population of the L'nlted
' States has Increased over 3W per cent
In the Inst' fifty years and the per-
centage of dlseaso has Increased three
times the per cent of the Increase of
the population. There are two great
evils which affect the human race and
the flist Is alcohol and the second the
social. In order to prevent this we must
educate the people for there are not as"
many degenerates among the educated
masses as there are among the Ignorant.
"There Is nothing so cheap as humuii
life " Dr Somers said that lie was In
favor of a national board of health ns
the condition were becoming national
questions and muM. be handled by the
United States.
Dr. Somers stated that he was In favor
of the ballot for women as he thought
more often tho women were right than
the men and they should have a voice
In the control of everything.
In closing his tnlk he said that he was
In favor of u law which would compel
every young couple to have a certificate
from a board of health before marrying.
The discussion wus taken up by Dr.
Merrlam ,who agreed with all that Dr.
Somers had said. Dr. Merrlam Bald he
believed tl at people should be born well
and many times the fathers and mothers
wero rpKponslble for the faults of the
children. "Everyday living hue a great
deal to do with what we make of our
lives" said Dr. Merrlam "and wo must
learn to think right, eat tho right kind
of food and drink the right kind of
In speaking of the subject "Kugenlcs"
I. J. Qulnby m Id It was a qupstion
of economics and In dealing with these
conditions wo wcrov not dealing with
causes but results and the wages must
be higher so that women would not have
to resort to Immoral means in order to
earn a living.
Dr. Abbie Holmes said the early train
ing of the child had much to do with
the kind of n man or woman he or she
made. "Tho mother" said Dr. Holmes,
"should protect her son as carefully as
Mie protects her daughter. Voting people
think too little of marriage now days."
Hero Medal Makes
Man Less Valuable
Asserts G-rummann
"While t.arnegle has usually exercised
good Judgment In making his bequests,
he has not done so in tho matter of the
hero medals," said Prof. Paul II.
(Jrummann of 'Lincoln In his lecture on
tho "Economic Novel" In tho high
xfhool auditorium yesterday afternoon.
"A modal on the breast of a man usu
ally makes him of less value in busi
ness and almost Impossible In the
home. The Carnegie commission could
determine who was entitled to medals
for heroism, but it can never'bo assured
i hat the granting of the medal will not
make a fool of the man that gets it."
The professor nlso took occasion to
rrltlclfe the old adage that bright chil
dren grow to be stupid Adults. He de
clared that while this was an adage
that was a comfort to those whose chil
dren wero mediocre, it was nevertheless
a false one. He pointed out that Goethe
continued to grow in intellectual bril
liancy until he was 80 In spite of tho fact
that ho was a percqclous child.
The lecturer took up particularly the
novel "Jorn Uhl." by Gustav Frensscn,
as a typo of the economic novel. In dis
cussing economic questions along the
way he said every movement for the
amelioration of human wrongs had in it
tho danger of undermining some of the
lrtues of the class It sought to relieve.
This he. said ws shown in one of Buder
inann's novels in which tho peasants
became hopeless degenerates when they
became suddenly rlclu
Dundee to Have a
Fine New Fire Hall
At a meeting of the Dundee city conn-
11 last night Peterson & Dodds, archi
tects, were authorized to draw up plans
.ind specifications for the new fire hall.
The building will be 36x40 feet, with u
brick frontage, two story and basement
Work will start on the place as soon
as the plans have been accepted by the
Suit for M0,OW damages for persoial
injuries against the city of Omaha, tho
Water board and Jackson & McKenzle
who are constructing n part of the new
water main from Florence Was started
m district court yesterday by I.uverne
Hanfelt. a boy who was seriously hurt
,h November 21. when a derrick on the
main work fell. The suit Is brought
through J. H. Hanfelt, the boy's father.
It is alleged that the derrick, which
wus used for hoisting1 and laying cast
lion pipe, was insecurely fixed and sup
ported. The boy was walking along
Twenty-eighth avenue, between Fort
street and Camden avenue, when he was
struck upon the head. He was terribly
maimed, according to the petition, and Is
disfigured ard practically disabled for
Fire thought to have originated from
a defective furnace In the basement of
the King Clarke home at 3003 Harney
street caused KK damage early last
night All of the woodwork on the floor
above was waiped and burned and fttrnt
t r also was destroyed. Mr King Is a
Har-efter company
fa ' tag agent for the International
Two Train Robbers
Get $20,000 in Gold
Out of Express Oar
HAKWIISFIKIjM. Oil. Dec 10. - Twpnt
thousand dollars In gold was thp haul
of two roldiers who held up the express
cur of the Sunct Western train, bound
from ItukersfleM for Tnft. Cnl . tonight.
The moiie was eduylgned to the Flist
National bank of Tuft by the Flist Na
tional bank of liaUeisfleld. It was not
placed In tho expiess safe.
When the train arrived at Taft. rail
road men were forced to limik down the
door of the expiesn our. In a corner,
covered with mall sucks, was M. W.
llamby, tho express mesnenger, who win
Just i-egHlitlur consciousness.
llamby was Injured aliout the head,
but apparently not seriously hurt, lip
could provide but few details of the rob
bor. Me xuld two men entered the.
ear Just ns the tialn was leavtiiR Mati
eopa. lie did nut know whether they
were masked and was unable to tell how
he wus rendered unconscious. I llamby
s-ald he was Just loeoveiing conscious
ncss us the train enteicd Tnft about
n half hour after the robbery. Ho ap
peared to be still suffering from tho
efferts of the blow and ta Incoherent,
lie could give no decrlptlon of tho rob
bers. Officials of the First National bank
hero confirmed the fact that &,000 Uad
been shipped to Taft and that they had
been notified of the theft of tho gold.
Theio are no stops between Maricopa
and Taft, so that the robbers must have
SHKHtDAN, Wyo. Deo. 10. Menu A
' Ooffen. a member of the Klf t -Pi! l n
j gresw, and the only demociat evot ti
frve from Wyoming In congress, died
suddenly Sunday evening at his home
help. Ho was "1 year of age
Dr. 11. P. Holmes, a prominent phvsl
ohm. while attending ('often. himp'f
was stricken with paralysis and Is d.wi
geiously III.
Surely Settles
Upset Stomachs
"I'npc's Dlupcpsln" KntU Indlox! on.
(Jits, Soiirmvis and llt'At'tliurn
In l ive .Minute.
I "Really doe" put bud stomachs In or
' dpi-"really does" oxpicoiiip lndlgpstlon
I dyspepsia, gas. heartburn and sonnies
j In five minutes that- Just that -mske
I Tape's Ulapepsln the largest selling stom-
itch regulator In the world. If wlmt vou
jeat feimcnts Into stubborn lumps. a.i
belch Ras and eructate sour, undigested
food and sold, head is dlr.xy mid Kched
breath foul; tongue coated; voui , u.i t:p
i filled with bile and Indlgestlblb waste.
remember the moment Dlapepsln comes
I In contact with the stomuch all such dls
j tress vanishes It's truly astonish' g -
almost miraculous, and the Joy is Its
j harmle'sness.
i A large fifty-cent case of I'ape's Ula
pepsln will give you a hundred dollars'
worth of satisfaction or our druggist
hand you your money back.
It s worth your weight In gold to men
, mid women who can't get their stomachs
regulated. It belongs In vour home
should always be kept handy In case of
a sick, sour, upset stomach dining the
day or at night. It's tho quickest, surest
and most harmless stomacli doctor In the
world. Advertisement
Disappointed becuuse she had been
made the victim of a hoax through the
agency of a matrimonial "guide," Myrtle
Krona of Kansas City. Kan., attempted
to end her life last night on tho stops
of the postoffice by swallowing carbolic
acid. Tho poison burned her mouth and
she gavo an involuntary scream that
brought assistance. She w-as taken to
the office of Police Surgeon Harris, who
revived her. None of the stuff passed
tho girl's throat nnd the only effect
was a few painful burns.
"According to her story the girl lm.l
grown tired of working In the kitchen of
n Kansas City restaurant and she In
serted an advertisement and her picture
In a mntrlmonlal paper.
A week nftcr the publication of the
paper she received a letter purporting'
to bo signed by Alvin Traggo of Omaha. !
a clerk In tho employ of the Union I'n- I
clflc. The girl answered the letter and '
sent a photograph. She was told to 1
come to the timnha postoffice and meet !
her prospective husband on the Dodge
street steps. She was to wear a pony
skin coat with a chrysanthemum nnd
the man would wear a gray overcoat
FCONOMY that's orte thine you are,.-
5Jy looking for in those days K
jW ot nign living cost aiumet insure, u wunuci
j'.f f,ii onifinrr in vonr VifiW i n cr . "Rut it docs more.
1 14 1 I. h J " ' ' . . .. .
It insures wholesome food.tasty food uniformly raised (cod.
Calumet is made right-to sell right-to bake right. Ask
one of the millions ot women who use it or ask your grocar.
World's Pur Food Exposition, Chlcas. IlL
Pari Exposition, Franco, March, 1912.
Great Reduction Sale
Resinol stems
skin troubles
IP yo have eczema, ring
worm, erotheritching.burn
ing, QBsightly skin or scalp
eruptiov,, try Resinol Ointment
and Rtsmol Soap, and see how
quickly the itching stops and
the trouble disappears, even in
severe and stubborn cases.
Pimple, blackheads and red, asro.
chappod faots and hacda ipoedily
yield to Reetnol.
Reafoet Ointment and Resinol Boap
ncal akin humors, aorea, boils." burnt,
icaldx, coli-sore. chafing! and pile.
Prescribed by physicians for over 17
yeait. All drufgiata soil Retmol Soap
(2c) and Reainol OlntraattWo and SI) .
For aimpla of each write to Dept. 1C-A,
Rcalnol Chemical Co. Baltimore, Mi.
25 off on many lines of watches, dia
mond brooches, bracelets, coral, turquoise and
other fancy rings, belt pins, tie clasps, etc., etc.
We have the finest $2. 00 birthday rings
on the market solid gold genuine stones:
Our line of silverware, toilet ware, mani
cure sets etc., is large and up-to-date.
We court comparison.
$250 Diamond Ring given Free
Xmas morning. Get your tickets.
500 BLOCK JEWELER. 506 So. 16th St.
Let This Be Your Christmas Gift from Santa Ciaus
Your Choice of Six Fam-tf
ous Makes of New Pianos
ecember for
Frco Stool Free Scarf Free Life Insurance, No "Club" Rules to Follow.
lmt Mild iihhv plum nt fnr lliin month limit crr licforr tit our history for tin snine miiiibcr of
Ih. Vc'rt KoitiK lo ntftUe the month rooonl-ltrvaViM1, nnd ill offer Piano llnralu that no-other nlnnt
IIoiimi ivr illil ir oter will ! nltlo to (ltiilit nlf. Orilcr rl lor Chrlttmn- delivery.
During D
9000 Boaonifcokar Praotica
Piano now . .
88QS Brier Praotloa ritno
now . . ....
MOO Ohlokarliiff Bon
PTaollet Pi&no now
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ano, now
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Has Otrauii It Son Up
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any now . ,
300 Kurtimnn Upright
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800 Malillll K Bon Orand
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91,000 atelnway Orand
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SMO 83-noto Mftyar Pi
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T $12 $1
5 $18
Wo ire cxoIiinIvc reprcHentrttlvei for the Htelnway, Woher, llimlmnii, SleRer .V Sons, Uinei-son, Mo
Pliall and our own Krhmoller Mueller Plnnos. Also (h AtMilInn line, of Plnnoln Pinno, InrliidltiK tho
Strfnwny, Weber. Stnyvesnnt, Wlieolork, Stecfc. Stroud nnd Torhnoln.
We Can Undersell Any Piano House in tho West. Every Pidno Guaranteed. '
We Want You to Know WHAT
You Are Buying and Offer Yih
On Any Piano Yon Buy
1311-13 Farnam St., Omaha
living ui iiiiiii wvh OMAHA
20 Below Omaha Price-Not One Day But Every Day
Low Prices On Useful Holiday Gifts
Get Our
Rug Prices
Oxl'JScnmlcaa Brussels $8.50
9xl2Seanil(ss Velvet $12.00
Ixl 2 Seamless Extra Vol vet
at $16.00
!12 Axminster Hugs $16.00
See our large line of Body
Brussels and Wilton l?ugs.
Much below Omaha prices.
Solid Oak Sewing Machine,
drop head, complete with at
tachments, a $25 value at . . .
4 drawers,
Solid Oak Rocker, No. 1 Leath
er Seat
$5.50 J
Special Holiday line of Library Tables
in all woods, 20 below Omaha prices.
Btl i
Money To Loan
Omaha Property.
, Douglas Co. Farms.
We Want to Buy
"Douglas Co. Farms."
Love-Haskell Co.
a 1 Full Quart Whiskey FREE
Thar ara all torU of rUima for innrloritf amonr diatlllia and Uall Ordar
whUkar Hoatai. and ifblla ita fl iura tbat our tU I fcttr Wtaltktr can t t
be. or tfa .naled la qaalUjr. or priea. 11111 ita ara not goag to aik anrona
lo rlilc their mono on our jadrmanti therafor. we are rleg to (It aUolutelr
fre, one fall quart bottle to ted. We want rem ta prate bj dtluklsc It. that
rU 1 Btar Whl.Wr It pure, whoUioma. fulir aged, mellow aa can be and abore
all bit real whlikejr atrenctb. We want yoa to add half water to It If you Ilka
and we aa that sou will allll hare etronger and batter wbliler than rooti Mall
vmiriiuui.! aau aionrpri.-e. Anyone caneaaur vnaeraiana mat aboaid we Jail
&S i;
aend out bnttlaa of whli
' fre tbatwawould be flooded with regnrtta byaotne
untrrupuloua people and doalera and Inr onrcolrraopeotoa fcarfalonalaafbt.
iuiw we lannotoo, una seTenneieti, ui uoiiie la tree to oeneal people
j.orr nere la our propoaillom a
We will aend jon one full quart bottle of Tela S Star Wbltkar, ab
aolntMr frae, alonr with jour Stat order for I full quart bottlea ot fela J
Htor Wbliker for t5.(5 and we par tba eipreae cbarcaa. Afer rou recelre
.u0 w tun quart ooiitee, opaa one oi mem. leal it anywar you like and
if not entlrelr aatlafactory, 70a bare the prlrllece of returnlncto ua the
renalnlne 8 bottlea and the one eifa bottle too mar keep free and we
win iuiuimi.i.ir i.min junr ao'ia. ur ifDd ue u.va lor a run quart
bottlea ot FeU S-Star Yr-hlir. eipreia prepaid, and we will Include one
teat bottle free. Teat the free bottle and If not abtolnMy eatlafaetorr
and the bat whlaker yoa ever tute4 at any pilre. jntl return to na the
4 bottlea and keeo the free battla and wa will rafniid .Mr arts aiiimni
qaratlon or areument. With each ordar we fire a free Oold Tipped Olaaa
and Patent Corkaerew. Remember, we aay we pay the eipraaa charcee;
look cloae before you permit aome of the low prleee of JJall Ordar llouaea
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We mean to proie auperlorlty In the whlaker bualnaatt we mean to
prore at oureipenae, b flrlDC a free teat bottle, that Kale Star TThlakey
baa no equnl. Our quart bottlea are fall IJ onnce qaarte and not abort
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Tba taate la tba teat, that will prore mora than we can writ Addreta
ordera and letteri and naka temlttancet payable to A. f-'l, Mir., or
FelsPLsMJtogtfra. 155Fels Blin.. Kansas City. Me.
ri arm' ess Reme
dy Beautihes and .
Darkens Hair
What a pity It l to eee so many peo
ple with thin, wispy hair, faded or
streaked with sru. nnd reallre that
moat of thcac p?ople mlKht hao ott
filoay. abundant hair if heautiful color
and luatre If they oould but use the
proper tieatment. Tlu-re l 110 net-ea-Blty
for tray hair under sUly-flve y-ar
of age, and there la no exriife for any
one, young or old, having thin, stratu;
llnK hair, either full of dandruff or
heavy and rank 8016111116- with ex
cessive oil.
You tan bring hack the natural color
of your hair In a few daya and forever
rid ycmrwlf of any dandruff and loose
hair, and inako your half grow atrong
and beautiful by using Wyeth'a Sag'
and Sulphur Hair ltemedy. For gener
ations common garden Hage has been
uaed for restoring and preserving the
color of the hair, and Sulphur 1b recog
nized by Bcnlp Kpeclalliita as being
excellent for treatment of hair and scalp
If you are troubli-d with dandruff or
Itching iral. 01 If ur hair Is losing Us
color or coining out. Kt a fifty cent
bottle nf Wytth" Sage and Sulphur
fiom your druggist, and notice the Im
provement in the apptatance of your
hair after a few days' treatment
Pherman & M'onnell Drug Co.. 102 So.
ISth, 3S1 So. 16th 307 N 16th, SUb and
Karnam Sti. Advertisement.
Fortune or success have often
come through a little want ad.
Have you read the want ads
yet today?
1 have a certain cure for rupture with
out reporting to a painful and uncertain
aurelcal operation I air, the only rep
utable phyalclan In this line of wort
who will take audi cases for treatment
upon a guarantee to cure, or make r,u
charge. Vou may ilupoxlt the money 111
a bank, In your own name, and when
you are satisfied a oil re haa been made
you then Instruct the bank to pay Ui.
money to me. lly doing this you are
ubaolutely certain of a cure, or it will
cost you nothing. If I was not perfectly
ure of my work 1 could not do busi
ness In tills way very long, but Instead,
have been doing business so for 20 yearn,
ami adopted this plan because so many
hava been swindled by quacks and fak
ers. Not ono of them will permit a pa
tlont to deposit hla money until a cure
Iklm been made.
When taking my treatment, patient
must coma to my office once each week
for four weeks, and if they live nearby
cam retutn home and work during the interval x do not use the Paraflna Waj
treatment, aa It ts danferous. Call or write for literature.
A H Horn. Norfolk, Neb., W. II. Nolte, postmaater, Holsteln. la.. Dan Murphy
I65t No. 18th St. Omaha (.'. 8. Judd, Moorhead, jn.. John II l'eaver Hlair Nan.
Orrln need, Ogallala, Neb. Itev J (" Stanard Heaver Crosaine;, Neb John r'
Hoehne, Winner, Neb, William Itosn. sr , I-awrenoe. Keb. II. V Itelge. lorcheter
Neb. John Coe, Sioux t'lty. la. .1 II Hitch, 412 So, 2UU St , St Joseph Mo., J I'
Stennett, illlHca. la III NDUKDH of otl ers lould be added to this list
rutrx K. wTUT, 1C D., salts 306 Bee Bldg., Omaha, Ktb.

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